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"fulfilment" Definitions
  1. the act of doing or achieving what was hoped for or expected
  2. (formal) the fact of doing or having what is required or necessary
  3. the feeling of being happy and satisfied with what you are doing or have done
  4. the act of packing and sending something that a customer has ordered
"fulfilment" Antonyms
naught nonfulfillment nought disappointment dissatisfaction failure frustration imperfection inception loss need sorrow unfulfillment unhappiness want nonperformance deactualization nothing nonachievement nil abandoning defeat disregard forgetting hold ignorance imprisonment leaving neglect retention failing underperformance underachievement ineffectualness nonsuccess hindrance disallowance discontent discontentment displeasure discomfort discontentedness agitation excitableness misery sadness trouble uneasiness upset worry disgruntlement irritation dislike drubbing annihilation vanquishment whitewash whitewashing debacle forfeit hammering pasting rout shellacking slaughter trouncing walloping washout beating extermination unfulfilment abandonment neglection nonfulfilment dereliction negligence shirking misprision neglectfulness nonfeasance noncompliance remissness culpa irresponsibility nonconformity omission pretermission noncommitment slackness anticlimax beginning commencement incompletion opening start termination outset introduction initiation instigation conception preamble preface proem genesis shame guilt regret remorse contriteness contrition remorsefulness repentance penitence guiltiness rue self-disgust self-reproach self-reproof bad conscience anguish distress grief suffering torment despair hurt gloominess wretchedness torture woe affliction angst tribulation catastrophe disaster fail letdown fiasco bungle flop bomb wreck blunder bust dud miss calamity tragedy hardship difficulty asperity misfortune adversity deprivation burden austerity grievance pain poverty privation abandon forgetfulness renunciation slight disloyalty faithlessness falseness falsity inconstancy infidelity perfidiousness perfidy treachery unfaithfulness ingratitude ungratefulness unappreciativeness unthankfulness inconsiderateness thoughtlessness non-recognition thanklessness lack of appreciation lack of gratitude lack of recognition misuse misapplication misemployment abuse exploitation misusage misutilization mishandling mismanagement misconduct corruption desecration perversion misappropriation debasement disuse prostitution

270 Sentences With "fulfilment"

How to use fulfilment in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "fulfilment" and check conjugation/comparative form for "fulfilment". Mastering all the usages of "fulfilment" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Other startups like Deliv and Darkstore have also been providing the same service of same-day fulfilment to startups and enterprises who would like to get Amazon-like fulfilment without the capital expenditure.
His team is Mr Wilke's optimisation squad for fulfilment centres.
About 125,000 people work in 100 fulfilment centres across the country.
Ultimately, though, a defensive midfielder is a substitute for personal fulfilment.
Finding the right balance between safety and fulfilment remains a struggle.
Fulfilment was slightly lower in higher age groups for both genders.
Liverpool out as anything other than an arbitrary act of fixture fulfilment.
They say it invokes a longing for fulfilment of the "Chinese dream".
Zalando said higher fulfilment costs were another factor that weighed on profitability.
Rather, they choose to raise a child as an act of personal fulfilment.
Liberals certainly need to do more to address structural constraints on individual self-fulfilment.
And order fulfilment is the online equivalent of fruit picking - seasonal and low pay.
It has also suspended its per-hour targets for order fulfilment at that warehouse.
It was a good solid warehousing and fulfilment business and it had some technology.
It has acquired Radial, the fulfilment company formerly known as eBay enterprise, for $265 million.
The firm operates dozens of fulfilment centres in America and has splashed out on automation.
If I could find fulfilment in meaningless tasks, I could be content in most jobs.
Amazon's arrival in the Gulf states will allow customers to benefit from the sort of same or next day "fulfilment" now commonplace in much of the western world, utilising Souq's established network, including semi-autonomous fulfilment centres and technical offices in Jordan and India.
Most people crave two types of rewards: material (money and security) and psychological (esteem and fulfilment).
Today, that stands at 17 fulfilment hubs and a delivery fleet of more than 400 vehicles.
In 2012 Amazon moved in, leasing its first 1m-square-foot (92,53-square-metre) "fulfilment centre".
With SHOP's Fulfilment Network, we see merchants eagerly exploring this alternative to their worst retail nightmare.
The "liberal training fantasy"—turning coal miners into coders—is mere "wish-fulfilment as policy talk".
Mrs May represents the reality principle in a political world dominated by fantasy and wish-fulfilment.
Nowadays, women have higher standards of sexual fulfilment and romantic relationships, which they're able to express.
The build and launch of the fulfilment center is expected to last "at least" two years.
And it doesn't just stop at sexting—it should lead onto something else; some other fulfilment.
Plans include switching more fulfilment to the group's online channels and managing costs and cash closely.
Finalisation of the sale is subject to fulfilment of conditions in the purchase agreement and regulatory approval.
Like the 1970s classics, Mr Khan's ditty is all blue jeans, work boots and American-dream fulfilment.
That's what I get the most fulfilment out of—developing those emotional connections and then working from there.
And, second, because we see in the World Cup the fulfilment of some of our most cherished values.
INSIDE THE Amazon fulfilment centre in Monee, Illinois, the temperature is pleasant and the whirr of machines bearable.
Amazon would not be able to dump prescription drugs into the same fulfilment channels as its other products.
It's exciting to feel the lust, terror, tension and fulfilment of these two coming together, to be honest.
Bezos also reiterated Amazon's commitment to hiring 100,000 new roles, along with raising hourly wages for fulfilment workers.
Amazon maintains one of its giant packaging warehouses, known as fulfilment centers, near the town of Dunfermline in Scotland.
Amazon is working to build dozens of wind farms, and its U.S. fulfilment centres are powered mostly by solar.
