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"hunt" Definitions
  1. [countable, usually singular] an act of looking for somebody/something that is difficult to find
  2. [countable] (often in compounds) an act of going after wild animals to kill or capture them
  3. [countable] (in the UK) an event at which people ride horses and hunt foxes with dogs as a sport, illegal in England and Wales since 2005
  4. [countable + singular or plural verb] (in the UK) a group of people who regularly hunt foxes as a sport. Since 2005, instead of a fox, they follow a specially laid scent trail.
"hunt" Synonyms
follow pursue track chase trail shadow hound tail dog stalk course run heel scent chase down hunt down bird-dog run down give chase to gun for search seek rummage forage look delve ferret scour sift quest ransack examine probe trace prospect rootle drag explore investigate prowl cruise range roam rove scavenge skulk slink sneak steal move stealthily creep ghost lurk nose patrol pussyfoot sidle snake persecute torment torture victimise(UK) victimize(US) oppress afflict ill-treat injure maltreat martyr abuse agonise(UK) agonize(US) anguish bedevil beset besiege curse excruciate angle for aim for be after cast about for connive conspire contrive fish for hint invite look for maneuver(US) manoeuvre(UK) plan plot scheme solicit strive try for job hunt employment search job search look for a job seek employment apply poach catch illegally fish illegally hunt illegally kill illegally trap illegally prey on catch attack blackmail bleed bother bug bully burden consume depredate depress devour distress eat exploit extort fleece haunt intimidate shop buy acquire purchase procure get market obtain go shopping pick up snap up buy things buy what one needs do the marketing do the shopping get in supplies look to buy stock up window-shop pursuit tracking hunting stalking trailing pursuance pursuing shadowing tailing hounding coursing following tracing venery chasing seeking ferreting foraging rummaging ferreting about ferreting around exploration scout dig investigation digging scavenging rifling expedition crusade mission undertaking hunting expedition safari hunting group hunting party venture enterprise errand pursual adventure trip trek journey roundup assembly collection muster rally herding rallying branding capture collation gathering marshaling(US) marshalling(UK) mustering rodeo summary survey gathering together meeting convocation meet tournament competition contest event match game bout encounter engagement fight tourney conflict matchup quiz sports event athletic event sweep-stake sweepstakes More

432 Sentences With "hunt"

How to use hunt in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "hunt" and check conjugation/comparative form for "hunt". Mastering all the usages of "hunt" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Trump had spent the last two years regularly repeating a maddening mantra: witch hunt, witch hunt, witch hunt.
Ms. Hunt is survived by her sons Stephen and Patrick Sands; a daughter, Laurie Sands Harrison; her brother William Herbert; a half brother, Ray Hunt; three half sisters, Ruth Hunt, Helen Hunt Hendrix and Swanee Hunt Ansbacher; 19 grandchildren; and 23 great-grandchildren.
Killed in the June 6 blaze were the Malleck and Hunt children: Patience Malleck, 6 months; and Andre Malleck, 1; and Ethen Hunt, 5; Maeanna Hunt, 2; and Benjamin Hunt, 1.
Even the repetition in those tweets—WITCH HUNT, WITCH HUNT, WITCH HUNT—is a kind of incantation, calling itself into being.
Hello, Samantha Hunt, model and photographer; Samantha Hunt, e-Commerce Marketing Channel Manager; Samantha Hunt, fiddler; and Samantha Hunt, writer of porn, with all your pointy exclamation marks and rocks in your vagina.
" J.B. Hunt: "I thought J.B. Hunt reported a terrific quarter.
By January 1980, Hunt and his brothers, Nelson Bunker Hunt and Lamar Hunt, controlled one-third to half of the world's silver market.
Number of times he's tweeted "WITCH HUNT": 35 A complete Witch Hunt!
Hunt gave birth to son Mars Hunt Rivera, who weighed 9 lbs.
In response to yesterday's news Hunt continues to be Hunt, telling
Haroldson Hunt died in 2005, and Margaret Hunt Hill died in 2007.
The Hunt Lucas Hunt grew up on a pig farm in Iowa.
Explore a whole massive island of monsters to hunt, and hunt some more, and hunt again until you can craft the greatsword of your dreams.
More often than not, the hare was regarded pejoratively, belonging to 'the lascivious hunt of Venus, the hunt of lust, rather than to the virtuous hunt'.
We still hunt and gather and we shouldn't hunt and gather at all.
L. Hunt laid the foundation for his family's fortune with Hunt Oil Company.
One side saw a witch hunt where the other saw a mole hunt.
Lions sleep so they can hunt and they hunt so they can eat.
He is a son of Jane Hunt and Patrick R. Hunt of Chicago.
Their brother, William Herbert Hunt, led their oil and gas company Petro-Hunt.
Don't Miss: We went on an Easter egg hunt through Parzival's Easter egg hunt.
Johnson reportedly offered Hunt the role of defence secretary, but Hunt refused the offer.
