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"depressed" Definitions
  1. very sad and without hope
  2. affected by the medical condition of depression
  3. (of a place or an industry) without enough economic activity or jobs for people
  4. having a lower amount or level than usual
"depressed" Synonyms
sad unhappy down gloomy low melancholy dejected glum blue despondent downcast crestfallen disconsolate downhearted dispirited miserable woebegone discouraged moody morose hollow sunken concave indented recessed dented dished incurvate incurved caved in pushed in set back dipped hollowed settled lower cupped excavated curved dimpled deprived disadvantaged distressed poor poverty-stricken destitute needy rundown underprivileged derelict impoverished neglected seedy shabby slummy ghetto ghost shanty run down run-down weak weakened debilitated devitalized enervated flat impaired inactive quiet slack slow dull sluggish stagnant static slow-moving dead dormant unproductive lethargic lowered decreased devalued cheapened cheap cut diminished reduced depreciated discount discounted lessened slashed attenuated marked down suicidal dangerous deadly destructive fatal lethal madcap perilous reckless treacherous injurious pernicious harmful deleterious devastating noxious baleful baneful damaging detrimental deep sea-level subsided nether shallow ground-level low-lying coastal lowland below sea level flattened planed smoothed planate dilapidated scruffy tumbledown mean squalid tatty grungy mangy ratty threadbare sleazy tacky dumpy tatterdemalion scrubby prostrate overwhelmed helpless impotent overcome overpowered paralysed(UK) crushed dazed disarmed powerless speechless stunned defenceless(UK) defenseless(US) desolate desperate leaden boring heavy monotonous uninteresting labored(US) laboured(UK) stodgy tedious humdrum stilted wooden arid colorless(US) colourless(UK) drab dreary drudging dry saddened oppressed upset daunted desolated disheartened demoralised(UK) demoralized(US) grieved troubled chilled dismayed tried afflicted perturbed pressed prest pushed shoved shave shove shoven downbore downborne smooshed smushed thumbed leveled(US) levelled(UK) squashed tapped held down pressed down pushed down downgraded devaluated broke brake broken deflated degraded dropped sank inhibited bridled checked limited restricted curbed sapped slowed down slowed up More
"depressed" Antonyms
cheerful happy joyful jubilant cheery delighted glad elated jovial merry cheerly exuberant lively positive sunny bubbly joyous laughing satisfied blithe protruding bulging cambered convex protrusive raised protuberant prominent obtrusive jutting projecting overhanging jutting out sticking out pushed up standing out rounded gibbous full curving affluent advantaged privileged prosperous opulent rich wealthy flush loaded plutocratic monied flourishing moneyed lucky blessed upscale cash rich deep-pocketed filthy rich stinking rich thriving strong booming growing prospering healthy durable established stable burgeoning prolific enduring roaring solid concrete profitable inflated amplified excessive high increased overblown exaggerated exorbitant extravagant inordinate immoderate extortionate unreasonable enormous unfair boosted prohibitive steep outrageous enthusiastic eager excited keen enthused motivated exhilarated intent interested pumped willing obsessed thrilled zealous raring wild full of beans animated passionate fervent untormented untroubled content unafflicted unbothered unburdened contented peaceful unanxious unconcerned unflustered free undisturbed unworried carefree relaxed unagitated unencumbered harmless healthful helpful life-giving sensible wholesome elevated aloft skyward overhead on high up above engrossed absorbed engaged deep immersed involved consumed fixed focused(US) focussed(UK) intrigued lost occupied caught up rapt riveted submerged assiduous fashionable classy elegant high-class high-toned posh ritzy smart swanky swish top-drawer up-market clean good luxurious neat nice respectable busy active alive creative brisk energetic zippy chirpy buoyant alert spirited vivacious bouncy perky dynamic hectic bustling buzzing crowded frenetic chaotic frantic boisterous disordered manic riotous turbulent vibrant feverish frenzied rumbustious tumultuous brightened cheered gladdened cheered up heartened uplifted buoyed rejoiced lightened inspirited pleased lifted lift lifted up pulled up appreciated improved grew grown upgraded enhanced strengthened incremented magnified pumped up upped hastened quickened facilitated encouraged expedited accelerated forwarded advanced eased furthered sped speeded drove drave driven druv precipitated hurried

500 Sentences With "depressed"

How to use depressed in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "depressed" and check conjugation/comparative form for "depressed". Mastering all the usages of "depressed" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Depressed people can make their spouses or their partners depressed without them even fully realizing that they're becoming depressed in many cases.
"Direct costs associated with depression in old age in Germany". Journal of Affective Disorders 105, 2008, p.195-204. Depressed and non-depressed individuals had similar education levels and did not have significant differences in age and gender. It was found that 14% of depressed individuals used mental health specialist services, while 8% of non-depressed individuals used mental health specialist services were used by 2%; psychiatrists were used by 5% of the depressed elderly and 1% by the non- depressed; and psychologists were used by 2% depressed elderly and 0.5% non- depressed.
