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"every" Definitions
  1. used with singular nouns to refer to all the members of a group of things or people
  2. used to say how often something happens or is done
  3. all possible

981 Sentences With "every"

How to use every in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "every" and check conjugation/comparative form for "every". Mastering all the usages of "every" from sentence examples published by news publications.

I'm so grateful for every challenge, every smile, every tear, every discovery, every sacrifice, every triumph, every stretch mark, every kiss, every scar.
I saw every organ, every vertebrae, every nerve, every artery, every bone, every way to hurt you.
You know like like every like every every place every home every business.
We literally come from every socioeconomic class, every sexual orientation, every gender expression, every race, every ethnicity, every religion.
We all know that, every minute, every second, every hour, every day, every year now.
Every story within every voice, every note within every song.
Every shot, every rebound, every loose ball contested, every time.
We finitely designed movie two and three meaning every single set, every object, every prop, every setting, every creature, every blade of grass.
" She added, "Every prayer, every candle lit, every flower, every porch light, every hug, every kind note – each and every one has provided us with the courage to move forward.
He loves every human, every animal, every plant and every fuzzy hair on every bumblebee's cute little face.
Every word, every image, every shirt, every song, every typeface for the credits, all signed off by him.
It will take conscious effort at every level -- in every community, every business, every institution and every home.
Every soccer game, every softball game, every piano recital, every dance recital.
Now it just sits there and says how can we be better for every customer, every client, every teammate, every shareholder, every community, every day.
Speaker, I will fight every day, every hour, every minute and every second a pulse is beating, with every breath and every bone in my body.
Every high, every low, every laugh and every tear we learned from you.
We're in every town, every school, every gym, every grocery store, every club... So why shouldn't we be in stories?
Every joke, every line, every moment, every scene — don't think of the big picture.
Every second, every minute, every hour of every day, they can&apost help themselves.
And by the way that's every nationality, every race, every religion, every sexual preference.
Starting from the top of reality down, every object, every concept, every thought, every feeling, every thing began to rapidly disintegrate.
"I read that article Saturday morning and I would tell you that every paragraph, every sentence, every word, every space, every comma, every period was wrong," Kelly said.
"I read that article Saturday morning, and I would tell you that every paragraph, every sentence, every word, every space, every comma, every period was wrong," Kelly said.
He's on every news show, every morning show, every nightly show, every cable news show.
The aggregate of all our joys and sufferings, thousands of confident religions, ideologies and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilizations, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every hopeful child, every mother and father, every inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every superstar, every supreme leader, every saint and sinner in the history of our species, lived there - on a mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam.
But every rune, every bone charm, every document, every little sliver of story content, every goddamned bloodfly nest, has been in my grasp.
Also, every cell has every gene, but not every gene gets turned on in every cell.
Viewers dissected every witness, every legal nuance, every sidebar conversation and every change in Clark's hairstyle.
"Jon goes to every doctor's appointment, every blood test, every surgery, every radiation," she told BuzzFeed.
I would pick every flower, chop every tree, hit every rock, collect every bug and fish.
Every letter you read, every pixel, every picture, every sound you make in a conversation... all symbols.
How every hat, every t-shirt, every accessory, and every shoe says to the world: Hey, world.
Every visitor, every prisoner movement, every count, every item entering or exiting, is logged in some manner.
Every agony of adulthood is presented with startling frankness — every miscarriage, every stupid investment, every sexual insecurity.
Start with every 15 minutes, then move to every half hour, every 45 minutes, or every hour.
People from every country, of every ethnicity, speaking every language, of every gender, of every orientation, of every age, of every ability — like most large cities with significant percentages of the population being immigrants, diversity is everywhere in London, and Dubai.
Black history is every second, every minute and every day.
It was repeated in every interview, every release, every advert.
We protect every story point, every page of every script.
And I have won every race, every place, every time.
Wii Sports appealed to every demographic, every age, every ability.
Women of every type, from every background and every descent.
Every key hit, every big defensive play, every vital strikeout.
A chance to revisit every goal, every challenge, every dream.
An excruciating silence highlighting every hit, every strike, every return.
I have won every place, every race and every time.
Every email, every text, every call expects an instant response.
"Try to remove every, every, every roadblock," Ms. Rubin said.
Every day, every week, every season has its perfect food.
Try to be better every game, every practice, every day.
At every gas station and every diner and every campsite.
We know every nail, every piece of plumbing, every wire.
When I say every note, I know every note of every instrument of every song in the ballet.
Get every file on our property, every single document, every tape, every shred of paper, and your computer.
Music shows us that all of it matters: Every story within every voice, every note within every song.
Music shows us that all of it matters, every story within every voice, every note within every song.
He had intimate knowledge of every light, every rope, every walkway and every catacomb in his cavernous Eden.
Music shows us that all of it matters -- every story within every voice, every note within every song.
Every member of the house, every member of the Senate, every member of our great country, every citizen.
"Everything you are, every smile, every laugh, every dance, every hug, every moment, everyone you touched … you mean everything to us," text throughout the tribute reads.
When you get rid of the distractions we live with every day — every tweet, every news story, everything to eat, every commercial, every face, and every friend — you realize what you've been distracting yourself from.
It is feet on the ground, engaged in every town, in every county, in every state, for every American.
The returns from investing do not necessarily show up every day, every week, every month or even every year.
"Every state, every district, every lane, every village will be under lockdown," Mr. Modi said according to The Times.
Not every friendship is good enough to survive every challenge, and not every friend need come to every rescue.
"I stand entirely behind the above footnote: behind every sentence, every phrase, every word and every syllable," he wrote.
Every line of dialogue, every character design, every environment oozes personality.
Every field trip, every school activity, every practice, he's been there.
Virtually every Batman iteration, every character, every villain gets their moment.
I'd live in terror, dreading every race, every practice, every trial.
So we know every aspect of every script, of every arc.
It's been like that every record, every record deal, every concert.
It continues to get better every moment, every day, every year.
Every death, every double cross, every battle — they're all pointless waste.
You know every corner, every hidey-hole, every path of approach.
You used to know every album, every TV show, every movie.
By every account, every single premium by every standard is up.
They've caught every red carpet, every new haircut, and every misstep.
Every arrest, every dragging, every shout, displays strength and not weakness.
I hated every inch of my flesh; every curve, every angle.
I know how important every word, every joke, every laugh [is].
Which is why we say, 'Every customer, every flight, every day.
"I have won every race, every place, every time," she said.
Green scribbled down every cut, every back screen and every curl.
"Every road in this case leads through David Wildstein, every statement, every allegation, every piece of evidence, every conversation, every imagined conversation by him," said Michael Baldassare, a lawyer for Bill Baroni, one of the defendants.
"Everything you are ... Every smile, every laugh, every dance, every hug, every moment, everyone you touched ... you mean everything to us," reads the message interspersed throughout the video.
"I promise to stop analyzing every angle and every curve and every pound and every meal," she wrote on Instagram.
"We'd have to guard every synagogue, every church, every mosque, every holy place in Germany around the clock," he said.
Nevertheless, into the box goes a small rectangle containing every photo I've taken, every to-do list I've failed to cross off, every professional, personal, and romantic relationship I've maintained, every creepy thing I've Googled, every calorie I've logged, every step I've walked, every embarrassing text or IM conversation I've had, every secret I know.
The entire school was incinerated — every building, every play structure, every classroom.
I wanted to win every challenge: every mini challenge, every lip sync.
"This business updates every hour, every ten minutes, every minute," he says.
They live on every continent, in every climate, and in every latitude.
Every patient, every heart, and every heart problem is different, explained Little.
I had to watch every season, every spin-off, and every episode.
Every race, every course is different and I'm learning with every one.
Every star in the galaxy is modelled, every planet, every asteroid belt.
I tried to recall every interaction, every text message, every phone call.
I think every part of every business, every great business, is creative.
Every school teaches biology, every school teaches chemistry, every school teaches algebra.
And every single member of every department is engaged on every shot.
But every force power, every script, every scene, they've had eyes on.
There's space for every pronoun, every hyphen and every politically correct portmanteau.
People from every country, every region, every sports group and every entity out there were fighting to make themselves seen — literally.
Every birthday, every anniversary, every Memorial Day, every parent's day at school -- all those absences -- no one signs up for that.
When my mother died, I saved every card, every letter, every enclosure that came with every flower arrangement or potted plant.
They seem to have seen it all, including every inch of the planet's surface — every mountain's summit, every crystal clear hot spring, every picture-perfect person posing from every perspective.
Every scene, every space, practically every object feels like something to be rejected.
Every kid knows how to use these apps, every kid, almost every kid.
Black history month is every month, every day, every year, all the time.
Parkinson occurs in every country, every continent, and every culture around the world.
I wanted to win everything: every challenge, every mini-challenge, every lip-sync.
In every frame of video, every publicity shot, every shitty iPhone pic. Sigh.
We try and go out and win every race, every stage, every week.
You could sense her self-care in every chair, every carpet, every curtain.
You felt every word, every note, every emotion in the songs she sang.
Every added year, every month, every added day is everything to the families.
Just look at what he says in every debate, every rally, every commercial.
My mother knew every drug dealer, every gang member and every police officer.
America's Constitution and laws protect every person of every belief and every backgrounds.
Every second, every meal, every conversation with my beautiful wife, with my friends.
Every decision every woman makes about every abortion is an ethically good decision?
