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729 Sentences With "A"

How to use A in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "A" and check conjugation/comparative form for "A". Mastering all the usages of "A" from sentence examples published by news publications.

A border, a dollar, a skin, a shelter; a kiss, a cowboy, a haircut, a bible.
A mother, a housewife, a swinging single, an adventurer, a lover, a feminist, a runner, a saver, a peacemaker, a revolutionary.
First as a witch, then as a mummy, a princess, a rocket ship, a clown, a bunch of grapes, a bumblebee, a queen, a knight in shining armor, an astronaut, a singer, a horse, a smartphone, a piece of toast, an ice cream cone, a bat, a spaceship, and, finally, a ghost.
To this basic array, the artist may add: a man or a woman (a woman), tables, chairs, paintings, a mirror, a dog, a bird, a child, a maid, a doctor, a candle, a letter, a framed picture, a musical instrument.
You&aposre a legend, a icon, a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a friend.
In fact, Manifesto presents 13 contradictory treatises, performed by a broker, a mother, a manager, a woman at a funeral, an eyelinered punk, a choreographer, a teacher, a factory worker, a newsreader, a reporter, a puppeteer, a scientist, and a homeless man.
A horse becomes a dragon, a king becomes a tiger, two thugs become monkeys, a mussel becomes a swallow, a tongue becomes a snake, and a girl becomes a storyteller.
A human creature born abnormally, inhumanely sensitive, to them, a touch is a blow, a sound is a noise, a misfortune is a tragedy, a joy is ecstasy, a friend is a lover and a lover is a god.
A 17053 becomes a 0; two 1s become a 1; a 1 and a 0 become a 0; a 1 and a 0 become a 1; two 0s become a 1.
"He added: "You&aposre a legend, a icon, a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a friend.
She was a child actor, a surefire success, a soap star, a sexpot, a pop singer, an addict, a criminal, a joke, a liability, a lost soul.
" Then, of course, there's the chorus: "I go 'mooo' (I'm a cow, I'm a cow, I'm a cow) / Mooo (I'm a cow, I'm a cow, I'm a cow, I'm a cow) / Mooo (I'm a cow, I'm a cow, I'm a cow, I'm a cow) / Mooo (I'm a cow, I'm a cow, I'm a cow, I'm a cow).
We have a president who is a joker, a jester, a racist, a sexist, a sociopath and perhaps a psychopath.
There's a difference between a girl with a truck and a boy with a Barbie, and a boy with a Barbie is a no-no.
A print shop, a gallery, a bar, a bridge, a church.
There's a bee, a horsefly, a butterfly, a couple of ants, a worm and more, but they're really toddlers in a playground: They swing on a gate, try to get a peach down from a tree, float a makeshift boat on a pond.
A unicorn, a monster, a phoenix, a machine, a heavyweight fighter, an astronaut, a superhero, a thoroughbred, a home-run hitter, a waitress juggling "22 entrees, 220 starters, 22015 desserts," a jazz virtuoso, LeBron James, Magellan, Snuffleupagus.
Around 1995 I owned a TV, a VHS player, a Walkman, a Discman, a cordless phone, a desktop computer, a CD player, a Hi-Fi and more.
I set out to tell a story about a granddaughter, a daughter, a mother, a grandmother, a father — you know, a family.
"Columbine" now is a brand, a marker, a symbol, an event, a verb, a metaphor, a label.
They might show a president, a member of Congress, a Border Patrol agent, a lobbyist, a judge, a citizen at a political rally or in a voting booth.
A pot becomes a bowl, a ladel a spoon, but finding a substitute for a sharp kitchen knife requires a little more effort.
We're taking it a second at a time — not a minute at a time, not a day — but a second at a time.
He was buried with a board game, a drinking horn, a sword, a silver spoon, a lyre, a painted box, and a cauldron.
She is like a glitter, a liner, a liquid liner, a blush, a lipstick, a YouTube tutorial video.
There's a mooncake, a red envelope, a nazar amulet; a petri dish, a microbe, a DNA double helix.
She's a reality star, a fashion icon, a big sister, a little sister, a mom and a wife.
AN ACADEMIC, a politician, a journalist, a film star, a nobleman and a banker walk into a bar.
A mother of 3, a sister, a daughter, a cousin, a friend and a Queen … Rest in Paradise.
She was a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a mental health advocate and a cultural icon.
A knife to a chef is like a brush to a painter or a camera to a photographer.
There's a television, a game console, a bookshelf, a desk, and a bed.
A trolley, a diverging track, a fat man, a crowd, a broken brake.
A depression is a furrow, a valley, a sloping downward, and a return.
One room, a chair, a bed, a little fridge, a television, a bathroom.
The web has become a public square, a library, a doctor's office, a shop, a school, a design studio, an office, a cinema, a bank, and so much more.
The notion that anything—a rock, a sheep, a dog, a car, or a person—can belong to a human being or a corporation is a relatively new idea.
There's a train station in Rotterdam, the vacant seats of a theater, a casino, a synagogue, a grotto, a tulip garden, and a beach.
It's not a pixie or a mullet or a bowl cut, not a bob or a lob or a Kwan cut or a Klute cut or a Farrah or a Rachel or anything with something so pedestrian as a name.
Big Bop'll trade a B flat for a B,A neck for a neck, a tooth for a tee,A downy quilt bedbug for a fur cap-fat flea—A kickline of one, knobbly-kneed.
They included a pharmacist, a doctor, a welder, a teacher, a gas station owner, a lawyer, a microbiologist, an economist, a nurse, a computer engineer and at least one woman who had survived the Holocaust.
She was a rebel, a warrior, an intellectual, a love, a humanitarian, an activist, a momma, and a sister.
He moved from one low-level job to the next: a cashier and cook at a Chick-fil-A, a cashier at a Walgreens, a cashier at a Nutrition World, a floor watcher at a Gold's Gym, a sales clerk at a GNC vitamin and supplement store.
A fetus is a human entity, maybe even a human being, but there's a difference between saying a fetus is a human being and that a fetus is a person.
It's a little bit of a thriller, a little bit of a drama, a little bit of a comedy, a little bit of a romance — and wholly its own thing.
" Madonna continued to tease the long-awaited record on Instagram, first filling her entire feed with a large red "X" against a black background, and later sharing a larger version of a note featured in the clip that reads, "She is a cha cha instructor, a professor, a head of state, a housekeeper, an equestrian, a prisoner, a student, a teacher, a nun, a cabaret singer, a saint, a prostitute.
I am a black woman, a mother, a friend, a lover and a boss.
You probably had a nanny, a chauffeur, a maid, a tutor, and a pony.
Houston was a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, and a best friend.
A killer seeks out a nightclub, a church, an airport, a courthouse, a protest.
He is a demagogue, a xenophobe, a sexist, a know-nothing, and a liar.
A shaft turned a cam, a cam drove a wheel that moved a belt.
A moment on a sidewalk becomes a koan, a fragment bearing a mysterious pronoun.
A user posts a need for a service, and a vendor submits a bid.
He was a perhaps a bit of a dyskolos, a grouch, cantankerous, a curmudgeon.
It begins with a sacrifice of the "pancha bali," a set of five animals: a rat, a goat, a buffalo, a pig and a chicken.
Serve a wedge and a steak, or a wedge and a hamburger, or a wedge and a roast chicken, or just a wedge and a lot of warm bread and cold red wine, and it's a pleasant evening you're having, a retro delight.
Suppose a public university gets a "request" from a group that the group wants to invite a speaker on a specific date, to appear at a particular auditorium, or a city gets a request to hold a demonstration in a specific city park.
We meet a chief justice, a government minister, a university chancellor, a gym owner, a construction foreman, and a man in a Spiderman costume handing out fliers outside a toy store.
A hacker, a revolutionary, a racist crusader, a father, a husband, a university student, a son, and a friend: Sam Maloney was all of these things, depending on who you ask.
Soon every Monopoly set came with a battleship, a cannon, a flatiron, a shoe, a top hat, and a thimble.
Maybe being a friend, a partner, a mother, a father, a daughter or a son is just getting to you.
For example: a deck of cards, a game, a book or e-reader, a knitting project, a journal, a sketchpad.
But I'm also a plumber, an electrician, a mechanic, a physicist, a chemist, a biologist and a hundred other things.
A computer or a phone has a camera, a GPS, a microphone, a speaker—it can track everything you're doing.
Among the numerous other amenities are a residents' lounge, a rooftop terrace with a fire pit and a grill, a private dining room and a catering kitchen, a fitness center, a screening room and a children's playroom.
A makeshift altar on the forest floor bore a lantern, a silver chalice, a bowl of water, a jar of salt, a sunflower and a wand.
There's also a movie theater inside, a fully equipped gym, a fireplace, a billiard room and a guest house ... plus a pool and a huge yard.
"In the last year, we have debriefed a South African, a Tanzanian, a Kenyan, a Rwandan, a Burundian, a Brit and a South Sudanese," he said.
Other posts include a photo of a rifle, a collection of firearms on a bed, and a photo taken through a scope looking out a window.
If you're female — whether you're a Betty or a Veronica, a Mary or a Rhoda, even a Betsy or a Tacy — a girl will betray you.
Not when you can have a spinoff, a sequel, a revival, a reboot, a rerelease.
He's got a mama, a fiancé, or a girlfriend, or a wife, or a baby.
A physicist walks into a room holding a pretzel, a bagel, and a cinnamon bun.
The opposite of a commodity is a branded product — a name, a feeling, a lifestyle.
A subway platform, a hurried passenger, a push, then a tumble and ultimately a death.
As a teenager, she was a Shakespearean actress, a dancer, a journalist and a poet.
There's a sheepdog, an Akita, a pit bull, a corgi, a Pekingese, and a Chihuahua.
First, it was a farewell to a warrior, a senator, a friend and a father.
There is a church, a mosque, a synagogue, a few hair salons and a dressmaker.
I am a small businessman, a coach, a father, a husband -- not a career politician.
He was a live-wire gay kid: a talker, a reader, a looker, a dancer.
Nah, just the interior of a 2013 LDV Vandog Traveller, modified with a desk, a gas cooker, a sink, a double bed, a fridge, and yes, a bathroom—complete with a shower.
