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"based" Definitions
  1. based (on something) if one thing is based on another, it uses it or is developed from it
  2. (also in compounds) if a person or business is based in a particular place, that is where they live or work, or where the work of the business is done
  3. -based (in compounds) containing something as an important part or feature

635 Sentences With "based"

How to use based in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "based" and check conjugation/comparative form for "based". Mastering all the usages of "based" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Raleigh, North Carolina-based Yadkin Financial and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based based F.N.B Corp.
Like his contemporaries — Brooklyn-based Bower, Milan-based Studiopepe, Los Angeles-based Etc.
ORIGIN-BASED VS. DESTINATION-BASED TAXATION The corporate tax system is now origin-based.
The greatest proportion of home recipes, 44 percent, were vegetable-based, followed by red meat-based meals, seafood-based meals and poultry-based meals.
This is not based in fact, it's just based on emotions and based on speculation.
They are Fulton Financial, based in Lancaster; Univest, based in Souderton; S&T Bancorp, based in Indiana, Pennsylvania; and Franklin Financial Services, based in Chambersburg.
Not RFP-based, not request-for-proposal-based, not ad-served-based, but really driving transactions.
Is it really a merit-based policy, or a race-based policy masquerading as merit-based?
Project Entrepreneur's inaugural winners included Boston-based Cake, San Francisco-based Full Harvest Technologies, and Akron-based Komae.
Mastery-based learning, also known as proficiency-based or competency-based learning, is taking hold across the country.
Among these include patents for three specific 3D printing technologies: liquid-based, powder-based and metal-based printing processes.
Recent deals include Colorado-based Breckenridge Brewing, Oregon-based 10 Barrel Brewing and Virginia-based Devil's Backbone Brewing Company.
What Hewitt was asking was whether Trump had a preference between land-based delivery, sea-based or air-based.
It's true that confidence is there, you know, but it really -- the economy can be explained by being tax-based and spending-based, tax-cut based and increase spending-based.
Among those rulings: that Hawaiians are not white (based on scientific evidence); that Mexicans are not white (based on legal precedent); that Burmese are not white (based on common knowledge); that Japanese are not white (based on legal precedent); that people who are one-quarter Japanese are not white (based on legal precedent); that Syrians are white (based on scientific evidence); that Syrians are not white (based on common knowledge); that Arabs are white (based on common knowledge); that Arabs are not white (based on common knowledge); that Native Americans are not white (based on nothing).
In recent weeks I've served my family plant-based spaghetti and meatballs, plant-based tacos, plant-based breakfast sausage, plant-based bratwurst and two brands of plant-based hamburgers, almost always without telling anyone what they were eating until the meal was over.
From left to right, they are David Chao, Osuke Honda (based in Japan), Hurst Lin (based in China), Jason Krikorian (based in Menlo Park), and Ramon Zeng (also based in China).
Two of the contractors are based in New York, one is based in California, and one is based in Iowa.
Those were followed by similar videos from NYC-based Natalie Barbu, Boston-based Brooke Miccio, and LA-based Kenzie Elizabeth.
Here was a Republican making a difficult decision based on his conscience, based on his principles, and based on the evidence.
Named as defendants were Koppers, Stella-Jones Corp, and Coopers Creek Chemical Corp, all based in Pennsylvania; Ontario-based Ruetgers Canada; Connecticut-based Rain Carbon Holdings; and Oklahoma-based Lone Star Specialty Products.
But based on competence, based on everything, very successful guy.
It's ancestrally based, and it's based on your own intuition.
Now, is that based on fact or based on gut?
And it's not based on science; it's based on prejudice.
Executives and press representatives for Santiago-based Falabella, Johannesburg-based Steinhoff and Rio de Janeiro-based Lojas Americanas did not immediately comment.
Almost all model-based, probability-based and rule-based recognition technologies were washed out by the deep learning algorithms in the 2010s.
The largest are GEO Group, based in Florida; CoreCivic (formerly Corrections Corporation of America), based in Tennessee; and MTC, based in Utah.
Raleigh, North Carolina-based Yadkin Financial Corp and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based based F.N.B Corporation gained regulatory approval for another merger in February.
The round was led by San Francisco-based Sway Ventures, and also included Toronto-based Generation Ventures and London-based Bloc Ventures.
"We've done it based on race, we've done it based on religion, we've done it based on region," Mr. Higbie told Ms. Kelly.
Gallup Korea, based in Seoul, not affiliated with U.S.-based Gallup.
"This four point based clan based system is incompetent," she argues.
It's not based on him, it's based on the comic book.
Democracy based on argument was replaced by democracy based on correctness.
Brooklyn-based artist Joana Ricou creates "portraits" based on individual microbiomes.
The nuclear deal is based on lies based on Iranian deception.
I think you will see ... It's phone-based or iPad-based?
A remake based on a deepfake based on an old classic?
The church is based on trust, it's not based on coercion.
In particular, there is a great group of photographers that I've been following closely: Andre D.Wagner and Naima Green, based in New York City; Nakeya Brown, based in Washington D.C; Ari Mejorado, based in San Antonio, Texas; François-Xavier Gbré, based in Abidjan; and Nomusa Makhubu, based in Capetown.
Also this year, Winston-Salem-based Krispy Kreme was taken over by Keurig owner JAB Beech, which is also based in Luxembourg, and Chicago-based Baxalta was taken over by Ireland-based Shire for $32 billion.
"There are huge inequities based on race, often based on gender, and certainly based on income," she said on the podcast Call Your Girlfriend.
Out of that pool of entries, Doritos narrowed it down to just three winners — one text-based, one photo-based and one video-based.
Contract-based and project-based work can be helpful for mothers, but it can also serve to accentuate the broader gender-based wage disparity.
Based on what Republican members have proposed in the past, they're likely to be age-based instead of income-based, as the subsidies are.
Examples of insurance technology, or "insurtech" include: Insurance based on real-time data – This category includes sensor-based insurance and user-based insurance (UBI).
Neither Chicago-based TransUnion nor Atlanta-based Equifax admitted or denied wrongdoing.
Income-Based Repayment Misconception: Student loan payments are automatically based on income.
Seattle-based Beam is also based in Redmond and will remain there.
Neither Chicago-based TransUnion nor Atlanta-based Equifax admitted or denied wrongdoing.
"I disagree with seniority-based layoffs, seniority-based school assignments," she said.
A coconut-based carbon and earth-based ceramic container that purifies water.
Berlin-based Earlybird Ventures and Zurich-based Red Alpine, also took part.
Coral can be grown in both land-based and ocean-based nurseries.
Space-based solar power has two advantages over the ground-based kind.
"In this game, it's more value-based or projection-based," he said.
Some are identity-based, and some are more issue-based or ideological.
It is the path to truth-based debate and principle-based compromise.
There are technicians and brawlers, timing based fighters and speed based fighters.
Framingham, Massachusetts-based Staples and New York-based Sycamore declined to comment.
They don't allow evidence-based processes and rules-based processes to work.
"It's not based on race, it's based on the offense," she said.
Though Gab is based in the U.S., Asia Registry based in Australia.
Limiting plant-based milk was a key change based on drinking trends.
It also targets Illinois-based Akorn Inc and India-based Wockhardt Ltd.
According to the announcement 14 of those named were based in China, two were based in Libya while the remaining two were based in Russia.
Among these names are three large U.S. independent oil and natural gas companies — Texas-based EOG Resources, Oklahoma-based Continental Resources and Texas-based Anadarko.
"Judges make decisions based on law, not on policy, not based on political pressure, not based on the identity of the parties," Ms. Fischer continued.
Italy has a number of organized crime groups, the largest being the Calabria-based 'Ndrangheta, the Sicily-based Cosa Nostra and the Campania-based Camorra.
The show is being creative directed by Barcelona- and NYC-based Isabel Martinez, illustrated by Brazil-based Ana Strumpf, and photographed by London-based Lara Jade.
SimilarWeb, an Israel-based global intelligence company, produces a yearly ranking of the top websites visited by people based in the US, based on web traffic.
List the other things they're against, they're against ... it's fear, it's based in fear, it's based in you're losing out, it's based in you're getting less.
