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"could" Definitions
  1. used as the past tense of ‘can’
  2. used to ask if you can do something
  3. used to politely ask somebody to do something for you
  4. used to show that something is or might be possible
  5. used to suggest something
  6. used to show that you are annoyed that somebody did not do something
  7. (informal) used to emphasize how strongly you want to express your feelings

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984 Sentences With "could"

How to use could in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "could" and check conjugation/comparative form for "could". Mastering all the usages of "could" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It could be juridical, it could be economic, it could be spiritual, it could be moral, it could be political, it could be existential.
It could be agriculture, could be perennial, could be afforestation, could be a combination.
Snakes could go around things, trees could grow, glass could melt, things could levitate.
Human beings with brains that could think and could judge and could manage and could imagine.
That we could be angry, we could swear, we could look ugly, we could wear flat shoes.
That could be sexual orientation, it could be relationships, it could be job offers, it could be becoming a dad.
"It could be a man, it could be a woman, it could be transgender, it could be nonconformist," he said.
I could see it; I could touch it; I could feel it.
This could be Spanish, this could be California, this could be Chile.
It could be interactive; it could be images; it could be writing.
This could be today, it could be tomorrow, it could be tonight.
It could mean just walking, it could be surfing, it could be skateboarding.
Higher rates could mean marginal producers could sink and energy inflation could accelerate.
Families could go; tourists could go; non-English-speakers could get the point.
It could be benign, it could be small, or it could be massive.
It could be Airbnb, it could be HomeAway, or it could be Booking.
Could be downloads, could be news flicks, could be a combination of brands.
They could hand us over to the (Syrian) regime, they could kill us, they could sell our organs, they could traffic us.
It could be clothes, it could be whatever, or alcohol, it could be whatever.
We could never, I don't think we could imagine how bad it could get.
They could have left, they could have done this, they could have done that.
It could be the physical stuff, it could be mental, it could be medical.
Could be on slope, you could be on a hill, you could be in water.
Serial could be 2300 minutes long, it could be 20093, it could be an hour.
You could be cisgender, you could be gender nonconforming, you could be gender fluid, you could fill in what type of gender pronouns you wanted.
Children could have been hurt, she could have been hurt, he could have been hurt — it could have been a nasty situation and a bloodbath.
I could not mask it, I could not change it, I could not fight so well that I could earn the respect of my classmates.
"It could be targets in Africa, it could be in Latin America, it could be in the Gulf, it could be anything," the official said.
You could send slow, you could send fast, you could send like you were drunk, you could send like you are beating two spoons together.
I could run, I could sweat, I could shout, I could laugh, and where a mistake in golf could ruin a whole round, on the hard courts it never cost me more than a point.
I decided what they could and could not film and [what could] be in the movie.
Heinz mayonnaise could be delicious, the ratio could be absolutely perfect, and the name could shift.
Everything could crumble down, our house could be seized, they could be evicted again or worse.
It could be economic inequality, it could be climate change, it could be restoring the infrastructure.
That could be asthma, that could be diabetes, that could be a whole range of needs.
We could pitch it, and it could possibly go somewhere, but it very possibly could not.
That could be on a fantasy level, it could be a conversation, it could be anything.
This could mean that he and Angela could have children could conceive the way humans do.
I could always play it, I could always express it, I could always get it out.
They could have come to me and they could have told me, and I could have briefed the president or they could have briefed the president.
And these trends could strengthen -  they could gain momentum they could consolidate and they could threaten the fundamental freedoms, and democracy that our grandparents fought for.
He could be doing anything he wanted: He could have a nice life in D.C., he could work in a hospital, he could be a doctor.
He could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, could charm the world as a beautiful youth when he won the gold at the Summer Games of 1960, he could spout doggerel and he could beat bad Sonny Liston, could be cruel to opponents, could defy the draft board, could come back and regain his heavyweight championship.
It could be sterile or it could be angry or it could be preachy or it could be cold, but this is how we all experience it.
It could be a mud puddle; it could be a bright red tractor in the rain; it could be your girlfriend's face; it could be a cat.
I could just make snowmen and I could snowboard and I could be in the X-Games.
You could like anime, you could like skateboarding, you could be into the architecture in modern homes.
"It could be a woman — could be a Black woman, could be a white woman," he said.
He could hit that long ball; he had a great arm; he could field; he could run.
"It could be anywhere, it could be on the airplane, it could be anywhere," he told WTVD.
"We could change your gender, we could change your ethnicity, we could turn you into almost anything."
It could be three or four weeks, it could be two months, it could be five months.
It could be more fuel-efficient, it could be safer, it could be easier on the drivers.
You could touch it, you could write on it, you could fold it, just like a book.
Could be "Goodfellas," could be "Wild Hogs," could be that police procedural he's on with Jennifer Lopez.
It could be a criminal gang, it could be a foreign government, it could be almost anybody.
He could hit us, he could move us, but we could never get our hands on him.
She was a symbol of what they could be, what they could study, where they could thrive.
It could be three, it could be two, it could be four if things really pick up.
Evidence could be documents; it could be witnesses; or there could be no need for additional evidence.
It could be Biden, it could be Warren, it could even be Julián Castro or Amy Klobuchar.
Those issues could, and I'm not saying will, could create more volatility and could present greater problems.
Yeah. You could ping someone, you could email 'em, you can go through Basecamp, you could talk.
"In relation to this, the windows could be closed, the light could be turned off, the water could be drained out, the heating appliances could be turned off, the garbage could be thrown away, essential services could be turned off and many other things," she wrote on social media.
For future years, it could be an execution like we did this time, we could go back to a presentation, we could do more Treehouse Live, we could go to a digital event, we could do something new.
It could be religious trouble, it could be racial, it could be political, could be economic -- walling yourself off in the world is not a recipe for success.
A woman could be sexual, she could be a villain, she could escape from confining marriages — she could be other than what gender prescriptions laid out for her.
"There could be a time when a fixed FX regime could be appropriate, or there could be a time when floating FX regime could be right," he added.
I could have Hillary on my show, and I could tousel her hair, and I could make jokes.
I wish things could be different that I could have made choices you could be more proud of.
Could you take advantage of existing supply chains, how could you integrate there, how could you serve hospitals?
It could be me, it could be [son] Sean, it could be anybody, so there is that concern.
She could have been a music student; she could have been a tourist; she could have been travelling.
So he said we could get Lloyd could get with me and we could put a band together.
I don't know what it is, it could be medicine, it could be journalism, it could be something.
Secrets could beget lore, fuck-ups could be kept private, and drama could be swept under dingy rugs.
"It could be depression, could be drugs, could be simply that their schoolwork is too hard," he said.
What they could anticipate, you could do it like Facebook Live, they could have anticipated a bullying incident.
" But the film could say something about "the process of living and existence, through the work we could do — you could depict it, the actors could live in it.
" Asked why the Iranian groups chose to attack now, Milley said, "There could be a lot of reasons, it could be coronavirus, it could be rogue Shia militia groups, it could be Soleimani's birthday, it could be a lot of things.
We could talk about it, we could be weird about it, or you could just go ahead and nurse.
You could do a feminist reading, you could to an Lacanian reading, you could do all sorts of things.
Analysts expect Treasurys could sell off, the dollar could firm, and stocks and commodities could rally if Clinton wins.
If he could claim victory—if even Rachel could claim victory—then maybe someday we could do it too.
Of those, breaking up could do it, China's wall could do it, do you not track could do it.
Children could then be vaccinated and go to school, refugees could resettle and relief organizations could do their work.
They revolutionized what hip-hop could sound like, what it could be about, and how much it could matter.
"It could be a person, it could be an advertising campaign, it could be a movement," she said. Her
You could peek in and you could go into that door if you liked, or you could choose another.
"It could be regions, it could be functions, it could be areas of emphasis," Ford said in an interview.
"If we could all do that we could make America great again, we really could," he said, to applause.
Always be thinking about what could come next, how you could expand, how you could take your idea global.
They might be in the tech sector - it could be biotech, it could be fintech, it could med tech.
Could that person be someone with disabilities, could that person be someone of color, could that person be LGBTQ?
Like when you're a store and you've got your six ambassadors they could be triathletes, they could be a runner or they could be CrossFit, they could be a yogi.
Several potential scenarios could unfold: May's government could collapse; the U.K. could face a disorderly exit; a second referendum could happen; or the entire Brexit process may get scrapped altogether.
"You should never forget that IBM could have built Microsoft and Microsoft could have built Google and Google could have built Facebook and Facebook could have built Snapchat," he said.
It could be a Muslim, it could be a white supremacist, it could be a depressed guy, it could be a kid who got a gun from his mom's purse.
