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"dispossession" Definitions
  1. the act of taking somebody's property or land away from them

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How to use dispossession in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "dispossession" and check conjugation/comparative form for "dispossession". Mastering all the usages of "dispossession" from sentence examples published by news publications.

American history braids every familiar terrain with dispossession and exploitation.
Dispossession and violence were essential to the rise of beef.
The Nakba is an experience — the Palestinian experience of dispossession.
There is no symbolic form for dispossession in the global city.
The dispossession and massacre of Aboriginal Australians is part of our history.
There is no need for dispossession or participation in all the decisions.
Before 1846, California's native peoples suffered great losses from diseases and dispossession.
The explicit aim of the anti-Zionist is political or physical dispossession.
In the phosphorescently vivid narrative of dispossession that follows, Kushner doesn't flinch.
It rewards and even incentivizes settlements and further dispossession of the Palestinians.
Perhaps no author has made more art of dispossession than Ruth Prawer Jhabvala.
Traces of dispossession are all around us at the Limerick City Gallery of Art.
And whites legislated for, and codified, dispossession in a way that was also new.
These steps, they think, will slow what they call the "dispossession" of America's whites.
In contemporary urban environments, dispossession often takes the form of gentrification, homelessness, and negligence.
Dispossession of one's property is a trifling violation compared with theft of one's personhood.
Whites still own most of South Africa's land following centuries of brutal colonial dispossession.
If Iraqi politics only feeds their sense of dispossession, expect the violence to go on.
It specifically noted past dispossession of lands held by the Native American group protesting the line.
Over time, this implicit moral hierarchy was bound to incubate feelings of humiliation, dispossession and resentment.
Legalized discrimination and state-sanctioned brutality, murder, dispossession and disenfranchisement continued long after the war ended.
He achieved his victory by recognizing that dispossession can generate political power, something all populists understand.
It's a story of dispossession, and in the course of writing it she becomes more dispossessed.
Almost every family in Russia had its own history of repression, dispossession, forced resettlement and worse.
At its heart is Sunni Arabs' sense of dispossession, of which IS is the most grotesque manifestation.
The dispossession of old women continues despite laws that, on paper, protect them from predatory in-laws.
MoMA can choose to be defined by its silence over mass incarceration, climate change and global dispossession.
The chaos of the Middle East stems at least in part from Sunni Arabs' sense of dispossession.
The responses range from poverty, cops killing kids, white privilege, abusive relationships, militarized police, to land dispossession.
Northern Pass's supporters effectively say that the dispossession locals fear is no reason to halt the project.
People from whom these objects were expropriated always knew this, from the moment of initial dispossession onward.
But as a project of colonial dispossession, it is neither sustainable nor defensible in the 21st century.
The boys knew these tales of dispossession and heeded them as they did the báhádzidii, the taboos.
After so many other acts of dispossession, it was said that many elders died of broken hearts.
It does, however, serve to justify the dispossession at the heart of much of the American economy.
Wars raging in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen mean the process of dispossession has not yet run its course.
Yes, it taps into the gnawing sense of economic and cultural dispossession felt by many blue-collar workers.
For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, it marks the beginning of a cycle of dispossession and violence.
"Betrayal, grievance, dispossession: These were surely what counted for most," wrote the journalist Ian Jack in the Guardian.
The radicality that this moment demands, a true equity that ends dispossession, cannot be expressed in their voice.
For Palestinians, the foundation of Israel's supposed democracy was built on our suffering through dispossession, ethnic cleansing, and discrimination.
European colonization of the world has had disastrous consequences for Indigenous populations, ranging from cultural dispossession to outright genocide.
Rather, it is an attempt to reverse the origins of imperial dispossession itself by returning to the 1492 moment.
In late February, DHS directly addressed dispossession in a series of local repatriation arrangements with the government of Mexico.
The movement is founded on "white dispossession"—the idea that immigration and multiculturalism will leave white people marginalised and dispossessed.
Economic dispossession and virulent racism stand in relation to nihilism not as alternative theories but as reciprocal causes and effects.