Autonomy is an important aspect of our lives, but it is a means to reach fulfilment, not the goal.
Any such costs, or other costs incidental to the fulfilment of the prize, are the responsibility of the winner.
Any such costs, or other costs incidental to the fulfilment of the prizes, are the responsibility of the winners.
Amazon operates more than 75 "fulfilment centres" and 35 sorting centres in America, manned by 125,000 full-time workers.
Sitters would often use the opportunity as a sort of wish fulfilment, posing as someone wealthier, manlier, more interesting.
Creators Kezia Cole and Richard Hay spent two years working on "Fulfilment" and interviewed more than 70 Amazon workers.
It also said Amazon fulfilment center jobs offered competitive pay and comprehensive benefits from the first day of employment.
"This is not a gesture, but the fulfilment of legal requirements coming from European justice," ERC's Vilalta told reporters.
E-commerce and retail industries are putting a lot of effort into fulfilment and logistics to improve operations and margins.
They're getting back into the labour force and they're finding fulfilment that maybe they didn't have in a weaker economy.
Close by will be micro-fulfilment centres, which will seek to emulate Ocado's efficiency, but cut down on travel times.
Does this indicate an irrational exuberance where investors are engaging in wish fulfilment and creating magic where none actually existed?
Fitch believes it is possible for the company to further improve its margins by lowering fulfilment costs as it grows.
"We are hiring for all types of roles from flight test engineers, software engineers and corporate managers in our development centers and head office, to operations managers, supervisors, engineers, service technicians, HR roles and order fulfilment roles in our fulfilment centers," Doug Gurr, U.K. country manager at Amazon, said in a press release on Monday.
When asked, some men say they do not need to marry; their idols give them the romantic fulfilment they need. Creepy?
It plans to use the funds to accelerate its growth in the United States, where it is building micro-fulfilment centers.
It plans to use the funds to accelerate its growth in the United States, where it is building micro-fulfilment centers.
Its lead investor is intending to use the system in its ecommerce fulfilment operations across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.
Previously, Amazon was paying an hourly average of $11 for employees in its fulfilment centers, prompting questions about the move's timing.
In Ocado's latest Customer Fulfilment Centre (CFC), 2200,2000 orders a week are prepared for some of the grocer's 645,000 online customers.
In that case, workers at a fulfilment center in Queens received a text informing them of the result, The Atlantic reported.
The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2017 subject to regulatory approval and fulfilment of closing conditions.
Scrutiny of successive American cohorts found a progressive rise in those listing wealth and fame as important goals (above fulfilment and community).
As in its fulfilment centres, these metadata feed machine-learning models which predict when and where AWS is going to see demand.
The prevailing view was that the conditions for sustainable fulfilment of the 2 percent inflation target in the future had been met.
The inflation forecast was pointing to sustainable fulfilment of the target at the monetary policy horizon, and inflation expectations were well anchored.
FBA sellers can store their products in Amazon fulfilment centers, where Amazon picks, packs, ships and provides customers service for sold products.
We are proud to have been able to create thousands of new permanent roles in our UK fulfilment centres in recent years.
Local supply-chain firms are investing furiously in such things as last-mile distribution and fulfilment capabilities to help manufacturers sell at home.
Such prime plots lend themselves to repurposing as industrial warehouses or e-commerce fulfilment centres, says Tim Savage of CBRE, a property company.
The life that had, up until that point, felt perfectly adequate to me now had rough edges that hurt my sense of fulfilment.
Amazon, which faced criticism a few years ago for its working conditions, has started offering public tours of its fulfilment centres in Europe.
Marriage in India is much more about binding families, and much less about personal choice and fulfilment India remains a highly traditional society.
Marriage is much more about binding families, and much less about personal choice and fulfilment, than in most other parts of the world.
Mr Xi has built on a system, developed by his post-Deng predecessors, of grading officials according to their fulfilment of "responsibility targets".
Doug Gurr, Amazon's UK country manager made it all sound pretty sexy, emphasising "all types of roles from flight-test engineers, software engineers and corporate managers" while fleetingly mentioning the "fulfilment roles in our fulfilment centres" when speaking to the FT. The move followed promises by other tech giants to double-down on the UK, seemingly undeterred by the uncertainty around Brexit.
His decision, revealed in his will, to free the slaves he owned on his wife's death, was presented as a fulfilment of that rethink.
It has around 103,000 robots in its fulfilment centres, and also uses AI to categorise inventory and decide which trucks to allocate packages to.
Blue Apron loses customers nearly as fast as HelloFresh; bungled orders due to glitches at its new fulfilment centre last year made matters worse.
"This is a fulfilment of one of our primary goals," Formula One (F1) Commercial Managing Director Sean Bratches exclusively told CNBC at the announcement.
In an era where sex (and sexual fulfilment) can be a Tinder hookup away, shunning it seems like an extreme—even unviable—lifestyle choice.
Fitch sees Vipshop's strong warehousing and fulfilment infrastructure as a key barrier to entry, which differentiates the company from competitors in the apparel category.
Granted, some of Blue Apron's problems are unique, such as "operational challenges" in its fulfilment centres and a dependence on the promotion-heavy U.S. market.
In what feels like a real-world fulfilment of my fever dreams, V Magazine had Stevie Nicks interview Lana Del Rey for their new issue.
Yet right after the test, and little remarked, Mr Kim declared the fulfilment of a sacred national goal, the completion of a "state nuclear force".
And if you can get them to spend that earlier rather than later, that is better for you as a retailer from a fulfilment standpoint.
"Regular daydreamers normally daydream about wish fulfilment or real-life scenarios, while those with maladaptive daydreaming focus on fantasy worlds with fictional characters," Bigelsen said.
LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - In Goethe's Faust, the protagonist makes a deal with the devil's envoy by exchanging his soul for the fulfilment of earthly goals.
