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"because" Definitions
  1. for the reason that

991 Sentences With "because"

How to use because in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "because" and check conjugation/comparative form for "because". Mastering all the usages of "because" from sentence examples published by news publications.

" "Because," he says, "because, becausebecause it's the Grand National.
Because we're public, because we're distributed, because we're real time, and because we're simple.
And they're doing it because we're Indians, because we're blacks, because we're mestizos, because we're Bolivarian.
Is the world a better place because of Bill Gates, because of Jeff Bezos, because of Michael Bloomberg, because of Bernie Marcus, because of Ken Langone?
"We dance because love is love, because black lives matter, because climate change is real, because women's rights are human rights, because immigrants make America great, because every vote matters," the group declared in the clip.
Because all I could say is because Twitter, because Donald Trump, because ... No. It happened for a lot of reasons.
Because they are busy, because they are disorganised, because they are skint, because they are non-committal, because they've used all their holiday, because they are at a wedding that weekend, because their pay day is middle of the month instead of the end, because they only leave the house when they are single and horny.
Boys do it because they can: because they are oblivious, because they are ignorant, because they are impulsive, because they have not learned to see girls and women as fully human.
They would have treated him well, because they're American soldiers, because they swore an oath, because they have principles, because they have honor.
"Because of Brexit, because of (the) Marine Le Pen type of phenomena, because of rule of law problems in Poland, because of (President Donald) Trump, because of fake news, because of all these things around we have seen a wakeup call, " he said.
And yet, because it's me and because this is Waypoint, I'm still unsure whether I like this because it's good, or because it's comfortable.
Because of the internet, because of Twitter, because of this hyper-intense cycle of information.
Not because they want to, but because they need to because of their husband's expectation.
Because of the damages or because it's boring or because ... Bob Costas says that, right?
" I said, "Because it can't be because I had a baby, because that would be sexist.
Not because it is right or because it makes sense but because it's fun, it's lulz.
But their margin for error narrowed — because of fatigue, because of injuries, because of waning focus.
I tell them because of the way it feels, because of the pleasure, because I can.
We use Uber because of pure inertia, because of its first mover status, because its app is slightly less clunky than its local competitors, because it has substantial political clout, because its rides are (temporarily) subsidized.
They're coming in because of the brand, because of the service, [and] because of our driver community.
He won because of machination, because of outsourcing, because of the definitive end to The Industrial Age.
Because I was lost, because I wanted help with my English, because my father was a nightmare.
Because he saved my life, because I love him and because I believe in his reformed nature.
We lose things because we are flawed; because we are human; because we have things to lose.
"When I step on the court, it's always something special: because he's the best player; because of everything he's done in his career; because of the way he's playing; because he's Swiss; because he's a really close friend; because of everything we've been together — Davis Cup, Olympics," Wawrinka said.
She's harder on him than she was on the others, because he's the last one, because he wasn't really wanted, because she is harder because of that fact.
Because of its quality, because of the writing of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, because of the actors and because of the manner in which we brought it to market.
Emoji will surge in usage because of particular holidays, or because it's engagement season, or because it's summer.
Not because of Matilda, but just because I was sad because of everything else happening in my life.
Not because of evil, not because of some cabal, it's just because of the restructuring of our economy.
Not because of under-staffing; not because of a lack of funding; and not because of a snowstorm.
Because it's fun, because it feels good, it's free, and because it is part of your sex life.
Simply because I stage an interview setup, simply because I determine what the light will be, simply because I determine what the gaze will be, simply because it's constructed.
And that's because — only because — of our campaign.
Every iteration, because she — because we — needed sleep.
But eventually, because I am me and because this game is hard and because I'm just not very good at it and because I am impatient and because I just have not died, lived, died, repeated enough, I lose the game.
Not because I legitimately needed anything and not because anyone was forcing me to – but because I always had.
Is it mainly because they live in poverty, or because they have a disability, or simply because they're children?
He said: nothing in search (because of Google), social media (because of Facebook) and big commerce (because of Amazon).
Not because it was uncontroversial, but precisely because it was wrong — because Kennedy would suffer if it were divulged.
Not because she's an actress, director, producer, a philanthropist… but because she is kind, and because she is hopeful.
That desperate, impossible feeling of dancing because you have to, because there's no alternative, because you literally can't stop.
Because it's so human, because it's so honest and because he's ... And maybe this comes back to our conversation.
It's because I love this country and because I am American and because I want it to do better.
"We didn't pick Bernie because he's Bernie, because he's the weakest or because he's a socialist," Ms. Martin said.
The number of jobs is shrinking, partly because of imports, partly because of offshoring, partly because of greater efficiency.
Who would have thought the car industry would be interested in Silicon Valley right now, but because of Google, because of Apple, because of Microsoft, because of Uber that's happening.
To recap: King Robert dies because he's an incompetent drunk; Ned dies because he can't play politics; Robb dies because he can't make necessary sacrifices; Joffrey dies because he's psychotic.
It's why people feel shame — shame because they're still virgins, shame because they aren't, shame because they want to have sex with the "wrong" type of person, shame because they enjoy sex too much, shame because they don't enjoy it at all.
Not because you can't do the job, or because you lack patriotism or courage—no, because of who you are as a person, and because of who your sexual partners are.
I don't do it because I am looking for attention [or] because I want money [or] because I want fame.
Not because Lohan isn't trying, or because she doesn't deserve it, or because her misdeeds are too grandiose to forget.
I'd waited for various reasons: because of grad school, because of living overseas, because "the right partner" hadn't yet materialized.
The racism is not coming because I am gay, it is coming because I am Arab, because I am Palestinian.
Many people feel that tech has exploded because of this lack of rules, because of looseness, because of anything goes.
Because of mobile technology, because of the internet, because of location-based services, we're able to now build a platform.
We aren't lucky because life is easy or smooth, or because it makes sense or because we are in control.
Or do they suffer because of capitalism, because of the violence of our governments, because of the violence of Macron?
You are a peon because you are trans, or because you wear women's clothes, because then they didn't have that.
Not because feminism (though we also believe yes because feminism), but because violent extremists are acknowledging and targeting women's perspectives.
First, to look for books that are worth talking about — because they're great, because they're interesting or because they're important.
" "Because it's small or because of the arts funding?
Because -- we all know why -- because it's called politics.
CRUZ: Becausebecause Donald's mother was born in Scotland.
Because I wanted to experience Sundance because ... Sure. Yes.
It was because — thankfully — it was because ideas won.
Because ... Because you can't write while being in office.
Because it's filmed ... Because it's set 220 years ago.
Because — we all know why — because it's called politics.
It's about harassment based on being "other," about not abusing power — whether by making somebody feel less than because of gender, because of sexual orientation, because of religion, because of political beliefs.
Sometimes eclipses don't happen because the gods are angry or because terrible things are going to happen or because a demon is hungry or because cosmic bodies are working through their feelings.
Not because you were tired or because someone interrupted you mid-binge, but because you had to ask yourself a question?
It wasn't because it was illegal, it wasn't because they were doing it at night, or because they were smoking weed.
They will remain productive for longer, not just because they need to but because they want to and because they can.
"Globalization is a fact, because of technology, because of an integrated global supply chain, because of changes in transportation," he said.
Because it's live TV, because you're working so hard, because you're sweating down to your underwear, you must screw up, right?
Not because blacks do drugs more than whites, not because they possess it more, but because that's where the policing is.
Because the country is beautiful, because the Northern Lights are magical, and because it was there that I fell in love.
Because she's from the same place, because she's a fighter, and because she helps the indigenous communities of Oaxaca a lot.
So, you fire them because, traditionally, because they're not running the business properly, because they're not returning profits for the shareholders.
"They might be more likely to come to Dean Street than elsewhere because it's got a reputation, because it's non-judgmental, because it appeals to the young, because it looks nice," McCormack says.
Correct, especially because of geopolitical alliances, because we have deep ties to them, because of symbiotic relationships, because it's not like they're not trying to put us out of business and overcome us.
Innocent suspects confess because they are terrified and confused and exhausted; because they are deceived or tricked; because they don't understand what they are doing; because they feel hopeless and helpless and isolated.
Because technology is a tool, because we made a tool.
Oh, because they're mad because they didn't get the interview?
Not because we want to, but because we have to.
Not because I was tired, but because I was obsessed.
Aquaman isn't disappointing because it's predictable, or because it's awful.
Not because I don't think I'm beautiful — because I do.
Not because she has to, but because she's chosen to.
Not because it is easy, but because it is hard.
LA because of work and Minneapolis because it rains purple.
Not just because of the topic, but because, it's him.
Not because it was fashionable, but because it was necessary.
Because we believed her (the victim), because we believe you.
And not because of him, but because of me, right?
Because it's a catchphrase of his, because this is a
Not because Jack refuses to serve anyone, because he doesn't.
Don't cry because it's over, be happy because it happened.
Not only because it's pink, but because Champagne is celebratory.
Not because we want to or because we promised to.
Because everyone knows each other because they grew up together.
Not because they are female, but because they are constituents.
Not solely because of Hal, but largely because of Hal.
Not because it's useful, maybe not even because it's right.
Not because it's safer or faster, but because it's quieter.
"Not because of the money, but because of the influence."
Not because he left, but because he left so soon.
Because of Pat Caddell — it's all because of Pat Caddell.
Not because there were cheers, but because the fans left.
And not because it was uncomfortable, but because it's unsafe.
Not because they're men, but because they have the power.
Not because it's planned, but because these places are explosive.
Because you couldn't deliver or because there was no business?