"We had a view that markets could go up, markets could go down, markets could be overvalued, markets could be undervalued," said Gene Sperling, an economic adviser to Mr. Clinton.
"David Pearson could beat you on dirt, he could beat you on pavement, he could beat you on a road course, he could beat you on a short track or he could beat you on a superspeedway," Petty told Sports Illustrated in 1998.
She could be a Supreme Court Justice, or she could be a really great, powerful attorney... or she could be in prison!" shared Witherspoon, before adding that Woods "could be anything.
Or the agency could buy it—CAA [Creative Artists Agency] could buy it, or [Scott] Boras could buy it and they could put it on their guys and help them out.
Looking back, I think that not knowing how crazy the industry could be—how twisted it could be, how dark it could be, how lonely it could be—really helped me.
He could be a deadly three-point shooter or he could be a Jason Kidd–level orchestrator or he could be shutdown perimeter defender, or he could be all of those.
"If Bezos could focus $10 billion on critical technologies that are available right now, he could make them scale, he could make them cheap, he could make them widespread," notes Foley.
The scene could be the aftermath of a battle, but, to the artist, the figures "could be sleeping, could be dead, could be dreaming," in the desert or on a road.
Could you imagine not having any close friends who you could feel like you could call up and talk to?
"It could be a Republican, it could be a Democrat, it could be a freaking Green Party member," she said.
"Before Mr. Gray entered that vehicle, he could walk, he could run ... He could bear his own weight," he said.
She could read the mind of her original, could see what she saw, could feel the body inhabiting her actions.
"The weather could turn, competition could shift, there could be an abundance of inventory in the wrong place," she said.
But he mastered the ball—he could cut it up, he could spit on it, he could dirt it up.
Textile manufactures could also design fabrics that shed less, clothing companies could utilize them, and consumers could be more mindful.
That's a service that could be joint, it could be something that we provide or it could be government led.
It could function, it could be stable, and it could be improved But that's not the world we live in.
"It could be a Middle Passage boat, it could be a refugee boat, it could be Noah's Ark," BMike said.
The little boy could be shot, could be strangled by a man's bare hands, or could be mauled by dogs.
It could be real, it could be fake, it could even be real for one and fake for the other.
I said your brother could be anywhere, he could be asleep under the carriage, he could be on the seat.
It has successfully launched missiles that could hit Japan, and could soon perfect models that could reach the United States.
I could lose an engine — I could lose three.
She could have a lurking malady — as could Trump.
Those victims could be elected officials, they could be school students, they could be patrons at a gay nightclub, they could be attending church or a concert on the Las Vegas strip.
"It could be the case in six months, it could be the case in two years, could be the case in three years, could be the case in three months," Gronkowski said.
I thought if I could make one every night, if I could make something beautiful every day, I could keep going.
" Says Gleeson: "I wished that I could get some answers, that we could talk about it, that she could come clean.
The gunmen could kill, the bombmakers could murder, but neither could threaten the United States of America in any serious way.
I could have taken off work, I could have cut days in half I could have spent more time with him.
You could choose your modules, you could connect them the way you wanted, you could design the way you used them.
The ALI could pick the debate up next year, it could rework the language, or it could outright drop the proposal.
States could opt out of several key Obamacare provisions that could change the cost and quality of insurance Daniel could get.
And it's true that companies bought back stock, because they could — they could take on debt, which they could write off.
An Amazon spokesperson even joked you could ask it how much a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
Trump's campaign reboot could succeed, funds could roll in, and momentum could build as the Republican Party preps for its convention.
"They could attack it one drug at a time, they could attack chronic care, they could attack emergency rooms," Dimon said.
"It could be in the US, or it could be in Liberia, or it could be in Nepal," Greene-Cramer said.
Maybe Maya and Fred could be friends, they thought, or they could be dating, or they could be brother and sister?
"Jaya, we could learn French with all this time, we could travel the world, we could save the environment," she said.
Coronavirus could spread in a way that damages economies globally, trade wars could re-escalate, or some unforeseen catastrophe could emerge.
"The Post" could make news, "Dunkirk" could battle to pull ahead or "The Shape of Water" could swim to the top.
"It could really have different enzymes, different compounds that could be used in medicine or could inspire new technology," he said.
There were three possibilities: I could be arrested, I could be stopped from traveling or I could safely leave the country.
He could use board members, he could use people to help raise funds, he could use mentors for his young people.
An argument could be made that one of them becoming president could be the one thing that could bring back unions.
We could leave here, one of us could get pulled over by the cops, and it could instantly be an incident.
After that, and a couple people could vouch for us, and I could go to some games, I could meet some people, I could shake some hands, and people could basically get a read that we weren't going to do that, it changed things tremendously.
Once you arrive at the ten-minute mark of Octo Octa's new mix for THUMP, you're greeted by a voice amidst a funky house beat: "I could be this, I could be that could be that / I could be a he, I could be a she / I could be anything—who do you think I am?" it closes, confidently.
Such a person could contrive to live comfortably beneath it, could suffer under it, could try to cast it off, or could "transmute" it into art, as James felt that Hawthorne had done.
It would help if you could create a network of potential cars that these seekers could access and browse so that their search could go global and their specifications could be exactly met.
So you could enjoy a show, you could enjoy a gourmet dinner, or you could dance to disco music, or you could just go down into the Playmate bar and have a drink.
You could go in that game, you could buy a car legally and you could obey all the traffic laws ... or you could just drive crazily through the city, which most people do.
A computer that could cope with the messiness and the complexity of English could transform the tech world; one that could improve his own performance in the process could upend nearly everything else.
"I'd rather be in a place that I could help my community better, where I could help senior citizens, where I could help Little League, where I could help community groups," he said.
They could hear Ohlinger, but he could not hear them.
"This could become a messy issue that could cause tension."
Whenever he could help someone, he'd do what he could.
They could be selling Echos, they could be selling devices.
"That could be communication, that could be physical," says Avgitidis.
One thing they could do is, they could issue subpoenas.
And if I could do it, they could do it.
If each one could start -- this journey could become marvelous.
Declaring they could live with troops could undercut that narrative.
I could have done this, I could have done that.
This could happen in 2019 — or could take even longer.
So, could you could talk about the operations of that?
Could be a short time, could be a long time.
It could be that we could see much more violence.
If you could make it here, you could stay here.
"It could be nice, it could go well," Zahir says.
He could be the one or he could not be.
The spring could break and the chips could fall out.
You could always listen, you could stream music before this.
It could be about the people; it could be processes.
They could go to jail or they could go home.
But things could be worse: it could be windy, too!
You could come over and we could just do nothing.
This dinner could be better, but could also be worse.
He could treat it, but he could never defeat it.
Could we be downloading content that could portray ourselves differently?
It could be awful, or it could be something special.
It could be Russia, but it could also be China.
I could, but I could also use YouTube for vlogging.
Could have had a warning so parents could be aware!!!!
My world could be amazing and I could be fat.
If they could help Ru, maybe they could help James.
And if you could see them, you could target them.
He could feel my pulse; I could feel his bones.
If it seemed like you could climb something, you could.
Trump could drop the appeal, which could halt the payments.
"Could be today, could be tomorrow," Picardo told BBC Radio.
If money could buy happiness, he could certainly afford it.
"It could be repurchases, it could be dividends," he said.
KAINE: Elaine, if I could — if I could jump in.
What could your manager could have done to help you?
He could choose to negotiate or perhaps he could stonewall.
They didn't know I could hear them, but I could.
I could open the door and he could go outside.
Figuring out what she could do, who she could call.
I could talk to anyone, I could admit to anything.
Other people could be like, 'Damn, that could be me.
I wanted sound that could be felt and could comfort.
If lightning could strike once, it could possibly happen again.
EK: I could see two ways that could look, right?
An inning could be shorter or they could be longer.
Anyone could become a driver, anyone could order a ride.
"Could be July, could be longer than that," Trump said.
I feel like it could be could be really dope!
All I could remember was that I could not stop.
Could be a rock, could be ... well, judge for yourself.
We could fix the cats and we could fix humans.
We could actually make business where we could provide services.
You could travel in them, you could travel with them.
People could steal, they could be sadistic to our vets.
If he could help, he would do what he could.
But if anyone could solve these nasty problems, Americans could.
It could be a nonevent; it could be a disaster.
He could memorize it faster than he could read it.
We all could do something that Andy could not do.
I wished I could drink, but I could not drink.
He could even be a husband I could like again.
But could not own it, ... could not live in it.
I could write it but I could not say it.
But what could he do now, what could anyone do?
