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"break out" Definitions
  1. (of war, fighting or other unpleasant events) to start suddenly
"break out" Synonyms
erupt arise begin emerge explode start happen appear commence flame occur flare up burst forth blaze up blow up begin suddenly burst out start suddenly burst into embark on escape flee abscond bolt leave depart get out break free break loose get free cut loose escape from abscond from bust out come out flee from sunder out break loose from burst out of swell up bubble suppurate blister vesicate swell flaunt parade exhibit display brandish flourish vaunt disport flash sport dangle expose produce show showboat unveil wave advertise advertize air follow result ensue rise emanate issue spring develop eventuate flow form grow materialise(UK) materialize(US) proceed surface transpire burst surge rush pour spill break cascade gush jet run spout spurt stream sweep discharge roll spew whirl become known spread circulate leak be revealed get around leak out get round out get about become apparent disseminate go the rounds propagate be passed around be passed on open split clear separate fissure gap gape give way yawn break up come apart part crack divide stretch expand dehisce cleave release emit dispense ooze void excrete exude disembogue eject empty cast evolve exhale expel shatter fracture rupture splinter fragment puncture break open split open burst open fly open tear open rend asunder tear asunder rip open tear apart reveal stand out stick out be in view be seen be visible catch the eye feature present be apparent become visible be evident be obvious be within view outbreak breakout abdication extrication break-out flight slip decamping absconding departure decampment getaway lam disappearance retreat fleeing bolting flit More
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How to use break out in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "break out" and check conjugation/comparative form for "break out". Mastering all the usages of "break out" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Soon, she'll break out divorce papers; he'll break out the booze.
" And he was like, "Well, break out of it.
" • "I can assure you that fights will break out.
Although it did not break out any hard sales data.
Mexican prisons are severely overcrowded, and riots frequently break out.
He did, however, break out a very impressive Chewbacca rendition.
And in spring, let yourself break out of the cocoon.
I need to break out of this new habit asap.
Is she supposed to break out in song like that?
Neuraminidase helps new virus particles break out of that cell.
Google does not break out its cloud revenue in earnings.
Like these protests didn't just break out out of nowhere.
It did not break out the numbers by immigration status.
But can Sudan break out of its cycle of violence?
But you know who might also break out from it?
Well, what happens when programs break out of their boundaries?
The company does not break out results by geographic area.
No need to break out a cutting board and knife.
"They're afraid they are going to break out," he said.
Facebook fights would then break out on the event page.
For the bottom rung, it's a chance to break out.
I break out into a sweat at just the thought.
Elections can lose legitimacy, or ethnic violence can break out.
There are thousands of people who want to break out.
Break out Buckingham Palace's best candles – it's Princess Beatrice's birthday!
Tighten your collective sphincters and break out the chimichangas kiddos!
Should we break out the Walkman portable CD players again?
You're really itching to break out of your usual routine.
Then shots break out and Scott drops to the ground.
Buyer traffic has yet to break out of negative territory.
That doesn't mean we should break out the party hats.
Fights between Syrians and Afghans have begun to break out.
Apple doesn't break out repair revenue in its financial statements.
Break out of your comfort zone without breaking your budget.
And sometimes conflict can break out with formal mining companies.
Conflicts can be resolved, just as they can break out.
The veteran slugger thinks he's about ready to break out.
But optimists should not break out the purple bunting yet.
The best night cream that won't make you break out
The research firm did not break out their potential impact.
Break out the chopsticks and head over to Beyond Sushi.
If he doesn't break out now, it may never happen.
"We can't break out of that downward pattern," he said.
Sweden Sweden's ready for war -- whenever it may break out.
Americans must break out of that bubble and seek truth.
But Apple doesn't generally break out Apple Watch sales numbers.
It would be very difficult to break out from it.
First, break out the colors you want to work with.
I even sometimes tremble and I break out in hives.
Break out your planner and read your monthly horoscope here.
We'd break out the tunes and stare out the windows.
He believes the the stock is "looking to break out."
It's only a matter of time before I break out.
Dior does not break out revenue for its men's business.
Patriot Act may just be the one to break out.
Cory Booker seems likeliest to break out of the pack.
Break out your checkbook ... 'cause it ain't gonna go cheap.
You're feeling inspired to break out of your normal routine.
It makes it hard to break out of the cycle.
Diplomats tend to feel we've failed when fights break out.
Can right and left break out of their disastrous cycle?
