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"considered" Definitions
  1. thought about or decided upon with care: a considered opinion.
  2. regarded with respect or esteem: a highly considered person.
"considered" Synonyms
calculated informed measured reasoned thought-out aforethought cogent contemplated lucid methodical rational studied advised commonsense determined examined intelligent investigated judicious justified wise prudent sensible sound discerning shrewd astute careful cautious diplomatic discreet discriminating politic thoughtful enlightened expedient sagacious prospective expected coming probable imminent approaching future impending anticipated likely forthcoming possible upcoming potential destined presumptive awaited planned eventual intended reputed held said supposed believed regarded thought deemed estimated alleged reported rumoured(UK) judged purported reckoned fabled gossiped rumored(US) whispered assumed deliberative contemplative reflective meditative cogitative thinking reasoning excogitative contemplating meditating probing philosophical analytical pensive reflecting scholarly musing well-thought-out ingenious clever neat elegant well-planned well-organized carefully planned creative innovative inventive elaborate trailblazing well-designed germinal innovational sophisticated strategic advanced pioneering checked explored inspected probed questioned researched reviewed scrutinised(UK) scrutinized(US) searched tested tried cross-examined analyzed(US) surveyed peer-reviewed matured adult full-blown full-fledged mature ripe ripened aged complete consummated culminated cultivated cultured cured developed evolved experienced full-grown grown in-depth comprehensive thorough exhaustive full encyclopaedic(UK) encyclopedic(US) extensive universal compendious inclusive embracive cyclopedic omnibus detailed profound deep painstaking moderate controlled restrained sober steady even modest regular temperate tolerant abstinent disciplined easy lenient mild peaceable reasonable balanced found saw viewed felt accounted esteemed gauged(UK) interpreted as gaged(US) adjudged figured opined suggested included counted imputed remembered allowed for took into account took into consideration minded acknowledged marked heeded noted mused factored into provided for made allowances for paid regard to made provision for reckoned with took pondered thought about observed checked out chewed over deliberated over looked at meditated over mulled over reflected on ruminated over weighed up cogitated about gave thought to got a load of allowed commented editorialized(US) reflected remarked weighed in imagined editorialised(UK) deliberated evaluated analysed(UK) envisioned pictured kicked around mused on mused over sized up stewed over stopped to consider thought out dared say guessed hazarded a guess posited postulated predicted speculated surmised theorized(US) ventured conceived deduced gathered perceived seen construed defined characterised(UK) characterized(US) conceived of described understood explained received reacted to coped with dealt with greeted handled met responded to accepted managed contended with grappled with treated acted towards came to terms with engaged with reacted toward chose decided resolved appointed decided on established elected picked selected agreed on identified opted for picked out settled on settled upon weighed went for sifted out singled out provided left permitted tolerated set aside made allowance for bore in mind kept in mind scanned clocked eyeballed gotten a load of had a butcher's at had a gander at had a squint at More
"considered" Antonyms
rash abrupt brash careless hasty impetuous imprudent impulsive injudicious precipitant precipitous reckless thoughtless audacious casual cavalier cursory foolhardy foolish immature silly unwise irrational stupid idiotic dumb inane outrageous simpleminded unsound farcical featherheaded ignorant accidental inadvertent unintended unintentional unmethodical unpremeditated heedless nondeliberate unplanned random uncareful unknowing unanticipated unmindful unsystematic aleatory nonpurposive uncalculated unforeseen agreed concurred known real true disorganised(UK) disorganized(US) adolescent green juvenile unripe unripened young youngish youthful childish disregarded disapproved refuted rejected ignored reproved discarded dismissed discommended disfavored objected opposed disliked denied disagreed with disfavoured omitted excluded discounted overlooked eliminated counted out left out scorned shunned forgot unheeded unminded paid no attention to paid no heed to brushed aside slighted rebuffed snubbed refused renounced repudiated spurned avoided balked at declined turned down repulsed scoffed confirmed attested certified established validated verified knew acted did took action executed performed did something proceeded commenced moved responded started misjudged mistook miscalculated misconstrued misdeemed misapprehended miscomprehended misconceived misconjectured misinterpreted misread misreckoned misunderstood withheld withholden refrained curbed held holden inhibited reserved resisted repressed restrained suppressed bridled concealed

697 Sentences With "considered"

How to use considered in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "considered" and check conjugation/comparative form for "considered". Mastering all the usages of "considered" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Considered armed and dangerous McCarthy is considered armed and dangerous.
Not only are they considered unsafe, but they are also considered adulterated because they're considered unsafe under section 512(a) of the law.
Why is making bread considered valuable but eating bread considered frivolous?
But which businesses are considered "essential" and which are considered "nonessential"?
When they are considered competent, they're often disliked and considered polarizing.
I've talked to so many, some of them ... they can't … people that considered buying you, people that considered … Lots of people considered buying you.
I wasn't considered a younger brother, I was considered a moving target.
Bobby considered her—considered her in a rigorously paternalistic way—very beautiful.
There are parts I can't make a joke of: Women were considered stupid, gay people were considered sick, and the Last Judgment was considered imminent.
The Germans considered Spiros to be Greek; the Greeks considered him a German.
Any score over 760 is considered excellent, while anything below 650 is considered problematic.
But having considered it, I have considered the length of time that the conspiracy lasted.
Anything less is considered acidic, while anything above is considered alkaline, Francesca Fusco, MD, explains.
They were considered liberals in their Midwestern high school but are considered conservatives in college.
What's considered hate speech by one group of people is considered free speech by another.
He said several told him they considered the decision hasty and its consequences poorly considered.
Is fracking something that should be considered, can and will be considered, in other countries?
BMI of less than 221 kilograms per square meter was considered normal weight, BMI of 22017 to 29.9 was considered overweight and BMI of 30 or above was considered obese.
The airwaves were considered a public good, with restrictions on its use and operations considered appropriate.
It was considered low-value enough that we had even considered hosting it off Google infrastructure.
" Fisher wouldn't say which candidate he considered the "quicksand" and which one he considered the "bullet.
Each was asked what she considered feminism to be, and if she considered herself a feminist.
When he wasn't considered or when she wasn't considered for a nomination for the Supreme Court.
The days when Muslims were considered the "other" and considered not to belong here are gone.
We considered factors like: APR range: We considered interest rates, or what it costs to borrow.
An improvement of one point was considered very good; an improvement of two was considered outstanding.
Among 37 reviews from "top" critics, just 17 were considered positive while 20 were considered negative.
"What was considered 20 years ago as good welfare is now considered sub-optimal," Blackwell adds.
More than 40% said they seriously considered suicide in the past year; in comparison, 19.6% of girls who considered themselves heterosexual said they had seriously considered suicide in the past year.
Charges go up when supply is considered to be abundant and down when it is considered tight.
Stages one and two are considered to be mild and stages three and four are considered severe.
Formaldehyde is considered a carcinogen, acetaldehyde is considered a possible carcinogen, and acrolein can cause lung damage.
