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"both" Definitions
  1. used with plural nouns to mean ‘the two’ or ‘the one as well as the other’
  2. both… and… not only… but also…

932 Sentences With "both"

How to use both in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "both" and check conjugation/comparative form for "both". Mastering all the usages of "both" from sentence examples published by news publications.

They're both upper-middle class, both patriotic, both pro-capitalism and both businessman noted for spotting and promoting talent.
They're both independent, they're both cynics, and they both live to hustle.
"Both Manchester teams, both Liverpool teams, Leeds, both Sheffield teams," he said.
Both traffic in guitars both crunchy and languid, both have endearingly distinctive and slack singing voices, both are impressively long-haired.
Both are broken, both have addiction issues and both have a-hole tendencies.
He had both knees, both shoulders, both elbows (triceps tendonitis) and right hip done.
It is both tart and sweet, both soft and crumbly, both complex and comforting.
They are the very definition of 'the perfect match': both brilliant, both charming, both with three sons, both sharing the same interests and pursuits.
Both are obsessed with winning; both are transactional, both have a highly attuned sense of self-preservation, both are obsessed with getting re-elected.
Both are Democrats, both have a background in law, both have a mixed-race background.
Both are dark comedies, both about women in their 30s; both will star Ms. Piper.
We're both blonde, both 5-foot-7, both the kind of women described as brassy.
They'd both enjoyed the play, both been moved by it, both found it very funny.
Kim Wall and I were both freelance writers, both young and female, both reporting from abroad.
We're both Leos; we're both from New York; we're both Latino and about 20 other things.
We were both from New Jersey, we both ate meat, and we both loved public utilities!
Geopolitically, they are both US allies; they both want a denuclearized North Korea; they both support free trade; and they both view China's rise with trepidation.
Both have aspirations that outstrip their resources, both defy the expectations of their society, both are artistic, both struggle with the boxes they've been put in.
Both are force-sensitive, both become Jedi, both are milquetoast white males, and both know what it takes to be the leads of adventure-filled video games.
They're both native New Yorkers, both very rich, and both appear to have the egos accompanying that.
Both come from large and rancorous families, both were Boy Scouts, both had salesman fathers, both had mothers who lived past 100 years of age, both were raised in Massachusetts, from which they often leave but invariably return.
Let's see — both teams played in the Final Four on Memorial Day weekend; both teams played in Philadelphia; both played afternoon championship games; and both teams defeated Maryland.
Both have been advanced by executive order, both have been widely opposed, and both are unlikely to work.
They were both former doctors, both used false return addresses, and both had run-ins with local police.
They both grew up in Massachusetts, they were both feminists, and they both had this innate, unexplainable kindness.
Both parties now have shed their skin and will both slither forth new again if they both survive.
He has dislocated his spine, fractured both ankles, both legs, both arms and torn ligaments in his knees.
Ms. May has been compared to Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany – both daughters of Protestant clergymen, both with quiet, private husbands, both without children, both hardworking and rather distant.
Jesus and Nachman—two eccentric rabbis, both dead in their 30s, both outcasts, both rejected by their coequals, both magnets for the disenfranchised, the weak, the spurned, the suffering.
Right now everything on both ends are about both our singles and both our music, and it'll come out.
Both are low-income countries; both are reasonably competently governed; both have grown well in the past few years.
They're both sweet and frothy, they're both Instagram bait, and they're both calling cards of the proud basic bitch.
You're both young, both signed to Top Rank, and you both competed as bantamweights at the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Both are big enough, both are already content providers and both have shown interest in expanding their digital presence.
We both wanted to play football, we both loved the game, we both were just looking for an opportunity.
They are both cylindrical gadgets with Wi-Fi connections, both have companion smartphone apps, and both cost about $103.
They're both Australian; both with images coded — in slightly different ways — as bogan; both increasingly regarded as brilliant actors.
"We're both from Brooklyn, we both grew up in the playgrounds there, we're both really competitive guys," Dunleavy said.
Both drones shoot 53K, both fold up to carry in a backpack, both feature a gimbal with 3-axis stabilization, and both are priced at around $1,000 depending upon options.
Both teams are located in the capital city; both enjoy lucrative sponsorship deals that allow them to sign Chile's best players; both play in beautiful arenas; both have name-brand kits.
We're both geniuses, we're both married to beautiful women and we both definitely have been recorded saying the n-word.
Both are high resolution, both are OLED panels with vibrant (sometimes too vibrant) colors, and both have great viewing angles.
Both are successful; both are borderline workaholics; and both are intensely devoted to the arts, and the enjoyment of them.
They're both equipped with semi-autonomous tech, they both have 53-degree cameras and they both ride on adjustable suspension.
Both of them came to power after nationalist surges in their respective countries, both are conservatives, and both speak English.
Again, both sides ... both sides will suffer on this.
Both have recently jumped in price and both featured heavily in last week's discussions, both on and off-stage, in Oman.
The result is two animals that share a circulatory system, with both hearts pumping both sets of blood around both bodies.
They both come from reality TV, they both have their own brands and they both screwed a lot of black people.
This option digs deeper, showing you events that you both attended, pages you both like, places you've both worked or lived.
We both grew up in the same town in Mississippi, we've both been through cancer, and we've both lost our moms.
Spokespeople for both lawmakers said they support both types of tax hikes on the wealthy since both would minimize income inequality.
Instead, both underscore that for young retail brands, fending off competitors both big and small can prove both expensive and distracting.
Both teams played hard, and both teams handled the ball as if it was both scorchingly hot and coated in butter.
Both support a stylus and fingertip for input; both have an unlit monochrome screen; both are refreshingly thin and light (350 grams, 503-7mm thick); both have their own dedicated app; and both aspire to replace printed documents and scrolling through PDFs on your laptop.
The obvious implication is that Mr. Sanders and Mr. Trump must have things in common: It has been claimed that both are populists, both divisive, both ready to break norms, both attack the news media, both have cult followings — the list could go on.
Both will be compelling and hopefully both of us thrive.
If it's bad for both, then it's good for both.
Libra sees both sides; Gemini tries to be both sides.
They are both very nice and both exactly the same.
Both were backed by majorities of both parties in Congress.
They both graduated from college and both are honorable citizens.
Both were both discharged from local hospitals, university officials said.
We know both candidates have high negatives on both counts.
They're both adults, so they're both probably over it. Probably.
It's both business and personal, so both Quicken and QuickBooks.
Both are led by women, and both are transforming politics.
Both lawmakers said they expect wide support from both parties.
Flags of both nations flew; anthems of both were sung.
Both children are married, and both of them have children.
Both men heavily favor their right leg from both stances.
I think there is blame object both on both sides.
Y'all both black so you both can't afford to fail.
Some routers offer both bands separately or both bands combined.
Both debuts were cause for celebration at both broadcast networks.
Masters of both sexes graphically rape slaves of both sexes.
Both had Lyon's crest on their jerseys; both represented Lyon.
We're both old enough to remember both Bush administrations clearly.
They found they could have both, and have both perspectives.
Nothing. Both cities were by then both in full lockdown.
Both have popular support, and both are best left alone.
Both are important and both are needed to beat Trump.
Both times he tried it, both times it fell flat.
Both were Muslim, and both were vehemently opposed to ISIS.
Both represent many people's dreams; both are hard to leave.
They are both Chihuahua mixes, and are both loved 100%.
Both teams battling (and) both wanted to win really gad.
Both deserve accolades, and both are worth striving to imitate.
Both When I Am Alone and When We Both Are9.
I do have hands-on impressions with both Stadia and xCloud: They both work, they're both impressive, and I'll share more below.
Both sell for under $450, both have the fastest Snapdragon processor available, and both want to be the new champion of cheap.
Both men are raging narcissists and blondes, both are media obsessions, both loathe detail — for what has that to do with them?
Both are water resistant, both ship starting in November, and both are relatively cheap — especially if you consider backing the crowdfunding campaign.
But over the next three years I would suffer increasingly ferocious, unexpected attacks in both ankles, both big toes and both knees.
"We both know the law, we both know the problem, and we both know there needs to be a resolution," she said.
FIFA and the Vatican have several things in common: They are both largely self-regulating, they're both wealthy, they both enjoy remarkable tax breaks, and they are both exponents of religion to the masses.
Here's a brief summary: both consoles come preloaded with 30 NES games; neither let you download any additional titles; both have wired controllers; both hook up over HDMI; both offer display modes with features like "pixel-perfect" rendering and fake CRT scanlines; both are really cute.
Both grew up in middle-class, home-counties families, both studied at Oxford (they met there), both entered Parliament in 1997 as MPs for gin-and-Jag constituencies, both are proudly unflashy, detail-obsessed types.
Home Depot, Lowe's – Both stocks were both downgraded to "neutral" from "outperform" by Credit Suisse, with valuation cited for both home improvement retailers.
Going in, both teams were historically great—the Spurs's defense is otherworldly and both teams are transcendent on both ends of the floor.
Both domains were registered in Russia, both sites contain linguistic errors common with other Russia-affiliated sites, and both heavily targeted /r/The_Donald.
But they'd both expand Medicaid, both aim to protect public lands, and both are fed up with the proliferation of minimum-wage jobs.
