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How to use an in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "an" and check conjugation/comparative form for "an". Mastering all the usages of "an" from sentence examples published by news publications.

I have an iPad, an iPod, an iPhone, and an iMac.
The computer in a thermostat is an embedded system; an ATM is an embedded system; an Arduino board is an embedded system.
"You don't want to make an arc an arch, or an arch an arc," she says.
We want a student athlete to think — and talk — about what it means to be an athlete and an author, or an athlete and an entrepreneur, or an athlete and an artist.
"It's not an attack on an individual, it's an attack on an entire community," said one speaker.
Roh faced an investigation over an allegation that he received money from an associate of an influential blogger jailed in an online opinion-rigging scandal.
Brown would become an actor, an activist and an author.
An example shows an attacker firing an arrow at an airborne drone, only for that arrow to miss.
I started as an intern for $9 an hour, then was a production assistant for $11 an hour, then an assistant editor for $15 an hour, and lead assistant editor for $25 an hour.
An "Opening for an E.P.A. worker?" would be an OZONE HOLE.
An 11-foot sofa fronts an ottoman fit for an ogre.
"An injury is never an excuse," he said through an interpreter.
It's an investment in people, an investment in the future, an investment in good jobs, an investment in the economy.
Correction: Due to an editing error, an earlier version of this article mistakenly referred to an electrocardiogram as an echocardiogram.
If you want to take mobile tests, you'll need an iPhone, an iPad, an Android phone or an Android tablet.
An inversion is widely seen as an indicator of an economic recession.
Two hundred miles an hour is an arbitrary number, an asinine goal.
I was an artist, too, and became an illustrator as an adult.
This is an overreach, an over-authority and an abuse of power.
They're an amazing DJ, an amazing producer and an amazing performer. Quest?
An inmate need not cause an injury or even touch an officer.
Comey is an honorable man, an excellent lawyer and an experienced prosecutor.
When does an opponent become an enemy, and a problem an emergency?
An Asian character speaks like… an 80s stereotype of an elderly mystic.
Brands will pay an influencer with an audience mostly in Texas differently than they pay an influencer with an international reach.
In Kentucky, a university student crawled through an air duct in an effort to steal an exam from an instructor's office.
Before an immigrant seeking asylum even goes before an immigration judge, he or she has an interview with an asylum officer.
Specifically, the top 10 psychiatric drugs reported in the new study were sertraline hydrochloride (Zoloft, an antidepressant); citalopram hydrobromide (Celexa, an antidepressant); alprazolam (Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug); zolpidem tartrate (Ambien, a hypnotic); fluoxetine hydrochloride (Prozac, an antidepressant); trazodone hydrochloride (Desyrel, an antidepressant); clonazepam (Klonopin, an anti-anxiety drug); lorazepam (Ativan, an anti-anxiety drug); escitalopram oxalate (Lexapro, an antidepressant); and duloxetine hydrochloride (Cymbalta, an antidepressant).
It's an app, sure, but at least it's an app with an aesthetic.
"An email is an improvement over an SMS message," he posted on Facebook.
I have an incredible husband, incredible friends, an incredible job, an incredible kid.
There's always an opportunity to be an angel for an animal in need.
It's an event—an emergence, an emergency—that transpires ceaselessly while you look.
An eventual crisis over an Italian exit would be an entirely different proposition.
Meanwhile, an Australian tabloid circulated an issue with an extra eight blank pages.
"This is an ankh—an ankh is an ancient Kemetic symbol," she said.
When it involves an actor leaving an interview to avoid an anxiety attack.
They did an entire beach, an entire train station, and an entire train track and an entire train trolley that drove up.
The Air Force plans to fly four fighter jets: an F-35, an F-16, an F-22 and an F-15E.
As a young man, Alberto was an assistant to an instrument maker, a welder and then an illustrator in an animation studio.
An act of whistle-blowing is more than an accusation of specific misconduct; it's an indictment of an entire system of accountability.
An audio recording that CCSO made and provided to the media revealed a woman talking to an officer about buying an $85 "eight ball" --an eighth of an ounce -- of methamphetamine.
He's an American bald eagle wearing an American hat with an American bow tie, because lest we forget, he is an American mascot.
If John prefers an apple to a pear and a pear to an orange, then he also prefers an apple to an orange.
"He is an amazing father, an amazing stepfather and an amazing grandfather," she says.
If you own an apartment or home, maybe it's an easier sell—an investment!?
Creating an emulsion is an energy-intensive process, and expensive on an industrial scale.
An attack on a civilian is never an appropriate time to promote an agenda.
None of this would be an issue for an astronaut with an ostomy bag.
I asked him why anyone needs to own an AR, an AK, an SKS.
Calling "tardigrade" an animal isn't the same as calling an African elephant an animal.
The company has built an app, an API and now an air quality tracker.
The song is an elegy, an apology, an unbreakable loop of sadness and separation.
For an article in an academic publication, Kramer's piece made an astonishingly personal attack.
It also houses an office, an eat-in kitchen, and an unmistakably elegant garden.
Perry Chan, an artist, stood with an easel painting an image of the crowd.
Should he give an actual performance, as an Adonis or even as an Arthur?
An ambulance took him to an emergency room, where he got into an altercation.
An earlier version of this article included an outdated reference to an Astoria restaurant.
An earlier version of this article gave an incorrect name for an amateur boxer.
For example, the Egyptian hieroglyphic for an eagle was an image of an eagle.
An estimated 115 people die per day of an overdose involving an opioid. Sens.
An accurate story about an overcrowded hospital quickly became an election issue in Britain.
But an AI chatbot could literally make an unlimited number of calls to an unlimited number of people in an unlimited variety of ways!
" As an example, he said that firing an employee "to interfere with an ongoing investigation" would be "an offense against the administration of justice.
A Maroon was what they called the child of an indigenous woman and an African man, or an indigenous man and an African woman.
This new iPad should have an LTE version, an 8MP camera, all the sensors you'd expect in an iPad and an A10 Fusion chip.
In an email exchange between a researcher and an abortion clinic technician, the researcher placed an order for a fetus with an intact skull.
And there are other limitations: The HomePod requires an iOS device, like an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod Touch, to set it up.
An earlier version of this article provided an incorrect date in an accompanying photo caption.
An X is an X is an X. Have something to add to this story?
Over the course of my career, I've been an engineer, an advisor and an attorney.
An analyst at Stephens initiated them with an overweight rating and an $84 price target.
Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article had an incorrect dateline.
Well, the "user", an advocacy group leader, receives an e-mail invite from an ally.
An adult advocating for an unheard child acts as an amplifier for that child's needs.
"Endgame" may be an end of an era, but it's hardly an end for Marvel.
Your camera is an app, your music is an app, your news is an app.
This is unique because it's considered as an island within an island within an island.
A Volvo owner places an order for an item on an urb-it enabled website.
He was not an airport employee or an official, but he had an urgent warning.
And is this simply an enforcement of an Obama administration policy or an actual change?
She was given an office, an assistant and the highest salary afforded an administration staffer.
Pushback is when an external vehicle moves an aircraft backward away from an airport gate.
It's an exciting time and place to be an early-stage startup — or an investor.
The first letter is a not an alif (an a), but a lam, (an l).
An environmentally-conscious bar is opening up in an unlikely place with an unlikely menu.
For Mr. Putin, an independent foreign policy is not an instrument but an ultimate objective.
What Trump is offering is an explanation and a solution, an argument and an ideology.
"An economy is an object in motion," said Rodney Jones, an economist specializing in China.
At an early stage of an epidemic, targeted testing leads to an uneasy trade-off.
We need an actual line, an actual scene, an actual episode, with Cristina Yang herself!!!
They included an immigration lawyer, a therapist, an Extinction Rebellion protester, an artist and me.
There's an Andrew Johnson Bank, an Andrew Johnson Inn and an Andrew Johnson Golf Club.
To call him an outsider would be an exaggeration, but he's certainly not an insider.
The Fagor-brand appliances include an oven, an induction cooktop and an integrated gas hob.
"Never once pushed an officer, touched an officer, kicked an officer, did anything," Stewart said.
And an endorsement is exactly what an appearance in an item of clothing has become.
Because of an editing error, an article on Saturday attributed incorrectly an accusation against Gen.
Ohio's new law is an affront to women, an affront to families, an affront to the rule of law, and an affront to the Constitution.
An L.R.B. review is an occasion for an essay on a subject prompted by a new book, not merely an evaluation of its particular qualities.
"Mattis was bailing water out of an alliance being buffeted by an erratic president, an advancing North Korea, and an increasingly assertive China," Mount said.