She wrote down every stat, every oxygen measurement, every discussion with every doctor and the trends tracking her son's improvements and declines.
"Every baseball team, every sports team, every business — managing large amounts of data is a part of every business now," Beane said.
Because remember what happened the last time the media covered every tweet, every rally, every word, and every reaction of Donald Trump?
Allen knows every deal, he knows every dealership, he knows every sale, anything and everything that's been done -- he knows every membership.
There are people here trying to visit every park, photograph every Manhattan bodega, eat food from every country, and sketch every person.
I become an effigy of every slight they'll face, a symbol of every inconsiderate passenger, every unwelcome reclined seat, every oversold flight.
On their new craft, every button, every rudder, every foil, every piece of rigging was wired with fiber-optic strings and sensors.
Every senator, virtually every congressman and every mayor of every large city has a powerful hospital system in his or her district.
" "Music shows us that all of it matters, every story within every voice, every note within every song — is that right ladies?
That doesn't sound like much, but when you're dealing with six tons bearing down every second of every minute of every day of every year of every century, it is plenty.
He apparently spent days "analyzing every frame of the movie to track down every book on every shelf and every framed photograph on every wall" and making sure everything is perfect.
They took in every bass line, every drum beat, every guitar chord and every vocal, some for the first time in their lives.
We not only don't tabulate our water use every hour or every day, we don't do it every month, or even every year.
The terrorists exploit the fact that every tweet, every clip, every image, every political message turns a tiny event into a terrifying spectacle.
In their fight against the Constitution, they covered every inch of the new governing document, touching every section, every article and every clause.
Something about the way they play — and win, prolifically — entices the basketball cognoscenti to scrutinize every dribble, every pass, every cut, every screen.
After all, every tax we pay, every job we create, every product we manufacture, and every service we provide, benefits the American economy.
Forgiveness is a resource every human being has and indeed every religion, every major moral philosophy, and every society has tried to cultivate.
Every school, every school, should have the security that's necessary to keep the students safe, every school in every part of the community.
This is a reoccurring pain — it's every minute of every hour of every day.
Every moment of extreme pain and every moment of exaltant bliss in every moment.
"This benefits every congressional district, every county, every state in this country," Michigan Rep.
"Every location was real, every set was there, every prop was functional," Gosling said.
She kept every report card, from kindergarten through 12th grade, every prize, every commendation.
I know the location of every secret passage, every hidden item, every optional spell.
Every day and even every period is always different because every child is unique.
We try and talk to every single battery startup, every lab, every large manufacturer.
You feel every brick wall screen, every wizardly pass, every fundamental, efficient post up.
"I always thought about my baby every day, every day, every day," Mobley said.
It comes up in every presidential campaign, every Congressional campaign, every even numbered year.
And we are grateful for every bump in the road, every low, every high.
"They lost every match, and they lost every game of every match," Kiraly said.
It works reliably and as intended on every platform, every operating system, every device.
Every taekwondo and fencing bout, every step of the marathon, every team handball game.
They looked under every bush, every ledge, at every inch of road and sidewalk.
Crates can be sent every month, every three months, every six months, or annually. 
Every Saudi, every Egyptian and every Syrian should see what the Tunisians are enjoying.
Toy Story 2 makes this the core of every scene, every moment, every joke.
We're going to take this to every election, to every state and every city.
I'm trying to win every point, every match, and beat every guy I play.
And every denomination, every church, every pastor, helps shape what that ideology will be.
Why isn't every door knob, every subway rail, every ICU room, made of copper?
But it's work that must be done every morning, every evening, at every meal.
"Trans-Pacific Partnership -- it's over 5,000 pages long -- every country that's in that partnership has studied every word, every comma, every sentence, every paragraph; our guys probably haven't even read it," Trump continued.
"Trans-Pacific Partnership — it's over 5,85033 pages long — every country that's in that partnership has studied every word, every comma, every sentence, every paragraph; our guys probably haven't even read it," Trump continued.
You can feel Avalon's warmth with every synth swell, every guitar lick, every sax luring you to the beach, every chime in the breeze.
Every cinema release, every advert, every TV show and every DVD extra that's legally available to purchase in the UK goes through them first.
It is time for us to see every word, every mark of punctuation, every piece of evidence, every supporting document in the Mueller report.
In the act of play, one doll can be every person, every job, every gender.
That means every statement, every interview, every tweet completely sober ... He tweets at 3AM sober.
Every step, every day, every rep matters, just as it does in the real world.
Every time, at every turn, in every instance, Clinton conspiracy buffs have failed with this.
The documentary team closely examines every piece of evidence, every possible suspect, every potential outcome.
Every phone call, every email, every text message is literally being monitored by our intelligence.
There are toxic or abusive workplaces in every industry, in every city, in every country.
He will do it down to every single detail—smells, sounds, every prop, every object.
Every frame, every movement of the camera, every performance feels perfectly calibrated for maximum effect.
I love it, because for every moment, every mood, every story, there is a song.
He has read every important book, seen every major film, listened to every great symphony.
It ranges from [every] two weeks to [every] two months, but is usually every month.
Every block offers a moment of contemplation, every corner a revelation, every step an interruption.
"Every stretch mark, every scar, every dimple and mark — it's who we are," she said.
Every mistake she's every made, and every happy moment, are all coexisting inside her house.
Every knee, every elbow, every tilted chin was perfectly aligned and the coordinated high kicks?
BUNSCHOTEN-SPAKENBURG, the Netherlands — Every seat, every perch, every conceivable inch of space is occupied.
Every room looks the same, every bathroom looks the same, every office looks the same.
You find it in every market, in every restaurant and certainly in every home kitchen.
"We respect every country, we need every country, and every country needs us," she said.
"America's Constitution and laws protect every person of every belief and every background," he said.
Climate change is hurting every community and every industry in every part of the world.
It was coming out of every car, every window and every box on the street.
"I think with every year, every tournament, every experience can only help," Sock told reporters.
This makes every vote, in every state, will be politically relevant in every presidential election.
Leadership is the example, and it trickles down to every employee, every interaction, every day.
Every single scene, every line, every fight carried the looming message that violence has consequences.
Monopoly—the ultimate enemy of free-market competition—now pervades every corner of American life: every transaction we make, every product we consume, every news story we read, every piece of data we download.
"We'd have to guard every synagogue, every church, every mosque, every holy place in Germany around the clock," he told Germany's public television, Reuters reported.
Like, almost, like, every day, every month, every week, every hour, and by watching other people on YouTube I'm really able to learn something new.
Every Super Nintendo game ran the same on every Super Nintendo, just as every Xbox 360 game reliably performed its job on every Xbox 360.
His voice should rise as a leader so that every man, every woman, and every boy and every girl feels that he speaks for them.
And that was once every week, and that turned into once every two weeks, then once every month, and then once every now and then.
Mr. Cuomo tops Ms. Nixon across every part of the ideological spectrum, every region, every racial group, every age, and among both men and women.
"For me, I have a spreadsheet and a model and I'm projecting every game and every player and every team every week anyway," he said.
The win-or-go-home nature of the knockout rounds makes every pass, every slide tackle, every save, and, yes, every goal matter even more.
Every utterance, every new poll, every campaign rally is analyzed within an inch of its life.
They'll be in every trailer, every talking point, and every interview they can find time for.
""Every morning, every afternoon, and every night, when we go to bed in an empty space.
Every member of this body, every Republican and every Democrat wants to see less gun violence.
Up at 5 in the morning looking for her in every field, every ditch, every creek.
At the heart of every decision, every meeting, every action, is T'Challa's responsibility to his people.
Every lump, every weird stomach pain, every period is terrifying, and they say to avoid stress.
Every client, every girl that I work with, every woman I see—she's bringing something different.
They're as strong as ever; still cherished by people of every party, every race, every faith.
Off-price retailers do not try to offer every size in every colour in every outlet.
Does The New York Times check every fact or claim in every ad on every page?
We don't have the patience or the wherewithal to consider every implication, every idea, every angle.
Aggregated and combined, such "action potentials" retrieve every memory, guide every movement and marshal every thought.
What is the Democratic Party's answer to every political debate, every policy question, every social ill?
They're as strong as ever, still cherished by people of every party, every race, every faith.
Previously, Henry used to know pretty much every drug, every local policeman, and every street corner.
Every part of the plan was evident, every reason behind every tweak now obvious in hindsight.
"He personally read every brief, every relevant case, every relevant item in the record," Pozen said.
Unfortunately we have to prepare for these things every minute of every hour of every day.
Every kiss, every touch, every caress is like something you feel nobody has ever felt before.
Facts are abundant about every truck, every transaction, every communication, but context seems to be lost.
Their community is small enough that every death, every tragedy, and every joy reverberates through it.
Every kiss, every touch, every caress is like something you feel nobody has ever felt before.
Every part of the institution, every military service, every component command was obliged to take action.
They might interview every voter, every other voter or every sixth voter, depending on the precinct.
This year, we did review on every team possible — every map, every comp, all that stuff.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, every day, every night, 24-7 every day, it's all about your business.
That includes "every bit of marking, every bit of machining, every bit of drilling," he adds.
"Every tax, every mandate, every regulation of #Obamacare needs to go," the Freedom Caucus chairman tweeted.
There are now gins of every shade, for every social occasion, and from every time zone.
You know, New Yorkers and Americans speak every language, follow every faith, hail from every continent.