The Monopoly Standard Edition, the metaphorical grandfather to the Token Madness teen, includes a Scottish Terrier, a battleship, a car, a top hat, a thimble, a boot, a wheelbarrow, and a cat.
Robert De Niro does not mince words, calling Donald Trump -- Stupid -- a punk -- a pig -- a con -- a B.S. artist -- a mut -- an idiot -- a disaster -- an embarassment -- a fool -- a Bozo
Other highlights include a saloon-themed bar with a pool table, a gym, a playroom with a ping pong table, a media room and a 2-story office ... with a private elevator.
In that time, I've been a blogger, a newspaper reporter, a magazine writer, a long-form editor, an opinion columnist, a cable news host, a social media personality, a viral video star, a podcaster and a media entrepreneur.
Mario can become a bullet bill with a mustache, a goomba with a mustache, and even a dinosaur with a mustache.
That starts with a handful of products: a motion sensor, a nightlight, a stair light, a spotlight, and a path light.
Without a photo of a couple or a screenshot of a comment or a link to video, a post cannot exist.
Anyone — or anyone's child — could be a victim, at a school, a concert, a church, a movie theater or a nightclub.
A cheetah, not a cougar, eats a gazelle; and a leopard, not a cougar, is seen trying to eat a wildebeest.
Yes, he's a wolf; the students are a host of animals, including a frog, a duck, a dog and a rabbit.
Have racial stereotypes led you to mistreat a neighbor, a colleague, a schoolmate, a fellow commuter, a customer at a store?
They include a woman with a head scarf, a breast-feeding woman, a vomiting face, a zombie and a sandwich (finally).
A wine cellar, a Finnish sauna, a bathroom, a bedroom, a gym and a storage room are on the lower level.
It includes a library, a mosque, a school, mausolea, a cistern, a hospital, kitchens, a bakery, and some offices, says UNESCO.
He has called Mendoza a thief, a coward, a hypocrite, a traitor, a bandit, an oligarch, and a long-haired devil.
In between, Broom weaves an intricate history of a family, a house, a neighborhood, a city, a country, and a globe.
When it's a picture of a horse or a picture of a disabled child or a picture of a former lover.
The small city of Troy, New York isn't hurting for fast food: There's a Sonic Drive-In, a Starbucks, a Friendly's, a McDonald's, a Popeyes, a Dunkin', a Burger King, a Subway, a couple of Stewart's, and a handful of pizza and sub shops.
A typical story seizes on a confrontation between Carlson and a guest — usually a Jew, a racial minority, or a woman — and attaches a disturbingly violent headline.
A man in a suit with a briefcase left as a young woman wearing a black leather jacket and a T-shirt of a punk band entered.
We glean that she had a Jewish father (a pathologist) and a non-­Jewish mother (a pianist); a sister; three sons; and, for a time, a husband.
It had a two-level spa, an overwater infinity pool, a restaurant, a bar, a gym, a recreation area, and both a wine and a cheese cellar.
In Huntington Bay, N.Y., a six-bedroom, four-full-and-two-half-bath restored 1901 Victorian with a front porch, a greenhouse, a library, a partially finished basement, a detached one-car garage, a free-form pool with a waterfall, a spa, and a circular driveway, on a 1.05 acre lot.
On a recent afternoon, it served up videos of a guy accidentally hitting himself in the head with a baseball bat; a pizza being made out of French fries; a dog bathing in a Jacuzzi; a woodworker crafting a salad bowl; a tourist riding a slide down the Great Wall of China and a manatee kissing a snorkeler.
I've worked at a bookstore, a jewelry store, a cable company, a sheet-metal company, a church, an inner-city school (as a therapist), and a family-counseling center (as a play-therapist).
He's got a bedroom, a kitchen with a tiny table, a living room with a couch and TV, a washer (but no dryer), and a toilet with no seat and a bidet nearby.
Other building amenities include a pet-grooming station, a fitness center with a yoga room, a children's playroom, bike storage, a common courtyard, a rooftop lounge and a party room with a kitchen.
A fist, a closed wage, a foot, a pride, a dilated eye, a room adjacent, a womb open to a fingered treatise and through the slit in the curtain we can almost vote.
I mean a St.-Émilion rather than a Pauillac; a reserva level Rioja, not a gran reserva; a Rosso di Montalcino rather than a Brunello; a Cornas, not a fine old Côte-Rôtie.
On the lower level is an indoor pool, five feet deep, with a jetted swim current, a sauna, a gym, a lounge with a large fireplace, a billiards room, a guest room, a bathroom, a powder room and storage.
This is a daughter, a mother, a wife, a friend.
A utopia is a paradise, a dystopia a paradise lost.
A keychain or a rattle, a shelf or a box.
Is a dog a mammal, a reptile, or a fish?
We got a third, a third, a third, a third.
A kid is a ticket, a kid is a passport.
It's called "A a a a a Very Good Song," and it's 9:58 minutes long.
It's a lifestyle, a mindset, a sport, and, yes, a great way to spend a Saturday.
A beast of a boxer had a bit of a power struggle with a human recently.
A stick becomes a sword, a garbage can lid a shield, and bed sheets a fort.
He left behind a son, a daughter, a brother, a sister, a mother and four grandchildren.
There's a guy with a shotgun, and a guy with a Rottweiler pulling at a chain.
That's J-A-M-B-A-L-A-Y-A with a soft "g" ... errr ... "j".
As a doctor, I can draw a distinction, a boundary, between a fetus and a baby.
There's a Queen, a faun, a vengeful spirit, a murder and a sense of encroaching doom.
A song is sung by a person of ill repute: a huckster, a herder, a whore.
The security of having a home, a school, a hospital, a community, a way of life.
Camp Century had a bar, a chapel, a barbershop, a movie theatre, and a nuclear reactor.
A virus gets on a surface — a shoe or a doorknob or a tissue, for example.
Read a book, watch a movie, or go for a drive, a walk, or a run.
West is a lightning rod — a producer, a rapper, a problematic fave and a Jesus freak.
"You're a therapist, a rabbi, a priest, a marriage counselor and a big brother," he said.
It flips open like a match ... not a match, a … WM: A cigarette … LG: … a lighter.
Creating a post means either sharing a photo, a link, a song, movie, TV show, a book, or a place — for now.
They remembered a ruler, a paddle, a strap, a small ax, a light bulb, clappers, and a set of large rosary beads.
A caliphate is like a kingdom ruled by — a caliphate is ruled by a caliph, a kingdom is ruled by a king.
A day feels like a week, Rranxburgaj told me, a week feels like a month, and a month feels like a year.
A kid wearing a dress is a kid wearing a dress; a kid having fun dancing is a kid having fun dancing.
His theme takes us from a HOUSE to a STREET to a BLOCK to a CITY to a STATE to a NATION.
A faded, colored image unlocks a memory — of a game, a season, a player, a parent or grandparent who loved the sport.
Beyond is a spa that has a lounge with a fireplace, a sauna, a soaking tub overlooking the water and a shower.
He is describable, almost fully, in a few short words: a misogynist, a bigot, a narcissist, a con man and a demagogue.
"Are you a jock, a nerd, a prep, a rapper, a metalhead?" he said in 2016 at a TEDx talk in Austria.
Raised on Martha's Vineyard, Mr. Bryant was a seaman, a carpenter, a ditch digger, a logger, a cook and a dock builder.
That's a — they have a — they have a different — they probably have a bigger — they have a different kind of a problem.
At the Morgan, we get a different Dickinson, a person among people: a member of a household, a village dweller, a citizen.
At the Morgan we get a different Dickinson, a person among people: a member of a household, a village-dweller, a citizen.
At the Morgan we get a different Dickinson, a person among people: a member of a household, a village dweller, a citizen.
A daylighted lower level contains a rubber-tile-floored gym, a bedroom, a full bathroom, a laundry room and a fallout shelter.
They were where you'd announce a political rally or seek a ride, a roommate, a job, a scene or a sex partner.
A truck pulled up at a small house with a brick porch and a garden on a recent afternoon, and a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt climbed out.
A doctor that makes a mistake is a human—possibly a grossly negligent human, but not necessarily—while a machine that makes a mistake is itself a mistake.
What you need: A white shirt with a collar, a black skirt, black tights, a big purse, a black hat, a red bow tie, and a big umbrella.
Krajnyak was "a mother, a wife, a daughter and a friend," said Irene White, a family friend who read a brief family statement scribbled on a yellow notepad.
The piece presents a crowded scene, concentrated in the middle panel: a man with a monkey, a girl in a niqab, a mom with a daughter in tow.
A village pariah, Shahrzad lives alone in a modest, isolated house and appears as a fugitive pretense: a silhouette in a window, a disembodied voice, a distant figure.
Other social media posts show a photo of a rifle, a collection of firearms on a bed and a photo taken through a scope looking out a window.
Other social media posts show a photo of a rifle, a collection of firearms on a bed, and a photo taken through a scope looking out a window.
Here's an alarm clock set for 4 am, a man opening a store, a maid cleaning a kitchen, a cook making a living in a taco truck, etc.
The pool included a mail carrier, a former police officer, a secretary at a bank, a hostess at a Cheesecake Factory restaurant, a biology professor from Italy and a managing director at Morgan Stanley.
Get a twin for $89 (a savings of  $41), a full for $119 (a savings of $40), a queen for $139 (a savings of $50), or a king for $168 (a savings of $62).
We hope they'll choose a work that is new and interesting for them, whether that's a book, a movie, a television show, an album, a game, a restaurant, a building, or a live performance.
Atop a 0003 foot ladder inside a New York City subway tunnel on a recent weeknight, a worker plunged a drill with a bit as long as a sword deep into a wet wall.
A fellow Swede on a New York bus offers a home; a sailor on a dark pier provides a disguise and a job on a ship to Europe; unexpected funds arrive in the mail.
It is a moment of perfect symbolism: a man without a conviction for a country without a direction, a man of self-destructive tendencies for a country in the vise of a crippling decision.
Since 2000, her costumes have included a zombie doll, Lady Godiva (on a horse!), Betty Boop, a golden alien, a red witch, a vampire, a serpent, a cat, Kali, a crow, an alien, a cadaver, Cleopatra, a butterfly, clones and the werewolf from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.
