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"astonishment" Definitions
  1. a feeling of very great surprise

500 Sentences With "astonishment"

How to use astonishment in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "astonishment" and check conjugation/comparative form for "astonishment". Mastering all the usages of "astonishment" from sentence examples published by news publications.

In another, she expressed astonishment that women could support him.
In conversations with donors, Mr. Biden expressed astonishment at Mrs.
" He expressed astonishment at Trump's "laser-like focus and retention.
"I have no problem," Trump replied, to the room's astonishment.
To his astonishment, their system seems to be performing well.
He spends an entire blowjob looking down in open astonishment.
We saw it, to our astonishment, in Alabama in December.
To Sunstein's astonishment, the professor was stroking the student's hair.
The frightful scene elicited astonishment that anyone could have survived.
To the astonishment and alarm of some Britons, he was.
A few months later, to his astonishment, he was admitted.
The troops and I looked at each other in astonishment.
" Heather asked Ruth's home health aide, Indira, in astonishment. "Yes!
"Who unearths a grave?" the young Massoud asked with astonishment.
I applied, and to my astonishment I got the job.
He deals in astonishment, and he has done something astonishing here.
One of them, to her astonishment, held the confidential 210 memo.
"That's pretty amazing," the senator responded, giving a look of astonishment.
Critics pounced with astonishment, maybe mixed with a little secret delight.
Taylor highlighted his 'astonishment' at Giuliani's 'alarming' shadow campaign in Ukraine.
He's insouciant about the deed but his teacher screeches her astonishment.
EU diplomats and officials expressed astonishment about the uncertainty in London.
"Indeed it would excite astonishment; but it would never move you."
Lawrence introduces Morgan in what looks like a state of astonishment.
So, to his astonishment, the government shut down for two weeks.
" The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as an "exclamation of astonishment.
In the directors' box, the club's executives veered between ecstasy and astonishment.
To general astonishment (polling is not permitted), the ruling party was eliminated.
But the astonishment is also because separatism is unfamiliar in Latin America.
It takes conscious effort, then, to appreciate the extra layer of astonishment.
Some health-care analysts expressed astonishment at the defeat of the agreement.
"For me it is the Olympics," smiled Holzner, with a genuine astonishment.
The 145th running of the Kentucky Derby ended in astonishment and controversy.
Mr. McCain's family expressed astonishment and outrage after the remark became known.
Hawke seldom registers anything more interesting than astonishment at Finn's good fortune.
Their reaction is fear and astonishment, but they have no words to identify the unspeakable. This astonishment is plausible. Together with the certification via the act of seeing it gives to the marvelous event a high degree of verisimilitude.
At a hilltop outdoor snack bar, a teenage girl regarded us with astonishment.
The German foreign minister said it had caused "astonishment and agitation" within NATO.
However, sometimes when they bump against each other, they bite out of astonishment.
Then, to his astonishment, he received a phone-call from the seed company.
The government in Tunis summoned the Italian ambassador to convey its "profound astonishment".
"The entire class action field is watching this case with astonishment," he said.
"I wasn't expecting the astonishment of bystanders and the sexual harassment," Zein recalled.
To everyone's astonishment his party surged back, trouncing a trio of rival parties.
After her death, the revelation that she was a woman provoked widespread astonishment.
Manville is a sharp, quicksilver presence, her face hovering between impatience and astonishment.
Lack of astonishment lay between them, slablike, erasing something every time it appeared.
"No one cares here," my host, Baha Nababta, said, laughing at my astonishment.
To my brother's astonishment and delight, Jerusalem opened its first ramen restaurant in April.
To the astonishment of her classmates, she stepped out with help from her date.
"The passion caused by the great and sublime in nature…is astonishment," he says.
In the morning, to onlookers' astonishment the computer raucously hooted out the National Anthem.
Cautiously I stepped back, but to my astonishment, the blue fizzing started up again.
To your astonishment, its mouth opens to reveal a gargantuan piece of chewing gum.
I've already had two phone calls from sources close to Trump expressing their astonishment.
The astonishment-prone host (Wow!) has turned a pure zeal for business (It's amazing
I sent it to the Queen, and to my astonishment ... What was it about?
He, with his arms raised as if in astonishment, now looks down at her.
To the astonishment of onlookers, she refused to give up her seat when asked.
They studied the ticket and concluded, to their astonishment, that the win was legitimate.
Accordingly, I'm greeted with astonishment whenever I try to explain my dad's financial status.
To our astonishment, the board hanging under it appeared to be a touch-screen.
It's the human astonishment at the power of nature, at the beauty of nature.
It was an achievement so unexpected that many Americans wept in joy and astonishment.
Foreign policy analysts expressed astonishment that Mr. Trump would so cavalierly endanger that partnership.
Years later, Eleanor Roosevelt would express astonishment at the cigar-puffing Churchill's iron constitution.
Moore and Perry look at each other in astonishment as the screen goes black.
The artist skillfully depicts surprise and astonishment of the father, other relatives, and clergy.
Again, you can imagine the astonishment in the Google offices: we're giving money to extremists?
As it turns out, there's a theory known as the principle of least astonishment (POLA).
The moment of astonishment, fleeting as it may be, becomes a crease in your heart.
When I met those writers, I tried my best to keep my astonishment to myself.
People often react with astonishment and disbelief when told how well we are all doing.
But critics had already spent a day expressing their astonishment and anger over the failure.
Taylor said that he and others on the call "sat in astonishment" at the news.
The specific epithet is derived from Latin babae (meaning an exclamation of astonishment or joy).
Citing Mr. Sanders's attendance at a lobbyist-filled Democratic Party fund-raiser, Mr. Clinton expressed astonishment.
It featured green fire, a darkly lit lake and looks of astonishment on the characters' faces.
There's no snotty remark about her gender, or astonishment that she's not gagging at the prospect.
"Even the sweetest, sweetest men can't deal with it!" she says, widening her eyes in astonishment.
Fans were surprised and shared their astonishment via memes, jokes, and just general outcry on Twitter.
To her astonishment, she recalled, he opened a closet and emerged with an ordinary household broom.
"Just to see the astonishment on people's faces, that's payoff for me," Mr. Cremin said later.
Even if it weren't that good, the mere existence of the movie would be an astonishment.
But Thiel held firm, and to the astonishment of everyone else in Silicon Valley, Trump won.
Pet owners are hiding behind a sheet and running away, to the astonishment of their animals.
The feeling of astonishment, being knocked off kilter, is what makes me vulnerable as a reader.
The way Ms. Buether's set gave physical life to the physics of time was an astonishment.
He expressed astonishment at what he had seen, and took to YouTube to share his findings.
His father slowly began writing numbers on the whiteboard, and to Lance's astonishment, the combination worked.
Five surly youths wearing red raglan smocks and merry tasselled hats turned toward him in astonishment.
There were even several minutes of astonishment in store for a capacity crowd of mixed allegiance.
Every single person I showed the new display expressed astonishment at its brightness, color and clarity.
She is sophisticated and naïve, self-assured and terrified, armored in cynicism and open to astonishment.
My astonishment was even greater when, after staring for even longer, I finally noticed the gray.
The men's response models our own: astonishment at the power and beauty of Guercino's artful nude.
She recalls her "astonishment at the richness of organisms at those altitudes, despite the harsh conditions".
The League watches in astonishment and Dusk says she no longer believes that anything is impossible.
The app will also then send you a picture of the event that triggered your child's astonishment.
John and Gail voice their astonishment over having finally gotten the "big ending" they've been waiting for.
Deuteronomy 28:28 says, 'The Lord shall smite thee with madness, and blindness, and astonishment of heart.
The comments led to "astonishment and agitation" within the alliance, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said.
The mere fact of this book would be astonishing, if Trump hadn't pulverized our capacity for astonishment.
Those who feared it would be bad are watching in astonishment as the reality surpasses their fears.