I did not see anyone break out in the debate.
You can break out of it any time you want.
It did not break out sales in the United States.
The FANG stocks have struggled to break out to highs.
Sunny is not the first red panda to break out.
Bailey said Gordon was trying to break out of jail.
I am surprised that a fire did not break out.
However, I might break out that cookie recipe again soon.
Break out a story that hopefully aligns with the question.
Everybody wants every new show to break out Day 1.
As usual, Apple didn't break out sales by iPhone model.
We're guessing they'd even break out their best Top Ramen.
You're going to break out of these molds this month.
Break out the bubbly and toast to your new life together.
LEVIN: How do you break out of this as an individual?
Break out the Ecto Cooler, the original Ghostbusters are coming back!
In short, a full-blown trade war may yet break out.
Violent skirmishes break out late at night between activists and police.
Booker has yet to break out in state or national polling.
Chanel did not break out figures for its watch business, however.
After weeks of use, my skin has yet to break out.
Do not expect wild celebrations to break out in the streets.
Break out the candy corn and apple cider: it's almost October!
Once everyone finishes their cake, they break out into their groups.
Then, I would wear more makeup to cover the break out.
Like, was she about to break out into a different song?
So break out the condoms if you're really concerned about safety.
Break out your favorite boots, fuzzy scarves, and thick turtleneck sweaters!
Break out your tarot deck and pull out the Star card.
Unfortunately, this policy doesn't break out details about specific Google products.
Time for Victoria Beckham to break out the little Gucci dress!
Would I be able to break out the window and escape?
He laid out a scenario for how one could break out.
Experts still believe this stock is on pace to break out.
Jointness is especially important for fighting wars that break out abroad.
And that cycle can be very hard to break out of.
If so, oil could break out, otherwise the inverse could occur.
It's time to break out a sapphire liner, you September baby!
Why did you decide to break out into the baby market?
Alan's dad derides the men as criminals, and squabbles break out.
That new chemical peel made your face break out in hives?
When you break out of it, you start to get this.
Booker may be the one who's best positioned to break out.
Break out the ice cream and get comfortable on your couch.
The remaining question now is: When will the war break out?
The move sparked speculation that crude would break out even higher.
So we want to sort of break out of the sports.
Starbucks doesn't break out its performance in Vietnam in its results.
Fights break out over the occasional fish grabbed from the swamps.
Are you ready to break out the rosé and pop corn?
As for a break-out star, watch the hosts' Jasprit Bumrah.
It's not a data point the big tech companies break out.
So, break out your formalwear and get into your time machine.
And that's something we all need to break out of ASAP.
Break out the cast-iron skillet for a great steak dinner.
"We want to break out of the vicious cycle," he said.
John Hickenlooper has struggled to break out in the national polls.
"The goal is to break out of linear thinking," Blake says.
At that point, it's time to break out the metal detector.
"Let's not overstate it — war didn't break out," Mr. Davis said.
Rarely have companies been able to break out from that box.
My kids love to break out Anki every couple of months.
Break out the beach umbrellas and spring for the pool pass.
If I do break out, I'm too ashamed to go anywhere.
Why do so many fights break out in fast food restaurants?
And when it rains, diseases break out due to poor hygiene.
Google doesn't break out revenue or profit for its hardware business.
With elections scheduled for October, some fear violence may break out.
Knights does not expect peace to break out any time soon.
Nostalgic vibes are flowing, so break out your box of memories.
Of course, he has already suggested that riots would break out.
The agency did not specifically break out terrorism as a subcategory.
The chance to break out and express ourselves as powerful women.
However, the risk that a larger war could break out remains.
Suddenly you see a fight break out on the platform below.
The firm does not break out its asset management arm's assets.
Flutter does not break out FanDuel&aposs business in its filings.
I tried to take the break out and it just bounced.
Want an excuse to break out your favorite pair of joggers?
"Some might say [McDonald's is] going to break out," he said.
Break out the PJ pants and warm blankets, and get cozy.
Gang wars break out over him, and it is totally plausible.
Nobody is behaving as if one is about to break out.
And it doesn't break out Workplace revenue on earnings reports, either.
And ours turned it over and went to break out again, and then turned it over and went to break out again and then — guess what — we turned it over again.
" — Quinn GlamGlow SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment Mask"All the stress I get from reading the news and things going on in life is making me break out, and I never break out.
We're going to have to break out the lightning round this week.