Serraj heads the internationally recognized government based in Tripoli which opposes a parallel administration based in the east allied to Haftar, who is also based there.
"We got 12 people that said they could look at the case based on reason, based on the evidence and not based on emotion," she said.
Beijing-based Baidu and Hangzhou-based Alibaba also maintain offices in Silicon Valley.
Representatives for Netherlands-based NXP and San Diego-based Qualcomm declined to comment.
Many of the planes are not based in Iraq, they are based elsewhere.
"Our measures changed, not based on her, but based on the outbreak itself."
Because Shire is based in Dublin, while Baxalta is based in Bannockburn, Ill.
It should be based on merit, and it should be based on success.
Based on my genes, based on my hormones, I will never be skinny.
Leading the round is Prague-based Credo Ventures, and London-based Talis Capital.
Gallup Korea, based in Seoul, is not affiliated with U.S.-based Gallup, Inc.
Then you make products based on that, or pull products based on that?
WISH Finance is building an Ethereum-based blockchain for cash flow-based underwriting.
That we celebrate this season not based on circumstance but based on hope.
WebXPRT 13 is a web-based benchmark designed to test browser-based workflows.
It was a major transformation from a temple-based to text-based culture.
Deep cuts to family-based immigration — and minimal increases to employer-based immigration.
The factory we're working with is Brooklyn-based, where we're based out of.
Coastal Louisiana is very much a place-based, community-based culture and environment.
It's based in a racist + non-evidence based trope that immigrants are dangerous.
Dallas-based AT&T and New York-based Time Warner declined to comment.
And we can eat less of a meat-based or beef-based diet.
AI-based systems can also categorize and prioritize attacks based on threat level.
Based on Fitch's Prism factor-based capital model, the reinsurer is adequately capitalised.
I want people coming into this country based on merit, based on merit.
Our decision will be based on our readiness, not based on their readiness.
Shares in BP, based in Britain, and France-based Total were also lower.
Traditional, office-based network security is out, cloud-based remote tools are in.
Ltd, a property developer based in Gurugram, and Tribeca Developers, based in Mumbai.
It is based on samples and it is based on projections of samples.
"Our funding decisions are based on a merit-based review system," she said.
Arby's Has an Answer to Plant-Based Meat: A Meat-Based Carrot 51.
It's clear that evidence-based medical care will require evidence-based hospital design.
Amgen sued Paris-based Sanofi and Tarrytown, New York-based Regeneron in 2014.
These include Bengaluru-based Opus Waterproofing and Chennai-based Fyndus India Pvt. Ltd.
Dubai-based Emirates airlines, Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways, Istanbul-based Turkish Airlines, and Doha-based Qatar Airways have all been exempted from the U.S. ban on laptops in airplane cabins after ramping up security measures to meet U.S. standards.
But the bill doesn't actually shift slots allocated for the former toward the latter; it simply slashes family-based immigration, while leaving merit-based immigration flat, so that merit-based immigration becomes more common than family-based immigration by default.
With over 300 in-depth lessons, you'll learn how to become a real-time penetration tester and perform client-based, server-based, and application-based web attacks.
Google is also releasing two experimental, AR-focused builds of Chromium: an Android-based web browser using ARCore, and an iOS-based one based on Apple's ARKit.
The Sarajevo-based company is one of three Bosnian telecoms firms along with HT Mostar, based in the southern town of Mostar and Banja Luka-based m:tel.
Two foreign-owned but U.S.-based solar manufacturers — Georgia-based Suniva and Oregon-based SolarWorld — are asking the Trump administration to impose tariffs on cheap solar imports.
It splits its events about evenly among companies based in the US, those based in eastern Asia, and those based in Israel or the greater Middle East.
Executives at Estonia-based iOlite, Scotland-based CaskCoin, UK-based Celsius Network, and Auctus, told Reuters they were barring U.S. citizens to steer clear of the SEC.
While grants are usually need-based, scholarships are more likely to be merit-based.
Sea-based rocket landings, are considered to be more difficult than ground-based landings.
So we are saying, is it a technology-based solution … Is it people-based?
Crossovers are based on car chassis whereas regular SUVs are based on truck chassis.
Raytheon is based in Waltham, Massachusetts-based and had 2016 sales of $24 billion.
Melbourne-based Crown holds a 27 percent stake in Macau-based Melco Crown Entertainment.
Sleepy's was based in Hicksville, New York, and Mattress Firm is based in Houston.
The detectives were NYC-based, not L.A. based like the reboot's pair will be.
Pricing is subscription-based, based on the number of workloads the system is monitoring.
"It's not based on your feelings, it's based on what you are," Carson said.
AM: As a designer I am very story-based and I'm very detail-based.
That report was based on a story out of the Argentina-based La Nacion.
Gesture-based navigation is a natural evolution from tap-based physical or virtual buttons.
Four of those firms were based in India and two were based in China.
It is the chain's New York-based franchise, not the entire Massachusetts-based chain.
Twitch is based in San Francisco but is owned by the Seattle-based Amazon.
Instead, let's make rational decisions about security based upon legitimate, fact-based risk assessment.
Ms. Flanagan is based in New Orleans; Ms. McGarvey is based in Columbus, Ohio.
You're raising too much money, you're pursuing this advertising-based/Facebook/Google-based strategy.
Touch-based mobile devices allowed interactive, gesture-based music production to hit the masses.
We replaced a system based on birth with a fairer system based on talent.
"Science-based, evidence-based decision-making is certainly not unique to democracy," he said.
She also is skeptical that space-based internet will win against ground-based alternatives.
A rewards-based approach is always better than fear-based, and across breeds, too.
"This was a business based decision, not a litigation based decision," he told CNN.
Seven will be based in Hong Kong and four will be based in Singapore.
It's not broad, network-based or GPS-based location, it's precise location and orientation.
My hope for it, visually, was to create an image-based, scene-based story.
Monaco-based Lady Green holds the family shares through Jersey-based vehicle Taveta Investments.
"It's not a scientifically based accusation — it's an ideologically based one," said the Rev.
" In the end, Fisher says, "I'm doing what I think my mother would want, based on my genetics, based on my upbringing, based on my programming from her.
Raleigh, North Carolina-based Yadkin and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based based F.N.B. had announced plans to merge in July 2016 in an all-stock transaction valued at $1.4 billion.
"Just to be clear, my decision was not based on politics, it was not based on emotions, it was based on the facts of the case," he said.
However, the main difference between equity crowdfunding, rewards-based crowdfunding and donation-based crowdfunding is the investor's end goal in rewards-based crowdfunding, such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo.
So right now, it's part of the government initiative that they want to transform China's economy from manufacturing based to more innovation based and then service based industry.
So far, the fund has invested in New York-based Joe Coffee, Portland-based Salt & Straw Ice Cream and New York-based Resy Network, a restaurant booking app.
Plant-based foods raked in $4.9 billion in the last year, a 3.4 percent growth, according to the Plant Based Foods Association, a plant-based food lobby group.
Unlike need-based financial aid (which is determined through forms like FAFSA or the CSS profile), merit-based financial aid is based on a student's achievements and qualifications.
He is also eligible for incentive-based compensation including a $7.5 million annual target-based bonus and an annual equity-based long-term incentive grant of $15 million.
He also is eligible for incentive-based compensation including a $7.5 million annual target-based bonus and an annual equity-based long-term incentive grant of $15 million.
Mr. Trump's delegation objected to the term "rules-based international order" until negotiators compromised by expressing support for "a" rules-based order rather than "the" rules-based order.
Fight Club (based on a 21999 Chuck Palahniuk novel), Election (based on a 21960 Tom Perrotta novel), The Talented Mr. Ripley (based on a 270 Patricia Highsmith novel), Mansfield Park (based on an 21999 Jane Austen novel), and Girl, Interrupted (based on Susanna Kaysen's 230 memoir) are all adaptations that have stood the test of time.
Ellinor Quay Coyne, a dermatologist based in Washington, DC, believes there is a benefit to using two different cleansers because of the scientific principle that "like dissolves like" — meaning that oil-based cleansers can better remove oil-based dirt, cosmetics, and residue, and water-based cleansers can better remove non-oil-based dirt, cosmetics, and residue.