Those tours enable thousands of customers every year to come and see for themselves what it's like to work inside one of our fulfilment centers.
For the Dutch, the reason to ratify it is to deny Mr Putin the fulfilment of his wish for a corrupt and anti-European Ukraine.
Graduates from liberal-arts and bible colleges tend to fare the best by our metrics, enjoying thousands of dollars a year worth of spiritual fulfilment.
At the moment there is also a window with the Google search for "why does computer look like this": impulse fulfilment borne of behavioral conditioning.
Now, this More deal gives Amazon a strong position in Walmart's core business — to date, Amazon operates a limited number of fulfilment centers in India.
News of the investment follows Friday's announcement that it will create 500 jobs when it opens a fulfilment center in Doncaster, northern England, next year.
"Varo has declared force majeure because the fulfilment of our deliveries to our customers is significantly influenced by the production of Bayernoil," the spokeswoman said.
He was also cited as saying that the two men would discuss Washington's fulfilment of its side of the Russo-American brokered agreement around the truce.
Taken as a whole—even when Tulve sings "Undress me / Anytime / Anywhere"—there's an implicit desolation, a sort of fulfilment that feels just out of reach.
"The public body (government and airport management) decided to extend the deadline to allow qualified participants ... to provide proof of fulfilment of all requirements," it said.
Under the deal, the two companies will develop a customer fulfilment centre in Toronto and will also consider developing more centres in Canada's dense urban areas.
Advisers to Amazon merchants say fulfilment, including ability to fulfil Amazon's super-fast Prime delivery service, is an increasingly important factor in winning the Buy Box.
He is also keen on updated coming-of-age rituals and physical activity; he wants men to seek fulfilment outside work and to nurture their friendships.
But the wish fulfilment of this series was overshadowed by the fact that "Game of Thrones" was never simply about the narrative provided by Mr Martin.
"In my opinion, any decisions on coordination which would require an obligatory fulfilment, are unlikely to be taken," Novak told Russian state TV in an interview.
IKEA Group said it invested 2.8 billion euros in total in stores, distribution and customer fulfilment networks, shopping centres, renewable energy and forestry in the year.
"I got an offer to join the government and gave my preliminary approval to the nomination after the fulfilment of certain conditions," Miklos told the website.
By comparison, marketing and fulfilment, which traditionally make up the bulk of JD's overall operating expenses, grew at less than 30 percent over the same period.
Many of Ardern's plans affecting businesses are the fulfilment of a campaign vow to "make the economy work for all New Zealanders" and curb rising inequality.
The two companies said on Thursday that Ocado would have sole use of its newest customer fulfilment centre (CFC) in Erith, south east London, until January 2021.
The growth of e-commerce infrastructure (Stripe, AWS, Shopify, etc) and fulfilment networks has lessened the need for distribution and warehousing to take place in a store.
The U.S. group already planned to open four additional distribution, or fulfilment, centres in 2017, in addition to the 12 operating at the end of last year.
In this situation, continuation of the exchange rate commitment was therefore no longer necessary from the perspective of fulfilment of the CNB's primary objective of price stability.
Along with the eradication of hunger and poverty, they are essential for the pursuit and fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals to which all countries have subscribed.
Morrisons has also agreed to a temporary reduction in automation distribution capacity with online partner Ocado after a fire destroyed one of its Customer Fulfilment Centres in February.
The firm also noted that the first generation battery charging units were only used at the Andover customer fulfilment centre (CFC) and not at its other three CFCs.
Online grocer Ocado dropped 3.1% after it said there had been a small fire on Wednesday evening at its customer fulfilment centre in Erith, which was later extinguished.
In Amazon's home town of Seattle, Prologis has borrowed a practice it uses in Japan and China to build what it says is America's first multistorey fulfilment centre.
"We expected sub-normal profitability to run until 2020, as it will take another two years before Zalando can leverage on its pan-European fulfilment capabilities," they wrote.
The high hopes that followed the discovery of vast reserves of gas in 2010 are far from fulfilment; large-scale production is not expected before the mid-2020s.
That was a priority for Brower, who left Google a couple years ago to pursue personal fulfilment as a freelance designer with his studio, Always & Forever Computer Entertainment.
The repeal of ObamaCare stands as one of Republicans' greatest, most enduring promises to the nation, the fulfilment of which matters to our livelihood and our country's future.
They were also two of the most outspoken and articulate black voices of the 1960s, drawn together by their desire for not only spiritual fulfilment, but also survival.
The committee said VAT was regularly being evaded on goods stored in UK-based "fulfilment centres" or warehouses and dispatched by UK-based companies including Amazon's UK arm.
A worker at a different Amazon fulfilment center in Jacksonville told Business Insider that whispers of a positive COVID-19 test spread through their facility early on Tuesday.
Local media reports state that the online retailer is set to launch in Australia in September 2017, and is in the process of constructing warehouse and fulfilment centers.
According to Viktor Frankl, an Austrian psychoanalyst and the founder of logotherapy, humans can reach fulfilment through the discovery of meaning in their lives and through relationships with others.
But, after a certain point, raking over his unfitness becomes an exercise in wish-fulfilment, because the subtext is so often the desire for his early removal from office.
CommonSense Robotics, an Israel-based startup developing AI and robotics tech to help online grocery retailers speed up fulfilment and delivery, has raised $20 million in Series A funding.
The ministry responsible for public finance is required to provide BGK with its own funds to ensure the fulfilment of BGK's duties and that the bank maintains adequate liquidity.
"We are certainly closer to the fulfilment of the sustainable inflation criterion than we had been before," he said top explain why the bank dropped the mid-year guidance.