People often think they're depressed when they're sad, or sad when they're depressed.
"After the short program, I was quite depressed, so deeply depressed," Hanyu said.
One of the red buttons has already been depressed, and has remained depressed.
Precision measures which of the depressed subjects identified by the model were diagnosed as depressed.
Depressed moms (without treatment) just don't bond with their babies like non-depressed moms would.
Psychiatric diagnoses can ensnare people in circular explanations: they are depressed because they are depressed.
Do depressed people neglect their care, or do people who self-neglect then become depressed?
If you're depressed or a friend or family member of somebody who is depressed, it's hard.
We didn't know if Facebook was making people depressed or depressed people were retreating into Facebook.
Out in LA, it's nice every day, so if you're depressed, you're just depressed for real.
Nine were classed as seriously and three as moderately depressed; three months after taking a dose of psilocybin, one was seriously and six were moderately depressed, while five were no longer depressed.
"I hated myself for being depressed, I hated feeling depressed, I hated feeling," she told the outlet.
"I hope it's the best of all worlds: Agriculture is depressed and Russia is depressed," Rogers said.
For example, if someone is depressed, they are likely to feel more depressed the more they drink.
Empathy, as he conceives it, would cause a therapist treating a depressed patient to also become depressed.
In it, the researchers presented both depressed and non-depressed participants with a button and a green light.
In Buffalo, it's a depressed economy, it's a depressed place, I totally get why people don't like graffiti.
At first I wasn't eating because I was depressed, and then I was depressed because I wasn't eating.
"And so depressed people often feel guilty about being depressed and not performing the way they should," he says.
The series explores the lives of two slightly depressed Brooklyn bartenders running a — you guessed it — slightly depressed Brooklyn bar.
Student Opinion Have you ever had a friend who was severely depressed, or have you ever been badly depressed yourself?
It is hard to be depressed, but it is also hard for those who have been depressed to forsake their condition.
You take SSRIs to stop being depressed, and that works, but then you're depressed because you can't feel anymore. Lose-lose.
They also found that healthy and depressed individuals used filters differently (depressed people were found to less likely use filters at all).
But beneath the sillier experiences of sexual awakening lie Nagata's wrenching journey from depressed shut-in to… slightly less depressed shut-in.
Psychologist Bettina Pause and her colleagues strapped 32 electrodes across the scalps of 25 depressed study participants and 25 non-depressed participants.
While depressed volunteers were able to identify odors—just like their non-depressed counterparts—their brains were less responsive to the smells.
Primary care physicians can be mediocre at recognizing if a patient is depressed, or at predicting who is about to become depressed.
Possibly, I had a little more room in my life to just be depressed instead of anxious and depressed at the same time.
A 2000 meta-study found that depressed patients were three times more likely than non-depressed patients to be noncompliant with their treatment regimens.
To be diagnosed as "depressed," they had to exhibit typical signs of a depressed mood as well as changes in their appetite, sleep, and activity.
The thin, delicate, smooth shell is depressed and widely umbilicated. The whorls are rounded or angulated. The spire is depressed. The sculpture is finely decussated.
And so you can't solve the one problem without the other, you know, if you treat them, uh for addiction, but they're still depressed, they're depressed.
If you know why you continue to be frustrated and depressed at work, yet you do nothing about it, you'll continue to be frustrated and depressed.
It can be difficult to acknowledge you are depressed, and it is easy to deny that your children or other loved ones could be seriously depressed.
In one experiment, researchers had people who were not depressed and depressed people study different groups of words, some of which were related to each other.
Her team used "blood-based biomarkers to distinguish depressed patients from non-depressed, healthy controls ... [but] some of our biomarkers were also related to inflammation," she said.
The research team assessed 19 different risk factors for depression in different age groups, comparing people who had never been depressed with people who were currently depressed.
When participants were asked to press a button and rate the control they perceived they had over whether or not a light turned on, depressed individuals made more accurate ratings of control than non-depressed individuals. Among participants asked to complete a task and rate their performance without any feedback, depressed individuals made more accurate self-ratings than non-depressed individuals. For participants asked to complete a series of tasks, given feedback on their performance after each task, and who self-rated their overall performance after completing all the tasks, depressed individuals were again more likely to give an accurate self-rating than non-depressed individuals. When asked to evaluate their performance both immediately and some time after completing a task, depressed individuals made accurate appraisals both immediately before and after time had passed.
In a functional magnetic resonance imaging study of the brain, depressed patients were shown to be more accurate in their causal attributions of positive and negative social events than non-depressed participants who demonstrated a positive bias. This difference was also reflected in the differential activation of the fronto-temporal network, higher activation for non self-serving attributions in non-depressed participants and for self- serving attributions in depressed patients, and reduced coupling of the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex seed region and the limbic areas when depressed patients made self-serving attributions.
To the left: uncoupled keyboards. The depressed upper key lifts the jack A upwards. The depressed lower key lifts jacks B and C. To the right: The upper keyboard is coupled to the lower one by pulling the latter. The depressed upper key lifts the jack A upwards.
