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"high" Definitions
  1. measuring a long distance from the bottom to the top
  2. used to talk about the distance that something measures from the bottom to the top
  3. containing a lot of a particular substance
  4. [usually before noun] near the top in rank, status or importance
  5. of great value
  6. when a river or the tide is high, the water reaches a long way up the river bank, beach, etc.
  7. [usually before noun] morally good
  8. [usually before noun] showing a lot of approval or respect for somebody
  9. at the upper end of the range of sounds that humans can hear; not deep or low
  10. [only before noun] used to describe the middle or the most attractive part of a period of time
  11. (of meat, cheese, etc.) beginning to go bad and having a strong smell
  12. [not before noun] high (on something) (informal) behaving in an excited way because of the effects of alcohol or drugs
  13. (also close) (phonetics) (of a vowel) produced with the mouth in a relatively closed position
  14. at a level that is a long way above the ground or above the level of the sea
  15. greater or better than normal in quantity or quality, size or degree

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"high" Synonyms
tall lofty elevated soaring towering statuesque big giant imposing ascending grand high-rise raised rising sky-high skyscraping sky-scraping altitudinous colossal gigantic aerial airborne skyward airy aloft flying midair floating hovering in-flight on high overhead above ground up above in the air in the sky stratospheric top prominent senior distinguished eminent high-ranking influential powerful superior authoritative dominant leading notable noteworthy pre-eminent premier prestigious prime top-level urgent critical important considerable paramount serious uppermost capital high-level maximum arch crucial essential grave necessary righteous virtuous ethical moral honorable(US) honourable(UK) noble principled upright exemplary honest admirable moralistic guiltless respectable upstanding wholesome conscientious dignified copious great large significant ample disproportionate enormous excessive exorbitant inordinate profuse substantial voluminous abundant extraordinary extravagant extreme sizable sizeable expensive costly pricey dear extortionate inflated overpriced high-priced outrageous pricy steep unaffordable unreasonable premium prohibitive stiff excellent exceptional outstanding fine impeccable good superlative unparalleled flawless incomparable irreproachable stellar sublime superb strong forceful intense turbulent violent blistering blustery ferocious fierce gusty harsh heavy potent stormy tempestuous almighty boisterous crushing indulgent hedonistic hedonic prodigal sybaritic epicurean immoderate intemperate profligate easy overindulgent pampered plushy self-indulgent pleasure-seeking decadent licentious dissolute sensual favorable(US) favourable(UK) glowing positive adulatory approving flattering appreciative commendatory complimentary acclamatory admiring approbatory keen laudatory rapturous high-pitched acute sharp shrill piercing falsetto screeching soprano treble high-frequency piping shrieky strident clarion penetrating loud shrieking squeaky squeaking ear-piercing exhilarated exuberant elated euphoric excited exultant cheerful joyful jubilant animated delighted ecstatic joyous thrilled aroused blissful enraptured exalted gleeful advanced developed evolved higher innovative modern complex forward future improved sophisticated avant-garde breakthrough cutting-edge groundbreaking innovational innovatory late leading-edge arrogant aloof audacious boastful conceited condescending pompous cocky contemptuous disdainful overconfident presumptuous pretentious domineering egotistical haughty overbearing proud smug drugged stoned intoxicated loaded wasted wrecked buzzed delirious tripping befuddled hallucinating jacked on drugs strung out stupefied under the influence zonked blitzed charged up doped drunk inebriated boozy tipsy drunken inebriate plastered sloshed smashed tanked hammered blotto soaked woozy blind drunk boozed up dead drunk roaring drunk rolling drunk gamy gamey malodorous rank reeking smelly stinking off pungent rancid rotting spoiled(US) spoilt(UK) tainted foetid(UK) fetid(US) funky miasmic niffy noisome undue unconscionable lavish overmuch plethoric intolerable insane overextravagant overdue fancy magnanimous generous charitable benevolent kind liberal unselfish beneficent altruistic kindly considerate bountiful munificent unstinting philanthropic bounteous chivalrous free gallant magnificent splendid majestic glorious august stately resplendent gorgeous splendiferous beautiful severe supreme utmost uttermost maximal ultimate greatest highest major consummate precipitous sheer abrupt dizzy perpendicular bold vertical acclivitous bluff declivitous vertiginous arduous brant craggy dizzying falling sharply scarped zealous energetic fanatical