That means every new utility pole, every yard of cable, every repair truck, and every gallon of fuel has to come by boat or by air.
Every nervous thought, every anxious feeling, every glimpse of paranoia, every passing idea, we get to hear it all and see how it's breaking him down.
It's also an average of more than $9,176 every minute, nearly $550,595 every hour, more than $13.2 million every day and nearly $92.8 million every week.
Exactly how to cover Trump is a question that challenges every journalist and every newsroom, just as it should challenge every news consumer and every citizen.
"I can say that every corner every part of the hallway, every room, every space has been filled up to capacity with our patients," Mollette said.
"We had a doubling of cases every two days, then a doubling every three days and a doubling every four days, then every five," he said.
As my own versions of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, they became the fabric that wove together every job, every heartache, every anger and every hope.
Read more:The coziest coffee shop in every stateThe best local sandwich from every stateThe best tacos in every stateThe best ice cream shop in every state 
Boy, does he know every fraction of that inch—every movie poster in the hero's home, every billboard beside the road, every commercial on the radio.
Every school had meant new classmates and new teachers, every job new colleagues and clients, every backyard barbeque new friends and acquaintances, every neighborhood new tenants and merchants, and every basketball court new teammates and opponents.
The primal source of all things cute is found in every country, in every city and town, every neighbourhood and close to every block in the world.
Every trader at every hedge fund and on every trading desk at every Wall Street firm knows where the bright line is between legal and illegal trading.
In death, she became the patron saint of every coastal cool girl, every exhausted mother, every daydreamer of plane tickets, every chaser of her next broken heart.
"We had a doubling of cases every two days, then a doubling every three days and a doubling every four days, then every five," Mr. Cuomo said.
I know every lyric of every song, I can recite every story of how they were made.
Every push alert, every tweet, every Facebook update creates a neurochemical rush that conditions you to respond.
There's every race, every size, every shape, there's different ages, different beliefs, different faiths — there's everything there.
He was there for every single doctor's appointment, every ultrasound, every scare, we were 90 percent together.
With nearly 7.7 billion people inhabiting this Earth, every choice, every footprint, every action makes a difference.
I say this every night, every day, every afternoon, and it's so true — we don't win anymore.
Every tantrum, every tired cry, every bit of these days that sometimes feel like they'll never end.
Colin Kaepernick will now make his way onto every field, every Sunday, and sit on every bench.
She cooked many meals for us, was a part of every milestone, every heartache, every family gathering.
One that requires repeated listening to tease out every joke, every nuance, and every injustice it challenges.
That means every product you look up, every malady you search for and every site you visit.
"The photos around the cake, I have them for every year, every child, every birthday," explained Kate.
So every product group, every sales team, every marketing team will be better served by having diversity.
I played it endlessly, memorizing every note, every moment, and especially, every inch of the insert photographs.
Every period, every ellipsis, every slang word becomes a clue; your closest friends weigh in their thoughts.
With nearly 7.7 billion people inhabiting this Earth, every choice, every footprint, every action makes a difference.
Now, every trip, every doctor's appointment, every counseling session for her daughter, is upward of 40 miles.
Then there are those who see antifa everywhere: behind every scandal, every mass shooting, and every disaster.
The couple perform every act of expiation they can imagine, obey every superstition, worship at every shrine.
We turn every new presidential administration, every new sports season, every graduation ceremony into a new beginning.
Every military base, every installation, every part of the military was obliged to move in that direction.
And yet, DiGregorio reminds us, every advance — every attempt at every advance — brings with it new dilemmas.
They've been to every clinic, every camp, every teaching session, and everything's been squeezed out of them.
Every eccentricity, every mechanical oddity, every inconvenience of the Dreamcast generation of videogames is here, fully intact.
Anita matter-of-factly notes every slight, every insult, every time her husband talks but doesn't listen.
"The national popular vote would make every vote in every city, in every state, important," he said.
Ranaut makes Jaya credible and specific; she's not an every woman or every mom or every athlete.
We have a saying, 'Every customer, every day, on every flight,' which is a really tall task.
Re-listening in earnest recently, I knew every pause, every key-change, every lyric deeply and perfectly.
The Department of Homeland Security cannot (and should not) protect every system, every network and every smartphone.
"Now that everything's digital, we have data every minute of every hour of every day," Watson said.
So please, join me in this campaign, every vote counts, every volunteer hour counts, every contribution counts.
"Tonight I urge every public official, every religious leader, every business and professional man, every workingman, every housewife — I urge every American — to join in this effort to bring justice and hope to all our people — and to bring peace to our land," he said during the signing ceremony.
But it wasn't my whole life; it was every lie, every counterfeit pose, every missed opportunity to say or do something true, every false act and ingratiating gesture, every pathetic attempt to be seen in a certain light.
"I want a Democratic Party strong enough to compete for every vote, in every race, at every level, in every state, in every election -- and I'm willing to do my part to help make that happen," she said.
I still don't have my kids, and it breaks my heart every single second of second of every single minute of every single hour of every single day.
But for the last few years there seems to have been a constant hum of disappointment from practically every quarter, every demographic, every customer, every country and regulator.
"This victory belongs to every single grassroots organizer, every working parent, every mom, every member of the LGBTQ community," she said just moments after her win Tuesday night.
Every commuter, every bus driver, every small business owner, and every construction worker carries the burden of federal inaction on this issue, and they are tired of it.
"I can say that every corner every part of the hallway, every room, every space has been filled up to capacity with our patients," Dr. Arabia Mollette said.
I think it's the martial arts-like precision of practicing every move (in this case, every jump, every duck, every frame skip) thousands of times until it's perfect.
Levin addresses all that, but his real goal is to put a face to Reagan's bogeywoman, tracking every alias, every scam, every duped husband and every dodged arrest.
Here's to many more walks listening to you describe every plant, every flower and every tree we pass.
"If you used our site, it was basically down every hour—every hour of every day," he said.
She's been at every single meeting, to every single lab and on every single phone call with me.
"To achieve (this) coordinated strength, every person has to concentrate on every paddle stroke every day," he said.
"Every member of this body - every Republican and every Democrat - wants to see less gun violence," he said.
" Koh added: "So every device, every feature, every innovation should have a meaningful message to our end customer.
I remember every single dress I have ever made in my life – every stitch, every yard of fabric.
Tracking every move, every calorie, every heart beat, apparently makes sweating more palatable — and perhaps even more fun.
Every November, every December, every year, America's highways and airports runneth over, and not in the good way.
"Every white person isn't guilty for every bad thing that's been done to every black person," Wallis says.
Every essay, every article, every book in all their rich and absorbing (ph) detail was ultimately about him.
He wants to spear every fish, to put his hand in every pocket, to mastermind every strategic conversation.
Because my assailant had no name, face, or reason, he had every name, every face, and every reason.
We treat every party or every release or every communication that we have as its own visual campaign.
Ah, the egg ghost—coating your every mug, every breath, sticking to every fork and following you around.
Every snare, every inquisitive, jagged little guitar line, every melody from Philip Frobos's throat—it was all essential.
And since every head honcho from every organization generally attends, every member of the baseball media attends, too.
For every celebrity you stan for, every album you love, every brand you thirst over, there is merch.
After every first down, every score, every defensive stop, fans in the upper deck flung snowballs in glee.
"Every dish we prepare, every meal we serve, every day we have to reconfirm our reputation," he said.
"Every single day, in every single way, every American is stronger because of this man," Mr. Kelly said.
But, I suppose in many ways, every teenager, every adult, every American, feels that way at some point.
Every piece of fruit, every fish, every bug that I sell, he's turning into fat stacks of cash.
And when you look at what I have done, I have won every race, every place, every time.
We should guarantee a safe and technology-rich experience in every school, in every classroom for every child.
"I am someone that has won every race, every place, every time," she said Saturday in Cedar Falls.
"We've got a relentless team here that grinds out every at-bat, every pitch, every inning," Drury said.
In these new worlds, every leaf, every stone on the virtual ground and every conversation is carefully constructed.
We are reminded of that every way, with every whim, with every flip flop on policy and personnel.
Every move she makes is tweeted, every word she speaks is recorded and every interaction is life changing.
I guess, from my vantage point, I've seen Silicon Valley grow every year, every decade, through every wave.
I stripped the Talon soldiers of every spare scrap of clothing, every weapon, and every bit of ammo.
Every intersection, every park, and every building in Frozen Synapse 2's procgen city is a potential battleground.
"If we can create a channel for every project, every topic, every team, every customer, every office location, every business year, basically everything that's going on in the company, then it massively increases the transparency and alignment...Slack was a product that did that exceptionally well," Butterfield told Business Insider.
"Over the years, they followed every earnings release, every conference call, every presentation, every investor supplement, and became very familiar with the company and our investment strategy," Volk said.
Every purchase we make with our cards, every search we type into Google, every movement we make when our mobile phone is in our pocket, every "like" is stored.
The stickiest trap for cultural critics in this brave new world is seeing Donald Trump around every corner — every movie, every TV show, every song and sketch and meme.
In 2014, and for the fourth straight year, every Senate Republican was more conservative than every Senate Democrat, and every Senate Democrat was more liberal than every Senate Republican.
Do Republicans running for office at every level throughout America want to spend every day defending every crazy conspiracy theory Trump promotes and every crazy idea Trump blurts out?
I incorporate patterned and sequined fabrics amongst the thick, raw canvas and attempt to capture every moment, every splatter, every drip, every drop, everything that happens in my studio.