Since 2000, her costumes have included a zombie doll, Lady Godiva (on a horse), Betty Boop, a golden alien, a red witch, a vampire, a serpent, a cat, Kali, a crow, an alien, a cadaver, Cleopatra, a butterfly, clones and the werewolf from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.
The main floor has a great room, a dining room, a den, a master bedroom and bathroom, a kitchen with Craftsman-style cabinets and a walk-in pantry, a powder room a laundry room and two guest rooms each with a walk-out to a private patio and access to a full bath.
In Rockville Centre, a five-bedroom, three-bath, updated 1930 house with a new slate roof, a vestibule, a den, a sitting room, an eat-in kitchen with a walk-in pantry, a mud room, a finished basement, a bluestone patio with a pergola and outdoor kitchen, and a detached two-car garage, on a 0.21 acre lot on a quiet cul-de-sac.
There's a fan brush, a flat shader brush, a large blending brush, a small blending brush, a pencil brush, a small flat shade brush, a small pencil brush, an eyeliner brush, and a lip brush.
In 2015, Apple filed a patent for a a stylus that magnetically connects to the side of a tablet: A patent illustration for a way to connect a stylus to a tablet using magnetic connectors.
"She is a daughter of a King, a granddaughter of a King and a sister of a King before there was a country called the Emirates," Qusai Zreiqat, a Jordanian, wrote on his Twitter account.
Located in Sarasota, Florida, Sarasota Bay Club boasts a list of amenities, which include a pool, a spa, an auditorium, a massage therapy studio, a billiards room, a woodworking shop, a salon, and a library.
Impressionistic daubs of sound—a soft strike on the center of a cymbal, a tap on the edge of a drum, a scrape of a stick across a drumhead—conjure a sense of limitless space.
Westeros' Breakfast Club (a womanizer, a smuggler, a nerd, a jock, and a self-proclaimed imp) is a little rough around the edges, a little inexperienced, but that's okay.
In it, a protagonist travels through a dark passageway before emerging into a room where a bandaged figure, a clone of himself, and a duckman sit on a couch.
When he arrived in 2014, he "bought a bunch of businesses," including a tour company, a lounge, a bus, a newspaper, a radio station, and a glass-blowing company.
One day, responding to a call about a disturbance at a housing project, he and his partner confronted a man in a hallway brandishing a knife and a hammer.
Heth is an edge case, like a head on a pike, or a mass grave, or a man hanging from a gallows, a display of decay, a spectacular atrocity.
For instance, a user may see a short-form video that shows a sportsperson wearing a pair of sneakers, a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and a cap.
The VisionVenture has a roof and a rear patio with a barbecue, a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room that can double as an office space.
A family and a patient needs a physician, but they also need a social worker, a nutritionist, and a physical education prescription to approach obesity through a holistic approach.
"Stealing Time" is a large production, told in a series of short scenes: a boozy dance at a nightclub, a tango-inflected seduction, a Chaplinesque number involving a suitcase.
There's also a cigar lounge, a hookah lounge and a rooftop with a small exercise room, a spa with four treatment rooms, and a sauna and a steam room.
Starting a chat, placing a call, sharing a file, editing a document or participating in a meeting through Teams can get a person counted as a user, Spataro said.
Generally, the academy waits a year after a death to announce a vacancy, and if a replacement receives a majority vote, a formal induction comes about a year later.
Farther south, in a strip mall on Horace Harding Expressway, is a Denny's, a chic children's clothing store, a Starbucks, a pizzeria, a bagel shop and a Panera Bread.
Elijah Cummings Was a GIANT Among Men,a Fearless Man,a GentleMan,A Man Of Great Character,A Stand Up Man,A Man To Revere,A Man To EMULATE.
A host of other new symbols include an otter, a sloth, a waffle, falafel, a yawning face, a white heart, a sari and a contentious one-piece bathing suit.
What you knew was that he was a bully, a screamer, a yeller, a thrower, a pig—not that he was a rapist ... .
Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; give a lonely fisherman a chance and feed him for a lifetime.
Give a human a rubber chicken and it might elicit a chuckle; give a horse a rubber chicken and it's a laugh riot.
In nearly every pair, one twin had a spine gone awry, a bad leg, a patched eye, a wound, a scar, a crutch.
For Beyoncé, a song is never just a song; a video is never just a video; a dress is never just a dress.
There is a separate family room with a fireplace, a wet bar, a sauna, a condition-controlled wine cellar and a full bathroom.
They've known all along that he's a needy narcissist, a womanizer, a lowlife, a liar, a braggart and a generally miserable human being.
He was a religious and pious man, a father, a husband, a friend, a school board candidate, a man of honor and passion.
The sprawling outdoor area includes a terrace with a pergola, a pool deck, a tennis court, a bocce ball court, and a labyrinth.
A staged domestic interior, it contains a wooden chest, a lamp, flowers, and a TV screening a looped video of a woman sleeping.
He's a wild man, a maverick, a bull in a china shop, and a lot of fun.
"A a a a a Very Good Song" is currently ranked 82nd on iTunes' top songs chart.
A JOURNALIST, a public servant and a beggar walk into a bar, runs a South Korean joke.
It's a sneaky reminder that I'm a rabble rouser, a rebel, a bit of a basket case.
"I'm a father, a husband, and a lover, NOT a felon," read a sign held by Brown.
Monica Quimby is a mom, a biologist, a professor, a beauty pageant winner, and a para athlete.
Over time, I used different weapons: a sword, a musket, a bayonet, a rifle, a machine gun.
Imagine a world with a space penny, a space nickel, a space dime and a space quarter.
"A woman is a drunk, a whore, whereas the guy's like a partyer, a player," she said.
Bullet journaling is a mixture of a to-do list, a planner, a scrapbook, and a diary.
As a thank-you and a goodbye and a good luck and a have a nice life.
Common areas include a living area, a dining area, a family room, a library and a sunroom.
She is a worker and an employer, a daughter and a mother, a student and a teacher.
Inside, there is a full kitchen, a living space, a workspace, a bathroom, and a back bedroom.
I have a portable radio, a baton, a set of handcuffs, a key holder, and a firearm.
A developed profile, with a photo, a bio and a history of tweeting, goes a long way.
They included a dancer and his partner, a journalist; a celebrity chef; a businesswoman; and a hotelier.
"From a corner, from a free kick, from a penalty, a goal is a goal," he said.
A bris includes a circumcision performed by a mohel, or a ritual circumciser, and a baby naming.
The site offers a sensory lab, a podcasting studio, a kitchen, a packaging center and a stage.
Second, Falstaff is a liar, a thief, a sponge, a coward and, if occasion demanded, a murderer.
She was 65, a journalist, a mother of three, a partner, a daughter and a new grandmother.
"We have a plan A, a plan B, a plan C, and a plan D," said Duncan.
A programmer, a memoirist, an essayist, a novelist, Ullman's a poet at a computer, whatever the medium.
The only victim is a man, a son, a husband, a carabiniere, a servant of the state.
Other icons include a waffle, a playful otter, a flamingo, a Hindu temple and a yawning face.
There is a makeshift hospital, a legal clinic, a radio station, a screening room, and a library.
It might be a memoir, a polemic, a comedy, a thriller, a romance — the sky's the limit.
Other features include a senior center, a museum, a public park, a bowling alley and a multiplex.
"A royal luncheon, a parade, and a dinner?" a stunned Mrs.
Is a pardon a pardon or is a pardon a message?
There's a pool, there's a sauna, a steam room, a gym.
You can have a job, a family, a husband, a love.
I've been called a racist, a bigot, a whore, a cunt.
A mix, maybe, between a fortuneteller, a weatherman and a pundit.
It's a hybrid of a Firebird, a Camaro, and a Mustang.
A Ravenclaw, a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff walk into a bookstore.
Got a hat, a leather jacket, a whip and a pouch?
A troll allegedly gave a journalist a seizure with a tweet.
Trump was a buffoon, a cartoon, a caricature of a caricature.
A disaster doesn't befall a city; a city befalls a disaster.
A wedding lasts a day; a marriage lasts (hopefully!) a lifetime.
A synth, a kick, a snare, a hi-hat, that's all.
For him existence was a fight, a song, a revolution, a
A femtosecond is a millionth of a billionth of a second.
A. I'm a conservation biologist, a professor and a research scientist.
You're a genius or a joke, a Jamie or a Djimi.
A violinist, a debater, a singer in the a cappella choir.
What makes a storm a hurricane, a typhoon or a cyclone?
A job isn't a family, it's a refuge in a river.
You could have a friend, a parent, a sister, a brother.
A mentorship can be a day, a week or a month.
A cigarette burns on a saucer; a knife stirs a cup.
A climatarian, a reducetarian, and a sustainatarian walk into a bar.
But whether you were a nerd, a goth, a queer, a jock, a cheerleader, a bitch, a douchebag, a mathlete, a theater geek, or a bassoonist who ate egg salad sandwiches for lunch, my hope is that you'll see a bit of your old self reflected in the life-after-high-school stories below.
About a thousand times a day across New York City, a judge clutching a skinny file folder enters a waiting room, calls out a name and leads a defendant back to a little office furnished with only a desk and chairs, computer and printer, and a window that looks out on a windowless hallway.
Deen suffers an astonishing series of threats: from a cobra, a tumble into a morass of mud, wildfires, falling masonry, a dislodged flowerpot, a broken railing, a possibly poisonous spider, a series of tornadoes, a rising tide, a swarm of disgusting ship worms, more storms, even a scary man in a green baseball cap.
He became a generational icon, turning four letters and a hyphen into a fashion line, a nightclub chain, a sports agency, a tech company and a sliver of a professional basketball team, while still managing to cut a few albums along the way.
The main floor contains a living room with a wood-burning fireplace and French doors leading to a flagstone patio; a separate dining room; a kitchen with wood countertops and a farmhouse sink; a bedroom with a lighted closet; and a half bathroom.
In a span of 24 hours in San Francisco, it fielded reports of a street brawl, a fight in a laundromat, a flare gun shooting at a McDonalds, a trespassing incident, a truck crash, and more.
For instance, there is a bedroom package that offer a queen bed with pillows, a study table, a table lamp, a chair, a bedside table and a cane laundry basket for Rs 2,250 ($33) a month.