"It could keep going, or it could not," he said.
Could I run this fast; could I shoot this far?
I could not be what I could not see onscreen.
Could a "leader" be cruder, could his morals be weaker?
Global trade could rebound and the manufacturing sector could recover.
How could anyone not think a woman could become president?
Everyone could be a winner; everyone could get rich quick.
"I could see I could make money," Mr. Guardado said.
She could lose her protected status; she could be deported.
Your elders could be killed, your sisters could be attacked.
You could get an S.T.D. You could maybe even die.
It could undermine an operation that could be saving lives.
"Some production could come back quickly, some could take months."
You could say all that makeup could be war paint.
Compost could scale up; food could return to being food.
She could try to speak lower, or she could shout.
It could be 2020, it could be a year later.
Her depictions could be my life, they could be yours.
Could be the intoxicants, could be that person beside you.
Brexit could do what centuries of Irish conflict could not.
Asked if he could be trusted, Johnson said he could.
Essentially, I could go Chopra or I could go home.
Could it become something that someone could make use of?
People who could pay a lot, could pay a lot.
So it could be venting, it could be ... who knows?
She could stand there and she could love Charles Wallace.
We could do alt left, we could have Bernie Sanders.
Now I could see that your skin color, not who you were, could define you and even decide whom you could marry.
It could be the case in 2 years, could be the case in 3 years, could be the case in 3 months.
From the ancillary interviews, they could vote for a third party, they could vote for Trump or they could just stay home.
"It could be regions, it could be functions, it could be areas of emphasis," Bill Ford said in an interview on Tuesday.
He could rap, he could sing pop, he could be the new lead singer of the Four Seasons if he wanted to.
"We don't know the reason, it could be the water, it could be a mosquito, it could be something else," he said.
THE RISK: The streaming service could have technical snafus, could have a hard time attracting subscribers, or could flop for other reasons.
The music could be dramatic and romantic, the voice-over could be cold and observational, and the scene could be very funny.
It could be social e-commerce, live broadcasting, could be a host, could be somebody who just selling their ideas and whatever.
Under current law, some jurors could decide on one aggravating factor, others could decide on another, and some could choose no factors.
"We could do this on Earth, we could do this on the [International Space Station], we could do it beyond." she said.
Fans could meet bands, musicians could meet each other, bands from out of town could come in and check out the scene.
He could catch now and he could punt it about 123 yards and he could throw it about 50 or 60 yards.
You could blame it on McCraven's coherent taste as a bandleader, or you could take could come to a more metaphysical understanding.
Trump could fail, the Dems could come back, and then the G.O.P. Or Trump could thread the needle and win two terms.
"The visual alone — I could see how that could come across to people, and it could be a turnoff," Ms. Jackson said.
That transaction, which is awaiting regulatory approval that could come early next year, could impact how much Broadcom could pay for Qualcomm.
So the brain could learn Japanese, it could learn English, it could learn Swedish, whatever; it learns from what it's exposed to.
You could basically watch, with some exceptions, like Game of Thrones, you could watch a show ... You could watch The Sopranos, yep.
But once I was diagnosed, I could fully understand that they could coexist and I could celebrate two parts of that world.
It licensed all participants and decided what cabs could charge, where they could go and which type of vehicle they could use.
You could stop there, but an investor could also want a fair STAKE and that little spasm could also be a TIC.
Hadfield could score; he could fight; he could essentially assume any role necessary in an era when stars skated together for years.
He could do baleful blue-eyed soul, he could do liquid silk smooth italo disco, he could do sandy bottomed balearic incantations.
Suggesting that these documents could have been tampered with, that they could be false, it could be part of a Russian operation.
"I could run for mayor, I could run for legislator, I could run for Senate," the former sheriff told The Washington Examiner.
Because she was at ease, Oma could still joke, she could still laugh, and she could still make light of the situation.
The US and China could reach a deal, or it could all fall apart and the trade war could escalate once again.
And that&aposs one of the issues and one of the companies that has warned and telegraphed, if this drags on, jobs could suffer, business could suffer, we could suffer, this country could suffer.
I could be sharpening up on my French language, I could be sharpening up on speaking Portuguese, I could practicing Isometrics, I could be chilling in my beautiful body that I've been blessed with.
"It's the kind of document that we could show to our CEO, and he could get the big idea, or we could show to someone in the office, and they could get it," says Perkins.
That could fall into two camps: the Fed could assure markets this was merely a preemptive cut, fueling confidence in the economy, or it could signal more moves to come which could raise recession fears.
I mean, it could be Russia, but it could also be China, but it could also be lots of other people, it also could be someone sitting on their bed that weighs 223 pounds, OK?
"Could be a pop can, could be a beer can, could be part of a car, could be part of another airplane," or a mobile phone, said Pat Connell, the general manager of Jet Yard.
But we should be on guard for the ways it could make things worse — how self-driving cars could induce sprawl, how the "internet of things" could provoke apocalypse, how social media could ruin democracy.
Well, no, you could go in that game, you could buy a car legally and you could obey all the traffic laws, or you could just drive crazy through the city, which most people do.
He could team up with Shadowheart, he could lunge at her and drink her blood, he could try to pick the lock on the door, and he could try to look for another way in.
A product ... It could be mostly consumer good products, could be in the beauty space, could be in the food and beverage space.
" Well-constructed houses could see major roof damage, trees could snap or be uprooted, and complete power outages could last for "several weeks.
We realized we could do both, we could have an energy and aggression but you could also mix in good, catchy melodic songs.
I could work with resin and mixing cups and I could be mixing up resin or foam or paint, I could do that.
After a lot of work, I could eat on my own, I could control a wheelchair, and I could even drive a car.
But Florida prosecutors thought they could do something that California and Alabama prosecutors could not: They thought they could get a death sentence.
Objects could appear out of nowhere, one of them could suddenly teleport, or seemingly nothing could happen as they stroll through the island.
"It could be Russia, but it could be China, could also be lots of other people," he said during the first presidential debate.
You could scroll through Twitter and consider your own mortality; you could fear for the end of the world; you could get drunk.
"It could be a movie that could premiere on Netflix, or it could be a theatrical wide release on 3,000 screens, " Kaplan said.
It could be the Duke thing, it could be the confident on-court demeanor, it could be because he's playing for his dad.
So their businesspeople could not come for meetings, students could not attend American universities, and tourists could not come to see the sights.
The president's poll numbers could increase, as could the GOP's, if Republicans adopt this policy — which could help their mid-term election prospects.
And it could even "democratize" entertainment—Gonzalez said that the higher degree of personalization this could inspired could "help reach currently underrepresented populations".
You could watch it just to watch it, you could also watch it just watching the hair story, you could watch the costumes.
Rates could return to zero, the balance sheet could be expanded, and so-called forward guidance could provide clear communication about future policy.
This we could work with; if we could get down there and measure the stones, we could theoretically calculate a rough foot length.
They do say the Fed could tighten too much, the economy could slump or trade wars could intensify, chill demand and hurt earnings.
Wafa, 26 and studying in Berlin, said she could not sponsor them to Germany until she could prove she could support them financially.
So how could anyone believe they could help hundreds of thousands?
No. That I could never ... Katy Tur could never be president.
It said the plan could change as Trump could make adjustments.
I mean, grassroot could take it could be a local surfer.
"That could escalate and could get out of hand," he said.
It could rain, it could be sunny — layering is the key.
They could obviously do color, they could do racial facial characteristics.
Could Trump appoint someone that could someday be adverse to ... Trump?
"We could start at one and we could grow from there."
That&aposs how reprehensible-- (CROSSTALK) HANNITY: It could -- anything could be.
It was never about what Mueller could or could not find.
They could propose only bills that could attract some bipartisan support.
They could potentially lose, they could have a bigger Republican majority.
If she does, interest rates could jump and stocks could wobble.
It could have easily gone that way, and it still could.
"Controller: "If you could, could you start a left hand turn?
It could be a poem, or it could be rap lyrics.
It could be the next -- it could be Iran is next.
But both, you could argue, could be classified as different genres.
You could probably hear us faster than you could see us.
Williams said the Fed could could rethink those the two hikes.
"It could be these silent memories could come out," he said.
Being a survivor herself, she could have empathy, she could relate.
Brands could sponsor them, or artists could release limited edition tracks.
I could be dead, I could have had a heart attack.
These could go online and the whole world could see them.
This could mean the infection could spread rapidly without them knowing.
It could be something sophisticated, or it could be something simple.
Though the party could not survive without ideology, the KGB could.
There could be safety cars, could be all sorts of things.
And it could run with me — it could run without me.
They could be your doctor, they could even be your lawyer.