However, Qualcomm's royalty approach, known as use-based or value-based, predominates in the tech industry with royalties based on how much value a technology adds to a product.
People come to their political opinions based on stories and narratives, based on identity affiliation and sorting, not based on nickel-and-dime calculations regarding their own household budgets.
Rounding out the top five receiving "A" grades were Boston-based Adage Capital Management, Ken Griffin's Chicago-based Citadel, and the stellar Two Sigma fund, based in New York.
Another Malaysia-based palm trader said shipments of palm-based speciality products like cocoa butter substitute and palm-based ghee from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to India have increased.
Most recently, Detroit-based Banza raised $8 million to scale up production of chickpea-based pastas that offer a few grams more protein per serving than wheat-based varieties.
News organizations based outside Australia have also increased their presence in the country, including BuzzFeed, which is based in New York, and The Guardian, which is based in London.
"This year, the cell-based influenza vaccine appears to have somewhat better effectiveness in preventing influenza than the egg-based vaccine," Gottlieb said, based on a preliminary CDC analysis.
Acorda in 2014 sued units of London-based Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC, Pennsylvania-based Mylan NV, and Israel-based Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, which were planning generic versions of Ampyra.
Acorda in 2014 sued units of London-based Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC, Pennsylvania-based Mylan NV, and Israel-based Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, which were planning generic versions of Ampyra.
The fee-based earnings of CSC are weak and thus put pressure on leverage and liquidity (measured by gross debt/fee-based EBITDA and fee-based EBITDA/interest expense).
Courses span time-based media, internet and network-based art, expanded photography, computational art, media installation, data visualization, research-based art, new documentary and other modes of contemporary practice.
We have programs where we serve risk-based or performance-based physicians and hospital systems.
We want a merit-based program where people come into our country based on merit.
Tera Group is based in Summit, New Jersey, while TeraExchange is based in New York.
San Francisco-based PG&E is the nation's largest utility based on customers and revenue.
What the American people understand is this country was based and is based on fairness.
The Hero 400 EC could aid the Corps in sea based or land-based missions.
Meanwhile, German-based Bayer launched a $62 billion takeover bid for St. Louis-based Monsanto.
I think it was an identity-based campaign, but identity may not be race-based.
Meanwhile, its U.S.-based competitors are rushing to add lab-derived plant-based menu items.
Earlier this year, Cfius blocked Singapore-based Broadcom's attempted takeover of U.S.-based chipmaker Qualcomm.
Altman said based on the autopsy, Martin died from a heart attack based on homicide.
AfricInvest is part of a group based in Tunisia while Catalyst is based in Kenya.
There was no immediate comment from the Tripoli-based government or the eastern-based parliament.
These values are based on respect, rivalry based solely on sportsmanship and fair play principles.
They were all based off the vampire mythology, and it was based around New Orleans.
Moreover it is not correcting those forecasts based on facts, based on the actual outcomes.
The Hungary-based startup also has backing from Ruvento, a hardware VC based in Singapore.
That argument isn't based on our beliefs about physics or biology; it's based on epistemology.
"I am more spirit-based, and more human-emotion based," Mraz told The Hill Wednesday.
We use water-based paint for marking in pine stands, and oil-based for hardwoods.
We have term-based subscriptions, and then also a consumption-based model for cloud deployments.
There is a reason such a broad-based ecosystem is based in a single place.
The Plus has an ARM-based processor and the Pro has an Intel-based processor.
Others include Global Thermostat, which is based in New York, and Climeworks, based near Zurich.
Unlike Mr. Slimane, who based himself in Los Angeles, Mr. Vaccarello is based in Paris.
Its main competitors include U.S.-based Bitfury and Beijing-based Bitmain, which makes the "AntMiner".
"They pick and choose based on the individuals, not based on party affiliation," Pappas said.
Markham, Ontario-based MedReleaf sells dried cannabis and pot-based oils and capsules in Canada.
In other words, Phillips doesn't discriminate based on status; he makes distinctions based on content.
"It's not so much based on ideology as it is based on electability," she said.
Mike Pence of Indiana, make decisions based on prayer rather than on evidence-based science.
A lot of jobs will be STEM-based, tech-based jobs, but loads wont be.
It's not doled out based on need, but based on population from the 2010 Census.
Euribor, the euro interbank offered rate, is the Brussels-based equivalent of London-based Libor.
The Reset mobile app, for instance, is based on a web-based addiction therapy program.
The move from ad-based to subscription-based revenue has helped the Times save itself.
He used water-based clay rather than oil-based, which is firmer and less pliable.
Based on the original plan, community-based behavioral health centers need to be readably available.
Online retailers happily flog dung-based soaps and urine-based medicines promising to cure cancer.
Their workflows are paper-based, and they're doing things to spreadsheets and paper-based processes.
In such cases, use-based discrimination and user-based discrimination amount to the same thing.
He had collections based on Egyptian art, collections based on the legend of Robin Hood.
The image is based on the painting "The Conquerer" by Miami-based artist Addonis Parker.
She's based in Virginia, and she created each of her fragrances based on a memory.
The coin sale websites also usually block U.S.-based computers based on their IP address.
Uber and Lyft, the app-based ride-hailing services, are both based in San Francisco.
It will still support disc-based games, but will also support cloud-based game streaming.
"We are a relationship-based organization, rather than having an outcome-based approach," he said.
Because I believe these things — not based on my age, but based on my experience.
Foreign chat apps blocked in ­recent years include Tokyo-based Line and Berlin-based Telegram.
Fitch views capitalisation as 'Very Strong' based on the agency's Prism Factor Based Model (FBM).
Fitch views capitalisation as very strong based on the agency's Prism Factor Based Model (FBM).
One of the attorneys partly based his prediction based off his contacts with Mueller's team.
A Pennsylvania-based biotech company, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, has also developed a DNA-based vaccine candidate.
These new plant-based products are based on the tastes and preferences of different customers.
China-based FPX beat European-based G2 in Paris to claim the $1 million prize.
Before there was the car-based crossover SUV there was the car-based pickup truck.
Rwanda, for instance, introduced a results-based financing approach that pays providers based on performance.
It transitions from Obamacare's income-based subsidies for private insurance to subsidies based on age.
The Pakistan-based militant group based in Pakistan is seeking independence for Indian-ruled Kashmir.
Based on their responses on food-frequency questionnaires, the participants' diets were characterized by the team as an overall plant-based diet that emphasized plant foods over animal foods; a healthful plant-based diet emphasizing healthful plant foods; or an unhealthful plant-based diet.
But based on the figures that we are seeing, based on the trends that have occured and based on historical precedent we think that 'Remain' are in the strongest position.
The London-based group said hedge fund managers Citadel plus Bermuda-based Hiscox Re Insurance Linked Strategies Ltd and Hong Kong-based Myriad Asset Management Ltd have joined as signatories.
The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, known in Israel as "Adir," or mighty one, is produced in variants for land-based and sea-based operation by U.S.-based Lockheed Martin.
ALEX GORSKY: My top priority would be how do we move much more towards a value-based and outcomes-based and episode of care-based approach for, you know, reimbursement.
Based in New Hope, Pennsylvania, Meet Group is a maker of internet-based apps that enable live-streaming broadcasts and text-based conversations, including MeetMe, LOVOO, Skout, Tagged and Growlr.
In a recent Harvard-Harris poll, 72 percent of Democrats think our immigration system should be one that is more skills-based (merit-based) than one based on family ties.
Based in New Hope, Pennsylvania, Meet Group is a maker of internet-based apps that enable live streaming broadcasts and text-based conversations, including MeetMe, LOVOO, Skout, Tagged and Growlr.
The number should be reduced by applying a point-based system for selecting participants that is based on the principles in the Merit-Based Immigration System proposal on Trump's list.
Gartner counts Windows-based tablets as PCs and excludes Chromebooks or any non-Windows-based tablets.
Many fee-based financial advisors maintain licenses to sell both commission-based securities and insurance products.