fervent lively manic perfervid pumped frenetic obsessed passionate raring ready ardent disorderly fevered spirited sprightly wild invigorating(US) stimulating refreshing bracing exhilarating rousing restorative energising(UK) energizing(US) vitalizing exciting reviving tonic electrifying rejuvenating enlivening animating galvanising(UK) galvanizing(US) stimulative in height from head to foot from head to toe from top to bottom from top to toe in elevation frisky bouncy active playful coltish high-spirited perky peppy zippy bubbly frolicsome sparky romping skittish sportive zestful arched curved domed embowed vaulted bowed rounded bent hemispherical round semicircular arced arciform humped hooked bending arcuate crooked arching convex brilliant dazzling striking vivid bright blinding breathtaking graphic radiant warm definite glaring gleaming heady hot overexcited carried away worked up frenzied nervous feverish anxious hyper keyed up high-strung in a state in a frenzy in a lather agitated tense distraught distracted frantic deranged mad crazed demented hysterical lunatic maniacal raving crazy demoniacal demonic neurotic unbalanced sectionable unhinged berserk royal kingly princely monarchal monarchial monarchic monarchical queenly sovereign aristocratic kinglike queenlike highborn regnant reigning ruling regal lordly imperial genteel gentle elegant cultured refined courteous cultivated elite upper-class polished well-born well-bred high-born highbred polite titled peak record record level high level extremity crest spike high water mark limit summit ceiling pinnacle height superiority max supremacy culmination apex climax achievement highlight success zenith high point feature acme apogee apotheosis triumph accomplishment best bit best moment best part euphoria bliss ecstasy elation exhilaration rapture happiness delight excitement joy joyousness jubilation inebriation intoxication pleasure drunkenness high spirits passion buoyancy delirium sky blue firmament heavens welkin stratosphere skies azure empyrean heaven ether wide blue yonder celestial sphere vault of heaven sphere rangi blue yonder upper atmosphere upper regions wild blue yonder thrill charge kick titillation sensation stimulation buzz fun lift rush amusement blast enjoyment inspiration jollies personal best best top score world record personal record best performance furthest distance best time highest achievement fastest time star performance weather symbol front line low isobar high front low front warm front cold front isotherm increase rise appreciation augmentation escalation accrual boost expansion growth hike inflation upsurge bump burgeoning explosion gain increment jump above up far up over way up at altitude at great height beyond high up above your head farther up higher up over one's head up in the sky luxuriously extravagantly opulently grandiosely indulgently lavishly affluently comfortably immoderately ostentatiously pompously pretentiously sumptuously palatially wantonly expensively intemperately plushly prodigally richly in at its highest level More
"high" Antonyms
low short stunted dwarfed stumpy diminutive little miniature small dwarf dwarfish teeny tiny bantam measly pint-sized runted runtish runty squat level flat horizontal flush levelled(UK) leveled(US) even plane parallel with the ground sunken recessed caved-in concave buried depressed indented submerged fallen-in ground ground-level grounded low-hanging low-lying low-set near to the ground rock-bottom unelevated fallen lowered lowermost nethermost undermost plummeting last bottom lowest final base lowly inferior subordinate junior lesser low-ranking secondary subsidiary insignificant lower menial minor plebeian humble second-rate submissive subservient minimal negligible trivial inappreciable inconsequential inconsiderable light lightweight marginal petty piddling reduced trifling amoral immoral unethical degenerate depraved dishonourable(UK) dishonorable(US) ignoble ignominious unprincipled unscrupulous contemptible corrupt debauched decadent devious dissolute nefarious abandoned evil limited modest nominal scanty stingy derisory insubstantial meager(US) meagre(UK) minute miserly unconsiderable frugal infinitesimal cheap affordable inexpensive competitive discounted economical cost-effective down reasonable slashed bargain-basement bargainous dirt cheap marked down on sale uncostly undear poor mediocre inadequate suboptimal subpar unsatisfactory bad defective deficient ordinary substandard unacceptable abysmal appalling atrocious crude deplorable diabolical gentle mild calm moderate soft deep grave dulcet throaty bass soothing silver-toned velvety mellifluous well-modulated sweet-sounding quiet abstemious abstentious abstinent ascetic restrained self-disciplined self-abnegating self-denying self-restrained sober straight temperate dry teetotal clear-headed non-drinking cold sober clearheaded unfavourable(UK) negative unfavorable(US) disagreeable invalidating untoward low-pitched