Even a simple, straightforward application, one that might be considered 'routine' -- can no longer be so considered.
The question prompted all sorts of uncomfortable squirming as people considered — really considered — what they would do.
"They were considered much more beautiful than common cats, which were still considered pests," Dr. Kalof said.
The United States is considered one of the wealthiest countries, while Liberia is considered one of the poorest.
"In popular culture, iPhone is considered a stylish class signifier, and Android is considered comparatively uncool," they write.
When women are considered "easy," they are also considered "easy for the taking," their consent is rendered moot.
Since it was being considered that only one was required, that underserved area would be considered adequately connected.
As time has gone on, Hulu has changed leadership, has considered an IPO, and has considered a sale.
That Kelly seems to have not considered -- or considered and dismissed -- all of these questions is mind-boggling.
In many states a divorce is not considered finalized until both parties have gotten poorly considered mantra tattoos.
A BMI of 30 or over is considered obese, while a BMI of 0.23 to 29 is considered overweight.
A BMI of 25 to 29.9 is considered overweight, and a BMI of 30 or greater is considered obese.
It's also considered far worse than Google, which just 7 percent of Americans considered to have a negative impact.
"Products that were considered perhaps luxuries by earlier generations are now considered essentials by millennial pet owners," says King.
She is considered a pioneer in color photography and is today considered one of the greatest living American photographers.
Frustrated, we considered the once unimaginable: my wife's parents' Pinciano neighborhood, which I had once considered stuffy and dull.
They&aposre considered our friends and it&aposs considered a little bit too conservative to be against China these days.
His Iowa performance -- whether ultimately considered a narrow win, loss or a tie -- is considered a win in his book.
Though the complication is not considered life-threatening if treated, it requires medication and playing with it is considered unrealistic.
The killing shocked New Zealand, where serious crime was once considered relatively rare and its cities and countryside considered safe.
"We have to reiterate it - leaving the euro has never been considered and it is not being considered," he said.
The company, however, is haphazardly attempting to draw a line between what's considered hateful content and what's considered free speech.
Though never considered a stunner in terms of looks, the Saab 900 was perennially considered a capable and comfortable car.
The US has considered Syrian Kurds their reliable partners in the counter-ISIS fight, while Turkey has considered them terrorists.
We have a range of stories planned for the week, some of which could be considered negative toward Uber and the ride hailing industry, some which might be considered positive, and some that would be considered neutral.
So anything that's short enough to go under the robot is considered a weed, and anything taller is considered a plant.
To be considered an illegal campaign contribution, what Russia offered must be considered "of value," as defined by campaign finance law.
Vermont and Maine are considered the two safest states, the study reports, while Louisiana and Mississippi are considered the most dangerous.
Clara considered colleges all over the world, but nowhere felt as perfect—as safe—as the campus she already considered home.
"Pocahontas is now considered a conservative in the Democrat party ... Pocahontas, Elizabeth Warren, she's considered like a conservative person," he said.
Property market exposure is still considered the main threat to bank asset quality, although risks were broadly considered to be rising.
He considered this natural — she's family, after all — but they were shocked, as was Paige, who considered his wife a loudmouth.
Back then, he said, television was considered less important than movies, and movies were considered a lower art form than sculpture.
Amendments were freely offered and considered, with the minority party sometimes having even more of their changes considered than the majority.
The House has actively considered many bills on the floor, but none have been considered under open rules, and only 45 percent have been considered under structured or semi-open rules where only specified number of amendments are allowed.
Renault's EV program is considered to be more advanced than Fiat Chrysler's, but neither automaker is considered a leader in electric vehicles.
Though Masvidal is considered one of the top contenders in the UFC welterweight division, Maia is considered the number one contender outright.
One study found that servers who were considered to be attractive earned $1,261 more in tips per year than those considered unattractive.
Those who have seriously considered quitting their job have some substantial differences of opinion when compared with those who haven't considered quitting.
My point is, $399 was considered expensive when the original iPhone launched, and now it's practically considered budget or mid-range pricing.
Tracking her case, health authorities identified 20 people considered high risk contacts, including household members, and 98 people considered lower risk contacts.
We have the exact same parents, but because I'm on the roll, I'm considered 100%, and because he's not, he's considered 50%.
The amount disclosed in Tuesday's filing is considered a separate accounting item from legal reserves, and covers all matters considered "reasonably possible".
Depositing random pieces of plastic in places where they do not belong is generally considered littering, except when it is considered art!
Then you have stage three—which used to be considered two stages, three and four—which are both now considered deep sleep.
These hairstyles are considered "natural" because — unlike chemically straightened hair— they don't alter natural hair texture, which is considered a racial trait.
And while few considered the war in Yemen to be laudable, some, particularly those hawkish on Iran, considered it at least understandable.
One GOP-held seat — in now de-gerrymandered Pennsylvania — is considered a Safe Democratic win; two others are considered Likely Democratic pickups.
People from Africa were not considered people; Native Americans who had been here for millenniums were considered foreigners in their own land.
Typically, a fully manual car is considered to be level 0, while a fully autonomous car is considered to be level 5.
Typically, a fully manual car is considered to be level 0, while a fully autonomous car is considered to be level 2.03.
It is not considered a substitute for Medicare coverage because it is only considered secondary coverage for those who are Medicare-eligible.
By and large, within Hollywood the gift bag is considered a publicity ploy for brands or marketers, and accepting one is considered tacky.
It's just that I hadn't considered some of this really deeply embedded tech as something that would even be considered for an Emmy.
The thing that really got me interested was this idea that tech people are considered reputable; sex workers, porn people are considered disreputable.
In the past regulators have considered only the effects of a project they have the authority to control, which are considered direct effects.
Now he appears to regret taking back his ill-considered (or, more likely, not considered at all) remark, because some people liked it.
What was widely considered the best GOP presidential field in decades has crumbled, along with what they considered to be their Republican Party.
Furthermore, the same amount of muscle was considered healthy and attractive for women's bodies, but only extremely low fat percentage was considered attractive.
"What we find is considered higher level processing in an area that is not traditionally considered a higher level area," Dr. Gutfreund said.
And yet, Abruzzo, long considered poor and backward, has never been particularly beloved by Italians, and consequently, not much considered or well known.
The State Department had for several years considered bin Laden a top priority, and he was considered a future leader of Al Qaeda.
Warren had once been considered the favorite in the state she represents in the U.S. Senate, and Sanders was considered her biggest threat.
The Nazi definition of "human" excluded disabled people, who were considered "life unworthy of life," and Jews, who were considered "subhuman," Eckert's report says.
"Showers and toothpaste are considered provocative goods, so being clean and smelling good in this country is considered an excessive luxury," tweeted one Egyptian.
Iraqi insurgents considered them traitors and apostate to the faith; average Iraqi civilians considered them collaborators, and treated them and their families that way.
"With the majority of women in America being considered plus size, it is absurd to me that we are considered the outliers," she said.
Buyers with credit scores of 500 to 600 are considered subprime and those with scores ranging from 300 to 500 are considered deep subprime.