The Cape Town-based artist weaves the delicate nature of florals with a pastel-based palette.
Major airlines based in the region include Dubai-based Emirates Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways.
Newer paintings based on Middle Eastern poetry were crisp and colorful — hard-edged text-based abstractions.
First impression based on the trailer*: This looks exactly as you'd think based on the premise.
Most Android-based phones run on ARM-based chips from Samsung, Qualcomm, and other ARM chipmakers.
Not based on its content changing but based on Google enforcing its Play Store policies differently.
Fitch Group is jointly owned by Paris-based Fimalac, S.A. and New York-based Hearst Corporation.
And when men do have friends, their friendships tend be more activity-based than emotions-based.
Around $150 trillion in private and exchange-traded derivatives are based on U.S. dollar-based Libor.
The next largest were Europe-based exchange HitBTC and Hong Kong-based Bitfinex, as of Monday.
Strive is a competency-based platform based on ability and potential rather than pedigrees, says Houghteling.
We live in a very youth-based media culture and an increasingly youth-based political atmosphere.
Though they are both from Tunisia, she's based in San Francisco and he's based in Paris.
Again, this video by RealLifeLore is just evidence-based speculation, but it's fascinating evidence-based speculation.
Unlike the Intel X86-based processors in laptops or desktops, Snapdragon is an ARM-based processor.
The winning team's product was a plant-based salmon burger based around fungi, algae, and seaweed.
But, what if a large percentage of your customers prefer code-based or cloud-based systems?
Unlike many soy- or coconut-based vegan cheese products, all of Vtopian's recipes are cashew-based.
The list of banned terms are: fetus, transgender, entitlement, vulnerable, science-based, evidence-based, and diversity.
On average, plant-based products are cheaper on a per-calorie basis than animal-based ones.
And if decisions about pay are not based on performance, what will they be based on?
My personal favorite cake-icing accounts are New York City-based Chelsweets and Brisbane-based KarleesKupcakes.
As part of this person-based organization, June also organizes files based on who sent them.
MTL's Prism Factor-Based Capital Model (Prism FBM) score was 'Strong', based on its 1003Q15 financials.
The dispenser works with either of Pulse's two lubricant offerings — one water-based, one aloe-based.
Why was the shift from a text-based culture to an image-based culture so consequential?
We're trying to do something that's more activist-based, that's more planet-based, Mother Earth-friendly.
Dell will also discontinues it Android-based Wyse Cloud Connect — its only other Android-based product.
We used words like "science-based" and "evidence-based" as code alternatives to abstinence-only program.
Dubai-based Emirates and Abu Dhabi-based Etihad have become akin to national airlines of India.
Among these newcomers are Naya Health, based in Silicon Valley, and Babyation, based in St. Louis.
ViaWest is a Colorado-based data center company which offers hybrid IT and cloud-based solutions.
Its rivals include Britain-based Wejo, backed by General Motors Co, and Silicon Valley-based Smartcar.
Hartford, Connecticut-based Aetna and Woonsocket, Rhode Island-based CVS both manage Medicare prescription drug coverage.
A fee-based financial planner gets commissions based on plans or policies sold to a client.
Studies show that men are promoted based on potential and women are promoted based on experience.
Paris-based Piquemal will report to Deutsche Bank investment banking head, New York-based Jeff Urwin.
"The problem never really gets solved, because they are session-based not result-based," said Chong.
A new study shows that plant-based diets can be nutritionally equivalent to meat-based diets.
" At the same time, Nicholson said the Afghanistan war is "now conditions-based, not time-based.
That's Kuberentes-based, it is container based, which has everything to do with our hybrid position.
Buttin, who is based in Lyon, appears to have a keen interest in screenshot-based art.
Another stock Binger recommends is Air Lease, a California-based aircraft leasing company based in California.
Based on Fitch's Prism factor-based capital model, the insurer is adequately capitalised for its rating.
The Chinese economy is transitioning from one based on investment, to one based on domestic consumption.
Freund created the music with a "Loop Based Computer Controlled Engine" application based in Max/MSP.
Euribor, the euro interbank offered rate, is the Brussels-based equivalent of London-based benchmark Libor.
Specifically, this included "knowledge-based machine learning, case-based reasoning, cognitive modelling, and natural language processing".
It was developed by Singapore-based Royal Falcon Fleet and built by Sweden-based Kockums shipyard.
Moving in on plant-based tuna Interest in plant-based alternatives to animal products has exploded.
While based in Florida, Devumi claims on its website to be based in New York City.
Several recent studies suggest that mortality rates decrease when plant-based protein replaces animal-based protein.
Last weekend, China-based FPX agreed to take over the CS:GO team of Denmark-based Heroic.
But wait: Isn't there a difference between discrimination that's user-based and discrimination that's use-based?
So let's devise strategies that are based on emissions strategies, not based on eliminating fossil fuels.
This game is based on performance, and this is a league that is based on performance.
Another scooter company, San Francisco-based Spin, is reportedly raising $211 million in blockchain-based funds.
For example, while all vegans are plant-based, not all plant-based eaters are necessarily vegan.
So, let's devise strategies that are based on emissions strategies, not based on eliminating fossil fuels.
O). Silicon Valley-based Impossible Foods, which supplies plant-based Whopper patties to Burger King (QSR.
O). Silicon Valley-based Impossible Foods, which supplies plant-based Whopper patties to Burger King (QSR.
This week, the recall was expanded again to include all aqueous-based, or water-based, products.
The Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) blamed its eastern-based rivals for the strikes.
Scot Jones: Cooking plant-based and eating plant-based is amazing, and there are no sacrifices.
Everything is just based on the presence of the tiger in the area based on pugmarks.
MTL is graded 'Strong' on Fitch Ratings' Prism Factor-Based Model, based on end-2015 results, which is one level lower than the previous grade based on its 2014 financial results.
It's all based off real things, they're based off real people, they're based off real conflicts—but [fantasy] gives you the ability to engage with those ideas in a different way.
And I've got to make that decision that, based on my background, based on my past, based on my ideas that, in fact, I am the candidate that can defeat Trump.
"Outcomes-based" or "value-based" contracts for prescription drugs, in which insurers pay for drugs based on how well they work, have not worked in Italy, the Wall Street Journal reports.
So if I give you 4km to run, and I run 4km, based on our fitness, based on our training history, based on our injury history, it will elicit different responses.
Last week, Washington imposed sanctions on Moscow-based Agrosoyuz Commercial Bank, North Korean banker Ri Jong Won, China-based Dandong Zhongsheng Industry & Trade Co Ltd and North Korea-based Korea Ungum Corporation.
New Jersey-based St. Peter's Healthcare System, Illinois-based Advocate Health System and California-based Dignity Health each appealed separate federal appeals courts rulings that refused to throw out the employee lawsuits.
Philadelphia-based artist, MHYSA, has shared their first solo EP on NON Records, the label and collective founded by London-based Nkisi, Virginia-based producer Chino Amobi, and Cape Town's ANGEL-HO.
They describe ways to trick anti-virus products from companies including Russia-based Kaspersky Lab, Romania-based BitDefender, Dutch-based AVG Technologies, F-Secure of Finland and Rising Antivirus, a Chinese company.
Venture capitalists around the world have been heavily funding automotive sensing technology over the past two years, including large rounds into Valley-based Luminar, Israel-based Oryx Vision, and China-based Hesai.
Others, including Expa, a San Francisco-based firm with an office in New York; Science, based in L.A.; and Chicago-based Roniin are among many newer models, each with their own twist.
Zen 2 is based on the 7nm process so it's much more efficient than the 14nm Zen process AMD's previous Threadrippers were based on (and this new Threadripper could be based on).
The Based God is father, Lil B is the Son and we, through trying to better understand the Based existence, walk through our lives in the presence of the Holy Based Ghost.
" Al-Jubeir specifically mentioned Paul, saying his accusation that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is responsible for Khashoggi's death was "not based in fact" but "based on emotions and based on speculation.
"This case simply says that individuals ought to be judged based on the work they perform — not based on their status, not based on their sexual orientation or gender identity," he said.
"In a situation like this, based on the price action and based on the valuation, and based on the options premiums, we know that there are some very high expectations," said Khouw.