Over the next four years, its 144 Jewish residents suffered dispossession, and the indignities and crimes of their Nazi overlords.
Maori communities seek compensation for historical dispossession, which is being addressed by a tribunal and conscious promotion of indigenous culture.
Statues of him have been vandalized, and some activists contend that his exploration factored into the dispossession of Indigenous Australians.
They did so in spite of the constant threat of forced dispossession at the hands of white mobs and officials.
It is against this backdrop of expulsion and dispossession that Israel's increasingly ruthless treatment of the Eritreans and Sudanese has unfolded.
Nobody in policy circles talks about the capitalization of land and how this links directly to the dispossession of people's rights.
But as more rights were secured by some, they were resented by others, who saw these gains as their own dispossession.
Tuesday is Nakba Day, when Palestinians commemorate their dispossession, and the protests at the fence are expected to be even larger.
Mr. Howard felt the left had made Australians feel too guilty about our history of exclusionary immigration policies and indigenous dispossession.
No battlefield victory against jihadists will be complete, and no diplomatic solution will be lasting, until the Sunnis' dispossession is dealt with.
Yet their dispossession is a reproach to Israel, which is by far the stronger party and claims to be a model democracy.
Treating all Sunnis as suspected ISIS collaborators will only restart the vicious cycle of marginalization, dispossession, and anger that leads to radicalization.
"It is resulting in further impoverishment and marginalisation of already deprived urban communities, resulting in dispossession and creation of ghettos," she said.
That coalition must hold the United States and Israel to the same standards, demanding an end to state violence, bigotry and dispossession.
As problematic as its budgetary obfuscation is, the deeper flaw of CreateNYC is its failure to address the displacement and dispossession crisis.
Adams's images bemoan a ruined West without really addressing whose West it was: Little in his work explicitly acknowledges Native American dispossession.
But it is also a damning comment on the apathy of London's middle-class majority about the dispossession of the city's poor.
Historical amnesia is no great thing, especially when it comes to our failure to acknowledge the violent dispossession of Australia's indigenous peoples.
These demands get to the heart of the relationship between policy and dispossession in a way that a city agency simply can't.
South Africa has a history of colonial conquest and dispossession that pushed the black majority into crowded urban townships and rural reserves.
After a century-and-a-half of colonial dispossession, First Nations reserves now account for just 0.2 percent of the country's land base.
Like Marx, Berman felt that nostalgia is a trap, since even indignation over a dispossession or loss, he recognized, can be more productive.
They talk about the feeling of dispossession that comes from having lived for a long time in a community and seeing it change.
The gorgeously open-hearted "The Arrival" (2019) reveals the impetus for seeking home in other people is often dispossession from one's own kin.
Egypt, he laments, suffers from the "deep-rooted international patterns of privileged accumulation and mass dispossession" that are a direct result of neoliberal capitalism.
Palestinians have chosen this method of resistance due to the Israeli state's historic and ongoing dispossession of their lands, which it conducts with impunity.
In that study, people in the El Paso Border Patrol sector suffered the highest rates of dispossession at the hands of U.S. government agents.
"Within white supremacy, there's this idea of dispossession, that you are being dispossessed of your goods, your opportunities, perhaps your land," Ms. Beirich added.
The lawsuit, they say, needs to be understood not just in the context of law, but in the broader history of African-American dispossession.
"They're all about documenting history through the pen line, and they're all about stories of political dispossession," Ms. Chute says on this week's podcast.
In doing so, he founded the colony of New South Wales and, at the same time, commenced the dispossession and marginalization of Indigenous people.
The declaration "is the root cause of our destitution, dispossession and the ongoing occupation," the Palestinian mission to Britain told a parliamentary committee in April.
On the available evidence, Trump supporters are driven by feelings of dispossession and anger at immigrants and other out-groups they blame for their hurts.
Poll after poll shows that young American Jews are losing their connection to Israel, largely over its systematic dispossession of Palestinian civil rights and property.
It's worth asking the same question of the British settlement of Australia at the same time as we acknowledge the dispossession of the original inhabitants.