Investor fortunes could be lost, and they could be lost quickly.
It could be very dramatic or it could be very funny.
It could have been Director, it could have been something else.
If you could prove your case, you could win him over.
It could go really good or it could go really bad.
He did what he could for as long as he could.
If so, oil could break out, otherwise the inverse could occur.
You could imagine when she was younger she could stop traffic.
She could find no joy, and she could not be cured.
If anyone could secretly get married, Webster and Jenner absolutely could.
These Syrian refugees could only take what little they could carry.
I don't think my kids could do it, but I could.
It could be a job, or it could be a relationship.
You could have your meetings there, you could stay overnight there.
Even if I could, I don't think I could justify it.
Producers who could show they had intensified yields could be exempt.
Could you survive — could you stand up for yourself with Harvey?
It could be entirely unrelated, or it could be deeply central.
The ages of those who died could could not be confirmed.
He could take a joke, and he could make one, too.
"If I could do it, anybody could do it," she says.
DERSHOWITZ: I could get -- I could get you out of jail.
It could have been seed funded, could have been growth staged.
It could be thereal Alice's, or it could be the imposter's.
I could have done more and I could have done better.
That, in turn, could mean insurers could dump customers, Levitt said.
It could account for that recurring revenue when nobody else could.
It could make him stronger but it could also break him.
How could North Korea could turn digital cash into hard cash?
"They could be ISIS; they could be ISIS-related," Trump said.
If RedLock could find them, so could hackers — and they did.
"It could be tomorrow it could be four months," he says.
Schools could get teaching aides; poor neighborhoods could get grocery stores.
Still, things could be worse for LG — it could be HTC.
I could get those few moments where I could be myself.
But where nature could not oblige, perhaps, Chapot realized, science could.
If the government could make absurd claims, then they could, too.
In the future, you could see how that could be used.
Technology could reinvent medicine—or it could become a patient's nightmare.
The shade I could impart if I could pick the direction!
Still, Russia could be searching for vulnerabilities that could be exploited.
Here's what else is happening: Could be better, could be worse.
That could force Box to cut costs — which could mean layoffs.
Nobody could get VA accountability, and nobody could get VA Choice.
Rule 28503 could, itself, be amended, as could any other rule.
They could see the problem, but they could not solve it.
But no one else could perceive the situation as she could.
Now, outsiders could believe that any one of them could be
I could meet him there, and we could rent a car.
If you could hit a Wiffle ball, you could hit anything.
I could not -- I could not have done this without her.
You could argue debating points, and people could have those conversations.
But you could see how it could become the other way.
This could be a nightmare but it could also be perfect.
Much of the energy we could derive could come from ocean.
Nenadi could hear her anger even if the animal could not.
Congress could vote to censure him, which could force a resignation.
It could be a saxophone, it could sound like church music.
We could have an immigration bill, we could have child separation.
Richter could disown the film, and Donnersmarck could validate his sourcing.
They might say, if I could run, then you could run.
Although it could boost sales, the move could hurt Wendy's profits.
If you could buy a car, you could drive said car.
Shareholders could be wiped out and bondholders could take a hit.
But the stories the house could tell, if it could tell.
You could come up with some stuff that nobody could wear.
Transformers could be manipulated in ways that other toys could not.
The move could pay off, or it could blow up spectacularly.
It could all come crashing down because I knew it could.
He thought he could do better than the politicians could do.
Phelps could empathize with Hackett in a way few others could.
It could be a pie or it could be a casserole.
If she could do it, I thought, I could do it.
Generous people could become ungenerous, and brave people could become frightened.
Angry people could become gentle, and controlling people could become Zen.
The coronavirus could become a pandemic; it could also taper off.
It could be a matter of months, it could be years.
They could potentially save the world, they could potentially save lives.
You could get a divorce, you could marry Miriam, everybody wins!
It could be a car note, it could be a mortgage.
It could happen tomorrow, or it could happen in two years.
Shareholders could come away winners or losers — and so could customers.
Could be beer, could be lemonade -- eh, who the heck knows?
It could be they're on patrol, it could be they're detectives.
Not only could she sing — she could also really, really dance.
She could be awful, or she could be a merciful goddess?
But she could have fun, too: "Sheila could boogie," he said.
PARSONS Nobody could see you, so — BURROWS Nobody could see, so.
Veterinarians could still prescribe antibiotics, but only pharmacies could sell them.
If she could use it, she could take Dacian to school.
He could not be moved across county lines, then he could.
The report itself, however, could very well could remain under wraps.
I could create an environment where all these things could happen.
Crime could, I suppose, fall further, but it could also rise.
L.A.F., Hanoi could take the south before the Americans could escalate.
There's nothing I could say now, and nothing I could do.
But it could also could turn out to be very positive.
There are people wounded, people that could -- lives could be saved.
They could bring other lawsuits that could actually affect government operations.
You could go in on your own if you could see.
Could you find a few who could do the pull-ups?
This could be -- emphasis on "could" -- a historic opportunity for Trump.
I could have been you and you could have been me.
Winds could feel brisk, and temperatures could reach the low 80s.
If it could happen to me, it could happen to anyone.
I asked her if she could break a hundred—she could.
I don't know who that could help, who that could inspire.
Here's what Google could do: Google could make a counter offer.
You could go on, you could literally go on and on.
I could argue that, but I could see him doing it.
We could start at one and we could grow from there.
I could lean to wild extremes I could do or die.
You could be reasonably certain he could get that form signed.
There's a host of other ways I could have obtained that information ... I could have received it from Michael Cohen; I could have received it from Michael Cohen's counsel; I could have received it from others.
This capability could touch every department, so sales could build a contract or customer on-boarding workflow, marketing could build a document approval process and engineering could coordinate code reviews and product launches, as some examples.
"We could be playing Monday, we could be playing Tuesday, we could be playing Wednesday — and we could not be playing at all," Orioles Manager Buck Showalter said Friday afternoon, as rain washed out batting practice.
It could have been candy, it could have been the plastic vampire teeth he was wearing, or it could have been something else entirely.
Before cars, city streets acted as bustling social hubs where neighbors and families could gather, vendors could sell their goods and children could play.
It was a place where you could, whatever you needed could to look like, for so many folks who'd been told they could not.
It's like you could be in the city, or you could go for a hike, or you could go to the Golden Gate Bridge.
It could be chic and someone wanting to see [multiple brands] could go from booth to booth to booth, then you could see more.
To that you could add *because they could* — having been handed the crowdfunds to do so (and thus to think they could do so).
I think it's good to be confident, but she could fall, she could break a hip, one of the dancers could knock into her.
And it could be a space, it could be a room, it could be a device… but it wasn't singularly one after the other.
"We could either buy big homes, cars, and expensive dinners, or we could save everything we possibly could and achieve financial independence," he said.
It could try another merger to cut its tax rate, it could enter one or more potentially heated auctions or it could split up.
High exposure to antibiotics could result in antibiotic resistant bacteria, which could potentially lead to dangerous pathogens that could be passed along to people.
You could see how local people, given the knowledge and the ability, could actually do a lot for themselves, how effective projects could be.
You could work extra hours at your day job, you could take on a part time job, you could start your own freelancing business.
The documents say that environmental reviews could be skipped and that DHS could use waivers to bypass contracting laws, which could help speed construction.
"They could hear people gasping, they could feel people leaning forward in their seats, they could hear the noises on the ramp," Lawson said.
It could do so once two quarters of data are in, it could do so now, or it could never do so at all.
Like what if you could you could trade for a player knowing that you could bump his spin rate a couple hundred rpm overnight.
In a post-Covid-19 world, globalization could be curtailed, the dollar's dominant reserve status could be challenged, and fiscal policy could become looser.
If Amazon and Salesforce could move away from Oracle, it could be proof that other big businesses could, too, one consultant told The Information.
"Song Reader" uncoupled the idea of music from the idea of recordings—songs could be social, they could be pliable, they could be temporary.
An interview with regulators could ignite a new SEC investigation into Tesla, could be used in ongoing investigations or could go nowhere at all.
"You could be over there, at any moment there could be a court ruling, another decision; the president could do something else," he said.
"It wasn't about the Dodgers; it could have been the Cubs, it could have been the Astros, it could have been whoever," Bradley said.
Post-war, second wave feminism did away with some of that—women could work, they could have a baby, they could have it all.
Yeah, there could be shortcuts, but those shortcuts could have a lot of dangerous curves that could take a longer time in getting there.
Parents need to know that their child could die of preventable diseases, that they could spread a preventable disease and other children could die.
It could feature the curse words, it could be grim, it could be really dark, it didn't need to cut to an ad, right?