Scores above a cutoff between moderate (10 to 14) and moderately severe (15 to 19) are considered depressed, while all others below that threshold are considered not depressed.
That risk has been driven by depressed earnings, depressed asset values and increased health-care costs — causing 74 percent of Americans planning to work past traditional retirement age.
"For Pinterest, maybe more important than 'am I depressed or not' is what clinical practices are proven to be effective to people who may be depressed," he says.
Stop making Dan more depressed at the end of the night when he has to go home, he's depressed enough as it is that the night is over.
The long slender green leaves are about long, irregularly rounded depressed-obtrullate to depressed-cuneate in cross section, usually about wide and and are hairy at the base.
Depressive realism is the hypothesis developed by Lauren Alloy and Lyn Yvonne Abramson that depressed individuals make more realistic inferences than non- depressed individuals. Although depressed individuals are thought to have a negative cognitive bias that results in recurrent, negative automatic thoughts, maladaptive behaviors, and dysfunctional world beliefs, depressive realism argues not only that this negativity may reflect a more accurate appraisal of the world but also that non-depressed individuals' appraisals are positively biased.
Several studies indicate there may be a direct connection between color perception and mood, with depressed patients perceiving the word as a more drab, colorless place than non-depressed ones.
If there's any way journalists could soften the buildup to their scoops, like do what they can to keep us low-level depressed, instead of massively depressed, that'd be great.
But much of the most alarming pieces about phones relies on anecdotes or surveys with unclear causation, like do depressed kids use social media, or does social media make kids depressed?
"If you take two women with the same breast cancer, one's depressed [and] one's not, the woman who's depressed has twice the chance of dying from her breast cancer," Payne says.
Only once I start thinking about what and who I'm laughing at do I get depressed — and Tony, my seatmate at that first helping can attest — I got depressed pretty fast.
When asked to rate both their performance and the performance of others, non-depressed individuals demonstrated positive bias when rating themselves but no bias when rating others. Depressed individuals conversely showed no bias when rating themselves but a positive bias when rating others. When assessing participant thoughts in public versus private settings, the thoughts of non-depressed individuals were more optimistic in public than private, while depressed individuals were less optimistic in public. When asked to rate their performance immediately after a task and after some time had passed, depressed individuals were more accurate when they rated themselves immediately after the task but were more negative after time had passed whereas non-depressed individuals were positive immediately after and some time after.
She had never been depressed before — not like that.
As with the depressed in general, responses to depressed family members are often aversive. This is seen in that parents of the depressed tend to provide less support and neglect their children more than parents of non-depressed individuals. However, depression has also been found to reduce the chance that a parent will act aggressively towards their child, an outcome that is compatible with evolutionary approaches emphasizing depression's role as a potential signal of need or a bargaining strategy.
She just sort of shut herself off... A lot of people are depressed and don't have any idea that they're depressed, and a lot of it is just cutting off your emotions.
Depressed participants were much better at judging the degree of their control, while participants who weren't depressed tended to assume that they had more control over the light than they actually did.
Aside from the possibility that I might be clinically depressed, my biggest fear when it comes to seeking a diagnosis is the possibility that I might actually not be depressed at all.
"We have lots of studies that have come out in the last three years comparing depressed moms who didn't get treatment to those who were depressed but did get treatment," Gopalan said.
Her research even suggests that women who find their home environments stressful have more depressed moods during the day, while those who find their homes to be restorative experience fewer depressed moods.
A 2016 analysis found that 27.2 percent of med students were depressed or had symptoms of depression, but only 15 percent of the students who were depressed reached out for psychiatric care.
Depressed global demand has hit South Korea's manufacturers particularly hard.
Slightly more than one in 10 obese children were depressed.
Higher gold prices depressed physical sales in Asia this week.
You will always be depressed if your life is depressing.
Besides the physical pain he experiences, he has been depressed.
I was suicidal, depressed, and had lost almost 20 lbs.
The depressed responses were not simply a result of unemployment.
"Seeing the images, we were really depressed," Wesley said Friday.
I cried many times and felt so depressed while weening.
While detained, her husband became tired and depressed, she said.
"I get depressed when I look at Facebook," Alec says.
We're also more likely to report that we are depressed.
I was deeply depressed and contemplated ending things at 14.
We often say we're "depressed" when we're just feeling blah.
Exhausted, worn out, and depressed, he began drinking every day.
As a result, they often end up isolated and depressed.
According to the complaint, she is depressed and feels hopeless.
He goes from excited and manic to depressed and somber.
If we're talking depressed, I always go with Brian Wilson.
It depressed the hell out of me reading this book.
"Many of our people get depressed in America," he said.
Others say they have become depressed or unable to work.
They might also hold clues about whether you are depressed.
The entire landscape glittered, making me feel even more depressed.
It's a hard realization, but don't get depressed just yet.
But Arau admits to feeling depressed and out of sorts.
This has depressed demand for both equities and corporate bonds.
A depressed mum is less likely to stimulate her child.