Before this Samantha Hunt entered my life, egotistically I hadn't imagined another Samantha Hunt, writer.
The real story is the witch hunt (you know, the hunt for treason and collusion).
He is a son of Dawn O. Hunt and James F. Hunt of Northville, Mich.
That's the same thing with Product Hunt, something that appeared on Product Hunt. Mm-hmm.
Now your search has gone from a treasure hunt to a needle-in-a-haystack hunt.
Dorfman: We had to hunt and hunt to find a working recorder to play that tape!
You witch-hunt the witch-hunter, that way people won't know which witch-hunter to hunt.
It&aposs been a witch hunt, it is a witch hunt, and it is a total sham.
Is the hunt for fake news becoming an excuse to hunt and silence freedoms of opinion and expression?
Mr. McCord, not Mr. Hunt, was convicted in a federal trial; Mr. Hunt, not Mr. McCord, pleaded guilty.
J.B. Hunt — Shares of J.B. Hunt sank 2% following a downgrade from Susquehanna from to neutral from positive.
"I thought most Republicans knew that this was a witch hunt and the witch hunt is over," Paul said.
Well, that's what artists Jenny Hunt and Holly Darton have tried to create with their project, Hunt & Darton Cafe.
Saturday • Solve puzzles and hunt for clues on a treasure hunt beginning at 110 East 28th Street in Manhattan.
J.B. Hunt Transportation – J.B. Hunt reported adjusted quarterly profit of $1.78 per share, beating estimates by 30 cents a share.
Gordon Hunt, director, acting teacher and father of Oscar-winning actress Helen Hunt has died at the age of 87.
In the video, Price says that they're waiting to hear back from Jeremy Hunt â€" except, she doesn't say "Hunt.
J.B. Hunt Transport – J.B. Hunt reported quarterly earnings of $1.23 per share, missing consensus estimates by 12 cents a share.
His many heirs (he had 14 children) command several fortunes, from Hunt Oil and Petro-Hunt to Rosewood Hotels & Resorts.
BREAKING: Following backlash, Universal Pictures has cancelled the release of their movie 'The Hunt', where the rich "hunt people." pic.twitter.
Hunters pay $65,000 to $140,000 to hunt lions in Zimbabwe, for example; an elephant hunt can run $36,000 to $70,20153.
"Just because you can't hunt with a firearm in Westchester doesn't mean you don't go elsewhere to hunt," he said.
"Before it was more or less a dragnet and a witch hunt and now it's just a witch hunt," he said.
Coronation, witch-hunt king, coronation as witch-hunt king, if you're going to be like a post-hardcore like emoviolence band.
Some conspiracy theorist including one of Hunt&aposs sons have falsely asserted that Hunt played some role in the Kennedy assassination.
A 'HUNT' GUIDE FOR BOSTON The Hunt, the popular series of pocket-size travel books, recently released an edition for Boston.
Stipe Miocic boxed circles around Hunt by feinting, having Hunt swing at air, and then jabbing him up as he recovered.
Caroline Hunt and Margaret Hunt Hill took measures to preserve their fortunes by insulating themselves from their flamboyant brothers' financial liabilities.
Also, Helen Lakely Hunt, a daughter of the Texas oil tycoon H.L. Hunt, sold her house on the Upper West Side.
JB Hunt Transport – JB Hunt Transport came in 5 cents a share below estimates, with quarterly earnings of $1.40 per share.
And now we can all see the damage of Mueller&aposs witch hunt investigation and what it is -- a flawed witch-hunt.
Mark Hunt There are a number of people that believe Mark 'The Super Samoan' Hunt is the worst matchup available to Lesnar.
When cavemen came back from a hunt, they told the story of the hunt in pictures in a cave on the walls.
As Rigg and Hunt argue waiting for a patient, an ambulance explodes, and there's no real pause in the Hunt-Rigg fight.
During E3 last week, developer Vaulted Sky Games showed off its own version of the prop hunt genre, called Midnight Ghost Hunt.
"Stopping the hunt on state lands does not stop the hunt," said Jeff Tittel, the director of the New Jersey Sierra Club.
Another son, Ray Hunt, is the richest of all his siblings — he heads up the oil and gas company Hunt Consolidated, Inc.
A 'witch hunt' Critics have labeled the arrests a "witch hunt" against those who challenge India's ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party.
Witch Hunt" Thursday: "You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history - led by some very bad and conflicted people!
In the new Product Hunt collection, products displayed a "Featured" badge that indicates how many upvotes it had on the Product Hunt website.
When I'm not constructing crosswords, I write puzzles for Galactic Puzzle Hunt, an online puzzle hunt that runs each year around Pi Day.
Today, Hunt lives in Texas and owns Dallas-based oil and gas company Petro-Hunt, where three of his sons have leadership roles.
In any case, the main event of Mark Hunt vs Alexey Oleinik should provide either a Hunt knockout or another bizarre Oleinik submission.