The sisters break out in tears and are outraged at this command.
Kilmer cracked numerous jokes, causing the audience to break out in laughter.
Ohh did #scandal just break out the #NastyWoman I love this show!
"Small caps looked like they were about to break out," he said.
My last question is…is this book going to break out hearts?
Google and Facebook break out the numbers in their quarterly transparency reports.
But that does not mean that epidemics will break out, scientists say.
The dark and terrible "Ar-mom-ageddon" was threatening to break out.
Break out the bubbly and balloons: It's Instagram Stories' one-year birthday.
Go deeper ... In photos: Violent weekend protests break out around the world
You never know who among them will break out and make history.
Start On The OutsideGet excited: It's time to break out the tweezers.
PayPal – A break-out quarter for PayPal catapulted its stock up 8.6%.
One can be trying to break out of a constricting social role.
The committee did not break out what ending medical deductions would yield.
The U.S. hardware giant does not break out profitability for iPhones separately.
Then I break out the juicer and make two kinds of juice.
Neither lady wants to break out the Twister and rosé just yet.
Break out your best/worst chicken dance: Arrested Development is officially back.
Break out your journal (and your pussy hat...remember that?) and reflect.
Bieber didn't answer, but he did break out into a big smile.
That's not necessarily a bad thing: Perhaps break out the Ouija board?
But even he wouldn't try to break out of the party system.
Cancer season is your time to break out of your usual habits.
Some are also in stereoscopic view, so break out your 3D glasses.
For the BDSM-inclined, you can also break out the nipple clamps.
It's time to break out of your routine and do something different!
But analysts say it could break out of that range this week.
We also see a glimpse of a fight about to break out.
It's time for Jennifer Aniston to break out the tiara and sash.
"You do one more dip before we eventually break out," explains Gordon.
Dreaming of the day when you can break out your florals again?
So be it resolved: Databases be damned, let's break out the doughnuts.
He thought martial law was going to break out at any moment.
IBM doesn't break out how much it has made in IoT revenues.
WestJet does not break out revenues for premium economy or business travel.
The combination limits the potential for stocks to break out, he said.
That's right — no need to break out your Apple IIe or C64.
Firefights between government forces and guerrillas could break out at any time.
It doesn't break out Instagram revenue on its quarterly earnings, for example.
Tapestry doesn't break out the same-store sales performance for Stuart Weitzman.
"Any shift, it's there," Bailey said of Tavares' ability to break out.
Since World War II's end, peace seems to break out only intermittently.
Wake me up when we break out of that relatively narrow range.
"Nuclear war may break out any moment," Kim In Ryong said Monday.
Nissan doesn't break out individual board members' compensation in its annual report.
Neither Apple, Amazon or Alphabet break out unit sales for smart speakers.
No wonder they can't break out of this cycle of generational poverty.
Americans "want to break out of that status quo," de Blasio added.
It hasn't caused my skin to break out or turn red either.
It's just sitting on your head, and you break out underneath it.
However, Google does not break out specific revenue figures for either business.
How can — and should — the United States break out of this deadlock?
And that's a hard mindset for a community to break out of.
It's time to break out the big guns—as in actual magic.
You'll also be feeling artistically inspired, so break out your art supplies.
Arguments and factions break out over issues like the Emma Stone photo.
And then in order to break out of that, you need opportunity.
Your imagination will be brilliant today, so break out your art supplies.
The market needs a catalyst to break out one way or another.
Forky was one of the break-out stars of "Toy Story 4."
It does not break out the number of employees in each region.
Square also reported break-out growth in its Venmo competitor, Cash App.
Maybe Rosealia and her fellow Lower East Siders ought to break out.
"We do not want to see another war break out," Massoud said.
The report did not break out bonuses for executives and other workers.
Is there any way for him to break out of this box?
The quick escalation is why some believe a fight may break out.
New fires continue to break out, and winds are expected to strengthen.
She wanted to break out of, not a rut, but a mold.
This blurring of the truth becomes dangerous when real crises break out.
Huawei did not break out the latest quarter's results on their own.
However, Microsoft still does not break out specific revenue figures for Azure.
Sharks break out in 7-0 rout of Oilers SAN JOSE, Calif.
Will Buttigieg break out and gain support beyond Iowa and New Hampshire?
You might break out in little purses and purse yourself to death.
As in any arts milieu, there are occasionally the break-out stars.
That's right, foreplay is a great time to break out sex toys.