The arrangement will see Morrisons taking a space in Ocado's new "customer fulfilment center" in East London, allowing it to sell to customers across the U.K., the supermarket said.
Two robotic distribution centres – or customer fulfilment centres (CFCs) as Ocado calls them - will be built and go live within four years, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne.
The more I wander out into the expanses of Reflection, the more I'm convinced that it's a fulfilment of one of the things I most want from ambient music.
The startup essentially does all of the heavy lifting needed for print-based e-commerce, in terms of software, a large range of products, and local printers and fulfilment.
Mr Schouwenaar thinks that the "smart contracts" blockchains allow—agreements that can monitor the fulfilment or breach of any conditions they stipulate—could create self-managing fleets of bikes.
The businesses said that the agreement set out plans for the "immediate initiation" of the development of a customer fulfilment center that would use Ocado's proprietary mechanical handling equipment.
It is easy to sense some wish fulfilment in these archetypes: the Silicon Valley tycoon, armed only with an iPhone, seeing himself as the modern equivalent of a historical warrior.
In 2015, the Nigerian government set up a committee on establishing a national airline, in fulfilment of campaign promises which brought President Muhammadu Buhari's All Progressive Congress (APC) to power.
But if the justices take in all the evidence, they are likely to afford Mr Ross less indulgence than they did Mr Trump on the fulfilment of his campaign promise.
Success would be measured by the defeat of deflation, which had depressed prices for the best part of 21.5 years, and the fulfilment of a new inflation target of 22%.
His greatest poems like "Mr Bleaney" dealt with people living empty lives in out-of-the-way places, with happiness and fulfilment either a distant memory or an irrelevant dream.
Amazon's fulfilment centres (warehouses from which products are shipped) have created hundreds of thousands of jobs; earlier this month it sought to hire 50,000 people across America in one day.
But RBS's 'BBB+'/Stable Long-Term Issuer Default Rating remains constrained by uncertainty about other conduct fines, fulfilment of state aid obligations and material execution risks associated with its restructuring.
Meanwhile, former industrial areas which once offered hard but dignified jobs -- coal mines, power stations, manufacturing plants -- are today awash with call centres, fulfilment centres and work on supermarket checkouts.
The start-up is running a "soft" early launch of its fulfilment centre operating proprietary technology near the city's Al Maktoum International airport, promising to offer 20m products over time.
It is easy to sense some wish fulfilment in these archetypes: the Silicon Valley tycoon, armed only with a spreadsheet, seeing himself as the modern equivalent of a historical warrior.
" He wrote that his dream is to inspire children "to dare to dream big without being afraid to fail, to give them the opportunity of self-discovery and self-fulfilment.
Her next four films, "Lost in Translation", "Marie Antoinette" (2006), "Somewhere" and "The Bling Ring" (2013) were all variations on the same theme: that fame and wealth don't lead to fulfilment.
The Bank of England's job is to take the sum of the government's policies, both here and abroad, shocks from abroad, and then conduct monetary policy in fulfilment of its remit.
The system is currently in its final stages of testing at an warehouse in Andover, Hampshire, and represents what Ocado says is the "first installation of our next generation fulfilment solution."
Celibacy is one of the biggest acts of self-sacrifice a Catholic priest is called upon to make, forgoing spouse, progeny and sexual fulfilment for his relationship with parishioners and God.
High-altitude climbing gained popularity in Poland in the 1980s, when a government crackdown on popular unrest ahead of the collapse of Communism left many searching for fulfilment in professional life.
In Britain the referendum on Brexit—the fulfilment of a long-standing UKIP demand—compelled almost the entire political class to adopt a policy confined until recently to its populist fringes.
On January 15th the firm went into liquidation, casting doubt on the prospects of its 43,000 employees, 30,000 subcontractors and the fulfilment of government contracts stretching three decades into the future.
It includes how Kroger will order warehouses, or what Ocado calls Customer Fulfilment Centres (CFCs), and the basis on which Ocado will develop and operate those sites in the United States.
Workers at six Amazon warehouses across the US have contracted the novel coronavirus, with the latest report of a positive test coming on Tuesday at a fulfilment center in Jacksonville, Florida.
The Jagged Peak business in the US is a technology platform, it's a technology company and it does some warehousing and fulfilment but it does that kind-of down streaming activity.
In Tuesday's hearing on Capitol Hill, lawmakers raised similar concerns, pressing Amazon counsel Nate Sutton over allegations it competed against its own sellers and pushed them to buy advertising and fulfilment services.
U.S. lawmakers raised similar concerns in a hearing on Tuesday, pressing Amazon counsel Nate Sutton over allegations it competed against its own sellers and pushed them to buy advertising and fulfilment services.
The adoption of a new accounting standard will mean technology solutions revenue will only be recognised once a customer's first automated warehouse - which Ocado calls a customer fulfilment centre (CFC) - is opened.
Order sizes have increased, particularly for cleaning products, healthy food and electronics, and six new "fulfilment centres" had opened across the Middle East in March to meet growing demand, the company said.
The deal with Kroger will see the roll-out of 20 highly automated distribution centers - or Customer Fulfilment Centres (CFCs) as Ocado calls them - across the United States in the coming years.
The Verdi services union called the one-day strike to back its demand for labor contracts that guarantee healthy working conditions at fulfilment centers run by the world's largest e-commerce company.
LONDON, Nov 28 (Reuters) - British online grocer Ocado plans to open its first mini robotic warehouse, which it calls a customer fulfilment centre (CFC), in Bristol, western England, it said on Thursday.
It is hiring 20,000 fewer workers in America this winter compared with last year, which Mark May, an analyst at Citigroup, attributes to greater use of robots in the retail giant's fulfilment centres.
But an IMF mission said this month that it had agreed a three-year lending programme with Congo Republic subject to the government's fulfilment of reforms and approval by the IMF's executive board.