In an interview on CNBC in October, MSCI CEO Henry Fernandez noted that MSCI was not an investor, an asset manager or an investment advisor.
On the back, you'll find the ports, which include three HDMI inputs, an HDMI output, an optical input, an aux port, and an Ethernet port.
One, in 1861, did propose an amendment to avert an impending civil war, but it was an ad hoc affair, not an Article 5 meeting.
But it was a strange route to fame for an alpha male who otherwise romped through life, an acclaimed journalist, a doughty pilot, an excellent skier, an intrepid traveller and an all-round bon vivant.
This is no more of an ad than ... an iPhone having an Apple logo on it.
He was an All-American and an outstanding player, but he was an even better person.
For some, the fursona is an elevated state of self, an expression of an inner animal.
Yet he himself is just an iteration of an iteration of an iteration of rappers past.
Just like YouTube has an opportunity, Amazon has an opportunity, that's why Hulu has an opportunity.
They included an architect, an American college student, an Algerian violinist and many, many music fans.
In an undated photo supplied by Lockheed Martin, an Aegis-equipped destroyer launches an intercept missile.
In an era of copycats, "An Orchestra of Minorities" is an unusual and brilliantly original book.
An exodus of residents since the hurricane has left an older population on an impoverished island.
It's half an inch narrower, three-quarters of an inch shorter, and half an inch taller.
Guests included "an astronaut, a ballerina, an artist, an architect, the commissioner of baseball" and Mrs.
It isn't an individual any more than an isolated neuron or muscle fiber is an individual.
A: I thought it was an interesting element – an added layer to an already layered character.
An Estonian sergeant --Andres Nuiamae --was an excellent sniper who lost his life to an IED.
For every Cambiasso, there's an Andrea Dossena, an Aaron Wilbraham, an Arnau Riera and dozens more.
The Holocaust was an uprooting, an eviction and an effacement executed on a scale never imagined.
An academic researcher posted an online survey and invited people to participate by downloading an app.
This turned the Joker from an evil man to an idea, an embodiment of his belief.
He's an incumbent with an almost unprecedented ability to still run as an "outsider" change-agent.
Although it would constitute an enormous gamble for either party, an immediate election remains an option.
The NCAA has an official scissors and an official ladder: There's an official net-cutting scissors.
The dome of an umbrella is actually an airfoil, so it works like an airplane wing.
There's an entire industry catering to them now, an entire school of thought, an entire university.
Taylor is an incumbent, which gives him an advantage, but he is hardly an entrenched one.
He's an embarrassing husband and an embarrassing president and an embarrassing leader of the free world.
"Children who experience homelessness, there's an invisibility with that, an isolation," she said in an interview.
Taste is "an idea," rather than an "expression of an original intellectual creation," the court ruled.
An earlier version of this article and an accompanying picture caption omitted an ingredient in silog.
An ICE officer in an Oregon parking lot before making an arrest in the predawn hours.
It starts with an absence of government, an absence of wealth, and an absence of family.
The Turbine Hall commission is not an object — it is a feeling, an experience, an encounter.
Mr. Himawan is an organizer of an Indivisible group, not an Indivisible Front Range Resistance group.
You'll need an application that stands out and, hopefully, an interview that leads to an offer.
In South Carolina, an officer dressed in black posed as an intruder on an unannounced drill.
He has the unassuming presence, belying an unflappable intelligence, of an operative posing as an accountant.
NEW DELHI — It is an image familiar to every Indian — an icon in an iconic pose.
Not a word, even less an insult, an act or an intervention in a court decision.
When minutes count, having to wait an hour for an ambulance is simply not an option.
This could be fast-tracked when an applicant asks for an extension of an existing licence.
Instead of constructing an exoskeleton or an artificial stomach, he just starts acting like an animal.
Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this newsletter gave an incorrect temperature conversion.
Story at a glance An indigenous filmmaker introduced an award for an indigenous actor with an acknowledgement to the indigenous people whose lands they stood on.
The 34-bed hospital, staffed with eight doctors and 28 nurses, had an emergency room, obstetric care, an outpatient department, an inpatient department, an intensive care unit and an operating theater, MSF said in a statement.
The Russian planes intercepted by the Belgians included a Su-27 Flanker, a Tu-134AK, an Il-76, an An-72 and an An-12PPS, according to The Aviationist blog, which reported on the photos last week.
With an equilibrium price for gold at around $1,200 an ounce over the next year, investors should consider $1,100 an ounce as an entry point if they wish to improve their chances of an attractive future payoff.
How an Amazon Echo could testify in an Arkansas murder trial How an Amazon Echo could testify in an Arkansas murder trial This segment originally aired Feb.
An election with an impeached Donald Trump at the top of the Republican ticket is an invitation to an electoral uprising that should haunt Mitch McConnell's dreams.
She's not the only actor to win an Oscar for portraying an icon, but she was the first to win an Oscar for portraying an Oscar winner.
For an open primary in an at least plausibly Democratic year, this was an absurdly small field.
Scaling an airport perimeter fence at an inconspicuous point would allow a stowaway access to an airplane.
Mr Erdogan scored an own goal, says Paul McNamara, an investment director at GAM, an asset manager.
But it is generally hard to make an elected official — especially an executive — give up an office.
Patients take Aimovig once a month through an injection similar to an insulin shot or an EpiPen.
" In an interview with Vanitatis, Falcó said in December, "I became an aunt twice in an instant.
An IPO filing, even the prepping for an IPO, can serve as a catalyst for an acquisition.
" In an interview with Vanitatis, Falcó said in December: "I became an aunt twice in an instant.
Honduras, for example, has an American-style system with both an elected president and an elected Congress.
YOU get an oil pipeline and YOU get an oil pipeline and YOU get an oil pipeline!
Mosling said that a driver at an intersection noticed an odd shape in an oncoming car's grille.
" The exec called "Rosanne" an "established show," saying, "It's an established family, it has an established character.
Watching an expert remove an iMac screen makes it look like an annoying but ultimately simple process.
They went to an aquarium, an art museum and even saw a movie in an actual theatre.
Dollar clearing is an issue, banks' letters of credit is an issue, ship insurance is an issue.
To treat it as an inconsequential factor seems, at best, an oversight—at worst, it's an erasure.
Ant Financial, an affiliate of Alibaba, an e-commerce giant, controls an array of online finance companies.
"No, and we're dealing with an anonymous letter about an anonymous person and an anonymousfriend," Kavanaugh said.
"Do" is to perform an action or undertake an objective, to achieve or to complete an action.
But, rose is actually an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory, an antiseptic, and it has anti-aging properties.
To resolve an increasingly risky situation, he commits an ugly betrayal, reporting Tim's "tendencies" to an interrogator.
He can thank an unforced error by an overzealous reporter and an all-too-eager news department.
In these circumstances, anger becomes an emotion that needs to be controlled, an inconvenience and an irritant.
"Judge Kavanaugh possesses an impressive résumé, an outstanding legal mind and an exemplary judicial temperament," he said.
"This was an execution and this was an assassination," Reed said in an interview with Democracy Now.
"An IPO is one of several options for an exit or liquidation," Sheikha said in an interview.
I have an admin role at an air-conditioning company and I'm training to become an engineer.
IG: It starts with an absence of government, an absence of wealth and an absence of family.
Jefferson-Jones argues notes an outright ban amounts to an unconstitutional restriction on an individual's property rights.
An earlier version of this article used an outdated title for an associate of President Nicolás Maduro.
Here is an image of the Petya attack infecting an ATM in Ukraine: Petya on an ATM.
PHILADELPHIA — "Written on Skin," an opera about the creation of an illuminated manuscript, isn't an open book.
"It could inspire them to become an engineer, an aviator or an aircraft technician," Ms. Costabile said.
They earn about $2558 an hour; an electrician with similar skills can make $22010 an hour elsewhere.
An earlier version of this article incorrectly included an arts festival in an item about Melbourne, Australia.
I'm an only daughter of an only daughter of an only daughter and we are all talkers.
An earlier version of this article included an erroneous transcription of part of an interview with Björk.
Mr. Bernstein was not only an anomaly but also an upstart, an American interloper on European turf.
Qasem Soleimani, an unnamed Customs and Border Protection officer alleged in an email to an immigration attorney.
His father is an illustrator and an owner of Point Made Animation, an animation company in Brooklyn.
The doctor, along with an anesthesiologist and an office assistant, has been charged with performing an abortion.
She had trained as an architect and had an obscure career as an indie actress and screenwriter.
I have an Android Nexus 7 tablet, an iPhone 6, an iPad Air and some old iPods.
He was a hero or an idiot, an opportunist or an activist, depending on whom you asked.
Correction: An earlier version stated the spider was an insect, when it is in fact an arachnid.
Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article misspelled the surname of an astrologer.
Anita has an offer to fight for an Asian promotion and compete against an established professional fighter.
Reading his words, one might think an actual work of art only serves as an ideal limit for an indefinite number of reproductions, an indefinite number of stories.
These include "fees to open an account, have an account, fund an account, close an account, get a refund, [or] receive a paper bill," the study's authors write.
Apple TV+ will be free for a year with the purchase of an iPhone, an iPad, an iPod Touch, an Apple TV streaming box or a Mac computer.
Everything has an otherworldly aura, each space is both the particular and the universal, and each person at once an individual and a symbol, an archetype, an avatar.
For example, a dot can be used for an uncompleted task, an 'x' for a completed task, an open circle for an event, a dash for a note.
Two plainclothes police investigators were setting up an observation point in an abandoned building next to the robbers' target when an alarm went off in an adjacent building.
Pecker, an old friend of President Trump's, never made an official bid, however, according to an American Media spokesperson in response to an inquiry by The Daily Beast.
An extraction, or "exfiltration" as such an operation is referred to by intelligence officials, is an extraordinary remedy when US intelligence believes an asset is in immediate danger.
"An operation of martyrdom using an explosive in a bag by an Islamic State fighter yesterday targeted an Algerian police station in the Constantine city center," AMAQ said.
An Air Force pilot was forced to eject from an F-16C on Tuesday during an emergency landing at an airport in northwest Arizona, according to the service.
Imagine a circus performer who's juggling a baseball, a bowling pin, an axe, an apple, and an egg.
For most Americans, paying for groceries through an online account is an appealing feature of an automated store.
Instead, they are for real: an actual orange, an honest to goodness beet, an authentic stalk of lemongrass.
I said, 'Brielle, when you're an adult, when you're an adult, when you're an adult…' Well guess what?
"An hour today is an hour tomorrow, and it's still an hour in 20 years' time," she says.
An aide to Graham said in an email that the senator was suggesting an extension of the Sept.
He could be an Italian, or a Jew, or an Arab, or an Armenian, for all she knew. . . .
Mr Erdogan has scored an own goal, says Paul McNamara, an investment director at GAM, an asset manager.
Look for an iPhone 5 or greater, or an Android with an operating system of 4.4 or higher.
An explosive new report says he abused his power to cover up an affair with an ex-staffer.
Officers arrived at the scene and found an autistic man and an employee with an assisted living facility.
Like an initial public offering (IPO) of stock or an initial coin offering (ICO), an STO raises capital.
Workers in Arizona will get an increase of 24 percent, from $8.05 an hour to $10 an hour.
An autopsy later in the week revealed an aneurysm — an uncommon disorder, particularly in such a young person.
"We're pleased to have reached an agreement with the FTC," an Uber spokesperson said in an emailed statement.
This PSA isn't an ad, but it gets an honorable mention because it's inspired by an iconic commercial.
But an overload of results can have you mistaking an allergic reaction for an STD — or vice versa.
In other words, he is an ordinary man, with an ordinary job, trying to lead an ordinary life.
Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article gave an outdated position for Chiara Saraceno.
"An impeachment is an attempt to, in effect, overturn or change the result of an election," Nadler continued.
I made $10.50 an hour but the engineer interns I worked with made an unbelievable $21 an hour.
The broader availability of clean power is an encouraging development from both an environmental and an economic perspective.
Trump's decision to deliver an Oval Office address marked an unusual embrace of custom for an untraditional president.
There was an onboard magazine waiting in each seat that looked an awful lot like an inflight magazine ...
An example of an image posted by an account linked to Iran posing as a BBC-related outlet.
With an Apple Pencil, your iPad becomes an artist's canvas, an architect's drafting paper, and a writer's notebook.
An anchovy is an "alice" in some parts of southern Italy, for example, but an "acciuga" in others.
In one email, an Emanuel spokesman told an IPRA spokesman to "tread lightly" when handling an interview request.
An app like this makes more sense on an iPad, but it also runs fine on an iPhone.
Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article gave an outdated position for Adam Bodnar.
Morton: I don't think it's an obligation as an artist or as an entertainer to deal with issues.
Instead, they got an introduction to an entirely new product — an all-in-one Zika-detecting tabletop miniLab.
First off, an assault weapons ban—there's absolutely no need for an American to own an assault rifle.
You can still be an asshole on an indie as much as an asshole on a major label!
Jared Eamons, an Arkansas college student who is an avid runner and an aspiring writer, is also gay.
An extensive list of beers, wines and spirits makes this an equally good choice for an afternoon aperitif.
Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article described Nicole Maalsté with an incorrect title.
Pride is an internal and an external state, a sense of self and an outlook on the world.
You could argue there's an art to decorative plumbing, an art to restaurant-owning, an art to teaching.
Still, financial aid experts repeat the following like a mantra: An asset is an asset is an asset.
In the event of an appeal, an internal review board decides whether an officer stays on the force.
The takeaway: Fall represents an unimpeachable time to make an appointment with an arborist and a pruning crew.
Hate "closes up de sweet door to life an' makes ever'thing small an' mean an' dirty," Hager insists.
Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article included an incorrect description of Wine software.
Outdoor sculpture should not be an addendum but an interruption, an incongruity, a hole piercing the day's fabric.
Mr. Woolf is an engaging writer with an excellent story to tell and an array of intriguing characters.
An AdvisorShares spokesman said FNG is an actively managed ETF, so it's not tethered to tracking an index.
Whether there is in fact that much of an advantage in an administrative proceeding is an open question.
"No, and we're dealing with an anonymous letter about an anonymous person and an anonymous friend," Kavanaugh said.
Mark: Can an agreement to pardon an individual for the purpose of obstructing an investigation be a crime?
We are now an exporter because of an incredible six months that — an exporter of oil and gas.
An extended neck leading to a tilted had looks more like an architectural shot than an anatomical one.
SPORTS An article on May 2698 about an outdoors enthusiast with cancer attributed an erroneous distinction to Aconcagua.
But instead it's become an example of policy gone wrong — an early loser in an ongoing trade war.
Around two months ago, an underground queer dance party in LA emailed an invite to an upcoming event.
Traditionalism should be an element or a means to an end, not an end in and of itself.
Others add an establishment lane, an insurgent lane, an experience lane, an electability lane, an educated white liberal lane, a fresh face lane, a women's lane, a white working-class lane, a youth lane, a Midwestern lane and even an "old white guy" lane versus a "smart woman lawyer" lane.
What did you read here's an ad how do you feel here's an ad are you lonely here's an ad are you lonely here's an ad are you lonely?
It's an environmental problem, an energy transition, a national security threat, a market failure, an economic opportunity, an obligation to our children, a political dispute, a question of justice.
One of my purposes in exploring an Asian perspective was an interest in the concept of an alienated vision – looking at the everyday world anew, through an alien eye.
The paper said the stock has an attractive valuation after it fell on an earnings miss, an analyst downgrade, and concerns over an incursion into its space by Amazon.
Yet in an alliance built on the principle that an attack on one is an attack on all, the symbolic leadership of the US President is an existential issue.
You can pick up an Echo for £69.99, an Echo Spot for £99.99, an Echo Show bundle for £69.993, and an Echo Input for £19.99, up until March 13.
So there was an absence of ceremonial knowledge, there was an absence of inherited knowledge, there was an absence of family stories, and there was an absence of instruction.
William Holman who served back in the 1800s, allows an individual congressperson to propose an amendment to an appropriations bill that singles out an individual government employee or program.
An upsetting episode in a pet store foreshadows an act of destruction at an art museum, where Blake and the narrator have gone to see an Ai Weiwei exhibition.
An elementary school custodian in Texas is being called an "angel" after she comforted an upset elementary school student who has autism in an extra special way last week.
Also, India hit another high, Japan was an all-time high, Asia-Pacific an all-time high, Europe an all time high, and the Americas an all-time high.
Pistorius killed Reeva Steenkamp at his home in an upscale Pretoria neighborhood -- an act he says was an accident, after he mistook her for an intruder, but one the prosecution called a deliberate act after the two had an argument.
KF: A venture fund is an actual company, whereas an angel investor can just do it as an individual.
It featured an ER, an OPD (Operating department practitioners), intensive care unit and an operating theatre - all now destroyed.
No, you don't have to keep an eye out for an apparition or poltergeist activity, you're watching an escape.
An old man dances with an invisible partner in an empty room in "Bill" (2014), taken in Sandusky, Ohio.
There could still be obstacles, for instance if an account is owned by an entity rather than an individual.
The assessment is an estimate of the creditworthiness of an entity which S&P makes on an unsolicited basis.