At the start of the study, about two thirds of participants were considered to be too inactive, while about a third were considered active.
So for networks checking off diversity initiatives, Middle Eastern actors are considered white because Middle Eastern people are considered white on the U.S. census.
A body mass index of 30 or higher is considered obese, where weight is higher than what is considered healthy for a given height.
Although these are usually considered accidental deaths, they may instead be considered suicides if the medical examiner believes the overdose could have been intentional.
Nearly 60 percent of Democrats said Trump's tweets should be considered official statements, while 85033 percent of Republicans said they shouldn't be considered official.
The scores are adjusted to have a familiar feel, with 281 game score points considered an outstanding performance, 22006 considered average, and so on.
Her forehand was considered enough of a liability in her youth that she considered hitting it with her left hand instead of her right.
At least five GOP-held Senate seats are considered to be competitive, while two or three Democratic seats are considered to be in play.
And, in 1987, when Robert Bork was being considered, his confirmation hearings showed that hereafter, a new criterion for judges had to be considered.
While boys were considered delinquent when they violated laws, girls were considered delinquent for general "immorality," which included using profanity and going to saloons.
Not only is the sight of men in skirts and makeup no longer necessarily considered "emasculating," it can be considered appealing, especially to women.
"Accordingly, the allegations should be considered just allegations and should not be considered proved or substantiated in a court of law," the report cautions.
This merges to talk of texture, with "soft" and "oily" frequently considered good, and "powdery" frequently considered a sign of cut, or "bashed," coke.
While I've long considered what the rape of women like Sally Hemings was like, I hadn't, oddly, considered what this was like for black men.
For reference, anything within one standard deviation is considered a "normal" level, while anything more than one standard deviation above (below) is considered overbought (oversold).
The speech is largely considered Obama's introduction to the nation, where he debuted his public-speaking chops, long before anyone considered he'd run for president.
Billy Zane and Val Kilmer were considered for the role of Johnny; while Sarah Jessica Parker and Sharon Stone both considered the role of Baby.
In truth, before the public outcry she had considered the technology to be "fairly innocuous"; she hadn't considered that it could cause an employee revolt.
Daher says Patook built its flirt-detecting, messaging parsing algorithm by training it on sentences considered flirty (some culled from Reddit) and others considered normal.
But it is not automatically considered rape, unlike in countries with statutory rape laws where people who are underage are considered incapable of giving consent.
But this stopgap should not be considered sufficient to stave off closure, nor should these examples be considered all that is on the chopping block.
A premature baby cannot be considered a person with full rights while his aborted compatriot at a later gestation phase is considered a non-person.
In fact, the aide said, Majida Turner was considered one of a few lobbyists whom aides considered to have "clear and prioritized access" to Issa.
Art should be considered speech, because one can express oneself through various forms of art, however, actions relating to discrimination should not be considered speech.
Temperatures more than 3 degrees below the average are considered extremely cold and temperatures more than 3 degrees above the average are considered extremely warm.
Although Susan was considered an adult at the border, she would have been considered a child in the United States as an immigrant seeking asylum.
Having a baby later was no longer considered risky—in fact, most women around me considered it smart to take more time to plan their future.
The amount disclosed in the filing is considered as a separate accounting item from legal reserves, and covers all matters considered "reasonably possible," the bank said.
Considered "obese" by Japanese standards, each subject's BMI was between 25 and 30; in the United States, people aren't considered obese until their BMI exceeds 30.
The amount disclosed in the filing is considered as a separate accounting item from legal reserves, and covers all matters considered "reasonably possible", the bank said.
Everyone was skeptical when I changed careersSo I made what I considered (and what was generally considered) to be a huge, quarter-life-crisis level mistake.
The group has considered multiple approaches to replacing the password, with biometrics, USB keys, and voice and face recognition all being considered as new security standards.
Female athletes with high levels of testosterone, he said, are considered legally female under IAAF regulations, but considered effectively male when it comes to competitive races.
Meeting with Trump in 2017 Before Barr was considered for the attorney general position, the White House considered him to join the President's legal defense team.
BMI is a formula involving a person's weight and height; a BMI score between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered healthy, while above 30 is considered obese.
Fifty years ago the proactive approach to race was considered to be legislation; today it is considered enlightened to call for a kind of abstract discourse.
Curry won the game with a looping shot from a few feet inside the halfcourt line — once considered remarkable, now considered well within his comfort zone.
To apply a choke was considered foul play in the vast majority of historical wrestling contests, while cranking of the neck was often considered fair game.
" Sanders denied reports that Chief of Staff John Kelly is being considered to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs explaining, "no, he is not being considered.
The survey showed that support for the plan was much stronger among Republicans who considered themselves "very conservative" than those who considered themselves conservative or moderate.
When death is unexpectedly averted through the use of drugs, devices or procedures, technology is considered miraculous; when death occurs regardless, its application is considered undignified.
In 2017, 75 percent of firms said they considered, or in part considered, conduct risk factors when discussing business strategy, continuing the trend from previous years.
Wolfe's main complaint was that the magazine was constrained by the bounds of what he considered milquetoast gentility and what Hersey would have considered human decency.
Other countries have considered dropping FM broadcasting, including Britain, Switzerland and Denmark, but no decision has been made; Sweden considered the switch but abandoned the idea.
Prolonged temperatures of at least 22010 degrees are considered a heat wave, while prolonged temperatures of 2118 degrees or higher are considered a severe heat wave.
Making sexualized comments, or even exposing oneself, is not considered sexual assault under federal law (though it can be considered sexual harassment if it happens at work).
Email is widely considered unstructured data, while anything that is tagged or can be easily scanned through machine-learning, like a spreadsheet, is typically considered structured data.
Pence was considered the winner of this week's vice presidential debate, according to several polls, while Trump was considered the loser of last week's first presidential debate.
The flight was short of the Kármán line (62 miles above Earth), which is considered the gateway to outer space, so it wasn't considered a true spaceflight.
While other types of physical evidence are considered helpful in comparing samples and ruling suspects in or out of an investigation, they are considered far less certain.
And inform everyone in how a lot of things we've done back in the day were considered the norm, and how now, it would be considered sketchy.
Nobody wants to be considered a bad actor — but if the EU does it, they're considered a good global actor, so others are more likely to follow.
Likewise, if a group is seen as ambitious, intelligent and skillful, it is considered competent; if it is seen as lacking those qualities, it is considered incompetent.
So the households in San Francisco that claimed the deduction and are considered affluent against a national distribution might be considered middle class in their own city.
"DNA and forensics evidence ... was in my opinion fundamentally flawed and should always have been considered unreliable, when considered against international standards," said labour activist Andy Hall.
"We believe it is time that the United States considered these matters and considered seriously that balance, between freedom of expression and hate speech," Ms. Crickley added.
In the northeast Atlantic and north Pacific oceans, the species is considered endangered, while globally it is considered "vulnerable" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
If they considered CNN a trustworthy source of news beforehand, they most likely still did; if they considered it unreliable or biased, that probably hadn't changed either.