Behind a camera she would dart about as an eye would behave, resting for a while on a man reading a newspaper, then getting distracted by a bicycle, a picture on a wall, a child shouting.
After a drunken brawl or a theft or a threat or even a rape, a call to campus security leads to a university disciplinary investigation, while a call to the police leads to a criminal prosecution.
The story follows a family taking a weekend off in the woods, and follows a tenuous relationship between a father, a son, a mother, a hunter, and a Wendigo—an Algonquian cryptozoological spirit of the forest.
It should be "differentiates a 'Hannah' (a person who happens to be white) from a 'Becky' (a white person)," not "differentiates a 'Hannah' (a white person) from a 'Becky' (a person who happens to be white)."
That gets you a phone with a metal build, a fingerprint sensor, a 5-inch 720p display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor, a 73-megapixel camera, and a 4,100mAh battery.
I've also been a catering cook, a line cook, a kitchen manager, a demo specialist, an event lead, a sous chef, a farmer's market manager, and a wholesale operations manager.
But everything — a shirtless acrobat spinning around a pole (Slovenia), a hologram of a naked man with a wolf (Belarus), a singer clutching a peach (Italy) — is steeped in meaning.
When we enter a world—a new country, a new school, a party, a family or a class reunion, an army camp, a hospital—we speak the language it requires.
She has been a real estate broker, a party planner, a pioneering stockbroker, a cult talk-show host, a Studio 54 regular, a diet and fitness guru, and a socialite.
Basing a show, a big show, around a big reveal, is a lot like sticking a landing at the end of a gymnastics routine.
Nigel Farage has been a U.K. politician, a broadcaster, a Fox News analyst, a Donald Trump hype man, a mustachioed retiree, and a Brexiteer.
A solemn gesture, A cry, a demand, a 90-degree stake in the ground, A pre-game reminder that life ain't always a game.
So a Maryland employee had a customer shoot a video of him flipping a lid onto a dish in what seems like a nanosecond.
A cocktail of a musical, Daniel Zaitchik's romantic comedy is about a guy, a girl, a friend, a dog and the ravages of addiction.
Each man then confidently declared that an elephant was like a spear, a snake, a fan, a tree, a wall, or a rope, respectively.
Other features include a mic mute button, a base that mounts on a flat surface or a wall, a microphone array, and a speaker.
SOMA features a Wall Street Journal writer playing a venture capitalist, a venture capitalist playing a founder and a founder playing a construction worker.
I'm a woman, a new mom, a wife, and a proud Hispanic American, the daughter of a Mexican immigrant and a Cuban political refugee.
It resembled a bulky camel without a hump, with a long neck like that of a llama and a short trunk for a nose.
Here's a Springer Spaniel with Catch, a screen that simulates a frisbee bouncing around a screen... A Springer Spaniel plays with a frisbee simulator.
You can be a lion or an antelope, a frog or a fly, a tree, a pool, the coat of paint on a ceiling.
There is a vegetable shop, a beauty salon, a butcher, a petrol station, a fire department, a hotel, three cafes and two bike shops.
" "Men, Don't say you have a mother, a sister, a daughter...Say you have a father, a brother, a son who can do better.
There's a home-invasion thriller by a Uruguayan, a boxing picture by a Venezuelan (starring Robert De Niro) and a thriller from a Frenchman.
It includes wind- and solar-power systems, a small kitchenette, a living space, and a bathroom with a sink, a toilet, and a shower.
Each image shows a different stage of pregnancy: a woman striking a yoga pose, clenching a fist, a jaw, pushing, birthing a small being.
He is a rugged individualist with a wild temper and a host of demons, a charismatic storyteller, a former artist, and a depressive alcoholic.
It's in a busy area with lots of traffic, a KFC, a 7-Eleven, a Red Rooster, an Aldi, a Subway, and a Dominos.
Other than the statue, Hayes also has a a museum, a soccer team, a province, a town, and a holiday named in his honor.
A boxer can be a beautiful outfighter, a furious infighter, a dancing master, or a shuffling combination puncher and a thousand things in between.
From a bear, to a bug, to a bacteria, to a planet, to a solar system, to a universe, and well, everything in between.
A second suite has a fireplace and a bath with a stand-alone tub, a separate shower, a pedestal sink and bead-board walls.
In 2018, Toyota turned a joke setup — a Jew, a Christian, and a Muslim get into a truck — to make a statement on diversity.
A cocktail of a musical, Daniel Zaitchik's romantic comedy is about a guy, a girl, a friend, a dog and the ravages of addiction.
The letter is alternatively a rant, a plea, a boast, a smear, a lie, and a threat—in other words, it is quintessentially Trumpian.
There's a turkey in the oven, a turkey in a backpack, a turkey in a suitcase, and a whole lot of explaining to do.
Sam: A box filled with things: a mug, a puzzle with a love note written on it, a promise ring, and a handwritten card.
A dude with a guitar and a dude with a scooter stand at a Mission District bus stop.
A retweet of a former coworker, an impassioned reply to a redditor, a like on a stranger's Instagram.
The batch of rodents onesies includes a mermaid, a unicorn, a shark, a superhero, a pineapple and more.
Can a bad actor hack a tractor, a sensor, or a combine and hold a farmer's crop hostage?
" With the click of a profile, a crowd becomes a community and a child has a forever home."
A good group needs a leader, a social secretary, a storyteller and a mixture of introverts and extroverts.
I buy a dress, a shirt, a pair of pants, a tank top, and a belt for €35.
A variant is a "stapled" deal where a firm ties a secondary-market sale to a primary fundraising.
"He's a liar, a manipulator, a crook, a brat, and a child," she replied with no hesitation whatsoever.
Prida gets two big bowls, a sauce pot, a stand mixer, a strainer, a spatula, and a whisk.
A wheel could be a gear, or part of a pulley, or a component in a steam engine.
Is this a novelty, a PR stunt, or a small step, a slow creep, towards a RoboCop future?
It is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a part of a much deeper truth.
You can access a café, a grocery store, a gym, a laundry, a lounge and an event space.
French is a veteran, a patriot, a brain, a good writer, but not a viable presidential candidate. 2023.
A man being hailed as a hero after wrestling a gun from a man in a Nashville, Tenn.
" For good measure, it calls him "a demagogue, a xenophobe, a sexist, a know-nothing and a liar.
A few seconds later, I was crowding around a campfire with a fox, a deer and a rabbit.
It is a garden, a mountain, a forest, a dream, a dialogue between the topographical features of Venice.
It came up with a dead simple product with a display, a camera, a speaker and a microphone.
Not just a crude bully, a racist, a liar, or a misogynist — it's Donald Trump as a sucker.
The species, officially called a thylacine, resembled a cross between a large cat, a fox, and a wolf.
There's also a library, a gym, a massage room, a billiards room, and a temperature-controlled wine room.
To a new mother, a woman with a child a few months older than yours is a prophet.
A paid work strike, a domestic work strike, a care strike, a school strike and a consumer strike.
A brokered convention can pick a non-candidate as a nominee, a Mitt Romney or a Mike Pence.
"It's a choice between a doer and a talker, between a patriot and a protester," Ms. McSally said.
A lot of care goes into making a Monday puzzle a Monday and a Tuesday puzzle a Tuesday.
One photo shows a man holding a book and a flower, and another a woman with a fan.
A good restaurant provides comfort, a place to meet a friend, or a way to celebrate a milestone.
A handful of trainers — from a yoga instructor to a health coach — broadcast a few days a week.
Nobody likes a cracked a screen, a dented bezel, a destroyed charging port or a crushed headphone jack.
Not any bar but a chumak, a liquor hut in a literal translation, a bit like a tavern.
There was a sphinx, a pagoda, and a battleship; a barn, a silo, and the Sydney Opera House.
Her novel is a stunning portrait of a city, a society, a small community and a single soul.
A classic production means a production with a studio and all the steps a typical animation feature requires: a script, a storyboard, a color board, background and character graphic researchers, a full working crew, and so on.
What is coming is this: a hat to be worn when taking a train, a compact in a pocket, a letter in a pocket, two hands, a waterfall pouring its contents into a well-worn shuddering mind.
Lily Be is a mother, a nanny, a friend and a storyteller.
What a monster, what a chaos, what a contradiction, what a prodigy.
You make a house a home, we make a home a nest.
He was a sailor, and aviator, a husband, a warrior, a prisoner.
I am a thought-partner, a mentor, a connector — never a boss.
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's … a puppy in a bowl!
Gabriel is not a Cassano, a Balotelli, a Vitti or a Barroso.
Am I a liar or a secret racist, a conservative, a traitor?
Let's make philanthropy a value, a faith, a commitment and a lifestyle.
Is it a mirror or a music, a camera or a painting?
There's a painting of a horse and a bird and a rabbit.
Or a shooting in a place of worship, a school, a courthouse.
I'm a man, a Jew, a youth support worker, a best friend.
In the playoffs, a win's a win, a loss is a loss.
I'm a boy I'm a boy I'm a boy I'm a boy.
Laurel remains a cipher, a comic type, a star without a name.
Among the dead: a teacher, a coach, a dancer and a trombonist.
That's a fast-cooker, a people-pleaser, a hell of a meal.
Each meeting is a nudge, a suggestion, a distracting concern, a cacophony.
There has been a phoenix, a geisha, a drone and a durian.
Pitches included a person meditating, a peacock, a pretzel and a hijab.
After a Q. & A., there was a party at a nearby club.
Once upon a time, I smoked a half a pack a day.
I'm a designer, I'm a writer, I'm a performer a little bit.
It can be anything — a city, a beach, a park, a landmark.
She rates him as a husband, a lover, a father, a provider.
It is a gamble, with a business, a name and a cause.
It's an object, sure (a painting, a song, a book, a movie).
A column is a lede, a nut graf, a couple of quotes.
What a waste, what a waste, what a waste, what a waste.
This information takes the form of a wrench or a hand instructing a user to perform a physical action, such as loosening a bolt with a wrench or removing a part.
Ex-BuzzFeed writer Samir Mezrahi released such a single on iTunes recently called "A a a a a Very Good Song" that's just a little less than 10 minutes of silence.