If you've got an asshole boss, an asshole friend, or an asshole colleague, this book might be for you.
The project came from an original replacement robot created for a drummer who lost an arm in an accident.
A third mandates that an individual seeking an abortion obtain an ultrasound at least 18 hours before the procedure.
It recently reached deals to buy an aircraft-leasing business, an airline caterer and an airport luggage handler. Why?
"We're turning an ecological problem into an ecological opportunity and an economic opportunity," said Brian Takeda, the Urchinomics CEO.
An organizer at an Extinction Rebellion group in North London shares information with new recruits at an induction meeting.
And flying on a plane with an ear infection leads to an even greater risk of an eardrum rupture.
It is an issue of national security, it is an issue of patriotism, it is an issue of love.
Baer will be required to undergo an evaluation by an expert to determine an appropriate treatment and counseling plan.
Nursing is not an easy profession, and being an ER nurse requires an incredible amount of strength and resilience.
And an artwork that turned up in an attic in France has some claiming it is an original Caravaggio.
An Antonov AN-124 like this one was used to ship an 87,000-pound die machine to the U.K.
Nearby stands "Destination", an installation by Na Buqi, which comprises an overturned billboard advertising an eerily photoshopped beachside getaway.
They talked of forming an independent hospitalists group, of forming an alliance with an outsourcing firm of their choosing.
He recommends putting that money into an index fund, typically an S&P 500 index fund or an ETF.
"An orgasm is an orgasm is an orgasm!" she told me, while lamenting our continued preoccupation with "vaginal" orgasm.
I think Brian's got a duty as an anchor not to have an opinion, but I have an opinion.
It's an expansion on an existing tool for ads that lets users see an advertiser's rationale for targeting them.
This isn't an issue of where you fall on an ideological left-right spectrum; it's an issue of culture.
Turn the weekend into an artist's retreat or a spa getaway; book an appointment with an intuitive or healer.
"I am aware that Mr. Ross is an outstanding businessman and an experienced negotiator, an excellent person" Zhong said.
Nauman had begun by testing an idea that anything an artist does in an artist's studio must be art.
In the words of Reyner Banham, it was an attempt to create an architectural ethic, rather than an aesthetic.
Often it is an officer's word against an inmate's, and investigators typically do not consider an inmate's testimony credible.
Are you an employee at Boeing, an aviation regulator, or an airline affected by the Boeing 737 Max grounding?
Bellami, a hair extension company, wrapped an impressive superyacht with an eye-catching golden hull as an advertising ploy.
"It's an end of an era, an end of that type of pop culture," laments Hills star Heidi Montag.
An abortion decision is an agonizing one for many who find themselves facing the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy.
The Associated Press quoted an Afghan official who said the casualties resulted from an attack by an Afghan soldier.
It has become an almost ubiquitous broadcast platform for anybody wishing to publish an event, an opinion, a riposte.
An example could be an email claiming to contain an invoice, when in reality it's a malware-laden file.
She has an impeccably decorated West Village apartment, an eye-popping trust fund and an extraordinarily patient support staff.
An increasing number of young women have had an abortion, or have a friend who has had an abortion.
Because of an editing error, an article last Sunday about tubing in Laos referred incorrectly to an Australian backpacker.
Whether you're a founder, an early employee or an executive, the possibility of an exit offers extraordinary financial possibilities.
Mr. Riley, an artist, activist and musician making his feature-directing debut, is both an omnivore and an original.
Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this briefing misstated the given name of an Interpreter columnist.
A corporate drone creates an army, an ideology, and an alternate personality during his restless nights in Fight Club.
An earlier version of this article misidentified an Israeli television station where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made an appearance.
From an opening shot of dead silence followed by an off-camera "oh, we're live!" it's an odd show.
Declaring an emergency would likely put an end to an 10.43-day partial government shutdown affecting 800,000 federal workers.
It's not an easy match, not an easy match for anyone, especially for an aggressive player like I am.
So I will write not as an expert but as an avid listener, and really as an ardent fan.
The process requires an appreciation of art and design, an understanding of mechanics, an exacting eye and unlimited patience.
However, later that night there was an incident where an officer lost teeth after being hit with an object.
It got me thinking, could an accidental death as a child lead to an intentional murder as an adult?
Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article gave an incorrect description of Hyderabad in India.
An addition of uncertain date introduced an enclosed stonewalled porch used as an office and a second upstairs bedroom.
An earlier version of this article misstated the given name of an artist with an exhibition at the Whitney.
Hargan, an appellate decision that allowed a 17-year-old detainee in an immigration facility to receive an abortion.
An indoor option (with an outdoor patio) is Two Sisters Vineyard, where Kitchen 244.95 serves an Italian-inspired menu.
His father, an immigrant from Poland, was an accountant, and his mother, an immigrant from Russia, was a lawyer.
The final scene is an otherworldly dance sequence — an attempt to render the dissociation of an opiate high onscreen.
Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article gave an incorrect middle initial for Paul Manafort.
CreditCreditAssociated Press She was an heiress without a cause — an indifferent student, an unhappy young bride, a miscast socialite.
Just days ago, an American contractor died in Iraq after an attack by an Iraqi militia allied with Iran.
He said an embassy employee used an anti-Semitic slur when he was there - an account denied by Magierowski.
An onboard electrical fire, an explosion from somewhere within the fuselage, or an engine fire could be potential causes.
An online posting for an underground coal miner job in Waynesburg, Pa., offered as little as $22002 an hour.
An agreement on an export pipeline route through Tanzania has also been reached, Total said in an investor presentation.
Because of an editing error, an article on Friday about a hunger strike in Nicaragua included an erroneous byline.
A crisis can occur to an individual, a group, an organization, a whole city or even an entire nation.
In men's wear, small changes are huge: An eighth of an inch on a lapel is like an earthquake.
An ETF is a financial product that tracks the price of an asset and is listed on an exchange.
NEW YORK Because of an editing error, an article on Sunday about an impromptu trip to Israel by Gov.
Consult an occupational therapist, an interior designer, an architect and/or a contractor who has age-in-place certifications.
Without an Independent Counsel statute, the Justice Department had to develop an alternative mechanism for appointing an independent prosecutor.
An investigation found that the employee who sent the alarm had mistaken an alert drill for an actual attack.
CreditCreditAssociated Press She was an heiress without a cause — an indifferent student, an unhappy young bride, a miscast socialite.
" Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article misstated an achievement of the film "Broadcast News.
It's an unusual ad that's part of an unusual strategy, but that's to be expected in an unusual campaign.
That voice was Diet Prada, an Instagram account that has become an industry watchdog, and also an industry success.
The general rule of thumb: Singular words get an apostrophe and an s, and plural words get an apostrophe.
Funding an infrastructure boost with an international corporate tax tweak isn't an idea that wonks of any stripe love.
He also drove in the Cardinals' only run with an infield single via an appeal of an umpire's call.
In rural Sweden, Robert Ilijason, an IT specialist, has recently opened Näraffär, an unmanned store run by an app.
In the end, Buetti argues, a post from an automated account is worth as much to an advertiser as an endorsement from an account run by, you know, a human.
That has now been rectified by an examination of two creatures which, though only distantly related, share an unusual feeding habit, an unusual anatomical feature and an unusual name: panda.
Using an offshore project as an example, a company that provides a control system for an offshore platform may first sell the system to an engineering procurement and construction company.
A certain principle will occur to you: though the well pond seems small to an adult, merely an oversized oval bathtub, to Ah Yang it is an ocean, an abyss.
The idea is that the school could get an extra few seconds of warning when an unwanted person arrives on campus, whether that's an expelled student or an escaped felon.
If an alien wants an asylum hearing before an immigration judge, he has to establish to the satisfaction of an asylum officer that he has a credible fear of persecution.
An especially rare, one-in-623 billion result is that it splits into a neutrino, an antineutrino, and a π˙(an up quark and an anti-down quark, pronounced pi-on.).
Redditor lensoo shared an equally bizarre and awesome photo of an airplane cabin on Monday of an absurd number of falcons traveling on an airplane, each with their very own seat.
"An Experience With..." will see Stallone visit three UK cities for an event involving an on-stage interview, a three-course meal, and an auction of "bespoke memorabilia" from his films.
But Britain has led an international diplomatic backlash against Russia following the poisoning of an ex-Russian spy in an English city - an attack which the government blames on the Kremlin.
It's not unlike early 20th-century America's shift from an agricultural economy to an industrial one, or its shift from an industrial to an information economy over the last half-century.
He wasn't a child who an officer thought looked like an adult, holding a toy gun that an officer thought looked like a real gun (also in an open carry state).