It's not because it doesn't work, because it can work.
Not because I've seen it, but because I've felt it.
Because we love it, because we believe in it, because there is a joy and satisfaction in growing healthy food for people.
Not because it's moral, not because it'll fix your relationship, or even bring you new love, but because you deserve the peace.
A company's doing this not because it's part of how they fund innovation, not because they have to, but because they can.
Not because your parents said you couldn't go, and not because you had to work, but because you just couldn't get in.
I had seven brothers and sisters, and not one of them became the person they should have been — because of poverty, because of racism, because of poor diet and drugs, because of the war.
Like: Because I'm angry, because I don't get it, because Jimmy Fallon seems objectively unlikeable to me and because I'm supposed to write one or more articles a day or else I get fired!
I say mess not  because she slept with someone, or because she drank a lot (women can do both!), but because she doesn't know if she's allowed to do either anymore because she's famous.
It's difficult to expand our notion of identity when it's constantly in a reactionary space because of things that are happening, because of Black Lives Matter, because of Me Too, because of all those things.
Not because they weren't "good" men, or because I didn't care for them, and not because I'm not "worthy" (which is the most annoying thing I've ever heard), but because I just didn't want to.
Those characters  are not friends because they share the same interests or because they're similar to one another, but because they grew up together, because they've relied on one another for a very long time.
I guess we're ready to own it because everything matters less now, because loneliness sells, because the internet is a planet and I guess it sucks because we are the aliens we've been searching for.
Because they have no need to, they are unconstrained by either ... They've no incentive to because absent competition, because they divide the market.
Younger athletes don't run faster just because they can; they do it because often because they haven't learned how not to have to.
Then, the question was: Can he be impeached -- because of the Russian interference, because of conflicts of interest, because his hair is funny.
And now all this new stuff has happened because of it —  because we gave our all, because we were so authentically in it.
Sometimes, people don't want to have sex because they've just had a child, because their partner is abusive, or because communication is strained.
It's not because they're out for social justice, or because they fear a lawsuit, or because California has gone insane with political correctness.
Often because it's an opportunity, often because they think they can get away with it, often because they feel compelled to do it.
"As a guy, I'm more likely to eat a burger, because it's big, because it's heartier, because men are meat eaters," he says.
" — "No because here's the thing like because: No because what it is is what people think about me, yeah, isn't who I am.
Because they don't have a job, because they are being threatened by gangs, because they don't have basic things like water, education, health.
"The fact is that Daesh kills Christians because they are Christians; Yazidis because they are Yazidis; Shia because they are Shia," he said.
Cooking on a weeknight because it's delicious and because we want to and because it makes people happy is why we are here.
Not just because it's an enormous, important business and because clothes are cool, but because it shows where we're going as a society.
Now people want to continue working, not just because they want to, but because they have to, because they can't afford to retire.
They came because they love the royal family, because they love to eat cake and, in one case, because they had free tickets.
But he changed his mind, because the proposal emphasized substance, because Chinese leaders were receptive, and because C.E.O.s were ready to fly there.
"Not because of the treaty itself, not because of the need itself, but just because of the rhetoric around the election," Duvall said.
I did it not because I'm entertained, but because I'm weak.
Don't be sad because I died … be happy because I lived.
Because you got a Harvard address because you went there, right?
Not because it wasn't good — but because it was so bleak.
Not because it's gross or anything, but because it appears blurry.
Is it because this company's like this because he's like this?
Not just because he's so creepy and demonic, because that's obvious.
Not because I didn't want to watch it; because I did.
Because otherwise someone's got to blink, because what a bad business.
You believe not because it makes sense, but because it's ridiculous.
Partly because I'm getting old, but partly because binary ratings stink.
Because he's rude, because of what comes out of his mouth.
Are you crying because it's over, or smiling because it happened?
It's funny because it's funny, but it hurts because it's true.
Because then people might think it's offensive because shoes are ... dirty.
Not just because of my disability but because of sheer numbers.
"It's loud because kids are crying because of cold," Ventura said.
It's not because it's less important but because it's more advanced.
Pay inequality persists not because of reality, but because of perception.
Not because of the pain, but because of what it signified.
Because here's the thing — the fry's amazing, because salt, she's incredible.
Because you're jealous of her holding my arm because we're cold?
Not because it's England but because it's the World Cup final.
But hey: Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened.
Because just as often, we fail with — no, because of — passion.
Because things weren't ready, because there wasn't a use case, necessarily.
It doesn't happen because you were doomed, or because of fate.
But because I want to, not because I'm scared or anything.
Because it resonates with people because he has hijacked this issue.
Because of her heart but also because of her full breasts.
Because of the drug companies, folks, because of the drug companies.
We can do it because we care or because it's profitable.
Not just because it is illegal, but because it is dangerous.
Not because of the permanent factor, but because of it's painful.
Talk about that, because you're leaving a job because of that.
Because I Said So Do you have a question for Because?
Because she had had trouble raising money because lots of reasons.
Not because I have to, but just because I love it.
Not because you can see your destination, but because you can't.
Not because we are evacuating people, but because they are dying.
" Not because of "ineptitude," he said, but because of "conflicting missions.
Because it is in play, because it is competitive, he's lost.
We watch not just because of intrigue but because of fear.
Not because I wasn't qualified, but because I was born female.
Not because he has Trump's ear—because he has the world's.
Not because they don't sell them, but because they're sold out.
You don't want because you know; you want because you feel.
That's not because of Saccone or Lamb, but because of Trump.
Not because they were bad, but because they had no choice.
Not because he couldn't find one but because he never looked.
Not because they're Democrats but because our SYSTEM ruins the best.
It isn't because she's not exceptional, but precisely because she is.
Not because he supports women: because he wants another day off.
And that's less because of Allen and more because of Cannes.
Not only because of Colombia but because of our geographical location.
Because those insurance companies keep raising your rates because they can.
Because it's a family, because he are the values we espouse.
Not because of traffic, but because it's just so stunning. Yup.
Is an expression obscene because it's arousing or because it's gross?
Because of network effects or because they require lots of data.
One, because ... Because you've heard John McCain's story so many times?
Because I'm just a giant fanboy, because I love Elmore Leonard.
That somehow, maybe because of my race, maybe because of my gender, maybe because of the brashness that comes from the combination of the two, maybe because I actually had history and institutional memory of our party, maybe because I chose to support the nominee of our party.
We revere her because she is beautiful, because she is Black, because those signifiers both matter and they don't, because her very existence flies in the face of every lie we've ever been told about ourselves.
Going off on a white person because she deserves it or because you can is not something Malcolm X, or Martin Luther King Jr., would have approved of — not because it's unwarranted but because it's undisciplined.
People think they can't foster because they're not old enough or they're too old, or because they don't have a college degree, or because they don't own a house, or because they've never had biological kids.
Leia is an aspirational character, not because she is a princess, but because she was a rebel for positive change, because she proved that she could rescue herself, and because she was kind above all else.
There's almost a sort of moral reading to it: We were more successful in evolution because of our ingenuity, because of our tools, because of our culture, or because of something that makes us uniquely human.
Jenny smokes because she wants to smoke and yells at irritating men because they're irritating — not because of her own supposedly inherently "spicy" Latinidad.
Over the past few years, I've played games because they're competitive, because they felt good in the hand, and because they offered meaningful progression.
Trump had disappeared because she had plastic surgery, or because she was planning to divorce her husband, or because she was hiding spousal abuse.
I stayed because of the fellowship, stayed because my kids loved kids church, because I knew my wife needed the community she felt there.
It's this mythology that's been created about this because they've got all the power, because they drafted the contract, because these terms are hidden.
The water rates were expensive because the pipes were bad because vacancy rates were high because the city had been shrinking for so long.
Attendees told me that they wanted Trump removed because he's racist, because he's surrounded by unsavory characters, because he doesn't care about the poor.
It just is — because he's a democratic socialist or because he talks too loud or because he eats his corndog in a grumpy way.
We didn't pick this regional approach because it's easy or because it's simple, but because we believe this is what our customers really want.
Seventeen of these vacancies occurred because the person was promoted, 1003 because the person "resigned under pressure" and 11 because the person simply resigned.
Some journalists want me, of course, to say it's because I never smoked, or because I'm a vegetarian, or because I keep the Sabbath.
That young woman was shot by police because she was just standing there, because she's a woman, because she looked like the protesting students.
Then I have packets of Shout wipes because I'm very sloppy, Band-Aids because I'm accident prone and Off wipes because bugs love me.
The intensity of my emotion was not because of his behavior, but because of my own behavior, because I hadn't stood up to him.
He is still working at it, though, because he's stubborn and because it's his job and because what else are you going to do.
Maybe because she's beautiful; maybe because she's an immigrant herself; maybe because she doesn't pipe up often — but definitely because she female — it's easy to cast Melania as the undercover liberal we would prefer her to be.
I told my parents it was because of the scars (because I was actually embarrassed by the weight), and then later told them it was because of the weight (because I was actually embarrassed by the scars).
You succeed because of cleverness, not because you have the best technology.
Now we welcome refugees not because they're Jewish, but because we're Jewish.
Because I did a little research, Sean, because this shows that important.
Not because it hurts me, or because it brings up terrible memories.
So, don't pick Boeing because you need it, America, because you don't.
Because you&aposre helping the country offensively, because you reduce civilian casualties.
Just because ... and I say Disney because they own local TV stations.
Not because of any technological incompetence, but because of incredibly small batches.
But I'm here because of my football talents, not because I'm Muslim.
Not because of the fatalities, but because their work was a success.