Not only can both sizes of the Pixel 2 do portrait mode, both cameras on both of those phones can do it, too.
Ronnie and Jen are both in Florida this weekend, and both have both posted videos though none of them show the 2 together.
Both are 70 years old; Both have been U.S. presidential nominees; And now both have been accused of sexual assault by numerous women.
Both senators would repeal ObamaCare, both oppose gay marriage and both want to ban abortions, even in the case of rape or incest.
The armies of both nations have both been facing off across their border since the war ended and security dominates both countries concerns.
Both states feature 2016 Senate races, both ones where Democrats are likely to lose and both ones where the Democratic candidate is underwhelming.
Both characters seek moral clarity, both struggle with existential questions, and both argue with themselves in an effort to come to some realization.
Both works are Baroque; both are set in a dark forest; both take their stories from the 16th-century Italian poet Torquato Tasso.
"Both have pride; both love to win and both know that it takes a team to win championships, not one man," Auerbach said.
No. Leaders in both chambers, from both parties, are confident the votes are there to pass the massive spending package in both chambers.
We contacted both Wallapop and LetGo, and both declined to comment.
In iOS 13, both services work on both SIM cards. Yay!
Both need to be protected and both need to be understood.
Both times, both Clinton and Obama lost considerably in the midterm.
Both admire Vladimir Putin, who has spent time cultivating them both.
Both men are flawed, and both are superior to their flaws.
Their party controls both the presidency and both houses of Congress.
Both shows film in Vancouver, and Greg Berlanti works on both.
BECKY QUICK: You're both pretty-- you both act pretty unilaterally though.
We both have families, both have kids, and lots of projects.
Just 'cause we both in Toronto and we both ballin', right?!?!
And maybe for both analysts and bloggers, it works both ways.
It's both simple and complex, offering the best of both worlds.
Both had values and both had negatives to them as well.
We're both from two different cultures, but they're both very full.
Both caucused for Clinton in 2008, but both are currently undecided.
Gandhi's father and grandmother were both prime ministers, and both assassinated.
Both 23Doodler and the new 3Doodler Start, both from WobbleWorks, Inc.
"They are both outsiders, both survivors of big challenges," Faggioli said.
Both were college dropouts, and both had suffered through difficult childhoods.
She is both soldier and pinup, both icon and eye candy.
But we're both primarily drummers and both probably best at drums.
Both laptops are made of aluminum and both feel really solid.
Both surgeries were successful but both Bittorf and Jackson face risks.
While both trail, recounts could still take place in both contests.
Advocates on both sides have identified as both conservative and libertarian.
Both of those solutions seem obvious, but both have dangerous consequences.
It's common sense that both are needed, so let's pursue both.
"They both are unique areas, and both are threatened," she said.
They both quickly moved on, and both seem VERY happy today.
These are both totally valid choices, and both will be difficult.
You know, we both had some similar backgrounds, both raised Catholic.
Both bears and snakes are used for both food and medicine.
We're both close to our brothers, who are both named Robert.
But America is both rational and romantic, both Locke and Rousseau.
Both approaches are wrong, and both will make us less safe.
Both have great skill, great will, and both guys can crack.
Both biases "are usually both there, but not always," Leong says.
Both, indeed, did more than make it: Both won their groups.
Maybe Ford is both God and Satan, both good and evil.
"Both can't be bought, and both can't be bossed," he said.
We both lost for Vice President, we both debated Joe Biden.
We both need both of us to succeed in this marketplace.
Yes, they're both women and they're both in the dance world.
Mr. Lambie and Mr. Rosado, both actors, both 26, inspired it.
Nothing productive, according to aides in both parties from both chambers.
I've had them both for years and both work great still.
Both are flawed males, both the very picture of toxic masculinity.
Both Glorias yowl along to pop songs in their cars, straying freely off key; both wear outsized spectacles; both attend classes in yoga and laughter therapy; both adopt, or are adopted by, a hairless cat; both go to bed with a man who, after weight-reduction surgery, wears a truss around his midriff; and both are taught to fire paintball guns.
Both love symbols and certain cultural signifiers (shaved heads or Mohawks and combat boots); both depend on the catharsis of violence or a raucous show; both have a tendency to sideline women; both are anti-establishment.
Both are well respected for their work, both are having a heck of a year and both stirred buzz at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards.
It's actually pretty adorable: They both like their steak cooked medium rare, they're both in radio/podcasting, and they both think she's certifiably insane.
Both phones are, of course, made of glass on both front and back, and both are unchanged from the P20 Pro we already know.
My children and I are both Swedish and American citizens, we speak both languages, and I think we get the best of both worlds.
So we've maintained an open line of communication with both with both campaigns and with both candidates, and I would expect that to continue.
Traditional firearms and encryption technologies both have the capacity to protect and destroy; and both can be put to both lawful and criminal use.
Kadare (whose forthcoming A Girl in Exile is fantastic) and Antunes both seem like Laureates, both are not celebrities, and both are pretty old.
Fourth, end the use of White House back channels between both countries that bypassed both the State Department and experienced diplomats on both sides.
Luckily, both remarried, and both even had super hero blockbusters — Reynolds in Deadpool and Johansson in Captain America: Civil War — both out this year.
Both are mothers, both have money, and both enjoy sharing well-planned selfies to bring attention to the bodies they work hard to maintain.
Both discovered their talent as children; both were encouraged by teachers; both found, in art, a way to describe blackness as they knew it.
Both are revelations at their position, both are inspiring leaders and both now have their teams on the doorstep of a Super Bowl championship.
"I am a giant fan of both Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, they're both personal friends, they're both giants in my opinion," Stone said.
Both serve as supporting roles to fairly generic heroes; both are fierce and capable in combat; both have haircuts that would make the average person look incredibly stupid; and both are inexplicably wide-eyed about the world.
I talked about how our countries are similar in their ambitions — both revolutionary, both arrogant, both presumptuous, both universalist, each certain that it is a "city on a hill," a beacon to the other, more benighted peoples.
Both are monetary phenomena, and both are binding constraints on Fed's policies.
They were both pop singers, both young stars, and they were friends!
Both of you, it&aposs great to have you both on tonight.
ET, both Apple and the SPY were both down about 0.1 percent.
"We can do both, and we have to do both," she said.
Both parties have done it, and both parties have benefited from it.
Y'all both funnier than me but both of y'all UGLY AS S—!!!
You look at both sides, I think there's blame on both sides.
Both of these approaches help reinforce partisan identity, both positive and negative.
We both wanted a boy and both wanted to name him Gabriel.
Both officers are both male, with three and 18 years of experience.
She also broke both femurs and has casts covering both her legs.
Both of those attempts were successful, though they both occurred at night.
Hellblade features both puzzles and combat, but both feel like an afterthought.
Both are free and both are welcome additions to the GoPro ecosystem.
Both starting pitchers were hit hard, but both escaped with no-decisions.
" He then says he shot both of them and "both are down.
They're both cocky, they're both entitled, and they care about their hair.
We were both working and were both trying to raise our voices.
Both are solid performances, though, and you can watch them both below.
Both teams had played (Friday), both teams were under control, (Ovechkin) scores.
Both models are just under $800, and both are a great value.
Both radio-friendly singles capture his skill as both singer and spitter.
Both use permanent magnets embedded in their rotors and both need inverters.
Both artists are African American, and both are storytellers in their work.
Both Jamshidy and Najafzadeh, who are both Iranian nationals, remained at large.
The fact is it's both, and ought to be used for both.
Both businesses are fake and both are built on inherently faulty concepts.
Both campaigns in both states were clearly targeting the same undecided voters.
You know, we're actually in both and we're generally constructive on both.
I got to know them both and they're both excellent human beings.
"I am," I said both times, even though I wasn't both times.
Both designs are Doug Pederson staples, and both worked Sunday in Minnesota.
Both are best in class, and both are exclusive to Apple products.
"But I think they can both be fun, or both be enjoyed."
The thing is both sides have both an advantage and a disadvantage.
Both men are flawed national candidates, but both have established campaign machines.
The Obama White House issued veto threats on both bills, both years.
CCTV footage from both scenes showed the same SUV at both attacks.
Both efforts were defeated due to opposition from both Republicans and Democrats.
Both methods will let your clear both your browsing history and cookies.
After all, both services are incredibly similar for both drivers and riders.
Both could be admitted by majority votes in both houses of Congress.
The dress and the desert both lacked structure; they were both mysterious.
Both have ERAs over 1803, and both have struggled to miss bats.
He's at home in both spaces and would be welcome in both.
Both were breakthroughs — and both were much smaller than they are today.
Both Gaetz and Meadows tested negative, according to statements from both Tuesday.
Both these strategies make sense, and both make Israel a lesser place.
"Human smuggling both ways is definitely common in both directions," Brant continued.
Both schemes were tested in the late Soviet economy and both failed.
Ya'll both black, so I mean, ya'll both can't afford to fail.
Both outfits were epic ... choose your own adventure, but both were fantastic.
Both students have chosen both sides, so each night the debates vary.
Both are white men, and both have deep ties to Massachusetts politics.
Both houses of Congress on both sides of the aisle want one.
I have lived life in both genders, both as a fat person.