Attending official celebrations and a citizenship ceremony in Canberra, Morrison said it is idealism and enlightenment, not cruelty and dispossession that have prevailed in the country.
Her most recent poetry collection, 1919, explores Black American experience of violence and dispossession before, during, and after the Chicago Race Riot of that same year.
"Dispossession is seen as necessary for development," said Michael Levien, an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and expert on land acquisition in India.
"Resettlement has become a euphemism for state-sponsored segregation and dispossession of the urban poor," said Shivani Chaudhry, executive director of Housing and Land Rights Network.
JON CARAMANICA Rage, desperation and hope against the odds drive "Dispossession," a hardheaded rallying cry previewing the album due in January by the Atlanta band Algiers.
And whatever praise Manasseh Cutler and his supporters might deserve, their designated Eden had an original sin: dispossession of the region's native inhabitants — paradise lost, indeed.
They represent not only the pain of dispossession, but also the urgency and solace of art-making, its potential to give form to experience and vision.
"The policies onto which [Trump] has stumbled, in a kind of innocent, America First way, are ones that will slow the dispossession of whites," Taylor told me.
"The creation of a homeland for one people resulted in the dispossession and continuing persecution of another – now a deep imbalance between occupier and occupied," he wrote.
Both the plundered objects and people forced from their homes (some now by their own governments) continue to bear the burden of imperial plunder and imperial dispossession.
The experiences of dispossession documented in PDIB interviews are consistent with the findings of a 2013 border civil rights study by researchers at the University of Arizona.
In this commodification of indigeneity, the viewer is invited to identify Native Americans not as people but as relics of history and witnesses of their own dispossession.
The story they tell — of land worked, gained and lost — carries the weight of the discrimination and dispossession that have defined the brutal history of sugar farming.
And we Democrats rub it in—celebrate this dispossession—because as the party of education, we are the party that makes working people feel bad about themselves.
At least Taubman cheated people who could afford it; Schwarzman, by contrast, has profited from the dispossession of thousands of people who can't afford to be cheated.
Subsistence farming isn't a relic of the past but a way of life made nearly impossible in Appalachia, not because of historical progress but because of dispossession.
As Israel celebrates its 70th birthday, Palestinians mourn what they call the "Nakba" (Catastrophe) of their people's mass dispossession during the conflict that broke out in 1948.
The biggest threat to migrants in New York City, after ICE and far-right nationalists, is gentrification — a direct manifestation of capitalism's history of extraction, displacement, and dispossession.
Ultimately IS feeds on Arab Sunnis' sense of dispossession, not just in Iraq but also in Syria, where mostly Sunni cities have been devastated in the civil war.
Also, the fact that the policies onto which he has stumbled, in a kind of innocent, America-first way, are ones that will slow the dispossession of whites.
I seek "your firm support and collaboration to jointly denounce and face this shameless dispossession of ... important assets of one of the members of OPEC", the letter said.
Mr. Gill, who had shared production credits for Gang of Four, produced other acts, including Red Hot Chili Peppers in 20193, and released a solo EP, "Dispossession," in 1987.
Known for producing sensitive work underscored by the absurd, her long-term projects focus on gender, representations of otherness, dispossession and ever-shifting sociopolitical dynamics in the Middle East.
For Indigenous Australians, the event isn't a celebration — it marks the beginning of their dispossession and discrimination, and many opt to remember it as Invasion Day, or Survival Day.
It was something else: an attempt to lay bare the patterns of exclusion and dispossession in French society that had deformed, degraded, and imprisoned his family and their milieu.
Their cases, in just one sector of the U.S. Border Patrol, form part of a larger trend of "systemic dispossession" — the methodical confiscation of private property by our government.
But many Aboriginal people say that date marks a legacy of dispossession and a destruction of their culture, and the designation of the national holiday continues to be contested.
That includes the dispossession of indigenous people from their traditional territories, and the lasting trauma associated with residential schools that ran from the 2453s to the 1990s, he said.
That includes the dispossession of indigenous people from their traditional territories, and the lasting trauma associated with residential schools that ran from the 2453s to the 1990s, he said.