Our teams work alongside more than 100,000 robots at over 26 fulfilment centers worldwide and we are excited to continue increasing the technology we use at our sites while growing our global workforce.
But it also contradicts recent scholarship that sees Paul less as a Roman who created a new faith than as a Jew who thought he was witnessing the long-expected fulfilment of Judaism.
Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law...Love does no harm to a neighbour; therefore love is the fulfilment of the law.
It does this by employing robots to power bespoke warehouses or micro-fulfilment centers that are small enough to be placed in urban areas rather than miles away on the outskirts of town.
The denouement is especially laboured, with an "active shooter" hostage situation livestreamed on smartphones, in an Equator fulfilment centre, involving a CEO and an aggrieved truck driver whose job is threatened by automation.
But late last year, after several clients requested that PFS offer them a separate, U.K.-specific fulfilment location, the company took control of a vast new warehouse space on the English south coast.
Meanwhile, Marley Spoon says it will use its Series B funding for further U.S. expansion, spanning the West Coast, including opening a new San Francisco-­based fulfilment facility, the East Coast, and South.
Leadership analysis might give clues MORE, "stressing that Pyongyang's good-faith fulfilment of its commitments should be accompanied by reciprocal steps to ease the sanctions pressure on North Korea," according to the statement.
In fact, fulfilment costs, the largest cost component after the cost of goods sold, rose to 2265% of revenues in 29935 from 5.9% in 2013, despite revenue more than doubling during that period.
Apollo 22019's timeless story of our nation's herculean effort to ensure a successful fulfilment of President Kennedy's vision of landing a man on the moon reveals profound truths we must remember today.
It's a spiritual awakening made manifest in eight short songs, and a fulfilment of the prophecy spoken by Belinda Carlisle and the Book of Revelations: that heaven can indeed reside here on Earth.
Embracer said it would pay $150 million initially in a mix of cash and Embracer stock, and thereafter an earn-out consideration of a maximum $375 million, "subject to fulfilment of agreed milestones".
The data indicates that this may be because experiences are more closely tied to personal identity and fulfilment: Two-thirds said they'd rather be known for experiences they've enjoyed (over the things they own).
"This decision was made despite AIBA's fulfilment of the IOC's request to submit a Progress Report outlining all steps AIBA was asked to take and continues to take to improve its governance," it added.
He pointed to last month's start of operations at its "customer fulfilment" centre at Andover, in southern England, which uses Ocado's most advanced equipment and software which should help in negotiations with potential partners.
OCADO CHANGES Morrisons' agreement to allow Ocado access to its capacity at the Erith Customer Fulfilment Centre (CFC) in southeast London is because of the fire that destroyed Ocado's CFC in Andover, southern England.
The agreement includes plans to build a customer fulfilment centre using Ocado's proprietary mechanical handling equipment to serve the Greater Paris area, the Normandie and Hauts de France Regions, the companies said on Tuesday.
The firm has a pilot project, internally called the "Nike Intent Detection" system, which does for fulfilment-centre associates what Amazon Go does for shoppers: it tracks what they pick and place on shelves.
She keeps things winningly lecherous, but all that energy is channeled into a larger project of fulfilment—self-love being ultimately more important, this record seems to argue, than whatever other people can offer.
We expect some weakness in EBITDAR margins in 21000-212000 due to start-up costs associated with new operations of the Andover and Erith Customer Fulfilment Centres (CFCs) at a time of high competition.
The group, which with a staff of 300,000 is also Britain's largest private sector employer, said hourly-paid store and Customer Fulfilment Centre (CFC) staff will see their hourly rate increase to 9.30 pounds ($11.78).
The complex - which Ocado calls a customer fulfilment centre (CFC) - had been providing about 10 percent of the firm's UK capacity and used the robotic technology that it is selling to retailers around the world.
The system, which requires a minimum order of £25, will be tested on 100 customers living within the delivery area of the supermarket's fulfilment center in Coulsdon, south London, Waitrose said in a statement Friday.
Unlike Alibaba Group Holding Limited (Alibaba, A+/Stable), which mainly acts as a marketplace for third-party sellers, JD is a fully integrated online retailer, handling everything from merchandising to inventory management and fulfilment logistics.
"Our accumulated reserves, including the National Wealth Fund, are enough for ensuring a stable situation, the fulfilment of all budget and social liabilities even under a possible deterioration of the global economic situation," Putin said.
"Our accumulated reserves, including the National Wealth Fund, are enough for ensuring a stable situation, the fulfilment of all budget and social liabilities, even under a possible deterioration of the global economic situation," Putin said.
"During the full year, the IKEA Group invested 3.1 billion euros in stores, distribution and customer fulfilment network, shopping centers, renewable energy and forestry," it said, without giving a comparable figure for the year before.
They walked me through the tactics groups like these use to produce life-changing, profound experiences for people seeking fulfilment, as well as the ways peoples' will and critical thinking can be used against them.
"For picking, the target is around 100 units per hour which means we have to pick 100 units within 60 minutes from anywhere across one floor of the Fulfilment Centre," a worker reports in the survey.
In one episode, Sam Taylor (pictured), the boss of Oriental Trading (a party-supply and toy company), goes undercover at his fulfilment centre only to discover, sweaty and overheated, that his employees aren't treated very well.
Vipshop's ratings are supported by its large operating scale, strong brand recognition, as well as its merchandising and fulfilment capabilities, which defend its business model and market leadership in online retail of discount apparel in China.
Basically this is the height of aspirational wish fulfilment for people who work at a desk all day but also consider themselves truly "outdoors" people, and post pictures to Instagram from semi-rugged vacations to prove it.
Today dreams of a post-nationalist future are dying and the idea that peoples need a place that they can call home for reasons of both self-fulfilment and self-protection is once more on the rise.