alto contralto tenor gruff deep-toned low-voiced sad dejected despondent disconsolate dispirited downcast upset discouraged disheartened doleful downhearted cheerless gloomy glum miserable morose spiritless unhappy old backward outdated antiquated backwards dated outmoded primitive retrograde old-fashioned out of date out-of-date underdeveloped undeveloped ancient archaic nonprogressive past rudimentary unprogressive alert coherent collected composed lucid perceptive poised steady controlled self-possessed clean undrugged fresh ambrosial aromatic fragrant sweet sweet-smelling middling fair good sensible warranted unimposing selfish debased degraded resentful mean mean-spirited suspicious uncharitable unforgiving vindictive apathetic balanced despaired indifferent sane sorrowful tormented troubled unenthusiastic unexcited undignified coarse rude improper impolite impertinent insolent disrespectful unchivalrous inconsiderate unmannered thoughtless undiplomatic graceless ungallant disgracious indecorous below beneath unobtrusive vulgar simple unimportant diminished lessened economic thrifty budget bargain worthless valueless cut-rate low-cost low-end low-priced moderately priced discount giveaway half-priced downward decreased contracted abated subtracted downsized shrunk taken down unknown anonymous commonplace infamous undistinguished unheard-of unremarkable unsung common disrespected inconspicuous obscure unnotable inaudible soundless terrible unworthy empty futile ineffectual barren bogus counterproductive dreadful execrable hollow horrible inutile lousy compact manageable convenient wieldy thin slim undersize undersized petite mini low-rise average medium default intermediate unexceptional adequate neutral normal passable everyday easy careful gradual kind nice casual nonchalant uneager uninterested unwilling impassive unconcerned aloof detached disinclined halfhearted insouciant languid reluctant averse hesitant blasé breezy slump low point record low rock bottom trough floor nadir bathos depth lowest ebb lowest point all-time low slough of despond depression despair desolation despondency disconsolation dispiritedness hopelessness melancholy misery sadness dolefulness dolor gloominess sorrow trouble unhappiness withdrawal symptom blues bummer hell agony distress pain suffering torment torture affliction anguish apathy calmness coolness indifference low down humbly modestly unpretentiously austerely moderately plainly sensibly simply cheaply reasonably unpresumptuously poorly spartanly conservatively economically frugally inexpensively meagerly prudently restrainedly

163 Sentences With "high"

How to use high in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "high" and check conjugation/comparative form for "high". Mastering all the usages of "high" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Baker High, Wewahitchka High, Land O' Lakes High, Escambia High in Pensacola, Everglades High in Miramar, Island Coast High in Cape Coral -- Gators, all of them.
"High blood pressure is high blood pressure and high cholesterol is high cholesterol," said Deutsch.
The result is high performance, high style and high livability.
So instead of high volume only, high quantity that's high quality.
High school students go to John Jay High School, Roy C. Ketcham High School or Orchard View Alternative High School.
Arizona's high property values are high, but tax rates aren't too high.
High housing costs, crime rate and high school dropout rate Newark Long commute times, low median income, high crime rate Buffalo High crime, high school dropout and unemployment rates San Francisco High housing costs and commute times, large population over 45 Philadelphia High housing costs, low median income, long commute times Cleveland Low median income, high unemployment and crime rates Las Vegas High unemployment, large population over 45 Detroit High housing costs and high school dropout rate, low median income Baltimore High crime rate, housing costs and unemployment rate Source: Zumper.
Also, India hit another high, Japan was an all-time high, Asia-Pacific an all-time high, Europe an all time high, and the Americas an all-time high.
High-yield debt and currencies have been in high demand while stocks have been relentlessly breaking record-high after record-high.
Indian government is planning 9 routes for high speed trains and BOMBARDIER ZEFIRO high speed (HS) and very high speed (VHS) trains are already setting the benchmark in very high performance, very high efficiency and very high dedication globally.
"Just high, high, high winds," said Glastonbury resident Kathleen Buccheri, who lost power.
Abdominal obesity, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high glucose readings were linked to an increased risk of developing Parkinson's disease.
Countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland have high economic productivity, high social equality, high social trust and high levels of personal happiness.