To their utter astonishment, the footage showed a secret tomb with numerous coffins stacked upon one another.
That notion caused "astonishment" and "agitation" among Europe's leaders, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has said.
To the astonishment of our traditional allies, Trump humiliates and weakens a country he pretends to lead.
Video of his jump showed other participants looking on in astonishment as he leaped over a bull.
As much as parenting is love, warmth, astonishment and joy, it is also unease, uncertainty, humility, fear.
The layer of maple frosting is incredibly thick, and to my astonishment, the maple flavor came through.
In our call, Mered expressed astonishment at how poorly the Italians understood the forces driving his enterprise.
One day, to everyone's astonishment, someone drops a match in the powder keg and everything blows up.
"There was a collective gasp of astonishment in the audience when they presented their numbers," she said.
But word that a woman had been hired to renovate the luxurious hotel was met with astonishment.
There's the authentic, uncontainable gasp of genuine astonishment or dismay, as involuntary as a yelp of pain.
I wandered the narrow lanes, from mausoleum to madrasa, mosque to palace complex, with wide-eyed astonishment.
When I finally invited another child for a play date, his mother wept with astonishment and appreciation.
I'm sure the look on my face betrayed the mix of indignation and astonishment I was feeling.
To everyone's astonishment, Trump initially agreed, until House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy gently instructed him not to.
In classrooms and dining halls, on quads and in bars, there was a similar sense of astonishment.
Prisoners confessed their astonishment at the presence of tanks in these places deemed impractical for such vehicles.
Bush couldn't "understand why people" were for Trump, and "expressed astonishment that women could support him," Page writes.
He knew the sentimental value behind the word and, to my complete and utter astonishment, he loved it.
Delight turned to astonishment halfway through when I learned that Mr. Marzorati is 63 and considers himself old.
Interviewed by French reporters, Mr. Petitjean's mother, who was identified by news agencies as Yamina Boukessoula, expressed astonishment.
On hearing the request, Mr. Baker looked at him in astonishment and rolled his eyes, Mr. Hodsoll recalled.
W. Tillerson, expressed astonishment at the use in a public space of a substance like the nerve agent.
Lucille Clifton and Elizabeth Bishop are never-ending sources of anchoring and astonishment for me as a poet.
To my astonishment, "The Mending Project" succeeded in generating an intimate experience that blends narrative and textile arts.
A year later, the only person playing dumb and feigning astonishment is Vladimir Putin -- and that's by design.
To Deck's astonishment she is applying makeup with one hand while tapping out musical rhythms with the other.
So you can imagine my astonishment and, to be honest, embarrassment, when Cindy came to see me again.
A stunning instant that will be replayed for as long as games are won in a final astonishment.
But the rising pall of smoke, watched worldwide on television, evoked a familiar combination of horror and astonishment.
It is scarce to be wondered that these uncourtly epistles excited no little astonishment in the English camp.
Then he shut off the motor and volplaned to earth, to the no small astonishment of the surgeon.
Anti-abortion activists conceded defeat early on Saturday as their opponents expressed astonishment at the scale of their victory.
When the sounds returned, Amanda covered her mouth with her hands in astonishment and then cried tears of joy.
" Abraham Denmark, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia under President Barack Obama, expressed astonishment. "Wow.
He still vividly recalls his astonishment on his first day at seeing an electric rice-cooker full of rice.
To my astonishment, the magnificent Royal Palace was a mere 50 meters away, and the restaurant had river views.
To archeologists' astonishment, the occupant of the tomb was buried with an entire fleet of chariots and seventy horses.
They also expressed their astonishment that mass shootings at schools are still occurring, 20 years after the Columbine attack.
" As McCain spoke, the camera then cut to Behar, who had a look of astonishment on her face.  "OK.
To my astonishment, Max chose the Polo Lounge, the minky dining room and bar off the hotel's main lobby.
"The sounds around me, they get loud," Ms. Van Patten's Joan says with a perfect matter-of-fact astonishment.
It is a continuing astonishment to many a sensible adult that anyone who survived adolescence takes Ayn Rand seriously.
I would sit back and listen while the three of them filled the room with astonishment, alarm and life.
And they said he has regularly expressed astonishment at how little Mr. Trump understands the basics of foreign policy.
To my astonishment, I love the Note's "Food" mode, which adds some blur and saturation to any macro shot.
Nearly all of their reminiscences are tinged with the kind of astonishment that can start to sound like admiration.
I spotted an end cap that was completely pumpkin spice items over the weekend and jumped backward in astonishment.
So, for sure, was the Trump who expressed astonishment that being president was harder work than his previous jobs.
Anna Biller's "The Love Witch" (June 24), a Maryland Film Festival discovery, is a metaphysical astonishment of another sort.
One position is astonishment at the creativity of the bizarre, graphic sex scenes she describes with so much relish.
The specific name uai is a common interjection of surprise and astonishment used by the people from Minas Gerais.
Barney Frank, have watched Buttigieg's rise with astonishment, bewildered by the fact that a gay politician would reach such heights.
Meghan Markle had the same reaction to her wedding gown as millions of royal fans around the world: total astonishment.
"Have they sprouted near the window where learning echoes?" chimes in Q, making Nic and me look up in astonishment.
Twitter erupted into jokes over Trump's protocol breach — and by jokes, we mean, a gobsmacked combination of shame and astonishment.
"That would start with When Harry Met Sally," Scott proclaimed, counting off on his fingers as Ryan watched in astonishment.
But as much as parenting is love, is warmth, is astonishment, is joy, it is also unease, uncertainty, humility, fear.
Yet he also recounted his astonishment that 250 people had turned out against the migrants at a City Council meeting.
Irving substitutes for an injured player, shooting hoops to the astonishment of his teammates, before a flashback shows his transformation.
Clinton staring at a smartphone, mouth agape in astonishment, as she watched the Chicago Cubs clinch a World Series berth.
The works are part of a lifelong exploration into capturing moments of amazement, awe, terror, and astonishment in physical formations.
This presumption is evident in the reactions of astonishment many people have to events like those taking place in Myanmar.
So I asked a guard, and to my astonishment, I received a nub pencil and a small slip of paper.
It's little wonder then that the 2132.40th running of the Kentucky Derby on Saturday ended in astonishment, controversy and confusion.
As grips and assorted other crew members scurried by, the two craned their necks, looks of astonishment on their faces.
He seemed astonished by America, and he expressed that astonishment in sentences that zinged up and out like bottle rockets.
"We watched with astonishment as a dam wall broke," Kantor and Twohey write of the response to that first article.
Presented with Mr. Pence's history on reproductive rights, a 54-year-old man in the same focus group expressed astonishment.
To my astonishment, the Senate barber charged me only $85033 — a substantial discount from what I'd customarily paid in Connecticut.
But their families, neighbors, former classmates—and, in Farook's case, colleagues and fellow-worshippers—expressed only astonishment after the attack.
Paul Tomas Harris is an American inventor, magician, and writer.Mead, Eric. "Paul Harris: Living In Astonishment." MAGIC Magazine June 2007.
Matter When scientists first started to figure out how to extract DNA from ancient skeletons, their success was met with astonishment.
Families waiting in lines at school buildings and mosques could be overheard expressing their astonishment at the level of the turnout.
But to our utter astonishment, the state machinery has turned into an instrument of suppression for freethinkers, writers, bloggers and publishers.
Democrats and some Republicans reacted with astonishment at the argument, suggesting it would sanction a virtually limitless exercise of presidential power.
To her astonishment, the studio officially greenlighted Bao, and Shi found herself suddenly leading a small army of animators and artists.
The new venture is doing quite well, though to Marcus' astonishment they explain that they often have no access to chocolate.
And you only recover that sense of astonishment if you realize how small and insignificant we would otherwise seem to be.
He often remarks with astonishment and disgust that there have never been more than 13 humans in space at one time.