Judge is just the latest Bronx Bomber, and he comes around at a time when every pitch, every swing, every step, every long ball is quantified, recorded and ranked.
She still insists on reading "every single DM, every question, every comment" that comes through the brand's social media channels to ensure that every inquiry is addressed with care.
And every ghoul, every beast, every horrible thing, corporeal, immaterial, every thing that had ever hunted or haunted the man and the woman, was now right behind them, pressing.
The studio had enjoyed great success in 1937 with its animated film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," a baroque production in which every detail of the backgrounds — every petal on every flower, every leaf on every tree — was meticulously represented.
Every kind of like religious community, every evangelical church, every individual kind of Catholic church has a WhatsApp group.
It grew with every suffragette step, every freedom rider's voice, with every weary soul we welcome to our shores.
"His heart was always in it — every story, every line and every word," she wrote on his Facebook page.
"Every phone call, every message, every knock on the door, is a combination of hope and terror," she says.
Addiction was the explanation for everything: every ill of society, every conflict around the world, every tic of teenagedom.
Every fitting for a swimsuit, every hour in the gym, every evening gown I tried on was another reminder.
"We've called every police station, every jail, every hospital, and no one seems to have her," Townsend told KSHB.
It comes up in every campaign -- presidential campaign, it comes up in every congressional campaign, every even-numbered year.
Every issue, every jurisdiction and every company is different so there's no one size fits all answer or approach.
Every single deaf person, every single blind person, every single person in a wheelchair, we've all had different experiences.
The Lovings are people of few words, so Edgerton and Negga make every look, every gesture, every intonation count.
Every book in the library, every computer, every bulletin board will have to be thrown away and somehow replaced.
You can't help but scrutinize every gesture, every smirk, every aside as you try to get used to him.
Every single family, every single ethnic group, every single region is either directly or indirectly affected by this disaster.
They will interview every possible witness, examine every relevant piece of equipment, pore over every kilobyte of recorded data.
But know this: Every customer you help, every employee you hire, and every problem you solve impacts someone's life.
Songza's brilliance is that it gives you perfect playlists for every occasion, every mood, even every time of day.
Would this edict extend to every computer file, every message, screen sharing over the web, and every phone call?
"Every member of this body — every Republican and every Democrat — wants to see less gun violence," Mr. Ryan said.
"Every taunt, however bitter; every tale, however petty; every charge, however shameful...has been levelled against him," Winston wrote.
And so every ugly impulse, every broken norm, every fetid alliance has now been ratified, affirmed as good politics.
But with every loss, every bottom, and every setback, he did what came most naturally: he sang the blues.
I still remember every one of my shots, every one of Annika's shots and every one of Dean's shots.
Tardigrades live in the ocean and in the soil of every continent, in every climate and in every latitude.
Every cough is pneumonia, every chest pain a heart attack, every headache a possible brain cancer or incipient stroke.
And then you realize she is that way with every grandchild and every child and every person she sees.
In every courthouse in every state, in every county in the country, where they have trials, they have witnesses.
Dozens of early-arriving fans remained fixated on Williamson, capturing every dribble, every shot, every breath on their phones.
You haven't worked in every industry, been involved in every kind of project, or mastered every existing skill set.
Without a demonstrable feed hierarchy, every tweet, every opinion, and every response to that opinion would be rendered equal.
We know it's going to make every other challenge more challenging, every damage more damaging, every expense more expensive.
We recommend scheduling facial services every 2-3 weeks, underarm services every 2 weeks, bikini services every 3-4 weeks, and any other body services about every 3-4 weeks.
"This victory belongs to every single grassroots organizer, every working parent, every mom, every member of the LGBTQ community," she said, evidently shocked and elated, just moments after her win.
Every app launched, every pictured scrolled, every tap, every hunched-over moment davening to some dumb Facebook improvement is a brick in the bulwark against an unexpected and better future.
Every Democrat in every special election ran far ahead of the party's candidates in 22019, and every Republican in every special election ran far behind the GOP candidates in 2016.
She read the papers every day, pored over every magazine, saw every play and every movie, and was up on all things current, more so than people half her age.
Every session of Commons, every summit, every press interview — and, crucially for her political fortunes, every meeting with what were supposed to be her colleagues in the cabinet — was combat.
At every stage — with every racist statement and nativist appeal, every cruel insult, every new conspiracy theory and fresh revelation of his vast ignorance — he grew stronger rather than weaker.
"Our President has chosen to tear this country apart on every line, every division, every racial line, every religious line, he chooses to divide us, community by community," Gillibrand said.
Cathro has spent the last six months analyzing everything he did at Hearts in granular detail: He has been through every training session, every game, every news conference, every interview.
He summoned every hunch, every contested inheritance, every paid informant, every whispered tax problem gathered from two decades operating inside an art market that had never paid him much attention.
"I want the backing of every man, every woman and every adolescent child in every state of the United States and in every county of every state; their backing for what you and the officers of law and order are trying to accomplish," he declared to attendees at a crime conference in 1934.
To get back to your question, the first thing I like to do is read the beat writers from each of the teams going in because they're there every practice, every press conference, every game, every quarter, every dribble, they've seen it all.
"To every governor and every legislator in every statehouse across the country, and to every small business and every Fortune 500 company that wants a free and open internet when they buy services: I will personally email this to you," Bullock said.
The show begins, and it's as if all in attendance are in a trance—cheering at every comment, every video, every "let's get it," every detail of the intricately built stage.
I won't talk about how I got a Madge tape for every single birthday or Christmas, how I know every lyric to every single song, how I've seen every single movie.
I have known the whole time that every grade, every poem, every student evaluation, every paper has been a piece of evidence that might prove my "worth" to someone judging it.
"Every time someone is a front-runner, they say, 'Oh my gosh, they're not ahead in every straw poll, ahead in every state and every fund-raising report,'" Mr. Westly said.
"That makes it imperative for every Governor of every state, and every mayor of every city, to acknowledge where they stand," Steyer wrote in the letter sent to lawmakers on Wednesday.
DJI's product cycle went from a new drone every year to every eight months, and most recently, every six months.
Every person knew every lyric to every song, because that's what you know when you're at a Bruce Springsteen concert.
The threats facing our planet affect people of every political stripe, of every demographic, in every part of the country.
That is established in every incarnation of the hero, from every comics reboot to every other TV show and film.
"Imagine being able to remember every painting, on every wall, in every gallery space, between nearly 40 countries," he says.
The PRI's candidates are "visiting every house, every street, every neighborhood of the country," said César Castillejos, the party's spokesperson.
Everything we've built so far could be repurposed, not only for every agency, but also for every city, every state.
"I want every guy's girlfriend in his arms … I want every husband and wife kissing … every kid laughing," she said.
Every TV show is different; every set has its own rules and atmosphere; every showrunner values things others might not.
"There are whores in — not only every city, not only every town but every village," he said in one video.
The internet now touches every town, every city, and every single one of us — whether we use it or not.
I'm sorry that we could not bottle up every grin, every laughter, every happy heart that walked through your stores.
Every lynching victim, every slaughtered dissident, every rape victim and PTSD-cowed citizen has suffered for a concrete scientific untruth.
In these drone images, it seems every building, every street, every car is shattered, nothing left to support human life.
Not only that, the ad campaign, aptly titled "Every Body, Every Age, Every Beautiful," also features women of different ages.
Every roll, every curve and every stretch mark is put on me just perfect to make both of us happy!!!
This insatiable appetite is because AI will undoubtedly dominate the future of every industry, every service and every user-experience.
"Locally, we don't attach a stigma to it, it's every walk of life, every race, every income level," Allen says.
"Every candidate is going to be locking down every constituency, every vote," said Fernand Amandi, a Miami-based Democratic pollster.
Trump disqualified himself at every campaign stop, in every interview, and with every Russia related story that has been revealed.
We haven't solved every issue, we haven't righted every wrong, but together we've made significant progress in almost every area.
"We understand that most people do not need a Dolly every day, every week or even every month," says Howell.
I'm looking at every journalist, every editor, every person who puts a comment on an article pointing an uneducated finger.
Every name, every company, every "futuristic" feature story I saw cited a dominant caricature of the white guys in tech.
Every year, every month, every week, it seems the best sequential art just keeps pushing the boundaries of the form.
As Americans, will we keep rolling this boulder back up the mountain every week, every month and every year, forever?
"We scan every surface and every part of every set," he explained, including the entire interior of the bespoke spaceship.
Through it all, the camera was locked on his face, capturing his every smile, his every glance, his every move.
Every plan, every dinner date, every trip comes with the proviso that I may not be up to the task.
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"I felt like I took every pitch, every bat, every ground ball like it could be my last," Veazey said.
By necessity a national recount would take place, requiring recounting every single ballot in every polling precinct in every state.
Everybody looks in every closet, under every rock, under every rug, to think of any issue that they might have.
It grew with every suffrage at step, every freedom writers voice, with every weary soul we welcome to our shores.
I read every book on the New York Times, every book about journalism, and I read every newspaper and magazine.
Every man was 'a grand wee mon'whose every pitch was another sales pitch now every boat was a burned boat.
So thankful for every birthday & every year we've shared.
I want safety for every worker in every occupation .
Every person that I've interacted with ... Not every person.
Thank you for every laugh & every word of encouragement.
And every day — every day — He shavesHis fat face.