There are metal detectors at the main entrance and, down an airy corridor, double sets of doors that unlock after an employee holds an identification card up to an electronic reader.
"We want to put an exclamation point [on our move] from an auto company to an auto and mobility company," Ford CEO Mark Fields told Re/code in an interview tonight.
The Apple Watch Series 3 doesn't have an always-on screen or an ECG, but it's still an excellent watch that's affordable at $200—with cellular connectivity as an option too.
Publishing a negative review can, in some cases, make it harder for an outlet or individual critic to get an interview or an invite to an advanced screening in the future.
Here is an example of an interaction that is not sexual harassment: And here is an example of an interaction that is sexual harassment: As should be clear, this is straightforward.
An Australian court has accepted an unsent mobile text message as an official will, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
Perhaps you were given a book from an independent bookstore, or maybe an artsy friend bought you an amorphous blobject.
There is an opening for an outsider, and after week one, it's clear that there's an outsider who could capitalize.
The spokesperson also tells PEOPLE that an airline attendant would never recommend an animal be stowed in an overhead bin.
Ambien can be taken as an oral tablet, an oral spray, under-the-tongue tablet or an extended-release tablet.
Moreau's work is charged by an "awareness" of an especially modern kind — the psychodynamics between a viewer and an image.
You know, a pig is an earthling, cow is an earthlings, even vegetarians, they eat broccoli, that is an earthling.
An Infosystem is an information processing system; the Cosma Hypothesis suggests that every entity in the universe is an infosystem.
Here's how it works: An adult female Zatypota wasp lays an egg on the abdomen of an Anelosimus eximius spider.
" He claims changing sexes is "an adventure, an investigation and an opportunity to live beyond the given and the commonplace.
The six-time Grammy-winners played an eclectic set for over an hour – even taking the stage for an encore.
I went from being an intern to an assistant engineer and then from an assistant engineer to a recording engineer.
An unintended victim An Ohio woman who shares her name with Rasmussen became an unintended victim of the viral blowback.
An old joke has it that an economist is someone who wanted to be an actuary but lacked the charisma.
She can control an entire news cycle for days without ever needing to give an interview or buy an ad.
An abusive tweet is an abusive tweet, whether it's next to an egg, a silhouette or a real person's avatar.
By having a team approach — an investment advisor, an attorney and an accountant, for instance — athletes can compartmentalize their finances.
There is an outer world of violent chaos, and an inside world that is the paradise of being an artist.
We meet an ex-Baathist army official, a broke hotel owner, an ageing Assyrian Christian woman, an idealistic young journalist.
Ping An Good Doctor , a similar platform backed by Ping An Insurance , raised $1.1 billion in an IPO this year.
Image: US Patent and Trademark OfficeHave you tried to write an email, or worse, an essay on an iPad touchscreen?
The transition from an online match to an online conversation to an actual date is a difficult journey to traverse.
It received an average price of $1,336 an ounce for its gold, up from $1,122 an ounce a year ago.
Males have an X and a Y; females have an X and an X. So the inheritance pattern is tricky.
A wet-lease is an arrangement where the lessor provides an aircraft, complete crew, maintenance, and insurance to an airline.
"What we have right now is an overproduction problem, not an excess supply or an excess capacity problem," he said.
"There is an important difference between horizontal breadth and vertical depth," an Amazon spokesman told CNBC in an e-mail.
And when the stakes are as high as an election, an online voting system is an irresistible target for meddlers.
Nguyen, who is vice president of an Internet analytics firm, was outraged that an electric vehicle attracted an emissions surcharge.
For new drivers, there's an extensive background check, an in-person meeting, and an hourlong driving session with Safr staff.
He led an impeachment crusade against President Bill Clinton for having an affair, while he was having an affair himself.
She is an associate professor who was hired as an adviser for the show; she is not an assistant professor.
Neruda was a wonderful cook and was an expert on wine, an expert on literature, an expert on crime novels.
For Holland, an interest in technology emerged through an academic fascination with porn that started as an undergrad at Vassar.
"An attack on an American who happens to be a Democrat, Republican or Independent is an attack on America," Sen.
The other major strand is an exercise in ekphrasis, when an artist in one medium describes an artwork in another.
TRAVEL Because of an editing error, an article last Sunday about tubing in Laos referred incorrectly to an Australian backpacker.
But I feel as though an op-ed like this should have an editor's note explaining what an SAO is.
Ping An Good Doctor, a similar platform backed by Ping An Insurance, raised $1.1 billion in an IPO this year.
"I remember years and years ago, we practiced, like, an error play, where an infielder makes an error," Teixeira said.
After an extended, unhampered investigation, today marks an end to Mr. Mueller's involvement in an investigation that closed last April.
It's an ineffective law, it's an ineffective goal, it's an ineffective policy that's mostly about symbolism and not about substance.
Behold, the story of an individual who, through the unflinching persistence of an over-privileged toddler, changed an international franchise.
It often seems like an unwritten rule in dispensary branding requires an iconic green cross and an equally underwhelming name.
Treat it like you would an art film or a psychedelic painting—more an experience than an exercise in logic.
When he was young, an older boy had molested him; as an adult, he'd been hit by an ex-boyfriend.
It is more glamorous to be an exile, more comprehensible to be an immigrant, more desirable to be an expatriate.
Heidi Cruz was asked if she's "sleeping with an immigrant" in an interview with an Iowa radio station last week.
After an illicit kiss, Frances receives an e-mail from Nick, and forces herself to wait an hour before responding.
In an infant you'll use two fingers, and press about an inch to an inch and a half, Sasson says.
An earlier version of this article misidentified the agency that supplied corroborating information about an explosion near an Argentine submarine.
The company, in an email, advertised an "employee treasure" product with an 8.5 percent return if workers handed over $1,500.
On an average Friday, he says, he would do upper-body lifts for an hour, then swim for an hour.
Whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor is an issue that's decided by regulators and the courts.
An observational study can only show an association, whereas an experiment can provide evidence of a cause-and-effect relationship.
Second, he was an impassioned, magnetic competitor with an inspiring biography, a talent for telling it and an innovative approach.
Marrying a man is like ordering an imitation crepe in an imitation of a cafe in an imitation of Paris.
Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article gave the wrong name for an asteroid mining company.
He recommends establishing an office social contract that participants treat an online meeting like they would an in-person meeting.
An old truth in aviation is that no pilot crashes an airplane who has not previously dinged an airplane somehow.
It's one thing to battle an epidemic in an authoritarian state like China, which can isolate an entire epicenter city.
She continued this in "Bohemians," which follows Eily, an Irish student in London who begins an affair with an actor.
There is an element of non-violent protest being weaponized against an opponent when you're running it via an app.
Receiving a "political benefit" does not transform an otherwise legal action (like requesting an investigation) into an abuse of power.
An illustration of the metamorphosis of the tiger moth with an earlier version of this article carried an incorrect credit.
It's an image embarrassingly more suited to an Instagram post, which is sad but fitting: This is an Instagram show.
Mr. Trump pulled back on an accord last year after an attack that killed an American soldier and 11 others.
In an age when people chronicle everything on smartphones, an old-fashioned print from film still packs an emotional wallop.
In this photo, an aloof kestrel sits above an annoyed magpie on the dead flower spike of an agave plant.
It's a conference game, so it's an important game, and it's an intra-division game, so it's an important game.
It has been an oasis from losing and an opportunity to reassert himself (and his brand) on an international stage.
"DC used an image that dehumanized an entire group of people to sell comics," Mr. Yang said in an email.
An image surfaced Wednesday of Trudeau wearing brownface as part of an "Aladdin" costume for an "Arabian Nights"-themed party.
It's an interesting window into relationships, the way people use an image of an animal to talk to another human.
Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article misstated the name of an appeals court in Chicago.
He is an extremist with a philosophical streak whose movies combine an aesthetic of shock with an almost geeky formalism.
An assembly plant shutdown costs an automaker an estimated $1.3 million every hour, according to the Center for Automotive Research.
Because of an editing error, a picture caption with an earlier version of this article misspelled an artist's given name.
Taking Lyra to Jordan is Malcolm Polstead, an 11-year-old boy with an orderly soul and an inquisitive nature.
Or wear an LBD — but under an oversized sweater.
Maggie Hassan (D) — an awful result for an incumbent.
You are an entrepreneur in ... I am an entrepreneur.
I mean, it's such an outrage – literally an outrage.
It left an information void — an information crater, actually.
Evvie Drake is an unlikely widow — an unhappy widow.
I don't ... I'm both an insider and an outsider.
An older woman — an actress — peruses the green peppers.
An entertaining remark to accompany an entertaining solve ... ha!
It's an Amazon and a PayPal and ... an eBay.