JEREMY HUNT, 52 - "We need to get real" Hunt replaced Johnson as foreign minister in July after serving six years as health minister.
That ground has power, and when they hunt one particular elk down, the animal bides its time until it can hunt them back.
I decide to hunt for "Fat City," and Mr. Gardner, now 19803 and living in Marin County, has agreed to hunt with me.
The sculptural and "mixed reality" piece, a collaboration between Hunt and the Microsoft Garage studio, is part of Shawn Hunt: Transformation, a show by Heiltsuk artist Shawn Hunt that responds to strong international interest in the theme of transformation in Indigenous art.
Corrine Hunt, the great-granddaughter of George Hunt, along with members of the  Kwakwaka'wakw community, are in some cases using the Boas/Hunt book as a template to recreate, in a contemporary way, the extraordinary objects lost to time and Western museums.
Rather than do their usual scavenger hunt, Gretchen finally convinces them (by lording her depression over everyone) to do a hunt for a speakeasy.
Amazon had been working with Andreessen Horowitz, an investor in Product Hunt, as well as  Y Combinator, where Product Hunt had been in residency.
Net worth: $2.7 billionSource of wealth: TruckingSelf-made score: 7Age: 87Johnelle Hunt cofounded the J.B. Hunt Company in the 1960s with her late husband.
On Sunday, Kareem Hunt apologized but also asked for another chance to play in the N.F.L. "I was in the wrong," Hunt told ESPN.
With these tweets on Friday, Trump was almost surely referring to The Hunt, a horror film in which wealthy foreigners hunt "deplorables" for sport.
"There are a bunch of countries around the world that are not nice places," said Ray L. Hunt, executive chairman of Hunt Consolidated Inc.
Product Hunt CEO Ryan Hoover(left) at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014 Product Hunt CEO Ryan Hoover(left) at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014 After years of the crowd-ranking daily product launches on its site, fatigue seems to have set in since AngelList bought Product Hunt.
In Canada, only the northern Inuit population may legally hunt narwhals and there are limits on how many narwhals each community can hunt per year.
The hunt has intensified as criminals such as Brockle and an enigmatic alien known as the Weaver join the hunt, each with their own motives.
That burden leads lots of folks to fruitlessly hunt for the perfect email client in the same way I hunt for the perfect word processor.
According to the Telegraph, the hunt was previously called an "Easter Egg Trail" but this year it has been renamed the "Great British Egg Hunt".
"The Hunt," due for release on September 27, focuses on a remote woodland mansion where US elites come in secret to hunt humans for sport.
The hunt for the murderer may have disappointed, but the hunt for the truth, about his own mind and the minds of others, will continue.
If we hunt and eat fish, the writer Paul Greenberg notes, ''we must hunt them with care and eat them with the fullness of our appreciation.
What once used to be a hunt for food, animals and shelter has now translated into a hunt for things like money, fancy objects and deals.
Samsung's Mathieu said that when cavemen came back from a hunt, they told the story of the hunt in pictures in a cave on the walls.
TMZ shared the video that showed Hunt and a police officer speaking after Hunt and a friend allegedly had a slight altercation at a Cleveland bar.
He thought Benghazi was a 'stupid witch hunt' Powell's email declaring that "Benghazi is a stupid witch hunt" is revealing coming from a former GOP official.
"I have family ancestors from the Boston area and I think the Salem witch hunt has to be the greatest witch hunt in American history," Sen.
Hunt told Zarif that Britain would facilitate the release of the tanker if Tehran gave guarantees it would not go to Syria, Hunt wrote on Twitter.
Trump says he's the victim of a "witch hunt," but it's actually a "criminal hunt" — one presided over by Republicans, most of whom he has appointed.
It is said that you first hunt chukars for fun, and the second time you hunt them for revenge because the cardiovascular workout is so brutal.
She's then recruited to hunt down a magical beast in a Hunt for the Ages, a challenge that will put all of her skills to the test.
The hunt for Baghdadi has many of the hallmarks of the hunt for bin Laden, and it is worth considering what we can learn from both experiences.
"I think we're greatly hampered by this whole witch hunt that's going on in the United States, the Russia witch hunt, the rigged situation," Trump told CBS.
"You'll see Allianz being more involved in the asset management businesses than in the past," Hunt told the FT. Hunt started her new role earlier this month.
They hunt in the dusk or the dawn, where they can, you know, see prey better, hunt, and kill, and our domestic cats actually evolved from that.
Mr. Hunt has been supportive of the family's calls for Ms. Zaghari-Ratcliffe's release, and Mr. Ratcliffe said Mr. Hunt had remained personally committed to the case.
Leah Hunt-Hendrix is the granddaughter of Texas oil billionaire H.L. Hunt, and she sits at the center of this new power circle of young, liberal donors.
His heated rivalry with British McLaren racer James Hunt was the subject of Ron Howard's 2013 film, Rush, starring Chris Hemsworth as Hunt and Daniel Brühl as Lauda.