Cut back to Rob, depressed and insecure about his weight.
The metal dasher sits in the depressed stainless steel bowl.
Inflation has been depressed by real factors, says Mr Borio.
"I don't get the impression he is depressed," Jones says.
Some people are depressed about the state of American politics.
Poor weather may have depressed European growth in early 2018.
I thought, 'What do I have to be depressed about?
"Deep down, I was so depressed and angry," he said.
She forgot what it was like not to be depressed.
It still didn't occur to me that I was depressed.
There's been low inflation, and bond yields have been depressed.
Depressed and suffering from chronic pain, she started using methamphetamine.
Fraser became "depressed" and blamed himself for what had happened.
Fortunately, this depressed pooch is one of the lucky ones.
Often, those who are depressed find leaving the house difficult.
Spectrum payments depressed free cash flow (FCF) generation in 2016.
Was he inconsolable and mopey and depressed all the time?
"I was so depressed when I got here," she remembers.
Daniela said she noticed her sister became withdrawn and depressed.
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They're going to be constantly angry, frustrated, maybe even depressed.
But what about curing the underlying element of depressed prices?
What Jimmy doesn't know is that Gretchen is severely depressed.
You know how many people in the hood that's depressed?
That's what really took me out of that depressed headspace.
Or why do some depressed areas recover, while others languish?
When I wasn't on it, I'd be anxious and depressed.
" The woman described Ford as an "alcoholic, violent(ly) depressed.
A global wheat glut has depressed prices for several years.
Plus, people felt less depressed, and their mood was better.
Despite this, margins may not stay depressed for much longer.
The gods of being a depressed weirdo are incredibly generous.
Right now I'm not happy, but I'm not depressed either.
Had she been secretly depressed or suicidal for other reasons?
He's called at least once when I was deeply depressed.
Also, I work really well when I'm depressed or annoyed.
Transgender students and employees at public institutions were outright depressed.
His son, who worked at the reception desk, looked depressed.
Last year, Hurricanes Harvey depressed August sales by 2 percent.
And when she felt depressed, they added even more medications.
But all the money and gold diggers left him depressed.
Because of it, the global price for aluminum is depressed.
And Betts had mentioned to Creekbaum that he was depressed.
In it, Baron Cohen visits a depressed town in Arizona.
"I was told I was anxious and depressed," said Atha.
Do you know why Americans are outraged, frustrated, and depressed?
Refugees said they were anxious, depressed and unable to sleep.
Tell me what you think: 'BoJack, the Depressed Talking Horse.
On days when I feel depressed, it would be blue.
Putting aside these macro issues, I was also deeply depressed.
As a kid, I was depressed and riddled with anxiety.
Large gambling venues are particularly concentrated in economically depressed neighborhoods.
" He soon left S.A.B.: "I was depressed; I was embarrassed.
She moved back to the U.K, poor and severely depressed.
I got really busy, got depressed, got a new apartment.
I was not depressed at that time in my life.
Depressed property values offer lower mortgage payments and tax bills.
That ascendant leadership offers a bright spot for depressed conservatives.
It found that two became depressed and considered killing themselves.
"It makes me feel gross and depressed but it's necessary."
He would feel depressed and get agitated over small things.
People with bipolar disorder are depressed most of the time.
Or you would hear 'he or she is probably depressed'.
As a result, George becomes depressed, and her popularity plummets.
Maybe a more informed society is a more depressed society?
Russ remains emo today, even though he isn't depressed anymore.
A depressed person wouldn't stop to fondle lilies, would they?
The effort left her depleted, depressed and desperate for answers.
So why, he asked, were depressed people treated as pariahs?
People who are clinically depressed do alienate their friends, yes.
Those who remain on Earth are sickly, depressed, and desperate.
Would straight women be titillated or depressed by cyborg hookers?
People regularly report that they're depressed from doing these jobs.
And they get to college and they're hugely depressed. Interesting.
Broke and depressed, he resolved to get his act together.
"You have to really fight being depressed," Mr. Lanier said.
Depressed doctors make more mistakes and have less satisfied patients.
He became depressed — and doctors turned to Kaleb for help.
Many of those deals involving veterans were for depressed prices.
I quit my job last year because I got depressed.
"I was depressed, I was so bored," Ms. Rowan said.
Why did the response to a depressed economy fall short?
Tencent shares remain depressed amid a government crackdown on gaming.
Anyone who is depressed can embrace these and other possibilities.
"We mostly just moped around lonely and depressed," Jyoti said.
In her final days, Dalal seemed depressed, withdrawn, and down.
Without it, I'm D.O.A. I feel anxious, depressed, and exhausted.
While many experts anticipate severely depressed prices, others see opportunity.
Kate also said the show made her feel more depressed.
"I felt depressed when they tried to escape," he said.
To be depressed feels like a small price to pay.
But after learning about the Herald story Krzykowski became depressed.
"Aside from being depressed, I'm just angry," Ms. Fernandez said.
And depressed users tended to post more frequently, they found.