The boarder's encounter with the masked mischief maker started off innocently enough, with the athlete eyeing the swimming raccoon in astonishment.
To the astonishment of senior police in Punjab province, some 100,000 people turned out for Qadri's funeral prayers on March 2nd.
But nothing could suppress his astonishment when Star drove up to their Calabasas mansion in the Aston Martin the following day.
In the secure bunker underneath the prime minister's office, her advisers listened in to the call in astonishment at Trump's demand.
At one tense moment Fidel Castro walked into the crowd of protesters, who reacted to his presence with astonishment and fear.
Big John overcomes various threats before landing in Holland, much to the obvious astonishment of its white inhabitants, the ad shows.
Every day in the Trump era one could start a sentence with "never before …" and end it in astonishment and exclamation.
Trevor Noah feigned astonishment at hearing that Apple has become the first American company to reach a valuation of $1 trillion.
Reflecting the party divisions, allies of each of the men involved reacted with astonishment, relief or dismay according to their allegiances.
Her father looked up in astonishment at the clearing skies and proclaimed that their stroke of luck had protected their crops.
To their astonishment, Mr. Alperovitch said, CrowdStrike experts found signs that the two Russian hacking groups had not coordinated their attacks.
In a tweet earlier this week, Barber expressed astonishment at the contributions social media users had made to the Facebook campaign.
But the less than four-year term shocked many legal observers and sparked looks of astonishment among prosecutors in Ellis' courtroom.
" The actor feigned astonishment while reading the Amazing Spider-Man comic book No. 311, "The Return of the Man Called Mysterio!
Until last month, when a visitor to Vermilion cracked the code on his first try, much to the astonishment of everyone present.
Before you express too much astonishment that someone so wealthy and powerful left no will, however, ask yourself: do you have one?
In "Private Empire", a book about ExxonMobil by Steve Coll, the author can barely disguise his astonishment at how far this went.
" Whitehall sources speaking to the BBC said the latest leak was "on another level," and had left officials in "disbelief and astonishment.
As we head toward the apartment, Laura stares at me in astonishment, as if I've let her in on my true identity.
Indeed, flaunting a taste for astonishment, his collection of collections has EVERYTHING for the postmodern globalist in the age of data retrieval!
"For us, the name 'Sweet Baby Jesus!' is a phrase meaning awe or astonishment," DuClaw president Dave Benfield said at the time.
"Doctors have expressed their astonishment that Brad is in fact still alive having sustained the injuries that he did," the GoFundMe reads.
I remember, my eyes open to the lives of neighbors, my astonishment at seeing that wives and husbands were not natural enemies.
Ski-racing people spoke of her with the same astonishment that greeted the kid-phenom incarnations of Wayne Gretzky and Tiger Woods.
For longtime students, seeing the archive may conjure a familiar feeling of astonishment at just how deep the well of Dylanology goes.
To my astonishment, I discovered that a heartland of the white supremacist movement is in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.
But none of these steps ignited as much astonishment, and disquiet, as Mr. Xi's decision to end term limits on the presidency.
People, he says, react with astonishment when told how well we're doing, so his book sets out to tell them just that.
Defending herself against the initial astonishment at her creation, she said that she hadn't been finished when the priest made her stop.
To Mr. Joudeh's astonishment, he was soon saying goodbye to his mother, brother and sister in Damascus and leaving his homeland behind.
To the astonishment of the outside world, the same women who vigorously defended multiple marriages also fought for—and won—female suffrage.
On Sunday night, French television commentators expressed astonishment that the longtime favorite, Mr. Juppé, had suddenly become a challenger with tough odds.
What lingers, though, are strains of anger, ardor, sorrow and sweetness, and the quiet astonishment of witnessing the birth of a legend.
So a great deal of the astonishment over the proud detail of its blackness comes with an awareness of a white gaze.
The news that SpaceX had hired Gerstenmaier as a consultant sent shockwaves of astonishment and no little joy across the aerospace community.
Then, slowly, the workers moved backwards; the dust cloud was magically reabsorbed and the wall stood back up, to the audience's astonishment.
To my astonishment, they tried to charge pounds 50 plus VAT, saying the car had to be depolluted before being disposed of.
I reach for my clavicle in astonishment, looking for someone to turn to and corroborate my experience, this moment — can you see me?
To my astonishment, I've found myself subject to that most 21st-century phenomenon — becoming a hot topic on the internet and social media.
In America, where—to the astonishment of Europeans—nobody under 21 is allowed to buy drink, plenty of youngsters have fake identity cards.
Last Tuesday, the president literally jumped out from behind a wall to the astonishment/seeming abject terror of a White House tour group.
Astonishment turned to delight with the subsequent discovery of exquisitely preserved examples of these feathers in the petrified tree resin known as amber.
And yet, when the results came in, to general astonishment, Mr Yameen was declared to have lost, with only 42% of the vote.
Photos of her reaction show Clinton making a face of astonishment and reporters saw Clinton laughing and joking with aides as she watched.
"I don't know if the drama was meant for me because I was new," he recalls in an interview, miming open-mouthed astonishment.
As Jen dislodges it, cutting into her stomach with a knife, she watches her own flesh in astonishment as if to say, this?
And to my Turkish translator's complete lack of astonishment or discomfort, the conversation would occasional shift to her personal life, or deviate altogether.
After a string of increasingly frustrating and misguided interviews where Aslan had to "tap down his astonishment," he started to rethink his strategy.
Watching with astonishment is Louis Fisher, a constitutional scholar and veteran senior specialist on separation of power issues for the Congressional Research Service.
All in all, there isn't a false or hollow rendering of any character in these productions — an astonishment in itself given their breadth.
The bronzes were sold and scattered across Western museums, where they met with astonishment and prompted revisions of racist assumptions about African art.
Then Ms. Swift covered the Chicks' 2006 hit "Cowboy Take Me Away," much to her daughters' astonishment, and the crowd sang along. Loudly.
Video posted to Norman's Instagram story shows him inside a bullring, with people looking on in astonishment as he jumps over a bull.
" He looked at us for a few seconds with a mixture of horror and astonishment before replying, "Hey man, I like your style.
As a longtime cannabis connoisseur and former prisoner of the drug war, I've watched the decriminalization wave with equal parts pleasure and astonishment.
He ended up writing two songs, including "Mystery of Love," which, to Mr. Stevens' lasting astonishment, landed an Oscar nomination for best song.
After an uncomfortable conversation that lasted less than 30 seconds, I walked off, leaving him with a look of astonishment on his face.
He once likened the European Union to the Soviet Union, and caused some astonishment when he accidentally described his Chinese wife as Japanese.
The black cop — Ron Stallworth (John David Washington), our hero — expresses astonishment at the idea that Americans would ever do such a thing.
Unscripted Trump is the one who obsesses about crowd size and expresses complete astonishment that constructing a national health care plan is hard.
Yamanaka's method—based on manipulating gene expression—had initially been met with astonishment, but it soon fuelled a rapidly growing billion-dollar industry.
"Like it had a silk wrapping on it," he said, and the smile he gave me then was shy and full of astonishment.
He looked at her with such genuine astonishment that she felt she would take it back immediately, the whole thing, if she could.
The queen's arrival apparently caused gasps of astonishment among the unsuspecting crowd at London Fashion Week, and was widely reported by U.K. media.
Astonishment, fluidity and changefulness are inherently resistant to precepts which describe how they come about, and these things are Montaigne's stock-in-trade.
"There's nothing better than discovering, to your own astonishment, what you're meant to do," Mr. Nichols — comedian, writer, director, actor and producer — once said.
Her astonishment is likely due to the fact that her attempt to course-correct Mnuchin was, to her, a procedural part of the hearing.
"Richard II" was an astonishment, though — partly because of Ms. O'Connor's masterly ability to hold a room spellbound, and partly because of the script.
How does the article explain why it is "little wonder" that the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby ended in "astonishment, controversy and confusion"?