Just that what on its face is a farcical creation is a remarkably considered, diabolical play on the part of a company known for being considered and diabolical.
The Lakers are considered the NBA's marquee franchise, and fans were eager to see how James would fit alongside Davis, considered the best big man in the league.
The important difference between Nike and Apple is that while the former was considered to be a Nike story, the latter was considered to be a China story.
Behind the scenes, it's also reportedly considered offering "shoppable" TV shows and movies, and The Information reported that it even considered launching a subscription streaming service last year.
The upgrade could be pivotal for a country still considered besieged, but considered by a handful of savvy market watchers to be a potential diamond in the rough.
Scores above a cutoff between moderate (10 to 14) and moderately severe (15 to 19) are considered depressed, while all others below that threshold are considered not depressed.
Clark said Brexit talks needed to approached in a "considered and sober" to make sure all of the different sectors, including the hugely important financial services were considered.
In such a world, those people who are forced to flee intolerable conditions are not considered to be "bearers of rights," even those supposedly considered inalienable to humanity.
Before that he was considered for a Cabinet post, headed up Trump's panel investigating alleged voter fraud and was briefly considered for an administration job overseeing immigration policy.
Triglyceride levels below 150 are generally considered normal in terms of heart health; in earlier studies, levels above 1,000 were considered to be a risk factor for pancreatitis.
Other possible factors — like lithium-ion batteries that could have caught fire and the presence of mangosteen fruit in the plane's cargo, which was considered unusual — were considered.
A 2015 study in JAMA found that sex drive improved among men who went from about 230, considered low, to 250, around the middle of what's considered normal.
Such steps would have long been considered unlikely in Japan, which for decades was considered a friendly place for smokers with few restrictive laws or public health efforts.
FICO scores below the "fair" range are generally considered "poor," while scores above that range are considered good, very good, or exceptional depending on how high they are.
Mr. Obama spent years blaming his predecessor for economic and national security setbacks — blame that supporters considered justified and that Mr. Bush's team considered old-fashioned buck passing.
But the news on Friday that Mr. Trump would recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital suggested that ideas once considered beyond the pale are now seriously being considered.
Financial advisers have long put assets considered tax-efficient, such as stocks, in taxable accounts, and bonds, which are considered the least tax-efficient asset, in tax-deferred accounts.
"For children over age 6 years, medications should be considered first line therapy for ADHD and nonpharmacological treatments should be considered adjunct to medication in specific groups," Wilens added.
But the Kaiser Family Foundation poll also showed significantly more support for changes that would be considered liberal or left leaning, than for those that would be considered conservative.
It was the first time any national court considered charges of sexual slavery during an armed conflict, considered a crime under international law, according to the United Nations. 10.
A swipe up, which moves you onto the next image or video is considered a "Like" (if you swipe past the halfway point your screen, that's considered a "Love").
But I couldn't help but think of the 1980s, when I covered the Soviet Union, a place where no coincidence was considered benign and all motivations were considered suspect.
Advanced degrees are still considered desirable in a candidate and can be substituted for experience (K-12 teaching is also considered as relevant experience, allowing educators to also apply).
Clearance holders or applicants who have debt are considered more vulnerable to bribery or coercion, and financial irresponsibility is generally considered to be indicative of irresponsibility in other areas.
Back then, Huma says, the idea of letting campus athletes be paid for their NILs was considered radical within sports — and hardly considered at all in the wider world.
"It takes so little to be considered a great dad, and it also takes so little to be considered a bad mom," she said, if in more colorful language.
Another government official, also speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the new ban was being considered because the American government considered immigration policies in Europe to be lax.
This estimated range is considered a separate accounting item from the legal reserves the bank keeps, as it is used to cover all matters considered "reasonably possible," it added.
A number of Away's employees described abusive Slack messages from the CEO, being asked to work through vacations, and a culture of bullying—once considered normal, now considered unacceptable.
All because the phlebotomist considered a relationship with JPJ, considered a relationship with Peth, and then decided that, while Peth is a great guy, he's just not "her" guy.
According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, more than one in three adults were considered to be overweight and more than one in three were considered obese.
Gary Cohn is no longer being considered for Fed Chair, Bloomberg reportsTrump is down to four candidates for the position, and Jerome Powell and Kevin Warsh are considered favorites.
What was considered state-of-the-art storage capacity five years ago could already be considered inefficient, and data loads vary depending on where you are in the country.
" - Matt, 26 "Hot dogs should be considered sandwiches.
" - Adrian, 225 "Considered emergency room for the hangover.
Paxton confirmed this by referencing a previous decision where a Texas court concluded that poker was considered gambling, regardless of how much of the game is considered chance or skill.
Clearly, phone companies, who had armies of operators connecting calls, could arguably be considered customer service representatives in the modern sense, though they weren't considered as such at the time.
On Tuesday, McGrath told AM to DM that she had considered Kavanaugh's basic qualifications and should have looked at the broader picture and considered the question as a senator would.
But Musk's initial projection still may be considered a violation because the information could be considered material to Tesla shareholders — and the lawyers didn't see it before Musk sent it.
Other examples that should be considered "Not OK" under the instructions include the cinnamon challenge (for imitation), and John Legend's "All of Me" music video (considered "Not OK" under sexuality).
Facebook Considered Charging for Access to User Data Facebook considered charging third parties for access to user data several years ago, Deepa Seetharaman and Kirsten Grind report, citing company emails.
If a petition does reach 2628 sponsors, the bill still can't be considered before the passage of seven more legislative days — and it can't be considered on just any day.
After the budget process is complete, the House Ways and Means Committee will release a bill, and the legislation will be considered in committee before being considered on the floor.
Their presence online was considered fairly benevolent, if considered at all, until 2016, when they were among the host of factors used to explain away the election of President Trump.
Taney wrote the Dred Scott decision in 1857, which ruled that African Americans could not be considered citizens because the framers of the Constitution considered African Americans to be inferior.
In a statement a week ago that drew widespread condemnation, the insurgents said journalists who did not stop publishing what they considered anti-Taliban propaganda would be considered legitimate targets.
Of the trillions of dollars of corporate loans outstanding in the United States, roughly $1.2 trillion of them are considered "leveraged loans," or loans to companies considered bigger credit risks.
"It wasn't long ago that Democrats were divided on the gun safety issue and that the politics were considered too tough, that the NRA was considered too powerful," Ambler said.
But beyond that, Carter vetoed a defense spending bill because it funded a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier he considered wasteful, and a public works bill because of projects he considered pork.
Meanwhile, the company hid evidence that the chemical had contaminated the local water supply well beyond what the company's own scientists considered safe and far beyond what independent scientists considered safe.
It's a big part of why directors are often considered the "authors" of their films — and why the prize for directing is generally considered the second biggest award of Oscar night.
In 2015, the company considered buying Disney after that company declined to participate in a streaming video service, and also considered a bid Netflix, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.
It's yet another example of Trump's willingness to bust through not only what's considered normal and appropriate behavior for a president but also what's considered normal and appropriate behavior for anyone.