It consists of a higher high, another higher high, and then a lower high.
Its model can be summed up as high taxes, high services and high regulation.
Our two largest high schools are Robert E. Lee High and Jefferson Davis High.
Get high on life, high on vibes, high on being PURE and PRESENT and SOBER.
Postmates gets the triple-whammy of high markup, high service fee and high delivery fee.
But all that food was horribly unhealthy — high sugar, high salt, high fat, and preservatives.
They looked for five cardiovascular risk factors that define the metabolic syndrome: abdominal obesity, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high glucose readings.
It is a high-cost, high-union state, but also a high-value state, insisted Gov.
Republicans had spent years slamming Obamacare for high premiums, high deductibles, high copays, and daunting complexity.
Here are just some of the walkouts: Coral Springs High School in Coral Springs, Florida Pembroke Pines Charter High School in Pembroke Pines, Florida Falcon Cove Middle School in Weston, Florida McArthur High School in Hollywood, Florida Western High School in Davie, Florida Cypress Bay High School in Weston, Florida Mesa High School in Mesa, Arizona Chaparral High School in Parker, Colorado Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland Mayo High School in Rochester, Minnesota
PARIS (Reuters) - High stakes, high heat, high turn-out and high expectations — the U.S. women's soccer team have declared themselves ready for a high-profile women's World Cup quarter-final against hosts France in Paris on Friday.
And how could there be, with the high-stakes, high-pressure, high-speed nature of it all?
High uncertainty times high stakes equals high risk, exactly the kind of risk that requires substantial hedging.
The cost to carry stocks is very high, due to high interest rates and high operational costs.
The top risk factors were high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high body-mass index and smoking.
High fees can be warranted by high performance and active investing can be warranted by high returns.
It follows a group of high school students staging "High School Musical" as their high school musical.
For those at the bottom, especially the families who are concentrated in extremely high poverty neighborhoods, isolation means bad schools, high crime, high unemployment and high government dependency.
That pattern forms when a high, higher high, then lower high suggest the end of a bullish trend.
STAKES HIGH Despite their modest volumes, Turkmen oil exports have always been a high-stakes, high-margins game.
Yes, it is built on a high-fat, high-protein, and high-grain foundation, but you know what?
These taxpayers often live in high-value housing and reside in high-tax jurisdictions within high-tax states.
High-quality stocks are typically defined by high return on investment, high free cash flow, and low leverage.
" More broadly, in recruiting, Evans added, there is a "high-major rung and a high-high-major rung.
Role Karen Smith Age 33 High School Sycamore High School, Cincinnati What were you like in high school?
High school students can attend Indian Hills High School in Oakland or Ramapo High School in Franklin Lakes.
They got into a virtuous cycle of high education, high discovery, high innovation, and generally quite strong governance.
High-Velocity Decision Making Day 2 companies make high-quality decisions, but they make high-quality decisions slowly.
High demand and short supply on the low end have kept prices high and slowed sales, while low demand and high supply on the high end has hit prices.
The series follows a group of high school students putting on a production of High School Musical at East High, the high school where the original movies were filmed.
"We've got people who are in high, high, high, high places that have done far worse, and if you look at it realistically, they're still up there," Williams said.
Those schools are: Nathan S. Davis Elementary Mahalia Jackson Elementary Charles Carroll Elementary Roberto Clemente High Paul Robeson High Orr Academy High Hirsh Metropolitan High Benito Juarez Community AcademyFenger Academy High Photo: Screengrab from interview via Yahoo Follow Noisey on Twitter
"If you're getting high, you're getting high," he said, even if it may not be the high you expected.
North Dakota, for instance, has high (fracking-fuelled) income without high prices; Hawaii has low income and high prices.
High median home price, low unemployment rate 2179 Denver High starting income, high building permit activity 7 Fremont, Calif.
Role Regina George Age 27 High School Sullivan High School, Sullivan, Mo. What were you like in high school?
There are four public high schools in Antioch, including two large, traditional schools — Antioch High and Deer Valley High.
But a high income doesn't render you impervious to the city's high taxes and infamously high cost of living.
UBS screened stocks with three market-neutral factors — high buyback yield, high long-term growth and high asset turnover.
Last year, he called the principals of Marshall County High School, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Great Mills High School, and Santa Fe High School after each experienced a deadly shooting.