The scramble across government to understand its exposure to the company shows that Britain needs much better data that is open to the public on the full procurement process, from the planning of contracts to their fulfilment.
The hub, expected to be launched end-2019, "will function as a centralized customs clearance, warehousing and fulfilment facility for Malaysia and the region, to deliver faster clearance for imports and exports," Alibaba said in a statement.
The acquisition comes in the same week as Amazon revealed Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), the retailer's service for selling and shipping products on behalf of other sellers, delivered more than two billion items for sellers in 2016.
There are a number of robotic arms on the market today that can be programmed to pick up and deposit items from Point A to Point B. But we are only starting to see a new wave of companies focus on bringing these to fulfilment environments because of the limitations of those arms: they can only work when the items are already "ordered" in a predictable way, such as on an assembly line, which has mean that fulfilment of, for example, online orders is usually carried out by humans.
There has been widespread speculation in Israel's media that Amazon plans to expand further into the country by opening a local fulfilment centre since many Israelis already order from Amazon's sites in the United States, Britain and Germany.
For years the standard internet model for bricks-and-mortar retailers such as John Lewis has been to set up a giant distribution warehouse (or "fulfilment centre") in the Midlands, from which fleets of lorries deliver online purchases.
It's important that we do a good job of educating people about the actual environment inside our fulfillment centers, and the FC ambassador program is a big part of that along with the fulfilment center tours we provide.
Ocado and Casino will build a customer-fulfilment center (CFC) equipped with Ocado's robotics and picking software to serve customers of the upmarket Monoprix brand in and around Paris and in the Normandy and Hauts de France regions.
"The subscribers have indicated that they are willing to subscribe for preference shares with an aggregate subscription price of approximately 6 billion rand ($503 million) subject to the fulfilment of certain conditions precedent," STAR said in a statement.
Amazon will wind down support for domestic-selling merchants in China in the next 90 days and review the impact on its fulfilment centers in the country, some of which it may close, one of the people said.
Amazon currently has 13 distribution, or fulfilment, centres in the UK. It said the Bristol jobs are in addition to the 5,000 jobs the firm is creating this year, bringing its total UK workforce to 24,000 by end-2017.
That fulfilment was made possible largely because transistors have the unusual quality of getting better as they get smaller; a small transistor can be turned on and off with less power and at greater speeds than a larger one.
The U.S. e-commerce giant also has a network of 4,000 trailers to increase trucking capacity, as well as over 125 fulfilment centers globally and 20 sortation centers where robots can pick parcels, according to the company's press release.
"The acquisitions support the fulfilment of our plans to penetrate new territories and strengthen our position in important strategic territories while raising our market share in North America and in growing emerging markets," said Ori Yehudai, Frutarom's chief executive.
A senior Russian foreign policy official says the Trump administration's attitude towards who carried the blame for the non-fulfilment of the 2015 Minsk agreement on Ukraine could help isolate German chancellor Angela Merkel in her hawkish stance against Russia.
These characters might seem to be exercises in wish fulfilment, given America's recent refusal to elect a qualified woman to the highest office in the land, but they reify the fact that the White House is men's to give up.
Firmly in his corner are many white people who believe long overdue changes in this country -- changes that reflect this majority minority demographic shift -- are a personal attack on their identity, rather than a truer fulfilment of the country's founding principles.
The setting that most obviously refers to reality is a vast fulfilment centre for a world-conquering retail giant—subtly dubbed "Equator"—where miserable workers are treated little better than the robots by which they are doomed to be replaced.
That ambition, scheduled for fulfilment in 2019, is reminiscent of the aims of certain American entrepreneurs who are backing private space-flight ventures in part because they wish to escape in person the surly bounds of Earth (see Technology Quarterly).
The American supermarket chain aims to order 653 Ocado customer fulfilment centres (CFCs, or, as Kroger calls them, sheds) by 2021, far more than the four that Ocado has so far erected in Britain (the newest burned down this year).
Ocado said new capacity at its robotic warehouses — or customer fulfilment centres (CFCs) as it calls them — in Andover, southern England, and Erith, near London, had enabled it to achieve double-digit growth in new customer numbers in the quarter.
The ability to ship Chinese goods to its own fulfilment centers would open up the world of cheap new goods even further for Amazon, and allow it to directly fulfil orders for more Asian suppliers—which is often attractive to consumers.
"Comptel would help with this objective by bringing catalogue-driven fulfilment and digital service lifecycle management, complex event processing, applications for customer engagement and service monetization; and emerging technologies for context-aware on-device commerce and IoT pattern detection," Nokia said.
Huboo, the U.K. startup that operates a multi-channel fulfilment service for e-commerce businesses of varying sizes, has picked up an undisclosed amount of investment from Maersk Growth, the venture arm of Danish container logistics giant A.P. Moller – Maersk.
Zalando reported a quarterly adjusted loss before interest and taxation of 39 million euros, which it blamed on a slow start to sales of colder weather clothing, as well as rising fulfilment costs and problems with how it handles returns.
Aeon, which operates more than 20.7794,000 stores and has about 100 million customers, plans to harness Ocado's robotic warehouses, which it calls customer fulfilment centres (CFCs), and its software to create a distribution network serving the whole of the Japanese market.
Since Otto sells merchandise from other brands, and does not stock those goods itself, it is hard to avoid one of the two evils: shipping delays until all the orders are ready for fulfilment, or lots of boxes arriving at different times.
For Mr Ma, who left the mainland for Hong Kong in 1987 and afterwards settled in London, the latest cloud in "the fog of lies that shrouds my homeland" is the "Chinese Dream"—a vision of fulfilment promoted by President Xi Jinping.