Results showed that men whose bios indicated they smoked frequently were considered less attractive than nonsmokers and occasional smokers — especially if the men were being considered for a long-term relationship.
" The four out of five rating is considered "above average," but the facility also had a two out of five star rating on its health inspections, which is considered "below average.
Sixteen states have considered bathroom bills this year (though none have passed), and six have considered legislation to invalidate local anti-discrimination protections, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.
"It's considered V.I.P., considered safer, faster and therefore more expensive," said Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, an expert on border issues and a fellow at the Wilson Center, a research institute in Washington.
Standard & Poor's briefly considered downgrading Romania's credit rating outlook .
Seafood is very healthy to eat -- all things considered.
Utilities stocks - oft-considered a defensive bet - rose 0.2%.
Brianne — never considered a can't-miss talent — still wonders.
" He added, "I believe it is considered relief goods.
VENICE — The Pritzker Prize is considered architecture's highest award.
A baby is typically considered "overdue" or "postterm" when a pregnancy goes on longer than 42 weeks (37 weeks is considered "full term"), although the exact definition varies from country to country.
That means a portion of each payment is considered earnings and is subject to income tax, while the rest of the payment is considered a return of principal and is tax-free.
The National Black Religious Broadcasters' brief, for example, argued that objections to same-sex marriage were valid because those unions countered what was considered traditional marriage, considered only for opposite sex couples.
The major powers and Iran published agreements in December and January specifying types of uranium that would be considered unrecoverable and therefore not considered part of its stock of low-enriched uranium.
According to our data, 49% of workers who've recently considered quitting say their company is not spending enough on new technology, compared with just 27% among those who have not considered quitting.
Tim Cook recently told Kara some things that in the real world would be considered very mild, sort of dinner conversation, but in Silicon Valley apparently it was considered a rough attack.
Internationally speaking, California itself is what's considered a "non-visible entity," meaning the state is considered to be part of the United States (which barring a Calexit, is exactly what it is).
The United States has kept its embassy in Tel Aviv since Israel was founded in 1947 because Jerusalem is considered disputed territory between Palestinians and Israelis and considered the capital for both.
Jacob Rees-Mogg, a prominent and influential Brexiteer, said Tuesday that having re-considered May's deal (which he had previously rejected) he considered it better than the other potential outcomes for Brexit.
To that end, the narrator travels between an impoverished village in Togo, where she is considered white and wealthy, and Aimee's elaborate New York home, where she is considered poor and black.
What else is being considered The condition of roads, vehicles and post-crash care are also considered in the report as things that can help reduce the risk of road traffic deaths.
A Monmouth University poll at the beginning of this month indicated that 51 percent of respondents considered the inquiry to be a good idea, while 44 percent considered it a bad idea.
"  According to the American Bar Association Journal, Judge Barbara Jaffe considered her ruling in "the spirit of the First Amendment" and considered Trump's statements "imprecise and hyperbolic political dispute cum schoolyard squabble.
But in many ways, the question also felt impossible to answer and seemed almost facetiously posed, because first one had to unpack what is considered Asian and what is considered Asian American.
"That is our expectation and, therefore, it must also be considered that in this process dates will have to be considered, if necessary, for the start of the next year," he added.
Some of them might have been considered bad at the time or might be considered bad in popular conversation, but actually we end up coming to a more sympathetic understanding of them.
And since the charity was considered a good thing to do, keeping the charity going when Powell was in office as secretary of state was also considered a good thing to do.
She said she had considered running for office after the Hobby Lobby case and the 2016 presidential election, but had not considered a State Senate bid until a male friend suggested it.
But baseball officials, sporting goods companies and conservationists say aodamo is no longer considered economically feasible to log on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, considered the sweet spot for bat production.
They underestimated the prices of expensive drugs, overestimated the prices of inexpensive ones, and did not understand the extent of the difference in price between those considered cheap and those considered pricey.
It's built on a desire to not feel that shame — to in fact say that what has been given back is now more than enough, that the class that should be considered aggrieved, that should be considered disrespected, that should be considered in need of sympathy and empathy and understanding has actually changed to rural whites.
Italian banks, considered a proxy for political risk in the country due to their government bond holdings, and utilities are seen as most exposed to government polices, while exporters are considered relatively safer.
Home to several Boeing operations and a slew of fabricators and machine shops, the heavily industrial neighborhood was considered one of Seattle's grittier areas for decades — when it was even considered at all.
As the Japanese news media reported last week that a withdrawal from the whaling commission was being considered, Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd's founder, said in a statement that he considered it good news.
Eight percent (or 44 students of those who completed the screening) were considered severely depressed, and 20 were considered at risk for suicide; they received immediate follow-up and were offered clinical help.
"The way the industry works today, one in 10,000 is considered noteworthy, one in 1,000 is considered an emergency event and one in 153 is extremely concerning," LeoLabs CEO Dan Ceperley told CNBC.
To be considered a genius, that composer has to make work that is considered original and innovative, and that demonstrates a profound variation of ideas and associations between concepts that are often unexpected.
Midway through, Mr. Brenner considered adding a few homegrown artists.
The beginning of her series could be considered quite auspicious.
It is now considered a classic of the burgeoning genre.
Authorities are alerted when there's deviation from what's considered normal.
And it was widely considered the best advertisement of 2011.
Nonetheless, he said he considered himself a Hall of Famer.
This all happened before YouTube was considered an actual career.
Others are automatically considered citizens by virtue of their heritage.
Cost is one factor among several that can be considered.
That didn't happen, though Rowling admits she seriously considered it.
Fortunately, the star seems to be OK, all things considered.
Hope for Spectacles should be considered as good as dead.
Tyson's board considered multiple candidates to become CEO, Mickelson said.
It is considered a terrorist group by the Erdogan government.
The gains are not considered a fundamental shift, analysts say.
OPEC reportedly considered announcing a cut of 1.4 million bpd.
You would rather be a woman candidate, all things considered.
Giuliani had been considered a candidate for secretary of state.
Such an investment would be considered unwise by financial analysts.
In fact, it's considered a serious form of child abuse.
Fox had no comment regarding Smollett being considered a suspect.
Tochilovsky found everything about them artfully crafted and meticulously considered.
Although considered toys, they were also, as he described, tools.
A government official said the proposal could be considered "helpful".
It's safe to say dating has never been considered easy.
It was an approach Obama had considered for some time.
Back then, violence against women was considered a 'family affair.
He considered filing a civil suit against Nassau County, but
Any sex worker under 18 is considered a trafficking victim.
Google you and never tell you that you're not considered.
The latter threshold was, at that point, considered standard care.
That leaves the two gentlemen who are considered the main
Ships were precious and considered symbols of wealth and status.
The rainy season is considered June through September, Guy said.
It's considered one of the biggest blunders in marketing history.
But the amount that is considered adequate is very small.
A Category 13 or higher is considered a major hurricane.
It wasn't that no one had ever considered the idea.
Have you considered throwing your favorite fruit on the grill?