Because, of, um, honor, and because they wanted to get into Sto'Vo'Kor.
Not because of anything you'd done; just because of what you were.
Because we don't want them to see us – because it diminishes us.
Not because of radio, just because my intention didn't feel pure enough.
I workout because I love my body, not because I hate it.
But you can't just say ''because he's black,'' because that's divisive, too.
He did it because he can, or because he thinks he can.
The interview was stunning because it was candid and because she cursed.
McEnroe for sure, because of the left hand, because of the temperament.
One, because I saved money, and two, because she had paid leave.
And because you're so angry, everything you say about it because hilarious.
And it's not because I refuse; it's because I sincerely don't know.
Was I tired because I'm pregnant, or because my career is demanding?
No one did, obviously, because internet, and also because it's Olly Murs.
She lost because her opponent cheated, not because she was a woman.
Because of the time, because all the pieces weren't in place then.
And it's not because of the AI, it's because of the biology.
Not because I'm a woman, or not because my husband's a man.
It's not because they're ugly and unattractive: it's because we need them.
PRIEBUS: Because I'm not going to because it doesn't honor the president.
Because when they sued us, they arrested us because of another law.
First because it's practical, but also because I'm very tempted to escape.
Not because I wouldn't let him, but because he had no interest.
They just show up everywhere because they're popular because they're in culture.
Because LeWitt was older and, of course, because he was a man.
You do it because it's easy, because it's what other people do.
"I've missed Little League games because I've misprioritized, because I screw up."
People buy things because it's sustainable, because they think about the environment.
Batman wins because we like him – and because we're more like him.
An everyman who's special not because he's gifted but because he's fallible.
I've missed Little League games because I misprioritize, because I screw up.
Because of injuries, insisted the Saudi media; because of racism, brayed Israel's.
" Plaintiff said "Because you are married and because you are my boss.
Not because she is stupid, but because she is a good person.
Just because it's the most multivariable, or because it's the most important?
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened," the caption read.
"Not because things got better but because fewer would count," she added.
"That's not because we're copying [but] because that's the law," he said.
It is a movement because it is rather than because it does.
Clinton lost more because of herself than because she is a woman.
Not because of any one person, but because of what America represents.
Was Spice World so good because it's good, or because it's bad?
Not because they're separated, but because they're hanging on to their hood.
In this respect because, no, because I share your political biases there.
Because I'm not right now because I feel like we have lost.
We love teenagers because they're stupid because they spend all their money.
Was that because the band became successful, or because you were women?
They provide medication-assisted treatment because it's right and because it works.
It's not because of train delays or because I lost my watch.
I own one because I want it, not because I need it.
Not because they like them so much as because they have to.
Not because of him, just because his character is not a programmer.
Dr. Seuss wrote, 'Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.
Not because they change the future, but because they articulate a wish.
Not because it is popular right now, but because it is right.
Not necessarily because nothing else happened, but because nothing more was reported.
But that's not because of the staff; that's because of the president.
Not because it is so crazy but because it is so sane.
You have it because you need it, not because you want it.
Not because we accept them, but because we probably won't change them.
I went back because we needed money, and because I wanted to.
Not just because it&aposs, like, armor, but also because of Lizzo.
Partly because of the leading men, but mainly because of a girl.
Not just because I have one myself but because everyone has one.
Not because it knows it, but rather because it doesn't understand it.
Because you don&apost get it because you have a personal agenda.
Not because they weren't skillfully made, but because they missed the point.
"Not because somebody did a knockout, but because some candidate screwed up."
Because in many ways, I am here today because of the why.
Not because of their willpower, but because the routine makes it easier.
"Well yeah, because of their overhead because they're renting space," she said.
Because of its aspiration, because it tries to stick with its values.
It's not just funny because it's gay, it's funny because it's Zeus.
Not just because he holds it, but because so many others do.
Not because he meant it or because it was important to say.
Not just because of this, but because you are stuck in 1940.
But that's because Cruz misread Trump, not because he misread the voters.
That's partly because of the boom, but it's partly because of inequality.
Not because they'd fear being sued, not because of the legal framework.
Because you flagged it for me because it had an awesome headline.
It's because of SideOne, it's because of [publicist] Jamie Coletta, it's because of Greg Horbal who books us, it's because of all these other people who I asked to help, because being able to find people that might like the music that I make has never been my strong suit.
Crazy Rich Asians is remarkable largely because it is a swoony, sumptuous fantasy, a movie made with the underlying assumption that people will see it not just because they should, because of its importance, but because they will want to, because of the pleasure and the emotional journey it offers.
It will go into the World Cup final on Sunday as the underdog because of financial reality, because of demography, because of history, because no country of its size has been world champion for almost 70 years, and not because its players are underappreciated or its talent is in doubt.
And because you didn't take advantage of it, because you didn't go to school, because you dropped out, because you didn't rise to the occasion, because you got married before you could raise kids or even had a job, you made bad choices, we're supposed to cut off everybody else?
They stayed because they were up there in age, on dialysis, because they did not hear of the mandatory evacuation, because they had faith that God would keep them safe, because they loved their homes and did not want to leave, because it had never flooded badly where they lived.
"Now all of a sudden you gave them a legitimate reason to let you go because you slacked off, because you didn't care about what you were doing, because your report was sloppy, because you didn't get work in on time, because you didn't show up for a meeting," Marzigliano said.
You'll see a cacophony of cable news panels talking about how he lost because he was old, because of his gaffes, because in his campaign he did this or that, he didn't campaign in this state or that, because of Russia, because maybe Bernie waited too long to endorse him.
Every decision — aesthetic or otherwise — is made not because it's cool, or because it'll sell the movie, but because it actually makes the story better.
Because he's special, because he empathizes, because he's able to connect on a deep level with beings that are not human, or not like him.
People begin to have babies not because they need them, or because village elders bully them into parenthood, but because they enjoy bringing them up.
Financial products are chosen not because they are a good fit, or because an institution offers fine service, but almost entirely because of personal connections.
Not because we always agree, not because we were born of the same style, but because we have trust and it's the ultimate human currency.
You can do it because the cost is pretty small, or because you're calculating expected values, or because it's just fun to dream about winning.
We do this because we have to, or because we've got something to get out of us, or because I'm trying to save my life.
Not because we love fireworks, or because the weather is really going to heat up, or even because we have some a summer vacation planned.
Some of it was because of Wendy's breakfast, some of it was because it missed [estimates] domestically and some of it was because of this.
Rothbart is a perfect commentator on Naples because he is unflappable, because his account is accurate, and because he is entirely sympathetic but not uncritical.
Likewise demand is being impacted because people are not going out and spending as much because they can't, not because they don't have enough money.
"It's not because it's cute or because it's sexy or because Stacey Abrams said 'reproductive justice' in the State of the Union response," she said.
But, they say, they worry she can't beat Trump: because she's too far left, because she's too impractical, because she doesn't speak to white Midwesterners.
I was excited to see that it was AT&T because of mobility, and because of the data, and because of the connection to consumers.
We are running because we're freezing to death, and because our infection timers are ticking down, and because we don't know who is behind us.
I've seen numerous in-game chats filled with insults because a Mercy got play of the game because "she's OP" and not because the player deserved it (or because the play-of-the-game feature is mostly meaningless).
But putting this type of footprint on a soccer match is nearly impossible—because of the space available, because of the specialization of positions, because of the few moments upon which a result swings, and because it's hard.
Comme des Garçons is Comme des Garçons because of its founder and designer, Rei Kawakubo; Ralph Lauren because of Ralph Lauren; Giorgio Armani because of Giorgio Armani; Chanel because of Coco Chanel and now the designer Karl Lagerfeld.
"The sense that their country's changing because of immigrants, because maybe blacks are rising up to a central place in society, because of gays being afforded equal rights, because of, frankly, a lot of working women," Zakaria said.
Those blemishes matter, not because they can be deployed as false harbingers of what was to come against Ajax, or because they serve to diminish Real Madrid's status, but because they act as proof that all those trophies were achieved not because of destiny but because of the players, and coaches, involved.
And, uh, that could be because there are too many European banks, it could be because the-, uh, the-, the competitive environment is particularly intense, or because economic growth has been a bit slow, or because there's surplus capacity.
Because the big advantage of LVMH, since the beginning, is because we are number one, because we are so diversified, we can attract the best talent.
It was also a weird week because Monday's show was so rushed because we had to squeeze everything into an hour because of the presidential debate.
Grace and Frankie's friendship can only blossom because of their privilege, because of their house, because they never need to worry about retirement funds running dry.
We believed them not only because it looked like it was true—and because, in that moment, it was—but because we wanted it to be.
"Banks win because it's a profitable relationship, retailers win because they're getting more sales, and the customer wins because they're getting 0% free financing," said Coughlin.
It works because BoJack is a talking horse, and because that is ridiculous, and because it's hard to guess where this already-bonkers premise will lead.
"I don't know if it's because we're so small that we're overlooked, because we're not controversial, or because we're doing such a good job," he said.
WILMORE: --she started moderating, because she had to appear hawkish because I feel--she calculated, because she was a woman, she didn't want to seem weak.
"The document is powerful because it is so spare; because it is trying to inform, not to persuade; because it utterly lacks rhetorical excess," they wrote.
She said she had not fully embraced Snapchat because it had "no virality because you can't track," and because the platform was more personal than Instagram.
Immendorff is a great artist because he is endlessly inventive, because he is a convincing political painter, because he extends pictorial tradition in boldly original ways.
Because I own the company it's a little bit different for us, because our equity would be worthless because I want to own this business forever.