Sure, maybe they could be better at it and we could point to lots of ways that they have, maybe could have been better.
Ghomeshi could be guilty, or he could be a victim of false allegations, or it could be a mix of the two, he explained.
"I don't regret it, because I know I did this so that more families could see what's in store, what could happen, and so that they could know what they could risk," she in Thursday's news conference.
"I did this so that more families could see what's in store, what could happen, and so that they could know what they could risk," she said, adding that Trump's effort hurts the children of deported parents.
" She continues: "I told my mom many times, 'If I could just cut my pinky off, I could play the piano, I could play the guitar, but if I could just not have it anymore, I would.
"You could see the difference, you could feel the difference," she recalled.
This could have affected her immigration status — she could have faced retaliation.
So to me, if he could do it, I could do it.
It could be a year; it could be three years, five years.
Medicare could save, and I could get a choice that I prefer.
Tons of good things could happen, tons of bad news could happen.
Leaders of either party could object and Congress could reject Trump's actions.
If you could only make sense of it, you could reverse it.
Or they could be mad about something that could be easily resolved.
Before the vehicle could arrive, police decided they could wait no longer.
People discovered you could make computer programs so robots could assemble cars.
Another thing they could do is, they could actually instigate contempt proceedings.
We could socialize together, and the gunmen could socialize together, but separately.
That they could do more as a group than they could alone.
A trial could be months away and could drag on even longer.
Chinese laborers could not immigrate and no Chinese could obtain naturalized citizenship.
This could be disillusionment, or it could be the beginning of questioning.
It could be the buggy; it could also be some other vehicle.
Obviously you could have been Prime Minister, you could have been anything.
If the Letters could do this, she thought, they could do anything.
It could be you, or it could be somebody that you know.
Could the law change — could Congress mandate platform "fairness" among political perspectives?
If I could have gotten that recast, I could have flipped everything.
They could have done video, they could have questioned her on video.
While the rally could continue, the pull-back could be a warning.
It could be one day, it could be two days a week.
Could I embrace that ethos so that I could be unabashedly alluring?
If chevron could do it, you know, and Exxon could do it.
Could suffering from acne mean you could possibly have a longer lifespan?
And I said, I could do that song — maybe I could try.
A photo could say it all for you, as could radio silence.
If we could forgive murder, than I think we could forgive Frances.
PERINO: We could watch it again, or we could go to Jesse.
Who could surprise: "Klaus""Klaus" is the little Netflix film that could.
If animals could survive the harsh conditions of space, so could we.
It could be a chamber, it could be a lot of things.
I could never hear treble very well, but I could feel bass.
Alone, they could all do their thing — they could all help people.
You could buy the record, or you could buy the t-shirt.
Mueller's resentment could rise and the inquiry could go on even longer.
It could be a luxury item, not something that everyone could afford.
If [Etan] could, so could my brother, my mother, my sister, me.
Could she hold a referendum, and what could happen if she does?
Training could make that number go up, and I could get better.
If that could happen in Hawaii, could it happen in Washington, DC?
I could probably slip the odd tune in there that could work.
We didn't know how good basketball could be until everybody could play.
First, that the global economy could get better, which could drive volumes.
If Pierce could do it, I think I could do Mamma Mia!
This could go nowhere, but it could also conceivably have major implications.
How many lights could be out there and yet this could happen?
"If that dog could talk," he says, "the stories he could tell."
CNN could not authenticate the letter and could not reach Lee's wife.
One could feel defeated by this, or one could feel weirdly heartened.
CastAR's limitations could hone its focus CastAR's limitations could be its advantages.
But I could—anyone could, if they only knew where to look.
The worst that could happen is that somebody could break a window.
We could feel these things that could happen if someone stepped up.
Deferment could be disastrous and there could be the possibility of leaks.
If it could happen to Bill Cosby, it could happen to anybody.
Boosting staff could help address the problem but that could prove difficult.
A man could do that, a man could choose not to speak.
The government could provide universal, affordable childcare so more parents could work.
It could also connect you to people who could invest in you.
Such an outcome could also boost sterling, which could hurt FTSE-100 .
Louie Swisher: Or they could just ... the alternative could be staying genuine.
Back then, whoever could seize human beings could sell them to us.
A photographer could take their picture, but there could be no flash.
If Verrett could get Wolters, he could easily strand all three runners.
Individuals could get a year in prison and organizations could be banned.
The result could be that leadership in Europe could pivot to France.
Imagine how we could all benefit if we could boost that number.
We could require permits, which could reduce deaths by delaying impulse shooters.
If we could get into their network, we could destroy their computers.
If anyone could turn around Motorola, it could be Lenovo, most hoped.
Breakingviews Bayer could swallow Monsanto, but the taste could easily prove bitter.
We thought we could handle anything the transplant could throw at us.
You could imagine what a house of horrors this could turn into.
If this could happen to me, what else could happen to me?
He said he could not see how the case could help things.
Or maybe they could, but realized that nobody could make them listen.
It could be a virus, but it could also be something else.
Reuters could not verify the video and could not reach Yasuda's family.
That could mean any new indictments could come in the coming months.
Roger (Federer) maybe could have done it, he could have adjusted himself.
The Johnsons could not be reached for comment, nor could their attorneys.
Imagine the suffering we could ease and the lives we could save.
Socialism in America could wait, they felt; their daughter's education could not.
If we could get them on board, maybe that could change something.
"You could be and you could be from somewhere else," he says.
What could I trust as mine—and how could others trust me?
An argument could arrive early this evening, but so could a compromise.
He could do it in his head, he could figure it out.
The impact it could have on someone could really be life-altering.
Monitoring sleep—or lack thereof, rather—could even could help prove infidelity.
You could boogie to it but you could also space out entirely.
The sense you could do anything, or the evidence that you could?
"We did what we could, the best that we could," he said.
That could have been anywhere, that could have been here in Chicago.
A change of energy could be that strong, could be that quick.
He could pay the whole fee now, or he could be killed.
"We could not avoid one another, nor could we connect," Patrick writes.
I could allow him to leave, or I could admit him involuntarily.
Her life could have been saved; her suffering could have been spared.
They could contain electronic viruses that could harm your computer or devices.
Without them the patient could die and healthcare providers could get sick.
There could be waves of layoffs, and business investment could fall off.
If he could do that perfectly, he could live with the rest.
You could say that nobody could have predicted such a sustained slump.
I said if they could trade Joe Montana, they could trade anyone.
"It could be this afternoon, it could be tomorrow," he said, shrugging.
But if the researchers could find it, anyone else could have too.
It could be given to someone who could make use of it.
They were educated; they could get birth control; they could get divorces.
You could see that it could get into a lot of trouble.
It could be really funny or it could be really, really ugly.
I could have a fatal heart attack tomorrow or I could not.
Sometimes an item could be discolored color and it could be fake.
We could advance mathematical theories extremely rapidly, faster than we could otherwise.
We could advance mathematical theories extremely rapidly — faster than we could otherwise.
Could you imagine if ticks in the US could give you Ebola?
Facebook could not easily, but Facebook could hire a lot of journalists.
They pooled money as best they could so he could afford it.
He showed what an avalanche of cash could and could not do.
"You could paint the scenario that Jeff Sessions could win," said Rep.
No one could have predicted that H1N1 could have come from Mexico.
The new rules could benefit Biden given that they could increase turnout.
They could be our most dreaded adversaries; they could also be us.
Movie theaters could significantly decline, and virtual entertainment could take their place.
If Kim Jong-un could meet with Donald Trump, so could he.
Agents could also investigate several details that could corroborate Dr. Blasey's story.
It could be misdirection, or it could just be truly that messy.
As a result, prices could be cheaper and jobs could be created.
What goals could we set, and how could we help each other?
She could never stray from the path; she could never truly rest.
"You could be R.B.G." A guest suggested that Krause could be Kavanaugh.
Euphoria is usually-- LEON COOPERMAN: It could be -- it could be 10%.
If we could just buy a place, I thought, I could relax.
You presume he could shed light in ways no other witnesses could.
And if they could get past me, they could get past anything.
I don't know that I could multitask as well as he could.
No one could touch me; no one could say anything to me.
If we could get to a military operation, we could cover it.
A settlement could also be reached, or the case could be dropped.
Things that could not be scientifically explained could not be prevented, either.
They could not be revived because the batteries could not be replaced.
He could be walking in here tomorrow and thinking he could play.
She could feel it in her stomach now, or thought she could.
The Washington Post could not find anyone who could corroborate either version.
Los Angeles could appeal, or the NRA could seek a permanent injunction.
Your people could be cops, firemen, and the wives could be nannies.