SAM HUNT "Drinkin' Too Much" (MCA Nashville) The best Sam Hunt song of the year wasn't the one that topped the Billboard country chart for 34 weeks. 16.
Placing his witch hunt in this broader context shows that the witch hunt is still a tool used to shore up gendered notions of authority, power, and legitimacy.
One need only look at his fight with Mark Hunt to see that—in which he found zero luck getting Hunt to the mat and so shot a desperate takedown, returned to his feet, and ducked in as if to shoot again before jumping into a knee to knock Hunt out.
The summary was sent by Jay Keithley, an assistant inspector general, to David Hunt, who has been the FCC's acting inspector general since 2009 (Hunt remains the IG today).
Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover declined to comment on the deal terms, but says he will continue to run Product Hunt as its own brand under the AngelList umbrella.
The NFL placed Hunt on the commissioner's exempt list while it investigates a trio of incidents, meaning Hunt is unable to play for any team that might sign him.
" Stephen Huvane, a spokesman for Ms. Hunt, said in an email on Monday night that Ms. Hunt "did not meet with the president and did not shake his hand.
The investigators wanted to ask Hunt about an allegation that he had punched a man in the face in June at a resort in Ohio, near where Hunt lives.
The global hunt appears to have been inspired by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury's 63 children's book We're Going on a Bear Hunt, with many using the hashtag #GoingOnABearHunt.
"Hunters hunt them because hunters like to hunt," said Rick Parsons, the chief executive of Safari Club International, who said people in his organization had spoken with Ms. Talley.
The fox's death is quick, pro-hunt advocates say in response to the anti-hunt depiction of a barbaric, painful demise, in which the quarry is torn excruciatingly asunder.
And — it's — I call it a witch hunt.
" August 22, 20053: "NO COLLUSION - RIGGED WITCH HUNT!
"Before it was more or less a dragnet and a witch hunt and now it's just a witch hunt," EFF senior staff attorney Mark Rumold told Gizmodo earlier this week.
Check out the clip -- Bisping confidently proclaims Hunt will knock out Lesnar ... while admitting there's a distinct possibility Lesnar takes Hunt to ground and beats his soul out of him.
For a month or so, I went on believing I was the only Samantha Hunt, writer, some shining, selfish singularity, a Samantha Hunt ignorant and unsullied by duplicates or doppelgängers.
The president called the investigation a "witch hunt" more than 180 times, and even press secretary Sarah Sanders publicly called it a "Russian Witch Hunt Hoax" as recently as November.
So instead of going on another reality show and trying to hunt down my husband, I'm going to hunt down success stories in this crazy times of Tinder, Bumble, Hinge.
"It's not a witch hunt because a witch hunt indicates that there is very little truth, if none at all, and there is a lot of truth here," he said.
Hunt for the Skinwalker pivots between Corbell's visits to the ranch last year and Knapp's old footage to create a detailed portrait of Bigelow's obsessive, two-decade hunt for extraterrestrials.
The company's treasure-hunt format, which encourages shoppers to hunt for deals across a swath of products and brands in stores, helped drive its 17th consecutive quarter of traffic growth.
The funding was led by Hunt Technology Ventures, with participation from other investors including Placid Ventures, David S. Hunt, 1517 Fund, Invariantes Fund, GrowthX Fund, NFQ, and Telegraph Hill Capital.
Beyond the diplomatic blow, it is also a setback in China's overseas hunt for corrupt officials and business executives who have fled abroad with their assets, dubbed Operation Fox Hunt.
Hunt, 'Pony' package salvaging Kitchens' offense Since Kareem Hunt returned from suspension, the Browns have totaled only 40 points and averaged 4.93 yards per play (below their season average, 5.55).
Hunt said it was "only right that my party constituency should be the first to know", the Farnham Herald reported Hunt as saying at the Haslemere Festival in southern England.
A granddaughter of the Texas oil billionaire H. L. Hunt, Ms. Hunt-Hendrix, who is also a Democracy Alliance member, is among the most influential young donors on the left.
Now, Mr. Hunt, an architect who was a founder of the Hunt Laudi Studio, has turned the tunnels into the Dupont Underground art space, which draws 3,000 visitors every month.
About 10 years ago two leaders of the women's philanthropy movement, Ambassador Swanee Hunt and her sister, Helen LaKelly Hunt, decided we needed to do something dramatic to boost giving.
TARLOV: -- he said 100 of times that they didn&apost, he says it&aposs a witch hunt, it&aposs not a witch hunt, also, you have, why are you laughing, Jesse?
The ex-husband of Roseanne Barr has recently been on the hunt for the alleged recordings, as documented in his Viceland series, The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold.
For the most recent show Cordey worked on — BBC's The Hunt, which is currently showing on BBC America — the concept was to try to capture how animals hunt in the wild.
Over the past six months, during what he calls "the endless job hunt," Mike—who didn't want his last name used due to said hunt—has been on 10 job interviews.