The city is experimenting with that idea now, allowing two Manhattan high schools with high graduation rates, Harvest Collegiate High School and Central Park East High School, to test that idea.
Illinois High schools in Chicago suburbs have also installed vaping detectors, including Hinsdale Central High School, Hinsdale South High Schools and Evanston Township High School, CNN affiliate WGN reported last month.
PEOPLE IN HIGH PROPERTY TAX, HIGH INCOME STATES Homeowners in high-tax states like New York, New Jersey and California could be big losers, particularly if they have high property taxes.
The customer base is durable and has high disposable income in addition to high repeat usage and high retention rates.
Actively managed high-yield muni funds actually invest mainly in high-grade issues, with a heavy seasoning of high-yield.
Low unemployment rate, high median income Detroit High housing costs and high school dropout rate, low median income Lubbock, Tex.
Expectations are very high – probably by now unrealistically high.
As a result, high blood glucose, high blood pressure, high body mass index and high total cholesterol were among the top 10 leading risk factors for death for men and women globally.
Now, like then, we have a high-tax, high-spend, high-regulation, Fed-pump-priming, standard-less dollar-manipulation policy mix.
But I'm just high on life, and I'm high on the music, and I'm high on the joy in this room.
One might have expected that high-regulation, high-cost, high-tax states like California would decline over time as companies migrated.
A head and shoulders pattern is formed when a stock makes a high, a higher high, and then a lower high.
The district has 210 elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools, Parsippany High School and Parsippany Hills High School.
Her campaign seems to not acknowledge the inevitable trade-off between economic growth and high spending, high taxes and high regulation.
The game was a hotly anticipated district title match between two Oklahoma high schools: Crooked Oak High and Newkirk High School.
He also pointed out that the two largest high schools in Montgomery are Robert E. Lee High and Jefferson Davis High.
" Dr. Cordain breaks it down to seven principles: high protein, low carb, "moderate to higher fat," high potassium, high fiber, high vitamin intake, and a "net dietary alkaline load that balances dietary acid.
Lowest median home price, high unemployment rate High median home price, low number of days on market 8 Boston 177 El Paso Low unemployment rate, low number of hours needed for licensing Low wage growth (2015-17), high number of hours for licensing 9 Washington 20153 Shreveport, La. High need for real estate jobs through 2026, high starting income High unemployment rate, high number of days on market 179 Brownsville, Tex.
Wear high boots and gloves in areas with high debris.
Flu activity is "high" to "extremely high" in 24 regions.
I don't have high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol.
In short, high trust shouldn't be confused with high performance.
It's what you call a high risk, high reward move.
Courses outside the bay face high waves and high winds.
"High optimism will predict high effort and success," she says.
"It's been a high drama, high stakes week," added Rep.
Daniel McMahon: How is runner's high different from cyclist's high?
High yield ETFs are under some pressure on high volume.
Homeowners at a high risk for damages face high premiums.
I was bullied all through junior high and high school.
Some patients need high thc and others need high cbd.
ASMR is perhaps the head high to frisson's body high.
But slow growth of high prices still leaves high prices.
Cities with high walk scores also have high property values.
"Insulin prices are high, and they're too high," he testified.
Interestingly, no countries had both high inequality and high mobility.
These cookies are high protein, high fiber, and low carb.
Not see through and high waisted but not too high.
Does everybody know that you been getting high, getting high?
Buy stocks with high U.S. sales and high effective tax rates and avoid firms with high foreign sales and low tax rates.
Higher standards would push high-risk and high-polluting enterprises, including those with high energy consumption, to leave the city, Xinhua said.
OPEC UAE Iraq compliance compliance compliance high low high low high low 94 82 100 negative 62 negative Editing by Dale Hudson
Phasing out the payroll tax can provide a cornerstone for the high-growth, high-income, high-employment economy we need to build.
Between 29.5 and 24, high-income people had decreases in rates of high blood pressure, smoking and high risk for heart disease.
He was in the 12th grade at East High School when he transferred to Scavo High, an alternative high school, Roeder said.
Everyone has some friend from high school who still talks about high school all the time and how good high school was.
However, the hard data have had a tough time keeping up with those high hopes, though expectations remain high — perhaps too high.
High unemployment rate, low median home price High number of sales per agent, high income growth (2015-17) 172 Fort Smith, Ark.