He looked around in seeming astonishment at his family and friends and the bounty he'd provided, with such hopes, for a much larger audience.
"To our astonishment, it just hasn't happened," said Mr. Geerling, who cited just two examples of suspicious items being offered to the association's members.
Both Mr. Cuomo and Ms. Clark described the meeting in interviews this week, each expressing something like astonishment at the encounter and its result.
Much to her husband's astonishment, Ms. Emecheta left the marriage and, from 1965 to 1969, worked as a library officer at the British Museum.
Each fresh Trump astonishment overrides an old one, as if it were a new file on a hard drive that has reached storage capacity.
Ms Tu remembers her uncle, King Liu, founder of Giant, remarking with astonishment in 24 that "Americans are bringing cash here to buy bikes".
MUNICH — In the summer of 2015, the world watched in astonishment as Germans cheered crowds of refugees streaming into train stations throughout the country.
So the general astonishment that has greeted Hector Majul since his arrival in Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, in late November does not surprise him.
It was just astonishment and wonder, and I think that any scientist in any field would know that to see something for the first time.
At the end, the contestants stepped on scales and, to Dr. Hall's astonishment, registered incredible weight loss, as much as 13 pounds in one week.
It should be to no one's astonishment that the Djibouti government kicked the U.S. military off its installation in favor of the People's Liberation Army.
But to the astonishment of market professionals, even some pension fund managers - the traditionally ultra-conservative guardians of people's retirement incomes - wanted to join them.
In the final third of the book, the reader's pilgrimage is rewarded when Louie ends up — to his own astonishment — in Leithauser's version of Greenland.
As the story limps and drags, the viewer also becomes accustomed to the images, and astonishment at the film's innovative, painstaking technique begins to fade.
BEIJING — When China's best-known historian of the Korean War, Shen Zhihua, recently laid out his views on North Korea, astonishment rippled through the audience.
The astonishment of Mr. Emerson's performance is how universal and particular it is, saying that, yes, we all die, but we all die as individuals.
In neighboring Singapore, Goh Chok Tong, the former prime minister of Singapore, took to Twitter to express his astonishment with the political tumult in Malaysia.
To the auto industry's astonishment, close to a half-million people have already put down $1,000 deposits in hopes of getting their hands on it.
Only once did she receive a coveted invitation to join the president on court – and, to the astonishment of her colleagues, she turned him down.
"I and the others on the call sat in astonishment," William B. Taylor Jr., the top United States diplomat in Ukraine, testified to House investigators.
Almost a century on, his work remains a fertile field of study, an object of astonishment, and a source of pride to his native land.
As Comey's special assistant, I met individuals around the country who, to my astonishment, had considered Comey their last best hope against electing Clinton president.
And he expressed astonishment that during a television interview Sunday morning, Mr. Trump refused to repudiate the white supremacist David Duke or the Ku Klux Klan.
The ministry expressed "the kingdom's astonishment and its utter rejection of these hostile statements, which it deemed a blatant intervention in the kingdom's affairs", SPA said.
In the wake of the Weinstein revelations, many men — including extremely plugged-in, media machination–savvy journalists — expressed astonishment, especially at the suggestion that everyone knew.
So too at the Proms: after her performance, it seemed as if the audience let out a collective sigh of astonishment at what they had seen.
He remembers tuning into a major news channel after the election and hearing a reporter express astonishment at the depressed economic conditions he witnessed in Pennsylvania.
But he was also weird enough in his own right and on his own eccentric merits that the astonishment he produced marked everyone who saw him.
But the look and feel of the film are all director Steven Spielberg, who appears to have slapped on the wonder and astonishment with a trowel.
Albright, who previously said proposed cuts to the State Department budget "will undercut American diplomacy," on Tuesday expressed astonishment that such deep cuts were even proposed.
I am saying, to my astonishment, that we could all learn from him, and my surprise owes something to his previously incoherent rules of the commode.
Strange, in his role as a television analyst, walked all 18 holes with Woods and watched in astonishment as the player triple-bogeyed the first hole.
Midway through the call, however, and to the astonishment of everybody present (with, I suspect, the exception of Robinson), a welcome but unexpected guest showed up.
As brought to life by Mr. Beale, one of the finest classical actors alive, Henry is radiant with astonishment, trepidation and a sense of infinite possibilities.
The great flying buttresses seeming to arc improbably out of the river were — and fortunately still are — an astonishment and a satisfactory substitute for closer contemplation.
He's released four albums, all met with something like critical astonishment, and his most recent, "Eclipse," displays a rangy, easygoing maturity that feels new for him.
Yet to the astonishment of many people, his record has not stopped him from trying to re-enter politics, or, more recently, from enjoying some success.
One source reacted with astonishment, saying "Barr knew better," adding "I remember thinking he can't possibly agree with that" but noted he never said it publicly.
He was tall and lanky, with a John Cleese mustache and the kind of wary astonishment I imagine that men released after years in prison have.
Astonishment and disgust at how a game that made such a revolutionary decision at launch could subsequently undercut that immensity by returning direct control to players.
For the past 20 years, astronomer Julie Rathbun from the Planetary Science Institute in Arizona has watched in astonishment as this volcano erupts with eerie regularity.
His evident astonishment that the parties in the independence coalition would keep their campaign promise, and hold a referendum on separation from Spain, compounded the error.
In his review for The Times, A. O. Scott wrote that the viewer "becomes accustomed to the images, and astonishment at the film's innovative, painstaking technique."
On November 8th, barring some astonishment, the people of the United States will, after two hundred and forty years, send a woman to the White House.
Zorin professed astonishment that the United Kingdom could abstain on a Commonwealth citizen. The Council then asked the permanent members to "continue their consultations" and adjourned.
When we were packing up the things to come here, our friends expressed their astonishment at our taking so many of the little elegancies of life.
Western scrap-industry veterans express astonishment at the Chinese authorities' willingness to sacrifice the needs of its industrial base, parts of which rely heavily on reprocessed materials.
" Though the White House plan is being called out as cruel and depraved, Carter noted, the controversy won't get the sustained attention it deserves: "Astonishment will ebb.
Many fans on social media who attended the party responded with astonishment, because they didn't know they were allowed to take the llamas in the first place.
I could not put the book down (I read it in one sitting with my mouth open in astonishment), and now follow Itzler and Goggins on Instagram.
The child's whole body responded in a violent spasm of astonishment, almost as if she'd been looking out for Valerie, yet not actually expecting her to appear.
Though the Americans professed astonishment at the work, they had no idea how to use it—how to insert this exotic material into their already polished designs.
I switched to nonfiction prose, and found, to my astonishment, that I could express myself much better by writing about things I had nothing to do with.
The cardinal caused some astonishment a year ago at a ceremony that marked the 333rd anniversary of the defeat of the Ottomans in the battle of Vienna.
They took a walk, had dinner, and fell into bed where, to their mutual astonishment, a passion flared that made each of them declare themselves in love.
It has ignited anger and astonishment in China, where Huawei, one of the country's largest and most internationally successful private companies, is a source of national pride.
"The astonishment of the early Saatchi has now been normalized," said Stephen Bayley, a cultural commentator and former director of the privately owned Design Museum in London.
I believe that future generations will look back at our reluctance to provide equal protection under the law for queer Americans with a similar sense of astonishment.
Gayle Smith, 68, who runs an organic nursery, described her astonishment that her wooden home had survived having defended it from multiple small fires before eventually fleeing.
Bloomberg reported that May's advisers listened in astonishment at Trump's demand, while May told him that there was not much she could do about the press coverage.
50 (January 1943), pp. > 113–114. Available via ProQuest. Orville Prescott was also surprised by the selection, "only [registering] pained astonishment" when Bishop finds certain works funny.
2, July 1958. This feeling only intensified with the introduction in later lessons of the characters known as "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". To her husband's astonishment, Mrs.