On Wednesday, São Paulo-based JBS said it will create JBS Foods International, an Ireland-based company whose assets will encompass global operations and those of Brazil-based food processor Seara Alimentos.
In May, President Donald Trump announced a broad immigration plan that would replace long-standing, family-based immigration rules with a points-based system, otherwise known as a merit-based immigration system.
In the years to come, AWS could release new instances based on more powerful Arm-based chips.
Seoul-based startup VTouch has been supplying its gesture-based interactive displays for the past few years.
The sad part about this is Brock was sentenced based on his lifestyle, based on his upbringing.
London-based Monzo launched a limited roll-out of its app-based U.S. checking account in June.
Our identity is not based on race or ethnicity, it's based on a set of shared values.
The argument: Discrimination against someone based on their gender identity is fundamentally rooted in sex-based expectations.
But based on our experience, the only care I can recommend is a 12-step based program.
But potential clients "don't know about fee-based models, commission-based models or a combination," Kelley added.
Such phone-based services are more immediate, more personal and more public than their keyboard-based predecessors.
And earlier this year, Chicago-based Baxalta was taken over by Ireland-based Shire for $32 billion.
The FDA has already issued guidance for machine-learning-based systems that parse image-based radiological data.
Vermont-based Seventh Generation's products include recycled tissues, organic tampons and dish soap with plant-based ingredients.
Companies are partnering with it to find out where customers are based on location-based mobile data.
Gallup Korea, based in Seoul, is not affiliated with U.S.-based Gallup, Inc, the American firm said.
The Taiwan-based company has laid off a significant but unspecified number of its US-based staff.
It also owns assets in Delhi-based Pearl International Tour & Travels and Mumbai-based Lawson Travels & Tours.
It's a steam-based system, and you can't really replace a steam-based system without burning something.
Until a few weeks ago, the Vancouver-based Blue Heron Creamery sold plant-based, dairy-free cheese.
The chief executive previously launched Eggless, a company selling plant-based dressings and a plant-based mayonnaise.
PSA, the Paris-based maker of Peugeot and Citroen cars, and Detroit-based GM confirmed on Feb.
SAP, the German-based enterprise software giant, has unveiled the New York-based cohort from its SAP.
We've seen vegan bacon before, of course, usually made with wheat-based seitan or soy-based tempeh.
We should go after terrorists based on evidence, not single out an entire group based on religion.
São Paulo-based CSN declined to comment, as did Santos Brasil, Wilson Sons and Boston-based Advent.
Calgary-based Shaw hopes the move will sharpen the company's focus on online and smartphone-based services.
Support transition to value-based models Legislators could support the commercial market's transition to value-based system.
Boston-based DraftKings and New York-based FanDuel did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
San Francisco-based Lambda School is an online computer coding school that is entirely based on ISAs.
Shu is based in Hong Kong while Menon, Al Bayaa and de Caumont are based in London.
Colombia extradites people to the U.S. based exclusively on Colombian domestic law, not based on a treaty.
First, he said that the American commitment in Afghanistan would be condition-based, rather than time-based.
A destination-based tax is levied based on where a good winds up, rather than its origin.
But hopefully, most of us know that there are two main types: silicone-based and water-based.
Google's core business is keyword-based search ads that target people based on what they're looking for.
TLI's Prism Factor-Based Capital Model (Prism FBM) score was 'Extremely Strong' based on its 3Q15 financials.
Marketers need to consider a new mode for operating, which is consent-based marketing, permission-based marketing.
Neuwirth said almond-based and soy-based yogurts represent "a bright and growing spot" in the category.
The report is based on calculations that don't include workers whose employers are based in other states.
The Texas-based Dean Foods Company and Colorado-based WhiteWave Foods Company petitioned FDA for the rulemaking.
DoJ should make its decision based upon marketplace conditions, not based upon threats from the major publishers.
But interwoven in all these, there are benefits that are not compassion-based but simply aged-based.
They offer us music samples based on our tastes and advertisements based on what we view online.
Mr Hamilton said he and his California-based partner invest based on the companies behind the cryptocurrencies.
The kind of persona-based, expectations-based support Trump is receiving works as long as it's working.
The report's lead authors are industry analysts Mycle Schneider, based in Paris, and London-based Antony Froggatt.
However, typically, people buy from these based just on price, with zero customization based on the person.
Morton: They are based upon interpretations of the Quran, and they are based upon references in Hadith.
David Eads is a journalist based in Chicago with a focus on visual and data-based stories.
But a Hong Kong-based spokeswoman for the US-based Goldman Sachs denied any ties to it.
Most of them are bad pins based on bad art, or bad pins based on good art.
Two great organizations focus on this issue: MiracleFeet, based in North Carolina, and Cure, based in Pennsylvania.
In the medium term, the international community can transition their support from security-based to economic-based.
Turnout is down, based on Iowa — except that it might also be up, based on New Hampshire.
The largest of these expansions is the Luxembourg-based Tenaris, which owns U.S.-based Maverick Tube Corp.
"I can't believe we're talking about impeaching the president based on an accusation based on hearsay," Sen.
Investigators working in this area are determined to transform oncology from population-based to patient-based therapy.
Germany-based Software AG is moving to a subscription-based business that Greenlight believes will pay off.
Other reforms include replacing seniority-based pay and layoff policies with merit-based pay and layoff policies.
The wrist-worn device offered developers an alternative to camera-based or glove-based hand-tracking solutions.
Delaware comes in 1033th based on average household income, but 1023nd based on per capita personal income.
A BMW spokesperson noted that the change will apply to both US-based and UK-based customers.
But I feel like what I do in ballet is more craft-based than experimental-artist-based.
Owned by 55 Dutch municipalities, Rotterdam-based Eneco invests in renewables-based electricity generation and district heating.
Soundtrap is based in Stockholm, Sweden, which also just so happens to be where Spotify is based.
Hundreds of LinkedIn users list themselves as being based in Bangladesh and affiliated with California-based Teespring.
Several nations have passed measures against gender-based discrimination and gender-based violence, according to the report.
There's the traditional church of devotion and meditation, and then there's the arena-based, entertainment-based church.
The plants will reopen based on the availability of parts, according to the South Korean-based automaker.
We've moved from an economy based on industry and scale, to one based on information and innovation.
The business operations of Rhodes, based in Rhode Island, and Purdue, based in Connecticut, were closely enmeshed.
Although both are from Ukraine, the Zagreb-based Kostyuk and London-based Svitolina barely know each other.
Why Republicans are making this change: Republicans generally prefer age-based tax credits to income-based one.
Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and other mindfulness-based treatments have been proven to help with depression and substance abuse Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is a form of cognitive therapy that uses traditional CBT practices as well as mindfulness-based stress reduction exercises such as meditation and breathing exercises.
So let us rein you back in with some more grounded predictions: based on the Season 7 trailer, based on who was on top when we last left off, based on the sage analysis of policy experts, and (because why the hell not) based on a Magic 8 Ball.
Apart from Drummond, the coal sector in Colombia is dominated by Cerrejon, a joint venture between Australia-based BHP Billiton Ltd, London- and Johannesburg-based Anglo American Plc and Swiss-based Glencore Xstrata.
Thicker, silicone-based lubes tend to be best for anal sex, but I went with a water based lube, because I was using silicone toys (and silicone-based lubes can break down toys).
" Trump also made clear the American commitment to Afghanistan will be conditions based: "A core pillar of our new strategy is a shift from a time-based approach to one based on conditions.
Forty-three of the 103 current members of the CNBC Global CFO Council responded to this quarter's survey, including 20 North American-based members, 17 EMEA-based members and 6 APAC-based members.
"A 21 in 2500 year event is really based on how frequently an event is likely to reoccur based on its percentage likelihood based on the historical record in that location," Miller says.
A handful of operators have led Americans on tours to North Korea, including Lupine Travel, which is based in Britain; Uri Tours, based in New Jersey; and Young Pioneer Tours, based in China.
The default Debian-based build included, with a MATE-based graphical interface, is simple and spartan—not as polished as some of the x86-based alternatives, but still offering plenty to work with.