Some fans could access the shop but could not finish the order.
He could see higher ground nearby—he could hear survivors calling out.
A joke that could be made, a costume that could be worn.
Larissa Martinez's mother told her she could be whatever she could be.
That could be black and brown artists, that could be queer artists.
He could equally well lose the Senate, and Clinton could become president.
You could have really liked raisins — you could still really like raisins!
That implies that acquirers could could easily boost margins by building scale.
Such a leak could be strategic, but it could also be unauthorized.
They could have a Kellogg's one; they could have a Chevy one.
You could do what you wanted, and you could do more. Maybe.
If she could do that then, what could similar campaigners do now?
But you could start to think where it could go. Yeah. Absolutely.
"If you could try hard enough, you could do it," she said.
It could be safe, or it could not be safe at all.
When the dialogue could not go external, it could still go internal.
It could be a mess, but it could also be incredibly fascinating.
States could have gotten waivers if they could convince HHS that they could provide "better coverage," Needham said — which the states would have to define.
Even knowing what was going to happen, I could see how crews could have run out of time before they could have solved the problems.
If economic inequality between northern and southern Europe worsens, then people could rise up, borders could close, and more countries could leave the Euro zone.
He wasn't mocking a name I could change into a nickname, or clothes my parents could replace, or glasses I could take off at recess.
William Bangura, who has two sons working for Dayu, could not think of anything the family could now purchase that they could not afford before.
But I could have scooted it, I could have pushed it, I could have just pissed it off—it's explosives, and homemade ones at that.
He said in December that the 90-day truce could be extended, but that he could revert to tariffs if differences could not be resolved.
They could be circuit boards, they could be the placement of components on the circuit boards, they could maybe even be machine learning data sets.
"I fucked as much as I could, with as many women as I could, and in as many places as I could," he told me.
"There could be spoofing, there could be layering, there could be all sorts of manipulation going on in bitcoin now, and nobody knows," Saluzzi said.
And theoretically that's fine; Valygar could go to the sphere, everyone could enter it to investigate, and then he could go along his merry way.
He could play classical music if he wanted to, he could play jazz if he wanted to, he could play country if he wanted to.
And actually we could-- we could sit in the house by ourselves and we could keep running up the price between the two of us.
If the funding lapses, staff could be laid off, facility renovations or expansions could be canceled or delayed and hours of operation could be reduced.
If the commission could identify the downstream firms or industries, it could consider any reasonable indication that one could suffer material injury from the duty.
I could start mining ethereum; I could become a landlord overnight; I could even impersonate a bored computer to scrape together some pocket company. Nah.
Larry wanted people who could ignore obstacles and could show everyone that you could do something that seemed impossible if you looked for work-arounds.
But Hartasanchez says Congress could challenge a withdrawal by the president and that could take months since it could end up facing a court challenge.
The Edison could only do, even if you assumed that the Edison could do many immunoassays, the Edison could have theoretically maybe done 50 immunoassays.
Anyone who wanted to come to class could come, and anyone who came could eventually teach, and almost anyone who taught could start a núcleo.
He promised them they could run the National Theater, where Ms. Rey could have her pick of roles and her husband could be its director.
You could be walking down the street or in a store or you could be sitting on your front porch and you could get killed.
Ingves highlighted concerns that risk-taking could increase, that assets could become over-valued, and that indebtedness, particularly household borrowing, could rise to unsustainable levels.
They could learn from their environment, and although they could never be completely sure what would happen next, they could at least make educated guesses.
"I knew if you could read, there was no place you could not go, and nothing you could not do," she told me years later.
Everything I have become was decided by him or the institutions he created: what I could eat, what I could wear, what I could study.
"It could be webcam classes, it could be work students are submitting online, it could even be chat rooms that replicate a class," Farrace said.
Boockvar said if Iran takes some minor action, the market could shrug it off, oil could lose its gains, and stocks could move higher again.
An ongoing U.S. unilateral approach could get old quickly and could create a backlash that could ultimately undermine the U.S. position as a world leader.
It could line the rivers, or it could form the cities that were rising everywhere alongside them, but it could not do both at once.
More new private equity buyouts could be seen particularly in sectors that could benefit from the change of administration which could encourage M&A activity.
I could recover, I could wipe it, I could do whatever I wanted to do with it, but it's going to be a work thing.
That what maybe could go to them or could go to their community or could go to their family is instead going to someone else.
The service could add new routes and stops; it could start operating at night as well; it could open up to the public at large.
What we have is a dream that we could beat the market by optimizing bitcoin price (and we saw that we could) and that we could beat major players using this technique (again, we saw that we could).
She says she's worried about her family -- about the spots they could lose in college, about extra time they could be stuck waiting in emergency rooms, about the ways crime could go up and terrorists could slip in.
This policy created a unique situation, the study authors write, where students at the university could be separated into groups — those that could legally obtain marijuana and those that could not — and their academic performance could be measured.
It could face difficulty finding affordable urban land; it could have trouble replicating the carefully controlled conditions of its initial warehouse; quality could slip as it output rises; consumers could reject the products for any number of reasons.
With this additional land, the burgeoning Palestinian population — currently 2.7 million in the West Bank — could more rapidly grow their own economy: tens of thousands of desperately needed housing units could be built; new agribusiness ventures could be developed; new stone and marble mines could be opened; solar fields and power plants could be developed; and tourism could prosper at holy sites and along the Dead Sea.
Suddenly connectivity became so fast, cheap, easy for you and ubiquitous that it felt like you could touch someone whom you could never touch before and that you could be touched by someone who could never touch you before.
Anyone could make headphones, anyone could sell them, and all of those people could address the entire market of people who wanted to listen to things.
For instance, two areas could experience the same amount of flooding, but one could include a frequently trafficked road, while the other could be on farmland.
The repurchased shares could be maintained at the company, could be canceled or could be put up for sale in the market again, said the filing.
This could help Christian refugees while overcoming Trump's security objections for certain Muslims, since DNA could verify their U.S. connections and sponsors could receive thorough vetting.
"It could be devices, it could be groceries, heck, it could be these white-label services or products that they talked about this morning," he said.
Just as the employment rate considers all those who could possibly work, so too could a hiring rate consider all those who could possibly be hired.
I wish I could offer you my invitation ritual, that I could grant you the fateful card, that you could have seen the Latitude Society yourself.
Unfortunately, as much as I could empathize with their plight (how could I not?), there wasn't much I could do other than refer them to Google.
So he has a box that could be good at playing Go or chess, could drive a self-driving car, could help dermatologists find skin cancer.
In the future, the platform could make for an interesting content marketplace where managers could opt into the tools they think they could most benefit from.
Is the smartest thing to, you know ... Because in theory this could be on Twitter, it could be on Facebook, you could be a video show.
"You could do no-selfie zones, you could put banners all around, you could put fliers all around, but will that have an impact?" he asks.
"We could be caught up in an erroneous market trend, which could then persist for far longer than we could take the pain," Mr Taylor wrote.
No one could get in, and no one could get out, but silhouettes of passersby within the building could be seen through the front door windows.
In LA, I learned that my music could only get me so far but my writing could take me places I never knew I could go.
A photo of a restaurant or bar could be familiar-looking or someone could tag you or your location, and a perpetrator could show up, uninvited.
For whatever reason — they could have been pregnant, they could have not been able to afford the festivities, there could have been a scuffle before then.
They could emigrate, probably to America; they could join a militant labor union and start to fight; or they could accept the world as it was.
From the website printouts "it could not be concluded whether, or how, a purchase could be made or an order could be placed," the EUIPO said.
You could make a whole film about Julie, you could make a whole film about Danny, you could make whole film about Kyle, about Father Leviathan.
The number of awards could be limited, and they could (or could not) be targeted toward graduates in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
If Cal could get the feel for a changeup — if he could really trust it and appreciate it — Paul believed that his son could go far.
Maybe cellular towers could be beautiful, bicycle locks could double as a way to carry things and robots could improve the baggage claim process at airports.
If prospectors could work legally, he argued, they could institute safeguards in their use of mercury, and could also bulldoze their tailings and plant tree seedlings.
Mr. Sharif has denied any wrongdoing, but he could not adequately explain how he could afford the properties and he could not provide a money trail.
Yes, the water could damage your apartment, but a falling object could harm someone, and a blocked fire escape could endanger the lives of your neighbors.
I could have that glass of wine, I could eat that wedge of cheese, and I could go back to loving chickpeas — my spirit animal legume.
Fire season could spread to the Southeast, crop failures could desolate the Midwest and cascading disasters could knock 10 percent off the U.S. economy by 2100.