I'm not sure if this is because I'm a woman, or because I'm brown or because I'm young, but I often defer to others to speak.
You did it because you love your country, because you want a better future for your children, and because you want to make America great again.
Are billionaires billionaires because they're weird, or are they weird because they're billionaires?
That's why I'm not leaving — not because I can't, but because I won't.
However, others don't necessarily cheat because of circumstance, but because of their personality.
Because nobody knows what – LORETTA MESTER: Because look at it this way, Joe.
Don't try to enforce a connection too hard because of because the title.
Not because I've talked or tweeted about it, but because I've done it.
STOLTENBERG: It&aposs also because of your leadership and because your clear message.
Well, because we have to; because our current system is wrecking the world.
Not just because it's extremely invasive but because it systematically ignores users' rights.
I'm a fan of theirs because of their music, not because they're popular.
Because Tim must be gay, because he's complaining about Corduroy's garbage, or something.
Not because I have any musical talent, but because I'm a night owl.
Because now TSA lines are long because a lot of people have them.
I love you because we all love each other because we have to.
Not because they are U.S. companies but because that is where they are.
Not because it was prophesied, of course, but because he chose to be.
He mocks Sheila, not because she's a zombie, but because she's a woman.
Not because it's so striking, but because the display suddenly becomes a blur.
Was that because the people had all evacuated or because they are casualties?
Not because they don't understand Trump, but because they don't understand his supporters.
That's not because he wanted to, but because the host cancelled his reservation.
Because right now, Social Security and Medicare... TRUMP: Because you have tremendous waste.
" "Not only because it's the right thing, but because it will save lives.
Not because of anything he's done, necessarily, but because of good old contrast.
Not because they were inherently great, but because they were willing to sacrifice.
Because they're chasing after moms hard core, because they realize that's the gatekeepers.
Not because I didn't want to, but because my body wouldn't allow it.
We don't mine rare earths because it's easy, but because we need them.
Let us get the job not because we're women, but because we're talented.
Not because I'm planning it that way, but because I can't help it.
No, only because you thought I was mad at you because of Ezra.
Because I'm going to be hoarse after a while because nobody is listening.
Not because it is illegal, but because we are vulnerable wherever we go.
They believe that partly because of equity dilution and partly because of signaling.
Is it because you don't want to, or because society will judge you?
Smile for yourself because it means something to you and because it's natural.
Not because it was occupied or broken, but because of who you are.
That joke went wrong because of X, not because I'm a bad person.
Partly because it tastes great and partly because it helps us to survive.
It was like I'm the "good" Muslim, because I'm Americanized; because I'm gay.
Because of the price and because it was done in extremely small quantity.
"I work because I want to, not because I have to," he says.
This was partially because Black Panther rules, but also because kids are cute.
I chose this role because it scared me, and because I love music.
"All because of my looks or because I am dark-skinned," she said.
Is that because you're African or is that because you have an Afro?
Because your question is a very political question, because you have an agenda.
It is not because it is unreasonable—it is because it is unenforceable.
The Walking Dead worked because of its characters, because of Lee and Clementine.
Of course, Trump likes torture not because it's effective but because it's reactionary.
Biggie, not because it ennobles one or debases the other, but because it
One, because the Fed tightens monetary policy because there's a potential inflation problem.
Regret because of the core regret because of the coarseness of our leadership.
Democrats aren't Democrats because of what Democrats believe, but because they dislike Republicans.
But surveys are notoriously unreliable, because people are forgetful or because they lie.
Not because of their music, but because of how they dealt with fame.
They weren't targeted because of their gender or because of their skin color.
Did the heart stop because of cancer progress or because of heart disease?
It wasn't because people didn't care, but because people didn't know or realize.
Latinos are hated not because they're so foreign, but because they're so familiar.
They'll work for you because they have to, not because they want to.
You'll get paid more because you deserve it, not because you demand it.
Not because I think I have all the answers... but because of you.
Not because I was mean or anything but because I was very strict.
Not because he's Muslim, but because he wanted to learn about the religion.
Because you're talking about this idea because this is how people are communicating.
Not because this is Sad Music, but because this music is sharply pretty.
It was never because of my camera, it was because of my taxi.
Not because of the enemy, she said, but because of her fellow Marines.
"Not because of the law-breaking, but because of the inhumanity," he said.
You eat ice cream because you want it, not because you need it.
Republicans can't do it not because they're stupid or because it's conceptually impossible.
But that's because she was a kid, not because her heart was broken.
This is primarily because of their flexibility, not because of their transfer partners.
We didn't succeed because we're better, we succeeded because we had a path.
Partly because of scenery, and partly because it's got such a fantastic network.
Don't be paralyzed because you can't do everything or because someone criticizes you.
McMahon risked it because he needs UFC, and because UFC needs pro wrestling.
I prioritize my work because I'm ambitious and because I believe it's important.
But race does matter in America, because of the history, because of slavery.
Our burnout isn't because we expect too much; it's because we know better.
Not just because they serve to alienate certain people, but also because... 10.
Often, because her food was so delicious; sometimes, because it was so terrible.
In part because he's funny, also because he runs a big TV network.
This isn't because guns look cool or because they're more fun than knives.
McELHENNEY Mostly they hate Mac not because he's gay, just because he's annoying.
Not because of Trump — because we have seven TV shows about decorating cakes.
Not because he was my son but because (of) the person he is.
Because it makes them seem Jewish and because it's what their congregants want.
Maybe it's because of global warming, because I'm too young for that crap.
"We didn't win because of Russia; we won because of you," he said.
That's not because my son is perfect, but because he's perfect to me.
People trust Biden because of who he is, not because of his ideology.
People trust Bernie because of his ideology, not because of who he is.
It is necessary because it's necessary, not just because it's always been there.
Maybe she's being targeted because she's a woman and because she's a Muslim.
They stuck around because they needed the work, because they loved the work.
Because it'll create jobs, because it'll create more middle wages and wage growth.
Not because it's particularly spooky, but because of how much I love it.
Indeed, regulation is important because drugs are risky, not because they are safe.
People are traveling because they've lost somebody, or because they're going for work.
Those levels can change because of weather events or because of climate change.
Because I get amazed easily, because a lot of things happen to me.
Because their talent pool is sooooooo limited because they're ultimately shitheads, but whatevs.
Because of the way the national media covers it, because momentum is important.
They are talking to us because — partly because of our Southeast Asia footprints.
We can't boo people because they're democrats and boo people because they're republicans.
He succeeds because of his faults, so Uber succeeds because of those faults.
He left because he's not strong; you'll get through this because you are.
This is because people want to be teachers because they're passionate about teaching.
I am here because of the cowboy hat and because you like me.
Assimilation is an issue not because it isn't happening, but because it is.
It's bigoted because it disproportionately affects Muslims, not because it affects every Muslim.
Because of Facebook, because of Twitter, I have an unlimited smorgasbord of stories.
Sunday's show was thrilling because it was anarchic, not because it was redemptive.
Maybe it's because I grew up in one, or because I'm a twin.
Sometimes it's because the dream is violent, sometimes it's because the dream is thematically weighty, in one instance it was because the dream contained spoilers for X-Men Apocalypse — but most of the time it's because the dream is sexual.
Because we don't sell data because we ... We just hoard it relentlessly, and keep ... Because we license the value of that piece of data hundreds of times.
"I was sweating like hell, not because of the heat in Nigeria, but because I was nervous because I had never had a portrait assignment," he said.
Not because of the founders, or because it sounds good, but because while democracy may be far from perfect, it is still the best system we've got.
Because we have to find a cheaper alternative to fossil fuels because we can't keep burning fossil fuels because the climate is not going to support that.
" She continued, "You see, I'm not quitting because my milk supply dried up or because I'm sick…I'm quitting because I'm just plain OVER IT. By CHOICE.
Maybe the big point to make is because of the internet, because of polarization, because of misinformation, it's easier to create collective memories that are not real.
He picks Storm because she can control the weather, Magneto because he controls metal, Psylocke because she seems like a good bodyguard, and Angel for reasons unknown.
In this case, J Street backs Kaine because he supports a two-state solution, because he supported tough sanctions against Iran and because he supported the JCPOA.
I will eat them because I've never tried them before, because it's what people do here, and because I imagine he would have done the same thing.
"He is supporting us not because we are Saudi Arabia or because we have oil, but because he thinks we are right," said Mohammed, another Saudi businessman.
Many business interests, however, love daylight saving, among them golf courses (because people play more), gas stations (because people drive more) and retailers (because people buy more).
I've been told that women are less intelligent because our brains are smaller, because we win fewer Nobel Prizes, and most frequently, because Steven Pinker said so.
That's because shopping is often impossible, either because the service isn't planned in advance or because providers and insurers don't always make prices available ahead of time.
That's because she knew that just because something doesn't click the first time, or just because you disagree with ideas, doesn't mean you can't learn from them.
That's because I tend to have relationships outside of my primary relationship, either because I'm cheating or because I have a non-monogamous arrangement with my partner.
Click here to view original GIFBecause of the city's history and because of its unique geography and because of the towering buildings and because of the cramped quarters and because of all the greenery nearby and because of the water pushed up against the city, Hong Kong is a pretty magnificent place to photograph.
They buy because they want to feel better, or they don't buy because they are scared; or they do buy because exchange rates have fallen and suddenly everything is cheaper, or they don't buy because it is more expensive; or they do buy because, well, time to make hay while the sun shines (or before the bombs fall), or they don't buy because what they see seems irrelevant to their lives.
Not because she wants to control her brand, or because she's being a brat.