Y'all both black, so that means y'all both can't afford to fail.
The point is, you can do both, if you manage both outcomes.
But they both understood how it sent both franchises on familiar paths.
They were both grandsons of rabbis from Eastern Europe, and both atheists.
We both tried to ruin Christmas but then both our hearts grew!
After all, the bill eventually passed through both chambers — both Republican-controlled.
Last year, Mueller indicted them both, and both originally pleaded not guilty.
Both Khloé, 35, and Kylie, 22, each have one child, both girls.
Both are white men and both have deep ties to Massachusetts politics.
Democrats may win both bodies of Congress, or Republicans could win both.
If I see both bricks in the grocery aisle, I'm buying both.
Let's hope for both their sakes they both stayed sober that night.
I've seen myself within both cultures, and I feel inspiration from both.
Two Catholics, orphaned young, both born in 1892, both dying in 1973.
And both it and Killing contextualize each other, making both films better.
Both are very different from each other, and both are very good.
"Both sides were looting, both sides were profiteering from this," Azm remarked.
Both are listed as in-flight entertainment on various airlines (yes, I checked), both have an all-star cast, and both are again, pretty bad.
Both have been around since the early '90s, both are all about trendy food collaborations, and both, apparently, have a deep connection to Trader Joe's.
Both have strong progressive records, both have support from various unions, and both have broadly similar ideas on how they want to reform the DNC.
They both worry about bad trade agreements, both preach about America's declining manufacturing sector, both have worried about out-of-control crime in the past.
"While both signatures are very different, as both men really have different personalities, both in their own way want to make their mark," she added.
These are both fantastic games beyond that fact (both in my personal top three), both immersive sims with excellent ideas how to evolve the genre.
Of course, in our continuity, both movies exist, both movies draw from the same source material, and both movies are being released by Sony Pictures.
The bottom line: Most of my sources close to both trade negotiations — both Democrats and Republicans — say they expect both deals to ultimately come through.
Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera have a lot in common: they're both former Voice judges, they both sing empowering songs, and they're both working moms!
Both women waited to come forward with their stories years after the alleged incidents, both wanted to remain anonymous, both were fearful of the scrutiny and publicity that followed, and both were subjected to partisan skepticism over their allegations.
Both feel like outsiders, both lost a sister who they loved, and both love a good Maker's Mark to drown out the existence of Wind Gap.
Both men didn't know the extent of the allegations, both men think sexual assault is bad, and both men think there needs to be structural change.
Both films, however, show you something you've never seen before, just as they both exhibit an unusual and deranged fascination with flesh, both dead and alive.
This story is told through the character Tilo, who looks conspicuously like Roy herself: both are educated, both are political, and both have Syrian-Christian mothers.
"We complement each other because we can both move without the basketball, we can both shoot, we both can make plays," Durant said with a shrug.
You can find both on the coasts and both in the interior — and you can find both in just one little corner of south-central Pennsylvania.
Clinton: both trailblazers, both polarizing figures, and both attacked for actions, choices and behavior that are broadly accepted — even applauded — when done by their male peers.
The two Democrats vying in the primary runoff are both Hispanic, both young lawyers and both promoting liberal platforms that prioritize education, healthcare and immigrant rights.
If both partners tap their buttons within the same 15-minute "consensus window," both buttons will glow green to indicate both parties are in the mood.
We're happy for both parties, but honestly, we're also jealous of both parties.
"I've seen both movies, I thought they were both brilliant," Bush Hager said.
Both. Both. Without a Trump presidency, I would be less worried about it.
Erkmen — who lives in both Berlin and Istanbul — is both brilliant and stubborn.
HERNANDEZ: Ms. Ingraham, both sides, both parties have blood on their hands, okay.
Both men punch and kick faces; both go about it in interesting ways.
They got a working lunch and both sides, both delegations will be there.
Both daughters fail as actresses, and both watch their mothers drink to excess.
If you look at both sides — I think there's blame on both sides.
There's no reason why the music business shouldn't have both and enjoy both.
Both are likely swing votes, and both have said they don't support M4A.
Everything I did both was and wasn't work, both did and didn't count.
Films are often nominated in both categories, but they don't always win both.
They're both about waiting and collecting, and they both star ridiculously cute animals.
" Bran: "I am both alive and dead, for I can see both states.
In fact, both groups strongly preferred to receive the gift in both cases.
Both great singers, both popular enough for 20th Century Fox to pimp out.
Here's the thing: Biden and Harris are both right – and they're both wrong.
Are they both from the '50s, or are they both from another time?
"Both sides benefit with cooperation, and both are hurt with conflict," he added.
Both men and women are both ultimately looking for the good in people.
Both are made with almond milk, and both are already in stores nationwide.
I've been able to see both sides, and both sides act very funny.
My parents were never really together—they both remarried and both divorced again.
While both of these were unarguably good outcomes, both distributed their benefits unevenly.
Both are liquids and both can be consumed, so they count as drinks.
But uncertainty cuts both ways, and reasonable risk management demands looking at both.
A former member of both parties, he has both conservative and liberal credentials.
Both avenues are lawful and both are contemplated and authorized by the statute.
Both were diseases of hormonal excess; both were characterized by rapid weight gain.
Both and ethereum have hit record highs recently, and have both seen pullbacks.
Food and culture were clearly both city strengths — why not enjoy both simultaneously?
If both participants learned his lessons effectively, they would both be better off.
Both of those pieces cited the need for action, and both mentioned Sen.
Both sides will have ammunition given the long public histories of both candidates.
They both experience substantial heartache, both in and out of their spying organizations.
She ate both steaks, both sets of mashed potatoes, all the bread, everything.
Now I know both of them, and they're both very, very, good people.
Both vulnerabilities target Windows machines and both have already been patched by Microsoft.
However, both negotiations and relationships between both parties soured quickly on multiple occasions.
We both watch in amazement and both behold the man's deft hand movements.
If both rider and driver have the feature on, both will be contacted.
Both helped significantly — and both nonetheless fell short of what the country needed.
Cases in which both methods were used may be counted in both totals.
KS: Now, would you both watch ... Let me ask you both: Original content.
Both of these cameras are capable of shooting both RAW and JPEG photos.
Both Gaetz and Meadows tested negative, according to statements from both last Tuesday.
Admittedly, both are plugs for The Times, but both are terrific audio programs.
If Spain and Portugal both win, as is expected, they will both advance.
Both of my parents are lawyers and both of my grandfathers are lawyers.
Through Namaste Wahala, both wedding industries fuse, showcasing a celebration between both cultures.
Both laid bare the personalities of the participants, and both left their marks.
He had talked to both, wanted to photograph both, his mother told me.
Both are aggressive, and both aim to reach people directly, without a filter.
Both bills are expected to be passed by both chambers of the Legislature.
They're a mix of both, and some destinations see both kinds of buyers.
Too often, people either reflexively support both vouchers and charters or oppose both.
"Both starters did a good job; both bullpens pitched really well," Duffy said.
A self-employed person — as both the employer and employee — pays both shares.
Both, he suggests, are inherently biased, but both are potentially open to change.
Both sounded perfectly fine through both devices, but I couldn't hear a difference.
Both artists died young under heartbreaking circumstances, and both remain highly influential figures.
According to senior aides -- and lawmakers -- in both parties, in both chambers, no.
Trump pardoned both men last month by granting clemency to both their cases.
They were both brand-new to the game, and they both loved it.
Both shone with dance rigor, admirable performers, choreographic variety — and both were mysterious.
Booth is both a painter and comic artist who is straddling both worlds.
It's clear that both countries, businesses of both countries are interested in this.
They both married and they both have children, so it didn't kill them.
When both artist and muse are both black women, the dynamic is different.
Joked one Twitter user, "Trying to focus at work when both the sun and taylor swift are both being extremely extra today." trying to focus at work when both the sun and taylor swift are both being extremely extra today pic.twitter.
To keep things both interesting and efficient, there was crossover between the characters from both shows, and the time jump for both premieres was about the same.
Both have enjoyed enduring fame; both have a family-friendly image; both have a certain quality that makes you want to hug them and never let go.
They're both strapping six-footers, they're both fearsome warriors, and they've both got a predilection for biting chunks out of their enemies during one-on-one combat.
"While ISIS is flashier ... both represent an existential threat, both wish to attack the homeland, both seek the mobilization of Muslim communities against the West," she said.
Both filmed basic-cable talk shows from studios in midtown Manhattan; both drew paychecks from multinational corporations; both, despite their political and stylistic differences, aspired to plausibility.
Both institutions were born in the mid 1950s; both are iconically American; and most importantly, both rely heavily on the power of nostalgia for their continued existence.
Both teams have appeared rusty thus far, with missed layups on both ends of the court, some quick fouls on both sides, and several players appearing frustrated.
They accepted me and it felt okay to be both and identify as both.
Both Ruby and Olivia were shot, but last we saw, they were both alive.
We both were freaking out and we were both just like, 'This is nuts.
Both sets of institutions — and both approaches to morality — have their pros and cons.
Both start with E, both make you want to use an exclamation point afterward.
We were both good at what we did, and we were both making money.
We also both had our driver's licenses at this point, and both owned cars.