" And I say, "Well, no, an asshole's an asshole.
"Men can have an orgasm without an erection, and men can have an erection without an orgasm — but if you're missing both I'd say you're probably going to be affected," he says.
Spot gold was up 20.45 percent at $2693.40,340.96 an ounce, off an earlier low of $1,330.03 an ounce, while U.S. gold futures for December delivery were up $5.90 an ounce at $1,347.20.
Now, Russia has detained an American, an unlikely espionage agent, in what appears to be an effort to jumpstart a prisoner exchange—an exchange perhaps meant to cut short that very cooperation.
"He was a bit of an anti-hero and an outlaw, so putting him on the cover was an outlaw move and made us feel like an outlaw band," Rhys says, laughing.
"Distraction is a clever strategy in information control in that an argument in almost any human discussion is rarely an effective way to put an end to an opposing argument," it said.
An earlier version of a report in this newsletter misstated the circumstances of an investigation into potential misconduct by officials at an Indonesian power company in which Standard Chartered is an investor.
As an African-American woman in the corridors of establishment power — an education at Dartmouth and Harvard, and then an entrepreneurial career — she said she knew the feeling of being an outlier.
In November, EgyptAir signed an initial order for 12 CSeries jets and Bombardier also received an order for 31 planes from an undisclosed European buyer, marking an end to its sales drought.
An audit is a systematic assessment of how well an EPA office is doing its job, whereas an investigation is conducted in response to reports of wrongdoing and focus on an individual.
You've got — buckle up — an Ethernet port, a non-Thunderbolt USB-C, a USB 3.1, two USB 3.0, an HDMI port, an audio jack, an SD-card slot, and a VGA port.
When the Whitewater investigation started, Monica Lewinsky was an unknown college student and nobody had any clue that an investigation into an Arkansas land deal would turn into an investigation about sex.
"An 'attempt' under Vermont law requires an intent to commit a crime, coupled with an act that, but for an interruption, would result in the completion of a crime," three justices wrote.
"You can't have an autonomous car traveling at an overly cautious speed, congesting traffic or potentially causing an accident," he wrote.
Kerrigan was the victim of an attack when an armed assailant clubbed her on the knee during an Olympic practice session.
Robert Howell, an astronomer at the University of Wyoming, used an analogy of an oven to better explain why this is.
"To be an actor, playing an actor and receiving an actor by a guild of actors is pretty exceptional," Stone started.
"They say this is an in-custody death; this is an in-custody murder," Franklin's father, Clayton, said in an interview.
"When we start offering beer and wine, there will be an associate checking identification," an Amazon spokesperson wrote in an email.
READMEDoes all the nice things an iPad doesMuch cheaper than an iPad ProWorks with Apple PencilMuch cheaper than an iPad Pro
Visit An Art Gallery An art museum might be too time-consuming for a weeknight date, but an art gallery isn't.
The marketing company signed deals with a large grocery chain, an international restaurant chain, an electronics manufacturer and an apparel-maker.
A day of free pizza and an opportunity to honor an incredible actress and an honest woman, what could be better?
To use an image-recognition AI to build an accurate DNA sequence, Google's team turned DNA-sequencing data into an image.
Spot An Email ScamYou probably already know not to open an unusual looking attachment or a link from an unknown sender.
It's more of an exploration, an investigation, an opening, a kind of radical honesty about who it is that we are.
Last year Australia's Fair Work Commission, an industrial-relations tribunal, ruled that an Uber driver was self-employed, not an employee.
The plans are available as an Instructable and consist primarily of an addressable string of LED lights and an Arduino board.
"It's a powerful boss supposedly having an affair with an assistant at an office, which just doesn't fly anymore," Star said.
It's an extraordinarily powerful item, an elegy to someone who should have been wearing that vest for an awful lot longer.
One of the hazards of dwelling near an undersea volcano is that an eruption can destroy your home in an instant.
Customers can hail the mini grocery stores via an app, on an interface which feels a lot like calling an Uber.
An earlier version of this article — relying on the Associated Press citing an an anonymous official — said that six people died.
An upcoming software update will disable an iPhone's Lightning charging and data port if the phone isn't used for an hour.
An Indiegogo campaign to crowdsource Plux, an AirPower lookalike, has raised $595,000 so far, demonstrating the demand for such an accessory.
The pattern usually works, too, until an event like an oil inventory number or an OPEC meeting with no result occurs.
"Ben is an addict and an alcoholic," Casey shared at an event for his movie The Old Man and the Gun.
I have three eggs and an espresso, and catch an Uber to the office (45 CHR, expensed) for an 8 a.m.
It may seem counterintuitive that an interactive experience can work when an untrained, unprepared participant is playing such an integral role.
These include an improved thermal camera, a laser-based metering tool, an air quality sensor, and an overall bump in specs.
Right now, the company has an iOS app, but it's working on an Android version, as well as an Alexa skill.
He's an advocate for surveillance and an enemy of encryption; an opponent of criminal justice reform; and a hardliner on immigration.
Each is an examination of the dynamics of human behavior, an interrogation of narrative, and an exploration of rationality and motive.
That's an interesting position given his past with SoftBank and the potential for Grab to make an exit via an IPO.
This is an alternative vision—an "alt-history" perhaps—of the second half of the twentieth century, not an abstract dystopia.
An attempt to set an new record was made in Dubai last year, with 22012 DJs performing at an ice rink.
But is it true that religion is an inciter of war, an obstacle to progress, or an issue to be handled?
A cricothyrotomy is normally an emergency lifesaving medical procedure that involves making an incision in the trachea to establish an airway.
It's an interesting dilemma for an author, particularly one who creates an elaborate world over many volumes: How do you stop?
"It needs to be more of an interesting story — let's call it an aspirational experience — than an actual experience," he said.
So most buyers are nonsmokers, and many are reluctant to make an offer on an apartment that smells like an ashtray.
Such an approach may represent an eventual hedge against possible impeachment proceedings and an attempt to bolster support among GOP lawmakers.
The topper is powered with an AC adapter that is plugged into an outlet and comes with an on/off switch.
Even an eighth of an inch, which is the standard seam allowance for ready-to-wear, changes how an undergarment fits.
Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article misspelled the surname of an Austrian psychiatrist on second reference.
This massive air conditioning unit was blocking an entire section of an aisle and was an unsightly addition to the store.
Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article gave an incorrect middle initial for the president of Russia.
They'll partner on a chip that includes an Intel processor and an AMD graphics chip, in an attempt to battle Nvidia.
"I think it's going to become an election an issue," said Gigi Sohn, an adviser to former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.
Instead, Ryan should introduce an omnibus spending package that contains neither an amnesty for DACA recipients nor an insurance company bailout.
We have an amazing team and incredible brand — and with renewed focus, we have an opportunity to build an outstanding business.
Mainers will see their minimum wages rise the most, from $9 an hour to $10 an hour, an 85033 percent increase.
If an ad calling for a carbon tax is political, is an ad promoting the reputation of an oil company political?
The spat began after an anti-Trump "super PAC" produced an ad geared at Utah voters featuring an image of Mrs.
Enspiral-affiliated ventures, for instance, include ActionStation, an online organizing tool; Scoop, an alternative-news source; and Chalkle, an education platform.
She continues her tour, passing an elementary school where an eight-year-old boy brought an unloaded gun earlier that week.
" Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article erroneously included a location for a performance of "An Upset.
Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article misstated where an auction of Neil Armstrong's mementos will occur.
He has ridden in an elevator and in an airplane, which took him to Mecca for an all-expenses-paid pilgrimage.
Social media promises an end to loneliness but actually produces an increase in solitude and an intense awareness of social exclusion.
"It's an allegory for the modern black experience through the lens of an epic African fantasy," she said in an interview.
"That it was done through an opioid overdose lent an unnecessary grim and morbid dimension to an otherwise happy family show."
Ms. Rapinoe has been heavily influenced as an athlete and as an activist by an older brother, Brian, who is 38.
"Because he went at it from an angle of me being an artist — an educator — it seemed meaningful," Ms. Graves recalled.
Unfortunately, as an organically deployed and emotionally resonant story beat, this bit qualifies as an anomaly in an otherwise scattershot hour.
An increase in the minimum wage, an expansion of health care coverage, and an infrastructure build-a-thon are obvious candidates.
"It is an iconic street corner in an iconic neighborhood that's bustling with pedestrian traffic," says Schumann, an East Village native.
Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article included an erroneous middle initial for one of its authors.
Agents would classify someone either as an unaccompanied minor, an individual adult, or an adult with children, meaning a family unit.
" In an interview, Mr. Ma said his retirement is not the end of an era but "the beginning of an era.