"He's not authoritarian because he is crazy, but because he is rational," he says.
Not because he actually pooped on the mound, but because he figuratively did. Again.
But not because he wasn't up for sale — because nobody was making an offer.
This is partly because I'm a running addict, and partly because I'm incredibly impressionable.
Not desperate because business is bad, but because fighting each other is bad business.
Every move that happens doesn't happen just because; it happens because we prepared it.
On Sunday, she admitted they had kissed — but only because because she was drunk.
You want to work a job because you want to, not because you must.
No reading tonight (because I finished my book and because I'm way too tired).
We stay together because we love each other, because we have four amazing children.
Because SONY is blocking it because they refuse to have cross-platform.FUCK. YOU. SONY.
And it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Year's Eve.
It's not because of some secret history; it's because surprises make for startling entertainment.
Her callousness is upsetting not because it's out of character, but because it isn't.
Because when she finally was released, she said it was because of Ian Diaz.
And so – JON FORTT: Not because of security but because of performance and convenience?
Because, you know, the number was three times slower because of the government shutdown.
We research monopoly power not because business is bad, but because democracy is good.
But now it's because I live here, and because I am a Swayze fan.
They don't want to get attention because they're women, but because they're good musicians.
We won't be killing him because we have to, only because we want to.
Therefore I felt like I'm hired because of these elements — not because of [talent].
Not because I'm pro-Brexit and not because I don't believe in climate change.
Not because they like Donald Trump, but because they want to vote against him.
Not because they were people from a particular place, but because they were people. ●
It's not because Norman is weird, but because Cunanan is such a petulant child.
I think because of my background and because of the way I was raised.
Because it's popular, and because this is 2016, these things never exist in isolation.
That could be because children are doing better, or because schools are lowering standards.
Nick Young just laughs it off because it's funny, and because he's Nick Young.
That's because living in California is expensive, primarily because of very high house prices.
It's alkaline because of the minerals in it, not because of some ionization process.
Because my parents told me a shoga cannot teach me because shoga is bad.
You do it because you want to fight and because you love the sport.
That's important because patients with DMD die because their heart stops contracting, Olson says.
This is not because of bad intents, it is because of lack of awareness.
Because he writes for the show, it's a bigger story, because of our connection.
The article went viral not because people agreed but because it encapsulated their fears.
Not because she's a terrible person, but because she thought it was a joke.
Belle's restlessness is charming because it's vague, while Elisa's is cutting because it's not.
Because the economic situation is not very favourable, because the real income was decreasing.
Because before, I couldn't wear short sleeves or dresses because of the horrendous scars.
Things spread through social networks because they are appealing, not because they are true.
Because how much business have you really lost because of the cross-sell investigation?
She wasn't upset because she had cold feet or because she tore her veil.
You know, not because it's too scary, but because it's more fun that way.
Once because it's Rosie O'Donnell, his noted nemesis, and twice because she's a woman.
Not because we don't care, but because we simply don't know where to start.
Because of insecurity, because of self-loathing, which I've had like throughout the years.
That's not because those numbers are drawn more, but because people pick them more.
ECONOMISTS don't forecast because they know, said J.K. Galbraith; they forecast because they're asked.
Which of course is logical because people are buying more, because more is available.
Not because the D is easy, but because it is hard Hey, Dum-Dum.
Not because his tuna jokes are lame (which they are), but because she can't.
I left that band not because I wanted to but because I needed to.
Is this because of her scars or because of her insecurities about her scars?
It's not funny because it's true; it's only funny because Opera Man sang it.
Not because they are exploding offensively, but because they are locking down on defense.
We don't know anything because nobody knows anything because, one last time, nothing matters.
Not because I agreed with them, but because I realized what underpins those opinions.
We picked Poncho because we like the thing, because it's a really cool experience.
Perhaps Kelly was picked not because he's a disciplinarian, but because he projects strength.
Not because of lack of virtuosity, but because they're emotionally taxing, with little relief.
I'm here because it feels good, and because I don't want to be alone.
And it's not because the crew's calculations were wrong — it's because Eros itself moved.
Because of the social activity and because I was early to spot the App.
Because it is convenient, and also because of the blockade problem that we have.
Not because it's weird to celebrate Supreme Court decision anniversaries, because I sometimes do.
Not because of any alleged privacy interests, but because the vehicle was private property.
If Norwich values matter, it's because they're good, not because they're shortcuts to victory.
That's partly because the technology kept getting better and partly because our skills improved.
Not because it is not good enough, but rather because it is too good.
I always get nervous because it means so much because it is so powerful.
He started because quarterbacks Mo Hasan and Riley Neal were unavailable because of concussions.
She lost because she was a bad candidate, not because she was too liberal.
"We bought it because it's beautiful, because we really love it," Mr. Daniel said.
DARA KHOSROWSHAHI: Because-- because we're becoming a bigger and bigger part of people's lives.
"But we will not stop because of this, because we cannot leave our patients."
But the young have higher incomes not because they're richer but because they're working.
"I was surprised — not because of me, because of her," Sakkari said of Williams.
I love empathy not because I'm a missionary, not because I'm a nice guy.
Not because of the policy difference, but rather because what the policy difference reveals.
Not because it is easy, not because it would benefit one party over another.
I love you, not just because of your attributes, but because of your complexity.
This is partly because of antiquated infrastructure but also because governments tax it heavily.
They are radicals because they choose to be, because only radicalism appeals to them.
Employers make that choice because they can, because they can get away with it.
Not because [their BrAC] has physically changed, but because those around them have changed.
Underwood almost chokes on his sandwich, partly because he's laughing, partly because he's surprised.
Ugliest because he still really loved her, and because she was usually so beautiful.
But it's not because I don't like you or because I don't want to.
They might want to try it because it's good, but also because it's popular.
I care about these meaningless things because it's safe, and because I enjoy it.
Because it's the internet, and because everyone has to pick up on something negative.
Because you were still attached to it, because your name was on the product.
I want to be respected because of my actions, because of who I am.
Because that means that, for instance, Google is a telecom because it offers fiber.
Not because I don't think they're beautiful, but because I try to explain things.
I was pumped, not only because I'd won, but because of how I'd won.
I said yes, partly because it sounded interesting, partly because I needed the work.
Not because it's the new thing of the moment, but because it's genuine emotion.
Questions like these drive novelists, not because we have answers, but because we don't.
That's because our transportation system is not particularly reliable and because it's hot outside.
Maybe because the numbers are so far behind, maybe because we're behind the curve.
Not because I have a math mind, but because I really love this band.
Trump vodka is kind of expensive—not because it's good, but because it's rare.
That's because of reforms after Nixon, because he did that against his political opponents.
Because otherwise I don't see how they can stop him because he's really appealing.
The merger was great because then I wrote a sequel, because it was perfect.
Well, it's funny, because I have a standing desk because I have back pain.
He added: "I won not because of Russia, not because of anybody but myself."
JD: But Bezos impresses me because of the — not ruthlessness — because of the creativity.
Ultimately, Barghouti threatens Israel's American defenders not because he's hateful, but because he isn't.
It's not because they're getting lazier; it's because the types of cases have changed.
Not because someone wants 'a bigger Europe,' but because we need to do it.
Because it's unfiltered it's cloudy-looking, and because it's honey-sweetened it smells glorious.
They'll say, We're backing him because of the judges, or because of tax cuts.
People read them, he said, because they want to, not because they have to.
Especially because we would never ask or assume their gender because we don't care!
There's people who are super-fans because of food, and some because of entertainment.
We went low-end because we had to because we'd be out of business.
Not just because of the amazing sound, but also because of the reasonable price.
Because soldiers generally get moved because of misconduct, rumors began to spread about me.
We don't have affirmative action because it's "nice"; we have it because it's necessary.
Not because of any service changes, but because so many workers called out sick.
I did that because I was obliged to do that, because I loved him.
Not because the case is particularly remarkable, but because nobody should be a nobody.
Not because there are white supremacists, but because I am complicit in white supremacy.
Because sometimes, there's no closure, or it ends badly because emotions have taken over.
"And it's not because of altruistic reasons but because of moneymaking reasons," she said.
Because you fired the person because this was a man who loved other men.
McDonald's isn't popular because it's good; it's popular because you know what you're getting.
Not because I'm a nice guy, and not because you and I are friends.
We've largely abandoned Facebook — partly because of privacy concerns and partly because it's boring.
I didn't stay because of the geographical beauty, I stayed because of the village.
Partially because we care about him, and partially because we care about the rugs.
Not simply because of the frequent profanity, but because the book is genuinely scary.
Because right matters, because right matters, and the truth matters, otherwise we are lost.
Not because it doesn't exist, but because it makes it seem a little serious.
She has destroyed work because of you, because of what you said, Javier says.
Not because the chicken is rubbery, but because rubber may actually be in them.
Not necessarily because they love their own party, but because they fear the other.
Not because of a rubbery taste, but because rubber may actually be in them.
Perhaps it was because we forgot or because of good old-fashion millennial burnout.
Not because they're sporting a great haircut, but because they're a chronic gift exchanger.
It is out of control because of him and because of the center-left.
I feel confident because of what I can offer because I'm confident in myself.
Maybe you speak French not because you're privileged; you're privileged because you speak French.
Because because it's how they've gotten their jobs if they've been elected to office.
And that's because of what Ken did — and because it's necessary and finally timely.
Is it because they bring to mind Matisse or because they are too decorative?
That's something government doesn't love to wade into because it ... because that's a problem.
You're fighting today because you fought yesterday, and because blood has already been spilled.