There's a priest with a murky past, a crass vacuum-cleaner salesman, a baby-faced bellhop, a singer with an angelic voice, a charismatic cult leader and a southern femme fatale.
Within the same work, a couple stretches to a workout video while a woman seemingly masturbates with a teddy bear, a man dissects a rabbit, and another figure sews a blouse.
"A backlap and a wink, a finger on the lapels, no more than a minute with anyone who wasn't a police commissioner, a district attorney or a mayoral candidate," he wrote.
Included are a fortune cookie, takeout box, pie, chopsticks, dumplings, a pretzel, a can of what looks like tomato sauce, a sandwich, broccoli, a coconut, and a bowl with a spoon.
"A discretionary recusal as a commitment to get a job or a discretionary nonrecusal as a commitment to get a job ... would be violating my independence of a judge," he said.
"It's a choice between a doer and a talker, between a patriot and a protester, between a career fighter pilot and a career politician," McSally said to loud cheers Tuesday night.
A 1955 article in The Times described her firing a shot while pursuing a "seat tipper" — a criminal who tips back a folding seat to nab a purse — in a theater.
There is also a swimming pool, a patio with a fire pit, a wine cellar, a spiral staircase, a home theater, and a game room, according to The Orange County Register.
A second staircase descends to a bright lower level with a master bedroom, a bathroom with heated floors, a media/sitting room and a separate dining area with a wet bar.
"Nancy Pelosi is a woman of faith, a loving wife, a mother of five, a grandmother of nine, a sophisticated strategist, a legendary legislator, a voice for the voiceless," said Jeffries.
A phone threat to a private house cost $40; a call to a school cost double that; and for a call warning of a bomb on a plane, he charged $500.
"They've called me a quisling, a turncoat, a sellout, a coward, a wimp and a traitor," wrote Jordi Ballart, a Catalan politician who came out against independence, on his Facebook page.
"To be a successful wife is a career in itself, requiring among other things, the qualities of a diplomat, a businesswoman, a good cook, a trained nurse, a schoolteacher, a politician, and a glamour girl," wrote Emily Mudd, a prominent marriage counselor at the time, in an article for Reader's Digest.
There is a moment, when looking at a photograph, that something in it—a detail, a recognition, a personal memory, a texture—leads to a shift, to a paradigm generated by what we're observing, inevitably "transporting us" somewhere else, to a concept, feeling, or illusion.
It won't be long before someone is taking President Trump's classic lines and applying them to one or more Animoj characters, which include a fox, a robot, a monkey, an alien, a pig, a dog, a unicorn, a panda, a chicken, and a poop emoji.
Every Bloody Mary comes with at least a cheese wedge, a pickled Polish sausage, a pickled mushroom, a pickled Brussels sprout, an asparagus, a celery stalk, a green onion or scallion, and on another toothpick a shrimp, a lemon wedge, and a grape tomato.
In the first episode we see a mutant slay a great beast, a wizard defend a castle from a siege, a force push used in a sword fight, and a morally conflicted hero navigating a twisted take on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
You can kill a fly with a thermonuclear weapon, with a Moab, with a cruise missile, with a machine gun, or with a fly swatter.
She lived a tremendous life as a follower of Christ, a wife, a devoted mother, a loving mother-in-law, and a much-loved grandmother.
He's not only a great husband — he's also a great father, a great friend, a great mentor, and a hell of a f—ing lawyer.
The proposed line would feature a lip balm, a liquid eyeliner, a "matte mousse" foundation, a highlighter, a lipstick and a vegan leather makeup bag.
"A VHS is a tape, a CD is a disc, and a DVD has video, but is also a disc," said the 13-year-old.
Each room is a different world — a forest maze, a funeral parlor complete with a coffin, a hospital ward of empty beds, a giant ballroom.
And, while she admits she made a stupid decision ... we're told she's blaming it on the a--a-a-a-a-alcohol, as they say.
They filmed people like a chef, a business person, a little girl on a playground and a woman with her shopping bags exiting a mall.
A group of apes is called a shrewdness; a group of ferrets is called a business; a group of small satellites is called a constellation.
A March 6 video from a British bus driver shows a man running a red light through a busy intersection on a horse and buggy.
Combine a poet with a biologist, an advocate with a statesman, a musician with a doctor—and you reach a new kind of common ground.
She lived a tremendous life as a follower of Christ, a wife, a devoted mother, a loving mother-in-law and a much-loved grandmother.
The estate comes with a main house, a guest house, a gazebo with glass walls, a barn and workshop, a sauna and a craft shed.
A one-night stand with a stranger might be a complicated way to start a relationship, but it's a great way to start a movie.
"  "As a Puerto Rican, a United States citizen, a mother, a union member, a wife, and a human being, I will not let this stand!
It's a comedy and a drama, a mystery and a fish-out-of-water yarn, a piece of small-town sociology and probably a romance.
The property's more modern amenities include a gym, a playroom, a bar designed to look like a traditional Scottish tavern, a cinema, and a stable.
These horrors unfold everywhere — a movie theater, a house of worship, a mall, a yoga studio, a grocery store, a neighborhood park, in our homes.
Amenity spaces include a lower-level spa with a steam room and a plunge pool, a common roof lounge, a bicycle room and a gym.
So it's a handmade railing for a hotel, or a door and facade for a restaurant, or a stairway for a high-end apartment building.
There are also a number of sculptures in the installation: a giant cross, a bell, mannequins, a horse, and a doll with a stuffed bear.
There is a spacious bathroom, plenty of closet space, a comfortable bed tucked into a discreet nook, a couch, a desk and a small kitchen.
On a recent Saturday night, while sitting outside a bar with a friend, a man with just a few teeth started a conversation with me.
One picture shows a man, a woman and a Coke; another two women and a Coke; and a third shows two men and a Coke.
One picture shows a man, a woman and a Coke; another two women and a Coke; and a third shows two men and a Coke.
Well, maybe it's a ghost and maybe it's a handkerchief, a smudge, a white bat, a moth or just a reflection of the camera's flash.
The "one device" is quite literally that, a phone that's also a camera, a video player, a video game console, a television, a music player.
We now have a history of fashion like none other thanks to Bill: a son, a brother, an uncle, a milliner, a soldier, a photographer.
He was a father, a son, a grandson, a brother, a nephew, and a great friend to those that were lucky enough to know him.
Here was a woman who was a brilliant writer, a social activist, a college professor, a wife, a mother, a citizen, a friend, and she seemed to be able to be all of those things with no contradiction.
Anyone with money in a trading account can place a bet on whether the value of a financial asset – a currency, a commodity, a company's shares or a stock index – will rise or fall in a fixed timeframe.
Men should take a pair of slacks, a tailored button-down shirt, a zip sweater, a few polo shirts, a shirt with a fun pattern (like a colorful plaid) and a sports coat (wear this on the plane).
Mélenchon wanted a nationalist economy but a globalist identity, Macron wanted a globalist economy and a globalist identity, Fillon wanted a globalist economy but a nationalist identity, and Le Pen wanted a nationalist economy and a nationalist identity.
I'm sure that most of you took note of the creatures featured, as you solved — a WHALE, a HOG, a SHEEP, a DOG, a bear (URSA), a LION and a NUMBAT, which is striped like a little tiger.
In Kosovo, a Teenage Girl's Rape Case Stirs a #MeToo Fury A young woman's assault accusation against a teacher and a police officer has become a scandal in a country where gender-based violence is a rampant problem.
With geofencing, a technology that creates a virtual geographic boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when a cellphone enters or leaves a particular area — a church, for example, or a stadium, a school or an entire town.
In a dark corner, in a business suit, in Congress, in a police uniform, in a cake shop, in a judge's robe, in a prison guard, in a gun owner, in a red hat and an American flag?
Previously, minor league players faced a 25-game suspension for a first positive weed test, a 50-game suspension for a second test, a 100-game suspension for a third and a ban for LIFE for a fourth.
SimpliSafe's 10-piece system includes a base station, a keypad, four entry sensors, a motion sensor, a panic button, a SimpliCam security camera, a video doorbell, a yard sign, window stickers, and a free month of professional monitoring.
In "Mary Page Marlowe," a play by Tracy Letts that tracks seven decades in an Ohio woman's life, the title character is many things: a baby, a girl, a wife, a lover, a mother, a divorcée, a retiree.
Elements can be named after a mythological concept, a mineral, a place or country, a property or a scientist.
Schroepfer was a little, seemed a little ... PK: He did a good joke about being a ... A robot, yeah.
Because Charles was a psychologist, a psychologist, a philosopher, a historian, a giant of an intellect as everyone said.
On a scale of five, I'd give myself a four, maybe a bit less, a four minus a quarter.
You had an affair [with a wife] of a vice mayor, a police officer, a soldier, a business tycoon.
A thousand gigaflops makes a teraflop, a thousand teraflops makes a petaflop, and a thousand petaflops makes an exaflop.
"I don't care if you're a Democrat, a Republican, a teacher, a union member or a parent," Dimon added.
It contains a bed, a desk, a cabinet with a microwave and kettle, and, hidden from view, a toilet.
A couch copilot, or a running partner, or a snugglebug, rather than just a breed or a charity case.
The additions include icons representing a deaf person, a bionic arm, a waffle and a person in a wheelchair.
No Polaroids, no taking a picture of a picture of a picture with a cat wearing a derby hat.
A friend has a "wonderful breathing bellow of a laugh"; a row of bungalows resembles biscuits in a tin.
Maybe you'd point it at a bed, a conference table, a desk in a hotel room or a bathroom.
A statue in a photo, resting in a still-life, in a photo on a panel in an installation.
A Shookus, a Sexton, and a Sox win: now that's a story of a phoenix rising from the ashes.
A term loan is a loan from a bank for a specific amount that has a fixed repayment schedule.
On a shelf was a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates, a gift from a coach's wife.
A Vine was a way of capturing a moment of consciousness, a way of scratching a little mental itch.
A: A family business has to be run as a meritocracy and as a business, not a 'family' business.
If you're a maker, a hustler, a shaker, or a serial entrepreneur you probably make a lot of websites.
Grief needs a witness, but pretty much any witness will do—a child, a lover, a stranger, a website.