"In fitness, in bodybuilding it took me decades, but now there is a gymnasium everywhere, every hotel in the world has a gymnasium, every military station, every university, every school," Schwarzenegger said.
In not every case is it the government's responsibility to build every inch, dot every "I," and cross every "T" but it is incumbent on policymakers to make certain these systems secure.
Every adult can still remember the horrifying images from 9/11, when every television set, every Internet site, and every print publication offered a window to witness this attack on American soil.
Among other moves, it lengthened schedules for routine work on most cars from about every 66 days to every 73, and schedules for comprehensive overhauls from every six years to every seven.
There are subprojects aiming to itemize every sitting politician on earth, every painting in every public collection worldwide, and every gene in the human genome into searchable, adaptable, and machine-readable form.
They continue every day, every week and every month in the fight to create a nation of social and economic justice.
No, I have not found every single shrine, nor every Korok, but I have been to every area of the map.
"I want every guy's girlfriend in his arm...I want every husband and wife kissing....every kid laughing," Gaga told People.
Every slow body kick doubled her over, every lumbering leg kick nearly spun her around, every head kick was potentially murderous.
Where the map says is a served area does not mean that every block, every street or every community is served.
Ever since the election, I've been really cautious about every move I make, every purchase I make, every interaction I have.
"There were about 190 people taking up every single bed possible, every single room possible, every single hallway possible," Kihuen said.
Warren's answer was at the heart of every speech she gave, every question she answered, every part of her campaign launch.
The success of every Marine, every team, every unit and command throughout our Corps is based on mutual trust and respect.
I could feel their presence in every bar stool, in every empty glass, in every piece of artwork on the wall.
Every post you like, every tweet you retweet, every thread you participate in — it's all data up for collection and input.
"Today, power quality loss measurements are rounded and approximated in every industry, in every instrument, and in every tool," Doerfler says.
There is no way to protect every block in our cities, every field on our farms, every school in our suburbs.
People draw from every corner of the world, every color, every religion...bound by a creed as old as our founder.
ARROYO: But the focus on every little -- on every bit of flour, on every lay of the dress, it&aposs overkill.
"I will stay here as long as it takes to shake every hand, take every picture, kiss every baby," he said.
Every minute of every day, every week, 24/7 hate Trump, and it&aposs pretty obvious and the people see it.
Maersk had booked practically every hotel room within tens of miles, every bed-and-breakfast, every spare room above a pub.
"Every decision we make, every policy we pursue, and every dollar of aid we spend will further U.S. priorities," Bolton began.
I'm sorry that we could not bottle up every grin, every laughter, and every happy heart that walked through your stores.
I think hair grows, um, a millimeter every month, or half-inch every six months, or a quarter kilometer every year.
Now, you'll have a record of every attempt to get inside your ear, every screened call, every cast aside Hawaiian vacation.
Every little eBay review, every message board post, every Facebook "Like" — those are all contributions to this massive work of art.
Every allegation, every tearful story of sexual assault, every #metoo, triggers a memory of mine that I didn't choose to keep.
Every school, every government facility, every hospital, here and abroad, will become even more vulnerable to gun violence through this change.
ThirdLove's ethos is to have a bra for every woman, to help every woman feel confident every day of her life.
Today I am endorsing every Democratic winner, of every Democratic nomination, in every campaign for the House and Senate in November.
According to internet consultancy Brandwatch, Facebook adds 2202,2628 new users every day and six new profiles every second of every day.
Instead of spending every extra ounce of energy, maximizing every minute and using every cent, look for ways to reinvest it.
Every news outlet, every child psychologist looking for publicity, and every parent group in the country went after the easy target.
Imagine an office job wherein every keystroke, every mouse movement, and every roll of the desk chair is tracked and logged.
Just imagine how uncomfortable it is to get this in your comments and your DMs every day, every week, every month.
As with Raad's earlier works, there is a sly wink to his audience in every segment of every archive, every source.
Every play, every film, every television show, is about a group of people — a family, a workplace, a neighborhood, a nation.
You have to water them every day and there is something to do with every one of them almost every day.
For Tom Petty, rock 'n' roll means playing a good show for the crowd every night, every week, every month, indefinitely.
It's tendentious to mention it in every review, but I am thinking about it while writing every line of every review.
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In every window, around every corner ... in every dark alley or sun-filled park or dusty corner store ... something is happening.
Not every American (or even every journalist!) had the time to watch every minute of the two weeks of impeachment hearings.
"Every batch of every bottle of every manufacturer showed the same results, tremendously high formation of NDMA," says CEO David Light.
They see ... Main Street stores are closing, they see a self-serve kiosk in every McDonald's, every grocery store, every CVS.
But every grave, every lot, and every person is meticulously documented, and thereby remembered by dozens of paid archivists and volunteers.
"Allen knows every deal, he knows every dealership, he knows every sale, anything and everything that's been done," the person said.
The park: The newborn Sander, soft, defenseless, feels every green leaf, every flower, every shaft of evening sunlight penetrate into him.
I had to give, in advance, details of every shot, every angle and every road we were going to shoot on.
" Milich says she published the Facebook post in March and shared that she pays for "every roll of tape I use, every paper clip I use, every sharpie I grade with, every snack I feed kids who don't have them, every decorated bulletin board.
Per the aesthetic of Baz Luhrmann ("Moulin Rouge"), who directed the first episode and produced the other five, every detail pops — every glistening thigh in tight short shorts, every half-empty soda bottle making a just-so clink, every gaudy print on every polyester collar.
But I know that myself I have received something from so many, practically from every film that I've seen, from every poet I have read, every dancer that I've seen dance, every musician.
The volume of the scene is also on full blast — you hear every sniffle (she is crying while she eats), every gulp, every slurp, every time the fork tip hits the pie container.
One thing that I found out in my life is that there's only one truth, and that truth goes through every religion, every group of people, every color, every race: The Golden Rule.
With every new employee that you onboard, every V.C. you decide to partner with, every new board member you bring on and especially every new customer you acquire, you are building your identity.
Every vein in the marble splays in the right pattern, every tile is lined up to a fare-thee-well, every fold in every drape — floor-to-ceiling plaster-hued cashmere — is perfect.
"Every purchase you make with a credit card, every magazine subscription you buy and medical prescription you fill, every Web site you visit and e-mail you send or receive, every academic grade you receive, every bank deposit you make, every trip you book and every event you attend—all these transactions and communications will go into … a virtual, centralized grand database," the New York Times columnist warns.
Every monsoon, beachfront restaurants around here are damaged every year.
On defense, every handoff, every screen they were fighting through.
Headlines come at you from every direction, on every device.
I knew every illness of every employee in the company.
Every year people try it; every year people get fired.
It would taint every dealing Trump has, on every issue.
" "I obsessively studied his every success, and his every struggle.
I know a stat about every state and every movie.
"Every child is different, every family is different," she continued.
"Like every parent, we went through every avenue," Gieger said.
"Hemingway destroyed every friendship, every love affair," concludes Mr Morris.
Congress faces voters every other year; the president every four.
Unite loses every vote, for every representative, except for one.
All its restaurants stay open every hour of every day.
We rehearse every week but we don't tattoo every week.
Every year, every country wants a piece of the podium.
Every year people try it, every year people get fired.
It covers every single train line and every single stop.
Confident, mediocre men are in every office and every industry.
"Every retail location, every physical address, was down," Sides said.
But resources are available in every place and every country.
They're popping up everywhere for every group, for every vertical.
A man that fulfills your every wish, your every dream.
This team had every right, every reason to get down.
That's because not every supplier makes every kind of cell.
She rides every day and competes every weekend this winter.
Every size and every color of the beautiful white rainbow.
But every well has a bottom, every story an end.
With every choice you make, every costume, line of dialogue.
They exist at every level of society in every nation.
He said this at every rally and in every interview.
It affects every sector of every industry in the economy.
And every judge at every step of this litigation. Because.
Mollie is lending me here strength every day, every night.
Every day gets better, every moment calling for even more.
Every piece of clothing and every blanket has been washed.
Think about it every day, of every decision we make.
They release full voting results every year, for every player.
Every branch buds and blossoms, every branch burns and cracks.
We are in every community, we are in every demographic.
Every 90s kid craves a throwback every once in awhile.
"Every time, I think I cried every time," she added.
Back at it again with every Van in every color!
I love every version and every age of actor, too.
They occupy every chair and every inch of floor space.
From every shot to every line, this looks downright beautiful.
You order every release from Deathwish in every color variant.
Her body fights her for EVERY pound, EVERY day, ceaselessly.
Everyone – every home, every business – needs reliable and safe water.
That's something that every law enforcement agency does every day.
Problems plagued every aspect and every stage of Georgia's elections.
She's every classic American archetype, every icon all at once.
And we will encourage reform at every at every turn.
Every Starbucks takes Bitcoin, and every store is a Starbucks.
It's failed them in every way and on every level.
But it was not like that every day, every moment.
It has backed every Democratic nominee, not every Republican nominee.
So is every window in every one of those buildings.
Every expression, every gesture reinforced their separateness and their superiority.
They don't attempt to love every moment of every day.
I love you, throughoutThe performance, in every Handclap, every stomp.
Every show and every interview, everything offered, we agree to.
When I grew up, every DJ was at every party.
They're for every size and every shape — including mine.2.
Every single version of every single cuisine is devastatingly bad.
I don't like every single song on every single record.
Not every property can lawfully be used for every purpose.
You can make a difference every day at every level.