Bad mistake because it looked bad or because you didn't get information, or both?
Because he did that, because he had the vision of it before anybody else.
And actually, that was because of AllThingsD, because- Oh, no, what did we do?
AH: Is it because they just respect you that much because you're doing that?
It happened because people organized and voted for better prospects; because leaders enacted smart, forward-­looking policies; because people's perspectives opened up, and with them, societies did too.
I thought it was interesting—not only because he was talented, but also because people who make music don't do it because it's a job like any other.
Why you might buy it: Because you want the best set-top box hardware, or because you love the way Android works, or because you're a keen gamer.
"Because the country is beautiful, because the Northern Lights are magical, and because it was there that I fell in love," he said of his then-girlfriend Leslie.
Not because I'm "higher-functioning" or because my autism is mild, but because I happened to be born into a certain body and a certain set of circumstances.
It gives me hope because I see that they're not people who listen to metal just because the whole world does, but because they have a genuine interest.
Partially because they can, partially because it can be lucrative and partially because, we found out, it's a way to juice customers that they've already paid to acquire.
The nameless Increasingly, the dead cannot be identified, either because they are not found, because their bodies have badly decomposed, or because they were not carrying identification papers.
"Statoil should not drill in the Barents Sea because of the pending legal case, because of environmental risk and because the world doesn't need more oil," he said.
"It's not going to happen because of African-Americans, it's not going to happen because of whites, it's not going to happen because of Puerto Ricans," she said.
The DMV would tell you that, because the DMV would tell you because they don&apost care, because they have their job whether you get it or not.
If baseball seems self-regarding, it's because...well, it's because it is intensely self-regarding, but also because it believes itself to be important enough to warrant it.
I'm not suggesting you do something because it's the right thing to do, or because it'll be easier than what you're going through, or because you'll feel better.
The family meaning the world — because you're black, because you make very sensitive music, because you're a very sensitive soul, it was like an arranged marriage or something.
"The civil-rights movement happened because there was civil disobedience, because people were willing to go to jail, because there were events like Bloody Sunday," Obama told Stephanopoulos.
Those pictures are uncataloged because nobody's come to the library to see them because they could call up other pictures and get them because they were already online.
This happens because of the Earth's gravitational interactions with other planets, especially Jupiter and Venus — Jupiter because it is very large, and Venus because it is very near.
Women and others are not held down because we cry at work, or because we take maternity leave, but because of how those around us perceive those things.
"We have to understand that companies will not be as bullish as they were because of the tariffs, because of higher interest rates, because of the consequences of full employment, because of margin squeezes and a host of other things," he explained.
Not for no reason, and not because he liked to fight, but because he had a chip on his shoulder, and because he was proud, and because he wasn't going to just sit there and take what he perceived as abuse from somebody.
When we walk on the stage, people are predetermined to like me more than you, because of John Belushi, because of John Candy, because of Chris Farley, because of Jonathan Winters — all the people they associate with making them laugh over the years.
It may be because greater international competition keeps prices down; because the decline of union contracts means that fewer companies give automatic cost-of-living adjustments; because consumers can compare prices so easily on the internet; because oil prices have fallen recently; or simply because, after years of low inflation, people expect price increases to be limited.
I think there are people who are angry at financial institutions because they were greedy and because they were reckless and because they put themselves first and because they haven't learned their lessons and because they have continued to take pay increases and they seem to not have learned their lesson about accountability to the public.
Some go out to pull, some to get fucked up, because they're bored, because they want to be educated, because they can't be arsed with the cinema this week.
"It's humbling and I'm grateful to feel these emotions because, because I know that because of this sadness I am going to be able to feel joy," she added.
There are a lot of trash edits, because I can't stop laughing—not because I think that the question is funny, but because the situation itself is so bizarre.
As gross as it is because you're getting all that dirt and oil out, it's also satisfying because then you feel so much better because your pores are clean.
For the most part, we follow others because of the topics they cover, not because they're from the same city or state or because we already know them offline.
" Health-care costs are rising not because of the delivery model, Robbins added, but rather because the U.S. population is aging and because the U.S. is a "compassionate nation.
"Remember: they cheated because they wanted to, they lied because they could, and now they're sorry because they got caught," read a quote Kardashian shared on her Instagram Stories.
There was disarray at Tesla because Musk kept insisting on automation, because so many people were leaving, because subordinates were terrified that challenging Musk could cost them their jobs.
She was helping him out because his tent had flooded, not because of any rain but because her friend happened to set up camp in a spot with sprinklers.
"I just started tearing up — tears of gratitude because of perspective, because of growth, opening up and finding the ground again because of music, friends, and love," she said.
Don't write it because you think it's going to win awards," she said before adding, "Write it because you enjoy it, because that's why you will enjoy writing it.
"The backstop is not there because Europe wants it, or because Britain wants it, it's there because both sides want to prevent a hard border in Ireland," Rutte said.
So in a way I wanted to make this video for you because in a way all of this is because of you, because you gave Mama the strength.
One joined because his friends thought he couldn't hack it, another because he liked the armor, while the third joined because his brother died on the second Death Star.
Modern presidents are less constrained not just because of the expansion of the executive branch or because of the nationalization of permanent campaigns but because institutional checks have withered.
And not just because it's April, and not just because it's on-trend: But because there is no item that makes you feel as good as the perfect dress.
The thing about it is it shouldn't have failed because it can be restricted because it's based on religious principles ... Be careful on the religion because it's very confusing.
Someone might dislike a particular phone because it doesn't fit in their pocket, because it doesn't work on the right carrier, or even because it's not the right color.
Men should take women seriously, not because they are women, but because they are people, and because the inherent dignity of all individuals is equally inalienable, regardless of gender.
I don't know if it was because I'd been a jerk, or because I'm black, or because I was more of a jerk in her eyes for being black.
In part because they admire his concentration on national revival; in part because he offers access to Russian riches; in part because they see Russia as a potential ally.
"I don't know whether some doorkeepers felt this way because I wrote about poor people, because I wrote about black people, or because I wrote about Southerners," she said.
But before we finish this section, William Barr, you wanted to talk about it because, not because of the whole Mueller thing, because he talked about that a lot.
As Heather Davis says, we remain deeply vulnerable to this world, not because it is cruel, not because it is morally elevated, but because the world too, is us.
There's no real way to prove whether Clinton lost "because of" sexism in part because it's unclear exactly what "because" means in the context of such a close election.
Because of what they've been through and because it's all so new, things take longer.
People get rich because they produce revenue, not because they make little investments over time.
Because I wanted to use that another time, and now I can't because of you.
Not because Jaymes deserved to stay, but because I'm so tired of Kimora's bad attitude.
That you must not take care of yourself because you're uncleanly because you have acne.
So she wants to feed you because she's certain I'm emaciated because I'm living alone.
Because of social media, because of all the pressure that girls have, it's so difficult.
Because Mueller is not going to look into this because it&aposs not a crime.
The perversity barely registers, not because it isn't perverse but because it is so familiar.
Because I caught this early, have excellent doctors and because I got a second opinion.
Is it because I went to the gym this week, or because of Dr. Reckeweg?
Because that's been a hard part of this whole thing because I love him dearly.
Because, GOD, if you haven't picked it up yet: Olivia makes the rules, because Olivia.
The Neanderthals died off not because they were unworthy, but perhaps because they were unlucky.
Not because the content isn't right, just because they consume their content in different ways.
Not because thinner is better, but because these two people were trying to become healthier.
That's because those states are reliant on manufacturing jobs that could disappear because of robots.
Respect your family not just because they are family but also because they are shareholders.
We've also had people phoning up because they were lonely, because they wanted a chat.
Not because of the present tariff situation, but because the Congress delegated too much authority.
Amazon has achieved its dominance because of convenience and because of their already low prices.
I was breathing heavy, not because I was tired, but because I was so emotional.
Not because I am possessed of any special power, but because my story precedes me.
That's bad not only because bats are incredibly cute, but because they're key for ecosystems.
Five years into its existence, others are warier—because of politics, and because of debt.
Not because Disobedience is a particularly good movie, or even because I was feeling lonely.
The Oscars nominated this because they had to because this movie is incredible like that.
These niche communities are especially helpful because everyone is there because they want to be.
I can't go to the authorities because… well, because there are no authorities inside Doppel.
It's entirely possible that they're just pregnant because it happened, because they wanted to be.
Again, this is totally normal, not only because you're a teenager, but because you're human.
M: I thought my career suffered because of your father not because of you guys.
Not because they don't have phones but because most solutions "suck," according to the founder.
Ms Argerich often cancels concerts: mostly because of illnesses, but sometimes seemingly because of nerves.
Jesse isn't the hero because he's heroic; he's just the hero because he's the hero.
I let the other in not because I want to, but because here she is.
Mothers make decisions, mothers keep secrets—not because they want to, but because they must.
Not just because she lost, but because they would not have done what he thought.
Or if it does, it goes down because of efficiencies and not because of reductions.
But I believe that because they shouldn't be subsidized because that's not good for America.
Bruno Mars got that Grammy because white people love him because he's not Black, period.
But it is relevant because it is it worth a look, because of the uranium.
Because of the technology, because of the ability to feed more people, food and water.
"And it wasn't because of calculations or because of some Machiavellian foresight," Ms. Cahill said.
Because I know people aren't going to go read the earnings reports because it's boring.
Not because "Mother!" is a masterpiece, but because its defining features are so utterly unrecognisable.
Do people put up with injustice because they're lazy and ignorant, or because they're powerless?
And he turned America around because of that vision and ultimately because of that leadership.