A silicone-based lube is likely your best bet for anal sex because it's condom-safe (unlike oil-based lubes), doesn't evaporate quickly (unlike water-based lubes), and has the most slippery feel.
Some of those newer investment include the Boston-based on-demand notary service Notarize, which we'd written about here; Hooked, a Bay Area-based horror story fiction app, where tales are told in text message form; May Mobility, which is an Ann Arbor, Mi.-based autonomous vehicle startup; Dwolla, a Des Moines, Ia.-based bank transfer platform, and Skurt, an L.A. -based next-generation rental car service.
Using a silicone-based lubricant can help reduce friction better than a water-based one, Dr. Millheiser says.
Based in Melbourne, Aconex's cloud-based software allow teams working on building projects to collaborate and share documents.
There is internet-based slang, while other slang terms are regional or local or age-based, or generational.
The new Marine One, based on Lockheed's Sikorsky S-92, will instead be based on existing helicopter technology.
Instead of having purchasing assistance in the form of income-based subsidies, there would be age-based subsidies.
This AI-based box is based on the most famous (and infamous) androids from beloved sci-fi franchises.
Need-based innovation is a process in which problems are identified and sorted based on impact and opportunity.
TrendMicro highlights two third-party app services: Haima, which is based in China, and the Vietnam-based HiStore.
The WHO called for more research on the distinction between screen-based and non-screen-based sedentary time.
The retailer recently invested in its own U.S-based production facility, acquiring Richmond-based Creery Custom Shirt Makers.
People can join games based on codes, and the platform tracks players' quiz scores based on their username.
Liss-Riordan, the Boston-based employment lawyer, is working with former IBM employees on age-based discrimination claims.
These are the prices for Linux-based machines, with Windows-based machines — as usual — costing a bit more.
Everyone else will get a smaller discount (based on your unique PAM-based relationship with the Club Program).
The engineering team is based in Tel Aviv with sales and marketing based in an office in Cupertino.
A media relations firm working for São Paulo-based Votorantim declined to comment, as did Toronto-based CPPIB.
Those reports were circulating based on an email at HUD, which Swift said was based on "false information."
Since the 53's, the hydraulics-based animatronics in Disney parks were based on the A-25 chassis.
J&J is based in New Jersey and Imerys, a unit of Imerys SA, is based in California.
And earlier this year, German-based Bayer launched a $62 billion takeover bid for St. Louis-based Monsanto.
This is based on The Hill reporting, which is based on actual documentation, actual files, and actual filings.
Plus, so much of their music is blues-based, and blues-based music just isn't popular right now.
Based in Berlin, N26 has made waves in Europe with its app-based checking account and debit card.
Based on the list of features, I'd guess these headphones are based on Qualcomm's hot new QCC5100 chipset.
Duncan is based in Middlefield, Ohio, and its parent, Baraboo, Wisconsin-based Flambeau Inc, is also a defendant.
"You have to be the last man standing in a commodity-based business," the Texas-based CEO said.
The second company, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, based outside Philadelphia, uses vaccines based on inserting virus sequence into bacterial DNA.
The Marvel movies live and die based on their ability to drive the action forward based on character.
Facebook has long allowed advertisers to target users based on race—and exclude users based on race, too.
Based in Lagos, the company's app-based platform coordinates motorcycle taxi and delivery services for individuals and businesses.
Most plans offer risk-based or age-based options, similar to target-date funds in a 401(k).
A merit-based system could upend the decades-old U.S. practice of giving priority to family-based immigration.
And under the government's stringent requirements for services, based on antiquated, binary-based classifications, I was deemed unworthy.
As well as British Airways and Vueling, IAG also owns Spain-based Iberia and Ireland-based Aer Lingus.
"Police-involved deaths are place-based just as policies are place-based," she told Reuters Health by email.
Austria-based Tractive, also on the CES show floor this year, similarly provides GPS-based tracking for pets.
She says that thicker, silicone-based lubes tend to work best, as water-based lubes can be sticky.
Radiologists say this magnet-based reaction is rare, but some have suggested simply avoiding iron-based tattoo inks.
It sold its stake to Ontario-based infrastructure firm Connor, Clark & Lunn and Quebec-based pension fund Desjardins.
Holly Pickett is a New York–based photojournalist who was based in the Middle East for nine years.
The music that the livestream is based on is a Vancouver-based technical death metal band called Archspire.
They conducted raids based on search warrants -- and entirely legal process based on, among other things, probable cause.
In mid-February the firm launched six new factor-based ETFs and one new factor-based mutual fund.
"Instead of prioritizing maintenance based on condition or age, cities must prioritize based on financial productivity," Marohn writes.
Based on Fitch's Prism Factor-Based Model (FBM), the group's capital score was 'Very Strong' at end-2016.
The group's score on Fitch's Prism factor-based capital model is 'extremely strong' based on end-2015 results.
We think it has to be a fact-based, evidence-based approach to establish standards and resolve problems.
You'll notice that some meals have a choice of a plant-based protein or an animal-based protein.
Hamilton, Bermuda-based Marvell makes chips for storage devices while San Jose, California-based Cavium builds network equipment.
Thirty-three of these schools claimed an exemption based on gender identity and 23 based on sexual orientation.
It could also stop a New York-based private equity firm from acquiring an Indianapolis-based tech company.
Carmel, Indiana-based KAR did not disclose terms for the acquisition of STRATIM, a San Francisco-based startup.
Traditional agriculture is based on performing particular tasks, such as planting and harvesting, based on a predetermined schedule.
Many different priorities motivate the companies and nonprofits that work on plant-based and cell-based meat products.
EMBRACE is designed to incorporate seamlessly 21st century concepts such as science-based guidelines and web-based technology.
Myth No. 6: Chemical-based sunscreens are bad for you, and you should only use mineral-based ones.
Instead, they should fix their focus on generating a broad-based prosperity in a rules-based international system.
But the model-based view doesn't offer the clarity of the old, exclusively design-based way of thinking.
It's based on technology that's come out of Google, it's based on technology that's come out of Amazon.
We saw that a few years ago with Twitch, with more communal cheer-based, text-based, live experiences.
How do you move from a life based on bad values to a life based on better ones?
So, you might see a large metropolis do that based on data, based on actual presentation of cases.
"Based on my experience, the president will make the appropriate decision based on all the data," he said.
There are a bevy of foreign based neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups that are primarily based overseas.
Vahabzadeh, Mehta and Hotchandani are based in New York, while Hariharan is based in Los Angeles, Rothschild said.
Fees are usually set based on asset levels while commissions swing based on trading volume and market conditions.
We've seen a lot of benefit from having rules-based, science-based trade from those free trade agreements.
That future date could be based on length of employment or based on reaching performance or financial goals.
It's not a policy announcement based on facts — it's based on Trump's desire to make America white again.
"Any decision based on sexual orientation is already based on the employee's sex," said Brian Sutherland, Bostock's lawyer.
The company is based in San Francisco, and more than 10 percent of employees are based in Argentina.
People with job-based coverage should bear in mind that they may not always have job-based coverage.
Many times, international partners include foreign-based U.S. nationals and U.S.-based foreign nationals working for U.S. companies.
Researchers compared people who ate a Mediterranean diet based on nuts and a group based on olive oil.
For some treatments, Medtronic will get paid based on those results, a system known as value-based care.
"With this government, I feel it's been very heated religion-based and caste-based politics," Chatterjee told CNN.
Procter & Gamble is based in Cincinnati and a lot of other Fortune 500 companies are based in Cincinnati.
Neither TransUnion, which is based in Chicago, nor Equifax, which is based in Atlanta, admitted or denied wrongdoing.
Both believed that the body fat numbers were based on a weight-based algorithm rather than using BIA.
That helped to push Cyprus-based Cobalt Air and Denmark-based Primera Air out of business in October.
Lima is based on one of Bolaño's friends, the poet Mario Santiago, and Belano is based on … Bolaño.
The authors provided the first science-based diet — one that's plant-based — for a healthier planet and people.