He snatches the bouquet from the basket, inhales its perfume, and falls dead. Hortense cries out for help and the wedding guests enter and express general astonishment.
He grabbed a cream-colored mask that he had been saving for the right moment and returned to the ice wearing it, to the astonishment of the crowd.
She was placed in an inconspicuous aisle seat, much to the astonishment and delight of the surrounding crowd, to whom she blew kisses and affectionately clasped hands. 8.
Wearing a kimono on a Japanese bus causes no astonishment, notes Mr Fang, lamenting that a gap of several centuries separates Han traditional culture from the modern world.
Simple astonishment, one of the rarest of all literary experiences, is the most potent outcome; in Merwin's best poems, he seems brought up short by his own discoveries.
And a pair of cowboy-cut stuffed pork chops were so large on the plate of our dinner guest — a slender Englishman — that we all laughed in astonishment.
During the proceedings, Rabin, whose firm frequently handles L.G.B.T. cases, often struck a pose of speechless astonishment at what she was obliged to hear from the other side.
But astonishment has been quite common in response to events over the past couple of years, so investors would be well-advised to rule out nothing, however outlandish.
To her astonishment, Dr. Hass, the college president, called her in the middle of finals period, asking if she would work with the college on preventing sexual assault.
James Cleveland, who's so rocked at some point that he buries his damp face in a towel that he later hurls in astonishment past Franklin toward a camera.
And somehow we still have the gall to feign astonishment that people wouldn't immediately report an attack, instead holding it for a year, decades, maybe even a lifetime.
When Ms. Trump entered the office toward the end of the discussion on Wednesday, ostensibly to discuss tax reform, Republicans in the room reacted with astonishment and annoyance.
As usual, Mr. Buffett did not mince words in expressing his astonishment as to how elite investment professionals could register such mediocre returns while raking in steep fees.
His books suggested a keen familiarity with extreme states of longing and embodied an astonishment at the very nature of life, an attitude that is in itself sacred.
" I like his strictures about sex talk: "Sex is an acceptable subject when it is about other people, kind, funny, and spoken of with an air of astonishment.
"I begin to notice with astonishment that I do not read in order to notice what I disagree with," Chambers wrote in the last year of his life.
" So it was with a jolt of astonishment that her friends overseas read a WhatsApp message from her last March announcing that she had left Dubai "for good.
On a day of missed opportunities, the biggest came on the par four third hole when he missed a tap-in putt to the astonishment of the gallery.
Commentary on President Trump's Tuesday United Nations speech ranged from astonishment at the tone — calling a foreign leader "Rocket Man" is not par for the course — to dismissive.
Hilmes, pp. 107–08 Cosima records Levi's astonishment on being informed of his appointment.Skelton (ed.), p. 413 Ludwig was insistent that, despite Wagner's objections, the appointment would stand.
" Astonishment is a quality central to David Searcy's "Shame and Wonder," a nonfiction collection from a writer best known for two horror-­inflected novels, "Ordinary Horror" and "Last Things.
The last shot of "Mother's Mercy," the season five finale, was a long push in on Jon's face, look of astonishment frozen on it, as blood pooled around him.
To their astonishment, the spectrum came out to be exactly that of a Type II-P supernova — the most common and well-understood kind of exploding, dying, massive star.
In fact, to my astonishment, MOMENTA 2019 presented a greater number of objects than what one would expect for an image-based biennial, be it photography- or video-focused.
To his astonishment, it was the other woman from the parade who was accompanying his love with the same baby slung onto her hip—only now doubled in size.
It speaks of collecting fragmentation against scattering and loss, but also of futility, eccentricity, astonishment, admiration, awe, and a kind of dazed submission to the abundance of the world.
While politicians, diplomats and research analysts in Germany are publicly restrained, commentators enjoy more license to express the general astonishment at what the Berlin tabloid BZ labeled sheer cowardice.
" Here are some of the photos from the midnight drive: Mabkhoutah al-Mari drives to work for the first time in Riyadh: "between a feeling of joy and astonishment.
To my astonishment, the alcohol burned faintly with a mere hint of anise and lime; it more closely resembled a meadow in bloom than the Phlegethon I braced for.
I didn't even have time to tell myself that what I was thinking was wrongheaded before the woman raised her cellphone and, to complete my astonishment, took a selfie.
Mr. Trump's comments had "caused astonishment and commotion, and I'm sure not just in Brussels," where he spoke on Monday before a monthly meeting of European Union foreign ministers.
Along the way, he ups the ante by finding what he calls "astonishing" parallels between the Quran and early Christian texts, though such astonishment seems unnecessary to this reader.
Dafoe's thin, coiled physicality suggests both fragility and determination, while his tensile face flutters with an astonishment of emotions that, by turns, suggest a yielding or off-putting sensibility.
It was a welcome return to one of my favorite arcade racing games, but it was one without much astonishment or revelatory wonder at the quality of the remastering.
To his astonishment, he learned that his relatives had declared him dead because he taught at schools run by an organization that they considered an enemy of South Korea.
To their astonishment, he not only plunged into the fashionable gayeties and amusements of the town, but in dress and manner assumed the role of a leader of society.
Why had they not seen him as usual make his fine horse curvet in such beautiful style, to the delight and astonishment of the curious from the king's balcony?
It has the impact of transporting us right back to those few thrilling days in July 1969, recreating some of the anticipation and astonishment that must have surrounded the event.
Astonishment, Expectations And Reality In User Experience I'm writing this from a slightly saddened perspective, revisiting my favorite SNES RPGs and realizing something: I've been spoiled by modern UX design.
The top US diplomat in Ukraine, Bill Taylor, was on that teleconference as well and told lawmakers during his deposition that he "sat in astonishment" when he heard the news.
And towering over the band were three monoliths: surrealistic, cartoonish, wide-eyed faces, their expressions somewhere between astonishment and alarm, bathed throughout the set in neo-psychedelic lights and video.
Many Angelenos—in fact, every Angeleno he had consulted—appeared to view Mr Garcetti's recent hints that he was mulling a run for president in 2020 with astonishment, hilarity even.
" This sentiment is echoed by a (very real) Matt Lauer on The Today Show, who says with some astonishment, "I didn't even hear about this until about a week ago.
In a twist worthy of a telenovela, the earl invited him to dinner at the Campbell castle, where, to the Maclean chief's astonishment, she was found sitting at the table.
As my professor sat staring at the television screen in her own astonishment, I looked around at my handful of American peers, and we knew what we had to do.
Speaking to reporters in Brussels before a meeting of top EU diplomats, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said the comments had caused "astonishment and agitation" within the military alliance.
Whenever people visit Galitsky's soccer academy here — Spain lived and trained at the facility during the World Cup — they show nothing but "astonishment," said Maksim A. Savostin, its sporting director.
No film since has given me the same sense of sheer wonder and astonishment, nor drawn out the gut-wrenching emotions that Miyazaki was able to with his magical bathhouse.
The steamroller of the reform drive has left France caught somewhere between unease at the plenitude of Mr. Macron's powers and astonishment at the speed with which he is moving.
We watched firsthand with astonishment as they charged into the smoke to make sure all were safely out and then fought to contain the blaze and prevent it from spreading.
I offered up silent prayers of astonishment and silent prayers of gratitude and silent prayers for peace — peace for my own agitated heart and peace for the whole agitated world.
And I remember my subsequent astonishment to discover that Chabon had stolen the idea from Franklin Delano Roosevelt's secretary of the interior, Harold Ickes, who first proposed it in 1938.
In a São Paulo favela, she investigates not violence and death but "the delicate things that made life possible," challenging herself to maintain an "eye of astonishment" while chronicling inequality.
In 2003 I watched in frank astonishment as teams of Chinese workers erected entire hospitals -- complete with air filters, special sewage systems and electricity -- in just days, province-by-province.
Although the formal meeting was announced in advance, the later encounter was confirmed by the White House only after reports surfaced about the astonishment of some of the other guests.