Fat doesn't taste good because of its flavor, it tastes good because of its feel.
He couldn't leave the room because of the virus he had because it was contagious.
Some because they can't afford to live there, others because they want a different lifestyle.
I mean, and not because we have a son, but because that was real love.
Michael, let&aposs go with you, because I find this interesting because I get it.
Watch the livestream above and cry both because it happened and because you weren't there.
Not because it looks bad, mind you, but because the subject matter is so harrowing.
Not because anyone is cheating, but because some people are better than others at tennis.
Not because I was black, not because my parents are white -- it just wasn't plausible.
The boom ended not because of an inflationary surge, but because the dotcom bubble burst.
Because it&aposs convenient and because of the problem of the blockade that we have.
Sometimes because of terrorist strike, sometimes because of natural disasters, sometimes for other major disagreements.
"We think we're uniquely positioned because of the content, because of the brands," Iger said.
Not only because it's a great game, but because, yes, it's a Super Mario game.
Maybe because truths are uncomfortable and may be because sometimes they are not politically correct.
It was a great game not because I scored but because of how I felt.
Because everything you do, I mean because -- I can only speak for men, straight men.
Because he told Lester Holt that he fired James Comey because of the Russia investigation.
I chose surgery because of how I felt, not because of what anyone else thought.
Because we were thinking of smoking pot to get some sleep because we never sleep.
Because of Yoda, because of an amazing twist ending, I think I favor that one.
Sexual harassment is against the law not because it's gross, and not because it's sexual.
Because I say that, because, yes, all governments probably universally, talk about funding start-ups.
Not only because we like each other, but because we're financially incentivized to do that.
Not because they explicitly embrace queerness, but because they feel queer on some deeper level.
They say this because they think they look bad—because they resemble an Asian person.
We are connected because we can, not because we share common principles, background or traits.
Not because she rushes, she says, but because she's good and the procedure is simple.
I'm calling foul on this point, both because it's wrong and because it's so rude.
She likes alcohol and casual sex, not because she's damaged but because she's a adult.
Because I bet you he doesn't, just because he hasn't experienced that kind of oppression.
Because I think that's gonna be where ... Because that is one of the answers, right?
Not only because you won't come back but because people around you might not either.
It is partly because emojis are relatively new, but also because they are unapologetically fun.
Trump later withdrew that permit—because of opposition from locals, not because the threat disappeared.
Is it better because it leads to fewer deaths, or worse because you're actively killing?
And I wanted to be in fashion because it moved me, because I'm an artist.
"I'm worried about losing the House now because of this ... because of DACA," Bannon said.
And have done so because they continue to function beautifully, and because they resist aging?
I don't think it's because of his experience or anything because he doesn't have any.
That's more because I care so much about him, because he's a real special horse.
Do you think that that is because of the Fed, or because of President Trump?
Because the thing is, your baby doesn't stop being hungry just because you're getting married.
Ineffective because it's basically an incoherent argument or ineffective because it's just not politically persuasive?
This is not because "sources" were telling the truth or because Star hires good reporters.
I did it last, partially because it was dessert, but mostly because I was intimidated.
Plus it pops because of the color, it pops because of the eyes, the absurdity.
The answer: because she gives off the smell of fear, because she cannot hide it.
It's mini because it's viewed on a phone, and it's outstanding because it's...outstanding content.
But because they are cheap and because I love making large meals, I bought six.
Interviewer: Let me finish, because I really want ... Trump: Because I have it written down.
When she wants out, it's because she's an energetic toddler and not because she's uncomfortable.
"Not because it denies the existence of that right, but because it refuses its enforcement."
Not because they revere Facebook, but because they yearn to reach its 1.7 billion users.
"People do it now because they have to, not because they want to," he says.
Japan's obsessed with automation — not because it's novel, but because there just aren't enough people.
I'm not leaving because of Trump, but I'm not not leaving because of him, either.
He does it because it makes him feel good and, because, he believes it works.
Saffron isn't just rare because of its high price, but because of its counterfeit history.
I said, 'Because that's the kind of thinking we want ... because they're representing the country.
But that's because private rates are too high, not because Medicare rates are too low.
But we eat comfort food as much because it's predictable as because it tastes good.
And these areas are filled with vitriol not because of happenstance, but because of policy.
I declined, because he was associated with it, because I perceived him to be radioactive.
Because that's what the Grey's docs do: emotionally torture bystanders because of their own issues.
Not because it beats Wretch's bar for bar, because those freestyles are two different beasts.
Because I think people do accept ... you know, they accept, especially because they're enormous companies.
I think people love Friends because it's real, but also because it's not too real.
Not simply because he wants to, but because others have expressed interesting in helping out.
I whisper because I am a bad singer, because I like hearing other people whispering.
I want to touch on that, because Clinton eventually got impeached because of that lie.
Now Sadler's out — not because of the comment but apparently because of the leaking situation.
The default face is inferior not because it's ugly, but because it doesn't seem real.
Not because she looks good or bad, or because she has or hasn't had surgery.
Maybe that's because the show is seated, but I think it's because we're all transfixed.
I didn't leave because I wasn't making enough but because I wasn't able to write.
It's very possible DACA won't happen, it's not because of Republicans, it's because of Democrats.
Some things are newsworthy because they are against the law; others, because they are not.
"Not because they're atheists, but because they want the state to be God," he said.
She'd pulled away for other reasons—because of politics, but mainly because he did drugs.
Are we divided because it's what we want or because it's how our politics thrives?
And it was hard to see because of the flames and because of the intensity.
Because it was so formative and because of when it was in New York City.
Do I choose to wear makeup because I want to, because I want to celebrate?
Because he's the president of French Federation and because he doesn't have to do that.
They were brave because they were twins and because they'd never learned to be afraid.
We know this because of the races they won, and also because of public sentiment.
This is ugly because its spirit is illiberal, and odd, because its consequences are negligible.
Is it because you see yourself as a nobody because you didn't go to college?
Well, hopeful because I think that maybe people are waking up because of the events.
Because you feel like you don't have to do anything about it, because you're meritocratic.
They would have hated me because I'm assimilated and because I'm the product of intermarriage.
Not just because brewers think it's the right move — because it's a smart move, too.
United raced past Liverpool partly because of its own dynamism, and partly because Liverpool stalled.
As a singer you sing because like to sing not because you like your voice.
Who is Catholic there is Catholic not because he is Irish, but because he believes.
But grandparenting feels different not only because the task has changed, but because we have.
Reality TV offers a guide: Because drama is easy to produce, and because drama sells.
It's not because we're lazy or wasting time; it's because we have hours of homework.
In part, because our media environment breeds hysteria; in part, because Trump himself does so.
Part of it, I would assume, is because he's a man and because he's white.
It's very possible DACA won't happen; it's not because of Republicans, it's because of Democrats.
Someone bought a billboard because they were so cheap, because the economy was so bad.
They fall apart not because they're corn tortillas, but because they're made of old cardboard.
Trump is president because of Obama, or more precisely, because of his hostility to Obama.
It's not just because we're at desks all day but because we're constantly on airplanes!
That's because we grew up in a small, poor town, not because we weren't smart.
Morgan felt bad, because he knew she'd left because she didn't want to kill anymore.
First, because that was his job; second, because Oswald had been accused but not convicted.
But I give credit, not because it's cheap to do, but because it's the truth.
Yes, but not because we should heed such advice, but because we should reject it.
Did young Latinos vote for him because they are Latino, or because they are young?
Millennials are not progressive because they are millennials, they are progressive because they are diverse.
Because the whole idea was to get me out — because I was a small operator.
Not because they're too busy with impeachment, but because they don't seem to have any.
" Gutfeld added that Trump is endorsing Moore because "he has to because it's his team.
"Because college basketball had basically been expelled from the Garden because of scandal," he continued.
That is partly because of the subject matter and partly because of Kenne's photographic approach.
"They will kill me because I fled and because I announced my atheism," she said.
First, because you're hurt, and second, because I don't think your friend did anything wrong.
Because they just want to give a patient something because they are being driven nuts.
I have survived and continued not because of confidence but because I have a confidante.
Just because you were too busy or because people were harassing you on it or?
But it benefits from that, because they get all kinds of insights, because you do.
Because of the construction industry rackets, your rents were higher because the costs were higher.
Trump isn't just good because God chose him or because he is in authority now.
Carroll didn't, both because he moved to Europe and because that was not his style.
Because I think that's really the key because jobs are changing and how they're structured.
We don't wear makeup because we're vain; we wear makeup because everyone else is vain!
But Waypoint's audience is also here because of its editorial judgement, because of its values.
Democrats had conservatives because the conservative South was solidly Democratic because of the Civil War.
I don't remember anymore because I refuse  to  remember  anymore  because  all  my  memories  hurt.
We don't cry because we knew them, we cry because they helped us know ourselves.
Human beings don't abandon their hometowns because they want to, but because they need to.
But it's because of that, because these parties were happening in the midst of violence.
My feeling is, I hired you because you are capable, because you are willing, because you want to learn, and because you want to do work that satisfies you and makes you feel good about yourself and the way you are participating in the world.
Some lies are wrong because they have bad consequences; some lies are wrong because they betray trust; some are wrong because they are the outcome of vicious traits such as cowardice or selfishness; some are wrong because they deny the autonomy of rational agents.
Of the 7,106 single-bias hate crimes reported, 59.6% of victims were targeted because of the offenders' race/ethnicity/ancestry bias; 15.8% were targeted because of sexual-orientation bias; 1.6% were targeted because of gender identity bias; and 0.6% were targeted because of gender bias.