Melanie says that she has never considered leaving the community.
Then again, I'd never really considered David Bowie dying either.
Covering women, like voting for them, is considered more risky.
It is considered a terrorist organization by the United States.
All the details are considered for functionality in tight quarters.
Students must score 75% or above just to be considered.
We really considered ordering pizza but convince ourselves not to.
I've always considered myself to be a pretty organized person.
He grew resentful and frustrated; he considered switching careers again.
The United States Postal Service might be considered a SOE.
She is not, however, considered the world's greatest movie critic.
But uttering complex, grammatically correct is considered beyond their capacities.
Ratings below BBB- considered to be off the investment grade.
At the Mermaid Parade, glitter is considered clothing, Zigun said.
Before Harry Potter, children's literature was often considered an afterthought.
Government employees considered essential would still work during that time.
Even love, foreplay, and the female orgasm weren't considered relevant.
Extremely powerful, the serpent is usually considered deadly but peaceful.
Russia and Iran are considered to be on friendly terms.
Harris also is considered a potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.
Because of her age, she's not considered a dependent minor.
Within a professional environment, an afro is rarely considered fitting.
It considered three bases in Texas and one in Arkansas.
He gave no details of what operations would be considered.
They said shortly afterward she was not considered a suspect.
Its debt is considered a part of general government liabilities.
While it's not considered harmful, it's also not completely benign.
" In turn, Lagerfeld considered Viard his "right and left hand.
Though considered an inflation hedge, gold isn't necessarily going up.
Cindy Crawford was modeling and she was considered really exotic.
It's considered one of the most important open mathematical problems.
He is considered the most damaging spy in FBI history.
One day, a man considered desertion, the next        he deserted.
In almost any other industry, it would be considered obscene.
Much less one that's considered selling access to user data?
Jobs considered Ive a "spiritual partner," according to Isaacson's book.
Voter files considered garbage are frequently neglected or discarded recklessly.
So I thought artists like 2 Chainz were considered underground.
Perez was considered the heavy favorite of the Democratic establishment.
Azerbaijan considered that decision as "unfair" and left the coalition.
These weren't considered countries of concern by former President Obama.
Many more have been considered for such an action. Sen.
Even though they're awake, they're not considered to be aware.
Washington has long considered it a state sponsor of terrorism.
The campaign, which began in 2011, was initially considered frivolous.
A fun question to think about; are insects considered animals?
It's critical that these scenarios are considered before an emergency.
She had read Robbins' books and considered herself a fan.
New York is considered a hot spot for campaign fundraising.
Kihuen was once considered a rising star in Democratic politics.
McLaren once considered a flotation and may do so again.
Washington was considered the highest level Mason, known as Master.
The next day, on NPR's All Things Considered, Ohio Rep.
He had never considered that until page 300, you know?
It does not encompass everything that may be considered news.
This is widely considered one of Apple's worst design kludges.
He also said he considered the affair "bigger than Watergate".
Shelby told reporters he had considered writing in Jeff Sessions.
It had never considered working on technology or misinformation issues.
It's considered a direct sequel to Shin Megami Tensei: Persona.
Now, even Prudential is officially considered no longer systemically dangerous.
"You know, I never considered myself an activist," she said.
Environmental protection, if considered at all, is typically an afterthought.
It's considered one of the great achievements in military history.
Coinbase has also considered adding it for regular, retail customers.
That's considered extremely light in the world of gaming laptops.
Normally, this might be considered a minor misstep from Apple.
They are now considered unaccompanied minors by the federal government.
Macao has considered closing its borders to Mainland China entirely.
Pawlenty is still considered the frontrunner in the August primary.
"Anything that's considered calming is now called 'superblock'," Campins grumbles.
JM: We've never considered ourselves comparable to Uber or Lyft.
They're considered racing games, but they're made for all ages.
Late last year Ron DeSantis was considered a long shot.
This "unauthorized" access of computers is considered a federal crime.
Cher's trendsetting, from the beginning, was deliberate and meticulously considered.
Today, browsers are usually considered part of an operating system.
Today, it is considered a masterpiece of modern graphic design.
To have your deck considered, just fill out this form.
But he said he still considered the global movement dangerous.
It's not clear why deputies considered the "stun belt" necessary.
At this point, Cramer considered Netflix to have questionable credibility.
Eastern Time on the closing date will not be considered.
At this point, Cramer considered Netflix to have questionable credibility.
Only certain communications are considered coordinated, according to the FEC.
That was just sort of considered part of his charm.
The psychologists considered his claims unscientific, and severed the relationship.
The Japanese , traditionally considered a safe-haven currency, has soared.
Mike Pence are among those considered possible vice presidential picks.
Then, as now, she was considered a serious medal contender.
Student Opinion Question | Should Video Games Be Considered a Sport?
In the 1950s I might have been considered gender dysphoric.
All things considered, I think they treated Jerry pretty fairly.
A similar diagnosis is being considered in the United States.
But Harris considered this only a small step toward victory.
"I never considered myself as disabled," Knox, 31, tells PEOPLE.
They're terms were already used but were sometimes considered interchangeable.
Wheat led the way down as traders considered global stockpiles.
Whether it will be considered by the Senate is uncertain.
We bet you've never considered a television screen for that.
It felt strange, given that I'd never considered selling them.
"They were considered a positive response to service," she said.
However those who committed serious crimes will not be considered.
Today, genetic modification, radiation and targeted bacteria are being considered.
Soybeans led the way down as traders considered bearish fundamentals.
Most of the general population is considered to be neurotypical.
Sanders is considered the most liberal Democrat in the race.
In the biohacking world, Zayner and Traywick were considered rivals.
Bayer has never publicly considered pulling Roundup off the market.
Dean Heller was always considered the most vulnerable Republican senator.
These subsidies will be considered by the cabinet next week.
Ikuenobe considered it a breakthrough — it meant he was trusted.
Like the woman is considered the monster of the man.
He considered these, then nodded upward, toward the fluorescent lights.
He said the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous.
Wheels Craig Sakowitz could be considered a technologically adept driver.
This year, no women directors were even seriously considered contenders.
Mobile ads are considered to be future of digital advertising.
The bill will be considered during the 2020 legislative session.
Previously, only fruits and vegetables had been considered zero points.
If you've ever considered quitting your job, you're not alone.
He considered it "unlikely" the court would hear from them.
Prince Miteb was once considered a contender for the throne.
There was, of course, Morning Edition and All Things Considered.
It's an existential dread — should the ants be considered people?
I considered the gummies, but the chocolate seemed more festive.
For decades, the tight end was considered a glorified tackle.
Investigators first considered Powell's food sources, then questioned his wife.
What does someone need to know to be considered "timeful"?
The Trump administration has considered sending marines to guard it.
These are normal and should not be considered a defect.
That would be considered an absolute unbelievable act of treason.
Q: Why is the dog show considered a sports story?
Fortune is considered one of the best kindergartens in Shanghai.
Rotting food is almost universally considered revolting, according to Pizarro.