"It's a hunt for yield, completely hunt for yield, which is why investors are buying the periphery more," said BBVA strategist Jaime Costero Denche, referring to low-rated southern European countries.
After the successful hunt in 21999, activists filed a lawsuit, leading a federal court to rule that the tribe needed to go through a more rigorous permitting process to hunt whales.
Hunt was cut and placed on the commissioner's exempt list in late November after a video surfaced showing Hunt shoving and kicking a woman at a Cleveland apartment building in February.
Witch hunt: FBI's Christopher Wray said, "Senator as I said to you last month and as I said before, I do not believe special counsel Mueller is on a witch hunt."
The Ambras Courtly Hunt Cards (Upper Rhineland, 1440) have a detailed progression of a hunt, with the falcon that kills the heron, and the hound sent to retrieve the dead bird.
Many allow the hunt to stray onto their property and some parcels have easements from the previous owners stating that the hunt will always be allowed to go through the property.
Britain's Jeremy Hunt said the three countries were working closely with Tehran to finalize arrangements: "Registration is a big step, but there is still more work to be done," Hunt said.
The signing of running back Kareem Hunt by the Browns drew attention after Hunt was released by the Kansas City Chiefs over a video showing him shoving and kicking a woman.
When She Bounty-Hunted Me While I Was Trying to Bounty-Hunt Her I'm a bounty hunter and my wife is, too, and we met trying to bounty-hunt each other.
Speaking aboard Air Force One in July, Trump used the phrase "witch hunt" several times, declaring ongoing questions about Russia to be a politically motivated "witch hunt" overplayed by the press.
Martha Hunt – and we've got your sexy ringside recap.
The one remaining — Hunt — came in a distant second.
But "witch hunt" has a gendered past -- and present.
" Others called the event "stupid" and a "witch hunt.
") to vicious ("Is there any way to hunt you?
" The president also added,  "we continue the witch hunt.
A classic international spy mole hunt — cerebral and muscular.
And you started Product Hunt ... You were young, right?
News • Pregnant Whales Among Hundreds Killed in Japan Hunt.
OBO, Central African Republic — The hunt is officially over.
" Dwayne: "No, the witch hunt is on Nov. 4.
The league is considering three different off-field incidents involving Hunt, the bombshell coming last week when TMZ released a video showing Hunt pushing and kicking a woman in Cleveland in February.
Arnold, who has known Trump for 30 years, has recently been on the hunt for the recordings, as documented on his Viceland series, The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold.
The NFL placed Hunt, the 2017 rushing leader, on the commissioner's exempt list while it investigates all three incidents, meaning Hunt is unable to play for any team that might sign him.
Hunt was signed to a 1-year deal by the Cleveland Browns on Monday -- mere months after TMZ Sports posted video showing Hunt getting violent with a woman in an Ohio hotel.
The lone active team in the hunt for the N.L. wild-card was the Phillies, and they will not be in the hunt much longer after losing to the Braves, 8-3.
"We continue to expect the Tesco deal to complete despite concerns expressed by two of the leading shareholders," said Peel Hunt analyst Charles Hunt, who has a "Buy" rating on the stock.
Zoe Reardon, who turned 19 on Tuesday, faced nine misdemeanor charges over the September 2017 deaths of 28-year-old Kaitlin Hunt, 3-month-old Riley Hunt, and 61-year-old Kathy Deming.
First of all, the president's insistence that he's facing "the single biggest witch hunt of a politician in American history..." This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!
TMZ Sports has obtained a police report filed by a man who claims he was brutally attacked by Kareem Hunt in a Kansas City nightclub back in January ... though Hunt was never arrested.
Arnold, who has known Trump for 30 years, has recently been on the hunt for the recordings, which he's documented on his Viceland series, The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold.
Luckily, Twitter users stepped in to remind us all of that little hunt that went down in Salem, which we'd also argue is probably, technically, the single greatest witch hunt in our history.
While Zimbabwean authorities said Palmer had legal authority to hunt, they were stung by the international outcry and charged local hunter Theo Bronkhorst, who assisted Palmer, with failing to prevent an unlawful hunt.
"I think that we're being hurt very badly by the, I would call it, the witch hunt -- I would call it the rigged witch hunt," Trump said at Chequers, May's official country residence.
In 1977, Gertrude Hunt donated a collection of more than 60 dog collars to the Leeds Castle Foundation in memory of her husband, John Hunt, an antiques dealer and scholar of Irish history.
This is one of those multipart scavenger hunt themes, but if you are a polyglot on any level, the least bit blasé about switching languages, the hunt itself is fun and not frustrating.
Last fall, my colleague Estelle and I joined the hunt.
So, CZI is on the hunt for a new CTO.
There is only one person who can be Sam Hunt.
I am starting my hunt for a new conditioner ASAP!
Hunt called for company bosses to foster a healthier environment.
Reporting by Ana Ionova and Nigel Hunt; editing by David
They have little noses, because they don't hunt by smell.