"What I did was an act of cowardice," Mr. Davis said in an interview with an Arkansas television station in 2015.
Sanders and Warren: The senators labeled the strike "an assassination," an important choice given that an executive order outlaws such assassinations.
Ms. Casares, who earns $10 an hour, struggles with an ever-changing schedule and an absence of employer-provided health care.
Even if an application will work flawlessly on Windows 10, an organization might delay an upgrade until it's been thoroughly tested.
An adviser to Mr. Lauder denied he was pushing an alliance with Mr. Abbas, but described Mr. Lauder as an optimist.
There's an awful lot of world leaders, there's an awful lot of finance chairs, there's an awful lot of business people.
"April's an artist — a singer, an actor, painter, writer, poet — who happens to also cut hair," he wrote in an email.
One is an AirPower charging pad that can wirelessly charge an iPhone, an Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time.
Nearly every day this month there has been a new attack, an attempted attack or an operation to prevent an attack.
At a little after midnight, an email had come in from an activist network that operates an emergency hotline for migrants.
Lighting an alley with tons of kilowatts of light would be an obstacle, a nuisance, an alien thing in that neighborhood.
Police could only begin an investigation into the rallies if the city administration sued an individual or groups, an official said.
A white coin maker left it at the workstation of an African-American colleague, setting off an uproar — and an investigation.
He has turned what could have been an opportunity for Republicans into not just an uphill but an up-mountain climb.
Part of it is an understandable objection to a white pundit using a black icon as an example in an argument.
Like the Titanic, the notion of an invulnerable America is an illusion best not shattered after striking an ice-cold reality.
So a customer could get an electric version of an XJ6 sedan, for example, or an electric XK120 from the 1950s.
The Patriots lined up an ineligible receiver in the slot and an eligible receiver where an offensive lineman would normally be.
Mainers will see their minimum wages rise the most, from $2628 an hour to $28500 an hour, an 6900 percent increase.
"An increase in the speed of operations is an advantage in such an operation," the company said in a emailed statement.
On social media, an image of an Iranian carrying an effigy of Mr. Trump hanging from a rope made the rounds.
Bob Hertzberg's bill to require an online platform, like Instagram and Twitter, to identify when an account is an automated account.
Users fill out an online report with an ID number, their recent travel history, and any possible symptoms of an illness.
Despite the crowded marketplace, hotel companies believe there is an opportunity and even an imperative to present an array of options.
A cryptocurrency data company showed Reuters an email it had received from an individual offering an article on business website Forbes.
A housewife in an apron, with an ice tray at her side, is dead on the floor before an open oven.
Naming an outside board member is often an early step by a company that will eventually seek an initial public offering.
The bass, no mere timekeeper in an idiom where everything keeps its own time, was an abstraction, an idea, a force.
The next year, Curry was an All-Star starter and one season removed from an MVP and an NBA title (see?).
It is especially worried about mobile apps that facilitate transactions through hundi, an informal money-transfer system in which an expat transfers an amount of money to an agent wherever they are based, and an equivalent payment is made in taka back in Bangladesh.
The new bond priced on Thursday with an 8.75% coupon and an 87 OID, for an all-in yield of 22015%, versus guidance circulated earlier on Thursday at an 275% coupon with a steeper 230 OID, for an all-in yield of 212%, sources said.
PARIS (Reuters) - The Paris prosecutor has begun an investigation into whether lives were put in danger when an engine explosion forced an Air France Airbus A380 to make an emergency landing in Canada.
Those calls happened — perhaps to complain about an unfortunate and typically accidental placement of an ad next to an unsavory story, or about what the company sees as unfair treatment in an article.
A British committee last year selected SONIA, an unsecured overnight lending rate, as an alternative to sterling-based Libor and Japan selected TONAR as an alternative to yen Libor, also an unsecured rate.
It's great that Kane will be an out lesbian, but giving the role to an identified member of the LGBTQ community can elevate an actress of an under-represented community to icon status.
They included the siege of a luxury hotel, a massive blast near a hospital caused by an explosive-laden vehicle painted to look like an ambulance and an assault on an army compound.
And generally the scale is bigger in the case of an earthquake than after an accident, so an initial problem to solve in an event like this is the managing of our resources.
" In 1999, when Mr. Clinton announced the first nomination of an openly gay person for an ambassadorship, then-Senator Chuck Hagel questioned whether an "openly, aggressively gay" diplomat could "do an effective job.
The answer would once have been clear: she was an escapee from an Orthodox Jewish family in Brooklyn, an Artists Union protest organizer, a gutsy woman who took no guff, an ambitious artist.
You're about to have an orgasm (or you're having an orgasm, or you just had an orgasm) Similarly, some people report feeling a tingling sensation just before, just after, or during an orgasm.
Reinstein is not an official lobbyist, but through the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization she co-founded with Larkin in 28500, she's become an advocate, an educator and an activist who testifies before Congress.
The RX18818893 VII's compactness isn't just impressive because of the large sensor it packs inside, however; you also get an EVF, an integrated flash, an external microphone jack and an articulating LCD display.
INTERNATIONAL Because of an editing error, an article on Jan.
This is an art historical survey of an artistic genre.
It's an offensive thing to an entire race of people.
Walder is certainly an interesting choice with an impressive résumé.
A warning, however: Resurrection is an eye for an eye.
"Only travel in an emergency," it said in an advisory.
Yes, she's an actress playing an actress who plays death.
An MRI, as an example, can cost up to $1,000.
But a program, like an equation, is an abstract entity.
It's all about an election and an alarming geopolitical situation.
I have an Amazon Echo Spot and an Echo Dot.
It's an important message squeezed into an awkward, unreliable gimmick.
But in reality, an influencer is synonymous with an entrepreneur.
Jaxon's OMG cat look isn't an impression, it's an affliction.
Gone are the days where an advertiser does an advert.
You can share information about an idol or an advantage.
They could have an incomplete abortion, or get an infection.
It certainly is an alternative to an epidemic of opioids.
Seismic shaking An asteroid impact would likely cause an earthquake.
An electronic sign welcomed crew for an imminent A320 delivery.
I also see an updated milestone from an Upwork client.
"You're turning an ally into an enemy," he told me.
In addition to being an early adopter, I'm an idiot.
"It's an army within an army," one the officers said.
Really, the dog needs an Oscar — not an Oscat — too.
Horvat had an injured foot and Sutter an injured wrist.
Lena Dunham is coming to an end of an era.
He has become an exceptional singer with an extraordinary range.
Then to start planning for an IPO or an acquisition?
This is an issue where Democrats have an overwhelming advantage.
Or, I'm going to be an executive or an accountant.
From an institutional standpoint, it would look like an overreach.
It was an exciting time to be an economist abroad.
Receive an email about an upcoming PSA we are doing.
There's an inconsistency and an illogicality to the whole thing.
When you're a celebrity, an apology is never an apology.
"I'm either an alcoholic or an abused child," I declared.
It was an app, like Sling TV is an app.
It has been, sometimes, an issue but mostly an advantage.
Kim's leak wasn't an artistic achievement, but an aggrandizing one.
Frankly, not an exciting discovery in an open carry state.
Today, an Administration recognizes an image and lends a smile.
An earlier version of this briefing included an erroneous photograph.
Subtle slights were revealed (an overthrown ball after an argument).
This is an unprecedented move but it's an unprecedented situation.
As an example, he describes an experiment with two situations.
And I know flying is an activity not an accomplishment.
She's an outspoken critic of Donald Trump and an activist.
To say McGrath had an uphill battle is an understatement.
An iPhone can do the same as an implant chip.
An earlier version of this story had an incorrect date.
What makes an event, an action, or a person "scandalous"?
"I could have become an agent, an editor," he said.
Why pretend that it is an inventory, not an invention?
Info is never an answer, dear — Info is an attitude.
An was already in custody under an emergency detention order.
It's an outside chance, but it's still an alarming one.
This was an atrocity; it was "an annex to Disneyland".
Two little boys watch an animated cartoon on an iPad.
I promised you this was an article about an app.
There's an underlying denial that there's an issue at all.
Write an Editorial About an Issue That Matters to You.
"Technology is not an expense, it's an investment," he said.
Britain's democracy relies on an opposition to provide an alternative.
There was even an Emojibator, an eggplant 🍆 -shaped vibrator.
The law prohibits an exchange: an expenditure for a vote.
Gregg was an incredible partner and an even better friend.
It's an example of what's known as an atmospheric river.
An average piece of bedding for an average scream session.
It's an escalation of an effort started by past presidents.
December 19, 2018 -- An investigator conducted an unannounced home visit.
It was about an opportunity to represent an underrepresented ethnicity.
It's an important Auburn story and an important American story.