They're having riots every week, big ones, in every city.
For every ranch and every farm along the Missouri River.
"Not every plan makes sense for every team," Luhnow said.
Every part of time touches every other part of time.
There's a subscription to meet every budget and every demand.
Every eye twitch, every facial muscle shifting — they all register.
You can dispel every evil spirit and slay every dragon.
We're going to fight for every vote in every state.
With every insult, every incident of torture, my resentment grew.
Personal loans aren't right for every situation, nor every person.
Doesn't every saint have a past, every sinner a future?
"Every window is new, every door is new," she says.
Every anxiety now seemed valid, every distant suspicion worth pursuit.
Every argument on every topic is now all about him.
We have experienced family at every layer and every turn.
We're setting records — every week, every day — we're setting records.
In other words: buy them from every vendor, every time.
"Not every company and not every car will be successful."
"Every guy every single night is doing something," Jones said.
"They should be banned in every state and every country."
Moreover, it is disrupting almost every industry in every country.
But that's every student, every paper, Maggie reminds her boss.
"Every brain injury is unique, as is every individual's recovery."
BALFE Every sound effect and every note, he's directing it.
We must take advantage of every affordance, grasp every opportunity.
Or, more precisely, every review of every movie ever made.
Every time is just as difficult as every other time.
I realize that not every recipe is for every person.
Hazing should be outlawed in every school, in every state.
Today's technology is transforming virtually every job in every industry.
Now there are crowds on every screen and every feed.
Just as every human is different, so is every country.
Every day he's learning and every day he's getting better.
Drug and human trafficking impact every community in every state.
CDC has tested every stool specimen from every AFM patient.
I speak to them every day or almost every day.
There's something for every home and every budget on Amazon.
Abbott and Vicary read every script and watch every movie.
Not only that, but every lap of every race matters.
We're setting records every week, every day we're setting records.
Every year reform bills are offered; every year they die.
There is a story behind every shoe and every suitcase.
We're setting records every week; every day we're setting records.
If every woman is a 'victim,' so is every man.
"I cried every day and every night," Mr. Blount said.
And had tremendous downfalls on every tour and every level.
Every writer, and every commenter, seemed like a brilliant genius.
She went to almost every game in every sport. Almost.
By now it feels as though I've been to every pat of Kampala—maybe not every bar, but every part of town.
"I want every guy's girlfriend in his arms … I want every husband and wife kissing … every kid laughing," she told Radio Disney.
And so he and my husband would talk about every prospect at every A, AAA, AA, every player the Nats were fielding.
Every baseball game, every sporting event, every life really, is determined by a bunch of random stuff happening in a random order.
" Allison Robertson: "Now it feels like every huge pop star, every fashion designer, every major actor and their daughter are at Coachella.
This show needs to chill the eff out; not every kid needs to tell a joke every second, nor does every parent.
"The cure to this malpractice is a fight for fairness in every election held, in every law passed, in every decision made."
"I want every guy's girlfriend in his arms … I want every husband and wife kissing … every kid laughing," she told Radio Disney.
The message of today's big Amazon event was pretty clear: Echos for everyone, for every need in every room of every home.
Retrofitting every mile of PG&E's lines, every rotting pole, every rusting bolt is hardly impossible, but it is decidedly not profitable.
When it ended, I did what every other girl on the rebound does: accepted every party invite and downloaded every dating app.
And then you remember that it's playing every morning in Pyongyang, where poor people are being brainwashed every second of every day.
That compares to roughly one heart disease case every year, and one death every 10 years, for every 1,000 women without bulimia.
And then there is the risk that consumers, competitors and hashtag movements scrutinize every second of every spot across every social network.
Everything else—every game, every play, every point—doesn't amount to more than a few dust-devils dancing in a dry breeze.
And we must dare to dream it for every black woman, for every woman in Malawi, and for every mother out there.
"Like every clause of every sentence uttered in every breath Donald Trump takes, this is all subject to change," Mr. Erickson said.
He has supported every Democratic Party initiative that involved the expansion of government into every aspect of the life of every American.
It's even more impressive if you break that down to how much Bezos makes every day, every hour, and even every second.
They got every email of the transition; they looked through every communication by everyone through every means, including tapping secret messaging apps.
Lack of voter turnout is a problem in nearly every city, not just every four years, but every year in local elections.
It is, essentially, the pontificators against the reactionaries, and it tends to define every political battle, every discourse and every collective pursuit.
Every feature, every hardware advancement, every piece of understated technical acrobatics is in the service of making Apple's next-generation software shine.
You'll never hear every single death metal album that's ever been recorded, or every hip-hop song, or every experimental noise demo.
This means every word you type, every photo you look at, and every message you read, could be under the magnifying glass.
Every day you work out, every book you read, every article you write, is a building block to who you will become.
But every day I learn something new, every day I get a little bit better, and every day I get more confident.
You wouldn't see every collection in every single look, every accessory, everything that's available in the catalog analyzed to death on websites.
"I followed every procedure, every policy, every rule, and most importantly I followed the law," he said in an interview in April.
"It has a beautiful, warm tone in every register — every string, every register — and a very quick response time," Mr. Meltzer said.
It also makes it so that every 2nd of every month is a Tuesday, every 3rd is a Wednesday, and so on.
"There is talent in every seat in every classroom in every one of the 1,386 schools in Los Angeles Unified," he said.
"The numbers have been revised every day, or every week, or every month by the IMF in general," the finance minister said.
It preserves the state-based power to award electors, but makes every voter in every state politically relevant in every presidential election.
"I think every athlete, every human and definitely every African-American should be completely grateful and honored," she told The Associated Press.
But has anyone gone through every minute and every hour of every show she's ever done to see if there's anything controversial?
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At every checkpoint, every rest stop, every halt in traffic, there is another reminder of all that Abdel Latif's family has endured.
It's not like I can have my hands in every single thing, in every single moment, every single day—it's physically impossible.
Every downward glance, every tiny head shake, every sudden narrowing of her eyes says more than Celeste probably ever will out loud.
Sanders fans interpret every compromise, every note of caution, every incrementalist policy in Clinton's long record as a rejection of progressive ideology.
I want everyone to think of what it would be like if, instead of going away, that pain stayed with a person every day, every hour, every week, every year and never went away.
"When the S&P makes a new high, it's very rare to see every index, every sector, every group, every stock, do it at the same time," he said in the "Trading Nation" interview.
And I treat it as if I was an athlete by working every day, by recording myself every day, by being in the studio alone every day, by putting in countless hours every day.
"Most sports bettors will notice every second on or off the clock, every yard, every pitch, every shot, because any of these can ultimately affect their bets," said Kevin Grigsby, the show's executive producer.
Download your own Facebook, Google, and YouTube data and you'll find years' worth of personal information: every photo, comment, sticker emoji, video you've ever posted online; every location you've visited and IP address you've logged in from; every search, every file, and every single website you visited.
That gap varies when race is factored in — Asian-American women earn $0.85 to every dollar, white women earn $0.77 to every dollar, African-American women earn $0.61 to every dollar, Native American women earn $0.58 to every dollar and Latina women earn $313 to every dollar.
Not quite as bad, but still awful, are fantasy football leagues who have rules where every team plays every other team every week, and you get a win or a loss against every other team.
With stories on every subway platform, tales in every bodega and characters to meet at every crosswalk, we'll have endless stories to tell.
"It's not for every school [or] for every class or [every] classification," he said, referring to elementary, versus middle school or high school.
And despite its occasional well-publicized failures, it is remarkably reliable, delivering energy to almost every American, almost every second of every day.
Every car that drives by, every person who walks past, every stranger she crosses makes her heart beat just a little bit faster.
It is playing an ideal match when I serve aces on every point, return every ball without missing and hit winners every time.
It includes every current and former member of Congress, every current and recent governor, and every Cabinet member from the past two administrations.
That means every stone, every tile, every single part of the castle is assembled as it would have been hundreds of years ago.
Every shot of patron, every time we listen to Hotel California, every vroom of a Ferrari you will be right there with us.
It was just Jenni and Lena and Matthew and me in that apartment, going over every scene, every word, every piece of blocking.
At a time when politicians' every utterance—and every tweet—is endlessly scrutinized, In the Loop is a reminder that every word counts.
Every set piece, every off-hand remark, and every subplot is in service to main theme—what does it mean to be human?
Harberts cited the "artistry and custom craftsmanship that go into every prop, every costume, every set," while Berg praised the show's visual detail.
Every dubious decision, every bit of chatter and commentary, every lame joke between Backpage employees and managers, was about to come spilling out.
She still loves the city, but every murder, every new crime report, every new horrifying news story about the city makes her cringe.
They become an archive of alternative histories, much like Borges library imagines every variation of every book ever written in every possible universe.
Instead, he proudly tells Aboriginal tribal elder Christopher Sunday that he's learned "every sacred site, every ceremony, every word" to complete his plan.
"But it just can't be the Flight 93 election every minute of every day of every year of his presidential term," Douthat objected.
I am love, I want to be love with every interaction, with every decision I make for myself, with every failure and success.
"I hope you know what you mean to me, Gibbs -- every moment, every lesson, every hug, I'm thankful for it all," she wrote.
Over here, they exist across every campus, are embedded in every satellite town, linger perpetually at the edges of every shit house party.
I had been surprised by how many restaurants strained themselves to serve every cut, every sauce, every regional quirk their customers might desire.