"I've lost weight because I'm scared and depressed," Nasimi said.
I don't like going to work feeling sad or depressed.
Feeling "terribly depressed and angry," he turned to writing novels.
Today is the most depressed I've ever been in politics.
No wonder so many of us are anxious or depressed.
In some situations, the hormone makes rodents anxious and depressed.
"Right now, trade across nations is very depressed," he said.
Going to Mauritius abruptly made them depressed, many became alcoholics.
Depressed prices are forcing some operators to cut capital spending.
Feeling blue and being depressed are not the same thing.
They're even harder when you're depressed or anxious or lonely.
Sometimes you will feel broken, depressed, forgotten, but persist anyway.
Even Elisabeth's depressed mother finds a reason to be undepressed.
And she was depressed, maybe not clinically at that point.
Feeling depressed and wishing you were anywhere but at work?
Finally, the depressed robot Douglas Adams promised me has arrived.
Wong said she felt depressed reading about the recent deaths.
"We were very depressed by what we saw," he said.
Read a book, cook a meal, or learn something. Depressed?
"It's not still up because I'm depressed," Ms. Getty said.
I am not depressed, not even a little bit melancholy.
"It feels like your body is depressed," Ms. Rone said.
Why is austerity in a depressed economy a bad idea?
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"I got depressed because I sold the shoes," Allan admitted.
JON FAVREAU, President Obama's speechwriter: We were all very depressed.
It described Rhodes James as "hopelessly defeatist, depressed and disloyal".
The Pearsons weren't just depressed about the death of Jack.
Ruminators are much more likely to become depressed than distractors.
Columella white, hemispheric or depressed and irregular, the surface granulose.
He was among the main organisers of the Conference of the Depressed Classes at Nagpur on 8 August 1930 presided over by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. This conference passed the resolution to have separate electorates for the depressed classes. This conference formed All India Depressed Classes Federation and Hardas was elected as a joint secretary of the federation. The second conference of All India Depressed Classes was held at Kamthi on 7 May 1932 and Hardas was the president of its reception committee.
Through cyberbullying and discrimination researchers have found that depression rates among teens have drastically increased. In a study done of 1,464 random users on Twitter, 64% of those people were depressed, while the majority of depressed users were in between 11 and 20. The study was associated with a lack of confidence due to stigma for those who were depressed. In fact out of the 64% that were depressed, over 90% of them were extremely low in profile images and shared media.
In 2014, another U.K. study looked at 15,000 children around 9 years old and found that those who were not depressed but showed raised inflammation were more likely to be depressed a decade later.
The head is small and depressed and the snout is conical. The body is elongate, from moderately to greatly depressed. The skin is either smooth or tuberculate. The eyes are small and dorsally placed.
The height of the shell attains 1 mm. The small, white shell is deeply umbilicated. It has a depressed discoidal shape with a rather flat top. It contains 3½ whorls with a depressed apex.
And again, it looks like one of them, Mr. Clinesmith, was writing unbelievable text messages that he was so depressed after the election, he was stressed and depressed, and basically saying the resistance lives on.
They get anxious and some get depressed and they get irritable.
People who knew Mechkah told Reuters he looked depressed and angry.
People get depressed in life because they don't know what's up.
But wait wait wait: artificially depressed speed limits due to construction.
Do you ever feel depressed like Hannah does on the show?
Evan Hansen is an anxious and depressed teenager with no friends.
That really depressed people's belief that this was going to work.
"My king passed away, so I was... so depressed," she said.
One minute I like a painting and the next I'm depressed.
Sales in Hong Kong, the industry's most important market, remain depressed.
Even at today's depressed prices, oil and gas companies are overvalued.
Participants reported significant reductions in tension, anger, fatigue and depressed mood.
Doctors are terribly disenchanted and disillusioned and burned out and depressed.
If they're not a little anxious, they get a little depressed.
People say they're crazy or depressed, that they have psychological problems.
I was sick this day, I was depressed this other day.
To think that someone can't be depressed enough to kill himself.
It is common for families to feel burdened, stressed and depressed.
I thought about dying obsessively, which made me depressed and scared.
She said I was postnatally depressed and I went, 'Am I?
But if you become distressed or depressed you can end it.
It's meant to steer you to one if you appear depressed.
And then we go on social media and make ourselves depressed.
Will your birth control make you more likely to be depressed?
I didn't think it was fair and I became very depressed.
" He continued: "It really put me into a slightly depressed state.
"I could tell that she was struggling and depressed," Stone says.
She comes to supervise the fixing of GRTA, a depressed machine.
"She stays depressed when she's out there by herself," Howell said.
She's clearly angry, or maybe depressed, but her motivations are unclear.
She gets a little depressed but she's a person of faith.
Much of that was dished out in its depressed north-east.
"I was very depressed and very, very angry," Mo tells PEOPLE.
"You get very anxious and depressed" watching this unfold, he said.
But instead of getting depressed about the situation, I embrace it.
Even though the summer may be winding down, don't be depressed.