The company notably does not break out revenue numbers for its subsidiaries.
President Donald Trump can't seem to break out of his polling funk.
Occasionally, he would break out in a joyous side-to-side shuffle.
"War must not break out on the Korean Peninsula again," Moon said.
Davis shot 220 of 215 to break out of a mini slump.
I want to break out of my comfort zone a bit more!
The debates, as always, give these candidates a chance to break out.
"Despite the universal pessimism, oil is poised to break out," Tuey wrote.
Break out the belted safari shorts and unbutton your favourite black shirt.
"I think I break out on the ground in Iowa," he said.
Once we break out the lines and allow the competition to come.
So open up YouTube, break out your notepad, and let's get going.
The next thing we know, they break out in an impressively choreographed dance.
You're in the mood for adventure, so break out of your usual routine!
This one is great for sensitive skin and doesn't make you break out.
My skin doesn't break out too much, but it does get really dry.
It doesn't break out how many are sold by Walmart versus third parties.
Tamu Mcpherson Break out the trusty Doc Martens, but keep the linen pants.
She would break out in rashes whenever she went out in the sun.
In November, Apple also said it would no longer break out iPhone sales.
Break out your planner, dear Capricorn—we've got plenty of dates to review!
The Cupertino, CA-based firm does not break out specific figures for India.
Here's a full list below, but it's tiny so break out the spectacles.
There are no draft studs on this team that can really break out.
But the November election could break out the market — one way or another.
Nadia and Alan finally found a way to break out of their cycles!
If they do, and they do break out, boy, the sky's the limit.
Just thinking about it again is causing me to break out in hives.
Did you break out in song in the middle of the checkout line?
Branson declined to break out his own investment from that haul, CNBC said.
And I didn't have to break out a single bit of command line.
Those efforts haven't really helped Twitch break out with the non-gamer crowd.
But despite all of that, a wider Israel-Syria fight didn't break out.
It does not break out figures for individual markets, including the United States.
Sometimes I find instant favorites; other times, I break out in a rash.
The company does not break out sales numbers for its Mac Pro machines.
If you see a nutria in California, don't break out the barbecue tongs.
So give your date their best shot, and break out of your routine.
Vanity Fair was first to break out Variety's reporting about Foy's pay discrepancy.
Artists should break out of the bubble and draw all kinds of people.
So that planted the seed, how did you break out into other bands?
One way to break out of that is having one of these experiences.
Verbal and physical fights break out on a monthly basis, employees told me.
Exciting news arrives and you'll break out of any ruts you've been in.
"The A Team" was Ed Sheeran's break-out radio hit, back in 2011.
You'll need to break out the vacuum to get those tough messes out.
New moons are powerful times of manifestation, so break out your spell kit.
After all, I need a place to break out my newfound quadrille skills.
We have to break out of our corporate narratives and overdesigned slide decks.
Downed power lines caused local precincts in Tennessee to break out paper ballots.
"I think if the XLK can break out to new highs," said Wald.
A listing would require FIFA to break out how much its executives get.
Everything else he tried made him break out in allergic reactions, he says.
And it is likely to make it harder for anyone to break out.
Take a page from the Gilmore Girls, and break out the Bop It!
Google started to break out the CAPEX associated with "Other Bets" in 1003.
Cramer wouldn't be surprised to see AMN Healthcare break out as a result.
Avoid picking fights, but break out your art supplies—you'll be super inspired!
And Wright-Phillips was convinced he would soon break out of his slump.
One chart watcher sees this as its moment for a big break out.
The governor's race was important, but national Democrats shouldn't break out the bourbon.
"If you typically have balanced skin, you may suddenly break out," he says.
Citi and Comenity do not break out financial data for deferred-interest promotions.
Campaign reports do not require candidates to break out revenue from merchandise sales.
The report did not break out the extra time served by these inmates.
Hal bucked as if he were trying to break out of a straitjacket.
Throughout his campaign, he struggled to break out in polls and in fundraising.
"It was good to see him break out," Portland coach Terry Stotts said.
The confident move is to break out of the emotional bunker with vulnerability.
However, break-out time and a weapons capability are not the same thing.
My break-out project was to map the Great Sphinx, stone by stone.
Mr. Trump's rallies, where violent protests sometimes break out, can also be disconcerting.
Many people break out around their periods due to the accompanying hormone fluctuations.
If not, they were chipping it behind us and making us break out.