Henry Cavill is on the hunt for a serial killer.
HUNT: Well, I think President Trump has a certain style.
"It is a horrific matter," Hunt County Sheriff's Office Sgt.
Hunt, and John Edwards, to Kay Hagan and Elaine Marshall.
"There was no hunt; I just gave up," he says.
No, the Mueller witch hunt is only investigating Trump associates.
If not, it starts to look like a witch hunt.
"The witch hunt continues," Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said.
Then, I wanted to use it to play Duck Hunt.
Jonathan Hunt covered it then, and with us tonight now.
Airs: The Hunt debuts July 303 at 9 pm Eastern.
Now, Rod Rosenstein, really, when is this witch hunt end?
You may be familiar with the hunt for dark matter.
Hunt analyzed the databases and found 26,151,608 unique email addresses.
He also showed favor for British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.
As miners hunt for deals on gear, chipmakers see opportunity.
CNN's Katie Hunt and Stephen Collinson contributed to this report
And is on the hunt for more startups to buy.
How Jupiter is  helping the hunt for habitable alien worlds .
He lectured Hunt and he never answered her actual questions.
To me, the bee hunt seemed like a Sisyphean task.
CNN's Katie Hunt contributed to this report from Hong Kong.
Did Kareem Hunt and Pat Mahomes just become best friends??
Reporting by Nigel Hunt, Editing by Edmund Blair, William Maclean
" He reportedly said he doesn't "like the term witch hunt.
"Dude, Twitch mods are on the hunt," one message read.
CNN's Katie Hunt in Hong Kong contributed to this report.
Telling us allabout his latest thoughts on the witch hunt.
Maybe they don't hunt for food, [or] fish to eat.
Jeff Haines, a spokesman for the Hunt County Sheriff's Office.
We began the hunt, we were looking for anything suspicious.
Bike guy asked if my glass hunt was a success.
This is going to be a fun otherworldly scavenger hunt.
He described a witch hunt involving blackmail and secret meetings.
The hunt for things to do may sometimes be beneficial.
CNN's Katie Hunt and Bex Wright contributed to this report
"The larger art market is on the hunt," she said.
The crew marked the location and continued the dark hunt.
" Schiff: "Your investigation is not a witch hunt, is it?
"By Samantha Hunt," in Apple Chancery — that most debased font.
In a statement Friday night, Hunt apologized for the incident.
Cops are on the hunt ... they're looking for 2 men.
Hunt blamed the "difficult" junior doctors committee for the standoff.
Hunt told ESPN that the NFL had not questioned him.
Hunt later won a settlement against the city of Chicago.
Their successors, Jeremy Hunt and Dominic Raab, are highly competent.
Later, Ezekiel and his knights go to hunt wild pigs.
"Really good football player," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett saidof Hunt.
Egypt has sent a robot submarine to join the hunt.
Kitchens echoed Dorsey's backing ... and even seemed sympathetic towards Hunt.
CNN's Katie Hunt in Hong Kong contributed to this report
Ethan Hunt is just so damn serious all the time.
"Everyone had their own pig for the hunt," he adds.
D Brad Hunt was among three scratches for St. Louis.
And fans don't have to hunt down the content elsewhere.
Idol Hunt The Goliath camp breaks into an idol scramble.
A dangerous hunt in a dark, eerie and desolate stretch.
CNN's Chandrika Narayan and Katie Hunt contributed to this report.
It is illegal to hunt after sunset in New York.
Hunt said she wore white in honor of women's suffrage.
Boris Johnson leads Jeremy Hunt by an apparently unbridgeable margin.
Two: they're matriarchal and they hunt in packs like wolves.
Monica is on the hunt for the next big thing!
To avoid a surprise, ask about utilities during your hunt.
And those on the hunt are sure it will happen.
Red's defending a shopping cart, and Blue's on the hunt.
Search teams continue to hunt for the aircraft's black box.
We're all on the constant hunt for the perfect manicure.
Washburne is also related by marriage to the Hunt family.
They are Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, the foreign secretary.
He wants to get insulted, you get -- damn witch hunt.
I'm so sorry you inspired Mark Zuckerberg to hunt animals.
The gig starts to feel more like a treasure hunt.
The Kazakh authorities hunt relentlessly for DVK supporters inside Kazakhstan.
The star fell to country's Sam Hunt on Facebook, however.
She was jealous when Dr. Hunt married Amelia, he said.
"Every year we have an Easter egg hunt," she says.
He called the Russia probe a politically motivated witch hunt.
Scientists are currently on the hunt for undiscovered antibacterial compounds.
He compared his trip to Ollie's to a treasure hunt.
Meanwhile, fewer shoppers are on the hunt for yoga pants.
Could deep learning help paleontologists and geneticists hunt for ghosts?
No police report was filed, and Hunt was not arrested.
I'm Carl Azuz, always on the hunt for meteor puns.
Eric first heard about Fenn's treasure hunt in early 2003.