WHEN, three days after his inauguration, Donald Trump pulled America out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a 12-country free-trade deal that his predecessor, Barack Obama, wanted to be his legacy in Asia, it was the fulfilment of a campaign promise.
On top of fat pay cheques, luxury offices with top-notch facilities nestled in attractive parks for the fortunate few who code for big tech groups or run profitable multinationals; unfulfilling jobs in "fulfilment centres" and dingy office blocks for the rest.
As usual, the truth is probably somewhere in the murkier middle—I'm sure Amazon would love to automate its factories in 10 years, but I (and plenty of experts) am pretty skeptical that we'll see human-free fulfilment centers in a decade.
As a result, I feel as though I understand universal truths, and have genuinely unlocked in myself a possibility for untold fulfilment and happiness, because I have learned the greatest lesson of all: the deepest faith is that which we have in ourselves.
According to The Guardian, creators Kezia Cole and Richard Hay spent two years working on "Fulfilment," a new play about warehouse working conditions at Amazon, which will be shown at the Underbelly Cowgate in Edinburgh, Scotland, this August and is performed with puppets.
Against that, the opinion was expressed that a later exit from the exchange rate commitment would make the fulfilment of the inflation target more robust and monetary policy would be in a more comfortable situation even if negative shocks were to occur.
"While men are conditioned to dream big—to see their happiness in terms of adventure and travel, sex and ideas and long nights of hilarity—women are now encouraged to find deep fulfilment in staying home to origami our pants," she wrote.
The outcome for the seasonally less important first half reflected "probably the most promotional period of our history", as well as major investment in technology and fulfilment, said Nickolds, adding that John Lewis' key customer metrics and market share all showed "good progress".
BERLIN, Aug 10 (Reuters) - German online fashion retailer Zalando is planning two new large fulfilment centres in Poland and Italy and expects full-year sales growth at the upper end of its forecast range of 20 to 13 percent, it said on Thursday.
And after a visit last week with a logistics firm that has recently opened a new fulfilment center in Southampton, thanks in part to the Brexit-related uncertainty about Britain's future trading relationship, it is possible to understand the context for that apparent frustration.
According to available data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), warehouse workers in counties where Amazon operates a fulfilment centre earn about $41,000 per year, compared with $45,000 per year in the rest of the country, a difference of nearly 10% (see chart 2).
Ocado said earnings in 2017-18 would reflect the fixed costs of its largest ever customer fulfilment centre in Erith, near London, the ramp up of its operations in both Andover, southern England, and Erith, and an acceleration in the development of its platform.
A few had almost no manifesto, stating their platform simply to be the fulfilment of the "five demands" of the protesters, which include an independent investigation into the police handing of the protests and direct elections for both the chief executive and the Legco.
Aeon, which operates more than 21,000 stores, said it would use Ocado's software and expertise to build a new online business with a national fulfilment network capable of handling 600 billion yen ($5.52 billion) in sales by 13, and 1 trillion yen by 2035.
"The shift to mobile, fast fashion and beauty is driving down basket size, competition is putting pressure on gross margin, and Zalando's build out of distribution centers across Europe whilst transport costs are increasing has put upward pressure on the fulfilment cost ratio," wrote Berenberg analysts.
In a strange twist of fate, two abandoned shopping malls, Randall Park and Euclid Square, which both fell prey to a combination of the financial crisis of 2008-09, the ravages of the opioid epidemic and e-commerce, are being resurrected as vast Amazon fulfilment centres.
In what seems a case of wish-fulfilment in more ways than one, "The President is Missing" features a morally unimpeachable president—a former soldier who was captured and tortured by the enemy but never said a word (his middle name is Lincoln rather than Jefferson).
The orders made on eBay will also be imported directly to Shopify for fulfilment, as will messages from eBay buyers sent via that platform, meaning you can truly manage all of your eBay-based commerce from one central location alongside your other channels on the merchant side.
Now, a startup out of Poland that is widening the scope of what those robots can do is announcing funding, a sign not just of how robotic technology has been evolving, but of the growing demand for more automation, specifically in the world of logistics and fulfilment.
Jeff Bezos shared a video Wednesday of a successful fulfilment of an Amazon order delivered via drone in the U.K. It's clear Amazon fully intends to move forward with drone delivery and will likely continue to collaborate with Trump's FAA to craft new U.S. drone rules.
A Texas-based driver who attended an orientation session for the program, and requested anonymity because he was worried about affecting his status as a driver, was told by an Amazon representative he would need to drive to a larger fulfilment center to pick up boxes for delivery.
Souq gives Amazon an immediate leg up rather than building a new service from the ground up: the company includes both a payments and fulfilment infrastructure, along with a marketplace that already has some 4 million products and works with thousands of merchants to help sell their goods online.
Since then, it has expanded its robotics operations into a wider unit that, in the grand tradition of other services like AWS and fulfilment, may well productise its robots to fill the needs of other companies that want to inject some AI and robots into their own warehouse operations.
You can picture the scene: The Dark Knight, rigid like a gargoyle on the very edge of a towering structure gnarled by the rigors of fantasy fulfilment, unlikely architectural swoops and curves complementing gleaming glass and dazzling neon, looking out over the city he's guarded for 77 years.
These five characters form the main constellation of the show, as they each grapple with The Big Questions: Bojack wants meaning, Todd wants acceptance, Princess Carolyn wants be a woman who has it all, Diane wants creative fulfilment, and Mr. Peanutbutter, ever the ditzy optimist, just wants belly rubs.
Because of its unique design, Virgin Orbit and ISI suggest that this is an optimal way to serve the needs of intelligence and defense customers who might have a need for satellite-based observation arise suddenly, and require immediate fulfilment in order to deal with a time-limited situation.