Buthina Abu Milhem's art represents not only the pain of dispossession, but also the urgency and solace of art-making, its potential to give form to experience and vision.
He has, after all, advocated "peaceful ethnic cleansing," held Martin Luther King, Jr. responsible for "White Dispossession," and called for a state just for people of European descent (except Jews).
In the first skull series, called Dispossession (1990–92), a black skull in shifting positions, its jaw sometimes divided from the cranium, is contrasted to Stern's face, which never changes.
His recent work abandons the themes of resilience and love, replacing them with darker, more somber tones, confronting the unbridled destruction, dispossession, and deprivation at the core of exile's predicament.
As for "dispossession," 49 years after the Six-Day War, Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria—renamed the West Bank by Jordan—encompass less than five percent of the area.
By the early 20th century, violence against indigenous peoples, immigrants and African-Americans reached a new ferocity, and nativist and racist demagogues entrenched a politics of dispossession, segregation and disenfranchisement.
If their fortunes came from the direct dispossession of indigenous peoples, enslavement of African-Americans, production of fossil fuels or obvious exploitation of workers, they often express especially acute guilt.
"It's wrong to say that dispossession happened to all black people or that it was committed by all white people across the entire surface of South Africa," he told me.
He was forced to reckon with the reality that these demolitions, settlements and acts of violent dispossession were not rogue moves, but fully supported and enabled by the Israeli military.
I think was a great opportunity to highlight that many communities in Australia face entrenched poverty, ongoing dispossession, marginalization, racism, violence, addiction, and a range of other barriers to health and wellbeing.
"This is also an attempt at intimidation, with the aim of dissuading our people from taking any concrete steps toward resisting their growing dispossession and gradual extermination," Wolf said in the statement.
But in the plays of Foote, one of the theater's great chroniclers of dispossession and denial, people have a way of signaling their most profound fears without even knowing they're doing so.
Anti-Zionism proposes nothing less than the elimination of that identity and the political dispossession of those who cherish it, with no real thought of what would likely happen to the dispossessed.
Dispossession, integral to the project of colonization, makes the specter of stolen artifacts all the more uncanny: There's a moment of recognition, and then there's the grander, incapacitating reality that nothing has changed.
Politics are never far from the surface in lyrics that speak of dispossession and in the label — "Shamstep" — the band has given its music, which voices dreams of Arab unity across the Levant.
Visitors are welcome to sit and browse a library of books on race, dispossession and revolution (the politically alert contemporary artist collective Slavs and Tatars chose the texts) and take notes with pencils.
As whiteness becomes a badge of dispossession, earned or not, it's likely that future elections will only grow more hostile, each one a referendum on our constantly shifting triangulations of identity and power.
"If my freedom is your dispossession/and my body is the recipient of your whim/If my shadow is behind your figure/Why do you fear me?" iLe (Ileana Mercedes Cabra Joglar) sings.
This story is about "dispossession contingent on time," curator Ruba Katrib told Hyperallergic, and it is the thematic foundation and title for the 21860 biennial SITElines at SITE Santa Fe in New Mexico.
The impending threat of dispossession resonates strongly with both Ms. Bropho and her brother Herbert (who oversees camp security) after the closure of their own community, the Swan Valley Nyungah Community in 2003.
The filing comes after the Departments of the Army and Interior deferred a final decision on the controversial North Dakota section of the pipeline and highlighted concerns about the "repeated" dispossession of tribal lands.
In coordination with members of MoMA/BlackRock Divest coalition, baghdad screentests will screen over the coming months in communities around the city that are affected by dispossession, war, detention, and incarceration economies and policies.
But Ramaphosa, who has described land dispossession as the "original sin", has sought to allay any fears and said plans to accelerate land reform will not hurt food security nor damage the struggling economy.
But what most sears the memory is the stage picture near the end of a shrouded ensemble being herded away from the home they love — an image of dispossession with resonance the world over.
"Regrettably, Israelis overwhelmingly voted for candidates that are unequivocally committed to entrenching the status quo of oppression, occupation, annexation and dispossession in Palestine," said Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization's Executive Committee.