Why it matters: We thought nothing could break through Washington gridlock, nothing could stick to Trump, and nothing could command sustained attention in this media environment.
Plus, wood-burning fires could be hazardous; embers could float into the dry hills surrounding the Greek and the smoke could contribute to poor air quality.
"Those little nanostructures could cluster together, and in that way they could attain a size that could make them primitive or rudimentary gravity sensors," he said.
Members could no longer own commercial real estate, though they could keep businesses with revenue under $5 million — which could include a lot of pass-throughs.
If I find 50 aphids or Japanese beetles in a field, that could be bad, could be good — or could be, don't do anything quite yet.
The turmoil in Turkey could also remain a focus, but it's trade talks that could dominate, and there's a chance they could become a positive catalyst.
The suit doesn't seek damages but says that to resolve the issue, the hotel could close, the Trump family could divest or the president could resign.
If the traditional numbers game could get legalized, the revenue could circulate in the black community and numbers workers could be legitimized and keep their jobs.
In other instances, quotes were attributed to individuals we could not reach, who could not remember speaking with him, or whose identities could not be confirmed.
I could never believe anything like that could have happened to my daughter.
But if you could pull it off, the benefits nationally could be enormous.
Some could experience only minor damage, Daniel said, but others could be destroyed.
And while my situation could be worse, it could also be much better.
" While practicing, "I could barely sing, I could barely get the notes out.
"We could go even lower, or it could come back up," Johnson said.
Deregulation could mean more construction, which could give the bulls a good story.
It could direct play some games, while more powerful games could be streamed.
If we could find the car I think we could find more information.
You could not major in CVS receipt studies, probably, but you could minor.
"We could target Saudi oil tankers and we could do anything," he said.
How much weed could a woodchuck smoke if a woodchuck could smoke weed?
We could all be surprised if she could walk into the room tonight.
You know, maybe we could meet and you could give me some information.
N, which could still fall through, could not be learned, the WSJ said.
And its mass—around 1.3 times Earth's—means it could (could) be rocky.
It could destroy red blood cells, it could set off an autoimmune disorder.
I could be your best friend but I could be your worst enemy.
The Nasdaq could climb 0.1% and the S&P 500 could gain 0.3%.
How could either of them find anyone else who could understand their lives?
You could call this lurking, or you could call this learning from others.
Could I possibly imagine a world where something so stunning could be gone?
Giuliani associates could get subpoenas More subpoenas could be on the way, too.
I could see how you could feel like, 'Oh this is the end.
"That could put pressure on the dam and it could fail," Classen said.
Now, I could be doing -- I could be doing this all day long.
Anything you could imagine in a sci-fi story could and would happen.
They could, and they'd pass any authenticity tests you could throw at them.
But that was a version of what could happen, what could take place.
I could not yet believe it, but I could feel thefire engulfing me.
They could be overrating Clinton's margin, but they could also be underrating it.
It precludes the possibility that people could have done better, could be better.
"This could have been my friend, this could have been anybody," he said.
Infected skin could be redder, warmer and more painful, and could leak pus.
Tomorrow there could be policemen without cars, there could be blackouts at hospitals.
From then on I realized I could write songs and I could sing.
He was box office, he could turn heads, he could make people listen.
Money could not be withdrawn or transferred, and no purchases could be made.
Sure, you could talk to your friends, or you could see a therapist.
He could not find another, and could not afford one if he did.
In other industries, Affleck's past lawsuits could color whether he could get work.
The battery could produce a spark that could ignite leaking gas, if present.
But I could hear their voices and I could actually hear their wings.
It could also backfire because clogged glands could also lead to dry eyes.
"They could have done something smarter — and they could have done it earlier."
He could beat absolutely anyone, yet he could also lose to absolutely anyone.
Trump could fail, Trump could get bored, Trump might not last four years.
It could be some lower level person or it could be Paul Manafort.
Eventually further ones could follow, which could also be coupled with commercial crafts.
You could have everyone off your back and just do what you could?
There could be a larger network effect that could be at play here.
If Could Street Could Talk — and it can — it would sing our praises.
There are other things I could do; I could finally read Moby Dick.
Fuel shipments could stop, which could then lead to blackouts across the island.
Somebody could find it this summer, or it could be a thousand years.
Barbara Comstock, a rising Republican star, could be a candidate -- as could Rep.
If the police could do that, they could likely take out their attacker.
There were moments I could, but there were more moments I could not.
One side could be right, and the other could be peddling false information.
"It could be dramatically longer than that; it could be shorter than that."
Some Irish contracts could be French and could be subject to French taxes.
It could simply be an experiment, or it could be the real deal.
If she could fight it, she thought others could fight it as well.
This could certainly be a blip, and spending could rebound in future months.
And if it could happen there, could something like it happen here too?
Almost all the shares could trade on day one – or very few could.
That's how it could get worse Mark; that's how it could get worse.
I asked Noah, as politely as I could, if I could kiss him.
Once imports start, local prices could crash and could make larger imports unviable.
The former could stymie growth while the latter could push up borrowing costs.
All those bests could convince you that this PC could replace a laptop.
Sherwin's competitor, PPG could have been interested, or it could eye RPM instead.
It could merely be a short-covering rally, or it could last awhile.
It could be a massive coup, or it could be a total failure.
They could have bought it, they could have taken over their advertising revenue.
It could be our breath; it could be the sensations in our body.
If Wolverine could be a broken samurai warrior, what else could he be?
Kilduff said there could be some short-covering Thursday that could boost prices.
"It could be a possibility or it could be nothing, so we'll see."
The guy could simply go in a way that his peers could not.
And if you could just see them, they could change your whole life.
"You could find food, you could find anything you wanted," he told CNN.
But it could also be intentional, and there's two reasons that could be.
Now, I could begin to assemble the costume so it could be worn.
Wealthy families could finance supplemental activities, but lower-income families presumably could not.
He said he could, and they could sue him if they were right.
She could hear Roy breathe; she could hear the churn of his body.
I could not go home, but I could bring my home to me.
So maybe the North Carolina example could be something we could use everywhere.
When she could feel me, she could settle down and go to sleep.
And next time, registrations could be altered; perhaps even votes could be changed.
So I thought that if he could make wine, then I could too.
Recruiting could get stale, and in the hothouse SEC, things could get dicey.
There could be smoke damage, there could be water damage to the windows.
"I could not focus there, I could not live there," Mr. Reyes said.
They could not fathom how this could happen to a fine Christian university.
If his digital campaign could have impacted votes, then so could the Russians'.
If it could happen to the dinosaurs, could it also happen to us?
A significant, Phase 225 trade deal with China could happen, could happen soon.
She could also could take a combination of these actions, the CRFB said.
But it could actually prepare the way for payroll tax shifting, which could.
Where we could have a coalition of countries that could deal with China.
She could be found, and she could be punished for what she'd done.
The lack of detail could lead one to imagine what could have transpired.
I could only hear my audio and the passenger could only hear his.
If the FCC loses, it could impact how many stations Sinclair could acquire.
The fortune-teller could not see faces, but he could see Heaven's will.
I told her that she could come in but the sign could not.
Today, telling lies to Congress could be the crime that could lead to
I could never imagine I could go to jail in the United States.
I don't know if Papa could hear this woman, but certainly heaven could.
And if it could work for them, it could work for you too.
Voters could cast provisional ballots, but it could take months to sort out.
It wasn't that "we" could do anything—one single scientist could do it.
Could it be detectable—or could someone release a gene drive in secret?
I could run and run and nothing and no one could harm me.
It could well be (a fraud) and it could as well not be.
If I could die so he could live, that's what I would do.
She wished she could say something to her son, but how could she?
I think he could lose, I think he could lose by a landslide.
That could suspend his ban, which could delay his case beyond a Sept.
The European Union could dissipate faster than even its detractors could have dreamed.
She could start the list, and he could add anything she left out.
I could see her trying to figure out what she could tell me.
It could be a Chinese soup dumpling, and it could be high-end.
You could be extra chatty, which could be moving extra air inside you.
Technology could also end all this—we could all be dead within minutes.
Trump could give someone permission to speak, and he could take it away.
It's a game of chance so it could happen or could not happen.
You could imagine it could be used, for example, to manipulate mosquito DNA.
Trump could ban immigration from Muslim countries, and he could do it easily.
I could see that my international student friends could very easily do that.
Higashi said proteins like keratin could replace wool, and collagen could replace leather.
We could all come together, but we could all do our solo shit.
Some measures could come before the vote and others could be imposed afterwards.
He could also be a lasting headache that could taint the party everywhere.
Here was someone who could manipulate the magicbox, who could speak fluent machine.