I must be considered as someone who can do something.
She said calling new presidential elections was not being considered.
Pittsburgh is considered more difficult because of its harsher weather.
""None of the considered phenomena can alone explain the observations.
Maternity is considered a mark of vitality, and national pride.
Now, some recipients of Sackler money have considered cutting ties.
"It's just considered to be part of college," she says.
I have always considered myself firmly on Team Never Boho.
Liberals who'd never considered this are absolutely starting to prepare.
However, 20163 of those emails are being retroactively considered classified.
The researchers considered one intentional overdose of acetaminophen possibly related.
In 1964 this Pontiac was actually considered a smaller car.
SSPE is considered 100% fatal for infants who get it.
Fencing schools were not always considered socially acceptable in Germany.
By today's standards, Hurt's prisoner character might be considered trans.
That's considered fast charging, a hallmark of the Tesla brand.
The others are in areas considered "lean" or "safe" Democratic.
The tampons and sanitary napkins are now considered medical necessities.
I've always considered my work from a larger industry perspective.
Wolves are generally considered to be more social and hierarchical.
They are considered infidels by the hardline Sunni Islamist militants.
His wife wrote she considered Bisher a friend and confidante.
He is also considered to be the founder of Protestantism.
Cramer considered that impressive considering the size of the company.
Money is commonly considered a liability of a central bank.
That question has so far not been considered by courts.
What it means to be dead was long considered simple.
EDP has since said it considered the bid as low.
Here's how to enter and be considered for the awards.
Dark skin is still considered undesirable all around the world.
Kylie always considered Jordyn to be very loyal and respectful.
They are considered "active" again once they cast their vote.
Why are the Academy Awards considered to be more prestigious?
He considered Miró the last modern artist worth caring about.
Some people have said the song was originally considered satire.
That's considered a reasonable margin of error for a pedometer.
Dogs will be considered on a house by house basis.
Analog storage is generally considered more future proof than digital.
And Ellenberger did confirm Hopkins was considered difficult on set.
He was in his late 40s and considered early retirement.
Goldman Sachs, in particular, has reportedly considered entering the space.
It's actually considered a very bullish sign for the market.
I could've tipped him off; I considered him a friend.
It's an expected feeling but I never really considered it.
I love the platform, but have considered doing the same.
That's before the human aspect of the service is considered.
He has also considered moving the team to San Antonio.
The businessman considered Mr. Coe a friend and religious mentor.
Hugh Jackman, who was reportedly considered for the action franchise.
As a whole, DMCA is considered to be a mess.
But it's also considered a library system for older games.
Can anything typed into a smartphone really be considered private?
I've grown in directions that I wouldn't have otherwise considered.
There are places where women aren't even considered as human.
Its surveys are considered in Spain as official opinion polls.
The result was considered by men to be highly erotic.
Employers' claims data has long been considered a black box.
The procedure is considered a "cleanup," The Vertical reported Monday.
She had initially considered pleading insanity, the Star Tribune reports.
You can ask admissions how much it will be considered.
Upton should be considered the favorite heading into Election Day.
It wasn't mainstream, and it certainly wasn't considered major news.
He considered doing that at certain points in his life.
" –Laura Lorson "I should have considered and understood marrying more.
Jordan says what he says "yes" to is carefully considered.
The bronze they won was considered something of a failure.
Most years, that would be considered a pretty wild deadline.
It's considered the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.
Both suspects are considered armed and dangerous, the FBI said.
"I never considered myself a maverick," he avowed in 2010.
"Jung's theories are not considered to be solid," he says.
But the question remained: What is considered an educational facility?
In the White House, Hicks is considered a Trump confidante.
Have you ever considered mixing it up with anything else.
Kaya toast is considered a national breakfast dish in Singapore.
Halfway down, she stopped, considered the mountain she was skiing.
Widely considered the toughest man in the history of wrestling.
Analysts said they considered February's retail results a mixed bag.
Anything that might be considered negative feedback becomes a headline.
In person, Robyn is calm and considered, warm and observant.
A leather jacket was considered pretty punk at the time.
Elaine Luria of Virginia, it would have been considered passed.
" But U.S.–North Korean relations are not historically considered "friendly.
Japan is considered one of the world's safest developed countries.
Pluto is considered a dwarf planet, although it's still awesome.
Vagnari, more inland, is considered a cemetery of estate laborers.
Sims was considered a pioneer in the field of gynecology.
Tahmoush, shareholders pursuing derivative claims are considered fiduciaries, they argued.
That name was considered, too, but it didn't quite work.
Professional air testing should be considered if symptoms are persistent.
The drinks at Emilie's are as considered as the food.
Product inventories for gasoline and distillates are still considered high.
To be considered, it has to gather at least 69,927.
Ironically, Trump briefly considered nominating Romney for secretary of state.
And that's before the thorny question of technology is considered.
It was the first time the report considered that indicator.
Their research may take them in directions they've never considered.
The group is generally considered to be nonpartisan or centrist.
So I considered myself, like, straight and a little extra.
Instead, she did some television commentary and considered her future.
She couldn't think of anyone who considered her an enemy.
But, he felt, "anything further" should be considered by Congress.
Wray's nomination will be considered by the Senate judiciary committee.
Like Le Pen, he would be considered a disruptive candidate.
He was widely considered the Garth Brooks of Tejano music.
NAMBLA is widely considered anathema to the gay rights movement.
Pōhaku, or stones, are considered one of his many kinolau.
Eric took his elimination like a champ, all things considered.
All things considered, this could have gone a lot worse.
He "should be considered armed and dangerous," according to authorities.
The western Ohio district is considered a safe Republican seat.
Generally speaking, games that involve chance are usually considered gambling.
Dave Chappelle is widely considered to be a comedic genius.
That would be considered outrageous and medically dangerous for anyone.
He considered moving but believes things are little better elsewhere.
And only 34 of them were outsiders and considered independent.
Regulators considered private ventures too risky for the average public.
The Senate considered 1,894 bills, and passed 20113 of them.
I also considered pretending I hadn't noticed its existence. But.
Yet even within China Confucian fare is rarely considered distinctive.
Six months' supply of listings is considered a balanced market.
Trump had also reportedly considered Huntsman for secretary of state.
It occurred at a crossing which was not considered dangerous.
I guess a midlife crisis is considered a medical condition.
The EPA says anything over 15 ppb is considered unsafe.
About 16% of respondents have even considered postponing the event.
Is the quality considered somewhat less than the existing oeuvre?
Mammograms are considered the best way to detect breast cancer.
I just never considered what they must have went through.
An inverted yield curve is generally considered a recession predictor.
And, it turns out, this Friday isn't considered "good" everywhere.
Previews of congressional testimony to superiors are generally considered courteous.
Many confessed to despair and depression, and some considered suicide.
And yes, high ponytails at the club were considered dressy.
Many considered his election in 2202 to be a fluke.
Schrage has considered resigning for about two years, Facebook said.
He's considered the "godfather of the marijuana movement" in Nevada.
Amarnath is considered one of the holiest shrines in Hinduism.