"Cities play a particular role in dispossession, because they are so densely settled by non-indigenous people, and it is very hard for indigenous people to achieve land justice," she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
The last part of his answer is the kind of hard line on Cuba that's popular among Cuban-American conservatives, many of whom fled the revolution and haven't forgiven the Castro regime for their dispossession.
"The days in which art and artists are instrumentalized to normalize oppression, displacement, and dispossession of any people are over," said co-organizer Amin Husain, a member of the Decolonial Cultural Front, during the gallery occupation.
It is also to be shaped by the calamities that followed: dispossession and genocide, the forcible break-up of families and the mass substance abuse, incarceration and poverty that still blight America's misnamed indigenous people today.
The land issue in Africa's most industrialized economy remains highly emotive more than two decades after the end of apartheid as white people still own most of South Africa's land following centuries of brutal colonial dispossession.
Over pounding minor piano chords, Franklin James Fisher warns "Dispossession is coming for you" in a soul shout, answered by a gospel-style refrain — "You can't run away" — sung by the Cleveland group Mourning [A] BLKstar.
It went off on the day Palestinians mark the "Nakba", or "Catastrophe" of their dispossession when Israel was founded 70 years ago, and the day after Israeli forces killed 60 Palestinians during protests at the border.
Books by Richard Hofstadter — The Paranoid Style in American Politics and Anti-Intellectualism in American Life chronicle the episodic waves of a dark strain of thinking in American history animated by grievance, dispossession, and conspiratorial thinking.
Federal authorities deferred a final decision on a controversial North Dakota section of the Dakota Access Pipeline on Monday in a statement that highlighted concerns about the "repeated" dispossession of tribal lands in the country's past.
"It's very important to understand the difference between the worldview of the indigenous communities and the extractivist model, which really means dispossession and the pillage of the natural goods of nature," Bertha Zúniga Cáceres told Democracy Now.
Hundreds of Indigenous cultural and spiritual sites damaged or destroyed by bush fires, so many black Notre Dames — the physical expression of Indigenous Australians' spiritual connection to the land severed, a final violence after centuries of dispossession.
But within all those fragmentations, Israel's policy towards Palestinians is predicated on erasure, dispossession and containment, so if they can't remove them, they will concentrate them into very small areas—that's certainly very obvious in the West Bank.
NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Samburu herders in Kenya are fighting for control of 22011,000 acres of land that a former president sold to become a national park, in a case fraught with tensions over conservation and colonial dispossession.
More are scheduled to take place in coming weeks, as Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary; they will culminate on May 15th, when the Palestinians commemorate the naqba (catastrophe), the term they use for Israel's birth and their dispossession.
Dribbling came to the game nearly as an accident: someone, at some point, figured out that the ball holder could perform a kind of temporary controlled dispossession and so move with the ball without technically violating traveling rules.
Pioneers frequently invoked their own property holdings to rationalize their rights to the land, positioning Native American transience as justification for dispossession: The Kickapoo could not truly lay claim to the land because they had not put down roots.
P.S.• We're listening to the fifth episode of the audio series for "The 1619 Project," on black land ownership and dispossession in the U.S. • The latest episode of "The Daily" looks back at the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
P.S. • We're listening to the fifth episode of the audio series for "The 1619 Project," on black land ownership and dispossession in the U.S. • Today's episode of "The Daily" is about how U.S. diplomats discussed the situation in Ukraine.
It may not have been their tribe that was involved in the infamous brutality inflicted on those who were killed at Wounded Knee—but they can understand the tragedy that took place and collective history dispossession and continuous hurt.
But for those of us who have been trying to slow the dispossession of whites, all of his policies — at least, those pertaining to immigration — align very nicely with the sorts of things we've been saying for many years.
"We denounce MoMA's connections to mass incarceration, global dispossession and climate catastrophe, and demand that MoMA's Board member Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, divest from prison companies, the war machine and the destruction of the global environment," the open letter read.
One is that the racist enormities on which America was founded, slavery and the dispossession of Indians, are so recent and unresolved—as evidenced by protests on tribal land and at Confederate monuments—that fights over national identity are inevitable.