Break out the umbrella, and try your best to hang on to it.
My stomach flips, and I break out in a thin film of sweat.
You're thinking big, and you're eager to break out of your everyday routine.
However, he declined to break out specific customer numbers, monthly active or otherwise.
So depending where you live, you may want to break out your galoshes.
Should a war over peanuts and pretzels break out, you will be protected.
Find your long johns, break out the thick socks and raid the supermarket.
But before they break out the Champagne, they should look at the details.
BFN: How did you handle that urge to break out of house arrest?
The board does not break out college and professional numbers in any sport.
It was the sort of performance that could break out a young actor.
It's much harder now to break out of the lower or middle class.
If it can break out, you can finally get that group to go.
Only recently has Latin America began to break out of this vicious cycle.
Something must be done to break out of this costly cycle of futility.
Any more Yankee compliments and I am going to break out in hives.
We need a good quarter for Dell to break out of its range.
"We couldn't break out of it because there was a fear," Gunn said.
Americans could be forgiven for thinking that war is about to break out.
Among his predictions, he said augmented reality will finally break out this decade.
Carmen (the smoky-toned mezzo-soprano Sishel Claverie) is trying to break out.
But the will to do so always scans for chances to break out.
Medley Global Advisors' Ben Emons expects the market to break out in 2020.
I have sensitive skin and can't do anything heavy or I break out.
He believes that AMD will break out of this pattern to the upside.
The officers told him that chaos would break out if they did so.
Google didn't break out how much money is coming from the new smartphones.
Still, the company did not break out revenue figures for its Freight business.
I do not expect a second Korean War to break out next year.
If it manages to break out, he could see it running to $215.
On Wednesday, break out the cast iron and turn up the kitchen fan.
Still, it was rare for any woman to break out of the chorus.
Instead, Inslee has really struggled to break out of the "who's that?" zone.
You might notice that you break out in hives when you're acutely stressed.
Facebook doesn't break out Instagram's revenue, but analysts think it could be huge.
Once we break out — once we break out the lines and allow the competition to come... COOPER: Are you going — are you going to have a mandate that Americans have to have health insurance?
Summer is here, and that means it's time to break out the water guns.
Still, he's waiting for the stock to break out above a $39 stock price.
Those sectors may give investors an early signal whether the market can break out.
At home, it's time to break out the Christmas ornaments, holiday lights, or wreaths.
Collins expects the stock to either break out to the upside or break down.
Logan challenges Rory (in a good way) to break out of her comfort zone.
So when she opts to break out a patterned print, it requires closer examination.
Even with the fanciest products, skin treatments and lasers, celebrities still break out sometimes.
Watchdog groups sharply criticize Brazil for its prisons where deadly riots routinely break out.
Rodriguez asked a bat-wielding Rose: How did you break out of a slump?
The NBA doesn't break out what the Chinese market is worth for professional basketball.
Facebook does not break out Instagram's revenues, but it is thought to make money.
I break out one of my LUSH bath bombs and relax in the tub.
But if hostilities were to break out America would almost surely be drawn in.
Comcast doesn't break out earnings for NBCUniversal, but operating cash flow rose 2324 percent.
Dress in layers, but you won't need to break out the Arctic-explorer parka.
Another reason was to break out of the diplomatic isolation he faced over Ukraine.
Maybe this quarter we'll see Facebook break out Instagram's revenue for the first time.
Break out your magnifying glasses and soak it in, you're on the Millennium Falcon.
Appearing as the evasive, and stealthy Carmen on PBS was LaManna's break-out role.
The female hawkers and fellow chewers standing close by all break out in giggles.
Will she ever break out the plaid shirt and fake mustache at school again?
Facebook doesn't break out Instagram's revenue and has never given any guidance about it.
What will happen to Westworld if the robots finally break out of the park?
He said the stock could break out if crude prices hold at current levels.
Many believed Lil Peep was about to break out on the mainstream music scene.
Amazon does not break out spending figures, and it declined comment on the subject.
Tampa sends Matt Moore to the hill looking to break out of its slump.
Trader Dan Nathan agreed and said that Alphabet has more potential to break out.
Both she and Hedy Lamarr tried to break out of the studio system mold.
"He needs to break out, and he hasn't done it yet," said Mr. Dole.
Remember how Ginger locked them in a cell hoping a fight would break out?
A swarm of genetically-engineered mosquitoes may soon break out in the Florida Keys.