Both brothers love each other; both brothers are certain the other will destroy them.
Krish Vignarajah and Kelda Roys, both Democratic candidates, both breastfed in their campaign ads.
Both are just forms of storytelling, both are just forms of understanding the world.
Both passengers were asked if they were 'okay,' and both confirmed that they were.
We both have a unibrow and we are both part Mexican and part German.
Both did so despite high-poverty student populations, and both are requiring more phonics.
However, the guidelines both agencies publish are, as per both agency's spokespeople, intentionally vague.
When the parties stood for both city and country that bias affected them both.
She ventured to suggest that both recipes be combined for the best of both.
Both Galloway and the student were married, and both were around the same age.
The app is available both in both $0.99 premium and free ad-supported versions.
Moussa had been both prime minister and finance minister, but has lost both positions.
Both parts are equally stressful and emotional, with stand-out performances from both stars.
Hemp and marijuana both belong to the Cannabis sativa family, and both contain CBD.
Both Bengal and Yellow Monitor lizard penises were found and both are protected species.
They both have their good qualities and bad ones, but both machines are efficient.
He was convicted both times and also recommended for the death penalty both times.
And both of those are tremendously better, both as businesses and as consumer products.
You do a lot of walking in both cities, and both experience cool weather.
Sequoia passed on both of those investments and Fred won both of them, famously.
"We're both in completely different stages of our careers, we're both moms," Azarenka said.
Both taxi drivers and private "driver partners" often use both platforms to solicit rides.
True, both are enviably prosperous and stable democracies, and both laud pragmatism in politics.
Both investors and customers watched Dodo deliver both pizza and profits in real time.
Traffic was steadily stacking up in both directions on both sides of the bridge.
Both had posts, though one calls them tweets, and both connect human to human.
"Both fighters were cleared to fight by both bodies and the BBBofC," he added.
And you both are going to grow and you both are going to evolve.
"A helicopter requires both feet, both arms, a lot of 3D thinking," Burns explained.
Both sides backed away slightly but protesters on both sides remained in the area.
However, you and I both know you always keep both feet on the ground.
And both sides have pledged their allegiance to both of these politically popular objectives.
San Francisco (CNN)They're both from Pittsburgh, and they both have their own wine.
Both are traditional, and both are made of veal, beef or pork, occasionally chicken.
Both have both passed laws lifting their bans on certain bladed weapons, including swords.
Both reported better-than-expected results, and both have plans to increase shale drilling.
They've both suffered losses and they've both answered those losses in very different ways.
Both exercise regularly and both were intrigued by the gym-in-the-room concept.
Both were largely developed in season four, and both were fridged in quick succession.
There's something both familiar and totally alien about both the world and the score.
Congresses under both parties have been spinning off powers to presidents of both parties.
It makes both environmental preservation and following your passions look both doable and fun.
Both men knew that they worked for a repressive state; both men had received
But I think the president pointed out that happens both ways, with both parties.
On Tuesday Suu Kyi and Pope Francis both spoke publicly and both avoided controversy.
It's clear that both countries -- the businesses of both countries are interested in this.
It would appear that both Obama and Clinton want to have it both ways.
Hedges's wife, Daniela Tejada, criticized both the governments of both Britain and the UAE.
They both want to be life coaches, and they both want to be rich.
Newland said the day was both "fun and rewarding" for both him and Erica.
Families straddle both countries and farmers farm fields on both sides of the border.
Mr. Hunter, 25, and Mr. Valentine, 29, are both black and both H.I.V.-positive.
This requires protection on both fronts — trade and investment — because both are critically important.
The show represents a radical break for both institutions, say both Crosby and Hunt.
He was right in this world, with both feet, both hands, sticks, and mind.
As both games approached, the scene outside the stadiums was both jubilant and disorienting.
I think we can do both, but we can't do both by March 15.
Both men have been accused of corruption and both have said they are innocent.
Wilson is fighting both lawsuits -- he's asked the judge to throw them both out.
"Frankly, from a reformer's perspective, you kind of need both, expect both," he said.
You can't be both those things — and I want to be both those things.
By taking liberally from the traditions of both ballet and Cunningham, she enriches both.
Both of those things happen on Twitter, both of those things happen on Facebook.
Men can be both confident and vulnerable, they can be both strong and empathetic.
Both Pete and Ariana are 24 ... it's the first engagement for both of them.
But both are about reparations, and both could speed the day of corporate reckoning.
It's clear that both countries, the businesses of both countries are interested in this.
We were both religious but not overly dogmatic, both gentle and eager to please.
Both men have been charged in the case, and both have maintained their innocence.
Both managers also played for both of teams, another first for the World Series.
"Both very hard-working, didn't have a ton, both very detailed-oriented," he said.
Both shooters had purchased their guns legally, according to police officials in both cities.
It's common to have both kinds of cracking — and both types can be repaired.
It's clear that both countries — the business of both countries are interested in this.
Both have a little swagger and sass, and both have livened up the atmosphere.
Both Vietnam and the Philippines both lifted flight bans on Taiwan after Taipei complained.
The Senate refused to convict in both cases, and both men remained in office.
Both London and Brussels have been on edge after terrorist assaults in both cities.
Both are relentlessly on-message; both can deliver lengthy, complex speeches with minimal notes.
Both are being treated in local hospitals, and both were not symptomatic while traveling.
They are both very worldly, very amusing company and both are highly cultured men.
Both were businessmen with growing off-court ambitions, and both were raising young daughters.
Both men were scholars of Old and Middle English, and both lectured at Oxford.
Google now says that both claims are correct: Both APT28 and Sandworm targeted Macron.
Charlie Baker -- both heavily favored to win re-election -- both got general election opponents.
Recognition for both men, Ms. James said, would effectively acknowledge the heroism both showed.
Both movies truly mess with your mind, both with their plot and their animation.
Monsanto made both Roundup and dicamba, and Bayer is being sued over both products.
"Both are very important and both are fundamental constitutional responsibilities that we have," Sen.
But I'm anxious to pass both of them, and pass both of them soon.
So both of these teams are really good They are both really, really good.
Both Collins and Romney have suggested both sides of the aisle should get witnesses.
They both loved outdoor activities, including long-distance running, and both enjoyed sampling wines.
"They both deserve the attention because they're both great and wonderful kids," Carmack said.
"Both candidates are both under 50 percent," said Rich Killion, a Republican strategist here.
I remain committed to both Israel and South Africa, and I straddle both societies.
Both darkness and light are real, and our calendar gives time to recall both.
Both benches emptied briefly, but order was quickly restored and umpires warned both dugouts.
Because both Taiwan and Beijing claim the same territory, foreign states cannot recognize both.
"Both sides agreed to appropriately resolve the core concerns of both parties," it said.
They both have podiums; they both get roughly equal amounts of time to talk.
They're both orphans, both raised by abusive guardians who were extremely paranoid of witches.
Both Les Moonves and Shari Redstone agree that both these companies need different owners.
So, I think, both sets of issues, both sets of discussion are worth having.
They both still like video games, they both still want to read this magazine, and they both have this problem of their magazine going to the wrong place.
At critical times in both administrations, both Cheney and Biden were deputized to negotiate with lawmakers and to strike deals that both sides understood the president would honor.
Returning act Radiohead will open the fest both Fridays; first-timer Bey will play both Saturdays; and first-time headliner Kendrick will close the weekend on both Sundays.
Two more videos would follow that day—both with the same hashtag or a similar one, both with the same dance move, both with fellow artist Travis Scott.
On their faces, both shows share some basic similarities: they're both adaptations of classic speculative fiction novels, and both explore the role religion plays in the United States.
Meanwhile, both Trump and Windrip become obsessed with trashing the "dishonest media", even though they are both experts at manipulating it — and both benefit from its constant spotlight.
Ted Cruz the man shares so much in common with Kevin the character: - They are both men- They both worked in offices- They both are disliked by many.
Ivanka Trump and Julie Schwietert Collazo are both mothers, both have three children, and both claim to care about immigrant children who have been separated from their parents.
"My plan is to stay with my heart and so for now I think I will do both sports because I love both and love to do both".
Both have fought for UFC titles, both are well on their way to another shot, and both have racked up a tremendous number of finishes inside the Octagon.
Both are distressed, both have a large minority population, and both are subject to state control — in the Newark school district's case, for more than 20 years. Gov.
Both teams have played attractive football this season, both are packed full of bright young talent, and both look capable of achieving their ambitions for the coming campaign.
They're both luminaries of the Baltimore independent scene, they both create immersive, experimental music, and they're both trying to fuck with your mind in one way or another.
"They both put up really strong numbers in strong conferences on good teams, and they both had similar track records and they both could play shortstop," Luhnow said.
Arnold and LeBron seem to have a lot in common these days ... they're both stinkin' rich, they're both crazy gym rats and they're both into rebooting classic movies!
We were both students, both living off loan payments, both more concerned with getting laid than getting paid and both very good at making a meal out of an onion, an egg, two tomatoes, half a bag of rice and some salt.
He is the central figure in both of these cases, in both of these investigations, and was involved on both the law enforcement side and on the intelligence side.
Both players are young, both are former fourth overall picks, and both have the sort of ceilings that could see them occupying all-star rosters for years to come.