Overall, 1,213 women, or 44 percent, considered a double mastectomy.
"There are certainly Plan B options being considered," said Kerry.
"There are certainly Plan B options being considered," he said.
The GOP bill is now being considered by the Senate.
Many ideas that are mainstream today were once considered radical.
All things considered, this fella's lucky Arnold's a class act.
Volkswagen said it considered the lawsuits to be without merit.
The top contenders are considered to be former state Rep.
The rate is considered a key measure of worker confidence.
Lanier said the nine jurors returned a carefully considered verdict.
He's embraced what might be considered the coyote of today.
It's considered one of the artier and tamer porn parodies.
NFL teams have considered cheerleaders as independent contractors -- not employees.
In fairness, the draft rule to be considered on Jan.
According to the book, Shatner considered Nimoy his best friend.
Utilities and consumer staples -considered defensive plays - were slightly higher.
Friday's outing likely would not be considered in that category.
The district is considered within reach for Democrats in November.
So why can't audio recordings be considered the same thing?
Porte was considered a medal prospect for Wednesday's time trial.
They are considered uncouth to talk about in certain company.
Chark considered going into the NFL Draft after last season.
Absolutely. He was considered the best tackle prospect that year.
There's a reason Wisconsin is often considered a "battleground" state.
To be considered, chains must have five to 22018 locations.
AS A young man, Ramon Fonseca considered taking holy orders.
Don't wear clothing that could be considered offensive or appropriated.
He told the Times he considered resigning from the administration.
Zinke and Perry have not been considered especially controversial nominees.
Foreign NGOs, on the other hand, are considered fair game.
Arrests, charges, and indictments are not considered evidence of wrongdoing.
It's considered one of the craziest moments in filmmaking history.
I considered what I was doing more like painting sound.
This was considered an "average" scan, according to the game.
According to Volexity, the attacks are considered to be ongoing.
However, transparent cockpit protection is currently being considered as well.
They might not even know they were considered [a mentor].
Dana's board also considered the restructuring of its Islamic bond.
This has often been considered an important due process requirement.
Had they formed a considered evaluation of the book's argument?
They were otherwise considered too vulnerable to tend the bar.
But in our universe, he might be considered a slave.
And those games, generally speaking, are not considered as exciting.
Brides magazine is often considered the bible of wedding planning.
Typically, SEC commissioners are considered by the Senate in pairs.
It was considered controversial because they were people in uniform.
Michael is considered one of CEO Travis Kalanick's closest allies.
The end is considered to be Mao's death on Sept.
The question is a worthy one, considered on its own.
Frederick was pained that Saxony was widely considered a backwater.
E.U. regulators are considered the world's leading tech industry watchdogs.
"I always considered myself a very healthy person," she said.
But she considered herself lucky to be alive, she said.
Petitions only needed 100,000 signatures to be considered by Parliament.
They are considered outsiders and not part of the club.
The methods are widely considered torture and are now illegal.
Prosecutors also considered whether he violated NYPD's policy on chokeholds.
It is a nuclear deterrent and must be considered credible.
This confidentiality is considered essential to shield them from retaliation.
Even going to the dentist can be considered a retouch.
It should be considered when we think about these identifications.
Varys is considered one of Game of Thrones' smartest characters.
Handcuffs and firearms are now considered tools of last resort.
However, the findings shouldn't be considered conclusive, the team warned.
Now, there's a crafty dating technique I've never considered before.
They considered science a powerful tool in shaping public opinion.
And yet Networker feels more considered than Omni's other outings.
I've always considered myself a success born out of failure.
The introduction of a bill is rarely considered big news.
Other important good time proposals should be considered as well.
He considered luxury investments like gold or diamonds too risky.
Defense is generally considered the weakest part of Valanciunas's game.
Biden is considered a top potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.
Historically, the IRS considered such cancelled debt as taxable income.
All of Ga State Capitol square considered a crime scene.
Think about your own workplace: Would it be considered innovative?
Respectfully, politicians considered for the position, whether it be Sen.
His anticipated return might be considered miraculous in some quarters.
Cashman considered the proposal, but in the end said no.
Long lines at polls are considered a deterrent to voting.
Trump reportedly considered firing Mueller at least twice last year.
It earlier approached 66.3813 per dollar, considered a key threshold .
Several Tar Heels said they considered Paige their team dad.
Considered as a genre, YouTube Minecraft videos are quite strange.
Many of Jordan's conservative Muslims considered Hattar's move deeply offensive.
Cuts in salaries and hours worked is also being considered.
Both measures were originally expected to be considered last week.
The measure was considered dead on arrival in the Senate.
Spieth had 30 putts, which he considered the bright spot.
With prescription drugs, saving lives must be considered as well.
The intervention diet was considered a more "heart healthy" one.
Kasich said he considered such behavior "totally and completely" inappropriate.
At the time, such engines were also considered too noisy.
All things considered, it couldn't be in a better spot.
I know these qualities are considered luxuries to many educators.
Until recently, even Likud considered Jewish Power beyond the pale.
But Marcus said it could possibly be considered a commodity.
These decisions became so uncomfortable that I frequently considered stopping.
He considered demoting Powell in February, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.
Titan's considered one of the best candidates for alien life.
The Republican's seat is considered safe in the general election.
One idea being considered by some California cities is municipalization.
But Pyongyang's budget and fiscal information are considered state secrets.
Housing is considered a leading gage of overall economic health.
For those on the left, it was considered long overdue.
We considered various southern European destinations but settled on Lisbon.
Dynamic analysis, meanwhile, would have considered a critical behavioral change.
Uniper has considered the bid as hostile and too low.
Considered from a moral and policy perspective, they're downright obvious.
The settlements are considered illegal by much of the world.
Bazdarich said that he considered it more Mexican than Californian.
Now, his nomination will be considered by the full Senate.
The bank's sound and relatively stable earnings are also considered.
Trump and his allies nevertheless considered the summary a victory.
Many considered it symbolic of the country's commitment to modernizing.
Typically, Europe's carmakers are considered particularly vulnerable to Trump's protectionism.
Notably, Boeing had considered separating the roles in the past.
Most of the proposals alone are considered nonstarters by Democrats.
From an innovation standpoint, Uber is still considered a leader.
Maruyama did not say exactly what sanctions were being considered.
This was before robotic process automation was considered a market.
Supplì is considered a popular street food option in Rome.
" We learn that nowadays "homosexuality is no longer considered outré.
Biden is considered to be a leading 2020 Democratic hopeful.
Of course, not all Americans considered themselves blessed in 1892.
Böttcher said he's considered himself a portrait photographer since 2016.
"Love Story" has been widely considered as Swift's signature song.
I considered asking him about the letter but never did.
They simply said they had considered Goldwater beyond the pale.
Before that she had never considered a career in politics.
Laos is considered one of the world's least developed countries.
He is considered the likely successor for CEO Lloyd Blankfein.
True, some inmates considered themselves Black Panthers or Maoist revolutionaries.
We are supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

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