All kinds of cool guys have embraced the soccer aesthetic in the last couple of years, including New York-based Letter Racer NY, London-based skateboarding brand Palace, and Tokyo-based streetwear maker SOPH.
And Facebook and Instagram took down 22018,21,2200 pieces of content based on 373,934 copyright reports, 222,226 pieces of content based on 61,172 trademark reports and 13,176 pieces of content based on 28,680 counterfeit reports.
Three other major exchanges - San Francisco-based Coinbase, Seattle-based Bittrex and San Francisco-based Kraken - declined to comment or did not respond to questions as to why they have not listed the petro.
"Based on what we have seen, heard, learned," Mr. Obama said, "some of the more sensational implications or appearances, as you stated them, aren't based on actual events and based on what actually happened."
Eight groups, including Denmark's container terminal operator APM Terminals, Phillipines-based ICTS , Tokyo-based Mitsui & Co and U.K.-based P&O Steam Navigation Company (DP World), had been shorlisted for the port in 2014.
In November, Scandinavian Airlines introduced sustainable meal packaging that includes paper with a coating made of organic plant-based plastic instead of oil-based plastic as well as cutlery made of plant-based plastic.
But I think that people are starting to see what's going on, because I really believe there's a movement going on and it's a movement based on common sense, it's a movement based on law and order, it's a movement based on compassion, based on a lot of different things.
"The $500,000 bail is certainly adequate and reasonable and appropriate based upon protection of the public, based on the risk of flight and ... based on the nature of the case," Bohren said at a hearing.
Many of the largest loyalty program operators around the world are based in the area, including Aimia, which runs the Nectar loyalty card and is based in Quebec, and LoyaltyOne, which is based in Toronto.
Khattar, based in Mumbai, reports to Probir Rao, Jefferies' Singapore-based head of India/South-East Asia investment banking and capital markets and Gordon Crosbie-Walsh, head of Asia Pacific ECM based in Hong Kong.
British Virgin Islands-based Fermoya and Wickford, Essex-based B.M.I.E. were shareholders to dozens of companies associated with U.S. online poker players, but based in County Durham in the north of England, according to Zatarra.
The decision to scuttle the deal was based on concerns that the US advantage would be lost to China if Singapore-based Broadcom took over San Diego-based Qualcomm, according to a White House official.
Rubin Patel, co-founder of London-based record label Tenwest tells me that "consumption has become more track-based and less album-based" in order to keep up with the fleeting demand for new music.
Applied DNA Sciences / Takis Biotech Applied DNA, a New York–based company, announced in March it is partnering with Rome, Italy–based Takis Biotech to deliver its own DNA-based vaccine candidates against Covid-19.
Those companies competing for the job include two consortia, U.S.-based Bechtel with Italy's Techint, and Australia's WorleyParsons with U.S.-based Jacobs Engineering Group, as well as U.S.-based KBR and France's Technip bidding individually.
" Those eligible candidates who choose to sign up must "have a U.S.-based street address, a U.S.-based bank account, a credit card associated with a U.S. street address, and a U.S.-based phone number.
That means skill-based learning, just-in-time task training, competency-based progression and work-based learning, in addition to registered apprenticeships and other industry defined models that allow workers to earn while they learn.
What this signals is that the current political moment offers to Democrats an opportunity to build a policy that is reality-based and justice-based rather than one that is based on denial and mythology.
"Unfortunately, most of those recommendations were not based on evidence; they were based on expert opinion only," Zemek said.
The latest ground-based interceptor uses the same sensor and missile as the sea-based Aegis-SM-3 pairing.
The directive is largely based on Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments, which forbids discrimination based on gender.
The U.S. version of the headset will be based off Google's Daydream, and China's will be based off Viveport.
Together, American-based Boeing and French-based Airbus control virtually the entire commercial airline manufacturing industry around the world.
In 2005, Omaha, Nebraska-based Berkshire bought Medical Protective Co, a century-old medical malpractice insurer based in Indiana.
Well, right then, remember politics was changing from being organization-based politics to what you call media-based politics.
And if DNA-based computer storage is coming, DNA-based computer attacks may not be so farfetched, he says.
Similar agreements were struck in May with United Arab Emirates carriers Abu Dhabi-based Etihad and Dubai-based Emirates.
The couple married while working at the New York-based hedge fund D.E. Shaw based in the early '90s.
In 2016, polling analysts at FiveThirtyEight graded the New Hampshire–based ARG a C+, based on accuracy and methodology.
Killings often were based on false evidence Accusations made against black people were often based on false evidence, though.
Mr. Pereira, based in New York, and Ms. Matern, based in Frankfurt, will report to Marjan van der Weijden.
"They believe in this woman and this queen based on her actions not based on anything else," Emmanuel said.
On either end, it's based on speeding up relatively simple math operations based in a field called linear algebra.
He perceives our wealth based on his paycheck, whereas I perceive it based on what we're both bringing in.
Based on the size of primary servicing portfolios, San Francisco-based Wells Fargo was also the biggest mortgage company.
This comes at a time when there has been a proliferation of caste-based and religious-based hate crimes.
That could take the form of usage-based car insurance, or cover for public transport-based delays, he explained.
Recently, Winton-Salem-based Krispy Kreme was taken over by Keurig owner JAB Beech, which is based in Luxembourg.
Today is a resistance-based workout, which I prefer over cardio-based, so I am in a good mood.
Based on his and his father's observations, D'Adamo formulated four separate profiles based on each of the blood types.
Paris-based Niland offered an API-based product focused on providing more accurate search and recommendation options for music.
AMD launched its 7 nanometer-based Ryzen 3000 desktop CPUs and 7nm-based Navi gaming GPU earlier this month.
Buying Massachusetts-based Alere would allow Illinois-based Abbott to become the leader in point-of-care diagnostic testing.
Shoppers will also be given personalized product recommendations based on previous orders and reorder suggestions based on restocking predictions.
Arzeda, based in the Interbay district of Seattle, has a similar business model and is based on similar technologies.
Hamburg-based Hapag-Lloyd initially said talks were based on its shareholders owning 72 percent of the combined business.
You talk a lot in the book about the critical difference between fear-based and curiosity-based decision making.
She also works with directors to ensure their language regarding the sex scene is movement-based, not sex-based.
It is not just "nigger" and other terms based on ethnic identity, but also terms based on sexual identity.
Update, August 24th 9:15AM ET: Article updated to mention a web-based project this app is based on.
Nokia has acquired SpaceTime Insight, a California-based IoT startup that provides predictive analytics based on machine learning algorithms.
And that's what makes the restart of the U.S.-based LIGO and the Italy-based Virgo restart so exciting.
Instead it's going with a usage-based pricing model where you pay based on the amount of data processed.
Casino launched a blockchain-based protocol for gambling which other companies can use to create blockchain-based online casinos.
His supporters aren't voting for him based on the truth because they're voting for him based on their guts.
"Behavior-based detection mechanisms are now playing a key role in detecting and preventing ransomware-based attacks," Shamir says.
Prospective AIs can play each game based on visual outputs or based on the RAM of the simulation itself.
Swiss-based commodity traders Trafigura and Mercuria, U.S.-based Freepoint, and independent refiner Shandong Wonfull were other early participants.
Organizations like the Ningbo Cloud Hospital, an internet-based healthcare center based in northeast China, and sites like Chunyuyisheng.
"(It) needs to be managed sustainably through an effective and evidence-based groundwater policy," said the UK-based Mtisi.
Nathan Harkleroad is Program Manager for the Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association, a nonprofit organization based in Salinas.
Although named in the legal notice, China-based Ninebot acquired U.S.-based Segway in 2015 for an undisclosed amount.
The letters, addressed to the California-based company Cali Botanicals and North Carolina-based Kratom NC, don't mince words.
Six percent based their estimates on religious beliefs, while 18 percent based their estimates on information from their doctor.
The Japan-based internet services giant just co-led Upstart's newest round with an undisclosed U.S.-based asset manager.
The dollar-based RTS had risen nearly 33% back then and its rouble-based peer MOEX was up 21%.
The Tokyo-based Hirai will add a second office in Culver City, California, where the film studio is based.