Taxes make up 27 percent of every electric bill, 21625 percent of every cooking gas bill, and 2900 percent of every cable bill.
Every Olympic record, every personal best and every unlikely comeback is an individual achievement, yes, but it's also a universal example and metaphor.
Every time I read it, which is every morning and every night, I find another thread in the tapestry that connects the themes.
"Every day, not even every day but every hour, an innocent girl, a woman gets raped here," Singh told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
We must be with them through every lost paycheck, every tuition hike, and every time they are the victim of a hate crime.
This is good old-fashioned storytelling, in which every punch, every slice of the knife, and every pound of flesh is accounted for.
Closer to transplant, I was getting infections every two to three weeks, and I was on IV antibiotics every day, every eight hours.
Like him, she showed up at every meeting, every fund-raiser and every media campaign, denouncing the government for its inaction or inefficiency.
Today, Glock makes "pistols available for every man and woman, for every application and every hand size," according to a company promo video.
"He told me, 'A dedicated party worker like you should be in every city, in every town, on every street,'" Mr. Yadav said.
"Every blob is different than every other glass blob, and every one of them has to be given its full due," she said.
With every book, with every question, with every overt display of ambivalence and disgust, he was affirming to us that we were contenders.
It will make every second of every game of every week interesting to fans as it will give everyone something to root for.
It is like NBC's careful husbandry of what has happened every day at the Olympics, only performed almost every week of every year.
Everything that springs from him, every person who supports him, every staffer who shields him, every legislator who defends him, is an offense.
It means you can't blame other people for your problems anymore — every failure, every missed opportunity, and every failed attempt is on you.
You don't need a roof hopefully every week or every month, you need it once every several years or something like that. Sure.
"It never gets boring, because every day plays different, every opponent plays different, every guy gives you different struggles," Federer said last week.
He's shown a knack for hijacking every news cycle, every conversation.
The female body is so beautiful, every size and every age.
Like every sunrise, every sunset – even when the dog rolls over!
Because every issue we deal with, every other person deals with.
I had the soundtrack; I knew every word to every song.
You wake up every morning, you go to sleep every night.
Every morning and every night, I had to report to them.
Every episode of Fosse/Verdon is different from every other episode.
We are going to compete for every vote in every state.
There's every kind of team here, and every kind of story.
Lola Fae: Getting tested every three months, or every new partner.
"They are coming in every 30 seconds, every minute," he said.
That should be the case for every person, in every state.
But he was the flavor of every month, of every day.
That's pretty standard for every Marvel flick and every Marvel superhero.
These are not the headphones for every person or every occasion.
Every part of the body has been named – every tiny blemish.
He's every dad's wet dream, and every teenage boy's worst nightmare.
Every costume, the attention paid to every detail, and the beauty.
Every wrapper, every plastic straw is a war on another species.
They got together every two or three weeks, then every week.
We could condemn every attack, in every part of the world.
Every girl needs her mom and every mom needs her daughter.
"Every girl needs her mom and every mom needs her daughter."
"Not every team member is needed for every outbreak," he says.
Thanks to APIs and SDKs, every app is every other app.
"Every school is different, every campus is different," Alhadeff tells Refinery29.
Every person and every feminist should be required to hear her.
Every community is unique and every microgrid will be as well.
It goes on smoothly and separates every last hair, every time.
Every secret service, every major country does this sort of work.
"Every day after Haley is better than every single day before."
"I'm going to miss him every day, every minute," Gothard says.
In every factory and every hospital, you now need edge computing.
"I will miss her every moment of every day," she added.
I know that she will work every moment of every day.
Ads can now appear every 250 words, instead of every 350.
We've got something for your every mood — no, like, every mood.
Every person can download it and track each and every transaction.
So I traveled every day, an hour, two hours every day.
Every couple is entirely different, as is every case of infidelity.
You brighten every room you go in, you make every party.
It comes in every color, every size, from XS to 4X.
Every 2016 blocks (roughly every two weeks), the system is recalibrated.
And that is what I do every day in every way.
Every baby is different and every style of parenting is different.
Every step was there, every emotion, and it was fun performing.
Food was replenished every four months, and water every two months.
Every mech has a maximum tonnage, and every component adds weight.
Many become completists, buying every version of every release they can.
"Every new victory is dearer to me every year!" he said.
Reigns into the foreground of every promotional material, every charity event,
At school I played every sport you could do, every day.
Every donation – every body – arrives with a different value, he said.
"Every life counts and every case must be investigated," says Nasidi.
"Every step, every new thing gives us hope," the actor says.
Every bill and every appointment should be voted on the merits.
The apps aren't available through every provider or on every device.
He hated every other patriot broadcaster and every other UFO person.
I see it every time I close my eyes, every day.
So then I would photograph her every night—every single night.
It includes people of every background, and peoples of every faith.
Not every vote on every piece of legislation carries electoral import.
Not every question was thoughtful, and not every briefing was productive.
Every shark had a tambourine and every sherif was a ghost.
Every self-driving car engineer and every company is on notice.
A fast Wi-Fi signal in every room, on every device.
Every state has different regulations, and almost every doctor is unqualified.
The pain of their obligation hangs over every page, every sentence.
I know exactly what every witness said, what every document said.
"Every organization, every business, has a fossil fuel footprint," he said.
Every second of every visiting hour, she was at McDermott's side.
"We were afraid every minute of every day," Jack Pomeranc said.
Our nation's decaying infrastructure costs every American family $28500 every day.
Even the best security can't protect every phone against every attacker.
Sur: In every community, in every city, there are art stars.
There is birth in every death and death in every birth.
That's how every broadcaster, every network, is doing it these days.
Every fan wanted to be her; every fan could be her.
Every foreign government could learn personal information about every American voter.
Every Apple phone soon, will soon be on every Samsung phone.
Every state is important, and every state can join the compact.
But it will take every generation, in every phase of life.
I love you, throughout The performance, in every Handclap, every stomp.
Every government program would have to justify its expenditures, every year.
Every year I'm more appreciative, every year I love it more.
This is the future every cancer patient and every oncologist wants.
CATHERINE BESSANT: Pretty much every single second of every single day.
Every cut, every blow of the chisel has to sit right.
Are we going to get every millennial, every Gen Z consumer?
The whole spectrum and every hue and every culture is here.
This is something I want for every child, of every race.
She can also name every state and capital, plus every president.
But every social worker wanted to have this conversation, every time.
Every day is different, and every interaction is different, as well.
Everybody was out to get me every second of every day.
"I wanna love you every day and every night," he hums.
Guy Fieri is always Guy Fieri, every second of every day.
Entrepreneurs touch nearly every facet of every industry in this country.
"This is about every women in every industry globally," said Messing.
Every second of every day, the M.T.A. pays $83 in interest.
That consonant is tooth and jowl,With every letter, every vowel.
I knew every position he had, every single one of them.
Every state election and every legislative session will become a battlefield.
I learned something from every encounter and I valued every interaction.
It's this: Run good people in every race at every level.
It's failed them in every way and on every single level.
But he took to heart every casualty of every terror attack.
I've watched every episode about 1,19813 times and know every line.
They belt every verse of every hymn with all their hearts.
"Every second, every breath... has been a wonderful life," he said.
Of course, every wedding is different, and so is every bride.
I wonder about women in every single field, every single day.
"Every party, I would take pictures at, every play," she said.
I want to earn every single vote from every single state.
"It applies to every possible field, every human activity," he says.
The concepts are adapted for every new generation, every geographic location.
Every cop knows that, and every New Yorker should know that.
"Every second, every breath—I think about him," she told me.
I use a different fake name every week, sometimes every day.
But they stick out in every direction, moving every which way.
Every day — every day, it is going to be a fight.
We strive to uphold these principles every day with every flight.
He thinks about every little aspect of a photo, every detail.
Everyone — every dean, every department — is adjusting to that new leadership.
Read every book they've written and watch every interview they've given.
It's failed them in every way and at every single level.
They can get updates on people every hour or every day.
I reported every comment and every one was reviewed and rejected.
By handling every animal, every day, from the moment they're born.
They've been very, very clear in every conversation and every negotiation.
Every bit of published material need not be in every library.
And there's so much knowledge — every prop, every costume is important.
And stay with The Hill for every break in every story.
In every place, in every corner where information is taken in.
He went to church every Sunday and attended every youth camp.
We must combat hate crimes in every form at every turn.
We went to every major studio, we went to every streamer.
He polls better than every Democrat against Trump in every state.
I can't follow every issue and step in on every issue.
It was my job to consider every threat and every challenge.
We have people from every country, every continent across the planet.
There is denim here in every wash, spandex in every hue.
"Every automaker has been hacked — every one of them," he said.
This is not a book covering every tribe and every region.
There are more secrets packed into every layer of every stage.
We want leaders who care about every position and every function.
I learn every day; every meeting I have is an education.
Letter To the Editor: Re "Creating a Road Map for the Self-Driving Car" (Business Day, March 3): The database for a fully autonomous vehicle must encompass, in continually updated real time, not merely every road in this country, but also every driveway, every private estate and every square foot of millions of parking lots, every airport and every military base.
I don't need to remind you of the lyrics of The Police's "Every Breath You Take" but I will: Every single day Every word you say Every game you play Every night you stay I'll be watching you Oh can't you see You belong to me My god.
Every time we built Manning up as an icon — with every like, every meme, every beatific tweet about how she could do no wrong — we ensured that her inevitable fall would be that much more painful.