Daleen and I were both seemingly grown, both with graduate degrees and gym memberships, both renting one-bedroom apartments in Hollywood — only Daleen's was on the more respectable end.
I'm morally certain that many sitting Senators and Representatives of both parties — and both genders — are guilty of even worse sexual exploitation both in office and before being elected.
Both will spin these nights as victories to donors, both will raise money off of their performances, and both will continue to duke it out on the campaign trail.
They both talk about themselves in the third person, they both love to drink and they are both highly focused on having enough money to buy nice, pretty things.
Both were cold-launched using gas pressure from cylindrical containers, both ignited their solid motors after leaving their containers and both used the same design for their rocket stages.
Both were physically standing behind the President as he argued Tuesday "there's blame on both sides," referring both to the white nationalists and those who demonstrated against their racism.
And it's a comparison that, stylistically, is wholly reasonable: both men play with the same roguish joy; both are natural showmen; both routinely resolve games with moments of splendour.
They are both, however, very angry with the direction of the country and they both seek to make America great and dispose of the current establishment in both parties.
Both were based on greedy injustices of conquest, both were inevitably doomed, but both did good in their times too, and made many friends and converts among the conquered.
I am sure we can both think very creatively and very positively about how to come to arrangements that suit both our constituents on both sides of the channel.
Donald Trump has transformed the electorate into two camps, sycophants and dissidents, both passionate, both aimed like missiles at November, both with an intent desire to destroy the competition.
"So long as any ideas that could benefit both sides, especially both peoples on both sides, definitely China is open to these kind of ideas," he said, without elaborating.
Back and forth the speeches went, Democrats and Republicans, both quoting the founders, both reaching back into history and both urging their colleagues in the other party to reconsider.
Both men were reared in the freewheeling, ruthless world of real estate, and both possess an unshakable self-assurance that is both their greatest attribute and their direst vulnerability.
Both feature Gorilla Glass 24 for durability and both are rated IP2599.99 for water resistance.
Both have knee injuries, and both are expected to miss at least one more month.
Game-changing tax reforms in both countries also made both nations a favorite among investors.
Both women had fired unwise shots in the class war: both paid a political price. .
Both indices edged up in July but both, critically, remained below the expansion-contraction threshold.
Both parties and all Americans have an interest in effective oversight – both independent and congressional.
"My mother and grandmother both embroidered and both taught me," Holland told me over email.
Both come from the same Shi'ite Dawa party, and both have close ties to Iran.
Low trading volumes have meant high volatility with both markets surging both higher and lower.
You're both totally driven and straightforward, and you're both absolutely not people to fuck with.
Yet even as both companies face challenges, there's opportunity for both in a fragmented market.
Two qubits have four joint states: both on, both off, on/off, and off/on.
I think both of them have been misrepresented and mischaracterized that both somewhere in between.
As both have struggled to understand and value the truth, they both look pretty foolish.
Shares of both Walgreens and Rite Aid both traded in heavier-than-usual volume Friday.
"Both political risks and downside risks to growth are both still very substantial," Adams said.
Videos from both incidents quickly went viral, sparking outrage online and protests in both cities.
In reality, studies have shown it increases both the number of both abortions and pregnancies.
They're both so alive and they're both so talented and so smart and so young.
In testing, I tried both shredding and finely chopping the cheese, and both worked well.
Republicans have majorities in both houses of Congress and both chambers of 133 state legislatures.
It can be caused by both physical and psychological factors, or a combination of both.
Both sizes are on sale, so you can snag both for $82.90 (list price $228).
But both of those sentences were the heaviest kind of lies we both needed believe.
Both are known for swanky resorts, popular with high rollers; and both court Chinese VIPs.
For consumers who use both Uber and UberEats, it's a toss-up between both cards.
They were both forced to play the game, and both learned a lot from it.
Both phones had 41-megapixel camera sensors, and both marked significant advances in mobile imaging.
Both sides have lawyered up, and both civil and criminal court is on the table.
So getting both for $80 is a great price, assuming they're both services you want.
Ben and Peter are both from the English town of Reading and they're both 43.
But both could leave you drooling; both were and are artists in their own right.
After sending both the Fowlers detailed questions, both blocked me on Facebook rather than responding.
Both are surely beyond standard customer service issues, so both could maybe be usefully externalized.
Both had bit parts on "Empire" and Jussie had hired them both to train him.
These are both long-term strategies, and both countries have the resources to implement them.
Federal judges in both of those cases ruled against Trump, who later appealed both decisions.
They had all these amazing duels, and they're both amazing physically, both record-setting runners.
These are both old hypotheses and both have been tested by studies published this week.
New Zealand and South Korea both forbid abortion on demand; both are considering a change.
We were both struggling with jealousy, so it was kind of about both of us.
"We thought we'd either both make it or we both won't make it," Paige says.
We have both experienced similar times and both have been raving for a long time.
Both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are functioning well, with miners happily mining on both networks.
Additionally, you can control both generations using the HEOS app, and group both generations together.
It's dying because both parties in Washington, quite frankly, both parties have let us down.
Both studies are purely observational, and both were performed on a limited sample of subjects.
But they're both shitty jokes because both these characters are composed of shitty female tropes.
It makes for both both great sex and great television to not hurry things along.
Pope: We both like big ideas, and we both like to pursue them very pragmatically.
"Carmenaty assaulted both deputies, grabbed one of the guns, and shot them both," he said.
Both policies garnered legal challenges, and both required extensive implementation by McAleenan and his agency.
While both are outrageously false, birtherism is both easily refuted and a ticket to marginalization.
We both still liked to dance, we both love music and reading and hiking still.
Both Caitlyn and Kurt are car fanatics -- and were both impressed with each other's whips.
KBC and ING both climbed after Goldman Sachs upgraded them both to "buy" from "neutral".
In both cases, both characters are reduced to—and only kept—for one thing: profit.
Then place both hands on ground and jump both feet back, going into a plank.
Foot Locker missed on both sales and profit, while Deere beat estimates on both lines.
I love both, and I can't imagine my life without both of those things now.
Both cars reach 280,21.8hp, and both manage to find space to fit an entire suitcase.
Police did field sobriety tests on both men, and they both were charged with DUII.
Both sites solicited money for Stone's legal defense fund, and both took shots at Mueller.
Senior members of both Fine Gael and Fianna Fail have voiced opposition to both routes.
I really admire both of them and consider them to be both mentors of mine.
These are both part of my identity, however sometimes it's hard for both to harmonize.
Both come with always-on touchscreen displays and are compatible with both Android and iOS.
Both of them were copied on the emails, so both may face potential criminal prosecution.
I think we're both relieved by the fact that we both respect each other's work.
Both those numbers are higher than the average, and Trump performs poorly with both groups.
He captivated audiences with his performances, both musical and cinematic, both live and via video.
We believe that both sets of explanations have merit and both need to be addressed.
Both artists give fathomless depth to familiar tales; both maneuver adroitly between high and low.
So I do, both of them, revealing both my healthy breast and my false one.
For Sticks, finding clothing that's both flattering and empowering is difficult, both socially and emotionally.
Both painters are African American, and both are known for working with African American subjects.
Both have national security interests at stake; both want to shape US-North Korean relations.
The Senate race and the contest for agriculture commissioner both currently both fall within .25%.
Both sides must appeal, party strategists said, to voters who backed both Trump and Finkenauer.
Both grew up poor, and both climbed to the pinnacle of the American legal profession.
They're also less able to access both extermination and mental health services, exacerbating both problems.
"They're both from Massachusetts ... they're both former governors that worked at Bain," Marsh told CNBC.
What&aposs more, both sets of earbuds will work on both iOS and Android devices.
The company's aerospace segments target both commercial and government (including both defense and space) customers.
"We both really liked each other, but we both sort of blinked," Mr. D'Addario said.
Given what we know today about both situations, it's clear they both merit serious investigation.
Connect both monitors to the computer you're using, and make sure they're both powered on.
Both praised Vladimir Putin – to a ridiculous level – and both were helped out by him.
Both candidates backed Clinton in the 2016 primary, and both have supporters in each camp.
Both le Seraphin and Shouk were top-notch; I would happily go back to both.
Both men had several surgeries, according to the AP – and both testified at Blackwell's trial.
Both exhibitions are stimulating experiences, and both would have fit in fine on Fifth Avenue.
They have both had dips and comebacks and both have been written off at times.
It's exciting to us how we continue growing both road maps and both growth curves.
Facebook missed both violations and only acted in both instances after CNN inquired about it.
Both of my parents were amateur actors, and they were both trained in the arts.
She and Shelton were both in attendance and they both had performances during the show.
Both variations have been used time and time again, and both variations are extremely dumb.
Both albums would be embarrassing missteps for anyone else, yet both artists struck commercial gold.
Both of those films were released throughout the country, in theaters both big and small.
Both sides happy: Microsoft and IBM both said they were happy to see a resolution.
Both Welles and Hitchcock were larger than life, in both figurative status and literal size.
We both work with Judy Chicago, and that's a perfect example of a "both" [proposition].
"Both of my parents were both multi-sport athletes," McDonald said in a telephone interview.