Trinkets is a potentially a great way for the real Sabine to break out.
ARROYO: This is why every time I travel, I break out those Lysol wipes.
But you don't have to break out the tissues for this cast just yet.
Ah, I need to go and use the bathroom and break out of this.
Inditex, which does not break out online sales, reports full-year results on Wednesday.
Before you break out the bubbly, know that this strategy isn't necessarily for everyone.
They'll break out a song, and it'll break your heart that you weren't there.
Someone in the crowded Democratic field might truly break out and start trouncing everybody.
Break out a dog mask and Philly flag -- to declare Mount Kilimanjaro EAGLES COUNTRY!!
The retailer did not break out the number of employees who received the raise.
Did they manage to break out into these smiles after weathering some serious tears?
Uber was the only included company that did not break out senior leadership demographics.
Traders are watching to see if stocks can break out of oil's grip Tuesday.
SUPER TUESDAY Break out the calculators: The Republican race just got waaay more interesting.
Turla might also break out his "Bang Bang" cover if the mood strikes him.
Potential could be just that if you don't break out of your comfort zone.
Break out the yard signs, entertainers, local validators and, yes, ask for the vote.
For some American Muslims, it's also time to break out the horror-movie memes.
The USPTO does not break out how many of those applications were for phrases.
The global streaming company does not break out its performance in specific international markets.
You know that somebody with that kind of character is going to break out.
And cause to break out celebratory cupcakes at the fortuitously timed Thursday afternoon session.
Alexa is the subject of a number of break-out sessions scheduled for tomorrow.
Steve Kornacki, MSNBC political correspondent Every political cycle has its break-out "nerd" star.
But we shouldn't break out the champagne over one month's worth of manufacturing jobs.
The quake cracked buildings and foundations, destroying roads and causing fires to break out.
The move, which Charlotte has pulled before, caused her mother to break out laughing.
The company did not break out regional revenues in its latest quarterly earnings report.
And Mr. Hill finally seems poised to break out as a major literary talent.
After a minute-long blackout, a slew of arguments break out in the stands.
Unhelpfully for our task, the cloud players don't break out their cloud-specific CAPEX.
In the spring of 2012, an app named Highlight seemed poised to break out.
People try to fight the cops and they can't so other fights break out.
We've seen bitter fights break out at Trump rallies, furious outbursts in public spaces.
That's why I think it's not going to ever break out of its niche.
Is your upcoming tour going to help you break out of the Indianapolis pocket?
You will feel very at peace this week; break out the bongos and guitars.
You'll feel ready to break out of routine tonight when the Moon enters Gemini.
Despite universal name recognition, he cannot break out of the teens in primary polling.
Grioud wins it in front of Lloris, and the French try to break out.
Wildfires often break out in California in October after the state's dry, sunny summers.
I didn't expect that two weeks later, an epidemic would break out in China.
Facebook does not break out how much advertising revenue comes from each product, however.
If you get group think going, it's really hard to break out of that.
But let's break out some other winners and losers from within the episode itself.
And that is the rare moment when human compassion and empathy can break out.
After we hit it in December, Mnuchin can just break out new extraordinary measures.
But Lloris smothers the trouble, and Spurs break out looking for Kane almost immediately.
Break out the sparklers and brace yourself for the yugest Fourth of July ever.
Will a major political or economic crisis break out, forcing reactions and sapping focus?
Heads may bob, toes may tap, singalongs may be joined, dancing may break out.
If there are more humans than resources or space available, war will break out.
You love your routines, but today is the day to break out of them.
"One of our goals is to break out of our digital bubble," she said.
The United States data doesn't break out where the foreign money is coming from.
The company did not break out how much revenue came from theme parks alone.
Sweden is defending for its life and trying to break out where it can.
Break out the sunscreen and take care — an air quality alert is in effect.
Microsoft, like Google, doesn't break out specific figures for many of its cloud businesses.
In fact, voters often applaud politicians who break out of an expected signaling pattern.
O'DONNELL The November debate will be too late to have a break out moment.
You need to break out of the compulsion for power, glory, ego, relevance, contribution.
The Times ran features on some of the break-out stars of the movie.
He's going to go inside and break out, he won't let him out. Watch.
" If war did break out, he added, "I would fight for Estonia, not Russia.
That, too, would speed the country's ability to "break out" and produce bomb material.
The only way to break out of that is to say, 'Right, fuck it.