The serrated-edge response was similar to something his new boss might do, but it rippled through the White House, with several staff members expressing astonishment at the public outburst.
Divers were dispatched to the site, only to find—much to their astonishment—that the entire structure was gone, save for a shredded transmission cable, according to a GEOMAR statement.
VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Father Ernest Simoni, a 88-year-old Albanian, was watching Pope Francis on television this month when, to his astonishment, he heard the pontiff mention his name.
Generally, the officials responded to this question with a look of astonishment, as if I had asked how many flying saucers from Mars landed in the ministry's parking last week.
To my astonishment, I found impeccably laid out studies for what would later become August Rodin's masterpiece "The Burghers of Calais" (1884-95), on loan from the Musée Rodin in Paris.
When Duluth's mayor, Emily Larson, first heard of Keenan's proposition that her city of 2260,2000 could be one of the best choices for climate migrants, her reaction was "astonishment", she said.
Bond's fantastical male style seems so completely cliché, so distant from the goals for my life, that all I can do is glare in astonishment at this phallic panic running amuck.
Gyarfas "expressed his astonishment" when he was detained and said he had always been willing to help police and had already told them all he knew about the case, Banati said.
I extended my arm to turn on the computer, and to my astonishment realized that my right hand disappeared when I moved it to the right lower quadrant of the keyboard.
That jab was seen by many as a veiled reference by Rubio to the size of Trump's privates, an inference Trump actually refuted (to everyone's astonishment) during the last GOP debate.
If there is a case to be made against industrial modernity, it cannot be made by Deen, whose perpetual astonishment seems more improbable than any environmental disaster portrayed in the novel.
As senators questioned both the Trump legal team and the Democratic managers of the trial, Trump lawyer Alan Dershowitz offered an expansive defense of presidential power that provoked astonishment among Democrats.
The > canoe. containing the thief was pursued, and, to the astonishment and dismay > of the company, the man in pursuit was able to produce lightning and thunder > and to inflict death.
Finally at the moment when the drunken fellow is on the point of being seized, he disappears through a casement and takes refuge on the roof, to the astonishment of all.
To his astonishment, three months after that informal conversation Reinhard Renger received a brief reply. Headed "Verification of the person" ("Überprüfung der Person"), it stated simply that "... she is not staying in the German Democratic Republic" ("... daß sie sich nicht in der DDR aufhält"). The reason for his astonishment was that in the past, when the German Democratic Republic found a question from the west inappropriate, they would simply have ignored it. The times really were changing.
"The foreign ministry expressed to the government of Israel, via its ambassador in Mexico, its profound astonishment, rejection and disappointment over Prime Minister Netanyahu's message," the foreign ministry said in a statement.
Surveillance footage of the robbery shows the men hurriedly entering the store, walking up to display tables, and grabbing a bunch of devices as customers and employees stare on with placid astonishment.
To the astonishment of many observers, including viewers around the world following live coverage of the fire, the government proceeded with a lavish fireworks display at midnight, even as the blaze continued.
The former "Daily Show" host expressed astonishment at Trump's decision to skip this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner and White House press secretary Sean Spicer's barring certain media outlets from a briefing.
But astonishment eventually gave way to acceptance, even implicitly from the nominee herself: the success of Sanders's campaign was no fluke, proving that the Democratic Party had moved decisively to the left.
New Haven and Durham, N.C., once widely known as dumps, have emerged as somehow cool, to the astonishment of alumni (I graduated when dinosaurs still walked, in 1971) who knew them then.
Or it is laced with pity, implying astonishment that someone with an impairment has ventured into sports and thus cheapening the hours trained and the sacrifices made in pursuit of athletic glory.
On Wednesday, in one of his few comments so far in the trial, he expressed astonishment at the $1 billion Turner pays each year for rights to broadcast National Basketball Association games.
Banding together with two dozen other women, she sued one of the world's most powerful companies and — to the astonishment of all — won history's first big damages award in a discrimination case.
So in self-defense, my family evolved one single autumnal ritual, back in the 1980s, and to my astonishment, we are still practicing it, in altered form, from New York in 2018.
To everybody's astonishment, Renuka's spirit multiplied and moved to different regions. Renuka was back as a whole too. This miracle inspired her sons and others to become her followers, and worship her.
Henry Moscow, "An Astonishment of New York Superlatives: Biggest, Smallest, Longest, Shortest, Oldest, First, Last, Most, Etc." New York Magazine vol. 7, no. 1 (31 December 1973/7 January 1974) p. 53.
Fritz, after reciting the speech he used to pick up the girls from New York, suddenly becomes revitalized and has another orgy with the trio of girls while Harriet watches in astonishment.
The second recitative is for bass, a secco accompanied only by the continuo. "" (Astonishment might dazzle the mighty, until the arm of the Highest throws them), relates to the gospel verse 52.
She is horrified, and tells the other girls about this. They watch the film again. To their astonishment, Maduka is not visible in the film. Instead, a smoke-like figure is visible.
"In Europe, tampons are not classified as medical devices, which means there are no manufacturing guidelines — for context, plasters are more regulated and better sanitised than tampons," she tells me, to my astonishment.
The world looks on in fear and astonishment, with the overpowering sense that America has become a danger to itself and the world, shortsighted, deeply divided and unwilling to consider the common good.
Soon after a researcher went through a cardboard box left behind in the vacated flat — and inside, to his astonishment, he discovered a welter of remarkable unpublished materials by the taciturn Nobel laureate.
The world — including the overwhelming majority of athletes — looked on in astonishment as WADA's lack of power was so publicly exposed and the I.O.C. showed themselves to be so staggeringly out of touch.
The Warmbiers also expressed astonishment that North Korea was not on the State Department's roster of state sponsors of terrorism, a designation that subjects the listed countries to special financial and military sanctions.
He has the outraged, childlike astonishment of someone surprised by hard grief for the first time in his life — and a concomitant disgust for the corrupt adult world that has shaped his existence.
Kavala's re-arrest, over allegations that he was involved in a 2016 attempted coup, in turn prompted expressions of astonishment and frustration from foreign observers of his case, opposition lawmakers and rights activists.
I still remember my astonishment 24 years ago when I realized, after staring for quite a long time, just how many shades of paint it takes to make an impression of singular yellow.
Persuaded by his son's accusations, the Tyrant summons Mazeres and orders him executed. Mazeres is dragged off stage in astonishment. The Tyrant exits. Zenarchus expresses satisfaction that his friend's death has been avenged.
The father's initial astonishment gave way to his approval. On his departure, Schindelmeisser gave young Weißheimer a picture dedicated to him as well as one of many original letters written by Richard Wagner.
The high voltage turns them into skeletons, but the band plays on. As they finish playing the song, they collapse into bone piles. The roadie walks in and spills the coffee with astonishment.
Her husband was the noted mathematician David Slepian. Her 2009 book, Astonishment: Life in the slow lane (), self-published when she was 88, is a collection of twenty brief essays on aging and life in a retirement community. In 2010, Laura Ekstrand, artistic director of Dreamcatcher Repertory Theater in South Orange, adapted the work into a stage production which was subsequently performed at various venues in New Jersey. In 2012, Slepian published a follow-up to Astonishment called How to Be Old.
If having to place a suture perfectly under the watchful eye of an experienced senior wasn't stressful enough, imagine my astonishment when during an operation, I'm handed the scalpel to make the initial incision.
Just minutes later, spectators dropped their mouths in astonishment as the medical crew dropped the lower end of the stretcher while trying to move Said into the ambulance — dropping the athlete in the process.
He appeared in a 100-seat theater, in a drawing-room set, with a deck of cards, and, for two hours, reduced the wise and blasé of the metropolis to a state of astonishment.
In all of my astonishment, I have hoped that every American would take a closer look at the currency in their pocket to ponder the same motto that guided our Founding Fathers centuries ago.