Both Wemple and the Post have both also kept a close eye on the phenomenon.
I definitely think hate was involved in both, and coming from both of those individuals.
They are both still healthy, although both admit to starting to slow down a bit.
Both go over your bedsheets like any other blanket and both need a duvet cover. 
I asked them both if they wanted me to sell, but they both said no.
Both have A ratings from the N.R.A.; both have opponents supporting sensible gun security laws.
Both movements originated in California, and both deal with perception, but they are not interchangeable.
Season with salt on both sides and sprinkle the fennel seeds, also on both sides.
Both seats are in the Athens area and both were vacant, hence the special elections.
Their daughter has both passports, speaks both languages, lives in France and works in Germany.
Wenner admitted propositioning both men but said he thought both encounters were respectful and consensual.
Both say they needed tools to deal with conflict and both caution against marrying young.
For starters, they both get you high, and they can both make you very hungry.
It undermines both the nominee and the party, both immediately and in the long run.
Both said they'd never seen anyone get ticketed, and both declined to provide their names.
Both teams have been considered the top teams all season — and both won on Sunday.
He loomed behind holding both hands outstretched in front of him, both full of coins.
Both came from government sources, and both suggested a level of government surveillance for overprescribing.
Amazon already has large operations in both areas, which both have plenty of tech talent.
They're both understandable enough to be sympathetic, and they also both make plenty of mistakes.
MCCAIN: So both President Trump and former Candidate Clinton are both involved in the investigation.
Both teams are healthy, both have had plenty of rest, but the Cavs will prevail.
We were on both sides of the Revolution, and both sides of the Civil War.
True, they were both Israelis, and both saw war; they also shared a contrarian sensibility.
Both men tried to create new standards for investigative journalism; both have failed so far.
The answer, of course, is that it can do both; that it inevitably does both.
The French choice was between two outsiders, both newcomers, both "populist" alternatives to traditional parties.
And what better way to weigh out both options than by learning both operating systems?
Members of their own parties viewed both men suspiciously, and both relied on their families.
Both photo backgrounds looked weirdly Photoshopped, as if both people weren't actually in those locations.
Indeed, both leaders have already faced them, both inside their borders and around their periphery.
The legislation, both enacted and failed, of 2017 should deliver a lesson to both sides.
But aides in both parties, and in both chambers, tell me things are on track.
NOAA monitors both, and keeps records of both, and also tries to predict future changes.
Both are billed as "conversations" (Obama's as "intimate"), and both are produced by Live Nation.
Either both instances should be administrative matters or both should receive raids on their attorneys.
Both are crime dramas but both are telling very different stories in very different worlds.
Both of these programs let you skip crowded airport lines, saving both hassle and time.
Both parties deserve equal parts of the blame, because they both want to spend more.
With both new designs, there's a clear emphasis on both safety and differentiation through design.
Both are poets of the New York night; both are name-droppers and coterie poets.
The couple, both 27, met at Columbia, from which they both received law degrees. Mrs.
Both sides try to exhaust every avenue of evidence to make sure they're both heard.
Both policies brand members of minority groups as second-class citizens, and both are discriminatory.
I mean both prenatally as "prep" for birth and during the birth itself, or both?
They both offer charges and counter-charges, and the moderator probes both of their weakness.
For both campaigns, the selfie phenomenon seems to be both a blessing and a curse.
Clinton has shifted her position on both issues, while Sanders opposed both from the start.
Weirdly, in last night's game both teams were awarded penalties, and they were both saved.
Both Klarman and Buffett are also both famously risk-averse, as they are both wary of borrowing money for investments (to avoid taking on debt should an investment go south).
Both support Motorola's modules, both feature extremely rapid charging — squeezing hours of battery life out of only 15 minutes of charging, according to Motorola — and both have 5.5-inch display.
Both are very difficult to get into; both are roughly the same size, in terms of number of individuals; and both are refreshed in the fall of even-numbered years.
Both votes are seen as a rejection of the political establishment, both galvanized the electorate to turn out in record numbers and both took markets and pollsters broadly by surprise.
Adam Levine and Sammy Hagar have a lot in common—they're both in incredibly famous bands, they're both seriously talented and they both have a passion for the spirit industry.
Years later, both Kim and Kris Jenner actively talk about their struggles with psoriasis, and both have tried just about everything to soothe their skin, both on and off camera.
After all, they are both fierce yet sweet, they can both make it out in the wild (see, ahem, Wild), and they both have an awesome presence on the internet.
Both Spotify and Netflix are underpenetrated in their markets, and we expect secular shifts in both audio and video markets towards streaming to drive double-digit user growth for both.
Leaders from both parties in both chambers would appoint senators to hash out differences and produce a negotiated bill that would then come up for a vote in both chambers.
Both are themeless, both feature stacks of 11-letter entries across the top and bottom three rows, and both are built around the seed entry of a famous N.B.A. player.
The compatible traits: We both went to women's colleges, we both were accepted to a highly competitive journalism program at a major news organization, and we're both women of color.
They are both friends of mine and I respect them both and I think that they are really effective senators, and I think they're both people of high moral standards.
Both vaccines are recommended during each pregnancy; however, research shows that although both are regularly offered (85033 percent of the time), only 35 percent of mothers reported receiving both vaccines.
While both The Sun and Daily Mail continue to thrive online, both papers continue to struggle on the print side, forcing both to reallocate resources to the profitable digital side.
But I have seen both Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained and liked them both, though I think they're a different kind of film than both The Producers and Jojo Rabbit.
They were both on the offensive on Thursday night because they were both on the ropes.
I tested the app on both iOS and Android, and the issue happened on both platforms.
Amina's climactic sleepwalking scene requires both delicate lyricism and daring coloratura agility; Ms. Park had both.
Republicans currently control both houses of Congress, and Democrats' chances of retaking both are pretty narrow.
We both also love our own time, we're both sociable introverts, we like to be alone.
And, BAM ... both A-Rod's World Series ring and her gigantic diamond are both on display.
Both have had their homes and computers searched, with conclusions they both led pretty regular lives.
Both sit just outside massive urban centers and both emerged as late favorites in the search.
We both had our moments where we both felt a way and went a little left.
He led both Ford and Chrysler during his career and made an indelible mark at both.
They're both just sweet, genuine and kind people, and I'm so happy for both of them.
Both tracks are very different but let's be real...sides, both are you, her, me, she.
Both sides are suffering — they may have different levels of suffering — but both sides are suffering.
We can do both, and we have done both – better than any other nation, in fact.
"Both juveniles confessed to shooting at tractor trailers on Highway 75 both nights," the release says.
He gave both of the women a drink, which made them both pass out, prosecutors said.
Find commonalities like books you've both liked, professionals you admire, or podcasts you both listen to.
We were both kind of in different places then, and we're both more settled down now.
Both results were in line with analysts' forecasts and both banks posted sharply higher loan impairments.
It is a financial, emotional, mental commitment from both parties, because it will affect both people.
The virtually identical duo charmed both viewers and executives with their hilarity (both intentional and non).
GLIDING EXERCISES: Rotating both wrists (with both open and closed palms) wards off carpal tunnel syndrome.
As you both listen to music, the plan updates with music it thinks you'll both enjoy.
Both suspects had mental health issues and self-medicated by abusing drugs, both illicit and prescription.
But both are allies, and both are uncomfortable with the direction of U.S. policy on Iran.
Since both low-emission cars and gas-guzzlers contribute to traffic, both should pay congestion charges.
At the time, Abramovitz was dating Jennifer Lee and both were both serious musicians at McGill.
"Both were outsiders, and both ran on a demonstrable record of getting things done," says Prasad.
The column has more details, on both the deficit itself and the culture of both-sidesism.
Perhaps most striking was their entrepreneurship, which involved both ambition and skill, both principle and profit.
There's just a great tactile quality to both products, and both are incredibly rigid and sturdy.
They're both movies-turned-franchises centering on black actors, both in their original and current incarnations.
So it's clear both divisions are doing well, with clear plans to continue building out both.
But both films deal with the struggle for black identity, and both explore it through conversation.
Once you're both connected, the host iPhone controls the volume level on both sets of headphones.
Instead of picking a side, we picked both sides and make sure they were both incorporated.
We both wanted in-unit laundry, a nice kitchen and enough space for both of us.
They both need space after a period of ten years to see what they both want.
Resistance can develop to both artemisinin and the partner—and both are failing in some areas.
It's a segment that's growing, and both Apple and Microsoft are both far behind the competition.
He has held both roles before, in coalitions both with Labour and with the National Party.
Cubspot unifies the experience for both parents and providers becoming the personal assistant they both need.
Both buses plunged into water and, in both cases, the drivers are missing, police told CNN.
Both tiny countries have big Russian minorities, and both have struggled with emigration and shrinking populations.
Both Geagea and Aoun opposed that initiative which was backed by both Iran and Saudi Arabia.
Both men were experienced divers who had both dived Eagle's Nest several times, the sheriff said.
In both cases the suspects, who are both under arrest, were 15-year-old Palestinian boys.
And both our 3-year-olds first reactions were to smile, and they both said 'baby!
Both inflation indices have their strengths and weaknesses, and both are commonly used by government agencies.