Hours later, I emerged from my phone screen frazzled and depressed.
"Folks are just depressed," said Robert W. Baird analyst Brian Skorney.
Initially, he was too depressed to play, but she forced him.
You get depressed; you get osteoporosis; you have no sex drive.
Suggestions that wages have been depressed appear to be similarly unfounded.
Concern about global oversupply has depressed oil prices since mid-183.
People also reported that online harassment made them anxious or depressed.
After the show was cancelled, were you vocal about being depressed?
Glastonbury, which had been such fun at the beginning, depressed me.
VIX remains at historically depressed levels, closing at 9.61 on Friday.
If you're depressed, you don't want me to sink into depression.
Goh noted that the news appeared to have also depressed the .
Every one of the restaurant's roughly 2322,2541 employees seemed downright depressed.
Tens of thousands of American workers will have their wages depressed.
"It would make me depressed," the "Back to You" singer continued.
I said to myself, 'I am depressed, I hate my body.
I can get a little depressed when I'm not working out.
Depressed asset values there make this a tempting moment for acquisitions.
Maybe they're depressed, maybe they're anxious, maybe they have social anxiety.
If the economy were severely depressed, that could be effective stimulus.
But check out why Ron's not that depressed about William's passing.
Can a smartphone detect whether a user is suicidal or depressed?
They were also 17% more likely to feel sad or depressed.
"I was depressed," Sir Paul told BBC Radio 4 Mastertapes series.
Family members say he is depressed and in poor physical condition.
In "Piece of Shit," BoJack's too depressed to even kill himself.
But the thought of going off male hormones made him depressed.
That it's for people who're depressed or who have psychological problems.
So, I went online and took an, "Are You Depressed?" quiz.
Depressed LNG prices are encouraging demand for the fuel, they added.
Being depressed and being maternal don't exactly go hand in hand.
I personally benefited from counseling services as a depressed medical student.
He appeared to be depressed and was in poor physical condition.
If they can keep us depressed, they can keep us manipulable.
Maybe it would have been funny if I wasn't extremely depressed.
So would you say you were depressed about being a songwriter?
Have you ever felt tired or depressed after a giant meal?
The measures have stubbornly failed to lift the depressed economy, however.
And the more alone I felt, the more depressed I became.
This depressed lug turned into a princess with joie de vivre.
It's no wonder I felt depressed, let down, at a loss.
Or, depressed parents may lead children to act like they're happy.
"When I see these patients they're severely depressed," Cohen told me.
They don't want to tell their team they're scared or depressed.
So he proceeded to try it on dozens of his depressed
As well as hitting renewable output, the heatwave also depressed demand.
"I was fully depressed and was not admitting it," Gilbert says.
The potential problem is that 'I'm depressed' now means 'I'm sad.
It's okay to feel elated one minute and depressed the next.
Losing my self-reliance had me in a depressed mind state.
Would you describe yourself as an anxious or depressed human being?
I'm not upset, or depressed, or angry, or ambivalent, or anything.
I had fun, but still came away feeling depressed and empty.
If you're depressed, anxious, and isolated, that's not going to happen.
I was depressed at 8, but I was fine by 9.
I became severely, clinically depressed for the first time in 1994.
She feels depressed and restless, and often fights with her father.
And then he would message me: 'I'm really sad and depressed.
Jobs will be lost, wealth will be destroyed and confidence depressed.
You'd be miserable, you'd be depressed — you'd act like a teenager.
She was devoted to his memory, but, Sampson writes, often depressed.
But there's another major factor in Yahoo's depressed share price: taxes.
Shot Bro—Confessions of a Depressed Bullet evolved from these writings.
Some TikTok users have become depressed when faced with online criticism.
A depressed office worker at ATN shot himself at his desk.
Outside of these depressed pockets, though, the economy is plowing forward.
It's either gotta be going crazy good or I'm fucking depressed.
As an anxious and depressed person, I know this frustration well.
But, you may argue, the U.S. economy isn't depressed right now.
No, I'm saying that because the Turtles seem a bit depressed.
I became increasingly depressed and even attempted to end my life.
The patient no longer had cancer, but, she was still depressed.
When women cry, a man's testosterone drops, which makes him depressed.
Not all of them are depressed or otherwise impaired in judgment.
An estimated 6% of Americans grow depressed during the winter months.
Cheap oil, for instance, has often depressed sales of electric cars.
One, I needed to go on medication; I was seriously depressed.
Weeping, she explained how she was depressed and had considered suicide.
An increasingly depressed and scared Bunn didn't tell anyone about it.
We have plenty of time to be depressed after the holidays.
A depressed greenback makes domestically produced metals cheaper for foreign buyers.
They spoke about how they both had felt depressed and suicidal.
Depressed participants were more likely to post photos containing a face.
By then Blouin was depressed and having trouble making ends meet.
Closed factories and housebound consumers have already depressed Chinese economic activity.
And if we're depressed, can improving our diets improve our symptoms?
His next, How to Be Depressed, will be published this spring.