Jiang owns 210 percent of NEVS, based in Trollhattan, Sweden, through his Beijing-based company, National Modern Energy Holdings.
Often, the question of whether to regulate a game comes down to whether it's chance-based, or skill-based.
But unlike plant-based meats, which are already workable, cell-based meat products are still a long way away.
But based on the current political climate in Louisiana, studies based in empirical evidence just won't be convincing enough.
Furthermore, it is fundamentally at odds with American values, which call for merit-based opportunity, not group-based exclusion.
There is also a digital, block-based coding interface for controlling Evo, called OzoBlockly (based on Google's Blockly system).
Secure & Succeed Act: Eliminates the diversity visa lottery, reallocates the visas to family-based and work-based visa programs.
This is enormously helpful as long as the conclusion is based on fact-based reporting as opposed to ideology.
Both door sequencing-based reminders and advanced sensor-based reminders are written into bills currently being considered by Congress.
Changing the current primary system from party-based to voter-based is going to require lots of heavy lifting.
Wisconsin-based Exact Sciences focuses on early detection of cancer, developing DNA-based tests to help diagnose colorectal cancer.
In his view, we've now reached the tipping point where ARM-based laptops can compete with Intel-based ones.
The regulations are also expected to accelerate the movement away from commission-based investments and toward fee-based accounts.
The executive order in that case was based on the same statutory authority that this one is based on.
The water-based exercises included water walking or running, water cycling and various types of water-based fitness classes.
In terms of fund families, Newport Beach, California-based Pimco holds a healthy lead over Los Angeles-based DoubleLine.
The company said that the coconut-based products contain about 25% less sugar than other plant-based yogurt alternatives.
Wilson, who will be based in London, joins from Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc's asset based lending division.
It would rate visa applicants on a point-based scale based on age, education, job offers and English proficiency.
"In fact, it is based on the alternative apps-based framework the industry suggested in this proceeding," they said.
Yang, with a quarter recognition, as well as other issue-based candidacies like the climate-based appeal of Gov.
Any reduction in family-based immigration must be combined with an equal or greater increase in skills-based immigration.
Didi has also invested in Uber's rivals globally, including U.S.-based Lyft, Brazil-based 99 and Singapore-headquartered Grab.
Where Strzok's failure is based on personal bias, however, Rosenstein's failure is based on personal interest in the investigation.
"It is quite experimental in that way — a story-based show, not an object-based show," Mr. Wide said.
Hell, a video-game studio based in Ivrea even created Orange Battle, a video game based on the festival.
The NIH, he said,  was batting for a hormone-based, repeat-use drug developed by a US-based firm.
What it's about: Marjane Satrapi directing the movie based on her own graphic novel based on her own life.
This "activity-based" rather than "status-based" determination has been upheld for more than a century, McKeown points out.
The video features a collaboration between Chicago-based animator Louis Morton and LA-based animation director Simon Wilches-Castro.
Still Star-Crossed is based on a YA novel by Melinda Taub, itself loosely based on Romeo and Juliet.
The Facebook Messenger-based chat bot lets you report emergencies to the authorities through a quick image-based interface.
Based on the career of the Montreal-based, Mexico City-born artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, the answer is yes.
The unprecedented demand for plant-based "beef" likely convinced industry leaders that plant-based proteins were no longer niche.
Lower courts and agencies have often ruled that discrimination based on who someone loves means discrimination based on sex.
The film is based on Alberto Moravia's novel of the same name, and the professor is based on Carlo.
Top universities need to end their policies of race-based affirmative action and turn them into socioeconomic-based policies.
Trump's tariffs are based on Section 232 of a 1962 U.S. law that allows safeguards based on "national security".
Sternberg told Motherboard that IQ tests for skill in for many school-based tasks and some life-based tasks.
U.S. company Abbott, Swiss-based Roche Diagnostics and California-based Cepheid's GeneXpert were all ramping up production, he said.
And I say that because transportation should be evidenced-based, and the fixing of infrastructure should be evidence-based.
Plant-based meat and dairy substitutes often use the names of the animal-based products they purport to replace.
Consumer enthusiasm for plant-based meat doesn't mean anything if there's not enough plant-based meat to go around.
The AHCA insurance-based credits would thus unwittingly subsidize inefficient, insurance-based practices over more efficient, direct-pay practices.
The officials maintained that the restrictions are based on an objective worldwide review, not based on origin or religion.
It sold its value-based care analytics business to Dallas-based healthcare advisory firm Koan Health earlier this year.
Kids may be cut off from financial aid, since need-based help is largely based on the parents' resources.
Shanghai-based Qutoutiao, whose name means 'fun headline,' collects and distributes articles and videos based on content-recommendation algorithms.
He said the goal was really to move away from a hydrocarbon based economy to a knowledge based economy.
This formula is a corn-based litter with the addition of plant-based ingredients to ensure superior odor control.
Imminent Danger Pay (IDP) is a location-based pay, while Hostile Fire Pay (HFP) is an event-based pay.
The authors of his budget blueprint can evasively claim such cuts are justified based on an evidence-based approach.
Breaking this down further: 28 have raised capital from U.S.-based VC firms or exited to U.S.-based acquirers.
It ain't just based on color: it's based on, if you're in a port city, they want that port.
As children get older, video-based testimonials and internet-based games are proving effective and less expensive, he added.
The newest product in Beyond Meat's lineup of plant-based "meats" is its Beyond Beef plant-based ground meat.
Companies can also seek appeals based on U.S. production of steel and aluminum and specific national security-based considerations.
The Obama era guidance was based on the administration's interpretation of Title IX, which bans discrimination based on sex.
In December, Signature Bank (SBNY), a New York-based commercial lender, launched a digital payments platform based on blockchain.
Then there are often gaps of more than 10 percent between yen-based bitcoin price and dollar-based price.
"There's always a loser when you start making judgments based on other things than based on merit," he said.
He says that single family home values are based on comparables, while multifamily are based on net operating income.
Its portfolio companies include SheerID, a Portland, Oregon-based identity marketing firm, and London-based online payments company Paysafe.
It depends upon if you want to define a field based on the questions or based on its tools.
Thanks to the EU, London-based banks currently serve a continent-sized market just like New York-based ones.
Specifically, "Amazon will receive performance-based direct incentives of $573 million based on the company creating 25,000 jobs with an average wage of over $150,000 in Arlington," and "Amazon will receive performance-based direct incentives of $1.525 billion based on the company creating 25,000 jobs in Long Island City," the company noted.
Last Monday, numerous India-based outlets reported that FixNix, a Bangalore-based governance, risk management, and compliance platform, had raised $500,000 in seed funding led by Vijayan, along with other, unnamed, Silicon Valley-based angel investors.
Of the global business leaders who responded, 83 percent of U.S.-based CFOs, 85.7 percent of EMEA- based CFOs and 42.9 percent of APAC-based CFOs argued that Trump's principal focus should be corporate tax reform.
Her current focus is on breach risk mitigation by teaching organizations how to shift from a prevention-based security infrastructure to one of an adaptive security defense based on the adoption of deception-based cyber warfare.
CORPNET, an Amsterdam-based corporate research group, ranked the world's top tax havens based on how much more money comes into the country than how much should come in based on the size of its economy.
Although the burgers are plant-based, it's important to note they're not vegan — not only do they come with cheese and a mayo-based sauce, they're cooked on the same grill as meat-based menu items.
I don't believe that is happening in Redmond [where Microsoft is based] or Redwood Shores [where Oracle is based] on a regular basis, or in Waldorf [where SAP is based], but we are having those conversations.
This month, the company showed off the first brick-based fruits of those efforts: About 25 different Lego shapes, many of them plants, will now be made from sugarcane-based polyethylene rather than oil-based plastic.
A greater or "higher" moral center must be found and forged within the constitutional network, be it Torah-based, dharma-based, Christian-based or other, for the state and individual to awaken to its full destiny.
" She added, "Some of the critiques of me were based on race and gender, some were based purely on race and some were based purely on gender — I got to experience the entire landscape of concern.
Harris bluntly offered that the reduced expectations about her in the past were "based on race, based on gender and based on what people expect and what they think about who can do what," she added.

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