Of 113,106 single-bias hate crimes reported last year: • 59.6% of victims were targeted because of the offenders' race/ethnicity/ancestry bias; • 20.6% were targeted because of sexual-orientation bias; • 1.9% were targeted because of gender identity bias; • 0.6% were targeted because of gender bias.
"Micah the butcher's boy," because he didn't get a chance to vote, because he died in the beginning because he accidentally insulted a monarch and there were no courts and no judges and nobody to speak for him because there was no free press.
Maybe it's because so many of the songs are in minor modes; maybe it's because his lyrics probe psychological states instead of concocting character studies; maybe it's because he keeps his guitar playing upfront; maybe it's because his hardheaded stoicism suits a dire era.
They're often there for, really, kind of ordinary reasons: because their sister was going, because they saw a lot about it on their Facebook feed and they went with some neighbors, because they went to support their mom, because they were just simply interested.
He sacked him, it seems, not because of his misdemeanour or because he was doing a bad job, which allegedly Mr Flynn was, but because he had become an embarrassment.
A radical Islamic terrorist targeted the nightclub, not only because he wanted to kill Americans, but because he wanted to execute gay and lesbian citizens because of their sexual orientation.
"Because the country is beautiful, because the Northern Lights are magical, and because it was there that I fell in love," he said in a cover story for L'Uomo Vogue.
Did we miss it at first glance, because we weren't looking for it, because we didn't want to see it, or because we just didn't know what to look for?
"Because the country is beautiful, because the Northern Lights are magical, and because it was there that I fell in love," he said in a cover story for L'Uomo Vogue.
I address him this way in all of my letters because I want to be his, and because he wants to be mine, and because nicknames sounds so very adult.
You get no data at all from the users who never come to you, because they can't be bothered, because they aren't interested enough, because they never heard of you.
"Diversity is important not because a company checks all the boxes, but because the world is diverse and because consumers are diverse and not becoming any less diverse," Goodridge said.
Because it's cute, and because it lets you have your phone number on a different phone, and because it might help you curb your smartphone habit without going cold turkey.
Ultimately, I said goodbye not because we weren't a good match, but because I didn't think she was ready for marriage and because my relationships with other women felt stronger.
"Because the country is beautiful, because the Northern Lights are magical, and because it was there that I fell in love," he said in a cover story for L'Uomo Vogue.
Feeling or no feeling, your partner should find you sexy because you are, not because you're brave or because they feel an obligation to say certain words to your face.
The domestic economy justifies a continued normalization of monetary policy because the labor markets remain strong, because wages are increasing at 3 percent and because business investment is picking up.
So it's probably laptop; battery packs are really becoming huge right now, not just because of school but because of Pokemon Go, and because of travel and just in general.
When cases are reported to the authorities, little is done, either because of legal loopholes, or because officials refuse to recognise the problem, or because they cover up for colleagues.
"Because the country is beautiful, because the Northern Lights are magical, and because it was there that I fell in love," he said in the cover story for L'Uomo Vogue.
Additionally, one might feel overly full or distended because there's too much gas in their gastrointestinal tract, because they are constipated or because they have aerophagia, or excessive air swallowing.
The others will not be reunited, either because their parents have declined reunification or because officials have deemed it cannot occur because the parents are unfit or pose a danger.
But if I am it's not because I live in Washington, or because I want the president to fail, or because I've forgotten my roots in the Ohio River Valley.
In these quiet moments, we feel Frank's mortality most acutely; he's a man who makes beats because he has to, because he loves us dearly, because we love him dearly.
Dugan said he was comfortable connecting the separate murders not because of forensic evidence, but because of their proximity, the timing of the deaths, and because each victim was alone.
"Because of the bridges, because of the corners, because of the road surfaces, New York City is definitely the toughest marathon that we do," the wheelchair racer Josh George said.
But the off-the-shoulder style has staying power: Partly because it's so easy to wear, partly because it's universally flattering, and partly because, well, it looks so damn good.
Yes, Will says he kills himself because Lou's love is not enough, because he can't do the things he wants to do with her, because it's the end he wants.
That's partly because of who has access to that media and partly because it's a story white Americans feel more comfortable with, because it still puts them at the center.
Hudson County, in New Jersey, withdrew in part because of fierce political pressure, and because not enough prisoners were circulating through the jail because of New Jersey's bail reform law.
Judges can't be disqualified from a case because of their ethnicity, or because of their ideology, or because you say things that are offensive to them or their ethnic group.
The answers are still up for debate because these services remain relatively new, because the companies that offer them guard their data, and because even they don't track the counterfactuals.
"Daniel is popular because he is a great young man who is liked because of his character, selfless personality and because he makes being a team manager cool," White said.
Some like him because of his anti-Muslim rhetoric, some like him because of his business savvy, and all of them like him because his skin looks like tikka masala.
The babies are crying, he said, because they are in an unfamiliar place, or because they had to get up early, or sometimes simply because they hear another child crying.
For all its user testing, Google knows mistakes will still appear, sometimes because of intentional vandalism, sometimes because of a problem with the algorithm, sometimes because results reflect societal biases.
Most teachers in the reserve ended up there because they worked at a school that closed, or because they lost their position because of declining enrollment or other budgetary changes.
Fascism welcomes our attempts to play logical "gotcha" with its inconsistencies because it knows we will lose—not because we won't find a fallacy but because the fallacy won't matter.
Many other picture books followed, including "Because Your Daddy Loves You" (2005), "Because Your Mommy Loves You" (2012) and "Because Your Grandparents Love You" (2015), all illustrated by R.W. Alley.
But she's not talking about the American families who have been permanently separated from their oved ones because of a preventable homicide, because of a preventable death, because of murder.
The thing about it is it shouldn't have failed because it can be restricted because it's based on religious principles ... Be careful on the religion [question] because it's very confusing.
Not because of how I looked but because I couldn't understand what was wrong with me.
They are not dangerous because they can explode nor because they are locked away inside corporations.
Not because there aren't enough geeks out there, but because dating as a geek is tough.
It's evident because they know that he can't recuperate the oil industry because he destroyed it.
And so, is that meddling just because he continues the investigation because he&aposs not done?
We know he&aposs coming after me because -- yes, we&aposre -- because of the Magnitsky Act.
Or it could be because there are no specifics to offer—because there's no real plan.
Indeed, most innovations happen "not because people want to, but because they were forced," Ma continued.
Not because of hate but because I love this platform and know it can be better.
A lot of times not because I played bad, but because I played very good opponents.
It's funny because I do better than her because I know more songs than she does.
Because of the bombs, I could not send them to schools because it was so dangerous.
"I mean, because they always talk about it, so I'm hoping because that would be awesome."
Doom is scary because it's the final word on something; art is effective because it's not.
What we don't know is whether she's howling because she loves it, or because she doesn't.
The elections went well because of the internet; the elections went poorly because of the internet.
People get harassed because of the internet; people can organize against harassment because of the internet.
Keira Knightley wears wigs not only because she likes to, but also because she has to.
And some people may not be—not because they're anti-sex but because they're pro-sex.
This shared data becomes more valuable because it's shared, not because it's locked into one platform.
Because people tend to get confused because the movie is based on the Greg Sestero book.
It's not because any fundamental things were fixed, it's because they're making more money than ever.
Daenerys' fate was disappointing, not because of its outcome but because of how we got there.
And I do admit that's because of me, I admit that was because of my pride.
They're very -- not because they're good, because they hit me also when I do something wrong.
It&aposs very difficult because it&aposs frustrating, because of the lies that are being portrayed.
It died not because of anything she did, but because of the primary that elected her.
It hurts right now, because people should be celebrating him, because he's part of my show.
People move to this place because of its beauty, because of the relationship to an ethic.
The would-be scandals fizzle not because readers are fatigued, or because his base doesn't care.
But because women are forced out of jobs because of it, that influences their career attainment.
I make out with women because I love women, not because I'm trying to be sexy.
It's upsetting, in part because it feels so unexpected, but also because it feels so abrupt.
"Sometimes it's stressful because of the heat, sometimes it's stressful because of the rain," Gidden said.
Unfortunately, I can't complain anymore (which sucks because I love complaining) because of Jo-Bawb's BBQ.
So either we don't care because we just care about making money because we're a business.
Wages will not go up just because the economy improves or because workers improve their skills.
Not because I feel strong, but because I keep going even when I think I can't.
"I wanted to share my legs with you because…well, because I am scared," she wrote.
Pop music can speak deep truths because it is simple, because the truest truths are simple.
Not because they blew the call, but because the Brexit seemed too scary to actually happen.
"When they get him out, it's because they got him out, not because of something (physical)."
Not because she had reoffended but because she hadn't paid hundreds of dollars in administrative fees.
Not just because they raise obvious issues of political correctness, but because they are highly repetitive.
Yes, because of that sex scene, but also because, what would Lyn wear to a funeral?
I write better because I work at it harder because I want her to be impressed.
This is not because Brog is dishonest; it's because he is trying to do something impossible.
It was not because our reporters are out-of-touch, or because they misunderstood America's mood.
Companies are making some stunning 8K TVs because they can and because the technology is there.
We don't follow trends because we have to — we follow fashion trends because we like to.
Social media giants should not be held responsible for fake news, because, um, well, just because!
"Because the more people we have voting for Hillary, the less likely that Trump because president."
Not because that's who he is, but because he was molding himself into what I wanted.
Because this famine doesn't go away just because DC decides it's not going to fund things.
Not because of how it makes her feel, but because of what it makes her remember.