My wife has become very depressed and she cries every day.
I have been broke and loaded, clinically depressed and radiantly happy.
He'd finished a final draft of a novel and was depressed.
"We are just sitting at home depressed now," Mr. Alaa said.
About 60 percent of depressed patients feel markedly better within hours.
The usually buoyant SpongeBob SquarePants may wind up deflated and depressed.
It was one of the few things liberals weren't depressed about.
But unlike many of my progressive friends, I didn't get depressed.
"The market had been depressed for several years," Mr. Montanaro said.
"I cheered up right away — I wasn't depressed anymore," he said.
"People point and snicker and I am terribly depressed," he said.
More kids are said to be anxious, depressed and cutting school.
It is difficult to say how much the controversy depressed turnout.
In 2009, broke, fat and depressed, he picked up the phone.
The dog's depressed, and the cat almost lost to the streets.
But it depressed valuations for between 18 months and two years.
I think that smartphones have also created a more depressed society.
What happens happens... I mean, even lottery winners get depressed, right?
Depressed volatility is also covering up falling correlations across asset classes.
Usually I'm fine, and when I'm not, I'm typically just depressed.
And If I don't like it, I will just be depressed.
No, I did not get depressed spending time with old people.
He was often depressed and vacillated with regard to his future.
Eventually one homosexual young man gets depressed and a drama escalates.
He also took drugs until he died, making Kate feel depressed.
Additionally, this crop diversification helps farmers when coffee prices are depressed.
Shock Button was depressed before the defibrillator was ready to defibrillate.
And the study still can't tell us whether women today are more depressed than in the past or if they're simply more willing to admit they're depressed, thanks to a reduced stigma around mental health issues.
However, patients with MDD do not always exhibit reduced cardiac interoceptive accuracy; depressed patients experiencing high levels of anxiety will actually be more accurate on heartbeat detection tasks than depressed patients with lower levels of anxiety.
There are also some scientists who argue that these lines of inquiry have it backward: Kids aren't depressed because they watch too much TV or obsess over video games—they're stuck to screens because they're already depressed.
In the first sample, men who were depressed at the time of their interview were almost three times as likely as to die early—10 to 12 years earlier, in fact—as men who were not depressed.
"It is true that people can get depressed after loss, but there are very significant differences in the behaviors that we're talking about when someone's depressed after loss than what is seen in prolonged grief," Goldstein said.
The height of the shell attains 35 mm, its diameter 44 mm. The solid, heavy shell is depressed, broadly umbilicate, and has a conoidal shape. It is black or purplish. The spire is more or less depressed.
Unless Meda's share price is excessively depressed, Mylan appears to be overpaying.
"I'd really be depressed if I wasn't on antidepressants," Feldstein's character replies.
"I guess everyone tends to feel depressed about it," Baez told Gizmodo.
I was so depressed, all I could think about was killing myself.
Some people grow paranoid and depressed, or they stop eating and sleeping.
After that, I was very depressed and did what I knew – eat.
Hashtags like #cutting and #depressed are paired with black and white images.
What do you actually have to be depressed about at your age?
What do you actually have to be depressed about at your age?
It depressed many stocks that were already on track for sizeable losses.
It's been way longer than this too and I am totally depressed.
"I've been very depressed because I cannot stop losing weight," Cardi said.
" Adding, "I would find myself just sitting alone and just being depressed.
In a depressed global shipping sector, Iran offers a rare business opportunity.
" In a recent interview, Posner said of Friendly: "He was very depressed.
The vast majority of suicide takes place in lower income, depressed areas.
I don't want to see any extremely depressed former congressmen from Tennessee.
I was depressed and felt completely out of control of my body.
With all the medicine, she'd just get down and depressed about things.
" Camp's sister also indicated the her brother "might have been depressed recently.
I discovered I was anhedonic and chronically depressed — I couldn't feel happiness.
That didn't feel good, and that had me in a depressed place.
She clocked 105 hours of overtime in October 2015, before becoming depressed.
Eventually the company found that it seemed to make depressed people happier.
When we don't have enough of them, we start to feel depressed.
I was so depressed and emotionally numb that I just gave in.
It could analyze if you're depressed or pregnant and much else. pic.twitter.
For example, a person who is experiencing depression won't always "look" depressed.
They tend to withdraw from work altogether and become depressed and anxious.
Anecdotally, Pittsburgh remained a fairly depressed steel town until at least 2000.
Whenever that thought flutters in my brain, I'm simultaneously depressed and infuriated.
Without this process, it's easier for someone to become anxious or depressed.
"She said Roy was depressed that his brother wasn't there," says Rachel.
Unemployment, higher fuel prices and depressed agricultural earnings have become acutely painful.
"I think our computer is horribly depressed," Dr. Fujita tells Dr. Mantleray.
This time I'm a depressed young man and a forgetful old woman.
On last year's single "Cloudy," you talked about being lost and depressed.
And maybe, when we're depressed, we're just less likely to be deceived.
There's people who pretend to be depressed to party and get attention.