One senior Kurdish official warned the fighters could break out as the violence intensifies.
Netflix will not break out the US as a standalone region in future quarters.
But the break-out of newly robust competition and innovation is near at hand.
Facebook does not break out figures on how much ad revenue Instagram brings in.
It's far less common for them to actually break out the hammers and nails.
How long do you think it's going to take for her to break out?
Apple, more than any other company, loves to break out surprises at its events.
Meanwhile, there is a greater chance that war with the US will break out.
Stocks typically don't break out into a sustainable year-end rally until around Dec.
He urged one of the young captains, Ryan Messina, to break out his trumpet.
Does this mean that bipartisan love is going to break out on Capitol Hill?
Clashes, however, have continued to break out, prompting the United States to impose sanctions.
The team probably wasn't planning for actual flames to break out on the field.
Under these conditions, fights often break out, leaving horses severely and sometimes fatally injured.
The company doesn't break out sales of the Apple Watch, much less individual iPhones.
Last year, 142 children tried to break out, and only one-third were recovered.
To ensure a war doesn't break out, especially by the US shooting first, Sen.
While you're still in the airport, don't break out the electronics, Lesley Golkin wrote.
I saw fights break out right next to me, white nationalists beating up somebody.
If you've been in a dating slump, you'll definitely break out of it now.
Klobuchar has yet to break out in the Democratic primary, but she told CNN earlier this month that the debates could provide break out moments, not just for her, but for all women running for president.
The company also said it would no longer break out sales figures for iPhone units.
I think we're ready to break out here eventually, but it's a big two points.
It's time for YouTubers of the world to break out the kazoos, vuvuzelas, and banjos.
These are habits we have to actively choose to break out of, Dr. Holub says.
Break out the rainbows and unicorns and sprinkles: Lisa Frank is getting her own movie.
One night recently, a surprise surge of water made her neighborhood break out in joy.
I want to break out of my skin all the time—it's a philosophical thing.
Watch out for jealous or manipulative vibes, but do break out your favorite leather underwear.
Tonight you're ready to break out of a routine that no longer works for you.
IBM has no plans to break out Watson financials for investors, said CEO Ginny Rometty.
The ATF doesn't break out AR-15 ownership in the registration data it makes public.
Break out of your personal vacuum and make sure your product is pleasing the customer.
" Tractor Supply Co.: "Did you see that stock break out in the last few days?
On the other hand: Read More Trader: Gold is about to break out—here's why
While new, young designers constantly break out, the ranks of high fashion are historically ironclad.
The bond price will break out above the neckline of the shown pattern, said Ross.
Without the unifying threat of a common enemy, squabbles are guaranteed to break out again.
Since the decision, ISIS members have begun to break out of prisons in the region.
Break out that lip balm, pucker up, and get ready for some truly awkward tales.
Bond yields, which mortgage rates loosely follow, could break out of their current tight range.
Therefore, if a program can break out of its established boundaries, it can steal it.
But it's nice to break out these little touches that make the series so special.
Then, I would randomly break out in hives on my arms, or around my mouth.
As the hunting groups and their egos grow larger, tensions have begun to break out.
He&aposs hoping it helps them break out of this funk Saturday night against Nebraska.
JD Power declined to break out which models ranked at the bottom of the list.
Pair believed Toki managed to break out of the house and get into the wild.
On Saturday evening, the moon will break out that funk and enter action-oriented Aries!
The thing looks like it's liable to break out of your screen at any moment.
Step 5: Break out the 🍸🍷🍹, and enjoy how damn easy that was.
Right on cue, his teammates break out in applause and race up to hug him.
UNU also depressingly predicted a great war would break out within the next 15 years.
Both candidates are trying to break out of the middle of the crowded Democratic pack.
John Kasich, who have long pointed to New Hampshire as their moment to break out.
No need to break out the storage boxes or dump the contents of your closet.
Thames recorded three hits on Friday to break out of a 2-for-23 funk.
Hublot, a stablemate of Tag Heuer and Zenith at LVMH, does not break out revenues.
Now aged 23, defender Mina may be Colombia's break-out player at the World Cup.
Cardinals OF Randal Grichuk homered Thursday to break out of a 1-for-21 rut.
When we break out responses by income, we find some correlational differences across income groups.
OXFORD, London — Kinan and Louwai Muhammed never imagined that war would break out in Syria.
We rounded up 29 easy ways to break out of your hair rut in 2016.

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