There's a reality that each firm is different and has different goals and not every entrepreneur is a fit with every firm or every partner within every firm, but you have to find the right chemistry.
Every scene, every moment, every interaction — they all add up to a portrayal of a man who slowly loses his soul in his ongoing, endless attempt to escape every shadow he's lived in his whole life.
For every minister forced from office, for every disenfranchised conservative cleric, for every rich royal hauled in for corruption and fleeced of allegedly ill-gotten billions, for every businessman shaken down, more potential enemies are created.
"I ask every member of the Senate, every member of this Congress, every elected official and every citizen: Let's work harder to find a way to end the violence," Van Hollen said from the Senate floor.
A common characteristic of every movie and every book and every play and every television show I've ever loved is that even though it's about one specific place and time, it's really about humanity writ large.
Every House Republican, every, I think every Republican in Congress, including the President of the United States made a promise to the American people.
The rosé is available through a subscription in which you receive a case of "Chance" every month, every other month, or every three months.
"There are whores in — not only every city, not only every town, but every village," Beierle said about women who are in interracial relationships.
I truly believe that every mistake I've made, every person I've met and every place I've traveled to has all happened for a reason.
I think the potential here is really exciting because not every story and every way of telling a story is appropriate for every medium.
"Every type of vehicle, every capability, every price point is looking to be exploited," said Jeff Schuster, president of global forecasting for LMC Automotive.
They come out with new clothes every week, every Thursday morning, so people have a reason to come back to the store every week.
Every year, it's a meaningful reminder of the need for progress so every woman, just like every man, can support herself and her family.
After every cutback, every layoff, or every time he was let go, he dutifully signed up for unemployment insurance while he sought another job.
The past is not a conclusive "backstory" to our lives, but a powerful resource that opens out into every narrative, every fiction, every self.
At every rally, every speech and almost every day on Twitter during the 2016 campaign, Trump promised to get rid of Obamacare -- and quickly.
Every sector, every industry, heck, every decision is increasingly one in which technology either plays the prime role, or at least has major influence.
Instead we believe every campaign — in every party and at every level of government — must take the proper steps to ensure its own protection.
"That ripples out to every business, every consumer, every municipality, even other governments all over the world," Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at Bankrate.
Rules I made for myself governed my every action, my every interaction with other people, and my every reaction to the world around me.
We are prisoners to our phones: tweeting our every thought, or snapping our every emotion, or Facebooking our every fantasy, feeling or family moment.
He's been involved in every phase of this multiyear project, down to choosing every shirt, every song and even the typeface for the credits.
In other words, every computer, every smartphone, every piece of software is delivered to the user with a plethora of hidden security flaws preinstalled.
He argued that his Rolodex belongs to the firm, because he cannot meet every client, come up with every idea and execute every deal.
There is now one guard for every four inmates, he said, one case manager for every six, and one licensed therapist for every eight.
It's the mystery posed by every window and mirror, every piece of plastic and hard candy, and even the cytoplasm that fills every cell.
It's for every person who has gone through anything similar to this, for every person who hasn't yet, for every person who never will.
We need to remain united as a field and across sectors in ensuring every child, every family, and every community remains strong and healthy.
"I have won every race, every place every time," she said, emphasizing that she has won conservative and pro-Republican districts in the Midwest.
The next step will be to scale and implement these programs in every state, at every community college, for every industry across the country.
"Every so often -- it's really like every other year to every third year -- where we have a flu season that is intense," he said.
"I am surrounded by literally every type of shoe/sandal/sock in every color and fabric from every designer you can name," he said.
We—my friends, family, and associates—forget that every bombing, every shootout, every stabbing affects a network of people who personally know the victim.
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He reviews every wrist wearable, every heart-rate monitor, every bike computer, pedal pods, gloves, sports cameras: You name it, Ray has tried it.
"We call on every Black woman from every American city, every walk of life, every demographic to rise together within our differences and face our common oppressors," the March for Black Women said on its event page.
"What needs to happen is that each and every person, every company, every government at all levels, every institution really includes climate change in their assessments of risk, in their decisions about how they operate," she said.
I've had that at every meal, every holiday meal is like that.
Every blockbuster is bigger than the last, every summer a record-setter.
Every artwork I've ever done, every test I've taken – signed by Savvy.
He visited every cell each morning and greeted every prisoner by name.
And not any longer every 10 years, probably every three to four.
"Every crew of every flight were using Facebook groups," the spokesperson said.
Every birthday party—hell, almost every weekend—was marked at the beach.
"Every Marine has to know that every other Marine has their back."
And — surprise — not every woman is spending her whole paycheck every month.
This goes for every skin tone, and every amount of sun exposure.
He went to every desk and said thank you to every employee.
Every church was opposed to her, every denomination, not just the Catholics.
Democracy happens every day, through every interaction we have with each other.
Because they are every minute of every day, you obviously know that.
Every day is something new, and every day is exactly the same.
Cameras on every corner on every street not in a million years.
But then every workout, every day, ends with a 4-mile run.
"Every minute of every day, I thank my lucky stars," says Giberson.
I'd been journaling every night, every other night, pouring out of me.
They want to know every speech you gave, every club you're in.
Saturn returns to opposition every 54 weeks; Mars returns every 26 months.
We continue to work hard every day to make every customer happy.
It's not that every line in every story is a sexist diatribe.
That's roughly 35 emails for every person on the planet, every day.
Every life lost and every life-changing accident is one too many.
We are losing people every other day, if not every single day.
Not even joking, I forgot every single word to every single song.
Every single email that every DNC staffer typed had been spied on.
"He was hitting on every girl and every guy," said Lynn Hirschberg.
"There's a Juice in every county, in every shelter, everywhere," Zenzano says.
The idea is that every bite contains every element of the sarnie.
"We've been denied, essentially, every port, every country since leaving Hong Kong."
That's true in New York, that's true in virtually every every city.
No matter how small, every Pride — and every person it celebrates — counts. 
His last record...I still listen to it every like every weekend.
He trained alongside Roma's defenders every day, played alongside them every week.
It is widespread in virtually every profession and every walk of life.
" Every male customer is a "brother," every woman "honey" or "my dear.
They tell me that they check in with every employee every day.
Every blown-off leg, every burned-off face filled me with anguish.
Almost every night on television and every day in newspapers since Jan.
Every woman has a story and every good man had no idea.
The free exercise of religion was for every person of every faith.
We should believe that every life matters, and every soul is precious.
I'm using that guy all over, every time I shower, every day.
And every moment, every second of my life, is precious to me.
There's an inspirational line for every occasion (and every post on Instagram).
"I'll have every say – every way – in there or out," he threatened.
Medically, every pregnancy is different, and every person's health circumstances are unique.
She respects the dignity of every child and fights for every American.
Every surprise breakthrough, every dead end — we were privy to it all.
Every post we made, we read all the comments – every single one.
You're in our hearts today and every second of every other day.
It fit every curve perfectly and left every jaw on the ground.
Every year, he'd add one new partner for every year he'd lived.
That's basically one falsehood every 169 words, or 1.16 falsehoods every minute.
"We go every year, and every year I love it," says Teigen.
They take into account every fold of skin and every broken capillary.
Do you squeeze it on every bite of every dish you're served?
Every wail, every sob sounded an urgent alarm to her postpartum brain.
"There's a memory there on every corner, every lamp post," he said.
We need a miracle every day, or at least every Sunday night.
"Every mine has a kindergarten and every situation is different," she said.
Every stick of gum, every apple, carrot, and watery bowl of oatmeal.
We're learning from every official match — every loss, we learn something new.
Every single note and every single word on that record has meaning.
It would make probably every political event every look like small potatoes.
I know every word to every song on it, to this day.
"Not every instrument and every measure will be accepted," reads the draft.
You don't have to satisfy every requirement or meet every qualification listed.
Meanwhile in Russia... Every #mexico fan is thanking every Korean in sight.
Every biopsy and every result…it feels like an eternity goes by.
Every spring, on every college campus across the nation, wisdom is blooming.
And since then, he has painted every single detail of every encounter.
"My parents come every year and every time I lose," he said.
Every single person in the room was a woman. Every. Single. One.
" "She missed him every minute of every day, and that was obvious.
Every smile is shark teeth, every line brushed with cod liver oil.
A man who cares only for himself — every minute of every day.
She wanted those lips to form every dirty word in every language.
"It's all hands on deck every night, every game now," Barnes said.
There's this uncomfortable family history to every country, every civilization on Earth.
These are all benefits not easily quantifiable every quarter of every year.
Portsmouth houses are full of them every night—Boston ones, every holiday.
For 3.5%, this was the case during every, or nearly every, cycle.
Things that used to happen every 100 years now happen every 25.
Now, there are primetime soaps on almost every night on every channel.
And this is happening today every weekend, every Friday and Saturday night.
"Every day, every year, I learn more about how important it was."
"Every Democrat and every Republican voted for him," she said of Scalia.
"I hear this at every board meeting, at every company," he said.
Every mannerism, every lift of an eyebrow was studied and speculated upon.
Every day, the brutality worsens, yet every day, the Rohingya are forsaken.
I drink orange juice every morning and eat Pub Subs every meal.
Wyden tries to hold meetings in every county in Oregon every year.
I talk to him if not every day, then every other day.
Seriously. And we break every attendance record every single time, just about.
Diaz won every round on every judges scorecard, besting Pettis in style.

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