As students of Mumbai's colleges reviewed dog-eared question papers with friends on the sidewalk after finishing their exams, they returned again and again to astonishment that someone like Mr. Trump could be elected.
Critic's Pick The warning to the audience outside "Chambre Noire," a shadowy astonishment of a show from Plexus Polaire at the Under the Radar festival, is a remarkable mini catalog of things to come.
The ministry expressed "the kingdom's astonishment and its utter rejection of these hostile statements, which it deemed a blatant intervention in the kingdom's affairs", according to a statement released by the Saudi Press Agency.
After the war he preached in London and the Midlands, including Birmingham Cathedral. He expressed astonishment when his concerts and orationsErnest Newlandsmith, A Minstrel Friar (1927) p71 failed to spark a national religious revival.
Kyrgios, 24, has been infuriatingly inconsistent since then with his regular on-court misdemeanors overshadowing his ability to play the kind of audacious tennis that often has fans and rivals rubbing their eyes in astonishment.
Cory Booker's meme-worthy look of astonishment as Beto O'Rourke began speaking Spanish went viral, and later MSNBC got its microphone wires crossed, which may have been the only truly unscripted moment of the evening.
But we know that rapists rarely go to prison — which is why so many felt a sense of astonishment when Bill Cosby was found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault against Andrea Constand.
She's got dyed blonde hair and pouty lips, and a steely blue stare, like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital; and as I snap out of my trance I slap my forehead in astonishment.
Following his election, Trump spoke to nine other world leaders before he spoke to May while he caused astonishment in London when he suggested that Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage should be Britain's ambassador to Washington.
When Margot announced that Robert was there, everyone erupted in astonishment, and then they surrounded her and hustled her out of the bar as if she were the President and they were the Secret Service.
Mr. Taylor said he "sat in astonishment" as he learned via conference call that the White House Office of Management and Budget had put a hold on nearly $400 million in military assistance for Ukraine.
To Mr. Doig's surprise, though — and the astonishment of others in the art world — a federal judge in Chicago has set the case for trial next month at United States District Court for Northern Illinois.
In 2012, to the astonishment of the international media, a collection of more than 1,500 immensely valuable artworks were discovered in the Schwabing apartment of one Cornelius Gurlitt during an investigation into possible tax evasion.
Even pieces of ostensible criticism reach, almost unfailingly, a passage of barely hidden astonishment, writers gazing at his references to the ancient Roman working class or Thomas Cromwell like they just peeked inside the Matrix.
There are, in fact, important historical reasons that the idea of distinctively Buddhist tolerance figures both in nationalist disparagement of Myanmar's Rohingya and in widespread Western astonishment at the idea of Buddhists engaging in it.
The idea was met with astonishment in Mexico, where Mr. Trump is widely despised for his stream of insults against Mexican immigrants and his insistence on building a wall and sticking Mexico with the bill.
The astonishment for me was how naturally these songs fit into the context of a desperate, rudderless America of some 80 years ago, underscoring the free-floating anxiety and restlessness that imbues Mr. Dylan's work.
"You little [expletive] monkey," he repeated with deliberate calm, and to my astonishment I realized that, although I could not understand why, there was, however vague and out of place, suddenly the possibility of violence.
Much to Lemonis' astonishment, Odom says the character he portrays on the radio is "a sexist, egotistical, racist pig," but clarifies he's still "a dad in real life" who cares about his family and employees.
So, with no lack of desolation and astonishment on view, how come the new film pulls you in less sharply than the short one from a dozen years ago, and leaves your heart less scarred?
In a tone of mild astonishment, she ticked off their studio's virtues: good light, central air, a real kitchen with full-size appliances — and countertops, no less — and a dishwasher and a washer and dryer.
But she smiled and clasped her cheeks in astonishment when Tito El Bambino and a well-known salsa musician, Pirulo, his dreadlocks bouncing off his back, walked along the street and right up to her.
So on 4 February 1938 when Hitler became Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Keitel (to the astonishment of the General Staff, including himself) became Chief of Staff. He was 6 ft. 1 in.
Chiaymasiuro found out that the inhabitants were Javanese, but with mixed culture of Java, Sunda, and Bali. After he returned to Blambangan, the news of the voyage made great astonishment and public notoriety in Java.
Later, to Dell's utter astonishment, Sweet sells the sheep so he can buy cattle. He explains that he only kept them because he refused to be pushed around by anybody. The couple then rides away.
The principle of least astonishment (POLA), also called the principle of least surprise (alternatively a law or rule), applies to user interface and software design. The following is a typical statement of the principle: "If a necessary feature has a high astonishment factor, it may be necessary to redesign the feature." The term has been in use in relation to computer use since at least the 1970s. Although first formalized in the field of computer technology, the principle can be applied broadly in other fields.
In the last 10 years, Madonna, who's built a legacy on shredding societal norms, has often called out the media for its tireless astonishment at a woman still playing the pop game past her 50th birthday.
In contrast to, say, Oprah's expansive speech at the Globes, which expressed hope without shying away from the work still to be done, the Oscar winners' speeches were overwhelmingly nice: tasteful expressions of gratitude and astonishment.
" In the same tweet, the Pulitzer-Prize-winner quoted founding father Alexander Hamilton's description of a hurricane that swept through his hometown island of St. Croix in 1772, with force "sufficient to strike astonishment into angels.
" In the same tweet, the Pulitzer Prize-winner quoted founding father Alexander Hamilton's description of a hurricane that swept through his hometown island of St. Croix in 1772, with force "sufficient to strike astonishment into angels.
While history suggests it is naïve to be surprised that Buddhists are as capable of inhuman cruelty as anyone else, such astonishment is nevertheless widespread — a fact that partly reflects the distinctive history of modern Buddhism.
BERLIN — Reflecting mounting European anger and astonishment at President Trump, several countries on Sunday rejected — sometimes in blunt terms — his ban on all refugees and the citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries entering the United States.
J. Cohen, The Penguin Dictionary of Epigrams. > London: Penguin Books, 2001, p. 244. > ‘The way to do research is to attack the facts at the point of greatest > astonishment.’ M.J. Cohen, The Penguin Dictionary of Epigrams.
And when he intimated over the entrée that the wrongdoing went > further, I leaned back against the wall on my inside banquette and looked at > him in frank astonishment. "The attorney general?" I asked. He nodded.
The first element in the Norse name is the genitive form of furða “wonder, astonishment”; the adjective furðuligr has the meaning “strange”. This word is not used or found in other place names from Norse times.
In response to John's astonishment at the vision of the harlot, an interpretation is given as much about the beast as about the harlot, because 'her fate is closely related to the career of the beast'.
Sir John Simon, a leading member of England's Jewish community was moved to testify to 'Mrs Finn's extraordinary knowledge of his people and astonishment that a Christian should take such an interest in his afflicted people'.
Vietnam caused astonishment when in 2012 it entered the PISA tests for the first time, and returned stunning results – scoring higher in maths than the U.K. and the U.S. with a ranking 17th out of 65 countries.
Taylor says he and others "sat in astonishment" after hearing in a July 18 video conference call with an Office of Management and Budget official that the Ukraine aid was being held up without a clear explanation.
Having lived in Barcelona for 12 years until 2012, Juan Gabriel Vásquez, one of Colombia's leading novelists, wrote last month in El País, a Spanish newspaper, of his "astonishment and melancholy" at the drive for Catalan independence.
Trump caused astonishment in London last week when he suggested that Nigel Farage of the opposition UKIP party, a firebrand of the Brexit cause and vitriolic critic of the ruling Conservatives, should be Britain's ambassador to Washington.
That said, we cannot wait for Dunkirk, about the evacuation of Allied troops from France during World War II, and the trailer promises the kind of craftsmanship and visual astonishment that we've come to expect from Nolan.