For instance, take this passage in which Debord reflects upon a quote by the sociologist Joseph Gabel: The need to imitate which is felt by the consumer is precisely the infantile need conditioned by all the aspects of his fundamental dispossession.
It doesn't help that the ceremony will take place in the midst of increasingly violent protests in Gaza, the Palestinians' marking of the "Nakba" -- their national tragedy of dispossession of their land when Israel was established -- and the beginning of Ramadan.
"The followers of the demagogues mostly came from the old lower-middle classes, now in an unprecedented stage of frustration and fear, menaced by humiliation, dispossession and poverty," Arthur Schlesinger Jr. wrote in "The Politics of Upheaval," published in 1960.
CANNON BALL, N.D. (Reuters) - The September decision by the Obama administration to delay final approval for the Dakota Access Pipeline was intended to give federal officials more time to consult with Native American tribes that have faced dispossession from lands for decades.
As a multimedia storyteller and cultural organizer based in New York City, I work closely with many women-led grassroots organizations like CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities, Chinatown Tenants Union, Chinatown Art Brigade, and The W.O.W. Project on issues of displacement and dispossession.
Vannak Anan Prum's THE DEAD EYE AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA: A GRAPHIC MEMOIR OF MODERN SLAVERY (Seven Stories, $24.95) also centers on dispossession: In search of work, Prum left his Cambodian village, was lured into Thailand, and was captured by traffickers.
Mine Kirikkanat, a columnist and writer from the old secularist elite, crossed that line at a public event last year when she made fun of the language of Islamist dispossession on issues such as Turkey's old ban on head scarves in universities.
RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The International Criminal Court (ICC) said on Thursday it would start focusing on crimes linked to environmental destruction, the illegal exploitation of natural resources and unlawful dispossession of land in a move hailed by land rights activists.
There, Obama not only recognized the Palestinians as victims of an historic trauma of dispossession, displacement and subjugation as a result of Israel's creation and of the occupation that began in 19673; he declared an American obligation to support their struggle for sovereignty.
Related: Sanders' Top California Staffer Exits Before the Most Important Remaining Primary "All that mattered was the creation of a narrative of fraud and dispossession, which the Sanders Campaign fomented intentionally for its own political gain," Schrager wrote in the party's complaint.
The scope of the story was frankly biblical, all dead oceans boiling with poison and surging through cities, great bands of the earth becoming hot enough to poach humans to death in hours, wars and displacement and dispossession, ancient viruses awakening in freshly thawed permafrost.
Even among my own ethnic Hawaiian ancestors, the news has often been negative, from the fight over telescopes atop Mauna Kea to the news from Bloomberg about millionaires battling billionaires on the Kona Coast, with no mention of the initial dispossession of the Hawaiians.
Far from an isolated and remote struggle with which we might choose to be in solidarity, the occupation of Palestine and the movement against it bear deep affinities with movements against displacement and dispossession in the United States, from Standing Rock to the Bronx.
" And he chided any white person who might cheer this nation's changing demographics: "Ethnomasochism, the taking of pleasure in the dispossession of one's own ethnic group, is a disease of the heart that never afflicted the America of Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, or Dwight Eisenhower.
"This is the most comprehensive description I have seen of the prison aspect of the camps, making it clear that these are not schools and not students," said Darren Byler, an anthropologist and researcher on the Uighur crackdown and dispossession at the University of Colorado.
CANNON BALL, N.D., Nov 23 (Reuters) - The September decision by the Obama administration to delay final approval for the Dakota Access Pipeline was intended to give federal officials more time to consult with Native American tribes that have faced dispossession from lands for decades.
Alongside pastoral images of natural beauty — Indian burial mounds; deciduous forests; fields of corn and soybeans seen from the air — is a chronicle of violence, dispossession and disaster, stretching from before the European settlement of the continent to the political turmoil of the 1960s.
In 2012, this site-specific object was temporarily relocated to Berlin's Biennial — a prominent international art platform in a city whose own landscape is haunted by the history of expulsion, dispossession, and genocide (and, in the present, facing a rising wave of xenophobia and Islamophobia).