Trump has called any allegations a politically charged witch hunt.
Hunt baddies, get what's yours, and set right some wrongs.
" Actress Bonnie Hunt also remembered Harris, tweeting on Tuesday, "Ms.
But the hunt is time consuming, and sometimes goes wrong.
" Hunt called on Iran to "stick with all its commitments.
I'm on the constant hunt for the perfect breakfast sandwich.
Hunt trailed Gurley by 13 yards going into Week 17.
What if I don't want to hunt for something new?
CNN's Michael Callahan, Ryan Browne, Steven Jiang and Katie Hunt
She had fun watching [daughter Blue Ivy] hunt for eggs.
"I'd seen lots of homes in my hunt," said Hillary.
I continue to see this as a political witch hunt.
It's the same stuff you'd bring on a squirrel hunt.
"What I did was wrong and inexcusable," Hunt said Monday.
We're told Hunt was eventually escorted out of the club.
CNN's Brad Lendon and Katie Hunt contributed to this report.
"I never thought I'd see that myself," said Matt Hunt.
The riveting, terrifying hunt for the Boston Marathon bombers. #BlackLivesMatter.
CNN's Katie Hunt and Kevin Wang contributed to this report.
Toronto had confirmed earlier that it is in the hunt.
"I was already thinking about the next hunt," Ward says.
I'm bout to get knee deep in Helen Hunt #thesessions.
CNN's Ray Sanchez and Katie Hunt contributed to this report.
No one was injured in the hunt, the sheriff said.
TechCrunch provided a copy of the database to Troy Hunt.
With a permit, people can hunt, fish, farm and more.
Every conceivable measure should be engaged to hunt them down.
On one hand, the treasure hunt smacks of marketing genius.
All but four states allow private citizens to bounty hunt.
Like, is he going to lead the Easter egg hunt?
He's tweeted the words "witch hunt" 17 times since January.
"I think the jury really disliked Mr. Hunt," says Barens.
And there's a "witch hunt" thrown in for good measure!
Setapp has also received kudos from Product Hunt and SXSW.
Hunt asked Yu to practice the deep breathing every day.
He is also on the hunt for a wedding venue.
Singapore, Michael Hogan in Hamburg, Nigel Hunt in London, Hugh
"It's a phony witch hunt, rigged deal," Trump told Hannity.
Johnson received 92,303 votes, a full 45,497 more than Hunt.
" and "Who uses real eggs in an Easter egg hunt?
Everybody dies," Alvarado told CNN's "The Hunt with John Walsh.
This is what we're up -- It's called the witch hunt.
She began her typical hunt for the dusty forgotten things.
"I asked 'cause they'll hunt you down, Disney," he explained.
"Funding support from those partners ended in 2002," Hunt said.
"This is a pure political witch hunt," Trump said Friday.
All in all, it was a fine midweek treasure hunt.
Adam Schiff that his investigation was "not a witch hunt."
" Trump has repeatedly cast the investigation as a "witch hunt.
"I'm very proud of the tiger hunt," Mr. Fothergill said.
The Yankees did not have to hunt down the mementos.
Guy Hunt (R) and Don Siegelman (D) — served jail terms.
" Trump has repeatedly slammed Mueller's probe as a "witch hunt.
" Trump said in a tweet, adding, "A TOTAL WITCH HUNT!!!
Trucking company J.B. Hunt said it has reserved "multiple" Semis.
"Are you overseeing a witch hunt?" asked Representative Steve Cohen.
Marriott was in the woods at the time to hunt.
"Hunt them, identify them, and kill them, " declared U.S. Rep.
Others swear they could hunt down the deepest of sighs.
Why not join the I.M.F. and work with Ethan Hunt?
"I think I just hunt and gather," he has said.
Several lawyers on the case, including Mr. Hunt, were disciplined.
Burr spokesman Jesse Hunt dismissed LCV as a "radical" organization.
Two Democrats are also in the hunt for the seat.
Ahlgrim: How can fashion and style impact the job hunt?
"This could be a template for future deals" Hunt added.
The Lakers are reportedly on the hunt for his replacement.
And I will say, this is not a witch hunt.
Jordan Spieth was still in the hunt, but just barely.
Farhad: I'm going to have Alexa hunt you down, Mike.
Fort Hunt Elementary declined to provide information for this piece.
NORWALK "Welcome to Spring," exhibition of paintings by Hunt Slonem.
And it's messy so it feels like a treasure hunt.
So, you can't hunt for specific artists, songs or albums.
Yes. Small animals to hunt and turn into a wallet?
Hunt Lambert is dean of Continuing Education at Harvard University.
How there are more than 4,000 trifulaus licensed to hunt.
Facebook will also proactively hunt for this kind of material.
So is Cisco still on the hunt for more deals?
Hunt, on the other hand, never really has a past.
I believe Elizabeth is the victim of a witch hunt.
Trump denies wrongdoing and calls the investigation a "witch hunt".