A woman is not a femme fatale, a gorgeous klutz, a sexy tomboy, or a manic pixie dream girl.
Quite a holiday for a someone living on a nanny's wages, but a serious working trip for a photographer.
Henderson suggests choosing a headboard, a rug or a piece of art as a focal point for a bedroom.
There may be a judge, maybe even a jury, but it's all a show, a fiction, a set-up.
OkjaDammit, I'm a true sucker for a movie about a young child with a creature for a best friend.
I felt like a different person in a different life — I had a house, a dog, and a car.
He is a commuter, a pallet-jack operator, a pet owner, a Dr Pepper drinker, a brother, an uncle.
Fortescue declared a final dividend of A$0.12 per share, down from A$0.25 a share a year ago.
A few local friends—a fishmonger, a livery driver, a landscaper, a set builder—joined us with their pints.
There would be no need by now for a Rousseau, a Bismarck, a Jefferson, a Jackson or a Kennedy.
Take a look, y'all: This baby has everything: a dildo, a butt plug, a vibrator, and even a fleshlight.
There is a ten-room motel, a three-room motel, a convenience store, a church, and a gift shop.
That's a way of taking a fall — a potentially lethal fall — in a non-lethal and a safer way.
Paisley Park presents Prince only as a visionary—not as a father, a husband, a friend, or a son.
I also worked as a hostess, a steakhouse server, a Mexican-restaurant server, a newspaper intern, and a barista.
What's crazy is that we have a president who is a racist, a sexist, a xenophobe and a fraud.
Not a lick of a Tootsie Pop, a bite of a Twix, or even a handful of Jelly Bellies.
Authorities released a photograph of a man with a buzz cut and a mouth that drooped toward a frown.
Edward A. Pipala, a Catholic-school teacher who had a decade earlier acknowledged a sexual encounter with a student.
A missing hyphen, or a difference between a married and a maiden name, causes a registration to be suspended.
It includes a couch and foldout bed, a desk, shelving, a tiny kitchenette, a hanging closet and a shower.
A camel track was used for a sprint, a mile contest, and a one-and-a-half mile race.
The Edwardses share a single bed in a room that has a stove, a refrigerator and a coffee maker.
A bride rented a veil and a white wedding top in a seated portrait at a Beijing photo studio.
In this new piece, she returns with a story about a man, a mom, a ghost and a vacation.
You heard a racist comment from a friend, a relative, a co-worker, a stranger: What did you do?
A woman walked a dog, a boy rode a bike, a girl strolled down the middle of the street.
A voice like hers has become something like a turntable: a vintage prize, a modern novelty, a niche taste.
Each one of us a nurse and a professor and a loner and a shepherd and a cult member.
A weepie, a thriller, a tragedy, a sub-Spielbergian pastiche, "The Book of Henry" is mostly a tedious mess.
After a while, it became a bit of a joke; a well-meaning, affectionate one, but a joke nonetheless.
Lewis, a MacArthur Fellow, is a composer, a trombone player, a musicologist and writer, and a professor at Columbia.
I worked as a receptionist at a Brazilian waxing boutique, a nanny, a caterer and a video production assistant.
This included a whole building, containing a kitchen, a rec room, a bathroom, a dining hall, and an office.
Buyers had a choice of four roofs: a butterfly, a long-gable, a folded-plate or a barrel-vault.
It shows a man with a bucket and a long item in a front yard of a townhouse complex.
" Clues: a knee brace; a diploma; a Taurus constellation; "A tough year with a lot of obstacles and adversity.
In a legal milestone, a Mexican judge last August found a soldier guilty of a disappearance of a civilian.
A pair of twins drew a unique mix of animals, including a flying fox, a wolf and a dragon.
Folman and Polonsky depict Anne as a schoolgirl, a friend, a sister, a girlfriend and a reluctantly obedient daughter.
I went from a context of building a career and a family, to maintaining a career and a family.
This is the mark of a party, a society, a country, a people, a civilization that wants to die.
There's a handlebar mount, a helmet mount, a wrist mount, a chest mount, a backpack mount, a suction cup mount for your car windshield and even a floating grip for underwater filming.
" She added: "You don't need a fancy gym to get started – all you need is a living room, a patio, a kitchen floor, a driveway or a backyard, and a water bottle.
That's a minimum of A$285 (US$263) a month just for streaming the EPL on a phone or on a computer, costing A$25,23.75 (US$203) over a 220-month contract.
These cards served a similar role to a stamp on a passport, or perhaps a postcard—they confirmed that a you had made a connection to a certain country or geographic area.
OSLO — He lives in a three-room suite with windows, about 340 square feet, that includes a treadmill, a fridge, a DVD player, a Sony PlayStation and a desk with a typewriter.
Unlike buying a stock, which is a calculated gamble, buying a bond or a loan is a contractual obligation: A borrower must repay a lender the borrowed amount, plus interest as compensation.
It has a hand in a university, a bank, a seed company, an artificial-insemination outfit, a chicken concern, a driving school and a chain of 530 fashion boutiques—among other things.
Half a teaspoon is adequate for a dog under 30 pounds, a teaspoon a day for a medium-size dog, and up to a tablespoon for a large dog of 90 pounds.
A photo of a man at a diner is a carefully structured mélange of color and pattern, with a townscape refracted through a window and sprinkled, redemptively, with a confetti of light.
Also on the foyer level is a bedroom, a study, a bathroom with a shower, another bathroom with a Swedish-style sauna, a laundry room and access to a two-car garage.
A few years ago, a staff member opened a letter from a child without a bed who was asking Santa for a mattress, said Darleen Reid, a spokeswoman for the Postal Service.
She gingerly added it to a baggie with other recent finds: a ticket to a 1921 ball at Tammany Hall, a rusted tin of watercolors, a sepia-toned snapshot of a woman baking a cake while smoking a cigarette.
She gets by on sign language (clarified by yellow subtitles), a genial courtesy, and a habitual rhythm to her life: a bath, a shoeshine, a bus trip, and a hard night's toil as a cleaner at a scientific facility.
An allegory of the four ages of man, painted around 1628, depicts in a diamond arrangement a boy with a bird cage, a youth with a lute, a grown man with a book, and an elder with a drink.
Upcoming collaborators include a pop singer with a No. 1 hit, a noted fashion designer, a standup comedian, a venerable TV journalist, a morning TV host, a six-time Emmy-winning actor, and a sitting U.S. senator, among others.
From Basil, Dennett learned to frame a house, shingle a roof, glaze a window, build a fence, plow a field, fell a tree, butcher a hen, dig for clams, raise pigs, fish for trout, and call a square dance.
For a week, she would be the only one in the house, which resembled a resort, with a pool surrounded by a white picket fence, a gazebo, a wine cellar, and a gym with half a dozen exercise machines.
There's a raw steak and a bunch of tiny knives and a blunt and a pizza box and a flamingo floatie and a fuzzy pink bathrobe.
This wasn't a concert or a show with a mf mosh pit this was a literal weak a– barricade in the middle of a nyc street.
You could create a digital version of a check, a stock certificate, an IOU, or a gift card for a hamburger or a barrel of oil.
The items include a copy machine, a lawnmower, a suitcase, a plastic water bottle, a tire, a frying pan — there is no theme I can identify.
Not a danger but a joke, not a human but a meme, not a president but a harmless ol' covfefe, here to make you laugh again.
During the show's original run, designers turned a kitchen into a Mexican fiesta, a bedroom into a safari and a dining area into a horror movie.
Whether you're a brave Gryffindor, a loyal Hufflepuff, a witty Ravenclaw, or a cunning Slytherin, this is a movement you'll want to be a part of. 
As a sensibility, a lens, a form of agency, a political weapon, a tool, a language, or whatever else, it is queer, and originates with outsiders.
Often Frere played a role as a consolidator, where he traded a large stake in a smaller company against a small stake in a larger company.
A filmmaker testing out a newly launched camera during a kayaking trip captured an incredible sight: a seal slapping a fellow adventurer with a live octopus.
A young man in a large flat sits on a couch on a raised dais and watches a giant glass box affixed to a portal window.
There are four women with the same first name, plus a Jenny and a Jenna; a Rebecca and a Rebekah; and a Brittany and a Brittane.
"A bus driver talks to a lot of voters in a day, often more than a police officer or a fighter or a teacher," Costa said.
Some interviewers still read their questions from a typed list on a clipboard, a brutal experience for a job applicant with a pulse and a personality.
Police issued a wanted notice for a possible suspect, issuing a photo of a man dressed in white, wearing a hat and pushing a luggage cart.
She's a brat and a canny rebel, a poser and a naïf, a resister to a world that keeps trying to reduce her to jailbait prey.
It's as pointless as comparing a Bosch to a Breughel, a Van Gogh to a Van Dyck, a Muay Thai pioneer to a K-21 superstar.
After a series of focus groups with longtime smokers, they developed a flavor strategy: a tobacco profile, a mint profile, a fruit profile, a dessert profile.
On this occasion, the instrumentation included a traffic cone, a chunk of Styrofoam, a twig, a rock, and a discarded bassinet with a music box attached.
It includes two guest houses, a tennis court, a spa house, a two-story library, a theater, a gym, and a pool, along with other amenities.
Here's a basic guide: Definition: a three-part tea infuser (used as an alternative to a teapot), composed of a saucer, a cup, and a lid.
There would be a quest to find a boy, he decided, and a motley group of seekers: a Moon Witch, a mournful giant, a perceptive buffalo.
The line-stander is a two-foot-square space on a sidewalk, a cipher, a proxy, a powerless stand-in for a figure of great power.
Her subjects can include the corner of a house at night, a nude sitting in a garden, a bumblebee landing on a flower, or a pinecone.
They say it takes a village to raise a child — but a child also has a somewhat miraculous way of turning a city into a village.
There's a difference between a black actor being cast in a role, and a black actor being cast in a role written for a black man.
Not a soldier, not a raving messiah in a red beret, but a mensch in a baggy business suit who knew how to run a government.
"  "She's an assassin, a spy, a soldier, a superhero, a C.E.O. She can make a wound compress out of a maxi pad while on the lam.
The earlier letter bombs targeted a range of businesses, including a hotel, a gas station, a garage, a real estate agent and a bill collection service.