Democracy in media cuts both ways just like God is both perfect justice and perfect mercy.
I know both worlds quite well and I've got a handful of lenses for both cameras.
She and Brady both believe Lucca is the only one responsible for allegedly harming both dogs.
Both candidates have expressed a desire for more infrastructure spending and both are strong on defense.
In fact, we think they both can work higher together … [we have] both Walmart and Amazon.
We want all artists to be on both sides of our platform, both free and paid.
Rose-Lynn, who had both her kids before she turned 18, both reveres and resents them.
Female twins were born to both couples; as predicted, both sets of twins were disease-free.
Gloria tracks both of them down, and they both pretend not to know who Mobley is.
Both men have produced mixed performances so far, and both have visibly struggled under the pressure.
That has expanded the prosperity of both our countries and the workers in both our countries.
Jared Polis -- Colorado Democrats who advocated for both undocumented immigrants -- hailed ICE's latest action both cases.
Both companies have-- the shares in both-- benefitting nicely from the announcement, with GE up 15%.
It can be both orgasmic and intimate, and leave you feeling fulfilled both physically and emotionally.
Both phones are wrapped in Gorilla Glass, and the back of both devices are fingerprint magnets.
Gains in both markets remain capped by ample supplies, both in the United States and globally.
The company is growing both in size and ambitions; they're both hiring and fundraising right now.
Both are low-priced and low-tier Android devices, and both come with a fingerprint scanner.
I was fortunate to do both at a time when it was feasible to do both.
They're both trying to find their way, and they're both relatively honest about what they believe.
During their remarks on Monday, however, both Jeffress and Hagee both took a markedly different tone.
Both of your ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, are busy this month—and they're both retrograde.
Digging deep into the global rankings for both sexes, both top 20 lists highlight certain themes.
Both had chestnut-colored beards that lightened to blond at the ends, and both were Ukrainian.
The stakes are high for both sides, with both supporters and opponents eagerly anticipating Friday's arguments.
Both models feature a tapered aluminum cylinder design that houses both woofers and full range drivers.
Both sides feature traction spikes so it can grip both your tires and the ground below.
And both companies have deep roots in China--in fact, they've both received funding from LeEco.
And we both looked at this movie as something that was different for both of us.
Ironically, both were shortstops — Erick Aybar (April 23.63) and Sardinas — and both pitched against the Diamondbacks.
Third, they both applied for membership in the European Union and NATO, which both eventually joined.
Ahead of the announcement, both Macy's and Nordstrom had both hit 52-week lows in trading.
Both net numbers mark the lowest in both of those surveys for recent Supreme Court nominees.
Increased levels of both dopamine and serotonin can result in dilated pupils, and cocaine boosts both.
The authors of both reports said no firm conclusions could be drawn, as both were observational.
The front cars of both trains were smashed, and both trains were at least partly derailed.
Both companies' results beat analysts' expectations, and stocks of both were higher in after-hours trading.
DHS is committed to combating both domestic terrorism and international terrorism and bolstering efforts for both.
Both rooms cost $242 per night, and both were covered by his per diem for lodging.
Both were amassing users at an amazing rate and both were an existential threat to Facebook.
Both ended the week higher, but the tech-heavy Nasdaq composite fell short on both counts.
"Genesis" and "Oblivion," both draw from arpeggiated synthesizers, both overlaying that insistence with a breathy daydream.
But both results beat analysts' expectations and the share prices of both companies have risen since.
And with both players being so young, it's reasonable to expect both players will get better.
We're both willing to do things to make him better, but we are both losing hope.
Mr. Chavez gained control of both units and unified them, causing some consternation on both sides.
It's a delicate situation, finding someone who you both like, and who likes both of you.
St. Louis and Pittsburgh were both considered potential wild-card contenders, and they've both hovered around .
China has strong ties with both Myanmar and Bangladesh, helping in infrastructure development in both countries.
They both started playing at the same age in public school, and both were classically trained.
This was the third marriage for both, and they both have adult children from previous marriages.
" Her kids are 18 and 19 now, both in college, both "really well-adjusted, great boys.
Both are reportedly under consideration to replace Sessions; both could fire Mueller if named attorney general.
Once I learn how to do both, I think I'll do better at both of them.
Both of these efforts are, according to aides in both parties, ultimately going to be unsuccessful.
Both issues, significant areas of focus for both TechNet and Rubio, are slated for reform attempts.
And both queen's looks also happen to match their mother's style we saw in both movies. 
Both won the presidency as outsiders, and both hold their party's foreign-policy establishment in contempt.
Expect both sides, in both chambers, to get right to work on drafting "phase-four" ideas.
Both were commissioned in full or in part by the festival, and both got Tony nominations.
The violent acts of both sides were both shown as political, but not shown as equivalent.
Both fighters are still in their prime, both fighters have enough pride and determination to win.
Both are half-Filipino California natives, and "we both revel in being different," Mr. Criss said.
Both Crop Watch fields were planted on May 20193 versus April 29 for both last year.
Both men bucked the existing political establishment, and both proposed banning Muslims from entering the country.
Both of my parents died in hospice care, both doped up on opiates at the end.
They're both quite introverted in some ways, and they're both very serious about what they believe.
Both teams have whipped dangerous balls into the box, and both have put headers on goal.
Both teams look well organized defensively, and we already know that both lack internationally recognized scorers.
Both had egos; even as they became basketball's Ruth and Gehrig, both wanted to be Ruth.
In cases of both sexism and racism, privileges hurt both those without and with the privileges.
Both arguments are largely sparked by John Ambrose and Gen, and the jealousy they've both inspired.
Both start the year at the same level in math, and both improve by 15 percent.
Both of them had piercing blue eyes; both loved James Baldwin, Agnès Varda, and Velvet Underground.
Both were churchgoing, and both were living in a crime-plagued area they wanted to escape.
The couple, both 28, met at Georgetown, from which they both graduated magna cum laude. Mrs.
Its software works on both piloted and autonomous drones used in both commercial and recreational applications.
The team used both human and bull sperm in the tests, with both providing similar results.
Both Baker and a top aide, Michael Mansur, are both white, The Kansas City Star noted.
Fortunately, lawmakers in both parties and in both houses of Congress are already doing just that.
Both New Jersey and California have attempted to pass similar measures, but both bills were vetoed.
The Lakers retired both numbers after Bryant's retirement and both hang from the Staples Center rafters.
They are both Dominican and members of the class of 1992, and both are aspiring writers.
The company's logo dominates both teams' crests and jerseys, and its name adorns both teams' stadiums.
Both were limited participants and both are expected to be available against the Panthers on Sunday.
It knocked out both starting pitchers, so today's game was a wash for both of us.
Republicans control both chambers in 33 states, while Democrats own both chambers in just 15 states.
Both have virtually the same team crest, and both play in uniforms of green and black.
Both of Betty Horne's parents, for example, worked in the aviation industry, and both for United.
The Magic have won both games against the Hawks this season, both of them in Atlanta.
Both contain amazing puzzles made by remarkable people, and both benefit L.G.B.T.Q. and women-centric charities.
Both games are marked by both their humor and their frequent self-aware fourth wall breaks.
Yet both sisters are passionate about helping others achieve equality both on and off the court.
Both executives were previously listed as speakers and both banks were strategic partners for the event.
Samsung and Huawei both unveiled foldable devices earlier this year — and both also experienced delayed launches.
Both have the U.S. as their major commercial partner, and both want a good trade agreement.
But so far, both cases have followed a pattern at both the district and appellate levels.
Both men became teetotalers; both went bankrupt, only to claw their way back to the top.
Both series are successful, ultimately, but both series also reveal the struggles of their respective approaches.
Both joined with zero expectations, and both are blown away by what seems to be happening.
Speaking of the app, it works on both Android and iPhone, and I tested both successfully.
In court, the museum answered questions under oath of both the judge and both parties' lawyers.
These guys have created this platform that's both ... both Davidow and Moritz invested in this company.
That is, some unaffiliated voters would send back both major party ballots, invalidating both of them.
"Both sides should accurately grasp each other's strategic intent, and implement what was agreed - that both sides will become partners, both sides will pose no threats to each other," Xi said.
They're both thrust into this circumstance that they both don't really want to be a part of but they have to for the good of both the Tudor and York houses.
Both events have harnessed broader discontent with the policies of Mr. Macron, who is viewed both by both Yellow Vests and labor activists as arrogant and disconnected from their daily struggles.
Both will pop in to save your passwords, both will add your ID and passwords automatically to your apps, and both will recommend random combinations that will keep bad actors guessing.
"I trust both of them, we trust both of them, like both of them, and they want to compete with each other and they both want the net, so it's all healthy," Weight said of Greiss and Halak, each of whom have made 223 starts this season.
"The pro-life movement values both mother and child and seeks to uphold the dignity of both by seeking to protect both from the damage of abortion and the predatory abortion industry."
The fact that Philip and Elizabeth both feel so uncomfortable (and seem to both be off their game) is a subtle but clear indication of character development, on both of their parts.
It can't both be true — which, a lot of people say both propositions — that we need both more unskilled and low-skilled workers, but robots are going to take all the jobs.