The solar facilities in the U.S. will be in Lee County, Illinois and Northern Virginia, and will amount to a combined 180 MW. Amazon said that, once finished, the solar facilities would supply energy to its fulfilment network in Europe as well as Amazon Web Services data centers.
In 2015, a widely-read New York Times piece lambasted Amazon's office practices, and just this weekend, an undercover investigation by British newspaper The Times found how Amazon staff at the fulfilment center are threatened with the sack if they take sick leave, even if they have permission from a doctor.
The first thing you want to do in VR with motion controls is pick up whatever isn't nailed down and throw it across the room, and Job Simulator provides the wish fulfilment of throwing coffee mugs at your coworkers and punching every juicy button in the room with your fist.
While there is an opportunity for Nomagic to take its idea global, for now Khosla's interested because of the a closer opportunity at home, where Nomagic is already working with third-party logistics and fulfilment providers, as well as retailers like Cdiscount, a French Amazon-style, soup-to-nuts online marketplace.
This is important because Radial is considered to be Amazon's largest competitor for fulfilment in the U.S., tapping into deliveries not just from huge retailers but hundreds of smaller businesses and startups, accounting for around 270 percent of all eCommerce orders that flow between the U.S. and E.U. today, the company said.
Ocean-bound shipping is cheap at the moment, and while the option might not mean much to sellers in the United States, being able to ship via Amazon directly into the retailers fulfilment centers across the country is an enticing prospect for Chinese firms who can't shell out for expensive air shipping.
For Kim, it is the fulfilment of a long-cherished ambition: to be seen as an equal, to be met and welcomed by a sitting American president -- the most powerful leader in the world -- and the recognition (through Pyongyang's lens) that North Korea is a nuclear power that commands respect on the world stage.
"To serve our customers' most urgent needs while also ensuring safety of our employees, we are temporarily prioritizing our available fulfilment and logistics capacity to serve products that are currently critical for our customers such as household staples, packaged food, health care, hygiene, personal safety and other high priority products," Amazon said in a statement.
A lot of retailers today sell items through Amazon's marketplace: it's a one-stop-shop for them, giving the option of connecting with consumers on Amazon's platform, as well as using the e-commerce giant's fulfilment and logistics infrastructure to store, distribute and deliver those purchased goods — with a cut going to Amazon for the privilege, of course.
This is what BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones wrote:  Are we so lazy now that we are happy to have one pack of soap powder make its way from Amazon's fulfilment centre down busy city streets to our door, with all the environmental impact that entails, rather than heading to the shops and getting everything in one go?
Many of those who hold him to account for his ethics and his words do so not "as an exercise in wish fulfilment" to remove him from office but because they have a grasp of the magnitude of the issues facing the United States, a love of their country and a belief that integrity, morality and character are important.
Any individuals (including, but not limited to, employees, consultants, independent contractors and interns) who have, within the past six (6) months, held employment with or performed services for Promoter or Sponsor or any organizations affiliated with the sponsorship, fulfilment, administration, prize support, advertisement or promotion of the Promotion ("Employees") are not eligible to enter or win.
That is to say, there has been little in the way of bigger commercial roll outs of the technology, creating an opportunity in what is a huge market: fulfilment services are projected to be a $56 billion market by 2021 (currently the US is the biggest single region, estimated at between $13.5 billion and $15.5 billion).
At the end of 2018, she wrote about her impending vaginoplasty in the New York Times, advocating for a change in thinking about trans surgeries: Rather than framing the operations as a way to mitigate "risk," we should recognize them as opportunities for bodily autonomy, the fulfilment of a desire that ought to stand for itself.
"Amazon workers in fulfilment centres are breaking bones, being knocked unconscious and taken away in ambulances, while pregnant women workers report being treated appallingly," GMB Union, a general trade union in the United Kingdom that organized the protests there, explained in a press release  Amazon, for its part, told Newsweek that these unions are "misleading" the media.
Radial will essentially bolt on a lot of scale to that business, and specifically in the U.S.. The operations — which were formed by the combination of eBay's former B703B operations that were spun out around the time of the PayPal split, with Innotrac in April 2016 — cover 24 fulfilment centers, over 300 retail customers, and over 27,000 eCommerce workers (contract and employees).
They include companies like FiveStars to help build loyalty programs; Deliverr (yes, it has chosen to follow the same naming convention…) to help with fulfilment and distribution; OrderGroove to build tools to encourage repeat buying; Deliv to provide businesses with a network of people to run same-day deliveries; and Tookan, which directly competes with Bringg for delivery logistics management.
Ruma raised a significant round of funding build out its O2O network for payments and other over the counter services in Indonesia, and there are various companies building B2B cross-border payment solutions such as Instarem, which recently raised a $5 million Series A. Jirnexu raised $3 million to build out XpressApply, a SaaS fulfilment as a service platform for banks and insurers to manage the entire flow from lead to on-boarding.
Kacper Nowicki, the ex-Googler CEO of Nomagic who co-founded the company with Marek Cygan (an academic) and Tristan d'Orgeval (formerly of Climate Corporation), noted that while there has been some work on the problem of unstructured objects and industrial robots — in the US, there are some live implementations taking shape, with one, Covariant, recently exiting stealth mode — it has been mostly a "missing piece" in terms of the innovation that has been done to make logistics and fulfilment more efficient.
Jeff Bezos,I'm your employee ghost, and you are my letter to Santa Claus, I belong to an agency partners working in Amazon Fulfilment in Miami, this email may cost me my current position, but I also have dreams, I want to be worker blue badge in your company which broadcast daily and spend a fortune on advertising of the duties and rights of workers and stimulus plans for them, in which us, we don't have the right to participate (the least: We had no right to FLU SHOT, applied to all workers) do not exist in your Company, someone said "Someday, will direct workers, and Europe began the conversion" LIES !!!

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