From the kitchen, a hallway connects to stairs that lead to a mezzanine area with a bedroom, a living room, a small kitchen and a bathroom.
A Shake Shack double-cheeseburger is a Mustang; a high-end steakhouse burger is a fully equipped Escalade; and a Big Mac is totally a Taurus.
Janet Snakehole: A black, vintage-inspired dress, a black pill box hat with a veil, a string of pearls, a cigarette extender, and a fake cigarette.
She's an assassin, a spy, a soldier, a superhero, a C.E.O. She can make a wound compress out of a maxi pad while on the lam.
Just as it takes a tribe to raise a child, it also takes a tribe to invent a tool, solve a conflict or cure a disease.
He recently secured a job with a prestigious technology company, buoyed by a master's degree from a Western university and a stint with a foreign consultancy.
He was a player, a manager, an executive, a pioneer and a promoter, a leading light in the game here for more than half a century.
He pairs terrible ideas with an alarming temperament; he's a racist, a sexist, and a demagogue, but he's also a narcissist, a bully, and a dilettante.
Writing a libretto, formerly a text dashed off in a few weeks, became a full collaboration between a composer and a librettist that could take years.
A woman swapped a $200,000 diamond with a fake during a jewelry fair.
We'll start with a bang at Cassiopeia A, a remnant of a supernova.
Everything can be liked—a comment, a news article, a photo, a post.
It's a touchscreen, a tablet, a 2-in-1, and a regular laptop.
Anthony Bourdain was a chef, a writer, a TV host, and a celebrity.
I was a runner, a dancer, a social butterfly, and a world traveler.
A robot is a capital investment, like a blast furnace or a computer.
There is a bookstore and a bakery, a salmon smokery and a pub.
Instead, it is a walking larder, a pharmacy, a dowry, even a friend.
It's a hardware move, a competitive move, a brand move, a risky move.
A basketball player, a gardener, and a college student walk into a camp.
A woman is a woman, even without being a mother or a wife.
This is a photo of a phone taking a photo of a phone.
A video caught a pup riding a pony for a leisurely nighttime stroll.
A car needs a tune-up, a relapsed addict needs a complete overhaul.
Generally, a Series A can raise A$3 million to A$23 million.
"I'm not a shopper, a preparer, a cooker, a cleaner-upper," she says.
If a patient does require a specialist, a physician can make a referral.
You can be a Coco, a Lionel, a Troy and be a fan.
It's a vexing question with a least a half a dozen good explanations.
Just a quarter of a milligram -- a few granules -- can kill a user.
A man helps a boy up a large step to use a latrine.
Give him a bedroom that has a bathroom, with a toothbrush, a shower.
Find a table and order a chopp (a light beer) or a caipirinha.
You're not a king on a hilltop, nor a beast in a labyrinth.
Here's a bag, here's a scarf, here's a placemat, here's a plant hanger.
Her sentences conjure a face, a town, a situation with a transparent power.
Like a house in a movie about a family with a lovable dog.
A rivet is a mushroom-like stud, with a cap and a stem.
A man was arrested in a nearby town in a truck carrying a .
He can play a slave or a thug, a buffoon or a saint.
A dead man, a widow, and a mother who had lost a child.
It was a restaurant with a reputation — a former speakeasy, a literary haunt.
He wore a blazer, a tie, a blue sweater — was it a sweater?
A man goes for a walk and finds a bottle on a beach.
Will she be a prosecutor, a manager at a tech firm, a politician?
This is a revival of a revival of a revival... of a revival.
A sack can mean a fumble, and a fumble usually is a turnover.
They see a general practitioner, a cardiologist, a heart failure specialist, a surgeon.
I was always a good girl, a straight-A student, a Super Christian.
He was a triathlete, a long-distance runner, a boxer, and a cyclist.
She stops a teenager on a bike wearing a shirt advertising a butcher.
We are always more than a color, a knee, a shield, a flag.
A young man turns a flip over a discarded mattress on a sidewalk.
A laugh, a chuckle, a guffaw, a giggle: We'll take any of 'em!
They were holding a hoe, a knife, a rope and a jerry can.
It is a portal into a psyche and a biopsy of a moment.
"He's a swashbuckler, a sweetheart, a curmudgeon, and a father figure," Rothman said.
A comeback implies a hero's journey — an adventure, a transformation, a triumphant return.
The instruments were a piano keyboard, a guitar, a xylophone and a drum.
Marriage is a partnership, a friendship, a family, and a work in progress.
Let's just be a day at a time, a moment at a time.
He's a salesman, a showman, a ladies man, a man of the people.
A guy in a sweaty yellow T-shirt offered a girl a shot.
You can't return a daughter to a mother, a father to a daughter.
There was a baton twirler, a hula dancer, a pianist and a yodeler.
"A cat is a cat is a cat is a cat," he said.
There was a conference table, a whiteboard, a projector on a rolling table.
Is he a cynic or a sucker, a romantic or a con artist?
A third focuses on a man in a frosty field, hugging a truck.
You're a hell of a lot tougher, a hell of a lot tougher.
A burger is a black dress; a kebab is a Met Gala gown.
As a climber, a physician, a husband and a father, I am devastated.
If a diagnosis is a label, a formulation is more like a story.
A short ebook, a lesson for a course, the redesign of a website.
A person needs about a gallon and a half of water a day.
Rolling within each season are subplots (a cat chases a mouse; a parrot escapes; a fallen jogger is tended by a passer-by, from which romance blooms), while macroplots are threaded across the year (a woman has a baby; a school is built; a pumpkin grows).
A floating hand fingering an ear; a torqued torso colliding with a face; a face dreaming about a torso dreaming about coiffured hair; a woman who looks like a man (or is it a man who looks like a woman?) — this female prophet, whose model was male.
I once attended a Raiders-Chargers Monday night game where a man wearing a Raiders jersey in a wheelchair started a fight with a man in a Chargers jersey who wasn't in a wheelchair, which in turn incited a full out brawl that required police assistance.
Four paintings within the painting depict unabashed sensual revelry: a child fucking a goat while a smiling grown-up watches; a satyr fondling a woman; a masked man thrusting his phallus forward; and a Jesus-like degenerate holding a cup as if proposing a lascivious toast.
Until she is ready to talk to us about being 60, though, we are stuck with a professor, a head of state, a child, a teacher, a singer, a saint, and a whore.
But you can also get a rounded module; or a module with cabling holes, a tablet dock (including a rotating dock), a module with a built-in USB hub or a wireless charger.
The feature only has a couple of animals that you can check out right now, such as a tiger, a lion, a giant panda, a rottweiler, a wolf, and a bunch of others.
"A newborn, a toddler, a dog in a cone, a dog with a tumor but I'm having a good hair day so it's fine we're fine I'm fine," Decker hilariously captioned the moment.
If the proposal is adopted, a service that publishes a link to a story on a news website with a headline or a short snippet would have to get a license before linking.
You can turn yourself into Minnie Mouse, a deer, a traffic cone (yes, really, a traffic cone), a puppy, a pineapple, a fried egg, a seedling — the options are endless, and oddly specific.
On a bright, breezy day in New Jersey, a sharp buzz — something like a cross between a mosquito and a dentist drill — pierced the air, made by a drone performing a hairpin turn.
Whether it's a new car, a starter home, a high-tech entertainment system, a new laptop or anything else with a somewhat hefty price tag, making a big purchase is a big deal.
You'll get a portable rechargeable battery, a battery wall charging station, a car charging adapter, a AAA battery holder, a light holster, a lanyard, and a high-grade protective case for it all.
Win Son's pastries include a red-rice doughnut, a millet mochi doughnut, a custard toast, a pine-nut cookie, a black-sugar egg tart, a laminated pineapple bun, and a red-date cake.
A full yearly membership costs $195 a month or $2,100 a year, while a part-time membership that provides access to five events a month is $65 a month or $600 a year.
Along the way, the soldiers helped themselves, taking home a freezer, a satellite dish, a VCR, a television set, a soccer ball, a black-and-white puppy and a young pig for dinner.
You're not downloading a patch to a game you own, but applying a hack to a ripped version of a game (called a ROM) you've likely downloaded from a website hosting it illegally.
At least then the Republican primary could boast one woman who was a candidate, not just a wife and a mother, or a face and a figure — a person, instead of a thing.
"Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream" by H. G. Bissinger This 1990 non-fiction book is a triple threat: it's been a book, a film and a TV series.
The lower level has a rec room with a fireplace, a fixed television set with speakers, a wet bar, a closet with a second washer and dryer and a 400-bottle wine cellar.
Miu Lan is a child who can change into any shape imaginable, but can't decide which to be — a bird or a fish, a tree or a star, a boy or a girl.
There are more animals and insects: a horse on a highway, a bird bleached white against a black sky (or is it a black wall?), a deer peering quizzically out of a thicket.
A maker creates stuff—it can be anything, a video, a video game, a short story, or even a toy.
A hotel is now a person sleeping in a bed, instead of a nondescript letter 'H' wrapped in a circle.
A hotel is now a person sleeping in a bed, instead of a nondescript letter 'H' wrapped in a circle.
It's a debate over people's core identity — what it means to be a provider, a protector, a citizen, a man.
For a fashion brand, it's a pretty big deal for a piece to make a cameo on a magazine cover.
A biker got a little revenge after a litterbug decided to leave a bag of trash in a parking lot.
Read a book together, go for a bike ride or a hike, and play a board game as a family.
The sculpture comes in six varieties: an egg, a green apple, a banana, a mushroom, a carrot, and a strawberry.
I've been a geologist, a small businessman, a mayor, a governor, and a candidate for president of the United States.
"I'm a bit of a designer, a bit of an engineer and a bit of a project manager," Paton says.
At a quarter past 10, a policeman with a pistol monitored the door, letting in a dozen at a time.
It's much more common to get a complaint about a word in a description than a thing in a video.
There's also a program called A Year in Books, in which readers receive a book a month for a year.
Instead of a boy yearning for a bunker, there's a girl who wants a surveillance-friendly smartwatch called a Dex.
Kylie Jenner is a lot of things: a makeup mogul, a reality TV star, a possible chemtrail truther, a mom.
Spending a few hundred dollars on a drone to record a few events a year is already a tough proposition.