For high school, students can choose to attend New Fairfield High, New Milford High or the Shepaug Valley School, in nearby Washington.
Photography ★ High School Physics Photo Contest The A.A.P.T. High School Physics Photo Contest is an international competition for high school students.
She attended Will Rogers High School, the kind of high school that us Jews imagine when we imagine high schools without Jews.
Walsh insisted on high-fiving nearly every questioner ("I'm an idiotically crazy high-fiver"), most of whom were the high school students.
"The research seems to show that sleep-deprived people crave comfort food: high-fat, high-sugar, high-calorie junk food," Young said.
When students reach middle school, they join the San Dieguito Union High School District, which also serves the nearby communities of Encinitas, Del Mar, Cardiff and Rancho Santa Fe. High schoolers attend either Canyon Crest High School, San Dieguito High School Academy or Torrey Pines High School.
Diets low in whole grains, fruit, nuts and seeds, fish oils and high in salt were the most common risk factors, contributing to cases of obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol.
Phoenix 10 High annual wage growth (9-22026), high home turnover rate Low median home price, high unemployment rate BEST 2174 Seattle Low number of days on market, high building permit activity 2175 Salem, Ore.
Sweden has a high level of wage equality, a high rate of women in public office, and high levels of education for women.
An earlier version of this article misstated the status of Bronx High School of Science, Stuyvesant High School and Brooklyn Technical High School.
The provision hits hardest Democratic-leaning states with high incomes, high property values, and high taxes, like New York, New Jersey, and California.
High starting income, high building permit activity High number of hours for licensing, poor Zillow home value forecast 176 Detroit 7 Fremont, Calif.
Investors could take the opportunity of high prices and high demand to sell these properties, but today's high rents offer them better returns.
For high school, most students attend either John Muir High School, Pasadena High School or Marshall Fundamental, which serves grades six through 21880.
While his support among Republicans was high in September and is high now, it is not as high as the president has claimed.
The provision hits hardest Democratic-leaning states with high incomes, high property values and high taxes, like New York, New Jersey and California.
His blood sugar was very, very high — too high to read.
"This is usually high dollar-high risk reward enterprise," Lenoir said.
And the high-fashion piece came with a high price tag.
If you let them be high maintenance, they'll be high maintenance.
We were high on the experience and high on each other.
"High risk, high reward" are words to live by, he said.
JL: Petra, you are soaring real high my friend, real high.
Not that anyone was high, but it was a contact high.
Neighbors may assume that the high-rises cause the high rents.
I tried to go high and the ball stayed hip high.
Not every high-paying job requires a high level of education.
This figure – indicating high word-of-mouth organic growth – seems high.
There were over 500 American businessmen, high ranking, high level ones.
It's a much heavier high and a much longer-lasting high.
High prices High and rising prices are the most obvious problem.
An insane, implausible, ridiculous high note, but a high note nonetheless.
If you want people to jump high, set the bar high.
It's not too high rise, 'cause I don't like high rises.
If you have high reach, high time spent viewing, you're valuable.
Pirates are turning to high-tech tactics on the high seas.
"High fashun high kicks?" she wrote along with a Boomerang clip.
You can also go high with this drone, like, ridiculously high.
The index hit an intraday high of 9,367, surpassing Tuesday's high.
They will no longer have high deductibles and high co-payments.
There were over 500 American businessmen -- high-ranking, high-level ones.
High temperatures appear to have played a role, not high humidity.
It is Port Richmond High School, not Paul Richmond High School.
Valuations today are high, but not as high as back then.
They want to fund things that are high gain, high risk.
I was in junior high school — at Audubon Junior High School.
It is Harlem Prep High School, not Democracy Prep High School.
Biologically, the runner's high and the cannabis high look much alike.
There were over 500 American businessmen — high-ranking, high-level ones.
A high stock price means demand for Tesla stock is high.
High schools and junior high schools were integrated, too, she said.
But in turn, they have high nutritional value and high efficiency.
It is a market for high-grade, high pedigree corporates now.
She has diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression and anxiety.
We do not grant them high social status or high salaries.
That's pretty high, but not crazy high for something like this.
That's its high from 2016, and its high from last week.
This may well be the end of Peter's high high hopes.
But like its American peers, high valuations lead to high expectations.
A high price paid The human cost has also been high.
With high scarcity and high demand comes the need for guarantees.

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