"It's a little bit like a treasure hunt," he said.
Hunt, like nearly all of the occupiers, is not local.
Scientists are probing them to improve the hunt for aliens.
FedEx and J.B. Hunt both dropped more than 1.5 percent.
He got back into the Taurus to hunt her down.
Therefore, no quid pro quo, it's a witch hunt, etc.
Kareem Hunt is among the league's most versatile running backs.
And, finally, the show's apotheosis: three dazzling "Lion Hunt" paintings.
The indictment, she said, was "fake news," a "witch hunt."
He got his deposit back and started the hunt anew.
Health minister Greg Hunt called the proposal "dangerous" last month.
How he loved to hunt boars in the Westeros forest!
"We're going to run through the tape," Mr. Hunt said.
His closest competitor, Jeremy Hunt, the foreign secretary, had 43.
I was on the hunt for a piece from Japan.
"I hunt, trap, fish, and go to church," he said.
Universal has offered up The Invisible Man, The Hunt, Emma.
Universal has offered up The Invisible Man, The Hunt, Emma.
"Do brave men hunt elephants?" he asked followers on Twitter.
I don't hunt big game — that's a whole different level.
Hunt was not charged; in fact, no arrests were made.
"The kids are scared," Mr. Hunt, the essay consultant, said.
She's showing up unannounced to fortresses to hunt single beings.
And you would say, 'That was a total witch hunt.
Maybe there was a scavenger hunt for Hillary's missing emails.
Hunt plans to slash corporation tax and spend on defence.
Jennifer Ann Mettler and James Francis Hunt were married Aug.
No arrests were made, but cops are on the hunt.
Hear tracks by André 3000, Mitski, Sam Hunt and others.
"It was a witch hunt," he said, and many agree.
Anna Haight Grummon and Hunt Volney Allcott were married Aug.
"The Hunt" went to video on demand on March 20.
Her alligator skins come from friends who hunt for meat.
DE), and trucking firms J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc (JBHT.
Employers say they are constantly on the hunt for workers.
The Hunt Dr. Robert J. Cerfolio is all about efficiency.
"Luckily, I love the thrill of the hunt," she said.
He's one example of someone who used Product Hunt frequently.
I used the hunt and peck method until high school.
"I call it the rigged witch hunt," Mr. Trump said.
Sure, the words "impeachment" and "witch hunt" make cameo appearances.
This witch hunt has now gone from ludicrous to insane.
Let me be clear: This is not a witch hunt.
"Hunt" would have had too strong a flavor of bloodlust.
They subscribe to the "witch hunt" mentality he pushes forward.
The windows were created in partnership with artist Lisa Hunt.
Not too long ago, I was on the job hunt.
We're reporting on the hunt for a legendary, lost treasure.
They hunt for retail jobs that don't always work out.
The hunt is on for rally venues and presidential suites.
It's the witch hunt that's been going on for years.
The hunt ended about an hour and a half later.
"We had lunch every few months," Hunt previously told PEOPLE.
CNN's Katie Hunt and Angus Watson contributed to this report
The monkey bones were presumably used to hunt other monkeys.
"It was the greatest hunt of my life," he said.
During the witch hunt years, it went the other way.
Even so, John would rather hunt buffalo than anything else.
But you had to be committed; you had to hunt.
For days, Mr. Gonzales sat in the Hunt County Jail.
Thomas Hunt, Senior Partner Steven Russo, Chief Compliance Officer www.eagleglobal.
"For the Rolex, we can give you $15,995," Hunt said.
Hunt WAS cited for speeding and sent on his way.
" Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt: "I am backing Theresa May tonight.
Joseph McCarthy's infamous hunt for communists in the U.S. government.
" Trump said in a tweet, adding: "A TOTAL WITCH HUNT!!!
CNN has reached out to reps for Hunt for comment.
"Keep trying to hide, we will hunt you down again."
Young people frequently relocate in the hunt for a job.
" Trump has long derided the investigation as a "witch hunt.
Tell her to end the witch hunt and oppose impeachment.
His conclusion proves that this was no rigged witch hunt.
Before the Impeachment Hoax, it was the Russian Witch Hunt.
"With Ben, we're not going to hunt 33s," Brown said.
" Kipping has spent a decade working on the "exomoon hunt.
Shoppers have been trained to hunt more and pay less.
How he could never embark on a partisan witch hunt.
They were told their job was to hunt down criminals.
We have a witch hunt going on, which is disgraceful.
Sorry Mr. President, but it is not a witch hunt.
Mr. Sharif denounced the corruption probe as a witch hunt.
The hunt for an unknown number of missing people continues.
"Witch Hunt!" he wrote at the end of that tweet.
Fabricio Werdum and Mark Hunt are over 40 years old.
The bronze nude is by Tom Corbin at Holly Hunt.
The President says this is just another Democratic witch hunt.
Mr. Hunt admitted to taking cannabis while traveling through India.
Where the witch ain't real, and it's a witch hunt.

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