"The Foreign Ministry expressed to the government of Israel, via its ambassador in Mexico, its profound astonishment, rejection and disappointment over Prime Minister Netanyahu's message on Twitter about the construction of a border wall," the ministry's statement.
What Davis saw in that exhibition had him sitting bolt upright in astonishment: Gauguin and Matisse using colors that had no connection to nature; Cubism shattering forms, flattening space, turning words — newspaper headlines, product labels — into objects.
Just this summer my friends, to the astonishment of local paramedics, heroically saved a planter from certain death through a complex relay of satellite phones and epipens—things that anywhere else would be an easy 911 call.
In a country where to belong to the wrong tribe can be lethal, South Sudanese watch American aid workers arrive — a mixed salad of blacks and whites, Asian-Americans and Latinos, men and women — with some astonishment.
The panel's experts repeatedly expressed frustration and astonishment at the dearth of good data on implants and the failure of breast implant makers to complete promised studies or follow patients for long enough to collect meaningful data.
The story gathers momentum when, to her utter astonishment, she finds herself pregnant — a fact she discovers only when a clerk in a grocery store inexplicably hands her a pregnancy test she doesn't ask or pay for.
When a politician in a small town in northern Sweden recently suggested that it subsidize one-hour sex breaks for local employees, Swedes — and people around the world — reacted with a mixture of astonishment, glee and derision.
A more promising scenario is that someday Mr. Trump will awaken to the fact that the leaders of the world, who again and again have demonstratively turned their backs on him, regard him with astonishment and dismay.
Future generations of Americans will almost certainly look back on this era with horror and astonishment—and thanks to the president's stream-of-consciousness social-media habits, they'll have the raw material to understand how it happened.
She spoke of her astonishment at how the men, working with a corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor who opposed her efforts to promote the rule of law in the country, were ultimately able to turn Mr. Trump against her.
From 1963 to 1973 Sam Adams served in the CIA, mostly at its headquarters in Langley, Virginia. About the intelligence agency, he said, "I found to my astonishment that I really loved the place."Randolph (1985), ¶ 19.
Gross was given the T. S. Eliot Prize by Valerie Eliot, T. S. Eliot's widow, in London. Gross expressed his astonishment at winning the T.S Eliot award over more celebrated poets including three former T.S. Eliot prizewinners.
Antenor approached Jeddah, assisted Jeddah′s crew and passengers in making her stable, and then towed her into the port of Aden, where she arrived on 11 August to much astonishment. Almost all the pilgrims had survived.
The king watched on, impassively.Cristescu, p.64 The events were viewed with astonishment by the third parties at Junimea. Its elder Petre P. Carp reported his horror at seeing soldiers attacking people who had done "absolutely nothing".
Although 24-year-old nurse Josephine said finding an "inner rage" would be difficult, given that she just met Viall, she doesn't hesitate in slapping him to start off their interaction — to the astonishment of the other women.
There is no map for this new path of discovery that we all find ourselves on and no grammatical matrix in which to express the frustrations, setbacks, awe, and astonishment that we will undoubtedly encounter along the way.
If we are that disconnected from 1936, but the Old English poetic codices predate Benjamin by an entire millennium, then it is no wonder that being confronted by these manuscripts leads to a feeling of numbed, startled astonishment.
A French-Tunisian who immigrated to Israel five years ago from the Paris suburbs, he expressed astonishment that Israelis, who he said were ordinarily gifted at problem solving, seemed incapable of or unwilling to fix their political system.
It often takes a newcomer's sense of astonishment to see and break a society's psychological and social deadlocks — be it the antiwar marches in Washington half a century ago, or the climate strikes in Stockholm and Berlin today.
I can call up some of their scents, their flavors and beauty and revisit my astonishment at their perfection even now, years after I stopped eating out six nights a week for money and started to cook instead.
Samad returns home to start preparations for Reshma's marriage but to his astonishment, he discovers that Reshma has already turned down Basharat's proposal. Basharat decides to take matters into his own hands and tries to forcibly marry Reshma.
He lies to their leader, Count Cambronne, telling him that Napoleon has died. When he returns to port, he learns to his astonishment and relief that his lie was the truth, recalling Saint Elizabeth's miracle of the roses.
She quotes the German dealer Rolfe Ricke's astonishment at the revelatory quality of how Bellamy installed works, so that "your dialogue with art became so simple," but the remaining evidence doesn't allow us to reconstruct just how this happened.
STEPHEN HANDChipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire In the same edition, you reported on excessive executive pay, increasing levels of poverty among low-paid workers and your astonishment at the vote to leave the EU. Perhaps you should have joined the dots.
With his "Risen Christ," Alvise Vivarini makes a daring contribution to this enterprise, his Savior standing gracefully posed on the slab of the open tomb like a classical statue come to life, as two soldiers stare up in astonishment.
" Germany astonished EU foreign ministers gathering in Brussels Monday had little good to say about Trump's comments, with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier summing up the reaction among his colleagues and in European capitals as one of "astonishment.
In a recent interview with The Sunday Times of London, Ms. LuPone said with some astonishment that she had never before in her storied career been directed in a musical by a woman: Well, it was worth the wait.
Her wide eyes, which lend themselves so easily to bald astonishment or mania in her comedy, turn down one fraction of one degree at the outer corners when at rest, lending a suggestion of ruefulness to her neutral gaze.
My words were evidently overheard, because the next day my comment appeared in one of the tabloids as a member of the first lady's entourage expressing astonishment that the queen was so self-sufficient compared to America's first lady.
Many said they have watched in astonishment as Buckingham Palace has released several statements in defense of Prince Andrew, who has been embroiled in a child sex trafficking scandal, while staying silent on the systematic attacks on the duchess.
The former Rosemount engineer expressed astonishment that Boeing had originally designed the anti-stall software, known as the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, or MCAS, to draw from only one of two AoA sensors on the nose of the plane.
Suddenly, Ravi's mother steps out. Ravi and his mother stare each other in astonishment. Ravi's mother tells him that she has come to fix his marriage with Mohini. Ravi and Mohini are filled with joy and the film ends.
She puts the garland to the statue of Prithivirajan. But, lo and behold, the statue turns into real life Prithivirajan who takes the hand of Samyuktha and off they went to the utter astonishment of King Jayachandran and others.
Ei der Daus! (also: Was der Daus!) is an expression, similar, to "What the deuce!" in English, which reflects astonishment, bewilderment or even anger. It is commonly, if wrongly, assumed to be an expression derived from card players' jargon.
He then disappears into the frame himself, to the astonishment of his servant, before returning for a final trick: separating the frame back into two hoops, he turns them into the wheels of a bicycle, and rides cheerfully away.
A native of Gangi, a village close to Palermo, Sicily's capital, Mr Zaffora says he has known Mr Di Mauro for more than 20 years and speaks with grateful astonishment of the rabbi's tireless work in the field of "memory restoration".
But if they do come out with a car that's actually going to be available for people to buy and drive in the relatively near future, expect a lot more astonishment than when they revealed their 3D Batmobile fan art.
This arguably originated in popular thought via a 1966 article for The New York Times Magazine, in which sociologist William Petersen described his astonishment about how more than 110,000 Japanese Americans had "risen above" their crushing experience of internment during WWII.
We watched firsthand with astonishment as they charged into the smoke to make sure all were safely out and then fought to contain the blaze and prevent it from spreading, putting their lives on the line as they do every day.
In the late 18th and 19th century, the Romantic conception of the sublime took nature as it object, capable of inspiring astonishment and awe—"that state of the soul in which all its motions are suspended", according to Edmund Burke.
Playing outside Japan for the first time as well as in her first major, Shibuno reacted with glee and astonishment, covering her mouth with her hand after the winning putt rattled in at Woburn for a closing four-under-par 68.
Many young Britons expressed astonishment, anger or despair that their parents and grandparents would seek to limit the travel, exposure to other cultures and opportunities to work and study abroad that being part of the European Union has afforded them.

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