But it could be, there's a small probability, it could become very popular.
You could see where the tumor was, and you could cut it out.
"If we could be successful, we could make things way bigger for us."
This could be a blast, and it could be a bad acid trip.
These Pavilions could collapse, or they could get ripped away in a current.
That, Defense Department officials say, could easily spark an incident that could escalate.
Still, pharma could very well be right: 340B could and should be improved.
You could be safe in an attachment style, or you could be insecure.
That thing could be doing something, it could be giving money toward something.
I think you could see the first truly global university that could emerge.
Canadian farms could export pork more cheaply to Mexico than American farms could.
Now, I could wait a year and I could hold off the wall.
Well, we could use more competition, so that could be a good thing.
I could be bold in my choice or I could be plain simple.
They could drop out of college or they could not take a job.
"Which could mean a Palestinian could be the prime minister," Mr. Barghouti said.
Daenerys going mad could have made sense, as could Bran becoming the king.
That was Kofi Annan, in all that he could and could not be.
Still, while Bloomberg's money could certainly help Biden, his backing could hurt, too.
This could affect could ultimately affect coal production guidance for 2020, it said.
The least they could do, the least they could do is speak English.
The Nasdaq could drop 228% and the S&P 22006 could fall 0.43%.
No one could imagine the scenario where an opposition candidate could be victorious!
Oh, she could totally play the lawyer, she could totally play the agent.
"He could make something that could be endlessly repeated and distributed," Getsy says.
I could feel the reception in the air, could feel being alone again.
You could count on that to make sure you could do suppression activities.
Madison felt he could not free Billey because he could not afford to.
I could be writing or I could be reading or doing investigative research.
A food channel asked if I could make a cupcake that could levitate.
Oh, I wish I could — I wish I could sing it for you.
I could call Will about anything, and he could call me about anything.
This could cause developmental delays that could mess with their rate of maturation.
I could immediately see how these lyrics could be turned into remarkable pictures.
In Minnesota, blustery weather could mean wind chills that could approach 70 below.
We could not seize, hold and build; only local forces could do that.
While the bill could still pass the House, the Senate could prove difficult.
They realize this could be a case that could have far-reaching implications.
Judges could rule narrowly in some matters and Trump could prevail in others.
If we could survive what he threw at us, we could survive anywhere.
Students could be suspended for violating the policy, and employees could be fired.
That could certainly be something someone could do in any region to help.
Higher prices could stoke inflation, which could impact the Fed's monetary tightening cycle.
"You could see the cracks, you could see the fractures underground," Ansari said.
"She could finish fourth in Iowa, or she could finish first," he said.
Then you'd move as quickly as you could, as far as you could.
So, it was a question of could it scale, could it scale quickly.
It could be an elegy; it could be the aftermath of a breakup.
So they went looking for women who could relate, and who could write.
So, could you walk us through what could have been and what was?
Now, I could be doing — I could be doing this all day long.
I felt I could step into this league and I could play here.
All I could do was write; writing was what she could not do.
They could be dangerous: Some occasionally induced high fevers that could trigger convulsions.
If a life could be shown to be expensive, regulation could be justified.
The caption is: 'Your eight year old self could never...' Could never what?
"He could do things saints could do," Peter recalled in a phone interview.
"Sensitivities could develop into hostilities that could spark a civil war," he said.
Unbundling could be accelerated and assets could be sold to more efficient operators.
Johnson's lead could evaporate — and Corbyn could do better than expected once again.
Large wins there could erase any delegate gains Sanders could make Tuesday night.
"We could die, and we could die in an industrial accident," she added.
If a penguin colony could figure this out, a human nation certainly could.
"It could take two days, it could take five days," Mr. Goldfeder said.
"It could take two days, it could take five days," Mr. Goldfeder said.
What could they have done differently, and when could they have done it?
Here's how that could play out, and it could get ugly really quickly.
Thatcher could in the 1980s, and Tony Blair could after 1997 for Labour.
He could also throw dice, and could put wooden objects in tiny bottles.
You could instantly, if not solve the problem, you could mitigate it dramatically.
If you could just plan your schedule better, you could reach productivity nirvana.
If my children could be safe, if I could return to my land.
You could go on and look at things and you could skulk, essentially.
Right, so they could feel that they could rely on what you're saying.
Although migrants could still face deportation, they could no longer be criminally prosecuted.
People could hide it, it could go into dark parts of the web.
Some of the symptoms that come up in people who are deficient is that their nerves start firing inefficiently—you could be cold, you could have fatigue or shortness of breath, you could be dizzy, your heartbeat could be irregular.
How could he go to church in boats like those — how could he flirt, how could he strut, how could he pursue the lasting romantic connection that had eluded him for his 87 years, or at least a temporary substitute?
You could get them at different price points; you could get something pretty fancy, but you could also go to a beach town and pick one up for a couple bucks — you could get one that was made of plastic.
Without these cost saving measures, some movies could be shelved before production and some television shows could get canceled because budgets for the projects could suddenly inflate.
TB: But you achieved it Karl could you imagine at that age when your mother was telling you that could you think you could achieve all this?
Later, he said it could be Russia, but it could also be China, or it could be somebody sitting on their bed who weighs 400 pounds, OK?
They could be coincidences, they could be due to the earthquake's effects on the built environment, or they could be some yet-to-be understood scientific phenomenon.
The legal battle could also backfire: It could lead to a broad discovery process in which the Times could essentially pursue information about Trump's entire sexual history.
If Beijing could accomplish this, its bombers could reach even more distant targets, while its fighter aircraft could remain in the air longer to guard key targets.
But you might need to talk about how having a union could hurt innovation which could hurt customer obsession which could ultimately threaten the building's continued existence.
"I could not fathom how weapons that could cause such destruction and large-scale death could have been obtained legally in this country," she told the House.
We could add additional elements, or we could cut the head off, find a different head that could fit on that body, and then work from there.
You could do things that were better than orchestral structures, and you could do it yourself, and you could bring more power, more weirdness through the computing.
You could have a stream that reached 100 million people, easily, because every single one of those people could be watching Twitch and could be watching streaming.
I realized I could do this, and just learn as much as I could, and do as much as I could to get experience under my belt.
Smolinski said there are some good fixes that could happen that could make it a much more attractive market, but believes it could take years to accomplish.
It could be a co-defendant, could be the true victim of the crime, could be a mother or a father or a spouse or a neighbor.
You could be Leo with a strong back and great cardio just as easily as you could be a Leo whose blood pressure could use some maintaining.
Falling commodity prices could affect the Australian economy, a military coup could boost political uncertainty in Thailand and volatile oil prices could cause problems for Russia's economy.
You could nod and say, "That's alright"; you could ask for a substitute sauce; or you could just order a different entree that wasn't completely ranch-dependent.
Republicans could make the Family Flexibility Credit permanent, or they could increase the Child Tax Credit, or they could make the Child Tax Credit indexed to inflation.
I've seen her right after those conversations, getting straight to work – figuring out what she could do, who she could call, how fast she could get results.
That could get messy — modem performance could vary wildly between manufacturers and even individual models — but it could also give some innovative outliers the chance to shine.
Last week could be the only Syria bombing of his presidency, or it could also be the first of dozens; he could send ground troops, or not.
She could be really powerful immediately — she could be a little threatening, a little scary — and then we could break that up as the movie went on.
"We could have the status quo or we could have movement on a serious issue that could save money, reduce crime, and help people," the official added.
There could be damage to financial intermediation, which could mean regional banks may not be able to lend as much or could begin taking on excessive risk.
But given that the President could plead the Fifth, Mueller could judge that prolonging the investigation for many months with a legal fight could ultimately be futile.
"Even knowing what was going to happen, I could see how crews could have run out of time before they could have solved the problems," he said.
Because of all the things you could do, you could regulate capital, you could regulate leverage, you can regulate – Volcker Rule is, like, a test of motivation.
"I could not fathom how weapons that could cause such destruction and large-scale death could have been obtained legally in this country," Ardern said in April.
Within two year, Robbins said, Express Scripts' stock could climb 69 percent while McKesson's stock could post returns of 136 percent and CVS could climb 96 percent.
Now, we could all quick working, and we could hand little pieces of paper to the rest of the world, and they could keep sending us food.
If those areas could be adequately supplied with the necessaries of life, Syrians there could survive and eventually Russia and Iran could end their adventure in Syria.
She could be the deaf-mute; she could be the fox bewitching Miss Chu; she could make up epic tales, as Adrian did in imagining his ancestors.
They could earn money; they could care for children younger than themselves; they could work the farm, take care of the herd, run errands, and much more.

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