Set in an underground club 250 years from now, it slipped a political tale about environmental disaster, totalitarianism and dispossession into a concert setting, letting the clichés of pop lyrics (lost love, ticking hearts) do double duty as clues to the realities of a dystopian future.
The Palestinian plight, grounded in decades of ethnic cleansing, dispossession and apartheid, is brushed off with baseless counterarguments — claims that there is no partner for peace, that Palestinians teach their children to hate Jews, that Israel's excessive force is retaliatory, that settlements are a legal right.
And next year will mark the beginning of the 70th year of Israel's dispossession of the vast majority of Palestinians from their homeland to create a separate-and-unequal Jewish State that disallows Palestinian refugees from returning home and consigns Palestinians in Israel to second-class citizenship.
Once out of office, Obama needs to explain to Americans precisely how and why, as he said in Cairo, the Palestinians are an oppressed people suffering dispossession and occupation, confronted by the same choices that the likes of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Gandhi once faced.
"This act of dispossession has clearly indicated that the United States is indeed a gangster country that does not care at all about international laws," the North Korean ambassador to the United Nations said in a letter sent to Guterres dated Friday, according to North Korea's KCNA news agency.
The exhibition, which actually begins before the age of photography with Galileo's Sidereus Nuncius, solves this problem in part by reconstructing the sense of dispossession that must have been felt on viewing the earliest astronomers' hand-drawn reproductions of the lunar surface as it appeared through their telescopes.
Customs and Border Protection should issue a follow-up guidance note stipulating that Israeli settlement products should be affirmatively labeled as such in order for U.S. consumers to make informed moral decisions about whether they wish to support businesses complicit in and benefiting from Israel's ongoing dispossession of Palestinians.
Tembeka Ngcukaitobi, who is a judge and the author of "The Land Is Ours," a history of dispossession and resistance by black lawyers, told me that the law forced the Xhosa, the cattle herders who made up most of the colony's black populace, to give up their traditional livelihood.
Many of them are also participating in and learning from the #NoDAPL movement, and soon enough they'll be doing more of that work against Native dispossession at home, as fracking operations push closer to ancestral sites in New Mexico and a pipeline proposal for Navajo Nation land remains in review.
Hosted in the Park Avenue Armory's Wade Thompson Drill Hall, in Manhattan's Upper East Side, the day's festivities were in proximity to many leading arts institutions that have benefitted from Indigenous dispossession and, in some cases, Indigenous plundering, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, and the Frick Collection.
"There will be people who will say, 'There's nothing we can do to change this system from within,' and they are going to look to perhaps alternative options," said Nathan Damigo, the founder of Identity Europa, a California group dedicated to fighting what it calls the "dispossession" of white Americans.
While the United Nations cannot force Australia to take action, those leading the case say they hope it will apply pressure on governments around the world to protect the rights of marginalized citizens whose culture is tethered to a particular place, and for whom dispossession could reignite the trauma of colonization.
She adds, however, that ithe continuous decline is due in large part to the "neglectful underfunding of Indigenous languages" by the government, and the continued implementation of assimilationist policies that strip cultures of their language through the dispossession of land, whether through unsustainable development, inaction on climate change or racism.
A world that passively observes us move from crisis to crisis, as if each were unconnected and unrelated, helping to make war and refugees, and displacement, dispossession and climate disaster, neo-colonialism and white supremacy, and crushing debt that knows no borders, all the more palpable … but that is the state of art.
Put simply, the holiday commemorates the British colonization of Australia — and with it the dispossession of the indigenous population, a centuries-long story of subjugation and countless atrocities, like the Gippsland massacres in the 1840s, in which up to 1,000 indigenous people were killed by white settlers over the course of a decade.
Eric Glass is Lopez's stand-in for Margaret Schlegel, Forster's socially progressive and sometimes naïve heroine, whose dispossession from her family residence is key to "Howards End," and whose encounters with disparate Londoners—from Leonard Bast, a struggling clerk, to Henry Wilcox, an affluent industrialist—shape her understanding of her obligations to others.