While an allergy activates your immune system, an intolerance doesn't.
The worms typically enter an animal through an open wound.
It's an optical illusion and an effective one at that.
It is both an edifying read and an exhilarating one.
It is not an agenda, or an ideology, at all.
The deal also included an investment of an undisclosed amount.
I became an adult, but I'm really an eternal teenager.
Say, print an apple and it will print an apple.
We have elected an authoritarian, but an apparently incompetent one.
Terrebonne Parish ordered an evacuation affecting an estimated 400 people.
An effect on one has an effect on them all.
I'm an emotional eater first and an emotional spender next.
And it's not an exercise thing, it's an eating thing.
Nihilism was an important part of Dada as an idea.
Introduce an unbalanced force, and stop an object in motion.
An upgrade would require an upgrade of the group's rating.
One bedroom has an interior shower and an outdoor shower.
She'll be taken to an area hospital for an evaluation.
Chrissy Teigen, meanwhile, is an example of an excellent tweeter.
Once an SNL member, always an SNL member, it seems.
An intoxicating view is integral to an unforgettable hotel experience.
INTERNATIONAL Because of an editing error, an article on Nov.
But Finley, always an iconoclast, saw in Washington an opportunity.
Whether it's an insuperable problem is an open empirical question.
He was an amazing person — he's still an amazing person.
An eon in internet time, an eon in TV time.
They consisted of an outdoor sensor and an indoor display.
It was an early example of an "ethical" foreign policy.
In theory, an artificial egg wouldn't bother an adult flamingo.
The order was more of an irritation than an extirpation.
Have an empty nest and an equally empty nest egg?
I do not believe in an eye for an eye.
Even an old horseshoe can become an implement of danger.
Reminder: An invite doesn't guarantee an executive will show up.
He trained as an engineer and an actuary in France.
An infection in her bloodstream had unleashed an inflammatory storm.
An actual lunch, not an apple and a Diet Coke.
My dad was an astonishing athlete and an Olympics fanatic.
It was an idea desperately in need of an interface.
You could be an accountant who wears an astronaut helmet!
"What an incredible job by an amazing team," Musk wrote.
She started her career as an attorney and an activist.
An amazing mother, an awesome friend, a loving human period.
Transcendence is an ideal ultimate for blitzing an enemy position.
A strong person that I consider an inspiration, an equal.
Jefferies, an investment bank, calls Nintendo's IP an "unmatched treasure".
Dunn treats her savings an an important but irregular expense.
Sen becomes an embryo, a gamete, an egg, she's gone.
An unspoken pact between an emotionally desperate father and daughter.
Healthy markets are an imperative in an increasingly unstable world.
"It was an upheaval of an upbringing," he later admitted.
It's not an easy watch but definitely an important one.
An LG Display spokeswoman did not have an immediate comment.
It seems like an odd choice for an abortion clinic.
An impersonation of Kermit the Frog singing an Adele song.
Jia pulled out an umbilical cable and an air handler.
"I'm an addict and an alcoholic," he said in 2016.
Being an inspirational leader and manager isn't an easy task.
An FBI spokeswoman would neither confirm nor deny an investigation.
"We've had an incredible Q4, an incredible 2016," Potdevin said.
An Air Force spokesperson did not have an immediate comment.
"It's more of an escalator than an elevator," he said.
An unwanted insurance plan is worse than an unwanted pet.
Here's an illustrated guide for an easy, quick meditation exercise.
Too often, an environmentally conscious consumer is an affluent consumer.
Lying on an insurance application can be an expensive mistake.
Rasual was an amazing teammate and an even better person.
Historically, an inverted yield curve has signalled an impending recession.
He said there could be an option for an appeal.
So it was an extraordinary-- and is an extraordinary business.
"It's an honor, it's an honor," she tells the President.
To many, an inverted yield curve signals an oncoming recession.
Expectations were for an an extra 200,000 jobs in February.
An internal investigation by an outside firm was also conducted.
An agreement could also bring an independent chairman, they said.
He has not yet received an answer, an aide said.
The iPhone XR's screen is an LCD, not an OLED.
"If that's an admission, then it's an admission," Reedie said.
An NCA officer was in Khartoum, an intelligence source said.
That's an unlikely role for an intelligent and accomplished woman.
An inversion is widely seen as indicating an economic recession.
An open world Zelda game like Skyrim on an airplane.
Got an idea for an app, website, or YouTube series?
And an 'F' means make an appointment with your dentist.
Yet their organisations share an anniversary and an intertwined history.
Taking an equity stake was also an option, it said.
The system bears an unfortunate resemblance to an extortion racket.
Once an art journalist, Venet has an impeccable art pedigree.
In 290, an anonymous woman had an abortion in Sweden.
An autopsy later confirmed he died of an opioid overdose.
It was an opportunity, and James never missed an opportunity.
He is, moreover, an entertaining writer and an experienced judge.
But there is an explicit and an implicit politics to
An endless moving picture in which one was an actor.
It's an apprenticeship at best, albeit one with an ambiguous
An earlier version of this article misspelled an Italian surname.
This is definitely an election to keep an eye on.
Its goal is an influential Britain in an orderly world.
"Chicken head" is an insult in Korea meaning an idiot.
Haggerty was an animal trainer before he was an actor.
We have an amazing relationship musically and an amazing friendship.
Hall is both an Alabama stereotype and an Alabama reality.
Because of the previous radiation, an implant wasn't an option.
He was an outsider and an insider all at once.
An FBI spokesman declined to comment, citing an ongoing investigation.
A "people's history" suggests an alternative to an official history.
That is an additional twist in an already convoluted relationship.
An adolescent girl was on an overpass, threatening to jump.
An insect becomes infected by biting an infected human being.
An internal investigation by an outside law firm quickly followed.
Labrador, an Idaho Republican, cuts an unusual profile in Washington.
TIRANA, Nov 11 (Reuters) - An explosion at an Albanian-U.
Because of an editing error, an art review on Sept.
INTERNATIONAL Because of an editing error, an article on Sept.
He is an accomplished lawmaker and an actual nice person.
An EDF spokeswoman denied EDF is studying such an option.
An assistant would relay the name of an approaching fan.
An electric toothbrush is an essential bit of kit nowadays.
INTERNATIONAL Because of an editing error, an article on Aug.
OBITUARIES Because of an editing error, an obituary on Aug.
It has the features of an acid and an alkaline.
An unfortunate policy is O.K. An unfair one is not.
There is also an open position for an eighth role.
"Who's an old man now!" an animated Joe Biden laughs.
Hickey calls it an "impressive trend" in an inhospitable environment.
It's an almost impossible solution to an almost impossible problem.
It's strange to have an art that's largely an instinct.
The cryochamber is an insulated chamber with an adjustable platform.
What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?
Herrine: I think I have an inkling of an idea.
An earlier version of this article misspelled an artist's name.
And an indictment of Hillary Clinton is not an impossibility.
Attractions cast members earn an average of $10 an hour.
Mr. Duggal was an inventor as well as an entrepreneur.
"I had an amazing time, an amazing ride," says Bartholomew.
They often arrive in an S.U.V. instead of an ambulance.
This is an ambitious book, but often an exhausting one.
An economic summit was an instrument used for political purposes.
NATIONAL Because of an editing error, an article on Oct.
INTERNATIONAL Because of an editing error, an article on Oct.
TRAVEL Because of an editing error, an article on Oct.
It's an important exhibition about an idea that deserves attention.
Attending an NFL game in person is an expensive affair.
Some say it was only an arrow, meaning— an error.
An evening with Ace Ventura would seem like an eternity.
He's an opinion-maker, particularly on immigration — and an activist.
He became an owner of the Limelite, an Aspen, Colo.
That made for an appealing narrative and an appealing cause.
Weakness is viewed as an opportunity, not as an omen.
This is an overreach, and an abuse of Congressional power.
It transforms an ordinary bathroom into an elegant retreat. Pros:Cons:
An anonymous witness claimed to be an employee of Epstein.
It is still an experimental product in an unestablished vertical.
Jain developed an interest in science at an early age.
An RCT is an experiment conducted on human beings, with
An investigation by an independent commission is the only answer.
Maybe an organized "stop Trump" effort will have an effect.
INTERNATIONAL Because of an editing error, an article on Feb.
These ideas merit an honest discussion and an open debate.
Knight was an idiosyncratic thinker and anything but an ideologue.
An earlier version of this story included an incorrect timeline.
"This was an awful experience," Lenz recalled in an interview.
It's an old story and an older duality: Betty vs.
TC: So Eclipse is an investment firm and an incubator.
But an hour later, an officer appeared at my door.
As an officer, how do you approach an EDP call?

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