Doehner had burns to his face, both hands and down his right leg from the knee, according to the AP.. His mother had burns to her face, both legs and both hands.
" She adds: "The court will look to balance so that both parents will have access to the children and both parents can enjoy raising the children, because those children deserve both parents.
Both prized family ties above all else; both took corporal punishment for granted; the cuisine of both, in its creativity with scrap ingredients, testified to a long history of poverty and ­resourcefulness.
For instance, both Sheeran and former "One Direction" singer Harry Styles both have the animated character Pingu tattooed on them, since the musicians both liked the cartoon as a child, said Paul.
Both have a missionary mind-set; both are interested in ideas; both are obsessed with what they perceive as the spiritual crisis of the West; neither lacks in self-confidence and ambition.
T hey agree about locally controlled funding, they are both opposed to for-profit charter schools, they both want to hold charter schools accountable, they are both committed to closing achievement gaps.
Both of these coolers are made with stainless steel, both of them are insulated, and they can both hold almost 30 12-ounce cans with a 2:1 ice to can ratio.
They both want to be liked and they both want to be validated and they both end up doing some pretty bad things to acquire that sort of validation by the end.
Maybe it was because we both grew up in the same era, both grew up going to the Fox Hills Mall on weekends, and both grew up shopping at the Slauson Swapmeet.
Both have links to China's Communist Party, although both say they do not represent the Chinese government.
We both buy two scoops; I pay for both of us since he paid for coffee earlier.
Both were orphaned at a young age; both worked hard to overcome the poverty of their youth.
He said he believes the agreement will pass both U.S. Houses with broad support from both parties.
" Both of them make reference to Steve Jobs and they both conclude with "I love you guys.
Then I had my Stafford accounts (both subsidized and unsubsidized) from both my master's and medical school.
They're both really great guys, and they both provide Liza with these great options, so we'll see.
" She continued, "I'm proud of both David and I. Because both of us could have given up.
They're both Australian, and they're both men: Network star Peter Finch and The Dark Knight's Heath Ledger.
Both spread quickly, and both hit high-profile targets like large multinational companies and critical infrastructure providers.
Both Harry's and Flamingo products are available at Target, where both brands are top-rated best sellers.
In the course of the investigation, both she and Barnes both admitted some involvement with the robbery.
Get Assad out of Syria and put somebody in Syria that both-- we both can work with.
It was basically the jury in both cases, both trials did not reach a decision, they deadlocked.
Both countries have nuclear weapons and both are on a hair trigger as they develop new capabilities.
Both important and both with viewers that want smart, thoughtful, on-point analysis, just in different formats.
The big players both love and hate FOSS, and FOSS both loves and hates the big players.
The Crop Watch observation fields were both planted May 22019 versus April 219 for both last year.
Both were championed by Bill Clinton, and his Labor Secretary Robert Reich, and endorsed by both parties.
Both are based on true stories, and both arrive with awards buzz for their powerfully rendered performances.
The Crop Watch observation fields were both planted May 18 versus April 29 for both last year.
Both the claw and the fingertips grip emphasize increased finger dexterity, although they both are more fatiguing.
I tried my fries both animal style and plain, and both styles engendered the same result: disappointment.
If they both get enough of what they want, Trump and the GOP could both be winners.
Both planemakers must get U.S. export licenses due to key U.S. components in both portfolios of jets.
Laverne Cox and Janet Mock, who are both trans women, have both spoken out against Duval's comments.
Shareholders of Nexstar and Meredith both seem unhappy with the situation; shares of both companies have fallen.
But it got middling reviews in both the US and China, and opened tepidly in both countries.
Under Mr Cardoso, the PSDB boasted both brilliant technocrats and some effective politicians, both nationally and locally.
While both got happy endings — yes, they both survived the episode — not every Grey's fan was happy.
Arms features both one-on-one and two-on-two competitive play, and both are a blast.
He, too, dislikes both right-wing populist nationalism and identity politics at both ends of the spectrum.
They both have slim, aluminum designs and will be available in both Wi-Fi and LTE models.
Both girls were 16 at the time of their arrest, and prosecutors charged them both as adults.
Greiner has voted for candidates from both major parties and supported both Trump and Loebsack in 2016.
Both May and those supporters want Britain out of both the single market and the customs union.
Both of those nominees made activists very excited, and they both got destroyed in the general election.
Both Cohler and Lasky are expected to maintain their current board seats, and both transitions are voluntary.
Remember, both the Bush and Obama administrations attempted to pass immigration reform, and both their efforts failed.
Both women counsel their husbands on the wisdom of coming to terms, lest both houses fall needlessly.
Both firms reported earnings after the close Thursday that beat on both the top and bottom line.
Both really, really fast-growing companies, both CEOs named Travis, the Travis at Bird worked at Uber.
The new app is available now on both iOS and Android in both the EU and Canada.
Last month, both multimedia formats had a large presence at both CES and the Sundance Film Festival.
In general, I like both systems, and it's clear both could save me on my water bill.
"It is beyond astonishing that both @carriefisher & @DebbieReynolds1 have both left this earth," he wrote on Twitter.
In a statement early on Monday, police "strongly condemned" both violent incidents and were investigating both cases.
Users with both versions of the app unlocked will see both individuals and groups in their feed.
Both are heavily favored, but both also have been less than enthusiastic in their support for Trump.
The two men — both in their 30s, both trusted aides of older, familial leaders — struck a bond.
Both Avey and Sturino cherish the time they spent with their pets both on and off camera.
He was convicted in both trials and sentenced to life in prison without parole in both cases.
We're both into writing music, and both kind of can fill the void that the other lacks.
Both sequences stick out, because both are rapidly resolved with no meaningful effect on the overall storyline.
He and his brother both worked at SpaceX, and both left at the same time in 2009.
In 1872, Susan B. Anthony and Sojourner Truth both tried to vote, but were both turned away.
They both attract people who are into novelty and they're both also definitely old time-y passion.
A groundout advanced both runners, and Contreras delivered a two-out double to bring home both baserunners.
And he asked both witnesses if the campaign was successful, and both acknowledged that it was indeed.
It's very useful for both companies to combine some of their resources and make both companies stronger.
The Alienware m15 and m17 should both be available June 11, and they'll both start at $1,500.
Both lists feature most of the big brand names and both lists continue to grow and grow.
Both the PS4 software update and the PS4 Remote Play are available now, and both are free.
Both say they lurk in fandoms—and both look back on their Mellon Chronicle days with fondness.
We offered identical support to both the Trump and Clinton campaigns, and had teams assigned to both.
Both are the only children of former players, and both owe their development to the same coach.
The leaders of both parties have worked tirelessly to lose -- and it's likely that both still will.
The mirror directs both beams to both spots, but if done properly, only one spot will appear.
Both Charlos are fighting at Barclays Center next Saturday -- both attempting to keep their undefeated streaks alive.
They are both amazing men and I know that they'll both make women very happy one day.
"Both countries are strictly against such policies, and both economies need an open world economy," he said.
"Airspace restrictions were from both sides and it has been lifted by both countries," the minister said.
Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen was fourth on the timesheets in both sessions, with Vettel also fifth in both.
Since both companies have a penchant for making long statements, we're including them both below for posterity.
She teaches students both in and outside of the classroom, in both traditional class settings and labs.
Childish Gambino has been tapped to headline both festivals, while Solange will also play at both events.
In an effort to serve both species, K9 Cinemas offers affordable snacks for both humans and dogs.
Since then, Wall Street has both seen both fewer bank mergers as well as smaller price tags.
Both options are dangerous, and both are made exponentially worse by the rampant corruption on the border.
Drake and Fetty Wrap both picked up 11 nominations, while Taylor Swift and Adele both have 8.
Both programs will be folded under Maven, and will be available to 5,000 residents in both cities.
But the Beoplay H4 Wireless Headphones by Bang & Olufsen somehow do both and do both *extremely* well.
Both Trump and Congressional Republicans regularly attack the deal, but both are unwilling to actually follow through.
Of the top four leadership posts in both chambers for both parties, none is held by Hispanics.
The former Disney Channel star and the British actor, both 21, are both presenting at the event.
One's a doll and one's a human child, but they're both doctors and they both rule. Clearly.
Deeter notes that Bessemer has backed both types of company, and has had great returns from both.
We analyzed the data both with and without party identification, and the pattern held in both cases.
We both adored reading and both looked up to our lawyer fathers as men who knew everything.
Both Tarek and Christina agree that both their jobs and family life will continue ahead as normal.
While both provide valuable services to communities, it's worth noting that both ultimately serve the NFL's interests.
I said to Howie, 'They both have to go through,' because both of you are equally talented.
Both women expressed concerns about Russian hacking, and both seemed excited by the possibility of McAfee's appointment.
Both would be wrong, because both ignore what is going on in the rest of the economy.
Both firms spent heavily to attract riders with discounts and both also raised billions in recent fundraisings.
He would hold both kids when she spoke, and she would hold both kids when he spoke.
Exxon supports both the Paris climate agreement and a carbon tax, both of which Trump vehemently opposes.
Both districts, however, are heavily Republican; and both Democratic women will face Republican male incumbents in November.
Both Uber and Lyft provide similar offerings, which both companies have been promoting heavily in recent months.

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