The novel, then, is their picaresque journey, allowing for moments of pure soaring beauty to hit against the most mundane, for a sense of timelessness to be placed right beside a cleareyed version of the here and now, for a sense of vast dispossession to live beside day-to-day misery and poverty.
Recent moves to promote changing the date of our national day are informed by the fact that many Australians - both Indigenous and non-Indigenous - feel they cannot celebrate on January 26, because that date marks the commencement of a long history of dispossession and trauma for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
With the rest of their clan dead, missing or away fighting, and their home reduced to rubble, the grandmother has been entrusting to the child the story of her life, rendering in harrowing detail its half-century span of resistance and survival in the face of violent dispossession, colonization, foreign invasion and civil war.
The logic of populism is further distorted by a growing sense of dispossession on the right, as nativists worry that their country is being taken over by immigrants and cosmopolitan elites, and a growing sense of righteousness on the left, as the pure of heart discover ever more signs of impurity in the population at large.
Cruz's feminist view is one of the liberating aspects of his writing, as is a kind of magical realism that is not cloying but true to his characters, and to the fact of dispossession: sometimes we don't know who we are because we don't know where life has landed on our bodies, let alone in our hearts. ♦
The country was founded on the brutal genocide and dispossession of its native population, relied on chattel slavery as a cornerstone of its economic development, fought a deadly civil war, had the outcome of that war challenged by a largely successful campaign of terrorist violence, and by the 1940s was locking up the Japanese-American population in internment camps.
In this conversation, Azoulay, who is Professor of Modern Culture & Media and Comparative Literature at Brown University, joins us at Hyperallergic HQ to explain what we need to unlearn, and how artists, collectors, critics, and other arts professionals play a role in the continuing dispossession of colonial subjects, most often people of color, around the world.
"I'd go so far as to say that even if you could prove to me, and I couldn't conceive this for a moment, but even if you could prove to me that illegal immigration would help the economy, I would still be opposed to illegal immigration because it's about our dispossession as a people," he said.
Israel's dispossession and displacement of Palestinians in East Jerusalem is a microcosm of the bigger picture, both in the West Bank and inside Israel's pre-1967 territory, as evidenced by the recent violent demolition raid at the Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran in the Negev, which Israel is trying to destroy to build a new town for Jews.
For now, let's consider the People's Cultural Plan, a document that is deep and ambitious in its analysis of dispossession and is a true example of authentic engagement with the activists and communities of color that have dealt firsthand with these realities for decades, allowing them to lead the way on what should be in a cultural plan.
"It&aposs so divisive even today because Zionists think that the Balfour Declaration laid the foundation stone for modern Israel — and they&aposre right to think that — and by the same token non-Jewish Palestinians and Arabs see it as the foundation stone of their dispossession and misery," said Jonathan Schneer, a historian who authored a book on the document.
" The Army Corps of Engineers says it wants to discuss the issue further with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe before deciding whether to grant the easement, "in light of the history of the Great Sioux Nation's dispossession of lands, the importance of Lake Oahe to the Tribe, our government-to-government relationship and the statute governing easements through government property.
The movement's anti-Communist fixations, Hofstadter argued, stemmed less from real threats than from a sense of dispossession — a conviction that the country's turn away from traditionalism, its consent to regulation of the private sector and a vastly expanded federal government, couldn't possibly reflect the will of its citizens, and must therefore be the work of enemies inside the halls of power.
" In a disagreement with Hyman about the use and meaning of the terms "Negro artist" and "Negro American experience," Ellison tried to explicate the fine line between dispossession and inheritance: "I try to make the terms convey something of the complexity of Negro American life and expression along with their intricate connections with the broader culture of the United States.
The Guggenheim, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Brooklyn Museum, American Museum of Natural History, El Museo Del Barrio, the New Museum, and the Whitney Museum are among the institutions that have become sites of intense struggle concerning their complicity with violence, plunder, displacement, and dispossession, throwing into relief the embeddedness of these institutions in structures of settler-colonialism, white supremacy, and oligarchic rule that date to the very foundations of the city itself.

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