It's a lifestyle, a state of mind — and a dramedy with a serious cast (Nashville wasn't just a television show!).
Try being Carli Bruni: a supermodel, a guitarist, a fashion icon, a woman with immense political power, and a singer.
There's a family gathered around leftovers at a kitchen island, a hotel, an affair, a remodel, a traumatic webcam incident.
Plus, shooting a rocket from a rooftop a mile away is not exactly a discreet way to sabotage a competitor.
Included: A motel, a commercial zoned shop, a small cafe, a two-bed, one-bath house and a water well.
Will a ride on a used rocket end up costing a customer less than a ride with a new rocket?
I know her as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter, as a sister and a friend to many.
A white man in a Deftones shirt shared a joint with a black woman in a Faith No More shirt.
It's a story told from a newcomer's eyes, a person who's looking for stamps, a malasada, and a good photo.
A Russian oligarch, a top Russian government official, and a high-end escort take a trip together on a yacht.
New elements can be named after a mythological concept, a mineral, a place or country, a property or a scientist.
There's a power through music that a lot of queer people feel—a strength, a fierceness, a "fuck you" attitude.
A restaurant, like a platoon in a war novel, allows a writer to deploy a large cast with relative ease.
Choosing a party nominee at a contested convention is a lot like jump-starting a lawnmower battery with a car.
Other updates include new tokens such as a white hat, a watch, a barbell, a glass, and a jet plane.
The four-story castle includes a reception hall, a music room, a ballroom, a library, and a gold drawing room.
Should you need a reliable backup or a substitute for a starter on a bye, Allen is a solid pick.
In one story, a tree on a bus fails a test of conscience involving a pregnant elephant and a cockroach.
Would you write a scene from a musical or novel, paint a picture, make a video or create a poem?
Miranda truly had it all: a successful career, a house in Brooklyn, a husband, a baby, and even a dog.
I'm thought of as a whole, a person with responsibilities who is a businessperson and a leader and a creator.
Simply having a famous actor grow a beard and pick up a paintbrush isn't a recipe for a great drama.
Rather, it is a Zen-like reminder that wine is a joy, not a chore; a journey, not a race.
In the basement is a lap pool with a swim current, a shower and a toilet, and a storage area.
Getting a professional manicure once a week would cost a minimum of $40 a month, or about $480 a year.
It's, in other words, a bit of a vampire tale, if becoming a vampire turned a person into a cannibal.
He's spent a decade as a divorced philanderer with a pill problem and a sex addiction and a rebellious back.
A cook with a pole stirred beef in a gigantic, iron pot brought to a boil over a wood fire.
She has a new book out that she got from a man on a plane, a doofus on a plane.
A parlor, a study, a guest room with a full bathroom and a powder room are also on this level.
The McCourt was configured as a club, with a plywood stage, a dance floor, a D.J. and a seated aerie.
He does a good job of making a ball look like a strike and a strike look like a ball.
When done well, a clue with a question mark or a joke can brighten a whole corner of a puzzle.
The ruler's a failure, — but he's also a winner because now he's a big personality, a folk hero, a star!
A peculiar row of stuffed animals lined the wall below the window: a duck, a badger, a raccoon, a heron.
Wenner comes off in "Sticky Fingers" as a narcissist, a bully, a seducer and a betrayer, and a troubled soul.
In Brazil, Mr. Zé, 80, is known as a pioneer, a tinkerer, a jokester, a deep thinker and a gadfly.
He is regarded as a visionary, a genius, an enlightened being, a narcissist, a cult leader, a wannabe Nobel laureate.
"Village planners believed a community needed a seat of government, a library, a church and a school," Ms. Marvin said.
But a sadness runs through the liveliness: a throbbing lament for a lost time, a lost civilization, a lost language.
Generally speaking, a "Willoughby" is a cad, and a "Darcy" is a catch (though maybe also kind of a dick).
Q. You've had a varied career — as a journalist, a political activist, a film and television producer, a media entrepreneur.
Donald was a straight shooter, a magnate, a playboy, a marrier of Eastern European blondes, a conqueror of distant Manhattan.
He is a defendant in a criminal case, accused of assaulting a man on a Stockholm street a month ago.
Luego ofreció apoyo a Estados Unidos "y a su pleno derecho a defenderse a sí mismo y a sus ciudadanos".
A second public display a block from the courthouse featured a menorah, a Christmas tree and a sign honoring Liberty.
"A shower, whether for a woman or a man, a straight or gay person, acknowledges a milestone," Ms. Grech said.
" True, a "subject" can become a "target" and a "target" can then become a "defendant," but so can a "witness.
She has worked as a cashier, a sociological researcher, a poker player, an editorial assistant, a recruiter and a professor.
He is a defendant in a criminal case, accused of assaulting a man on a Stockholm street a month ago.
With each page turn, I anticipated a sign of him: a dog ear, a highlight, a scratch under a word.
It showed a skinny woman in a sun hat and a bikini sitting in a beach chair by a pool.
Message: Mr. Cohen is a liar, a "swindler," a narcissist and a felon whom only a fool would listen to.
But a priest or a nun who has watched over a city, a people, a nation for over 225 years.
Before Tim Kaine was a senator or a governor or a lieutenant governor or a mayor, he was a lawyer.
A baby in a high chair sits just a few seats down from a teacup chihuahua sitting underneath a table.
The pictures, all from the collection of the Kaiser Friedrich Museum in Berlin, are three Rembrandts, three Jan Van Eycks, a Botticelli, a Fouquet, a Vermeer of Delft, a Velasquez, a Raphael, a Lippi, a Giorgione and a Domenico Veneziano.
Here, of course, you are a bird, your assistant is a sparrow, your client is a cat, the murder victim is a frog, and the jury of your peers is a curious crowd including a hippo, a ram, and a seal.
At a minimum, simply logging onto a site provides information like a user's internet protocol address, which, if a user isn't using a rerouting service such as a Virtual Private Network at a public computer, can reveal a user's likely location.
But where a leader consists of words on a page (or a screen), a VR experience can take you inside the argument, in this case examining the issues from the perspective of a diner, a fish, a fisherman and a policymaker.
She wants her installations to make visitors feel as if they are not in a museum, she explained, but rather ''walking through a poem, a landscape, a body, a swimming pool, a screen, a search engine, a piece of music.
A landlord has a degree of market power over a sitting tenant because it is a big hassle for a tenant to move out (it is also a bother for a landlord to lose a tenant, but usually less so).
Douglas MacArthur; an "[expletive] lawyer"; a World War II radio announcer; a hip-hop dancer; a wisdom-dispensing alcoholic barfly; a Mafia boss; an antiquities expert; a sleazy Russian lounge lizard; a cowboy; a bisexual fashion designer; and a French detective.
To enter a voting booth in Texas one of the following is required: a Texas driver's license, a Texas election or personal ID card, a Texas license to carry a handgun, a military ID, a passport or a citizenship card.
Meanwhile, the Consortium is already setting the stage for what emoji we'll be seeing in 2020, offering up eight possible contenders: a ninja, a military helmet, a mammoth, a feather, a dodo, a magic wand, a carpentry saw and a screwdriver.
Instead of showing a character get out of a car and walk up to the door of a building, he'll show us a slamming car door, a character walking, and a close-up of a hand on a door knob.
Connecticut | 3 bedrooms, 3 baths A 42-year-old, 2,904-square-foot house with a combined living and dining room, a kitchen with a skylight, a basement with a wood stove and a pool, on a fifth of an acre.
It included a conference table, a video conferencing setup, several desks, a bar, spreads of food, a Peloton exercise bike, a climbing machine, a boxing bag hanging from the ceiling, a gong, an antechamber where assistants work and a private bathroom.
Circling the room was like taking a tour of a Maine town where a small satellite dish on a roof, a liquor store with an ATM, a car repair shop, and a Save-A-Lot store represent the perks of civilization.
In 2015, a man described as a member attacked a Sikh dentist with a machete at a supermarket in Wales in what appeared to be a revenge for the beheading of a British soldier on a London street in 2013.
Westchester | 5 bedrooms, 5½ baths This 18-year-old, 3,800-square-foot house in a homeowner association has a family room with a fireplace, a kitchen with a breakfast bar, and a finished basement with a bedroom and a bath.
Then, you ask them to, say, draw a pig with a cat's head, or to visually subtract a foot from a horse or sketch a truck that looks like a dog or build a boat from a few random squiggly lines.
Using both original material and a trove of vivid home videos that Rich shot herself, Bradley creates a portrait of a woman that exponentially expands into a complex chronicle of a marriage, a family, a community and finally a country.
On other spreads, we see a tall woman walking a short dog ("tall") opposite a short man walking with a tall dog ("short"), and a red-haired girl with a "fluffy" cat opposite a straight-haired girl with a "sleek" snake.
Versions include a jetfoiler, which looks like a surfboard with a rudder and a tiny hidden motor; the SUP foil, a stand-up paddle board with a foil; and the kitefoil, which is like a kiteboard but has a foil.
A spinning top is formed on a candlestick chart when a single session's activity has a big swing between a high and a low and a compressed opening and closing price — the candlestick representing the day's moves resembles a toy top.
Westchester | 1583 bedrooms, 3½ baths A 31-year-old, 3,357-square-foot house that has a paneled living room with a fireplace, a formal dining room with a window seat, and a kitchen with a breakfast bar, on a quarter-acre.
They include a street cleaning commissioner, a human resources director, an exotic dancer, several teachers, a data analyst, a barber, a telemarketer, a newspaper editor, a bricklayer, an investment adviser, and a county jail elevator operator whose parents were born enslaved.
The home includes a formal dining room that seats 5003, a 2,000-bottle wine room, an elevator, a third-floor gym with a terrace, a home theater, a double-height library, five guest bedrooms , a staff apartment and a master suite.
Then I would carefully edge my way out of the freezer and put the ball in a cup, in a cone, in a sugar cone, in a waffle cone, in a shake, in a frozen drink, a banana split, a sundae . . .
Downstairs is a light-filled recreation area with a kitchenette, a bedroom, a bathroom with a tub and shower, a media room (the projector and screen come with the house) and a laundry room with a marble countertop and marble tile.

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