She noted that Selis was "distraught" and "depressed" over a recent breakup.
Being depressed is not a beautiful tragedy, it's hell and it's agony.
The winners are often overbearing and the losers deeply angry and depressed.
She finally passed away in 2000, leaving her elder son deeply depressed.
" Earlier this year, adds the insider, "she seemed troubled and almost depressed.
Baghdad has a $20 billion budget deficit caused by depressed oil prices.
Sluggish income growth and rising mortgage rates have depressed demand and prices.
I occasionally got emotional two or three days after, but never depressed.
"He looked kinda depressed when I saw him," Beau said of Cooper.
" Police told ET that Marisha said Jesse "may have been depressed lately.
VICE: What is the significance of the "while" in "depressed while black"?
" And yet, "God forbid you mention to a colleague that you're depressed.
Israeli security authorities said she was depressed after quarreling with her husband.
The primary election count depressed the local peso and sovereign bond prices.
But I was definitely depressed for a few months after the election.
Kirk had been depressed, particularly since his mother's death three years ago.
A growing body of research suggests that using Facebook makes us depressed.
So what might make a depressed person turn to a cartoon instead?
You don't really have opportunities to be depressed or stuff like that.
Having a chronic inflammatory disease would likely make anyone depressed, he said.
In the richest homes I meet the saddest and most depressed people.
I was waiting for the day where I would get so depressed.
If a friend is hurting and depressed then that courses through you.
It looks how it feels to be that depressed, like soggy cardboard.
She is living in an economic depression, but refuses to be depressed.
"People who go through these events can be depressed, anxious," she said.
When I was a bloated, inflamed, neurotic mess, I was always depressed.
But they were depressed a lot, and they just couldn't maintain friendships.
I think every depressed person has internalized that idea in some way.
So I'm kind of in a mood to paint less depressed characters.
And I was really sad and felt like I might be depressed.
I can't remember how I felt when I was depressed in January.
She felt depressed and suicidal, leading to breakdowns at school and home.
This has depressed the value of many currencies, notably the Turkish lira.
Ideally, it would be one called Weatherman about a depressed, country meteorologist.
Expanding broad-band would help depressed rural communities connect to economic activity.
DeAngelo is "depressed and right now, fragile," attorney Diane Howard told CNN.
A mining slump has depressed Caterpillar's profits and forced rounds of layoffs.
Crossing 6+ time zones seriously messes with my amygdala, making me depressed.
The depressed price of oil, Iran's main export, is not helping matters.
If the computer gets depressed, what is the computational equivalent of Prozac?
The prospect of a brokered convention has depressed many in the GOP.
Then a long, tortured path to divorce made her anxious and depressed.
I was so depressed that I sat on the couch all evening.
Patients can feel depressed and sluggish because their levels are too low.
At the start of her jail term, Ms. Rubero felt suicidally depressed.
Volkswagen brand sales rose 2000 percent over depressed numbers from last June.
Automation is not the driving force; its depressed wages and working conditions.
"I was sad after it ended, but I wasn't depressed," he says.
This comes at a time when we've become an undeniably depressed people.
Yeah, maybe I am a little depressed, but who in prison isn't?
Are teens who are more depressed spending more time on their phones?
After my stroke, I was depressed for a year and a half.
His family told the New Yorker that Kalief was paranoid and depressed.
"We are a bit depressed right now in the industry," he said.
Actually, I think we were all just depressed, at the very least.
It's depressed investment in building and expanding broadband networks and deterred innovation.
The situation is so depressed, it cannot get worse, the logic runs.
"I didn't know he was so depressed," his friend, Nicolae Hent, said.
Brayan sounded tired, perhaps because he is depressed or exhausted from crying.
The anxious, hyperactive 7-year-old could become a depressed, lethargic teenager.
"But I feel depressed, stressed out … I feel lost about my baby."
But what about all those reports of suicidal thoughts or depressed mood?
Dads are depressed but redeemable, moms are pretty much a lost cause.
We also know sleep deprivation does other things to the depressed brain.
He depressed his thumb; sure enough, the Subaru gave an obliging beep.
I feel ever more depressed and angry when I look at it.
It's a very depressed area; this factory has the best jobs here.
They're often depressed, but that's just about the only characteristic many share.
Depressed doctors have patients who are less likely to follow medical advice.
Her dog had failed this part of the training and became depressed.
She was depressed after her baby was born but nothing like this.
Frustrated by many symptoms and few answers, she grew anxious and depressed.
I was in the most depressed, anxiety ridden place of my life.
Marianne finds her crowd and Connell becomes the depressed and isolated one.
When I first got to prison, I was in that depressed state.
They are dramatic, they preen, they get depressed, they fall in love.
But not all compulsive daydreamers are depressed or have OCD, Somer argues.
"I shut down and became depressed," Shanee says of her ectopic pregnancy.
She was depressed and beaten down, and had just about given up.
Losses from that bear market depressed 21928-year returns until this spring.
It can make you feel quite depressed and a bit sick mentally.

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